Naruto 608 or How emo can an emo go if that emo was Uchiha.

Iamnotreallyhere not really breaking the Naruto Breakdown for Tenrai who is totally not dealing with a hangover which definitely did not involve 23 cheesecake martinis… >>


Technical Difficulties

Anyways on to the chapter and what a chapter it was.The two respective fights it seems have boiled down to Kakashi vs Obito and Naruto vs Madara though the chapter focuses mostly on the Kakashi vs Obito fight.

Obito really doesn't like losing at staring contests

Cutting Glares: Uchiha really know their stares

Honestly I mean I know the Uchiha have this whole eye obssession but Obito seems to be taking it to the extreme. I mean even Sasuke can manage to throw a shurikan like a normal freaking shinobi. And if he can use Mokuton why is he even using Shurikan to begin with? It makes me wonder if Obito is really committed to killing Kakashi here or if his resolve isn’t slipping. Speaking of Kakashi…

Obvious Joke is Obvious

Does this really need a caption?

Honestly Kakashi I know it’s Obito and I know it’s a shock that he’s trying to kill you but seriously how many times do you have to ask the question WHY? How many times does he have to dodge your question before you finally just beat the answer out of his whiny little emo ass? And bringing up Rin to the man who loved her, who turned to the dark side because she died, and asking him if her death had anything to do with it? Yeah there’s a bright move…

Flashback no jutsu: still more useful than TenTen

Anyways it’s only after Obito kicks the crap out of Kakashi that he finally changes his strategy… by asking a different question. At least this time Obito doesn’t seem to dodge it and basically sums up his new view on the world in one concise and easy to understand sentence.

From here we get to see madara make some odd ball remark about enjoying themselves and the world coming to an end, then he says he’s going to clear the field. Naturally this segues into a naruto Talk-no-jutsu where he stops not only Madara’s attack but Obito’s at that. All while throwing Obito’s very own words right back into what’s left of his face.  This snaps Kakashi out of his stupor just in time for him and Gai to finally make a move in this chapter.


I find it interesting that Gai used “morning tiger” instead of “afternoon” tiger like we saw him use against Kisame. It makes me wonder which is the more powerful jutsu, the morning version or the afternoon version. It also brings up the question of what differentiates morning jutsu from afternoon jutsu. Either way this chapter left off with the promise of even more awesomeness in the next chapter.

Oh and before I forget entirely
The Bubblition contest winner for this week is…


The-ninja-world-is-crap-speech-no-jutsu… (And another one bites the dust)


This weeks Bubble Contest

Insert clever caption here


Till the next time Tenrai gets hammered =P

~ by iamnotreallyhere on November 13, 2012.

48 Responses to “Naruto 608 or How emo can an emo go if that emo was Uchiha.”

  1. First @________@ – Awesome breakdown!

  2. First

  3. Second or Third???

    Awesome breakdown.

    Bubble1: I only killed Rin because
    Bubble2: she only love you
    Caption: Half Uchiha let his EMO get to him!

  4. 4th IS KING!

  5. O_O its over already… Lol, Nice Breakdown IANRH! Slightly shorter then Tenrai’s… I could read it all in one sitting @__@

    First and most importantly… Where does one find Cheesecake martini’s, and are they shaken or stirred 😉

    Secondly… For the one that didn’t need a caption…
    I would of gone with… Kakashi used to be a shinobi like them, then he took a shuriken to the knee.

    Third, Obito is more and more becoming the least enjoyable villain in this series and I am struggling to think where Kishi will go after this…


  7. @ iamnotreallyhere
    The difference is that the afternoon tiger can switch to hard alcohol.

    Caption contest,
    Obito: the world is trash and knows only pain
    Kakashi 1: damn it Pein knock it off
    Kakashi 2: or was it Zabuza… or was it Sauske, Orochimaru, old Kurama…
    Caption: NO BUT this one is different, goash kakashi

  8. When Guy was fighting Kisame in 506, he used Morning Peacock after opening the Six Gate and Afternoon/Daytime Tiger after opening the Seven Gate. If you compare the hand sign for from the time he used it and in 608, and It looks to be the same so I believe it is a translation error.

    We have yet to see what the Evening version of his jutsu will be.

  9. The midnight version better be black and full of emo fire, like Sauske… Amaterasu tiger I guess?

  10. Can someone respond when I say that I once again called it (sort of). I still believe Guy is going to go all out to help turn the tide. After using his Morning (Afternoon, whatever) Tiger like that, he won’t exactly be in much shape to do little more than open the last gate.

    I’m sorry for asking like this, but I just like to get at least someone who acknowledges what I said instead of it seeming like it fell on deaf ears.

  11. Some would think it’s scary that you’ve been getting all these things right. But it’s possible you’re just more in tune with either the author or the future. But yeah, whatever the reason may be, good job. 😀

  12. Yay! 609 is out!

  13. The chapter is out.

  14. It just seems more and more obvious. Now as far as this latest chapter…holy shit! I call Sasuke returning into the fray with the ultimate means of ending Madara’s existence in the living world. Not sure what to say about Orochimaru though.

    Between Kurama and Gyuki, that’s a lot of firepower! Too bad things are looking to be royally F-ed. O_O

  15. Tenrai: Um, isn’t that what I already said?

  16. Sorry for the multiple posts, but I forgot to mention how hilarious that was what Kurama did with Kakashi and Naruto’s reaction. lol

  17. @Kevin

    I’m not sure what the point of calling everything is and then asking for people to notice it every time you get something right. As far as theories go, on this blog, there’s a lot of them from a lot of different people being mentioned in the comments all the time and, often, many of them come true. If all of us demanded attention each time that happened, things would degenerate into a childish “I told you so” competition if you ask me.

    As for Gai going all out, I think its obvious that everyone in this battle was going to go all out, after all, the world as we know it is riding on the outcome so anything less than “all or nothing” would seem a bit unnatural if you ask me.


    Well, now it’s almost becoming too epic. There’s so much going on that it almost feels like we’re reaching a climax too fast. That being said, it was really good and I literally lol-ed when Kurama threw Kakashi straight into Obito’s Kamui.

    As for the Juubi, he looks pretty sinister, there’s no doubt about that and I’d say that I’m pretty happy with how Kishi has rendered him, but I’ll explain more on why in the next breakdown. Still, I wonder about the Juubi’s eye and how it’s related to the Sharingan or Rinnegan, seeing as how it has similarities in appearance to both. There is a good chance that the sharingan mutation itself may be a result of the Juubi’s chakra mixing with the Sage’s before he passed on his eye powers to his oldest son. It would also explain why the sharingan’s power seems so dark in nature and why it’s so strong. In fact, when you think about it, the same may be the case for the youngest son as well when he inherited the Sage’s life force. If they inherited some of the Juubi’s life force as well, it may explain why Hashirama seems to be able to control and suppress the power of the Bijuu, seeing as how they were also all once part of the Juubi.

    I still have this theory that the Sage of the Six paths had a third son and that his descendants became the Uzumaki, who are related to both the Senju and Uchiha by blood (technically, the Senju are related to the Uchiha by blood as well, so the Uzumaki also would also have a direct link to both). Maybe he also purified the third son’s chakra and removed the corrupted traces of the Juubi’s power. Hell, maybe the Sage was an Uzumaki himself (not necessarily in name, but in blood) before he was changed by the Juubi’s chakra as its Jinchuuriki and that Naruto is how the Sage was before he became the Juubi’s host.

    BAH!!!! Now I’m going on a tangent a bit. <_<

  18. P.S. Thanks for covering for me iamnotreallyhere. It was a good breakdown.


    Obito: Say what?

    Kakashi: I said that Rin was just into that kind of… stuff. It just went a little bit too far that last time…

    Caption: S&M: The real reason behind Rin’s death…

  19. i have to say im really dissapointed in how bee just went straight to bijuu form, i think samehada could have helped a lot more especially if he could land a hit on obito damnit

  20. and if he wanted he could fuse with samehada into sharkman and boost sharkman with hachibi chakra, NICE!

  21. to be honest, i found this chapter quite poor in the action department. maybe its cause i lack the imaginative thought or i just didnt like it..
    chapter 609 though was really good.
    the fact that they showed kakashi hitting obito in the other dimension was pure awesome. and of course the look on naruto’s face always cracks me up lol

  22. Today’s chapter…wow.

    Just wow

  23. @ bakakage I almost forgot about the fact that he has samehada. I wonder how that will effect things… if at all

  24. This was the most silly, action packed, fight evaluation, teamwork capitalizing, all around awesomness chapters I have read in a long time. I am pleased….

  25. The manga stream cleaned up version is waaaay different and makes a bit more sense

  26. I’m wondering, when Kurama and Bee attacked the barrier around the Juubi did they keep it from going full power. Madara and Tobi put the juubi in the barrier to protect it while it tried to transform into it’s full form (well, the form it could most get into because it doesn’t have most of BEE nor Kurama). So does that mean that if Madara and Tobi inact the Moons Eye Plan, it won’t be as effective if they wanted it to be? I don’t think the Juubi is in the proper form to make the Moon’s Eye Plan as effective as they would have liked.

    I would like to see at least 1 villain die in this fight, instead of multiple villains sprouting up, I swear it’s like the damn hydra of Naruto. First 6 paths Tobi, then regular Tobi, then Madara joins Tobi and now they have the Juubi to fight as well. And most likely Sauske is going to come in. Maybe I’m just assuming a slippery slop fallacy here, but I just hope it doesn’t happen.

  27. So how exactly are they going to use the Juubi to perform the Moons Eye Plan? They’re going to seal the Juubi into a jinchuuruki and that power the container gets would be the power needed to make a Genjutsu be cast using the moon?

  28. I am curious why in this page, that Naruto mentioned the chakra is gone. Was he referring to the chakra signature is gone or changed?
    Naruto had made friends with the other 8 bijuu and have some gifts from them, won’t it be awesome that the Jubii actually befriend Naruto and the fight is against the Uchiha: Obito, Madara, Sasuke.

  29. The MangaStream translation seems unusually…different. It gets the point across, but it’s just…different.

  30. @ Kevin, I agree. It makes it a lot clearer as to the intent and subtext…. But it’s not often naruto threatens American History X style curb stompings

  31. I get the feeling the tailed beasts are going to have their own will within the Juubi and will help Naruto and maybe the others get out of the Infinite Tsukuyomi by rebelling against the current host.

    That’s my prediction, and I don’t predict very often.

  32. @Wiseman. Sorry for double posting but I believe I remember reading somewhere where Kishimoto was expecting the manga to last at least one more year.

    It’ll be interesting if this is true, because if it is, we might see Naruto become hokage or at least nominated as hokage. That or Kakashi will become the new hokage.

  33. LOL I won tha bubble, XD
    Thanks for the breakdown IANRH! Short and sweet.

    @new chapter, Do we all agree Sasugay and Pedosnake will appear?
    I cant wait for the last one to appear in the battleground and make some wise remarks!

    Obito: So, how does it feel?
    Kakashi: Id never though…
    Itll be so painfull…
    Caption: 10000 years of pain; fun to give, not fun to receive!

    Obito: Say it!
    Kakashi: My ass is yours…
    Now Im your bitch.
    (Cant decide between)
    1: After so many years, old debt interest grew to large for Kakashi to pay back Obito…
    2: Unsuspected Obito comeback arrives with debt interests too large to ASSume!

    Hope you like em!

  34. Bubilation contest:

    Tobi: I know right!
    Kakashi You’re… A monster!

    Caption: (choices) Penis enlargement; or Sex change no jutsu!; or Tobi showed kakashi his farting-on-a-match trick!

  35. Bubbalation:

    Tobi: Just a small town girl, livin’ in a lonely world…
    Kakashi: Tobi… For the love of…
    Kakashi: STAAHHPP!

    Caption: Tobi will never stop believing (Journey reference)

  36. Bubblation
    Obito: look deep in my eyes kakashi!
    Kakashi 1: I
    Kakashi 2: I need an adult?
    Caption: obito: I AM AN ADULT

  37. Hey guys, nice to see the bubble contest is such a big hit lately. I wanted to point something out I noticed in the last chapter and didn’t get a chance to run by yo’all.

    At the moment Kakashi came back from the other dimension Kurama told Naruto that kakashi can go in and out to/from the other dimension whenever he wanted.

    Those this mean Kakashi, now, has a bigger and more powerful chakra permanently via Kyuubi that could aid him in using the Sharingan just as a normal Uchiha would?

    Because, let’s face it, Kakashi was already a pro at using the eye but his only drawback was the lack of natural talent and chakra the Uchiha clan had. He actually wrote the book by himself and he was self taught all those years he used the doujutsu. And now he might actually be able to go on par with Obito with Obito’s only trump card being the mokuton manipulation.

    and seeing as Kakashi already knows about the mokuton from Tenzou/Yamato and the same can be said about the Rinnegan witch he fought against in the Pain invasion arc and learned all about the 6 paths techniques.

    I for one am really looking forward to seeing a upgraded Kakashi and if you ask me it was about time he got a serious power up so the balance of power for the good guys would spread a little bit more.


  39. Idk if anyone has mentioned this, but here I go. I think it is quite clear that Kakashi had feelings for Rin. Obito mentions that Kakashi awoke the Mangekyo on his own, meaning Obito didn’t do it for him when he himself aquired it. Im really interested in Sasuke and Orochimaru, hope they come by soon and show us what they went to fetch. @Eugen, I don’t think the Kyubi can supercharge Kakshi, if anything it brought him to his chakra level when at its full level. Kishi better come up with a damn good fight and nothing out of his arse that seems too improbable. The 10 Tails better be given a good match and nothing sub par.

  40. Seeing as how dead this place gets i doubt apologies for double or triple posting are in order anymore. Anyway, I was reading an old chapter where Suigetsu and Sasuke are arguing about who is underestimating Orochimaru. Since Sasuske wants to bring him back, and did. I was thinking unless we are double crossed by Kishi, we should be able to see Orochimaru at FULL STRENGTH! With full use of his arms and all! I sure as hell think he’d wanna take Madara and play with his body, so that could become an excellent battle, if it hopefully happens.

  41. Thanks Account. I’m kind of hoping Orochimaru doesn’t get powerful again or whatever. He’s been a villain for long enough in my opinion. Or, rather, an adversary.

  42. @Andrew: I got tired of finding out the “true” power levels of the characters. I don’t like how Kishi keeps bringing up old characters and making them even more powerful then they used to be. Here’s his logic; He believed the 3rd Hokage was the strongest of the hokages, then he has Madara praise the 1st like he was beyond comprehension. Then theres the Orochimaru thing. He had both his arms when he attempted to attack Itachi, and Itachi just put him in a genjutsu, like nothing. Now Kishi has the gulls to say (through Sauske) that Oro to not be underestimated. It gets confusing. So I am just going to read the chapters, and hope to Jesus that Oro or Sauske don’t join in the fight. I’d like Naruto to take out Madara.

  43. i think the juubi will not be a problem here because naruto will become the sage of the six paths (he’s already the sage of the six paths) and it will come to a point that the juubi will follow naruto like the kyuubi. kurama was created as a mass of hatred, all evil. if thats the case the evil inside the juubi would be the same as of that of kurama. and if naruto already recieved the chakra of the other biju, it’s possible he can or he would control the juubi.

  44. on the upper left panel. the face of the original sage of six paths has the markings like that of naruto. it’s really possible that naruto is really the reincarnation of the sage of six paths and will soon be the host of the juubi.

  45. I have a feeling that as jinchurikis (sp?) that are still alive, thanks to NOT having their bijus extracted, Naruto and Bee will be able to snap out of Infinite Tsukuyomi, thanks to the eight and nine tails within them being able to disrupt their chakra, thus allowing them to stop Obito (and Madara) for good.

    On a somewhat different note, am I the only one hoping to see that Naruto/Sasuke rematch?

  46. @allthingstakenintoaccount: Well considering that Naruto and Bee (through their biju) just fired a gigantic tailed beast bomb at the Juubi, which it still survived, I’d say an “Ohhhhh shit!” is in order. 😉

  47. sasuke will help naruto in this battle, for the sake of village and his clan. i’m feeling that orochimaru took him back to the past where it all began. why the uchiha clan left madara and what really pushed the uchiha to start a coup.

  48. Bubblition: Hey Kakashi! I burned your Icha Icha.
    Kakashi : You did WHAT? First Rin, then Kabuti now you.
    That’s it everybody DIES!!
    Caption: Shinobi rule #1 don’t mess with Kakashi’s Icha Icha.

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