Naruto Chapter 607 Breakdown: Love hurts. So does dying.

Greetings my fellow WRA members. It seems that we’ve come to a point in the manga (again) where things are truly beginning to heat up, with adrenaline levels reaching epic proportions. Though the last few chapters we’ve been treated to have mostly been saturated with an overabundance of flashbacks – which you may have either hated or loved – it seems our latest iteration manages to mix things up a bit more with a good blend of information, spectacle and even some action.

To start with though, we need to remember that for the time being, we are still mostly following Obito’s story, and as the dominant focus of these past few chapters, the question we’re left with is whether or not we believe Kishi has pulled off his back-story thus far.

The blood in your veins is cold and lifeless. Against my warmth, as I lay your head against my still beating heart, it leaves an empty void of darkness and despair.

Up until now, we’ve pretty much gone through the motions as far as the story behind Obito is concerned. Although there are still some questions left unanswered, the picture Kishi has painted thus far feels a lot more complete than it did before. We’ve established a semi-coherent timeline regarding the events of Obito’s life post the Kakashi Gaiden – from when he was found Madara up until the point where he attacked Konoha with Kurama – and his motives seem to have been explained in a fair amount of detail, with no lack of blood and violence to help add some tragic depth to the mix.

But in all of this, one thing I’ve noticed is how much like Madara Obito ended up becoming in the end. I mean, we know that after Madara’s death, Obito decided to play in his role to help turn the world in his favor, but I do believe that what was originally intended to be an act eventually became a state of mind, and this is suggested quite heavily in the moments that Obito first met Nagato and his companions.

Don’t let him go behind you Nagato, otherwise you’ll come to “understand” sooner than you might have expected… X__X

The way Obito states his case to Nagato is pretty much the same way in which Madara preached to Obito not too long beforehand and, much like Madara did with him, Obito warns Nagato that despite his resilience now, one day he would understand the true nature of the world and see that his “idealism” was nothing more than a farce. It makes me wonder just how much of Obito’s act is actually an act, or whether the personification of Madara became more of a reality for him than anything else.

Nagato himself seems to have been in two minds about this fake Madara’s attractive words regarding peace, but his close friend Yahiko remained far from convinced.

If it sounds too good to be true, then you haven’t been brain washed enough yet.

Now this part I found rather interesting, because to me, Yahiko takes on a very much Naruto-esque role here by standing up defiantly for his ideals while shunning the idea of a pseudo-peace based in a world of dreams. One could say that if Obito were running a marathon right now, then Yahiko would be the thorn in his shoe (much like how Naruto is right now). It’s also because of this obstruction that Obito’s immediate goal of winning Nagato’s allegiance is threatened and that on its own leaves us with a lot to ponder.

For example, could it have been Yahiko’s defiance here that eventually lead to his death? Did Obito play the chess pieces from behind the scenes to set up the meeting with Hanzou and Danzou as a means to get rid of the one thing standing between him and full control of Nagato? Or is it simply a case where he truly believed that it was only a matter of time before tragedy struck and thus, all he had to do was wait?

These questions also bring us back to the events revolving around Rin’s death and the mystery as to whether or not that was also a setup on Madara’s side, but beyond our own hypothesis, it’s something we’ll have to wait to be revealed before we can tell for certain.

After this brief meeting however, things get put on “fast-forward” for the next few pages as we rush through a few more familiar events that we’ve already seen before, only with a few extra sneak-peak previews and the odd few flashbacks within a flashback that add a little bit more body to them and tell a little story of their own – touching on past dreams and present tragedies that help highlight the feelings of turmoil that Obito must have felt deep down inside.

And here we have yet another evil student vs noble teacher clash, complete with dark cloaks and raging, laser-firing emo bunnies. Star Wars, eat your heart out.

As I mentioned before, these photo-frame entries seem to serve the sole purpose of establishing a loose timelines for us readers to follow and help us paint a bigger picture of just how everything falls into place, but they also managed to add a little flavor of their own to the story by bringing a slightly more personal touch to each of Obito’s actions. One of the most effective measures Kishi uses to do this, is by highlighting the contrast between Obito’s old life when he was still part of team Minato, and the current reality of hell he had found himself in as he bitterly worked towards realizing Madara’s Moon Eye plan.

One line in particular seems to solidify his new mindset and how reality has ultimately numbed Obito’s heart.

Well you should, because it has cheesecake… <_<

This is pretty much the bottom line right here. Obito doesn’t care about this world anymore, or to be more accurate, he doesn’t care about this current reality. It goes a long way in explaining why he seems to act without any regard for the consequences of his actions, even if those actions involve the deaths of innocents, or even babies (as was the case when he almost blew up Naruto).

To Obito, all these things are no longer relevant. Who lives, who dies, who suffers or who is happy, to him it’s all inconsequential seeing as how he’s going to create a new reality anyway. It’s also part of the reason why he probably never bothered to kill Kakashi or take out his vengeance on him for Rin’s death. All that matters to Obito now is the completion of the Moon Eye plan and the only things that truly concern him are potential obstacles to that plan.

Going from here, we come to an end regarding these flashbacks and are catapulted straight back into the thick of the action again. Though I do believe this reprieve will only be temporary, it’s nice to have things mixed up a bit to break the monotony. And what better way to heat things up than an epic confrontation between Naruto and Madara?

The brighter the light is, the darker the shadow becomes. Can the light shine brightly enough to burn away the darkness entirely?

I have to admit, I had previously presumed that we would be subjected to two tag team battles here, with Naruto and Bee fighting Madara while Kakashi and Gai fought Obito. However, it seems that this is no longer the case, seeing as how Gai has moved over to Naruto’s bench to help balance the odds against someone who could pretty much be considered the strongest Ninja in Naruto at this very point in time. This means that Kakashi has been left to face Obito alone, which despite making sense considering their troubled history, also stands out as a little odd to me.

If we look back, Minato sealed Kurama into Naruto specifically so that he could defeat the calamity that would threaten the world. At the time, that calamity was perceived to be Tobi, who we now know is Obito, which means that Naruto was given the power he has specifically to stop Obito from carrying out his plans. Now this premise has been cast out the window and a completely different situation has developed where Naruto has been redirected to face another threat altogether in the form of Madara.

Would you two please get a room or something? >_<

At first glance, one might say that this development in itself has caused Minato’s and Kushina’s sacrifice to lose its value, seeing as how the person they presumed Naruto would need to use Kurama’s power to defeat, is not longer going to be his opponent. However, when we consider that Madara is, in fact, the true master behind the Moon Eye plan, we could also say that he is the true darkness that is threatening the world as opposed to Obito. This means that Naruto’s real purpose is to defeat Madara and that he was given the power he has to do so.

All nitpicking aside, it seems like Naruto’s support has already been defeated. Bee looks as if he has a hangover from hell and Gai looks to have lost more blood than any human body should contain to begin with. I did, however, find it funny how Gai acted all tough – as if he was still good to go – even though you could see he was practically ready to fall apart. It’s that humorous nature of his that I love so much and that really brings a bit of light-heartedness to an otherwise bleak situation.

From here on out, things look like they are heading along the path of awesomeness, with two confrontations coming up that I am really looking forward to seeing unfold. If the next few chapters are anything less than epic, I’d be quite surprised to say the least, so lets hope Kishi keeps it up.

The titan’s clash at last! Now if only that army that was headed this way would arrive here already…

Well, that’s it for now.

Here are the winner’s of last week’s Bubbliton Contest.

5th) Nikeairforce (because he spammed us with entries and was bound to get at least one spot)

Madara: This one has a price tag of 10000 plot holes, and you will get a free “Naruto Speech” at the middle of your disclosure Arc, you know, love friendship…
Obito: Then I’ll take it. Do you have it in pink?
Caption: No, he didnt have it in pink…

4th) Ashes Reignighted

Obito: “there are people oozing from these stalactites………?”
Madara: “Ignore them. They are just what remains of when Hashirama used this as his “love cave” before he got married.
Caption: There is a reason Hashirama is legendary

3rd) Bret Yingling

Madara: As you can see our Zetsu’s come in white, white…
Bubble: … and white.
Caption: I’ll keep swirly face.

2nd) Chairman Kaga

Left Bubble: fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap.
Right Bubbles: These Zetsus reproduce by themselves, and that’s how I’m going to make an army…
Caption: Many years later.

And our winner is…

Eke2k6: Kishi claims another life.

Congratulations to Eke2k6 for the winning entry. It really did make me giggle when I thought of all the Tobito haters out there.

Here is this week’s screen, and who better is there to star in our breakdown other than our beloved Maito Gai himself?

*Insert caption here.*

See you in the comments. ^ ^


~ by Tenrai Senshi on October 30, 2012.

52 Responses to “Naruto Chapter 607 Breakdown: Love hurts. So does dying.”

  1. FIRST!

  2. Seconda!

  3. Third!

  4. I really hope Kishi explains that whole attack on Kohona a bit better and Tobitos motivation behind it. It almost seems like he was just going for the nine tails and decided to exact a little revenge while he was at it, but got sloppy and forgot who he was up against. That could be accounted for his falling in love with his act like Tenrai was saying. Thinking he was unbeatable…

  5. looking forward to the epic battles, unless kishi decides its flashback time. i really dont understand obito’s motives though. y does he have to force everybody to live in a genjutsu, if he can live in one on his own?

  6. @mantis

    Maybe Madara foresaw the risk of war and so the attack on Konoha was used to further thow suspision on the Uchiha clan to increase tension between it and Konoha. Without the Uchiha, Konoha’s military strength would be diminished quite significantly which would work in favor of the Moon Eye plan.

    That’s just one of many possibilities though.

  7. Fourth! like the awesome Yellow Flash…… ( I won’t give into Katonkage’s catchphrase =P)

  8. I’m in Fourth place in the bubble contest…. well I guess that’s moving up from last week in that I’m visibly ranked, lol.

    bubblition entry

    Guy: where did that barrage of unneeded flashbacks come from?

    8 Tails/Bee: I…can’t… endure…. another…

    Caption: Obito’s flashback jutsu leaves Naruto fans sore and exhausted

  9. Hahaha, you´ll only get me to spam double as much, so I win!
    Jokes, great breakdown Ten! Thanks!
    Eight tails: Oh gods, it can´t be possible, Im done for!
    Gay: It has left me all fucked up, I cant even move!
    Off bubble: …and I will defeat Madara and become Hokage!
    Caption: Konohamaru made an appearance!

  10. @2Cool. The reason why is probably because he thinks he’ll help everyone else, and possibly also feels similar to Madara and at the same time, after having been saved, feels that following Madara is best choice at the moment.

  11. I’m gonna say something completely off topic but i find interesting…. both times the Kyuubi was caught by someone he wasn’t part of a Jinchuuriki, he had been removed…. I know you’re are like duh, you have to remove the Bijuu… what I’m saying is that when Hashirama bound up the Fox and when Madara took control of the Fox the fox was actually not transfered to someone else but was out of the Jinchuuriki’s body. what I’m saying is that neither Hashirama nor Madara took on a the ninetales in Jinchurriki form. I mean I don’t think Naruto’s mother or Mito had control of it the way Naruto does. What I’m getting at is that maybe Madara’s thinking about the Wood dragon is flawed because Hashirama used the Wood Dragon against a non symbiotic Bijuu…. I wonder if the “blending” or the partnership of naruto and the Fox nullifies or at least inhibits the Wood Dragon. what I’m trying to say is that I think Madara might’ve been just a tad bit overconfident and underestimated Naruto.

  12. Great breakdown ten… I remember reading a comment that said something like it would is stupid for obito to start acting like mandara. But i actually thing it made sence how he made nagato follow him was mandara like. I think that brings some realism to this manga. Since normaly kids develope the personalities of people they admire or people that they are around.

    Also i wish yahiko could get more manga pages i wanted kabuto to revive him to see how strong he really was. I meen as leader of the akatzuki he had to be strong. I feel like kishi cast him aside. I thought he was going to be a lot like naruto but from this latest chapter you can tell he was really smart.

  13. @Simplyantony

    Naruto isn’t stupid, he’s just dense. He’s actually quite intelligent though when it comes down to it and he’s shown that often in battle.

  14. Naruto is street smart. Or ninja smart as we might say in this manga. Book smart….not so much…

  15. Naruto learns best by example, or visual learning ( so probably why he’s not book smart and auditory instruction is tougher for him). He learns better by doing, but as for dense sometimes he’s a bit socially clueless. He seems less socially aware and sometimes gullible( a high rated mission is to log all the animals on Bee’s Island?). So a visual learner who struggles with book knowledge and lack of social awareness probably seems a bit dense but Naruto is quite intelligent. He might have a touch of Aspbergers and ADD. Which is possible to have a touch of both.

  16. Wow, it’s really quiet this week. Where is everyone?

  17. Bubble Entry:

    Eight: AAAAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHHH… That was good Gai.
    Gai: I never want to experience that again…
    Eight: But you felt so good in my urethra

    Caption: …

  18. @ Ten, everyone is bum’ed out because Kishi took the week off to go fishing. Poor guy, I think this weeks off are a God send to him.
    Anyway since the last chapter was pretty much str8 forward and Kishi did manage to leave a lot of loose ends concerning the real motives Obito had to crush the leaf, when he knew capturing the kyuubi wouldn’t do him any good because it has to be the last bijuu sealed otherwise the impact would be to damaging to the Mazo ( Too lazy to go find the page in the manga were it’s stated).

    So then, why go on a personal vendetta against the Leaf when you know Minato will crush your puberty struck ass.
    Also the ascension wasn’t detailed either so for all I know Obito managed to master Mokuton, the Mangekyo Sharingan, Yin/Yang ninjutsu, 6 paths secret hidden jutsu, seals and the ability to control the Gedo Mazo in just under a year, this with at least a couple of months it took him to recover, so we’re down to 9-10 months of training that made him a threat to the whole world!!!! Bloody Hell Kishi, writing it on the blog is even worse then saying it out loud.

    Anyway, I’m glad we got back to the epic of epics showdown and I’m really looking forward to seeing if Sasuke and Orochimaru will show up and beat the crap out of Obito.

    Also Ten well done on the breakdown, it was a great read like always, cheers.

  19. OK. I’m going to call this. I think Might Guy is going to become the force that tips the tide of this battle in Naruto’s favor to set him up for the win. I’m willing to bet that Guy will open all eight gates and take on Madara with enough ferocity to set him up for defeat at the hands of Naruto in some capacity. Why else would we see him open as much as seven at this point?

    Am I the only one who thinks this?

  20. Great post. There are some things that I noted that you hinted at in your post.

    First, it is clear that Yahiko was the stronger in will than Nagato; much like Naruto. He was far more confident in his beliefs and in the will of his sensei, Jiraiya (gee, sound familiar?). Nagato was the “accidental leader” upon Yahiko’s death but did not have the vision that Yahiko did. He only had the dojutsu, the power, that has now been revealed to have been “encouraged” by Obito (i.e. Gedo Mazo). From there, Obito was able to bend the original purpose of Akatsuki, which was a goal of peace, to one of peace through violence with the Moon’s Eye Plan.

    Second, your argument that Minato’s and Kushina’s plans for sealing 1/2 of Kurama’s power in Naruto was for defeating one opponent that became another opponent was spot on. However, and I believe MInato even hinted at this during his conversation with Naruto, that the true “enemy” he is fighting is the evil that exists within the shinobi system, which Minato argued is what truly killed Jiraiya. If one looks at it that way, the true enemy that Naruto is facing isn’t just someone like Obito or Madara, per se, it is the evil that each represents. Each is exploiting the evil that exists in the current system of how shinobi operate to tear all the nations – and their respective shinobi – apart and implement their Moon’s Eye Plan. Kabuto, who is still in “la la land” due to his being in that wonderful genjutsu thanks to a now sealed Itachi, was also exploiting all of this chaos for his own ends; he saw the goal; exploitation of chaos.

    As far as Gai – he’s comic relief at this point. Even Bee can’t help him.

    Personally, I think what will happen is one of two things: the newly healed Kage come to the rescue for additional support, thanks to Tsunade, who may end up giving her life for them OR the armies may attempt to help but I don’t see how they can without merely getting in Naruto’s way.

  21. @Tsunades Twin It’s nice to have a female opinion on this blog. If you’ve been here a since IRA the forgive me, it’s just nice to know that this blog catches a slice of the naruto lady fans.

  22. It is nice to see an old familiar every now and again. Welcome back penny.

  23. @ Eugen
    It wasn’t a vendetta, Naruto’s birth was the only chance he had to free Kurama from his seal within Kushina. If he didn’t do it then, he might have never been able to. It was stated that the seal was at its weakest during childbirth. He could have always just killed her after he obtained the other 8, but who knows how long it would take for Kurama to re-manifest himself in the Impure Realm. Unlike the other Jinchuriki Kushina had an Uzumaki seal of the strongest sort.

  24. Of course, that doesn’t explain why he didn’t flee after releasing it. Or why he summoned it in the middle of Konoha. Why didn’t he run away and summon it to himself at a different location? He could’ve sealed it in a temporary container in private. Unless he didn’t know how, and just planned to let Kurama run free until he needed it.

  25. @Amaterasu

    If you were a kid that gained the power to take complete control of the 9 tails and were in the village that you believed took away from you your “one smushy true childhood love” you’d probably have a temper tantrum and release havoc too. That’s pretty much all that I can see explaining why he would have done that. He’s still a child that’s angry somebody took his toy. Only he has the power to kill them all lol.

  26. here’s a question that hasn’t been addressed for awhile…and with all this talk about obito pretending to be madara’s subordinate ….i thought i might bring it back up…that is….what did obito need sasuke for…he said it didn’t matter what naruto was….naruto was only there to stimulate sasuke….so with all this back story…it looks like the only plan was to resurrect madara….then why did obito need sasuke??? Stimulate him to get his eyes to evolve to the rinen….sure…but why??? not so madara could posses sasuke…they could just bring him back to his youth….

  27. @ drice I’ve wondered the same thing. I always though Sasuke was kinda a happy coincidence, he hadn’t anticipated Sasuke’s appearance but I think Sasuke became Tobi/Obito’s backup plan just in case things went bad with Pein and he wasn’t able to obtain the Rinnegan. I’m wondering if Sasuke just was a lucky backup plan… Maybe he didn’t think he was gonna end up getting the eyes from Nagato or just to be safe who knows… Still i feel that Obito using Sasuke is a bit of a mystery….

  28. Now we’re all just waiting for the chapter to release.

    Waiting… patiently…


    Wai… ah stuff it! *Eats everyone in the blog.*

  29. Never realized how many lost users are inside Tenrai’s stomach until now. Don’t worry bro, the chapter will be out soon and I hope we’ll enjoy a epic battle and even a bit of relevant flash back is good.

    But I hope to God that Kishi doesn’t pull a cliffhanger on us with a Senjuu related Sasuke who’s mother was a whore from the senjuu clan who had threesome with a uchiha and a uzumaki.

    Sorry about that but it’s been 2 weeks since last chapter and the last day is always the hardest to pass by.

  30. i cant take this anymore my finger is raw from pressing F5 😥

  31. Bubblition: (Western format) Chidori!!
    Gai: NOOOOOO!! I’m too youthful to DIE!
    Killer Bee: Oh crap Gai went and he’s looking at me next.
    Caption: Why else do you think Gai and Killer Bee were defeated, Flashbacks?! HA!
    second bubblition:
    (Tobi) I’m sympathetic Uchiha FLASHBACK NO Jutsu!!
    Gai: what power, I never saw it coming. Next thing I know, my face bleeding all over.
    Caption: Apparently Flashbacks can be dangerous after all.

  32. its out!

  33. Bakakage beat me to it. T___T

    Oh well, on to read at last!!!!

  34. naruto just went hyper speed on this page creating a kage bunshin and at the same time saving kakashi guy and bee. maybe faster than the yellow flash.

  35. Well, the chapter certainly was epic enough, but the scans could have been better quality. I think I’d need to take a look at it on mangastream to truly appreciate what was happening there because the ones on mangapanda were really blurry and low-resolution.

    Still, it was exciting and epic and I felt Obito grew into a bit more of his own as a villain in this chapter.

  36. haha im the fastest south african in the world!! but seriously though ive been living infront of my keyboard, since last night. i know i should get a life lol.

  37. Really wonderful chapter, I enjoyed it a lot. Also I’m waiting on Mangastream as well so see the better looking version and also to check out there translation, even though there’s not that much dialog worth rereading.

    Thank you Kishimoto sensei for a a great chapter this week, it was sure worth the wait.


    Here ya go. It was well worth the wait. I feel a Kakashi explanationn-no-jutsu coming on…

  39. Nonononononono no NO!!! Come on kishi I said no naruto speeches for the last minute win….. That doesn’t mean kakashi gets to do it instead…. Unless we get to see his face as well! You have my terms, your move kishi o-O

  40. Ok the banter is pretty standard manga battle stuff but I still get nervous about the possibility of a let down ending to the fight, but that’s largely because I had “hero of the leaf” stuck in my head while reading this chapter…. Seriously re read it with this playing It will totally look like its going into a weird heart changing speech direction where obito unites with kakashi one last time to take madara out or something like that

  41. @coolbeans it’s was either that or more of Uchiha BS Wangst.

  42. I’m not liking Tobi’s explanation. He’s basically a broken record. “Your trash” he sounds like one of those high school girls in those ecchi comics where they’re dominatrix’s to those weirdo guys… Yeah. I know.

    I just don’t like how he isn’t really explaining himself. We’re suppose to take away from the flashback his real reason for doing whatever. He’s just like Anakin Skywalkerand every other Uchiha. Just because they don’t get what they want they have the most epic of temper-tantrums ever created. I would have understood if he was actually going out with Rin, they were about to get married and she was pregnant. Then I would have understood, or actually given him the benefit of the doubt of why he did what he did.

  43. Tobi’s let bitch tantrum no way in hell deterred the chapter from being awesome. I give it a very respectable 9/10

  44. I’m starting to think Itachi was the only non-temper-tantrum Uchiha. Not to mention he was one of the very few we’ve seen that actually showed a lot of love, even if he did it in the wrong way. And seriously? I think Sasuke lost a lot more than Obito did. He lost his chance to grow up and still be something of a child, but that happened to TONS of shinobi.

  45. Sorry for the double post, but I do have to admit, Rin was a big reason for Obito to continue living. It might’ve been a delusional dream, much like Littlepip’s was when she went after Velvet Remedy, but it was still what kept him going.

    Nonetheless, Obito’s kind of a douche. He says he doesn’t care about anything, but he obviously still cares about Kakashi’s failure to protect Rin, as he constantly reminds Kakashi that he’s trash.

    Sure Obito, you TOTALLY don’t care about this world anymore.

  46. @Andrew

    I have to contest you somewhat on two points.

    Firstly, I think it would be prudent to assume that Sasuke has necessarily lost more than Obito, because the truth is that we don’t know if Rin is the only person Obito has ever lost in his life. We’ve never seen Obito’s parents other than clues of what may be them in pictures on his wall, so I assume his parents probably died when he was quite young, no doubt in some sort of war or conflict as most shinobi die. I do, however, agree that when it comes to loss, I don’t think there’s a single living person in this story who has ever not lost someone close to them, because that is the nature of the world they live in.

    Secondly, when Obito was talking about trash, he wasn’t just talking about Kakashi. He said that all ninja who grow in this world will eventually become trash and that both he and Kakashi were fine examples of that. Basically, he was admitting that he himself was trash as well and he believes that everyone who exists in this current reality is bound to become trash at some point just because of the nature of the world. It doesn’t imply personal vendetta so much as just a bleak outlook on reality, though, in saying that, I am sure there is some spite regarding Rin’s death even if Obito won’t fully admit it.

    Lastly, I don’t think I’ve seen you on here before, so welcome to WRA. @__@

  47. That’s a really good point Tenrai. I hadn’t thought of that. Also though Sasuke lost everybody in the Uchiha clan except for his brother. Even people that were acquaintances and had grown accustomed to being in his world he lost. Also, he lost them to his brother who he thought loved him (although he really did.) He was forced to think he was too weak to be taken seriously.

    Also, that’s another good point. Obito doesn’t seem hateful, but I agree he definitely has a bleak outlook on the world. He believes strongly in the idea that you either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villian.

    Also, I have been on here before, but I went by HolyDemonAndy I believe. Thanks Tenrai. 🙂

  48. Bubble:
    Eight: Can´t believe I fell for it.
    Gay: OMG, my eyes are bleeding!
    Eight: Care, here it comes again!
    Caption: The-ninja-world-is-crap-speech-no-jutsu… (And another one bites the dust)

  49. I don’t think that anything Naruto or Kakashi can say will make Obito have a change of heart. He’s done some pretty messed up stuff and rejects their perspective completely. But one person could make him question his life’s ambition. What if Kabuto accepts who he really is and breaks Itachi’s illusion and decides to help out the alliance? It was hinted that he might go back to the orphanage when we had a cut away to that friend of his mentioning Kabuto on the battle field. He could possibly use impure world reincarnation on Rin. She would be devastated to see what Obito has become. That would utterly break him. Seeing as how her death was the catalyst for his bleak outlook on the world.

    Also, is this battle gonna be finished? It just seems way too epic and important to come before a possible battle with the misfit group that Sasuke is leading.

  50. Why hasent anyone commented on kakashi warping? <___<

  51. @Marks

    Because we weren’t here >_> lol

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