Fairy Tail 305 Breakdown. Mavis the moe genius.

Welcome to this week’s breakdown, Fairy Tail fans!!

Go, Fairy Tail!!!

So, it looks like last week’s chapter was building up for this week’s awesomeness. Fairy Tail has started moving after the other Guilds have cleaned up the stage and they caught up really quickly, thanks to Mavis.

She accurately predicts that Rufus will attack Fairy Tail with A Night of Falling Stars, the powerful magic he used on the first day to defeat everyone instantly. This time no one gets hit by it and Laxus the badass simply guards against it because it is lightning-based.
Erza immediately encounters Jenny from Blue Pegasus and defeats her. Gajeel and Gray also obliterate Eve, Ren and Hibiki, tying with Sabertooth in first place.

As Mavis directs her Guild to their next objective, Makarov remembers her nickname when she was alive…

Mavis-chama is so awesome.

I am really happy that a tiny bit of Mavis’s abilities and backstory has been revealed. We all know she’s Fairy Tail’s First Master, but what brought her to found her Guild? Considering the fact that she’s an amazing strategist, maybe she founded it as a military force to bring peace to Fiore. She might have also helped in finding a good king for the country! That would be really interesting.
Well, I guess her life is going to be really important if Mashima is waiting for the right moment to reveal it. @___@

Getting back to the Grand Magic Games, the only Blue Pegasus member left is the leader, Ichiya. He will surely put up a fight against the remaining contestants!

…Trolololol. Jura one-shots him with no effort whatsoever. 😛

Jura is so strong that even Mavis has no idea how to beat him.

Even though I don’t like Blue Pegasus being defeated so easily because they are one of Fiore’s strongest, I’m glad Ichiya wasn’t defeated by someone from Fairy Tail or Sabertooth. After destroying Rocker and Bacchus with one punch, it would feel really cheap if he had been beaten by someone like Gray. Fortunately the most powerful mage in the competition took him out before he could show us another one of his horrifying attacks. X___X

Anyway, Mavis brought up an interesting point. Jura is so incredibly strong that it seems impossible for someone to defeat him. What kind of strategy would work against such overwhelming power?
I think it would be really awesome if the other Guilds put aside their differences and teamed up to fight him. Even he wouldn’t be able to survive their combination!

Moving on, Fairy Tail’s rescue team has managed to reach Lucy and free her. Suddenly the floor opens up and everyone falls down into an underground passage.


It looks like Fiore’s military isn’t as incompetent as I thought. After letting Fairy Tail in so easily, it turns out it was a trap!
By the way, why didn’t the Exceeds and Mirajane fly instead of falling? I think that’s really stupid. They could have easily carried Lucy, Yukino and Natsu out of the palace! -_____-
Anyhow, the princess of Fiore has apparently sentenced Fairy Tail to death in the Pitfall Palace, but she looks sad for some reason… I have no idea why. D:

The chapter ends with Gray meeting Rufus and their fated battle starting.

I will beat you up so badly that you won’t be able to make terrible puns anymore. 😈

This fight has been anticipated since the first day and I really want to see it. Rufus’s magic is really cool and mysterious, so it will be interesting to know more about it. We’ll also get to see Gray’s magic after Second Origin in a real battle. Hopefully it’ll last a few chapters and it won’t be as one-sided as Natsu’s.

Well, I guess that’s it for this week. See you next time!!

Happy Halloween!! ^^

-最強 Dragon

~ by 最強 Dragon on October 30, 2012.

9 Responses to “Fairy Tail 305 Breakdown. Mavis the moe genius.”

  1. It’s out! *falls asleep* X____X

  2. Awesome!!

  3. “By the way, why didn’t the Exceeds and Mirajane fly instead of falling? I think that’s really stupid. They could have easily carried Lucy, Yukino and Natsu out of the palace! -_____-”

    Because the sky is blue and politicians are corrupt, that’s why. <_<

    Anyway, is it just me or does the princess resemble Lucy a bit too much? Also, would it be strange if Charle's vision of the future was actually a vision of the past that happens in the future after the members of Fairy Tail go into the past in a day's time?

    P.S. Thanks for the breakdown Dragon.

  4. Fairy Tail has slowly but surely been making its way up my Top Manga list, in Running Manga’s I actually been enjoying it slightly more then Naruto in recent weeks especially this Arc.

    Suprised you didn’t use the “Its a Trap” meme in the breakdown 😛

    The build up to next few chapters is cool, and I would like to see who Jura is matched with, I think Luxus will be a cool fight.


  5. @pein0avenue: I completely agree. Fairy Tail is a really good manga and more people on this blog should read it. Of course it has bad chapters like all manga, but it also has really AWESOME ones too. 😀
    Too bad there are so little comments! T___T

  6. Gray just used unlimited blade works… (for those of you who don’t know what that is, watch Fate: Stay Night).

    Anyway, I agree that FT is awesome and that more people on the blog should read it. It’s definitely right up there with the best of them and is currently my second favorite (after Naruto). I know it’s had its bad moments (Edolas Arc anyone?) but this latest arc has really taken it to the next level. It is awesomeness. @__@

    Perhaps we should have another Awesome New Manga post for FT just to make the rest of the people on WRA more aware of it again?


  7. @ Dragon – I write Bleach, I know how you feel bro… *Epic Fistbump*

  8. @Tenrai
    Wouldn’t it be more accurate if it was called “Awesome Old Manga” =P

    Anyways I liked this latest chapter as it showed that no matter what kind of power you have, that there is always a way around it. And as always Gray showed that he was more than up to the task.

    That’s one of Fairy Tails strengths as opposed to Manga like Bleach or Naruto. Almost all the entire main cast are BAMFers rather than having just a hand full of the main cast being almost exclusively relied upon.

  9. Dragon don’t despair i shall catch up and you may find you have too many comment :p

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