Fairy Tail 304 Breakdown. Star Strategy!!

Poor Frosch… T___T

So, the last day of the Grand Magic Games has started! The final match is an all-out war between the Guilds. It wasn’t very exciting, but I’m sure next week’s chapter will be way better. The weaklings have been defeated and only strong people are left in the arena.

Speaking of weaklings, I’d like to talk about Mashima’s constant trolling of Quatro Cerberus. The Grand Magic Games started out with them actually beating Fairy Tail in the preliminaries and in the first trial!! Then, after losing War Cry against Orga and replacing him with Bacchus who won the second day’s competition, it looked like he would have brought his Guild to glory. Unfortunately he fought against Elfman who proved his MANLINESS and won the battle. Novally got sixth place in the MPF, so he got 2 points.

Now this is when Hiro’s trolling started. Milliana battled Semmes and pwned him, then Jenny defeated Rocker with a single kick and finally Ichiya used a horrifying move (THAT FACE) to destroy him and Bacchus. So much for being on Erza’s level seven years ago, huh?

This final day could have redeemed Quatro Puppy somewhat, instead they all got defeated quickly and easily, even Bacchus who was one-shotted by Sting.

Oh well, at least we saw the awesome Kagura who made Sting run away like a wimp. 😛

Kagura is so badass that even Sabertooth is afraid of her.

Well, even though Sabertooth, Lamia Scale and Mermaid Heel are winning, Blue Pegasus still hasn’t made a move yet. The strong fighters still haven’t met each other, so the final day will reach its climax when they do. Anything can happen!

Moving on, Fairy Tail hasn’t been moving at all and Makarov is really worried. Mavis reassures him that everything is going according to her calculations and that she will lead Fairy Tail to victory. Creeping us out, she activates the SEIZON SENRYAKU Fairy Tail Star Strategy!!

Fairy Tail is so going to win now.

In the meantime, Natsu and Wendy have been captured by one of the Palace’s guards and are being taken to jail…

…Actually, it’s Mirajane in disguise. I think everyone saw that coming. I wish Mashima had made up a more creative way for the rescue team to infiltrate the Palace. This same thing has happened back in Edolas with Natsu, Gray and Erza! -___-

Anyway, the final page of the chapter introduces an interesting character…

A princess?!?

I really don’t know what this princess is going to do. She’ll probably be a villain, but she doesn’t look evil. Also, she said she wants to begin with the  “Eclipse 2 Plan”… Does that mean there was an Eclipse 1 Plan?! When did it happen and who was the sacrifice? All of these questions will be answered next time, on Fairy Tail!!

Well, that’s it for me. See you next week!


-最強 Dragon

~ by 最強 Dragon on October 25, 2012.

3 Responses to “Fairy Tail 304 Breakdown. Star Strategy!!”

  1. It’s out! 🙂

  2. Great breakdown dragon….i hope fairytail goes after sabertooth

  3. I personally would like to see Laxus vs Jura. The noobs in Sabertooth don’t deserve someone like Laxus wasting his energy on them. Lol.

    Besides that though, I reckon we’ll see Gray vs the guy with the hat, Erza vs that evil girl in Sabertooth (why am I forgetting their names? O_O) or perhaps even Kagura, Gajeel vs Rogue and Sting together maybe (a two vs one kinda like with Natsu) and Juvia vs Leon I reckon. That would be funny. <_<

    In saying that though, I reckon Fairy Tails overall strategy may revolve around hunting down the remaining leaders of each opposing team, which are each worth five points compared to the normal members who are only worth 1 each. Basically, defeating the four remaining leaders would be worth more points than defeating all the other members in this event combined. If that's the case, their targets will be Kagura, Jura and that evil girl from Sabertooth (still can't remember her name) and perfume guy, most likely (having a bad naming day).

    P.S. thanks for the breakdown Dragon.

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