Naruto Chapter 605 – 606 Breakdown: We’re giving out free tickets to hell!

Hey everyone. I know it’s been two weeks since I last did a breakdown, but life has been somewhat cumbersome at the moment, so I haven’t really had as much time on my hands as I would have liked.

In any case, in return for my absence, I present to you a double breakdown, with twice the awesomeness, twice the conjecture and twice as many tag words to help people find us. <_<

Kakashi, this is not how you’re supposed to break up with your girlfriend. <_<

So, what happened in chapter 605? Well, if I were to put it in a way that would be most accurate, I would say “lots of people died”. It seems to be commonplace nowadays for newly established villains to go on a killing frenzy that involves the deaths of any cannon-fodder ninja who are unlucky enough to be in the vicinity at the time. Actually, if we take a look back in the story, we’ll find that this isn’t the first time that this has happened either – with the other instance involving none other than Nagato where he went psycho-pigeon on us and wiped out half an army. The deeper we look at these two situations, the more of a connection we can see between the two.

Firstly, both Nagato and Obito had met up with Madara prior to their fall-outs – whether they realized it or not. Nagato was given the Rinnegan and Obito was given a half Hashirama body and then afterwards, both were met with tragedy. The other ironic part (or perhaps it was planned) is that in both cases, their rampages were triggered by the loss of a loved one and, even further than that, in both cases those loves ones were killed by a close friend (Obito watched Kakashi kill Rin and Nagato himself was forced to kill Yahiko). I’m starting to believe that with Madara’s connection to both individuals, this may be a case where he planned for the deaths of both Yahiko and Rin in order to make Nagato and Obito feel what hell on earth was like.

Uchiha Madara – Giving free tickets to hell since forever.

Basically, the bottom line here is that I have no doubt that both Obito and Nagato were just pawns in Madara’s game and as such, I’m sure Madara would have gone through any lengths to mold them as he saw fit, even if it meant destroying everything they cherished. To this extent, I believe that even if he didn’t cause Rin’s death direct, I do believe he may have had a hand in creating the events that lead to the tragedy. I also still think Obito may have, at some point, become aware of this fact, once again leading me to the point of why he seemed unwilling to revive Madara again as they had planned.

Despite everything though, this chapter still left us with more questions than answers, such as why Kakashi killed Rin, or why the Mist was so adamant about securing her, even if it just meant retrieving her body. My original theory about her being a Jinchuuriki may not be accurate anymore, seeing as how her death would have also been synonymous with the death of the Bijuu itself if she contained one, but there are still many other possibilities floating about and more than enough theories being discussed in the comment’s section to help keep our imaginations alive. I do hope some of our questions are answered soon though, because the mystery is killing me with suspense.

And it was on this day that captain Mist Ninja became a holy man…

Another thing I’d like to point out that may lead to some more crazy theories is how similar to Danzou Obito is in this scene. Like Danzou, he has a sharingan only in his right eye, has a body that is half made up of Hashirama cells that he can’t fully control yet, he has an odd collection of Sharingan eyes and he has a similar hair style. Could it be that Danzou was Obito from the future who went into the past to try and fix his own mistakes in the past thus fixing the future again? Have I been taking to many loony pills? Will the world ever run out of cheesecake? I suppose we’ll never know…

Moving onto chapter 606, we’re given a lot more development as far as Obito’s story is concerned and I found one page in particular to be very visually compelling.

Necrophilia. And you thought Orochimaru’s tastes were bad…

Seeing Obito hold Rin’s dead body close to him like that – with no care for the blood on his hands or on her – was both heartbreaking and disturbing at the same time. It painted a visceral portrait of what one might depict as a personal hell and it did a good job of grounding Obito’s feelings of despair and making them seem poignant.

The scene seems to take on an even more ethereal tone as the view pans out and shows us the rest of the surrounding environment, with Obito and Rin centered in what looks to be little more than a pool of blood with the bright, full moon reflecting off its surface. Ripples form in the reflection of the moon as well, as if to reflect the scars and lines on Obito’s face – a sign of twistedness and corruption – yet it also creates a strange sense of calm and peace around Obito and Rin who are at the center of this tranquil light.

Whether or not this scene involving Rin’s death and Obito’s change is in itself convincing enough to justify his later actions for some readers is uncertain, but one thing I do know for sure is that this is a subject that will be up for debate for many weeks or even months to come, with many either for or against it.

Aside from the obvious symbolic gestures though, the chapter also does a good job of tying up a lot of loose ends, not the least of which was the part of how Madara’s dream world would work… in theory.


Basically, I think the premise of the dream world is the same as the premise behind Izanagi. By using the power of the Gedou Mazou – and eventually the Juubi – you can create anything you can imagine, but I wonder whether if like the Izanagi it can make those dreams become reality. This would tie in with the power of the Sage of the Six Paths, who used the Izanagi to create life from his imagination, turning thoughts and ideas into physical form.

But this also begs the question of what reality actually is. Is the ability to create something on its own enough to justify that creation as reality? Or is it about perception, how those who live in that world see their lives and measure their existence? Is reality something that can be born from only one person’s ideals and imaginings, or is it born from a collective of a multitude of consciousnesses all interacting together in different, contrasting and tangible ways? Why am I asking so many weird questions in this breakdown? Find out all of this and more in the next episode of “The Twilight Zone!” (And no, you won’t find Edward Cullen there…)

But we need to know. T__T

Other important details we learned about in this chapter include where Black Zetsu came from and the fact that Gedou Mazou is actually the shell of the Juubi’s body infused with Hashirama’s cells, which in itself is quite an interesting development. The appearance of the statue itself may, as such, give us clues as to what the juubi might have looked like before it was sealed away.

We also learned that Madara did, in fact, give his eyes to Nagato (which means they didn’t come from Obito) and that Obito claiming they were his was most likely part of his act as he took on the roll of Madara. All-in-all, this chapter did a good job of tying down many loose ends, but it still left enough up in the air to keep our interests through to the end.

In any case, I know this is cutting it a bit short for a double breakdown, but that’s all from me this week. I’ve said just about everything I can think about saying regarding these two chapters, but if anyone else wants to add anything, then they are more than welcome to. In the meantime though, here are your bubbliton contest winners.

5th) Thelaughingwiseman

Bubble: Well that was…shocking!
Caption: Sad attempt at a pun, when one is about to die…

4th) Coobleans

Kakashi: I said HOLD STILL!
Caption: dude, didn’t you see the huge bug on her back?

3rd) Bret Yingling

Rin: I think you’re supposed to take your arm out first.
Caption: Kakashi never used Kamui like that ever again.

2nd) Sunil Shrestha

Bubble : But it was just a glimpse of your………………
Caption : No-one lives after seeing Kakashi’s face.

Ajd: Kakashi gives love a bad name.

Ajd just narrowly took this one and I have to say, it was very difficult to choose the top Bubbliton entries this time around because there were just so many great ones worth mentioning. I could have easily had a top 20 list, but in the end, I had to settle for the above. In saying that, it was a real pleasure to read them all and I found myself laughing a number of times, so please keep up the good work!

Here is this week’s screen.

*Insert possible caption here.*


~ by Tenrai Senshi on October 23, 2012.

39 Responses to “Naruto Chapter 605 – 606 Breakdown: We’re giving out free tickets to hell!”

  1. FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Seconda

  3. It’s finally out. Now I can breathe again. X___x

  4. Bon Jovi wins last bubble contest. Take that beans®!

    This is a great breakdown for what you had to work with…it was kinda just a crazy blood bath. Here’s hoping we get Kakashi’s side as well.

    I’ll rain check this bubblition for now.

  5. Bubbliton

    Madara: As you can see our Zetsu’s come in white, white…
    Bubble: … and white.
    Caption: I’ll keep swirly face.

  6. Im Granny tsunade!
    Ill read tha breakdown laterz XDDDDDD

  7. Bubblition:

    Madara: These poor folks went and hung themselves after finding out that you really were Obito all along.

    Caption: Kishi claims another life

  8. Bubblition: right to left

    Obito: “there are people oozing from these stalactites………?”

    Madara: “Ignore them. They are just what remains of when Hashirama used this as his “love cave” before he got married.

    Caption: There is a reason Hashirama is legendary

  9. left to right* 😛

  10. Great Breakdown Tenrai!

    I still feel iffy about Obito”s “reasons” though… More Kishi!

  11. Caption Contest:
    Bubble one: I’m gonna put myself into its body…
    Bubble two: No Homo!
    Caption: Yeah Madara you have a dreamland where you make yourself feel young and take in little boys <__<

  12. I have one question. WHY WAS GOING TO REVIVE MADARA INSTEAD OF HIS BELOVED RIN?! It’s officially official, UCHIHA are really stupid.

  13. @Tenrai – excellent breakdown as usual

    Bubble right: What do you think of my creation
    Bubble left: This will make me popular
    Caption: Weird Science without a computer

  14. it’s out

  15. Left Bubble: fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap

    Right Bubbles: These Zetsus reproduce by themselves, and that’s how I’m going to make an army…

    Caption: Many years later.

  16. Damn, it’s on break next week 😦 And just when the flashbacks had (momentarily) ended…

  17. This chapter the the perfect blend of flashback, loose end resolve, skipping important issues and action.

    1st. The flashback was great and I’m glad Yahiko showed he was smarter then I originally thought and in fact Nagato was being influenced by Obito and brainwashed over time. I’m glad Yahiko held his dreams for a fantasy world in check and saw the world for what it really was and tried to find a way to reach understanding in a viable way, more then Obito’s fool dream.

    2nd. I hated the fact that Obito went to Konoha and the motive wasn’t show’en for his actions against Konoha also his emotions weren’t detailed at all while he kidnapped Naruto and fought Minato, Kishi just swept right through that part like it was meaningless.

    3rd. Nice action at the end even if didn’t see a lot of the fighting due to the flashback, I hope this gets corrected in the anime, also I’m glad to see Madara’s Hex still works great and he keeps on pooling new jutsus and summons out of thin air. What he dose is make Hashirama look like more of a badass then we knew.

    The MOFO had a F’ing Dragon, sure that nose makes it look like a giant Tapir but the thing must be really strong and seeing as it’s made from Mokuton it must be able to absorb the bijuu chakra and subdue it.

    Maybe that’s how Hashirama dealt with the stronger Bijuus in the past.

    All in all with the good and the bad this was a Great chapter for me, plus it had both Gai and Kakashi in it. Nothing beats that.

  18. Bubble right: I am madara founder of the uchia, unlocker of rinnagin, prince of all worlds and the true air to the sage of six paths, all shall know my power
    Bubble left: we call him madarawr because he looks like a kitty!
    Caption: g… God damnit swirly face

  19. Ok so did anyone else notice the ” I can’t wait to be hokage” line…
    . An open letter to kishi, ughehm,
    Dear kishi, you…. You better not, you betTer not be setting up a naruto speech downfall to an actual main story arc bad guy AGAIN, this isn’t mission arc or minor villain stuff anymore and you already played that card! You have been slipping in little one liners and notes leading towards it and I swear to you if you go through with this no fan will be happy
    -sincerely, seriously stop giving the one liner lead ups to something like you did with pein

  20. @Cool, hahahhaaaaaa, I noticed it too but I didn’t want to jinx it. Since Tobi became Obito I gave up on the element of surprise in this manga, it’s like Kishi trying to come up with the most elaborate way to introduce a new villain in the story and trying to give us hint towards Izuna or a possible Senjuu or uzumaki or even kakami scenario and all of a sudden he says, F*&K it, i’ll make it Obito, the readers are so convinced it’s not him because it’s to obvious so when they see Obito is Tobi they’ll be in complete awe.

    F’ You kishi, Tenrai was the only dude who was happy with the outcome, for all I know Tenrai is Kishi himself and he try’ed to ease us into the plot so the effect wouldn’t be so dramatic.

    If Naruto pulls another Nagato speech on Obito this will break the glass that was already full to begin with

  21. @eugen, ohh but it’s like totally different this time, he’ll have the talk with the bad guy and kakashi, so, like you know…. Go kakashinaughts (TM)

    I doubt kishis gona do it but I’m getting a little more nervous each chapter with the little side lines obito keeps throwing in. Have faith though, there’s no way he would do the obito revele and the naruto speech in the same arc.

  22. :)))))))))) =))))) Co0l, that last remark made me laugh so hard I scared a little kid walking past my window. I sure hope your right, I mean, there’s only so much we can take.

  23. Well that was…..odd.

  24. Eugen said this on October 24, 2012 at 6:04 pm
    “F* You kishi, Tenrai was the only dude who was happy with the outcome, for all I know Tenrai is Kishi himself and he try’ed to ease us into the plot so the effect wouldn’t be so dramatic.”


    Its time to open a “We are awesomeness quotes thread”, because this shit above is frigging golden.

    Thanks for the breakdown Ten!!!

    Madara: This one has a price tag of 10000 plot holes, and you will get a free “Naruto Speech” at the middle of your disclosure Arc, you know, love friendship…
    Obito: Then Ill take it, do you have it in pink?
    Caption: No, he didnt have it in pink…

    Bubble 2:
    Madara: And here you can see an example of how the readers will end up after you disclose that you´ve been Tobi all along.
    Obito: Mmmm, Im not sure if that is what I want!
    Caption: True evil genius is never recognized at first glance…

    Bubble 3:
    Madara: This model cleans the house, takes the kids to school, organizes your agenda… hell, even you could mate with it!
    Obito: So thats what you have been doing in this cave all along!
    Caption: He had it coming…

    Bubble 4:
    Madara: I will say it only once, they must never eat after midnight or something horrible will happen!
    Obito: No worries, I got it under control, as I have my dream of being Hokage!
    Caption: Later that night…
    (Thx to 会長加賀 Chairman Kaga)

    Well, thats all for now! Laterz!

  25. Bubbliton

    Madara: before I try to sell you this expensive-looking product here, could you please tell me what’s up with that collar of yours?

    Caption Collar popping. It’s been happening for longer than we thought…

    Bubbliton 2

    Madara: As you can see, here at Walmarts, we have the best offers on Christmas decorations. This one here will make sure the kids don’t try to open their presents early…

    Caption: Er…

  26. Great breakdown Tenrai but i think you have a cheesecake problem lol

    If nagato thought obito was mandara then how was nagato suppose to revive the real mandara?….It looks like guy and bee are out of the fights now :/

    @Peinavenue in the anime it showed of kakashis rampage a little :)….

  27. @ Nike, Lol at Bubble No 4. also I’m glad you enjoyed my little outburst but to tell you the truth I’m sorry I spoke like that but that damn Kishi can sure make a man want to catch up on some hunting lessons and take a flight to japan.

    Also I really think tenrai is Kishi or his brother and is secretly here to promote the manga and when the going get’s tough Tenrai is the firs guy who’s all optimistic and looks on the bright side of things, now why do you think that is.

    Tenrai is actually a insider and the Tobi/Obito stunt was just a vendetta against Baron and Kanton, :)))))))) Your genjutsu doesn’t work on all of us Ten =)))

  28. Does anybody know where the real naruto was hiding??? or how madara found him or did kishi just skip that cool part and go straight to it?

  29. also, does anybody else wonder what obitos vendetta against the uchiha was??? so far nothing has been shown wrong

  30. I think more flashbacks are still to come which is maybe why all these flashbacks are so hasty and rushed. Think about it….the whole time tobi was mizukage hasnt even been touched on yet. Also i feel like after the break kishis gonna take us back to sasuke and orochimaru

  31. @mordi, I agree with the flashbacks and side stories, we won’t advance the fight more than 2 or 3 minutes before the end of the year. And that will probably just be shots to remind people it’s still going on

  32. And it’s time for another beans open letter, this time to jiraya

    Dear J man,
    Seriously you must be one of the greatest ninjas and teachers of all time, you have now either taught, fought or caused literally every single tier one enemy and ninja since shippuden. When it come to arc wide villains and heros you taught the first savior minato, the second savior pein and the third savior naruto. Since you taught minato that means you taught the man who taught tobito and kakashi. And at least with kakashi they elude to a minor mentor ship role which means probably the same for obito…. Literally the only two tier one threats you haven’t taught or fought are madara and Sauske. So cheers ero sennin you’ve been gone for a while but I thought since we are about to go through a flashback arc anyways, you should get some credit for playing a hand in pretty much everything that wasn’t uchihax!
    To bad you were taken to young, best wishes, the bean open letter

  33. @dricedt
    I read several predictions and two theories of where the real one is: in Obito other dimension or at Myouboku mountain. Also it mentioned that pa sage can reverse summon Naruto back to Myouboku mountain even in the other dimension. Would be awesome if the sage can merge with Naruto now.

  34. @coolbeans err, you forgot who taught Sasuke. Madara was obviously never taught he was born haxed. That’s why J-Man has no connection because Madara to haxed to be taught.

  35. @Simplyantony

    “If nagato thought obito was mandara then how was nagato suppose to revive the real mandara?”

    No-one said that Obito told Nagato that he was going to revive the real Madara. That was probably kept secret, which is a notion supported by the fact that even when Obito addressed Konan and Nagato alone, he still presented himself as Madara. Also, we don’t know if Obito truly intended to revive Madara in the end…


    That was an awesome letter, and I agree that J-man was pure awesomeness as well. He is in my top tier of favorite characters after all and its at times like this that I miss him. T___T

  36. Troll bump!

  37. @tenrai but that was the whole idea and zetsu was their when he told nagato that he was mandara. It can’t be that zetsu being mandaras will would have let that slide. Im assuming that at this point obito was going along with mandara.

    Ii dontknow if anyone said this but maybe the whole reason obito attack the leaf was because he found out that they had something to do with Rins death. An another thing thats been on my mind is the uchiha massacre maybe obito took part in it to make sure that no one will break away from the genjutsu, and since itachi was dying anyway he did not have to worry about it.

  38. @Simplyantony

    Yes, that was the whole “idea” but that doesn’t mean Obito was necessarily going to stick to it. For all we know he was going to use Nagato to try revive Rin but when Nagato failed, that plan fell through. He didn’t have to tell Zetsu that though, all he had to do was play along until it was the right moment to strike.

    I don’t know, to me it just didn’t seem like Obito was too keen on reviving Madara. He called Kabuto a madman when he showed Madara’s edo tensei form and even now, when Madara appeared on the field to assist Obito, the latter didn’t look very pleased about it.

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