Naruto Shippuden 283-284 Double Breakdown: Naruto 1 ups our solar system, Raikage misses a golden opportunity, and Sai is still emo! Captions back btw.

Yo WRA, I’m gonna start on a different foot this time. Tigerpalm correctly noticed a subtle difference in the anime/manga last breakdown. According to the manga, Naruto did not talk about his allies being doppelganged by zetsu. However, the anime, in fact, did in the first moments of the episode. Kudos!

The anime this time covers chapters 543-544 of the manga. There doesn’t appear to be any added content, but it does expand visuals on the flashbacks. Don’t worry, I think they were brief enough to really build up a good emotional disposition to believing Naruto isn’t all talk. Honestly, that’s what this episode was really about.

And so, we start where we left off. Bee and Raikage staring forbidden love into each other’s eyes. Wait, this is Naruto’s chance! Run, Naruto, ru-

Falcon PUNCH!

Aww…Naruto tried to outrun Raikage twice more right off the bat. Naruto comes to a revised conclusion. “Shit! He’s really fast after all!” …damn it Naruto…Alright, no sense in getting caught up in the fact that Raikage stated numerous times he’s the fastest shinobi alive, instead, we shall see how tough he is. Bee moves in quickly, however his lariat doesn’t seem to be up to stuff. After getting swatted away, Bee attempts to tentacle rape rap wrap his brother, hoping this will finally give Naruto enough time to pass. This is good news, Naruto doesn’t have to do it alone! The main character is still allowed to have help in achomplishin-

Naruto used headbutt! It hit with recoil! Wild Bee fainted. Naruto fainted. It wasn’t very effective…Kishi is out of pokemon. Kishi whited out!

Doh! Looks like Raikage was there to kick ass and chew bubble gum…if only bubble gum existed in the Naruverse. Alright, Raikage is done messing around. Why should he be the only one trying to stop these two? He looks over to Tsunade, who hasn’t been talking for some time now. Luckily, Raikage has a way with words. “Hokage, you help too.” Surprisingly to him, Tsunade takes a stand for the underdogs.

Have no fear, the Red Ranger is here!

Cool story, Tsunade. It’s a shame it was a flashback of your memories. Alright, to be fair, the Hokage brings up a good point. No one has been able to control the ninetails to such a degree, and it’s doubtful anyone else will be able to if they kill Naruto. Her track record has been bad more times than it has been good, but Tsunade’s on a hot streak of 2-0 in recent bets. Now, she bets on Naruto once more. Raikage is all like, “Pfft, no you didn’t! You were all like, ‘no, stop making bias decisions.’ And now you’re all like, “derp, let them fight for us!'” Ok, the Raikage didn’t sound anything like that, but that’s the gist of what he said.

Bee swiftly moves in, seemingly using a half-ass lariat. Raikage boast his awesomeness, but is shocked when Bee stops his fist with his fist. The Raikage has been underestimating Bee’s strength ever since he became Raikage. Flash Back no Jutsu!

Bee looks straight gangster walking down the tunnel. Style points +10

We arrive at the unexplained and apparently sudden death of the Third Raikage. Bee arrives after Ay, which becomes obvious by the several broken walls. We watch Bee catwalk through the makeshift tunnel to arrive at Ay, who is probably not crying tears of joy for his promotion. Bee attempts to pick his spirits up, but Ay is determined to be a strong Raikage. He doesn’t want any defensive flaws in his village. Bee talks about his lariat, but Ay doesn’t need it anymore. Bee is to stay in the village and use bijuu bombs at long range to defend from attack…because a bijuu bomb has already been showed helping any village exactly 0 times. The instant Ay became the Fourth Raikage, he has denied his brother freedom in order to protect everyone.

This leads us to Raikage haughtily accepting a clash of lariats with Bee. As they collided, Bee’s memories once more returned and showed us exactly what has made him so strong. What appears to be another equal match takes a turn for the worst.

Didn’t figure on that one, did we Raikage? Oh Yeah ♫

Yes! Our beloved rapping ninja finally lives out his fantasy of overpowering his brother. As a younger brother myself, this is a great moment for all. However, older brothers need their pride too, so it can work both as a good thing and a bad thing Bee did this. Still, maybe this is the true beginning  of a wake up call for our Supreme Commander. What’s that? You smell the smoke of freshly charred pride? No, you must be mistaken…I smell something that’s been burnt for weeks…what is it again?

Meanwhile, at the intelligence center…

At this point, Shikaku and Mabui have found nothing. Judging by their faces, I can’t help but imagine they were burning up more than their pride. Alright, so they’ve been looking for as much information on the Zetsu clones as possible, but nothing has turned up. Katsuyu, Tsunade’s weird slug, makes it a point to ask why not inform Hokage and Raikage of the situation. Stupid slug, Shikaku’s got this. You gotta stop talking so the important characters can save the day.

With Katsuyu successfully demoralized, we move back to Raikage, who is shocked at how a few words can carry Bee for so long. As a result, Bee also states that it’s as if Naruto has two suns within him. Aside from the obvious fact that Naruto is officially a back-up generator in case our sun goes out, the Raikage ask who exactly those two suns are. The answer may not be as obvious as you’d think:

Daddy’s not amused…

So, some people could argue why Jiraiya isn’t a proverbial ‘third sun’. Seriously, a lot of characters were really important to Naruto, but if Kishi did one thing right, it was show how awesome his parents were. Minato saved him from releasing the seal. Kushina helped him control the Kyuubi. Both of them risked it all for Naruto, simultaneously protecting the entire village. Believing in a newborn child to be the savior who would defeat the masked man. That is what inadvertently kept Naruto from succumbing to darkness for all these years. This part really builds on trying to make Naruto appear mature enough to handle war. He understands his father has died and that Raikage deems that failure, but Naruto is confident in his inner strength as well as his outer.

While it seems to be going well, Ay swats Bee away and charges himself up to his maximum strength. Raikage is coming at Naruto with everything he has, fully ready to kill him. Tsunade attempts to defend Naruto, but he decides that bringing Tsunade into this fight isn’t good and takes it away from her. Ay charges Naruto, both giving everything they’ve got; his fist is only an inch away from his target.

Moments where you lean forward, knowing what’s going to happen, but still can’t help stare in awe.

When this moment happened, I’m sure everyone wanted to discuss the symbolism of how much Naruto was like the Yellow Flash. Well, I put some simple photoshop layers in and how’s that for symbolism? Careful, that fist may have rabies. So, big explosion of rocks. It didn’t show Naruto getting away…omg, Naruto killed in a tragic plot twist!

Does it still count as dodging?

No, of coarse that couldn’t happen. Que epic drum/flute ninja music! Naruto skims by the punch, which he likely saw coming due to it’s mal-intent. That doesn’t make dodging his move any less shocking, evident by everyone but Naruto. He’s the second person to ever block his fastest attack (suck it, Sasuke. He wasn’t even trying against you.) Everyone one is happy once again and Naruto has finally saved the world once and for all.

The End. What a perfect ending to Naruto.

Meanwhile, at the intelligence center…

In the last little bit here, Shikaku determines only Naruto can figure out Zetsu clones. Alright! In the manga, this was the first time we knew about that, so there’ s a small victory. However, Naruto already knows in the anime…ok, now they need to try and convince Raikage…uh oh, Katsuyu of all people dismantle Shikaku and Mabui’s assumption that Ay would never let them pass…so…Great work  intel center! You were MUCH closer to being on time with your info than last time! Stay tuned next episode long enough to watch something crazy, like, I don’t know…This?

Oh snap! Jinchuuriki+Rinnegan+Sharingan+invincibility. Just. Got. Real.

Shhhhh, this is coolbeans, somebody left the back door unlocked and I snuck in to finish up with episode 284!

lets kick this off with a bang, kakashi jumps right into the action and issues the all important order, “It’s cool guys y’all go take a nap!”… Ok so that’s actually an extremely necessary action that any commander worth his weight in kunai would order. However, as we will see as far as orders with his is the only point where he is still batting a thousand!

*rushes Coolbeans out and locks door* I knew taking a quick break was a bad idea…anyways, welcome to episode 284, where the plots made up and the enemies don’t matter. Yup, looks like we’re successfully diving into filler, but that doesn’t mean this chapter was shorted some awesome fight scenes.


As stated, there’s no sight of the enemy. Kakashi is aware that this is what they want them to do, but his men need rest. Gai doesn’t, but that’s just because he’s Gai. Alrighty, items come in from HQ and it would appear they are for some super awesome sealing technique only Sai can use. Sai is busy brooding in his flashbacks when Kakashi delivers his giant scroll. Sai seems to have  a fear of practicing this jutsu, but Kakashi enlist in a certain energetic someone to help defend Sai while he learns it.

A would-be-sleeping Lee is startled out of a tree and is immediately wound up like he’s had too many energy drinks. Kakashi departs as Lee shadow boxes imaginary enemies.  He is quick to let Sai know that he will risk his life for him. Lee is also quick to add that Sai may call him by a nickname like he did with Sakura and Naruto. Finally, Sai ask to be alone. Lee agrees and departs for Kakashi.

Said sensei is busy reading his perverted books, but closes it up when Lee ask about the sealing jutsu. Kakashi explains after the Third Hokage died, Danzo searched for his own sealing jutsu. You actually get to hear Danzo show some respect to the Third’s skill with sealing techniques and the main reason he recruited Sai into the foundation. Only Sai, for some reason, can use this Sealing jutsu powerful enough to even seal Orochimaru. Basically, he has to release his emotions to perform this technique. But, Sai needs to be in control and not let negative emotions consume him. Let’s see how his night of preparing is going.

Sai: sigh…get it?

Oh boy…now we’re shifting gears to the scouts. It’s been quiet and the whole night went well as far as rest went. The relief is well rested, alert, and even throwing in a joke. This day’s looking up.

Woah Woah Woah, Wait a minute! Weren’t we just about to be disappointed by a long, drawn out filler story surrounding Sai? Where did all this awesome fighting come in? Kakashi is informed, and quickly makes the great decision that they need teams to band together into at least two teams. Hold on…*rewinds last two minutes*…only one person was killed when he was by himself. I get regrouping, but these guys are killing an average of three to four allies at a time! What kind of ninjas are we seeing from the joint forces? It’s like they are completely oblivious of their surroundings!

Kakashi orders the majority of his forces to help the people in the back of their lines, seeing as they are the more important ones with restraints and seals. Sai and Lee arrive and off they go to seal some fools. Lee lets Sai know that he knows more about how his technique works and assures him that he will protect him. Jinin has been running a train with his helmsplitter type sword fighting until Kakashi arrives with Zabuza’s sword.

Now, we share another creepy flashback with Danzo teaching Sai how to use his brush.

Orochimaru wasn’t the only one…

So, despite the flashback, Sai’s pretty sure he has to figure this thing out. He prepares to release his emotion while showing surprisingly little emotion as Kakashi proceeds to own one of the seven swordsman in swordsmanship. How badly, you ask?

Like a boss…

Now that he’s down, a shadow mimic user keeps him there. Kakashi takes the rescued team and moves on to help others, leaving Lee, unnamed Nara guy(Ensui, but still), and Sai. Sai is now crying a black tear. Lee ask if he’s okay, but before he gets an answer, the explosion release guy, Gari, shows himself. It’s up to Lee to do what others could not: Thwart him in taijutsu while not getting blown to bits. Lee points out that he is very angry, but it confuses Sai due to the lack of negative emotions behind it. While Sai’s daydreaming over Lee, Gari punches the ground and knocks Ensui out of the shadow restriction. Sai finally realizes he can do it because he has friends now. How’s Lee?


Lee once again has proven his awesomeness, and now Sai realizes that he still hasn’t given him a nickname. So now he will…after the war. Sai just wants some spotlight before the other guy gets up.

please never do that again Sai…please

So, he draws a big old tiger that behaves the same way as his normal ink beast. This one charges at Jinin the swordsman and bites his shoulder. Then, it proceeds to pull it’s victim into the scroll it was summoned from. So, at this point, I was a little mad at the Nara. All three of them were just staring at Sai as his jutsu prevailed. When the turn to look at Gari, he runs away. One, is Sai’s sealing technique here only good for one person? Two, Why wouldn’t you pin him down once Lee knocked him down? That was a terrible investment if Sai can only use that once before he needs more materials…just saying. Let’s end 284 on a good note.

Ok, that was a whole mess of fun and good times. Sorry to bear bad news, but it looks like the anime will be in filler until January. However, for now, it seems like the fillers may be interesting. Next episode promises to revolve around Pakura the awesome kunoichi that basically mummifies people; Maki, the Kunoichi Garaa chose to train a while back, and what appears to be a lot of grudges and feelings. Sounds promising!

I want to bring back the caption contest to make this section a little more involved, so make those entries count! I’m sure there’s going to be some really good ones coming, so make me laugh and the tradition shall continue. You can set up the entry by labeling it Caption: or Demotivational:

insert caption or demotivational phrase

Special Thanks to Beans who offered to help and left behind one confusing rabble of a paragraph I enjoyed too much to take out. Expect that to be but a taste of the coming One Piece Chapter breakdowns he’ll be handling.

This monster’s down. Relax 😉

Peace out~ajd


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18 Responses to “Naruto Shippuden 283-284 Double Breakdown: Naruto 1 ups our solar system, Raikage misses a golden opportunity, and Sai is still emo! Captions back btw.”

  1. FIRST ~___~

  2. It’s been a while since I’ve been able to say… Second!

    Hmm…I’m trying to remember, but I think this is the longest anime breakdown I’ve read here (yes, I know it’s a double whammy). Great breakdown ajd!

  3. Caption – “Is it really this long?”

  4. 3rd, good job Ajd. I for one am keeping the anime in reserve until the Son Goku episodes to make for a better experience.

  5. I photo bombed written text for the win! Never leave doors unlocked, it’s just not safe, unedited text will be all over the house before you know it 😉

  6. Ajd, you did an awesome job. Keep up the good work.

    Caption: Never interrupt Shikaku during a war with a previously scheduled prostate exam.

  7. Caption: Never bring up a prostate exam in the middle of a war!

  8. Four is death!!!

  9. Whatta ya saying Katonkage? ;P

  10. Caption revision: That look you give your secretary when she mentions your prostate checkup in the middle of a ninja war. Pick whichever is better and consider that as one entry Ajd

  11. Caption revision: That look you give your secretary when she mentions your prostate checkup in the middle of a ninja war

  12. Excellent breakdown Ajd and again a superior job at photoshop that image! And Scarlett and Owen for the win! ROFL

    Demotivational: This scroll states that Yoshino has a bad temper and you are kept on a short leash.

  13. Caption: There is no secret jutsu. It’s just you

  14. Caption: ya, I know where I was looking, and?

  15. So am I the only one that thinks this is a lead in to future rampage awesomeness? We all know it coming and all hoped it would show up in the anime! I think that this is the start of that mini segment

  16. Thunder cats…. Gooooooo

  17. Caption: I’m afraid we ran out of toilet paper, so all I have is this.

  18. Caption: No sir I’m not shitting you, we are stuck in fillersville until sometime next year at the earliest.

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