Fairy Tail 303 Breakdown! A Battle On Two Fronts.

Welcome to this week’s Fairy Tail breakdown, WRA!!

It’s funny how everyone except Natsu is completely calm. Lucy just got kidnapped by the Empire! X__X

The chapter was pretty uneventful, to say the least. It was all talk and no action, but I liked it because it built up for the Grand Magic Games arc’s climax, which is shaping up to be epic.

Anyway, continuing from last week’s chapter, Fairy Tail has regrouped at the inn and they’re discussing Lucy’s situation and how to rescue her. Natsu has already recovered and is itching to save her, but even Fairy Tail knows that it would be foolish to make an enemy out of an entire empire. Because of this, Makarov says he has to think very carefully about his rescue plan.

In the meantime, Lucy and Yukino are sitting in a jail cell inside the palace. They talk about the Eclipse Plan and if they would carry it out if they could. Yukino confidently says she would and reveals some of her backstory. When she was young, she was clumsy and her parents would always scold her. Her older sister Sorano always protected her until one day a group that worshipped Zeref slaughtered her village, killing her parents and kidnapping her sister. Yukino wishes to erase Zeref from history using the Eclipse Plan so this would never have happened.

What if killing Zeref in the past will actually make the present worse?

Crazy theory time: what if the mysterious hooded woman is actually Yukino’s sister? No one knows if she survived her capture, but if she did then it wouldn’t be strange for her to be watching over the Eclipse Plan. She might know the truth behind it and because of what happened to her, she would want to stop anything related to reviving Zeref. Even though Arcadios and Datong say that Eclipse will be used to kill the Dark Mage before he became immortal, I don’t think they can be trusted. Sorano might be trying to stop them and save her sister at the same time.

What do you think about my theory?

I think Mashima had another reason for revealing Yukino’s backstory other than making her more sympathetic. If Sorano is the hooded woman, he could avoid getting entangled in time travel (which would happen if Future Lucy is the hooded woman) and he wouldn’t have to introduce a new character. Still, I admit that it would feel kind of sudden if Sorano is that woman because she was only mentioned in a flashback. I guess we’ll have to wait until Mashima reveals her identity. D:

Moving on, the final day of the Grand Magic Games has finally started! Every Guild enters the ring and one of them has changed a lot…

Sabertooth is ready to kick ass.

So, the former #1 Guild in Fiore is back and they look really serious. I wonder what happened after Sting burnt a hole through Jiemma’s chest? Could  Rogue’s scarf that covers half of his face be important? Anyhow, Sabertooth looks stronger and more confident than ever, so I hope they’ll put up a good fight against Fairy Tail.

Speaking of Fairy Tail, Natsu isn’t on the team and Juvia has taken his place. Makarov’s plan is revealed: a second team is going to rescue Lucy while everyone is distracted by the Grand Magic Games!

So epic.

Am I hallucinating?! Is Mirajane actually going to do something important? It’s been such a long time since she fought seriously! She better show us her awesomeness, Mashima, or else I’ll make you pay. 😈

Well, that’s it for me. Next week’s chapter is going to be epic, so I’ll see you then!

Erza is way too badass. @_____@

-最強 Dragon

~ by 最強 Dragon on October 18, 2012.

13 Responses to “Fairy Tail 303 Breakdown! A Battle On Two Fronts.”

  1. The first single Fairy Tail breakdown in a while is out!

  2. Okay is Lucy the Inoue Orihime of Fairy Tail? just how many times is she going to be kidnapped, or at least targeted for kidnapping?

  3. hmm i dont know if anyone allready mentioned this in last weeks breakdown, but Natsu is definetely going back in time. That is the only possible reason i can think of why zeref recognized Natsu on tenrou island.

    Nice breakdown, i really like where FT is going. I just hope the story will really start developping now. Untill now with FT i always had the feeling the every arc was a seperated story. I really hope mashima is able to connect all the stories together now.

  4. @IANRH: Lol, this arc really made her the Orihime of Fairy Tail. She had only been kidnapped once (during the Phantom Lord arc) before the Grand Magic Games!! Hopefully she’ll take a level in badass later on.

    @fearvano: Wow, I really hadn’t thought about Natsu going back in time! That would explain why Zeref knows him… Great theory!

  5. @iamnot & dragon: Wasn’t Orihime kidnapped once? Also Lucy is already badass. How many fight has she had only lost twice by herself (Juvia caught her off guard and Flare won due to outside interference.

  6. @kanton: I guess Orihime has been kidnapped only once for a short time, but that arc was so slow that it felt like much, MUCH more. xD

    Anyway, before Second Origin, most of Lucy’s fights were won with her comrades’ assistance. I think Sherry and Flare are the only opponents she has defeated (would have defeated in Flare’s case) all by herself. I hope she’ll become even more badass than she already is after Natsu’s team rescues her. 😀

  7. LUCY IS THE Mokuba Kaiba

  8. @dragon Lucy has defeated Naked mummy guild, Duke Everlue, Byro and Bixlow.
    @pein She’s not that bad, because she’s still badass. Ask Jose.

  9. I think Natsu will go back in time and discover his younger self there. Remember during that one chapter where both he and Gajeel were stuck in that magic prison because the rules were that those over the age of 80 could not pass through it? I think that has a lot of symbolism and that Zeref recognized Natuso because he knew him in a past age.

    Maybe he found him when he was young and locked him away in a time seal or something, where he then woke up hundreds of years later into present times, after which Igneel found him and raised him? Zeref maybe saw Natsu’s potential to defeat him and finally bring about his death, so he put his hopes in Natsu, hence why he seemed sad when they met in the present and Natsu was still unable to harm him. Just food for thought…

  10. @kanton: Naked Mummy Guild, Duke Everlue and Byro don’t count because they were really weak and Bixlow was defeated with Loke’s help. 😛

  11. @dragon Bixlow does count because Lucy summoned Leo. Now, if those guys don’t count then what about Natsu’s battles. Name three significant battles he won by himself.

  12. @kanton: You’re right about Bixlow, she summoned him so she won fair and square.
    In Natsu’s case, he’s won tons of fights by himself: vs Bora, vs Kageyama, vs Erigor, vs Gajeel, vs Zero, vs Sting and Rogue…

  13. Bora and Kageyama don’t count since their weak. Gajeel and Zero don’t count either because he got fire from someone else. Sting and rogue don’t count because that was after second origin.

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