Fairy Tail 300-301-302 Triple Breakdown! The Eclipse Plan…

Welcome to this week’s (extremely late) breakdown, Fairy Tail fans!

First of all, I want to apologize for the inconsistency of my breakdowns. I can’t seem to find the time to do them and when I start them, the universe gets in my way and I don’t finish them. I promise that I will try to write breakdowns regularly from now on.

Anyway, after two filler chapters, we finally get plot development in the 300th chapter. As you would expect, Mashima shows us the mysterious woman’s face and every single one of our questions is answered.


NO WAY! She’s… that? That can’t be true! X____X

So, chapter 297 ended on a cliffhanger and we were all waiting for a chapter that would explain who the hooded woman is and what she wants, but Mashima cleverly (?) avoided that by making Jellal say some mysterious things that made us understand absolutely nothing.

Despite Mashima’s trolling, this chapter was actually quite good. I expected more from the 300th chapter, but I liked it anyway. The most interesting part was the aftermath of Sabertooth’s loss.

Jiemma is seething with rage, berating Sting and Rogue. Lector stands up for them, but Sabertooth’s Master blankly stares at him, apparently having forgotten that he gave an Exceed his Guild’s Mark. I seriously think you’re mentally challenged, Jiemma. You try to resolve everything with violence and you can’t even remember who’s in your Guild. -__-

Tragically, Jiemma the psychopath does something no one would have expected. In one of the saddest moments in Fairy Tail, he vaporizes Lector.

I… am not crying. I’ve got something in my eye, that’s all. *runs away sobbing*

Out of the blue, a Fairy Tail character dies. This hasn’t happened to a good guy in a long time, so it was really shocking. Lector wasn’t even a major character, but his death was really sad. I’m happy Sting avenged him by burning a hole through Jiemma’s chest with a laser, but I don’t think this is the end for him. Minerva was smiling and commented on how the situation was “Perfect.” so maybe he managed to survive. Or maybe she hates her father and wants him to die painfully. O__O
So, what will it be?

Moving on, despite not seeing the hooded woman’s face, the end of the chapter reveals something interesting about her.

Why is she opening the pen with her mouth… ?

I didn’t notice it the first time I read the chapter, but… the hooded woman only has one arm! This explains her bad handwriting and why she didn’t open the pen with her other hand. We still don’t know if this is going to be important, but it might be, so we should keep it in mind.

Chapter 300 also gives us a few pages in which Gajeel brings his fellow Dragon Slayers and their Exceeds + Lucy and Gray to the Ancient Dragon Graveyard. Wendy realizes that Milky Way, the magic Porlyusica taught her, can be used to speak with the souls of the dead dragons and uses it to summon the spirit of Zealconis, the Emerald Dragon. Even though he’s a magnificent dragon, he humorously plays around with Fairy Tail for a bit before telling the story of how he died.

My legend began 400 years ago…

In the beginning, the world belonged to dragons. Humans were mere insects to them until a dragon spoke of living in harmony with mankind. A war broke out because of this and Zealconis was part of the opposition.
Eventually the fighting came to a stalemate, so the pro-human side decided to give humans the power to kill dragons, creating Dragon Slayer magic. Unfortunately, the humans gained too much power and slaughtered their own allies. One of them killed more dragons than any other and bathed in their blood. By doing so, he became a dragon. His name was Acnologia, the Dragon King.

After this shocking revelation, Zealconis’s spirit ascends to heaven and Arcadios arrives with Yukino, saying that Acnologia was probably created by Zeref and defeating him will be the first step to destroying the Dragon King.

Call PETA, she wants to kill a helpless (yeah right) animal! X___X

It appears that Arcadios needs Celestial Spirit Mages to kill Zeref, not revive him as we thought. Without further explanation, he tells Fairy Tail to follow him to the King’s Palace where he admits to being responsible for Wendy’s kidnapping, even though Lucy was the target, and reveals that the Grand Magic Games are just a ruse for stealing magic power from the Guilds who participate. This is all for the sake of opening the gates of Eclipse and travelling back in time to destroy Zeref before he became immortal.

Time Travel?!? Ugh… -___-

I really didn’t like this development. Time travel makes everything really complicated and I don’t know if Fairy Tail can handle that. Actually, considering that Mashima had time travel in his previous manga Rave Master and that was epic, this shouldn’t be that bad. If Hiro manages to tie everything together really well like he did then, I’ll be happy.

Still, I can’t shake off the feeling that Arcadios is deceiving everyone… What do you think?

I think it would be very interesting if the Minister of Defense is the real villain and his concern is just an act. It’s true that changing the past can change the present in unpredictable ways, maybe even making it worse, but it looks like Fiore’s military has been planning this for a long time and they must have considered that possibility. Also, I believe that the Eclipse Project has happened once before: 14 years ago, when Lucy’s mom and the dragons disappeared. So the Minister of Defense is lying and he arrested the Celestial Spirit mages just so he could use them for his own sinister plans.

In any case, Lucy, Yukino and Arcadios are arrested for treason and when Natsu tries to fight back, his magic gets drained by the Gates of Eclipse and he passes out. After getting kicked out of the palace, Datong informs them that if they manage to win the Grand Magic Games, they might get a chance to meet the King and ask him to change Lucy’s sentence.

Defeated, Fairy Tail has no other option but to win the GMG and save their friends.

Wow, this chapter was really shocking. With Natsu’s power drained, how will he be able to fight on the last day of the Games? I would love it if Mirajane took his place, but I think he’ll recover by then, unfortunately.

By the way,, where has Erza been this whole time? Once she finds out that Lucy has been arrested, she won’t be happy… Someone will have to hold her back or she’ll destroy the King’s Palace to save her comrade! X___X

Well, that’s it for me! See you next week!

Mashima recently made a sketch of genderbent Fairy Tail characters… and they look awesome.


-最強 Dragon

~ by 最強 Dragon on October 11, 2012.

5 Responses to “Fairy Tail 300-301-302 Triple Breakdown! The Eclipse Plan…”

  1. It’s out, finally.

  2. I hope someone kicks Hammerbrows ass. How dare he arrest Lucy!!

  3. 2nd I guess.
    I really need to sit back and catch up on Fairytail…I’ll try to work on that this week lol


    And Ironically, I am third to comment, so I will take that as a sign of good fortune. In any case, thanks for the breakdown Dragon and well done for picking up the “one arm” detail, because that was something I didn’t notice myself at first glance. I do think it’s an important detail though because I don’t see why else it would be highlighted in such a way.

  5. Fourth Is Death @___@ Seem to be using Kanton’s Catch Phrase often now !@__@

    Now let me read the breakdown(s)

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