Bleach Chapter 510 – The Extinction… The Return

This image will haunt me for the rest of my days! Bleach has been getting creepy… Well creepier. WTF are those things and the Twins born of their unholy sacrificial/ mad /scientist voodoo seem almost as creepy @___@ It’s like Mr Popo… If that doesn’t chill you to the bone then nothing ever will. @___@

In the previous chapters we were given Captain Commanders PWNAGE of what had appeared to be Juhabach, revealing his powerful Bankai and the many abilities it seems to hold. I had mixed feelings about all these chapters while I was glad to see the Captain’s power it further frustrated me that he ‘hide’ these abilities for so long. The second point I found was that his Bankai seems similar to Ichigo’s in that it becomes less instead of a larger force, compressing the power if you will.

This and the mentioning of Ichigo during the battle seems to indicate to me that Ichigo’s Bankai will continue to increase in ability and new techniques could become available to him as he evolves. (Basically Kubo is trying to write in a reason for ‘Sasuke Type’ Random Power Ups)

This confused me, Kubo introduces these two characters after their death. Now both have shown their ability to transform… With the first being able to take on Kenpachi (for a short while) and the other being able to actually beat of Kenpachi and hold out against the Commander but here is says one imitates memories and the other ability @__@ *Does not compute* Well, if truth had to be told it seemed an unlikely consequence of the entire chapter.

I think once Royd/Loyd plotkai was dealt with, accepted and moved past. The chapter started to open up more and the writing improved drastically. Reading Captain Commanders reactions as it happened was interesting, Kubo allowed the build up into the “twist” to seem as much a surprise to the characters as it should have been.

The entire battle, has all been to build into these moments. With Juhabach going to the Prisons to find Aizen it seems Kubo really wants to build into this arc more, Captain Commander though extremely powerful had been over-confident from the beginning an ironic twist to the first “war” arc where he held in his Bankai too long, now he had used it too quickly.

One thing I haven’t liked about this arc and Juhabach is his complete “Villain” Stereotype, Aizen/Ginjou their intentions were shrouded. They killed and where ruthless but not randomly cruel to their subject. Each piece had a purpose in their plan while Juha seems to just eliminate pieces as they fall killing more of his own organization then the Shinigami have in this war. I hope that Kubo does develop or at least give a small back story as to why Juha uses each piece in his game so “sacrificial”

Aizen! This must have been the panel of the Chapter, when I first read it my first reaction was Aizen’s gonna pop up behind Yammamoto and this war is gonna be over. It is amazing how much one character can do for a manga that the mere mention of them seems to bring up excitement in readers. Kenpachi, Aizen etc these are characters that we love or love to hate and I for one can’t wait to see how Kubo will use each of them in this final arc.

Interesting enough to me was Aizen’s refusal to join Juhabach’s army, and Juhabach’s response. “We have all eternity.” It would seem that he is unable to simply kill Aizen or finds him too valuable and would rather wait for him to change his mind. Though I have a strange feeling that this leave Kubo another open door. If the Captain Commander is defeated there is only one person strong enough to take on this Quincy threat and that would be Aizen (maybe Ichigo). Could Kubo use this as an opportunity to have Aizen and Ichigo join forces against the Quincy?

With the Captain Commander defeated and Juhabach in possession of his Bankai this war has taken another turn for the worse. I look forward to seeing how Kubo continues the story but the doom and gloom seems to be continuing for a while still.

Well that is all for this week, sorry it’s so short but Apple told me small and fast is better… <__< I will be back next week hopefully with more to write on not just 16 Pgs @___@

Pein out ^:_:^


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8 Responses to “Bleach Chapter 510 – The Extinction… The Return”

  1. First.

  2. Correction Pein it’s UCHIHAXZOR! Before Sasuke it was Itachi being the first with his MS spamming his anti-Sharingan 72 hour in three seconds, Tsukuyomi and his Convenient fire toad stomach escaping Amaterasu.

  3. Katonkage Only person expected to bring in a Naruto Uchihax comment to a Bleach breakdown hahaha

    As for pieces in a chess match and being sacrificial… I would say that queen sacrifices ( queens and powerful piece on the board because they are the most versatile) are used a great deal in a large number of checkmating scenarios…. position and the configuration on the board, the relation of the pieces to each other are sometimes more powerful than the pieces added together. A nice way of saying that sometimes it doesn’t matter if the other guy has more power, if he’s unable to use it properly…. power by position but I’m guessing this guy sacrifices more to instill fear than out of strategy but you’re hoping it’s strategy. sry I’m a chess geek.

  4. are most powerful*

  5. It really pained me to see Aizen fall. He was trully a mastermind. He had ambition and he had class. He knew he was better then everyone. His lone flaw was that he was alone. He wanted people to be as strong as he was. I really liked that character. He wasn’t strong, so he made himself stronger. If he had just focused his power up to meet the strongest, instead of wanting someone to become as strong as him; I think he would have defeated Ichigo easily. As it stands, I do not want him helping Ichigo at all. I want him to escape and get to the royal dimension

  6. @ashes tell that to Pein.

  7. @Pein, I liked the breakdown. I don’t think the chapter called for a big one and you handled it smartly.

    Honestly, I was disappointed with how in your face the plotkai happened. I know it was to help with the reveal, but like you said, the back story just left me scratching my head. How can both not change their appearance, yet both changed their appearance O_o?

    Aizen, YES! Don’t you dare team up with Ichigo unless you scheming some really epic shiz! Bleach half had me rolling my eyes, but Aizen made me half look forward to the next installment. 3/5 Bleach…still down from last week, but hey…

  8. @Katonkage I only scanned it the first time, I didn’t see he made mention of Sasuke’s type power up.

    Pein stop provoking Katonkage ;P lol

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