Naruto Chapter 603 Breakdown: Tobito, or not Tobito? That is the question.

When Tobi was first revealed to be Obito, many people were very much against the revelation and its potential ramifications as far as Naruto, the manga, is concerned. Some even arrived to a consensus that there was still some strange twist in the works that would explain why he wasn’t actually Obito or something along those lines, but given what has been shown in these past few chapters, I think its safe to say that those theories are slowly but surely dying out and that everyone is finally beginning to accept the fact that Tobi is, in fact, Obito, whether it is for better or for worse.

In the end, it is what it is, so there’s no turning back now. It’s still hard to tell how things will turn out or whether this revelation will be a triumph or whether it is simply a disaster in the making, but its clear from these latest chapters that Kishi is definitely putting the effort in to build a foundation for what could be considered Naruto’s (the series) greatest villain yet. Along the way, he has also managed to add a new face to the fray who may just liven things up a bit.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but sometimes its necessary to give stupid or misinformed beholders a black eye. <_<

So it seems that Obito’s relationship with white Zetsu goes a long way back, which was already something anyone could have guessed I suppose. However, it was the appearance of another Zetsu – who we will now refer to as “Spiral Face” – that really caught my interest.

The first thing many of you readers may have noticed about Spiral Face is that he is stupid, immature and very naive in nature. Seeing as how these seem to be admiral traits as far as characters in manga are concerned – especially considering most antagonists in shonen manga are very much the same – we thus welcome Spiral Face with open arms. However, even despite that, some readers weren’t too happy with Spiral Face, citing that the dialogue that involved him in this chapter – with much of it referencing poop – was unnecessary and thus, a waste of panel space. I tend to disagree with this notion however, because I believe that the appearance of Spiral Face in the story and even his behavior is very much purposeful as well as important.

Amen to that!

If we look back to the start of part two of Naruto – or at least, near the start – when we are first introduced to Tobi as a character, we were not introduced to the hardened, cynical character we now know as the present Obito. Rather, we were introduced to what could only be described as a zany, almost loony-toon like individual who was anything but villainous in nature at first glance. The person we knew as Tobi – at the time he was partnered with Deidara – had a personality which was startlingly similar to Spiral Face, so I think there’s a deeper connection there.

The fact that Spiral Face’s… well, face… is exactly the same as Tobi’s mask is also quite symbolic and hints at the fact that Obito either held him in high enough regard that he ended up creating a symbolic gesture to honor him in the form of the mask he wore, or that they are in fact, one and the same. How could they be one and the same, you ask? Well, the last page of the manga gives us a clue about that.

If you take note of the page above, there’s a line where White Zetsu says “He’s… a good boy” which I assume is in reference to spiral face and the fact that he was trying to help Obito.

However, this isn’t the first time white Zetsu has made such a statement, with the other being near the start of part two where Tobi makes his first appearance as a character right after Sasori’s defeat at the hands of Chiyo and Sakura.

These two instances share similarities in that in both cases, it is White Zetsu who is making the reference to Tobi or Spiral Face being a “good boy,” which in itself serves as a link between both subject matters. It begs the question as to whether Obito and Spiral face ended up merging together when their bodies joined at the end of this latest chapter (or perhaps a bit further on) and ended up developing a dual personality, which may explain Tobi’s behavior earlier in the series.

Another thing that caught my attention is that Black Zetsu seemed to be unaware of who Tobi was and as such, spoke to him as an outsider even when they were in private. I always used to believe that Black Zetsu was the more prominent of the two Zetsu halves who had the deeper connection to Obito, but it seems it’s the other way around and that white Zetsu is in fact the one who is more closely associated with him. In saying that, it does make me question what Black Zetsu is exactly. Perhaps he is a last remnant of Obito’s defiant personality that was created during a merger between Obito and Spiral Face or perhaps he is the empty shell of Spiral Face that was left behind instead. Of course, I can only theorize for now but I do hope more solid facts are given to us in the near future.

In any case, aside from the mystery behind Zetsu, we were also shown a lot about Obito in this chapter once again. It seems he spent quite a bit of time trapped in whatever cave Madara had him in which gave him plenty of time to recuperate and grow in interesting ways.

So all along, Obito was just a wooden puppet who wanted to become a real boy…

For one thing, it seems as if Obito’s “other half” gives him some power over Mokuton, given the fact that he is seen growing a tree branch from the palm of his hand. Whether or not this ability is something he has developed further since or whether he can still use it now is another question, although I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up using it against Kakashi and Gai now that his identity has slipped.

Besides recovering his body, Obito also seems to have grown in terms of hair length as well, which also brings us back to the times Tobi appeared in front of Itachi with long hair and when he appeared before Kizame as the true “Third Mizukage.”

Well at least this proves that he isn’t a Saiyan.

It’s during this time in relative isolation – with only his two white Zetsu companions to keep him company – that Obito seems to spend a lot of time reflecting on his life up until that point, with Rin and Kakashi occupying much of his thoughts. He also seems to have developed a close relationship with his only companions and this seems more prominent with Spiral face than anyone else, to the point where one could say they had become good friends. It was this developing relationship that I enjoyed the most about this chapter, because it also gave the Zetsu’s as a whole more purpose and feeling in this manga and really helped to elevate them as characters.

There were other details revealed in this flashback that may be worth noting and many of them were neatly hidden away in Obito’s memories, one of which Ajd pointed out to me.

A flashback within a flashback. Inception?

Aside from pulling off the ludicrous task of putting a flashback inside a flashback, Kishi left us visual hints about Obito’s life both in his relationships with Kakashi and other visual clues. One can be seen in the screen above, where we see what looks like a drawn picture on the wall of Obito’s room where we can see two adults with a baby between them. If one was to hazard a guess, they would likely come to the conclusion that these are Obito’s parents with him in their arms and it made me think about what Obito’s life might have been like just before his run-in with a boulder.

Were his parents still alive during the time he was trapped with Madara or were they already dead before? If they were, in fact, still alive then did they die in the Uchiha massacre along with the rest of Obito’s brethren? I think it would have been quite twisted if Obito assisted Itachi in massacring his own clan along with his parents, but then, Itachi did kill his own parents so it wouldn’t be too far fetched if Obito ended up doing the same to his, especially if he felt it was necessary for his plan for peace.

All theorizing aside, we’re eventually brought to the end of the chapter where White Zetsu appears with news that Kakashi and Rin are being attacked by Mist ninja. I think it’s obvious now that we’re getting to a point where the real meat of Obito’s back story will finally be delivered to us, which means a lot will be riding on the next chapter.


The only thing I can say about Kakashi and Rin being attacked aside from the obvious about this possibly being the moment that changes Obito’s outlook on life, is that readers should take note of the fact that they are also being attacked specifically by Hidden Mist ninja. This may explain why Obito as Tobi may have taken over the mist village and turned it into the blood mist.

In any case, if I had to say how I felt about this chapter as a whole, I would say I liked it mostly because of the funny and meaningful interactions between Obito and his Zetsu companions. It just gave me this vibe, as if they considered each other as part of their own small, strange network of friends and family. Anyway, that’s all from me this week. I hope you enjoyed the breakdown! Here is last week’s bubbliton winner.

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    Great breakdown.

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  8. @ash, where do you think I’ve been all this time >_<

    Really hoping Kishi expands on Obito's parents just a bit. If not, why even include the picture? I did like Kakashi's trolling in the memories, and really looking forward to seeing what triggers Rin's death. (Possibly a set up to evolve Obito's eye and get him on the emo train)

    Superfluous topic: Ajd is back to full capacity with the recovery of my account. Fear for your lives! Or don't! It's totally up to you, since I have no way of directly influencing you…food for thought. The drunk comment is inevitable, so do me a favor and catch me on chat so I don't have to drop one here.

    P.S. Frieza rules you all

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  10. Exceptionally great breakdown Tenrai, really enjoyed it!

  11. Nice Breakdown Tenrai. Shorter than your usual though… ;P

    Damn, I’m really wondering where it is Black Zetsu came from. Also I forget, which of the two of them handled the “disposing” of the bodies? Oh and, I can’t believe someone mention him but… Frieza. Is. Gay.

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  15. i think “spiral face” is black zetsu. last night i was able to watch spider man 3. and in my opinion “spiral face” would be like venom. it takes in the characteristics of its hosts.. etc.. etc.. then it turns to be very aggressive.. what do you guys think?

  16. @Tenrai: Great breakdown! One thing… Did you notice the tube coming out of the white zetsu in the second to last page, right middle pane? Why is it still connected when he lands on the ground? I think you can see it in the last pane as well. It looks eerily like the tubes coming out of Madera’s head. I think Madera might try to remote control Obito. o.0

  17. @ Tenrai I never tell you how well done your breakdowns are but they are extremely thoughtful, well-expressed and sometimes downright hilarious. Don’t stop what your doing even if the praise seems rarely expressed. Honestly I try to go to other forums or blogs but find your breakdowns the most enjoyable.

  18. @zzattack and Ashes

    Thanks. I appreciate the feedback and I’m glad you guys are enjoying the breakdowns.


    I did notice the tube on the last page but not before that. I’ll have another look see but it’s good that others are looking out for these things. Lol.


    At 1500 words I was actually worried my breakdown was becoming too long. But it seems people enjoy the long breakdowns after all.

  19. kakashi killed rin . . . now this makes things interesting . . .

  20. may be rin was a spy . . . that would be a twist . . .


    I really hope those two were zetsu clones because Kishi left as with the mother of all cliffhangers.

  22. Well, new chapter is posted on mangahere. That was definitely shocking. This is going to need some serious explanation, but it isn’t too far fetched. There are several scenarios still open to explain what happened. Hopefully they handle the next chapter well. If so, there shouldn’t be much doubt as to how Obito ended up like he did.

    @orange, of course Frieza sucks. It was a DBZ abridged quote.

  23. @New Chapter: What the?!?

  24. Oh em geeee… I’m pretty sure that it’s the real Kakashi and Rin although this whole set up just plain reeks of foul play! If I were to guess, Zetsu pulled a David Copperfield, which somehow resulted into Kakashi dealing a fatal blow on the real Rin.

  25. I’m actually looking forward, yet again, to next week’s chapter. The thing that bug’ed me most was kakashi’s lack of amazement when he saw he pierced Rin through the heart. That means that Kakashi felt remorse because he killed her, that due to the fact that he was crying, through Obito’s eye, but at the same time he was determined to do it.

    Something must have been set in motion to make Kakashi think Rin was the enemy. If it was just an illusion, kakashi would have been in a state of shock when he realized what he did.

    Without a doubt, in the next chapter spiral Zetsu’s body will mist likely stop Obito from confronting Kakashi. Because, to this day, Kakashi never knew Obito survived and neither did he have any recollection of the Mask Tobi was wearing so he could pin point him to this encounter.

    i think Obito will be swayed by the zetsu to go back to Madara and continue his training seeing that all he cared for is now gone and so will his hatred for Minato increase because he wasn’t around to keep both Rin and Kakashi safe.

  26. Kakashi’s the ultimate troll… Obito can see through his eyes and he can’t?!

    Sorry for caps but man, that was a bad one…
    Please guys use spoiler tags…
    Thanks for breakdown Ten!

  28. @ Nikeairforce03 sorry for the spoilers but the chapter was out in the morning and its already night here . . . its maybe coz we are in different time zone . . . next time i will be more careful . . .

  29. I’ve been staring at the last page for quite a while. Rin looks shocked at the right panel and at the top left panel she looks like she’s confused, as if to ask “why?”. On the middle left pane, it wasn’t so much as a lack of shock as it was a lack of comprehension. On the bottom left panel it looks like Kakashi understood just what it is he’s done.

    I really do think that those earlier explosions were misdirection tactics. There were already “Zetsus” in the area where Rin and kakashi were apparently fighting with DOZENS of Mist Anbu AND Jounin (Where the hell were these dozens anyway?) so it isn’t entirely impossible for a Zetsu to impersonate Rin and attack Kakashi after the first explosion and make a sift retreat after the four more xplosions that followed. We’ve seen how good Zetsu is at impersonating people so Kakashi might have struck Rin thinking it was the enemy. Anyway, just a theory…

  30. @Sunil, I only know I went to mangastream and it wasnt there, :´(
    Thx for caring; but remember, I owe you one huge spoiler! XD

  31. It seems I’m going to have a lot to write about in my next breakdown…

    *falls over and dies*

  32. So, some things need to be discussed pretty badly.

    1. It is Kakashi, but is it Rin? If yes, then was she being manipulated? If no, likely Zetsu.
    2. Where were the enemies, and why were they referred to as “Guinea pigs from the mist” on page 10?
    3. page 15 “I thought it was rain, but…” but what?
    4. How does Obito actually see it through Kakashi’s view? Is this because the original owner of the eye can link to it when it’s transplanted? Does this mean If Madara used both of Izuna’s eyes, that Izuna could still see sort if?
    5. Not really requiring discussion, bit what the hell are those little bubble looking things around Rin on the last page?
    6. What were Rin and Kakashi doing out there in a two man team in the first place? How did zetsu recognize them, yet not try to help? (He looked concerned enough to tell Obito, who isn’t in condition to be helping.)

    1–> I say it has to be Kakashi, simply because the eye link.
    2–>Fishy…very fishy. Isn’t it convenient how long they were surrounded for, and what exactly was the purpose of those explosions?
    4–>Is this a trace of the rinnegan’s power?

  33. @chapter what the heck! Kakashi!!!! Noooo….

  34. Kakashi, that’s not how you cop a feel!

  35. @ajd

    “3. page 15 “I thought it was rain, but…” but what?”

    Obito thought that the droplets drizzling on his face on the bottom left panel on page 14 was rain but then he saw the explosion.

  36. how did he not hear it first?

  37. You’ve seen enough Hentai…

    To know where this is going!

    *And thus Obito’s traumatising childhood turned him into Naruto’s greatest villain.

  38. Was Kakashi in Root at this time? Maybe he was sent on a mission from Danzo to kill Ren… Damn you, Dan-zooooooo!!!!

  39. Maybe she wasn’t clear enough on what “penetration” was…

  40. and that’s why Kakashi reads his perverted books…genius!

  41. first chapter i truly enjoyed in this shinobi war arc. great job kishi

  42. Your friend betraying his promise to you and killing your childhood sweetheart would mess with your world. You know Rin dying at the hands of random ninjas is one thing. Dying at the hands of her sworn protector would make anyone go a bit insane. even if it’s a farce done by Zetsus or some Madara manipulation, or just a misunderstanding of the situation….. from Obito’s perspective it’s heart wrenching betrayal and loss on an emotional scale on the same as Sasuke watching itachi kill his Mother and Father.

    this cliffhanger is killing me. Now we know why Rin’s death has been such a secret for so long. I wonder how many of us would’ve figured out it was obito a bit quicker if we had even a partial flashback.

  43. it could be that mandara plan this hold thing and thats not the real kakashi but two zetsu clones. And the image obito got though his other eye was the actually rin dying but not by kakashis eyes. But i could be wrong theirs alot of possibilities and one of them being what we actually see is true i can not wait until next week.

    Btw nobodys mention what zetsu said doesnt that sound weird? that obitos uchiha and hashirama cell could make for some combination maybe thats how he got stronger so quickly plus he had motivation.

  44. @2cool2live

    See? Sometimes you just need a little faith. Lol.

  45. This is a potential spoiler alert. I am calling this as a very possible outcome to that last scene in the latest chapter. I’m beginning to think that the scenario with Obito and Kakashi is a unique one in more than one way. What I mean is there is an underlying scenario that I don’t think anyone is noticing yet. I’m starting to think that the Sharingan shares a certain level of interconnectivity within a pair. I think that really was the real Rin and Kakashi there, and I’ll tell you why.

    When Obito got within a certain distance of his other Sharingan eye, the one Kakashi has, he became able to pick up what his other eye sees. When he clutched his eye in that moment and saw Rin being impaled, he was literally briefly seeing through his other Sharingan from within Kakashi in that moment. But he shrugged it off in denial as negative thinking on his part.

    When he arrived on the scene, the sight before his eyes pretty much became the catalyst for him both fully maturing his Sharingan AND subsequently awakening his Mangekyo Sharingan. And with both his Sharingan within close proximity to each other, this in turn causes the same awakening within the Sharingan in Kakashi. I think Kakashi had access to his Mangekyo Sharingan this whole time as a result, even before he even met Naruto. But being a non-Uchiha, he was likely unaware of possessing the Mangekyo much less knowing how to activate it until after the time skip. Alternately, it could also be possible that Kakashi’s pain over his actions combined with Obito’s pain at seeing Rin die had both collectively contributed to Obito’s Sharingan fully maturing and his MS awakening.

    So this can nevertheless explain how Kakashi’s Sharingan matures to three tomoe by the time of the series’ official beginning, giving him the status of Kakashi of the Sharingan. This can also explain how by the time Obito (and Kurama) confronts Minato, he is able to use his own version of Kamui, where he can phase in and out of their dimension as well as draw others into his special dimension.

    And perhaps with Spiral Face’s own chakra (assuming he has any) and/or the chakra of Hashirama within Obito, it’s no wonder Minato couldn’t recognize Obito behind the mask. It can also explain why he briefly thought it was Madara himself besides everything Obito was able to do at that point.

    In any case, I am almost 100% certain that this is the moment where both Obito and Kakashi’s lives change forever. The only thing I don’t know is why Kakashi killed Rin. But whatever the reason ends up being, it better be a damn good reason. And it’s perhaps a reason Obito will never know. In any case, it really does seem like Madara is the true antagonist of this series, having been the one who manipulated Obito from the start. Guess we’ll see how this plays out.

  46. I think Madara connected with the Zetsu’s and made a plan that made Tobi go to the dark side. Tobi thinks he’s experiencing his time outside when in fact he is trapped in a genjutsu. When he put on the Spirals Zetsu’s body armor, he was put under the spell. The Spiral Zetsu was connected to Madara through the Gedo Mezo. Madara was able to get in to Tobi’s mind a fuck with him. Kakashi and Rin didn’t look different at all, a little taller, but that’s it. Tobi thinks he is going to see himself return to Madara, but in fact he is there the whole time, and most likely well past out.

    I did not like how the chapter seemed like it was prolonging the meeting for as long as possible. It was like the whole chapter, and he was saying nonsense too. I don’t even think he was in love with her at all, he displayed very creepy tendencies, and I feel really uncomfortable with this character.

    I take the Naruto crush on Sakura in to consideration. Naruto wasn’t drooling over her, day in and day out. He didn’t want to become a hokage for her, he wanted to do it to be acknowledged. He didn’t draw tons of pictures of her from a distance, he actually attempted to go out on dates with her. He actually attempted to get closer. Tobi just looked at her from afar, or so the choice clips, that Kishi himself is creating, showed in all those panels. And keep in mind, Tobi was 1-3 years older than Naruto.

    The last part was great! Kakashi killing Rin. Now that will have to get Tobi to intervene! Right? Right?

    Also, the connection his eye has with Kakashi’s, if he had that before, than why wasn’t he able to feel or see what Kakashi telaported and what he didn’t teleport into the other dimension? Why was he fooled if they had the same eye and he was able to see what Kakashi saw? Also, is it because of Hashirama’s cells that he was able to connect with Kakashi’s eyes? Isn’t that a little rinnegan-esque?

  47. 2nd Base. You’re doing it wrong, Kakashi!

    “The only thing I don’t know is why Kakashi killed Rin. But whatever the reason ends up being, it better be a damn good reason.”

    Respect the pimp hand.

  48. How did my comment end up on the front page? Sorry for double posting…can that be deleted or something :p

    In response to the latest Naruto chapter: Nooooooo! Why would you do that Kakashi? I really hope it’s a fake, like how the Zetsu’s fooled everyone during the war.

    haha, redbaron. Nice.

  49. anybody else wondering bout the cover page at all? like how it was made to seem like there were 2 very seperate factions within the youth of their generation…that was the first thing bout the chapter that really got me thinking. but overall i really liked the chapter, lil confused but i mean i’m sure that was kishi’s intention

  50. oh wow haha ignore that i’m a moron. he was obviously talking about obito himself. ten just eat me reak quick n put me out of my misery

  51. Welcome to the blog Tayca! @____@

  52. seems like the bubblition/bubulation this week seems to not attract too many entries. I may win by default

  53. I’ll give it a shot – Bubbliton

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  54. Thanks Tenrai shenshi! I think I’ll give it the Bubblition a shot, if you don’t mind.

    Bubblition, right to left:
    Bubble 1: You had me at hello…
    Bubble 2: But soft; what light through yonder window breaks? It is my lady! O, it is my love. O that she knew she were!
    Caption: I wish I could quit you

    Props to any who can get the three movies :p

  55. Jerry Maguire
    Romeo and Juliet
    Brokeback Mountain

  56. Yes greetings and Welcome Tayca

    and bazing there Bret, nailed all three.

  57. Skimmed back through Minato’s confrontation of Tobi…Guess some notable things he says:

    (To Kushina): Minato is always protecting you, but now I’ve gotten him away from you.” – 501; page 7 mangahere

    (To flashing Minato): You still have the flash…” 501; page 13

    (Minato to controlled Kyuubi): So you sensed me, eh?” 502; page 6

    Minato: But why are you attacking Konoha?
    Tobi: I guess you could say…It’s both on a whim…and a plan. It’s both for war…and for peace. -502; page 11

    I only wanted to be sure it was likely Obito who attacked, so these quotes lead me to believe it was. 1st when may have an undertone of being bitter that he wasn’t there protecting Rin all the time. 2nd He is familiar with the Hokage’s techniques, as if to say he’s seen or know a good deal about it. 4th quote seems to support a grudge that Obito may have. To what extent it could entail depends on the nature of Rin’s death I suppose. I still believe at this point Madara is alive or recently deceased.

    3rd quote, I just found interesting. Tobi could pinpoint Minato from afar and later after that he is able to find Minato immediately after he teleported far away. This is a good indication that Tobi may have Sage mode. Obviously, that supports the thought that he may have been practicing that in chapter 603. Just a guess though.

    I’m thinking maybe Konoha played a bigger role in Rin’s death than we think, but that’s just me.

    @tayca, welcome indeed…Jerry Maguire,…something from shakespear? and…I only know from Tosh’s stand-up(honest >_>) but broke back mountain.

    @Tenrai, I wager there is going to be a whole lot of bubblition next chapter, on top of the mass amounts of conspiracy you have to sift through. *shivers*

    Sorry for the long comment lol

  58. Bubblition / Bubble:

    Zetsu: I…I..I want you…inside me.

    Obito (look at his face): You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for you to say that.

    Caption: like this wasn’t weird enough

  59. Bubblition:
    Obito: I NEED AN ADULT!!!
    Swirly face: I AM an adult!
    Caption: What happens in the temple of doom stays in the temple of doom…

  60. Bubblition:
    You’ve seen enough Hentai…
    To know where this is going!
    *Obito’s seen enough Hentai.

  61. Not sure if this has already been pointed out, but I do believe these two pages and it’s dialogue is absolutely essential to predicting the forecoming chapters. My god Kakashi, you really have had it rough.

  62. (forgot link)

  63. @god
    On the side, it said that the daily visit to dead “Friend’s” monument. Implying that he is referring to a single person. So is he saying Obito or Rin? Maybe just a translation error and it should have said “Friends’ monument”.

  64. I do believe that, that tombstone is a collective tombstone to all dead in the service of The Third Secret World War (Kakashi Gaiden’ time and space). Which would make it Obito’s, in a symbollic way. Kakashi also put Obito’s shades or whatever you’d call them down before that tombstone in my link below.

    And now, to my point, obviously in my first link K-man is talking to Obito about something he regrets badly. He said, “even with this eye, I couldn’t see what was going to happen” which is interesting, because then he can’t be talking about Obito’s death, because Obito didn’t give him his until the stone had crushed his left side of his body. Next, he says “If you were alive… What would you say to me now? Eh…? Obito.”

    So what is he talking about? You probably see where I’m going with this.
    The event Kakashi is speaking of is prolly the currents chap’s cliffhanger and next chapter’s focus, Rin’s death.

    Before this chapter, I always assumed he was just talking about Rin’s (obvious) unfortunate death, which he didn’t prevent.
    But with this chapter’s cliffhanger, his dialogue rather makes me think of two possible reasons for Kakashi killing Rin:

    1. Kakashi was misled. Rain/Mist ninjas were mentioned by the plantpeeps, maybe they did some jutsu a la Zabuzas killing mist thingy and totally screwed the K-Man over. Unlikely, dunno really though.
    As others have mentioned, Madaras intervention, maybe with his own power, maybe with the plantpeeps, that Zetsu knows some tricks.

    2. Rin was corrupted in some way or another, kinda like Sasuke. Which also makes Kakashi’s opening lines at the tombstone in Part 1 a little more reasonable. “Now, as a Jounin, I have subordinates. But like before…”
    Like before? Why is he comparing these two events, Rin’s death and Sasuke’s defection (not to mention him nearly killing Naruto a couple of times)? Both were maybe… I don’t know, corrupted? Hehe, dunno though.
    Kakashi does follow up with the line “I’m always regretting it”, which makes me think he is now talking about the Rin-event (which the next couple of lines, which I have previously recited and commented upon, also indicates)

    Also, to finish this off, the text on the side “The daily visit to his dead friend’s tombstone… Again today, >>the thought that he can’t continue to hold in is in his heart.<<" also makes me think of a terrible secret, not a friend's sad demise.
    Maybe Kakashi (continueing this off my 2. theory) himself brought Rin down, but wouldn't let the secret of her defection or corruption or whatever happened slip out to Konoha, maybe as a friends last favor for another friend? Ah speculation, you do get the worst out of me =)

  65. @duderoo

    Welcome to WRA. I see you know how to write long comments, that will be useful here. Lol. @___@

  66. Bubblition: Hey I wonder if I can use my new symbiote powers for good.
    bubble 2 Shut up Darth Tobi
    Caption: Silly Darth Tobi, Uchiha makes… WAIT A MINUTE! A caption like this with no perverted Metaphors. IMPOSSIBLE!!!

  67. @Duderoo, welcome indeed. I took a look at it and it does spark a lot of questions. Given recent developments, I think this was an excellent find. I was trying to find any subtle clues starting from when Kakashi activated Mangekyo, but I guess I should have gone even further back. This could be a great find and really shock people at how long Kishi has been hiding this tragic moment.

    Grr, this wait has been one of the hardest ones yet! Really looking forward to Wednesday. However, with a cliffhanger like that, Kishi may not explain it next chapter.

  68. Having to use my Twitter account to post my comment, don’t know why wordpress is being a pain


    Bubble 1 where did that symbiote get to….?
    Bubble 2 We hate Kakashi!! He betrayed us!!
    caption: Warning! Biological Sentient Suits may cause changes in behaviour or cause mood swings. If your taking any other meds consult your Uchiha doctor.

  69. Bubblition:
    Obito: Where’d that symbiote take off to….?
    Darth Tobi: “We hate Kakashi!! He betrayed us!!
    Caption: Warning!: Sentient biological suits may cause severe changes in behaviour, consult your nearest Uchiha

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