Naruto Chapter 602 Breakdown: What it means to be alive.

Sometimes in life, we are affected by unexpected events that may change our lives in a very significant manner. Whether it’s through an injury that causes a disability or through the loss of someone close to us, these events can drastically affect how we see our lives or even affect our will to live as a whole.

To be strong enough to move forward in spite of these events takes a particularly strong will or a lot of support from those around us, but one things for certain, there’s something special about an individual who can look into the heart of their own nightmares and still have the strength to move forward and smile again.

Perhaps we should rather call in Orochimaru for this. He’s an expert after all…

Alright, so when I spoke about life-changing occurrences, I doubt being crushed by a boulder is something that many people have experienced, so Obito’s situation is a little extreme given the circumstances. In saying that though, we can learn a lot about his character just by observing how he reacts to his own predicament.

Surprisingly enough, despite his physical condition – with the loss of an eye, having half his body crushed and being held together by bandages and tape – Obito’s spirit remains the same as it was before. His reaction to Madara’s appearance and the possibility that he is about to transcend into the afterlife is very comical in nature and quite Naruto-esque. What struck me most though was that despite all his hardships and this newly formed predicament he’s found himself in, Obito still hasn’t lost his ability to smile.

To be grateful for life even when it’s a life lived in hell, is to understands its true value.

Now, I’m sure by now some of you are wondering what I’m going on about, but I do believe that understanding Obito’s nature as it is now in this flashback will go a long way in helping us also understand just how much meaning there is in his eventual fall. It would have taken a lot of pressure and many hardships for Obito to undergo such a drastic change regarding his outlook on life and the world as a whole and it makes me wonder just how far Madara pushed his mind to the point where it eventually broke his will or how much Rin’s death had to do with it.

When we look at clues as to what may have happened to catalyze that change, these questions also marry back to a few chapters ago where Obito, still masked as Tobi, challenged Naruto with questions of his own.

I think Obito sees a lot of his old self in Naruto and, much like he once had a strong will and a positive outlook on the world even despite all of his hardships, Naruto as he is now still shares the same optimism and hope that the old Obito once upheld. I think this is why Obito challenged Naruto with his words, because in many ways, he himself was probably crushed by his own failures (all falling boulders aside) and his inability to change reality and the cruel fate it carried for him and those he loved.

Obito mentioned before that he wouldn’t waste time blaming “this reality” for what happened to Rin and he doesn’t seem to want to take revenge on Kakashi, so it got me thinking that maybe it’s because deep down inside, he’s really just blaming himself for everything that has happened. In a way, I think that Naruto is acting as a form of a catalyst, igniting Obito’s feelings from the boy he once was in the man he has now become. Because Naruto is very much like the old Obito used to be, this may simply be a case where Obito is loathing the visage an old reflection he once saw standing in a mirror before him, thus, he questions what Naruto will do if he fails much in the way he did.

I suppose more details will be revealed in due time, but despite all of these clues about Obito’s nature, for me, the real focus of this chapter was Madara himself.

What he’s really trying to say is that playing the lottery is a waste of time, because you’re never going to win… <_<

Although most of the clues about Obito’s change in personality are hypothetical in nature and thus, subject to interpretation and theorization, the information we have been given about Madara is far more solid and concrete. For one thing, I found his outlook on the world to be very interesting and also somewhat accurate in many regards.

In particular, the way he spoke about the contrast between winners and losers – or lights and shadows – was very intriguing. When you consider his words, much of what he says is true, after all, when you create a source of light then naturally the stronger that light is, the darker the shadow it it casts will become. In fact, the intensity of the shadow is really directly proportional to the intensity of the light. It’s also ironic that shadows cannot exist without the presence of light itself and this concept marries with that of winners and losers as well. To put it plainly, in life you cannot have a winner without having a loser. For someone to succeed, others have to fail and it is within this contrast that we are able to measure success and its subsequent value. It’s not a pretty outlook, nor does it sound fair, but in the end, it is not inaccurate either.

So… no cheesecake? X___X

You can’t have a business owner without having employees. You can’t have an Olympic gold medalist without having someone who comes in last place. You can’t have a doctor without having patients. It’s a cruel irony that in many cases, the success of some can only come about through the suffering of others. When you look at things from Madara’s perspective, in the end – at face value – it’s difficult to fault his reasoning. It’s the world seen through cold, logical and methodical eyes and in many ways, it is significantly accurate. Even the concept of hatred born through love is something one only has to look at the real world to understand as being true.

However, I also think that Madara has inadvertently contradicted himself because through his own words, he has proven the folly of his plans to create a perfect utopia.

Madara pretty much put it best himself with what he said here. “When you feel pain… you know that you are alive.” It’s a statement that all on its own, destroys the very foundation around which Madara has built his own understanding of what life should be, and that brings with it the realization that the sensation of living is one that is synonymous with feeling the extremes of both pain and comfort, or of hatred and love.

Without these feelings, both high and low, how do we know that we are in fact alive? How can we appreciate the arrival of spring without first experiencing the icy chill of winter? How can we appreciate happiness if we do not understand sorrow? How can we understand the value of love if we do not know what life is like without its presence? In essence, how can we possibly measure an existence that is flat or one-dimensional and that has no scope to it?

In the end, Madara’s outlook on life is ultimately flawed because he has lost the understanding of what it actually means to be alive in the first place, despite the fact that he himself mentioned it indirectly. He has failed to understand his own words in that sometimes we need to feel pain in order to know that we are still alive. The world he wants to create is essentially a world of death where there are no feelings, where there are no highs or lows and where only a single sensation of emptiness remains. It isn’t a utopia, it is simply an end to what it means to exist in the first place.

It takes two baby. It takes TWO BABY!!! Just me and you. @___@

Despite Madara’s words though, Obito remains rebellious about his fate, proving in an act of desperation that even when living through hardship, the will to live is still strong. It marries back to what I said in the beginning about how there’s something special about how those who live through hardships can still have the will to live, but I also think that it’s because of the fact that those people have suffered that they can understand the true value of happiness.

On a last note, I also felt that Obito’s last thoughts about how he and Kakashi can protect Rin together – based on Madara’s words of how the true potential of the sharingan can only be unlocked if you have both eyes – may be foreshadowing an alliance between Obito and Kakashi in the future. If the true potential of their eyes can only be unleashed when they are united, then perhaps only through working together will they be able to defeat Madara.

Obito’s will stands in defiance of Madara’s ideals…

In the end, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for Obito. Seeing him struggling so desperately even though we know its a struggle in vain really hit a cord and it goes at least some way in creating some form of connection with him as a character. In any case, that’s all from me this week. Here are your Bubbliton Contest winners.

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    Caoption: Where do you think Orochimaru learned his ways?

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  6. Hahaha! Wait! Eke commented twice it doesn’t count! I am actually 4th! Made my day…

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    tomorrow Ill read tha breakdown, XD XD

  11. does anyone else think he looks like Dosu in this picture?

  12. @Gavin I love your bubblition

  13. imho i think obito tried his best to get back to konoha only to find out rin was already dead making him lose his mind and his will to make things right. i think rin’s death is what pushed him to the edge. “what will you think about yourself when you fail your mission” his mission was to go back to konoha and protect rin, imagine going through such hardships (getting yourself together after being crushed by a boulder.. recuperating and healing your wounds.. training to make yourself stronger so you can get back on your own two feet… just so you can protect the ones you love.. and when its all said and done.. you find out that you have already failed) and he was doing all this while madara was b*tching around saying you will fail.. you will fail.. you will fail.. you will fail.. so when he got back to kohona, rin was already dead, he then realized madara was right all along and everything he was fighting for was just a load of BS

  14. its hypothetical but what if naruto learns to open his inner gates. that would be awesome and the side effects wont be much of bother coz of his healing abilities. that would be over 9000. he might also survive opening all eight gates due to his uzumaki heritage. that would definitely turn him to into super saiyan 4.

  15. @ashesreignited: Heh, thanks ashes! Looks like people really jumped on this Bubbleiton this week.

  16. @ Chester, I can almost bet my money on that scenario. It’s one I posted a few chapters ago and to a lot of us it’s the most plausible. I mean if Tobi was obito all along, then all of the most obvious predictions will be right also :)).

    @ Sunil Shrestho, If Naruto manages to open the inner gates along with his Sage mode and the the Kyuubi Mode my brain will xplode. Imagine what power he’ll be able to generate and at what speeds he’ll travel.

    Also welcome to both of you on WRA, I think it’s probably safe to say that both of you guys have probably been with us from the IRA days and decided to start a profile now. I’m glad so many new people are deciding to join our blog and it’s starting to feel like it was 2 years ago, when between the breakdowns there were a shit load of comments and the debates made you skip sleep in order to back up your team with necessary info in order to win the damn discussion.

    P.S keep an eye on Tenrai, he’s been a bit moody lately and I think it’s because he was on a diet. He might forget about that really soon and start up old eating habits.

  17. The chapter is out!

  18. Nice chapter, it made it clear that next week Rin might die and from the look of it, is was orchestrated by Madara to make Obito loose hope.

    I wonder if Obito will continue to wear that zetsu in the future or just make a mask of it’s face. Either way a predict the white Zetsu will fuse with Obito’s body and it might screw up his mind from this point on.

    At least that’s the only possible scenario I can think of, for Obito to change so radically from now on. Even with Rin’s death, he’s pursuit would have been the same.

  19. Bubblition
    Bubble 1: Tobi! I’m not Tobi!!
    Bubble 2: I’m wearing what kind of suit?!!!!

    Caption: Obito realizes that when Madara dresses you up and gives you a nickname he has more plans than Ultimate Tsukyomi

  20. @Eugen

    I recall Sunil commenting before, although not Chester.


    Welcome to wra if you haven’t been here before. @___@


    It was a good chapter for all intents and purposes. It did give me a bit of cliffhanger syndrome but I suppose that’s to be expected by now.

    I’ll elaborate more in my breakdown. @___@

  21. That chapter focused almost half on it, on poo! Seriously! What crap is this? I’m calling Bullshit! Kishi is just waste’ing our time with this shit… <__<

    Other then that is was good

  22. It won’t let me see the pages past 6. 😦

  23. Here’s an alternate website with the chapter, in case the pages aren’t loading for you on the original:

  24. @Pein

    Pun intended? No but seriously, I think I understand why that Zetsu with the spirals acted like he did and why Kishi showed it. I’ll be explaining it in detail in my breakdown though.

    And also it wasn’t really half the chapter. <_<

  25. Funny the whole “Poo” think made me think of One Piece for some odd reason =P

    Decent chapter and it looks like we get to see how Rin died, so looking forward to the next chapter. Maybe it’s not that she died but the how and why that pushes Obito over the edge.

  26. Check out the Mangastream version and you’ll see at the end a line that will change your perception of how Obito changed. (He’s a good boy)

    Obito might be trying, even now, to become the guy he once was but the Zetsu might have changed a lot about him bot in body capabilities (IE how he was able to take on Minato and advance so fast in ninjutsu) and also he might have lost his mind to the Zetsu and got trapped and brain washed.

    I really hope we get to the good part next week, I don’t mind Kishi taking his time, especially now when it’s really important, but I don’t want to wast panel time with “poo” questions. I mean, really…., where dose Kishi get his weed from?!?!?! :))

  27. @Eugen

    That was actually something along the lines of what I was going to mention in my breakdown. Tobi’s behavior when we first him is very similar to how that spiral face Zetsu is behaving now. The “good boy” reference is also a clue to the fact that they may have merged at some point and a dual personality was developed. It may have also been this merger that gave birth to Black Zetsu as a bi-product.

    The reason I think the whole poo thing and child like nature of the spiral Zetsu was shown was because it is an important link to how Tobi behaved when we first saw him while he was partnered with Deidara. If that’s the case then it wasn’t really a waste of space because it helps connect a lot of the dots.

  28. @ Ten, yeah I noticed that too, however Obito only came into his dark side the first time when he deployed Nagato and Konan to get the Kyuubi and later they came face to face with Jirayia.

    That was the first time, I think, when Tobi got serious and also in the anime the voice was changed from the clumsy “good boy” voice to, what I can only describe as a pissed of Uchiha.

    I can’t wait for your breakdown. 😉 We’ll chat more there.

  29. @ Tenrai – I thought I would try get as many puns out of the way as possible 😛

    I like the theories being thrown around though, the influince of Zetsu on Obito’s Personality may also explain a bit of what happened to Sasuke *Hears Kanton getting a missile ready* but it could be <___<

  30. =))=))=)) Pein I was thinking the exact same thing about kanton when I read the post :)). Duck for cover. Also That might be true about Sasuke if you think about his rage and powerups. Maybe he’s better now since he has the EMS.

    Anyway, he seems calmer since he destroyed the zetsu remnants and maybe he took back control over his own emotions. Unlucky for him, he’ll have to be following Orochimaru from now on, you know… having Oro behind you while jumping from one tree branch to another wouldn’t be a good day for anyone. Unless your Elton john….. ops I think i went too far there :))

  31. Okay… so that personality Tobi displayed in the beginning was either the personality of the thing Tobi was wearing (their personalities mixed, the thing became a more predominant personality) or it was an ode to his mentor. Those creatures (created from the Gedo Mezou) mentored his growth while Madara was “sleeping”. And The Gedo Mezo was created from Hashirama’s cells (or Hashirama created it).

    A few questions: Was Tobi manipulating wood-element in his training? If Naruto was in Chakra mode, why didn’t he affect Tobi’s body the way he affected the other dudes wood-element style when Naruto came into contact with it in the Turtle Island? So was Madara dead at this point or just hibernating?

    I don’t think Madara was dead at this point, but if he was than those Zetsu like creatures had all the knowledge capable of helping Tobi train, because they were intelligent creatures. I think Tobi might activate the MS when he witnesses his “love” dieing (the stupidest thing, it wasn’t even real love, he put her on a pedestal; that’s what really happened) and went crazy (receded into the depths of his mind) and the zetsu thing took over. This caused a black zetsu to be expelled. The zetsu attached to Tobi had to fill the void and than created an alter ego of Madara from all the information he’s gathered (remember they’re smart). That is how Tobi is able to gain the skills to fight, knows so much about the different villages, clans and techniques, about the Uchiha, about Nagato, the Kyuubi, the Bijuu and the Moons-Eye Plan… Or he just busted an Anakin Skywalker and returned to the base where Madara had woken up: sans the killing Mace Windu part, and this is what I basically see when Tobi returns to Madara

  32. Delete the above comment
    Bubblition: I LIVE!! Wait, why are you calling me, Darth Tobi? My name is Obito
    Caption: CUT!! ObitoDarth Tobi didn’t read the script again.

  33. It’s all pointing (to me, at last) to Obito rushing to the battlefield only to see Rin die. Then giving himself up to Madara to eventually become Tobi.

  34. the reason why obito became tobi may be of importance but he is going to die soon anyway so why bother. after this much flash backs he is either supposed to die or end up trapped in infinite genjutsu. kishi better speed things up soon.

  35. the only flash back that interests me is of madara. that would explain almost everything

  36. this chapter was really interesting……i wish mandara could have been what joker was to batman out of all the comics/manga i red their is now one who could leave a bigger impact than joker he is the villain that all vllains imitate i thought mandara was going to be that owell the story is still great thought

  37. @allthingstakenintoaccount or kakashi/rin/minato don’t recognize obito in the suit and attack him. then tobi realizes how pointless his bonds with his friends are, and wants to change the world for the better. wutever, all i am curious is about why obito attack konoha.

  38. I think in this blog we are all free to express our feeling on whatever in the manga intrigues us. For instance, I for whatever reason really want to know if it was Rin’s death that prompted the change in Obito. If anyone is past that, then fine. If someone doesn’t care about something maybe trivial like that then it is very easy to not pay it any mind. Its just annoying when someone belittles someone by saying stuff like how clear it is, or how little importance it carries. To conclude, if what some people are discussing or point out doesn’t interest you, you should probably not make a point about it yourself, or atlest not in a condescending way.

  39. @ Wise & 2cool, Your questions are ones I’m looking forward to a lot. Especially why Obito decided to attack konoha, even when he had the kyuubi for himself and could have just transported away.

    As for the dark zetsu, I’m really curious as to how he came to be, myself. All I hope is we get a shit load of info from this flashback and at least 90% of the questions we had about Madara and Obito will be answered.

    Also I would like to find out if Izuna actually gave away his eyes to his brother willingly, or Madara took them without any remorse.

    And almost forgot. I was thinking the same thing Wise, about the right part of Obito’s body and how it’s not affected by Naruto’s attack, the same way the zetsus were. All I can come up with at this point is that Obito managed to gain a lot of control over his body and managed to balance himself to the point that he could overcome this disadvantage.

  40. @ allthingstakenintoaccount, First of all welcome to WRA, I haven’t seen you post before ( if you have, I’m sorry for the late welcome).

    To address your point: Of course we’re all looking forward to seeing if Rin’s death was indeed the catalyst that brought about Obito’s quest for retribution. I for one am starting to think the Zetsu that covered his body in this last chapter has about 85% to do with it, in the sens that it might have messed up with his mind.

    Just like a demonic possession, when you have a dark voice in the back of your head telling you to do bad things and sometimes taking over.

    I hope Obito’s good heart didn’t loose hope in the world just by seeing he’s loved one die. That could have passed and he could have dedicated his life to bringing peace to the world by aiding Minato and his friends and trying to find a answer, like Naruto is doing now.

    The fact that he was influenced so much might have been the deciding factor for him and all he could turn to and follow from there on was the plan, Madara spoke of. A place where no bad things happen and you could even bring back the loved ones you lost.

  41. I just thought of something. What if Tobi’s training was also honing is Sage Chakra. Maybe that’s why he was able to manipulate the mokuton and why Naruto had no effect. That can also be a reason why his teleportation using Kamui was so precise; it was the fact that he sensed people reaching him and he was able to evade so well and not get hit. Any normal person would have been hit by Naruto his his Chakra cloak for sure!

  42. Good observation Wise, he dose look like he’s training to keep still and also the part when he jumps from Gedo Mazo’s head reminds me of when Naruto took the big leaps while training with Pa frog in Frog katas.

    There sure are a lot of Sages lately. J-Man made it Awesome, Naruto took it to perfection and then we find out both Orochimaru and Kabuto trained in the arts as well. Finding out Obito might have learned it also will truly be overkill :))

  43. @Allthings

    I personally am actually very interested in why Obito became Tobi and what made him the man he is today. I always felt that he would make for an interesting villain because of his history and even while I just debated about Tobi being Obito, even before he was revealed to be him, that was always at the back of my mind.

    To me, if he was anyone else like Izuna, or Kagami, etc, he wouldn’t have been very interesting because those are characters who have no history and who really mean nothing to us, but Obito had at least some connection to us since being revealed in the Kakashi Gaiden which means he’s a character we can immediately relate to, for better or for worse. It also means he doesn’t need to be built from the ground up because the foundations were already there.

    I do, however, think that some people still don’t like the fact that Tobi is Obito and that this fact alone makes them negative about him as a character. This may be why they have become dissinterested, but I do personally think that people should give him a chance because it’s hard to say how he’ll turn out in the end. Unfortunately, once people’s minds are made up, regardless of the reason, it’s usually hard to convince them otherwise.

    If I were you, I’d just continue to read and enjoy the series in whichever manner suits you and understand that there will be times when you clash with other readers who have very different views to your own and that they will sometimes be very blunt about it. It may come across as condescending but I don’t think it is always intended as such.

  44. chester here. just like everyone is saying. obito may have an alter ego. he’s the complete opposite of naruto imho. and like grandpa frog said naruto will battle the harbinger of death, he wasn’t talking about madara because madara’s time was already done when grandpa frog made that prediction. i think sasuke will aide naruto in this battle because they are brothers. lol

  45. You know, there’s one thing I would have liked in this latest battle and that is for Naruto to have used his frog summons more. I mean, he has that contract for a reason yet he has seldom used it in this war, which is a bit disappointing really. Imagine how cool it would have been if he used them against the Bijuu, like how Minato used Gamabunta when battling Kurama.

    Anyway, I do understand why Kishi may have steered away from using them so he could focus more on the relationship between Naruto and Kurama, which lead to him going full 9-tails mode, but hopefully we’ll still see Naruto use his toad summons in this battle at some point, maybe even against Madara.

  46. actually, if tobi was izuna, the story could be very very interesting. we get to see what happened when konoha was being created, why madara took izuna’s eyes and probably the whole clash between senju and uchiha. you actually have a connection between madara & tobi that makes sense (compared to the current relationship between a man with sleep disorder and a child who survived under a boulder)

  47. @tenrai, funny side note to your last statement, in the gara fight naruto proves he can use the transformation jutsu on gamabunta to turn him into kurama without any loss of power by the summons. That means there’s potential (admittedly very small that it will actually happen) that he can use both at the same time now, creating a kagebushin no kyuubi type scenario for his tricks that he uses. Especially because chakra giving/sharing/other stuff has been established as a thing.

  48. aka ajd…lol I’ll have to bear with my lack of memory coupled with a few internet issues to get my old account back.

    @Tenai, It has been a while, but I’m glad to see you still posting quality breakdowns here! I agree, this flashback is very important. Even though some things aren’t adding up all the way. Has the age issue with chuunin exams come up here?

    @all, wow…I was going to come here to see if anyone was picking up similar vibes, but Wise really nailed it. That’s quite the solid theory, and much more expanded than I would have thought of. *tips proverbial hat*.

    Off-topic: Glad to see familiar names here, and also glad to see a new chatroom up. Provided I get my bearings on track, I should be around more often.

  49. @austin
    Good to see you back man! Also don’t listen to wise, when you post that much even a blind squirrel finds a nut… If it scences the world around it and knows every move the nut makes before its made… Jk to you both of course 😉

  50. Ahh, the only one to leave more drunk comments here than I: Coolbeans! Still quick to bash haha. A skill best acquired through military training. I myself may have just opened pandora’s box. Pissed off a lot of Christians and Atheist by not siding with either. Normally gives you the neutral zone, but not when you laugh at both sides of the argument…

    On-topic…sort of: I can say (likely as many others have claimed ad nauseum [Latin]) that I called Obito loooooong ago without backing down. With that out of the way, I’m just hoping Naruto ends in the ball park of how I projected it to: Naruto and Sasuke getting owned by Madara, only to have Naruto unlock the Swayzegan and go Ghost on his ass (shockingly not my real prediction.)
    Really hoping Sasuke and Naruto will tag-team a win against Madara, and maybe Gai and Kakashi can take care of Obito. What kind of a roll do you think Killer Bee will have? How is Kishi going to utilize all the characters successfully when they inevitably cross paths?

    1st: “Woah, I was a ninja, but now I just want…
    2nd: “Braiiiiiiins!!!
    Caption: Kubo’s new, completely original series: Ninja Zombie Powder!

  51. Oh, so maybe Madera will control Obito through the Gedo Mazo… Cool! 😀

  52. @Austin
    It’s a long cultivated talent. You don’t just get on a board and post on the Internet willy nillly 😉

  53. @pein and eugen My hate for Sasuke has completely subsided. His brother, his ancestor and his cousin twice removed, managed to actually make me indifferent towards Sasuke, with their “because of their Uchihax plot armor” BS! Sasuke got his ass handed too him. Those other three not so much. DEATH TO THE UCHIHA, who don’t know how to STAY!! DEAD!!
    Caption: Tiny, corrupting people hearts since 2009. TINY! NOOOOOOOOOO!!

  54. Bubblition


    Caption; And this, my Pokemon catching friends, is how bad ideas are born.

  55. Ah Baron good to see you! I thought maybe we had lost you altogether after the Obito reveal.

  56. This is how I feel about the whole Obito reveal!

  57. Nicholas Cage agrees with me too:

  58. @wise I understand the feeling. I was both angry and disappointed because I felt Hashirama’s son was more interesting and stuck with the Izuna possesses obito until it was absolutely sure…

  59. ehh, it is what it is. That and I hadn’t commented in a few days either. I thought a new breakdown was coming, so I’m looking up epic rage/screams on the internet

  60. @Wiseman

    I always post my breakdowns on Mondays. I thought everyone would have been used to that by now. X____x

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