Naruto Chapter 600 Breakdown: It’s over 600!!! and 601 done by the Awesome Pein0avenue ^:_:^

Greetings one and all. We’ve reached a momentous occasion with regards to Naruto as a series and that, of course, is the fact that Naruto has now joined the ranks of a very scant few manga series to ever reach the 600 chapter mark. It’s a very big deal apparently, so to celebrate, I’ve decided that everyone on the blog will get free cheesecakes! Yay!

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Leaving all the excitement and glamor aside, Pein and I decided to do something a little different for the breakdown for chapter 600 – 601 in the form of a tag team breakdown. I’ll analyze things as calmly and methodically as I always do, and then he’ll proceed to tear everything I say to shreds as he goes into an emotional rage about Tsunade dying and how she better not survive, etc. I’ll be covering the first half of the double, so with that in mind, let’s get this show on the road.

To start, as much of a milestone chapter 600 was, I have to say it didn’t particularly stand out in the way that one might have expected it to considering the circumstance, and the start, in particular, was a little ho-hum. Unfortunately, the easiest way to tarnish a potentially great chapter, is to plague it with the panel-absorbing parasites known only as ” flashbacks” and in this case, Kishi followed this trend with conviction.

And we all know how many characters have been killed by flashbacks already…

Now, I have to say that in most cases, I don’t mind flashbacks when they show things we’ve never seen before and when they add to the depth of a character or to the story as a whole, but when we’re given recycled flashbacks that we’ve already seen more than once in the past, to me it just feels like a cheap way to try and use up panel space to make a chapter appear longer than it really is.

“Maybe these Flashbacks where for Rin, Kishi couldn’t kill a character without having a flashback. @__@”: Pein0Avenue

Unfortunately, with the 600th chapter of Naruto, this was was the case and as a result, basically the entire first half felt like somewhat of a waste.


Poor Robin… he was innocent…

Luckily, the second half of the chapter managed to pick things up a bit and inject some some of the ‘epicness’ that the first half of the chapter was sorely lacking. Although many of you on this blog are split about whether you like the idea of Tobi being Obito or not, this was, for me, an interesting moment where we got our first few glimpses of what made his clock tick.

To put it quite plainly, Obito has come a long way from being the funny, sensitive boy we saw in the Kakashi Gaiden, and he has since grown into a far more cold and abrasive demeanor as an adult, which is made very evident by the way he talks to Kakashi. Although it seems Rin’s death does have a lot to do with Obito’s attitude towards Kakashi as a whole – and understandably so – we still have yet to learn more about Obito’s true motives and why the Moon Eye plan is so important to him. If he was acting purely for the sake of revenge, then surely Kakashi would have been his first target, yet despite having many opportunities to exact his revenge on Kakashi, Obito has left him be for the most part.

What Kakashi never knew was that Obito’s idea for his version of infinite Tsukyomi was to have him watch Tellitubby reruns… forever.

Obito himself even asked what point there was in blaming Kakashi for Rin’s death, citing that reality was insignificant and that he wasn’t interested in the affairs of a world that was about to disappear. This brings into question what his true motives are if revenge is not one of them and why the Moon Eye plan is so important to him. Perhaps, as mentioned before, he wishes to create a world where he can be together with Rin again, or perhaps like Pain, he simply sees humans as being incapable of determining their own future and thus he feels he needs to set the path that everyone should follow.

“Or maybe he just got friend-zoned once too often.”: Pein0avenue

Of course, Madara’s involvement in Obito’s current frame of mind is still in question and may have a lot to do with his motives, but until Kishi reveals more details to us, we’re about as lost a needle in a cornfield.

Aside from the question of Obito’s personality and his motives, this chapter did present some form of action. It wasn’t much, but what was there was indeed spectacular.

Hypnotic fire is making you sleepy…. @___@

I think I almost cheered when I saw Obito using a jutsu other than Kamui for the first time since… well, forever. It was also a pretty spectacular jutsu at that and seeing it clash with Naruto’s chakra fox tails was definitely one of the highlights of the chapters for me. It was also a scene that brought my attention to just how good the artwork in this chapter actually was and, as a whole, I’d say just about every page was cleanly drawn and brimming with detail. Perhaps those first few pages of flashback served some purpose after all by giving Kishi and his assistants more time to focus on the remaining consecutive pages. Either way I would say that, lately in particular, Naruto’s artwork has been near its best.

In the end though, I would say this chapter’s greatest achievement – if our disgruntled readers would reward it any – was that it managed to set up a promisingly epic setting for the next chapter to follow with the arrival of none other than Uchiha Madara himself.

“Yeah like the one before this one, and the one before that one…”: Pein0avenue

Some parties only really get started when the main guests arrive…

“…and the one before that one…”

From here, it looks like we’ll have an even more epic battle heading our way from next week and, hopefully, some answers as well, considering how Madara seems to know Obito quite personally. For now though, I’m sign off, so I’ll leave you with my good friend and fellow breakdown writer Avenue0pein carry you through the second chapter in our double.

“Bleach will leave you jaded like that <__<“: Pein0avenue

This guy scares the crap out of me. @___@ It’s like he is saying prepare to be surprised. <__<

“Thanks for the intro Tenrai.” *Reads it again* “Oh come on Avenue0Pein, that makes no sense… FUUUUUU!”

Well the 2nd Chapter did seem the better of the two, making one wonder why Kishi would waste so much time with the previous one, Tenrai spotted artwork but the artwork in chapter 601 was just as good without the long-lasting Flashbacks. Though while the previous chapter offered us the epic combo of Madara and Obito, now it seems we will move more towards a ‘flashback’ to explain Obito’s reasoning, etc, which to me seems a bit premature on Kishi’s part. We want to learn the reasoning but if you look to Kabuto in the previous ‘major’ battle, Kishi seemed to rush it as a way to bring Orochimaru back, leaving us as the readers a bit unattached to the antagonist and I worry that he will do the same here. Breaking up the battle with this flashback wont work. Obito isn’t the Sasuke of part one even though it seems Kishi is trying to copy and paste the “Uchiha” mentality into Obito.

“What? It’s not like he’s trying to end the world and… oh wait…” – Tenrai Senshi

But before I ramble on too much, lets get to the chapter itself. I had a few questions before this Chapter began, both of which seemed to be answered but also weren’t…

Madara’s arrival firstly, he pops up out of nowhere. Naruto confirms he “just appeared.” I mean if our super sensing Naruto didn’t sense his arrival it points to Madara being able to move between dimensions. This would explain his “apparent” death at the hands of Hashirama being that Madara then unlocked the ability to move between dimensions as Obito does, this could mean that in “Blood” Obito and Madara may be related closely giving them similar abilities…

“Or, as someone else put it, he simply hulk-jumped into the area.” – Tenrai Senshi

Naruto Detective Mode Activate. @__@

The second question was what exactly happened to Gaara… and the other less important Kage? Madara’s gotta be one of the most epic characters of this war the way he answers Naruto was just awesome, “Who knows? Probably not Ok!” I was looking forward to seeing the Kage (Well only Tsunade) get beaten but I am glad Kishi skipped over it and the way he brought it back into the story was seamless, because instead of backtracking he gave us the contrast of Madara’s epicness and Tsunade being literally split in two by a tree. How this happened we will never know but it happened.

“So it wasn’t just a C-sec then? <_<” – Tenrai Senshi.

To be honest, I thought I would be more happy that Tsunade was going to kick the bucket but in a sense I felt bad for her only. She spent so much time healing and helping others and it would seem that her final act will represent her entire life. She will sacrifice her life to save the other 4 Kage. This creates a power hole in Konoha and the leading runners for the Hokage position is no other then Naruto, Kakashi or Shikamaru’s Father.

Who do you believe will be the best fit for new Hokage?

“I personally think Tsunade’s death may be a purposeful plan to pave the way for Naruto becoming the next Hokage, especially if we are moving into the twilight phase of this story.” – Tenrai Senshi

So it also seems we’re dealing with a Kage Bunshin Naruto again. This begs the question of where Naruto exactly Naruto is. Where could he be that’s so much more important and how much more powerful could Naruto actually be if this is only a clone fighting the battle? With the battle splitting through with Naruto vs Madara, Kishi needed an excuse to have Naruto gain some power to match that of Madara. I am really hoping that Naruto’s real body does arrive, however this “Clone War” that’s going on is getting old fast and as soon as we think, “Naruto can’t keep going” Kishi pulls a psych “that was only a clone” and we begin the process over and over again… It’s almost like what he does for Sasuke, “Just learn a new move” no jutsu…

“The real question is whether the real Naruto was in fact the one that went into the other dimension to face-rasengan Tobi, in which case things could get really complicated…” – Tenrai Senshi.

I am really looking forward to seeing how Nagato fits into the picture but overall this chapter seemed to be more a build to chapter. Giving us the Fate of the Kage’s and the Future of Konoha and ending with, Tobi the making of!

I found this panel interesting. Is “the crevasse between your world and the next…” the “other dimension” or does Madara mean that Obito is close to death? This will probably be explained in the next chapter when we are shown what has happened to Obito.

I do hope that Kishi, gives us a proper motive behind Obito’s change to Tobi, similar to how he showed Nagato become Pain. This will, in a sense, define the major points of Naruto Shippuden itself, leaving us to question once Tobi/Madara are dealt with where Kishi might go next and what will come after the War Arc.


Mini Debate?

Who is the most powerful Uchiha?


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Caption: Only Gillette gives you the perfect shave you deserve.

3rd) Coolbeans

Bubble. Wh…whats with those stares?
Caption. The look of a best friends threesome gone wrong, you’ll know it when you see it.

2nd) Ashesreignighted

Kakashi: “That’s….”
Naruto: “Prince Zuko??!!”
Caption: ” off panel ” Kakashi facepalms himself at Naruto’s Last Airbender reference.

Avenue0Pein: Who needs YOLO when you can be OBITO?

Well done to all the entrees. There were a lot of funny ones but I could only list a few.

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  2. Bubblition: (bubbliton?)

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    Tsunade: It’s… crushing me.

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    Next time, first comment, then read breakdown :p
    Katsuyu: Tsunade, this has gone beyond normal limits, you must stop this nonsense!
    Tsunade: Noo, leave me be… I just want to be “happy”!
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  5. I made 2nd on the bubbliton? I didn’t think I would make it in the top 3. I’m wondering if the election was rigged…….. ;P, just kidding!! 😀 Congrats Pein.

  6. @Ashes

    Being a last airbender watcher, I thought it was actually quite funny, so your place was deserved.


    Katsuya: I’m sorry Tsunade-sama! I forgot to yell “timer!”
    Tsunade: Just… call a doctor or a plotkai specialist or something…

    Caption: Sorry Tsunade, only an Uchiha could survive something like that.

  7. @ Nike – Well technically I read the breakdown before commenting 😛

    @ Ashes – and the winner of the Contest got a free cheesecake… I am just waiting for shipping now 😀


    Katsuya: OMG I didn’t know you could reproduce A sexually like me…
    Tsunade: Maybe my organs will be recreated and there will be two of me.

    Caption: *pein0avenue wakes up in a cold sweat* I need to stop reading Naruto before bed @___@

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    Actually, I read over all bubbliton entries I can and I usually search by “bubble” “caption” or “bubbliton,” so unless your post was missing all three of those words, it shouldn’t be overlooked. O_o


    Tsunade: United we stand! Divided we… Oh crap!
    Katsuyu: Tsunade-sama…

    Caption: There are moments were some speeches are just woefully inappropriate.

  11. In the polls it seems, Madara is the most powerful Uchiha and Naruto is the best choice for Hokage @___@

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    Katsuyu: Tsunade where are you?!
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  13. Apparently, I’m the only one that thinks Madara is a toilet clogging turd. Uchiha bore me. Itachi should have caused suicide and the other two should’ve stayed dead. Since, they are alive we now have Class 1000 shitstorm known as Typhoon Uchiha. *sighs*
    Bubblition: Oh my god, Tsunade-sama what happened.
    Tsunade: I fought the Uchiha and, The Uchiha won!
    Caption: The morale of this story is, “Don’t fight the Uchiha, you’ll never win.”

  14. @Kantonkage

    I doubt you’re the only one, but as much as there are different readers on this blog, there will be just as many different opinions.

  15. @tenrai Nagato’s true motive was not to let anymore idiots cause stupicide on his behalf like his parents and Yahiko.

  16. Itachi is the strongest Uchiha. There is more to strength than sheer power. Itachi has proved time and time again that what he wants, he gets. Either through his analytical mind, vast preperations, abilito predict outcomes, or asspulling to the point we have to question if he uses space/time jutsu to fit it all up there…

  17. Bubbliton:

    Tsunade: I’m goood..
    Katsuyu: You don’t look so good..
    Tsunade(2nd): I’ll be alright when we get to pass out time..

    Caption: That awkward moment you realize you get hurt so much that you look like Clay from “Run Ronnie Run.”

  18. Bubble / Bubblition:

    Katsuyu: You just had to pull an Obito, didn’t you?

    Tsunade: I couldn’t let that swirly bastard take all the crushing. Now bring me them Kages.

    Caption: Tsunade: Fame whore.

  19. @pein

    The question about the Naruto clone and where the real Naruto isn’t a mystery. The clone that broke Tobi’s mask some how hitched a ride back with Tobi. In the last page of chapter 599, you see Naruto a few feet away from Obito, presumably right after using his rasengan in the other dimension.

    In chapter 600, the same Naruto clone is standing in front of Kakashi and Guy and near Obito.

    In chapter 601, Madara states that the Naruto right in front of him is a clone and we get a panel that cuts to behind Kakashi to where Killer Bee and the 8Tails are, to where the real Naruto is. He was the one that fired off the Tailed beast bomb a few chapters back.

    The Naruto (clone) that was in front of Kakashi gets blown away by Madara.
    Then Madara jumps over Kakashi and Guy to where the real Naruto and Killer Bee are.

    It’s confusing because we didn’t think the naruto clone would be able to escape with Obito.

  20. i been thinking their are people in real life that just cause their girl friend or family died turn into serial killers or just killers why cant that happen with tobi/obito/maskguy/mandaras grandson?

  21. @Kanton

    I never mentioned Nagato, so I’m not sure why he was bought up. O__o


    “Itachi is the strongest Uchiha. There is more to strength than sheer power. Itachi has proved time and time again that what he wants, he gets. Either through his analytical mind, vast preperations, abilito predict outcomes, or asspulling to the point we have to question if he uses space/time jutsu to fit it all up there…”

    I dissagree. When you look at some of the things Itachi tried to achieve, you’ll see that he in fact failed in many regards. Firstly, his ploy to protect Sasuke and make him a hero in Konoha’s eyes was a failure. He tried to make Sasuke hate him and kill him so that he would be praised as the hero who defeated the villainous Uchiha who massacred his own clan. He thought that this was the best way to secure Sasuke’s safety and even protect him from the likes of Danzou, but all he ended up doing was turning Sasuke into an avenger who ended up wanting to destroy the very village that Itachi gave his life protecting.

    The second thing he failed at was killing Tobi. He tried to plant his power in Sasuke’s eyes so that Tobi would die on sight, but he didn’t account for the fact that Tobi might have been able to avoid his Amatarasu. It was because of this failure in preperation that Sasuke was snared by Tobi and turned against the world. So now not only is Sasuke an enemy of Konoha, he is also an international criminal.

    And lastly, Itachi’s third back-up plan for Sasuke in the form of Shisui’s eye was also misspent, seeing as how the eye ended up being used on Itachi himself. Even after meeting Sasuke, Itachi decided to leave it to Naruto to fix the problem and save Sasuke from darkness, knowing that he could no longer do it himself.

    If this is his carreer of perfect planning and always getting what he wants, I’m not really not sold on that idea. The only thing Itachi actually succeeded in with regards to what he intended, was when he managed to stop Edo Tensei and defeat Kabuto. Of course, even that could be considered a flop when you take into account the fact that Itachi gave Madara the opportunity he needed to free himself from Kabuto’s edo Tensei contract, thus unleashing a monster of horrific proportions on the world.

    My credit to Itachi was the fact that he himself admitted his flaws and said that he was mistaken in trying to do everything on his own. He himself openly admitted his shortcomings and his own humanity and to me, that actually puts him higher on my list as far as Uchiha go. Still, I don’t see why people always regard him as being perfect when he is anything but.

    In saying all this though, as far as battle strength goes, I do see Itachi as among the top Uchiha to ever live. I don’t think he beats Madara though and Obito is still a wild card to me because it seems his true power is only now starting to be shown.

    If I had to list it in order based on combat potential alone, I’d say…

    1: Uchiha Madara. The guy just wiped the floor with five Kage. Nuff said.
    2: Obito, simply because he has gone toe-to-toe with some of the best and lived, including the likes of Minato and Konan, not to mention the fact that he’s holding his own in a FOUR-ON-ONE battle against Naruto, Bee, Gai and Kakashi, four ninja who are among the strongest shinobi alive right now.
    3: Between Itachi and Sasuke. Sasuke I would say is stronger in raw power thanks to the EMS but Itachi makes up for it with his tactical genius in battle. This is still hard to measure though because I don’t believe we have fully seen what Sasuke’s ems is fully capable of yet and because Itachi was immortal thanks to Edo Tensei, I don’t think we can compare how he and Sasuke performed against Kabuto accurately when they are not on an even playing field.

  22. Kaytsuu: Tsunade!!! What happened !!!
    Tsunade: We put ourselves in the path of Hurricane Madara, I can’t feel my legs….

    Caption: This i what happens when characters try to stop a natural disaster Kishi created.

  23. @ Tenrai and Pein i like the Tag team double breakdown by the way 😀

  24. @Simplyantony

    In truth, wars have been started for lesser reasons than that which you have mentioned, so when it comes to realism, Kishi could give Obito any motive he likes and it would probably be realistic relative to what has actually happened in the real world.

    However, I think the point we need to consider is that this is a story and as a story, people want to be entertained, they don’t just want realism. If realism was all that was needed to make a story succesful, I would be able to listen to a story about someone chopping wood to make fire and be content. What readers want is something beyond realism. They want rich narrative and psycological depth. They want to be absorbed by a story and by the characters in it and for that to happen, the characters have to be interesting. Realism isn’t always enough to achieve that on its own especially depending on the context within which the story itself is written.

    In saying all that, I do believe that Obito may end up being a very interesting villain if we give him the chance. The problem is that when people are dead-set against something from the start, they are very unwilling to give it that chance…

  25. Does it truly matter what Uchiha is stronger when neither or the four actually lost a fight thanks to the SHARINHAX! Just saying. For the sake of the debate Madara wins because he has no weakness and has EMS, Rinnegan, Mokuton, Kyouka Suigetsu, Vector Change, Hougyoku, Imagine Breaker, Mind reading , Time stop, a philosopher’s stone, and over 9000 abilities I can’t think of right now.
    I think Madara pulled an Orochimaru and molested poor Obito into the darkside.
    @Tenrai maybe that was other Pein. Also I’m pretty sure some of those people are tired of Uchiha this Uchiha that.

  26. @tenrai i agree with all that yous said i for one really enjoy a villain thats been cursed by the whole world and has a bigeger reason than someones death. But all im saying is a lot of people are saying one persons death is not enough reason for someone to turn evil when its happen and sadly enought it is going to keep happening.

    As for what you said regarding Mr.Uchiha Mandara i believe that if he wouldn’t have been and edo zombie he would have been killed by the kages as he is now he has no regard for his life so he can pull a cell and self destroy himself all he wants. He was also granted some of the 1 cells if we put all uchihas in and equal playing field i think it will be hard to tell who is strongest but mandara might edge out the others but not by much.

    I also think itachi would have come in second( if he was fully healthy and not suffering from that disease) since he is a tactical genius so he would have figuered out obitos technique like the fourth did you also pointed out that itachi is far from perfect because all the things he had set up fail (and they did badly).But you have to take into consideration that anyones plan only goes as far as the things they can control. He can not control sasukes mind (well not yet at least). He did not know how many sharinga tobito had so it made his amateratsu? obsolete since he could just change eyes.

    Also he could not tell the future so he did not know of kabuto bringing him back with edo tensei and him having to fight naruto. I do not think we can judge itachi on his planning since all that just proves he is just as bad as Tsunade at gambling. A wise man once told me “son only bet on stuff were the outcome you can control.”(Btw that wise man was my father and not thelaughingwiseman). Itachi could not control any of that it was 50/50 on every gamble he took.

    However i do agree with what you said of itachi nt being the strongest uchiha. Sorry tenrai Redbaron hasn’t been here lately and you have gotten to complacent. (Plus i like playing a little of devils advocate) .Having said that do not eat me i havent been on this blog long but it does not take a genius to find out that you have a certain craving for human beings.

  27. Katysuyu: Want me to spot you?
    Tsunade: I think i sprained a muscle…
    Caption: The Splits… you’re doing it wrong.

  28. Well I am back and lmao what if naruto was a clone all along like suggested I can imagine the kyuubi saying “bitch! You mean to tell me I’ve been bonding with a clone?! At least have the decency to tell me yourself!” Other than that… nice breakdown I’ll debate later I’m going to sleep right now.

  29. @greyfox I couldn’t see that. Soce a clone is still Naruto. Also, how the hell clone get there and wouldn’t Kurama technically be a clone as well.

  30. @Tenrai
    If were splitting hairs, the only thing Itachi failed at was turning sasuke into a hero. He succeeded, as planned, in ridding Sasuke of Oro. He succeeded in passing his powers to him. He succeeded in planning for all to turn wrong and have a surprise attack on Tobi. He succeded with Sushis eye(it still helped protect Kohona). And what he said to Sasuke last may have him turning. We dont know yet. What exactly Sasuke wants to see and why, we still dont know.

    My point is, Itachi, unique to all other shinobi, prepared for failure. He prepared for himself to fail and set things in place to right those potential failures. His intelligence surpasses all other Uchiha. Madara may have more power, but Itachi knows how to use it.

    It’s the whole size of the boat vs the motion of the ocean all over again…..

  31. Its out!

  32. So, Madara really is a troll under a bridge. How is it possible that Team Minato was fighting exactly over Madara’s current home?

    I think Madara has a connection to the Uzumaki some how. I think he helped them escape from the massacre. How else could he have known Nagato? (Theory: His love for Mito Uzumaki and respect for this clan)

    Is the Gedo Mezo before or After Madara. I think Madara created the Gedo Mezo and only his eyes can activate it. That’s why he was attached to it and Nagato and Tobi were able to summon and use it (because they used Madara’s eyes).

    I thought the Sharingan was always activated with non-Uchiha? You know, like Kakashi’s? How is it that it wasn’t activated for Nagato?

    I still don’t understand the concept of how the 1st Hokage’s cells are being used. They are like the swiz-army knife for the ninja world. Well, it also explains how Tobi was put back together.

    The other baffling things left are: How is the Gedo Mezo supplied with Chakra? If it isn’t full when discovered than who put the Chakra in there and how do they do it? Also, who’s eye is that, that Madara is using? The massacre was before that, so was there a missing nin that was an Uchiha too or is that his old eye? Remember? You need other people’s eyes in order to get the EMS and as a result the rinnegan.

    And that process still baffles me, why can’t you just switch eyes with an other person with the MS to get the EMS? Why do you have to kill your brother inorder to achieve the EMS? Itachi lied that you have to kill your best friend in order to get the MS because Sishui was able to get his and so was Itachi. Why couldn’t they exchange eyes? Whatevs’ it was a cool chapter all around, it just brought up a lot more questions… 6/10 for me

  33. @ Wise, Remember the Nagato – Hanzou fight, a dragon came out of gedo mazou’s mouth and absorbed the chakra of anyone it touched. So the one made from hashirama’s harvested cells might be using tentacles through the ground to catch unsuspecting victims and then drains them of chakra.

    You can see a lot of suspended, dried out bodies, on the mazou and they must be acting like a life sustaining device for Madara.

    The real question is, why would Madara give Nagato the eyes and risk waiting for him to grow up and learn the rinnegan’s powers, when he knew he might die at any moment.

    It was pure chance that Obito was crushed right were he was hiding. Also I think Obito did manage to use the Kamui in order to prevent his body from being fully crushed. Maybe it was an instinct and it just happened for a slip second, just in time to save him from a imminent death.

    Sasuke was shown to advance at life and death situations throughout the manga and maybe that’s what happened here.

    Also, if madara’s left eye is a borrowed one, then who’s the Uchiha he took it from??

  34. Holy Molly, that chapter…
    Are we are assuming Madara gave the eyes to Nagato?
    He can´t leave the cave!
    Thx pein and Tenrai for the breakdown BTW, XD

  35. @Wiseman

    I think Gedo Moza was made from Hashirama’s cells. When we saw it in colour a few chapters ago it definitely looked like it was made from mokuton, so it wouldn’t surprise me if it was Madara’s creation. Chances are he made it for the specific purpose of sealing the Bijuu away, mostly because we know that Hashirama’s power allowed him to control and suppress the Bijuu so what better prison for them is there other than one made from that power? It also ties in with those chains that link the bijuu to the Gedo Moza and control them.

    I do agree with you in regards to the idea that only Madara’s eyes can control Gedo Moza. It would explain why Nagato, who was probably given Madara’s eyes to awaken the rinnegan, was able to control it and why Obito, who has one of those eyes, can control it now.

    As for Gedo Moza and how its supplied with chakra, there are a few possible explanations. One is natural energy and that kinda like how sages draw in natural energy from the world around them, Gedo Moza may also constantly draw in natural energy. The other explanation is that because Hashirama’s cells may have been used to make Gedo Moza, then it may have already been infused with his chakra and like any other living being, it can sustain its own chakra supply.

    And lastly, about the ems, it’s a simple matter where blood brothers are simply more adapted to one another when it comes to giving their eyes. It makes perfect sense that those related by blood have more chance of adapting to the power of their siblings eyes than someone who simply took a strangers eyes. If anyone could just do it then everyone in the Uchiha would have had the ems.

    All-in-all, I enjoyed this chapter because it felt like it gave a lot more depth to Madara as a character. It seems he’s not doing what he does just to watch the world burn and he does in fact desire peace. It feels like the heroes of this manga and the villains have the same goal. They just have different ideas of how that goal should be achieved…

  36. It’s true [Tenrai]. I still am having trouble thinking of Madara differently, but this chapter sort of says that Madara has some redeeming qualities. I think there is probably another answer that is going to come up in one of the new chapters that expresses how to ‘solve’ the conflict between the two ideologies.

    I’m guessing that what might happen is that they just figure that ‘might’ and ‘compassion’ might just have to try and live in harmony somehow – rather than there being a new answer. And example of an alternative may be something like… eradicating all chakra powers from existence or dividing up the chakra powers so evenly between everyone that ‘the power’ from the 10 tails is almost non-existent but still contained.

    I dunno, it’s really interesting. Weren’t you guys toying with the idea that the gedo mazou statue might be hashirama himself?

    I’m also suspecting Obito really did start getting brainwashed by Madara, and that Rin really did tip the scales. It makes more sense when Obito wasn’t the one that hatched the whole plan, and was more of Madara’s pawn. I’m sure that Rin was just a drop in the bucket after a while, but that may have been the first real paradigm shift.

  37. Just read the latest chapter and I must say that I predict in either next week or the week after, we’re going to either see Rin die or her funeral and Obito is going to witness it which is going to make him reconsider Madara’s plan and on the final page he decides to hear Madara out with an epic picture saying ”to be continued”.

  38. @Tenrai and Pein
    Excellent breakdown and especially with the tag team approach.

    Does this look like the same image of the 1st hokage

    Seems that either this Madara has good intention or he is just playing the parts to screw with Obito. Didn’t Obito do the same with Sasuke to increase his hatred?

  39. Oh shit, if you look in the middle image, to the second Full carcass, thats where Obito was “rebuilt”!
    As you can see the mask is the same one Tobi used for so long!

  40. wtf kishi? wuts wrong with u bro? this chapter indicates that madara was behind the infinite tsukyomi plan… then why the fuck would obito attack konoha using the nine tails? to lose the bijuu so necessary for the infinite tsukuyomi plan to work? or madara & obito r stupid enough to attack konoha for fun?

  41. @2cool2live

    Why don’t you wait and see why before you jump to conclusions? For all we know Obito was still acting on his own accord at that time and it was before he accepted Madara’s plan. Who knows what could have happened and why? I just think it’s a bit premature to say something is senseless until we know all the details. It’s like trying to critique a painting when you can only see the frame that holds it.

  42. @tenrai so ur saying obito might have hated konoha so much that he attacked it? why cuz rin died? seems like an even shittier plotline

  43. @2cool2live I’m thinking Tenrai’s right… we really can’t complain until Kishi at least gives enough information and backstory to complain about… we don’t know why he attacked Konoha.

  44. we can assume the possibilities why obito attacked konoha using previous information. (i don’t see any sensible possibility). if kishi decides to explain the attack unbacked by previous information, we can assume that kishi pulled a story out of his ass

  45. give me a possible explanataion for the attack that seems reasonable based on the story, then maybe i will stop complaining

  46. Technically, he didn’t set out to attack konoha. He came to get the 9 tails, but I think he decided to kill Minato in the meanwhile because he was among the few shinobi who could stop him.

  47. @eke2k6: Ah, that’s it.

    @2cool2live: His plan was to retrieve the nine tails, and he might have been able to do it too if he had just taken it and left. Obito wanted to stay and wreak some havoc on Konoha because Rin died and Konoha leaders have a lot of blood on their hands. I think in general, the Uchiha still want to strike Konoha down just like Nagato did with shinra tensei. Rin happens to be an added motivation for him to lose his cool.

    We’ve heard straight from Madara that Obito can sometimes get in over his head because he’s too hasty. Rin died. Madara and Obito think they are the good guys and see Konoha as the enemy.

    To be honest, if I take a step back and look at what’s going on – I don’t necessarily think that Obito and Madara are wrong. And normally what they are doing would be kind of sick and twisted. But look at the world they live in. One way or another Hashirama must not have had an ultimate answer for peace. Konoha turned away from that and continued to abuse their power – like the incident with the original Akasuki members.

    It looks like the remaining Uchiha are trying to find a way to achieve peace, much like Pein did. The only difference is Pein ended up believing Naruto could find a better answer. I still think we have yet to have a solid answer from Naruto though. What’s weird is, I think Naruto may have his answer, and we don’t know it yet.

    Minato was the classic example of what Hashirama must have been trying to achieve. Minato was compassionate, but I think we have to start thinking about if someone can be too compassionate. What happens when a person loves too much? They get obsessed. They get creepy. It’s compassion, out of balance. Even Minato, who was very loving to Naruto and Kushina (and who loved his country), would kill someone in a split second if they were willing to harm any of his family or fellow citizens of Konoha.

    Maybe this is the reason that Jiraya and Minato kept saying that they didn’t have an answer for peace. Minato and Jiraya only had a good plan for their own country, at the expense of other countries. That kind of thing is good when it comes to protecting your own people. But not good when it comes to people like Yahiko dying for peace.

  48. @eke and Gavin, what about The med nin, Biwako and baby Naruto didn’t know they posed a serious threat.
    What pisses me off is that all the bad guys who want peace are Uchiha/Sharingan related. Compared to the other Akatsuki members who could care less. If would be nice if every important aspect of this manga wasn’t Uchiha related.

  49. @kantonkage: I’m not sure where you were going with that. Can you elaborate?

  50. Bubble:
    Katsuya: Now what have we learned?
    Tsunade: That when Madara says he’s gonna show you his wood… it’s not a euphemism.
    Caption: Don’t feel too badly Tsunade, no one else ever thought an Uchiha would be on the delivering end of one of these jokes either.

  51. @Gavin thats the plot that Im afraid Kishi would take. I dont like it as much as i dont like Sasuke’s decision to go full emo on Konoha diregarding Itachi (then sasuke starts to act like a confused little bitch in this war when itachi dies). wut was so corrupt about the uchiha massacre. if you have people deciding to start a civil war just because they feel they dont have enough power (although being head of the police seems like good enough power), then it is not so corrupt to stop them. maybe there is another more subtle reason for obito’s attack on konoha, but it seems so subtle that it might be a plotkai no jutsu

  52. @2cool2live: I feel you bro. It would be nice to have another reason for Obito to attack Konoha. I think if it were anything, it would be an order from Madara. But like always, it could be Obito abusing his powers.

    Also, the more I see what happened to Obito, the more f-ing balls the guy has. Taking on Minato? That’s brassy metal balls.

  53. let’s all just take a step back and notice what’s really going on in this war. It is really weird how all these wars promote child soldiers. It kinda gives me a weird feel how we soaked all this up and didn’t question that. I get that its a popular manga, but damn just imagine is this manga also a promotion for the military. “Hey kids, join the military! And you can become ninjas in no time!” I think it’s glorifing war with all the “heroe’s” that come out of it. I for one am appauled!

    lol, just busting your guy’s chain. I still don’t get how Tobi was able to teach Itachi all the tricks of the MS. I guess they both took a field trip to the tablet for answers. Because Tobi had Itachi completely fooled, making him think he was Madara.

    I think Naruto is going to seal Itachi away with the Demon Death Seal. That is the only way to defeat Madara. That is basically the only technique that Madara didn’t know about, and I think he still doesn’t know about. Tobi left before he got to see how the thing worked. I don’t think it’s going to happen, but a part of me wishes Naruto went into Avatar mode and called upon his pasted clan’s folk to learn all badass sealing techniques that the Usumaki were known for. Just imagine Naruto slowly picking away at Madara until he was no more ( “as shell of [his] former self”). Fist start with sealing away Senju’s cells with a minor sealing technique, then go for realising his immortality, and making him mortal again (some how). Then go for sealing away his rinnengan. To top it off, Naruto should trick Madara into thinking they are both gonna get sealed away together by the Demon death seal and turn out that it would be a Kage Bunshin (his signature move). He would have slept out in the last second (Yellow flash style).

    That fight would encompass all that he was, and all that made him who he was (his father, his mother, his name’s sake, his style). It would be a badass final stage to the fight. What gives me hope about Naruto’s sealing prowess is how he was able to seal and unseal Kurama.

  54. @eke26 if he did plan to only get the nine tails and kill minato, then why not teleport/seal the kyuubi away and then fight minato? it seems to me he kept the kyuubi in konoha on purpose to wreck havoc, as it was part of his plan

  55. @2cool: That has also bothered me too. Why did he unleash Kurama? I thought his plan was to capture all the tailed beast. Than again, was he and Madara planning so far ahead as to make everyone in Konoha think that an Uchiha was responisble, setting about the chains of the Clans demise? Waiting 8 years until Itachi masacred the whole clan and take the sharingan eyes?

  56. In the words of Will Ferrel: “I call bullshit on that!!”

  57. @2cool2live

    I gave you a possible example and you decided to turn it into something negative. Now, not to be funny or anything, but if you want to get yourself worked up over hypothetical situations that may not even be true, then that’s your problem. I’m sure everyone will forgive me if I don’t weep in the streets over something that has yet to happen.

    Here’s the bottom line. We don’t know why Obito attacked Konoha yet. We don’t know if it was for revenge or if it was for some other deeper purpose. We don’t know if he was being reckless or if it was actually part of his plan. We don’t know if he was acting under Madara’s ideals at the time or if he was still being rebellious and most importantly, we don’t know if Rin’s death was the sole catalyst for the attack or if there was more to it that that.

    Going by all of those facts, why should we jump to conclusions and then say how “crap” an explanation is when in the end, it is only our own explanations and theories that are crap and not necessarily Kishi’s story, which has yet to be revealed? Sure, if Kishi does end up going down that road then by all means, grab the torches and pitch-forks and lead a mob to his front door, but until then, what is the point to all of this negativity? Yes, we can guess or theorize what the story will lead to as we often do, or we can even assume how it will end up going, however, to get worked up over our own theories when they have yet to be proven fact seems a bit pointless to me.

    It’s actually beginning to annoy me a bit. The blog’s here for us to enjoy ourselves and to create a good vibe for all the readers. It isn’t an asylum for people to just rant all day over things that haven’t actually happened. It creates such a negative atmosphere for those who are actually trying to enjoy the series. I get that we all want to complain sometimes and I do it as well, but complaining purely for the sake of complaining and nothing more is just overdoing it to me.

  58. (On a more positive note) I am kinda blown away by how Madara kept himself alive for so long. I mean Madara always seemed more of a fighter but never a Medical Ninja, biology kinda guy, does anyone else wonder if someone else helped him figure out how Hashirama’s cells worked? he got the cells off of Hashirama when they fought? Anyways the Gedo mazo kept him alive? a giant tree from Hashirama’s wood justu. That’s an Ent gone wrong right there.

  59. Madara reminds me of the old disney witch that gives the princesses the poisonous apple HERE:”
    You have to wonder what the hell Madara was doing down there for so long… must’ve been so lonely, like he must’ve really enjoyed Obito’s company. Obito’s reaction was so freaking hilarious “What does an old man like you want with me!?” HA!

  60. @ashes: That’s where I think his sharingan played a part in his increased medical skills. He would have been able to study many ways of healing and would have also studied some powerful beings as test subjects to see how he can prolong his life. I think he also created a way to have humans become bio-fuel for the Gedo Mezo that would keep him alive.

    How old is Karin? I think she is older than she may seem… Was she there when the massacre took place? They always say that the Usumaki lived longer, maybe they look young for a certain time too. Maybe that’s how Tsunade picked up the technique to make herself look young because it was an Uzumaki technique.

  61. @Wiseman

    Actually, if you think about Gedo Moza being associated with Hashirama and the fact that Hashirama could regenerate his body without hand seals, then you could probably attribute Madara’s long life to the fact that he was feeding of the renowned life force of the Senju who were said to have been given the body of the sage and his life force.

    Of course, even Tsunade would fall under this as a Senju herself.

  62. Anybody have a link to the new episode that’s iPad/iPhone friendly? All the places I usually go don’t have those mirror versions up yet

  63. @coolbeans

    Did you try watchanimeon?

  64. @coolbeans try or search videos

  65. Obito and Madara Gaiden please – it would be a shame to see this whole backstory rushed through in a chap or two…

  66. Watchanimeon worked, thanks guys! Can’t wait for the anime to catch up to the epic battles to come. Also I cant say im thrilled to see flash back no jutsu, butmim glad the Tobi story is getting fleshed out instead of glossed over. I would have been sooooo much more pissed if they pulled a “rin died so um I’m evil now ummmm so screw you guys muahaha”!

    Also when the f@$& did the first hokage become the universal doner to all nin everywhere any time with any body part/organs/cells for any nin of any family, any age, any power level, any where and any time!? It wasn’t all that long ago that orochimaru freaked the f$&@ out just because Yamato wasn’t still in a fetus jar!
    Ok that was a little intense but seriously, is the only thing that can beat back an uchia spam a senju (specifically hashirama senju)?

  67. @ashes: I wonder if it was the 2nd Hokage who helped Madara out… He created Edo Tensei, he was the one who suggested that medical nins be part of each team… there are other suspicions as well.. He would have been a younger brother trying to compete with his older brother the 1st Hokage. Hmmm… wouldn’t that be interesting…?

  68. @ arpotu Complete speculation with no evidence but I’m wondering if Orochimaru decided to ditch Madara that’s why he ended up needing Obito. it would explain how Orochimaru cloned hashirama and created Yamato.

  69. It’s confusing I just don’t see how he could accomplish it all on his own…. yes Katonkage we actually believe Uchiha’s are restrained a little bit by story logic. and no I don’t think Uchihahax is that strong ….. or am praying it doesn’t.

  70. it isn’t *

  71. @Ashes

    Well, technically speaking, Uchiha with fully developed sharingan have been beaten by non-Uchiha before, like how Hashirama defeated Madara and Minato defeated Tobi. So there is hope after all. Lol.

  72. @tenrai Not by much. Hashirama may have defeated Madara but Madara (with the power of Sharinhax) wound up with Hashirama DNA. Also Minato may have defeated Obitobi but sacrificed himself to seal Kurama that was released by Obitobi.
    @ashes Orochimaru didn’t create Yamato, he abducted Yamato.
    @coolbeans Well Tobi is classified as an antagonistic UCHIHA and Kishi made sure that UCHIHA are the main focus/unstoppable force of this story.

  73. @Katonkage

    well I think other than a change in your minor detail, what I meant is that Orochimaru working under Madara explains how Orochimaru would have access to the first’s DNA in order to infuse Yamato with it. unless Konoha just regularly let’s Medical Ninja play around with Hashirama’s unique and rare DNA qualities.

  74. @ Tenrai Kantokage is right, it’s almost like there is a “die before the Uchiha, you defeated dies” curse seems to be going around. The senju who take on Uchiha’s have won and then suffered a premature death as a side effect of winning. I really can’t fault him for his logic…

    @ Katonkage still I find that like the whole flashback = soon on panel death was faulty . I also don’t believe when a Uchiha is defeated by senju the senju must always die a premature death. I understand your deal with Kishi’s track record but I think it automatically takes for granted future possibilities by just assuming they are going to happen.

  75. @ashes What Senju are you talking about? Hashirama was the only Senju stated in story to have defeated an Uchiha and Minato isn’t a Senju. About the flashbacks, I agree for Kakazu nor Hidan got one.

  76. Well I’ve always assumed that the whole space time justu meant Minato was senju related. Unless you can name a non senju who uses space time jutsu besides Kakashi borrowing from the Uchiha, a specific Uchiha.

  77. Minato’s dad was the Second Hokage? That would be a mind blower…

  78. @Ashes

    Space time jutsu seems to be very rare. In fact, there are only four Ninja who have ever existed that we know can or were able to use it. Those are Kakashi, Obito, Minato and Tobirama – and when you consider that Kakashi got the power from Obito, it’s really an Uchiha, a Senju and a Namikaze.

    It’s not really a type of jutsu that any clan seems to be particulalry adept with seeing as how at most, we only know of one member of Senju or Uchiha who can use it, so I wouldn’t asume Minato is a Senju just because he knows Space Time jutsu. Also, Minato’s jutsu is mostly based on the sealing skills he learned from Kushina, an Uzumaki, so if anything I’d say the Hiraishin is more closely tied to them than to the Senju.

    Lastly, I don’t see why, if Minato was a Senju, he’d change his name to Namikaze.

  79. just throwing out weird and crazy possibilities. I didn’t really think it had much weight just entertaining silly ideas for fun

  80. Well I’m fine with him not being senju, my brain just always assumed he was related through his mother or something.

  81. i mean to say that maybe his mother was senju and his dad wasn’t

  82. I’ll jump in to this space time jutsu and I’ll bet my money on the fact that Uzumaki and Senjuu were best friends back in the day. So Hashirama might have been a powerhouse who didn’t need to learn a lot, much like a born genius, but Tobirama might have been the scholar type and studied under the Uzumakis the sealing techniques and came up with jutsus like the space time travel and also the Edo tensei, witch is a summoning jutsu itself.

    Maybe all the jutsus Tobirama knew were perfected from what he learned from the Uzumaki. His main trademark Senjuu skill was only the Massive use of Water jutsus witch were due to his huge chakra supply.

    Also that’s what Minato must have done himself seeing as he learned a great deal from Kushina witch in turn learned from her uzumaki peers and also from Mito, maybe.

    All in all Minato has his similarities with Tobirama except for the blonde hair. But Tobirama was known for a great deal of deadly jutsus, I would have loved to see him and his brother in there prime, taking on Uchihas with mind blowing jutsus. By the show that the former Edo Kages put on for us we could assume that Tobirama was very hated by both the 2nd Tsuchikage (who is MIA somewhere right now) and the 2nd Mizukage, witch means he was a strong dude to be able to fight those two and probably come out on top.

    the only thing that bugs me about Tobirama is that Kishi didn’t make him stand out at first and the kage battle royal at the start of the story was a disgrace for how they are portrayed now. Kishi kept adding new info about Tobirama as time went by to Up his reputation.

    I mean the dude used Space time Ninjutsu, he could detect enemies by just touching the ground with his finger (probably Mokuton related or even some sage technique for feeling the surroundings), he invented Edo tensei, he knew coll genjutsu and was a pro at water style and he also had that raiton blade (Sword of the Thunder god, another relation to Minato). All in all a very versatile shinobi. Much like Kakashi but with massive chakra.

    Actually now that I think about it, If you look at Kakashi’s dad and Kakashi himself, they look just like Tobirama, Same hair, known for being Kage level and versed ninjas with deadly reputations.

    I’m gonna look into this, what do you guys think

  83. @Eugen

    The Raiton blade was anime filler only and not to be taken as cannon, so I wouldn’t add that to Tobirama’s repertoire. As for his chakra, we can’t tell what it was actually like seeing as how Edo Tensei summons seem to never tire or run out of chakra. And even as versatile as Tobirama seems, he doesn’t quite come close to Hiruzen who was probably the most versatile Hokage of them all going by his reputation. I mean, the guy knew over 1000 jutsu and he mastered them all. He didn’t even have something like the Sharingan to just copy them, so that in itself says a lot. He was also good at summoning and sealing (as seen with the reaper death seal), was adept at kenjutsu (weapon techniques) and he had a crystal ball which could see everything. <_<

    Anyway, going by everything else you said, when you consider that Mito was Hashirama's wife and and Uzumaki, then your theory is plausible if you just consider that Mito may have taught Tobirama what was needed to learn his space time jutsu. However, nothing was ever mentioned about the Uzumaki being renowned for space time jutsu, only just for their sealing techniques and their life force which granted them very long lives. I could see Tobirama basing his space-time jutsu on the Uzumaki's seal techniques, kinda like how Minato did, but I don't think he learned space-time jutsu itself from them. I would like to think he was smart enough to come up with it on his own. @___@

  84. @ Ten, you actually put it way better in your last paragraph. I didn’t say the Uzumakis knew space time ninjutsu, only that Tobirama managed to put 2 and 2 together and came you with a fast way of traveling between to opened dimension gates ( like Minato’s seal beacons).

    Also Hiruzen was a true shinobi in power and mind, but just like with Tobirama, there’s not much that we can grab onto seeing as we’ve never seen this 2 fight in there prime and going all out.

    But it is a truly amazing thing what he learned both in quantity and quality, like you said even a person with a sharingan would have learned this jutsus over a long period. I mean, look at Kakashi who knows a lot of jutsus but not nearly as much as Hiruzen knew.

    Also Tobirama’s most notable student is Hiruzen, no doubt he learned a lot from him, but Homura and koharu aren’t mentioned for any grand feats like hiruzen’s student’s on the other hand. All 3 of Hiruzen’s pupils managed to make a name for themselves and became 3 of the most powerful shinobi out there. Jiraya and Orochimaru at least were above kage level and had skills that blew our minds. Tsunade is great too, no doubt, but all she dose is taijutsu and medical ninjutsu while Orochimaru and the J-Man knew sage techniques, sealing jutsus, they were pros at taijutsus and ninjutsu was over 9000 with them. Oro, I dare say, might have more knowledge the Hiruzen had, the only one that might surpass him is Madara in that department.

  85. @Hokage Battle Royale. I think there is a reason the Villagers considered the 3rd as the strongest Hokage ever. I think he would have beaten Hashirama and Madara Uchiha (not at the same time). Going on what Kishi is known to do, he can add to the 3rds repertoire. I feel like we got next to nothing in the Battle Royale. The kages were being controlled, and the 3rd was very, very old. Before the Sage of 6 Paths, the 3rd was known as the God of shinobi. or something like that. I think the battle was one because the 3rd knew about the techniques of the previous Hokage and the fact that they were also facing an unknown in the 3rd because he could have progressed with more techniques. I don’t think when he was younger that he was known as a person who knew 1000 techniques.

    This is how I rank the Hokage: Hiruzen, Hashirama, Minato, Tobirama, and than Tsundade

  86. This place still lives?? O_o

  87. Yep, still here debating like usual. Because of the recent Obito story, a lot of the old IRA people have commented on the board.

  88. Seems like the discussion died with my comment? O_o

  89. Flex, why did you change the avatar pic. The Kakashi avatar was your trademark.

    As for the discussion, I guess people are waiting till next week to see what changes Obito’s fighting heart to the pursue of darkness and eternal lies.

    I for one hope it’s going to contain some flashbacks from madara’s fall at Hashirama’s hands and how he came to plot from the undergrounds.

    Maybe orochimaru and Danzou were part of his plan and who knows maybe a lot of other people. But from what I gather, the old and dying madara was a humble man who wanted everyone to live a life of (false0 peace. the one fighting the kages and is on the battlefield right now (same dude) seems like he’s a lot more arrogant and doesn’t give a shit if he ends all life in his path and while he’s at it he Fu&*’s up the geography as well with that big ass Susanoo.

    Something changed in Madara as well and now it seems to have vanished and his attitude seems the same as he was after he lost the kage seat to Hashirama, full of hate.

  90. I changed my avatar because I wanted something new? O_o Why not? 😀 This can be my new trademark!!!!

  91. Bubblation:
    Katsuya: it’s ok tsunade, I’ll give them your last words…
    Tsunade: te… Te…… Tell them no dick jokes in the bubblation about a hokage dying
    Caption: oh S*** did I submit late this week?

  92. I was thinking about Obito;s intended use of the Juubi, and how he had intended to resurrect Madara, which would mean it’s possible only he could perform the infinite tsukuyomi; although that doesn’t make sense because according to the movie and whatnot, Obito is capable of performing a finite tsukuyomi.

    So this makes me wonder, if Obito had a particular plan of his own for the Juubi, but intended to resurrect Madara, would that mean Madara potentially had a plan that was different from the plan Obito stated, whether Obito intended to backstab Madara or not.

    And this makes me wonder, is it possible in order to stop the Gedo Mazo, will Naruto take the Gedo Mazo and all the biju inside of it, and seal it inside of himself?

  93. So who wants to know kishis vision of narutos peace? There’s a little theory I’m putting together on literal translation of episode names. I’ll give you a clue on my findings, it involves him building a bridge of understanding… Lol no one has thought of this before!!!

    But my side projects need to take a side track to a little fun time debate! We have no idea where the time line for the future will be after the war ends…. I (not advocating for or against) want to know how the naruto, Sakura, Hinata love triangle concludes…. Also it’s a square bc Sakura still loves sauske. But seriously both in the war and after its a huge subplot we have all forgotten especially since all of them are within a mile and some change and all looking for each other. (As in Zelda, sauskes side quests don’t count)

  94. Hmm, I take what happened to both Sakura and Hinata when they were both in parrel. Hinata got a way more explosive rage from Naruto, than when Sakura was slowly being choked to death by Gaara. I think it’s a good thing that it’s Hinata. Sakura loves Naruto, but not in the way Naruto did. I also think Naruto has become different after the Pein battle, in that he doesn’t really have a connection to anyone anymore. And this whole War arc has been about him finding himself and in the process accepting of everything around him.

  95. O_o

  96. o_O

  97. Psh, Pain didn’t do all that for his family… He did it all because the killed Tiny!!! 😥

  98. Tiny nooooooo!

  99. Tiny Noooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!

  100. “I will declare myself god and blow you the hell up with the reanimated corps of my best freind!!!!! Also Konan is like an angel or something”

    -what has kishi taught us about messing with a boys dog


  101. I will attempt murder an entire village filled with helpless children, parents, and presumably animals because my parents, friend, and dog died. Mainly the dog though. Genius!

  102. @__@ It was the greatest pain ever…. That dog T___T

    The only problem I have with Tobi is, the girl that “Friendzoned” him died… Collect tailed beast to create a genjutsu where they can be together 😛

    *Tiny NOOOOOOO!!!!!*

  103. @Pein

    Well, we don’t know the entire reason behind the moon eye plan. If it was just to be with Rin then Obito could just use a smaller genjutsu on himself and be done with it. Lol.

    But he wants to put the whole world in a genjutsu. Why is that? If you ask me, there’s more to this but we just need to wait and see what is revealed.

    Also, you were meant to say “Tiny NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!” That goes for you too Flex.

  104. Efff you, I started the chain >__> and Pein cheated to keep it going

  105. @___@ I was told off so thought I had to 😛

  106. @reflex you should replace killed with suicide.
    Tobi becomes a reject Darth Vader but didn’t get the girl meaning no Luke or Leia.
    Madara want to be a Pokemon master but Hashirama stole his pokeballs and the bijuu Pokemon. He just claims that the insignia is a fan in actuality is a pokeball. He still hold a grudge towards Hashirama for catching them all.

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