Fairy Tail 296-297 Double Breakdown! Natsu, the Ultimate Fire Dragon Troll.

Welcome to this week’s Fairy Tail double breakdown, WRA!

Who is this mysterious woman?

Chapter 296 and 297 concluded the Battle of the Dragon Slayers, which I really hated.
After Sting and Rogue got hyped up for months, I expected a much more exciting battle. It started with Natsu and Gajeel pwning their opponents effortlessly, even after they activated their Drives. I rejoiced when they used Dragon Force and it looked like Sting alone would have been able to defeat them, but when they got up after that beating as if nothing happened, I facepalmed.  And when Natsu proclaimed that he would have defeated them alone, I couldn’t believe it.

He then proceeded to literally burn through every single one of their attacks, even Unison Raid, and Sting and Rogue collapse after the beating he gave them. Finally one of the Twin Dragons says something smart…

Rogue pretty much sums up what everyone was thinking.

Just how much did the Sabertooth Dragons overestimate themselves (or underestimate Fairy Tail) if they actually thought they could defeat both of their opponents? Were they really so cocky that they didn’t even train during the three months between Fairy Tail’s return and the Grand Magic Games? If they didn’t, then I can understand why they lost, but I still think Natsu should have struggled more. Sabertooth should have been able to put up a fight even without Dragon Force.

In the end, this fight left a bad taste in my mouth. For starters, Rogue, a character I actually liked, was completely trolled by Mashima. Sting got all the spotlight and he beat up Natsu and Gajeel, even though it was only for a chapter. The Shadow Dragon didn’t use any secret Dragon Arts and he wasn’t even defeated by his rival Gajeel! Also, Natsu didn’t show us any awesome new techniques, so I was really disappointed.

Anyway, enough complaining. Chapter 297 was actually pretty good. We got a mysterious two-page spread of the Dragon Graveyard, but no further explanation was given. Also, Jellal managed to catch up with the hooded man woman and her true identity really shocks him…. Unfortunately the chapter ends on a cliffhanger and we’ll have to wait three weeks to know who she is!

*clicks to go to the last page* TO BE CONTINUED?!! Mashima is the master troll.

I’ve read many theories about who this hooded woman could be, but I still have no idea. Some people think she’s Lucy from the future, others think it’s a genderbent Zeref… But I really don’t know. What do you think?

Well, that’s it for me. See you next week with another Grand Magic Games side story!!

No one cares about the face of that girl… If you know what I mean. @___@

-最強 Dragon


~ by 最強 Dragon on September 11, 2012.

9 Responses to “Fairy Tail 296-297 Double Breakdown! Natsu, the Ultimate Fire Dragon Troll.”

  1. Err, Dragon. You forgot one chapter.

  2. @kanton: That chapter was awesome, but it didn’t have enough… substance to make a breakdown out of it. 😛

  3. Nice Breakdown Dragon!

    I truly hope the next chapter will have more then Fan Service lol, I think Natsu beating the guys was sort of a “Anti” Climax, It was a battle forshadowed the entire arc though.

  4. New fairy tail is out and geez… Mashima is doing filler in his own manga…
    Not that it’s bad filler but still…

  5. I thought that was Erza in the cover. it makes since and all considering her outward personality and such. I grow weary of manga made fillers… What is up with that. I guess there is something important in the chapters that’s we’re suppose to see. Or maybe it’s just a lame chapter with nothing to do with the main story at all

  6. Wow….
    Go Sting! Now all you have to do is kill the little beech of a daughter of his and maybe… Just maybe, Sabertooth will have a chance to become a decent guild.

    It’s a shame that it took that much to get something done about him though.

  7. That was quite a dark chapter, especially going by FT’s standards. Two character deaths in one chapter? When does that happen? I think there have only been two deaths in this entire manga (not including flashbacks) and now one chapter doubles that. Lol.

    All-in-all, a very interesting chapter. I wonder where things will go from here and what the fate is of Sabertooth as a guild. More importantly, what will Sting become now?

  8. @Tenrai, five actually (Simon, Zancrow, Hades, Zoldeo and Jude Heartiphilia. Kill him dead again, Sting!

  9. @Kantonkage
    You forgot about Ul, which along with the two recent deaths brings the count to eight.

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