Naruto Chapter 599 Breakdown: The mystery behind Tobi is revealed! Well, mostly…

We’ve finally arrived…

That’s right people, the moment where the mystery behind Tobi’s identity would be revealed has now finally come to pass and for many, it was a moment either filled with a great amount of joy and triumph, or a great amount of anger and frustration. When one considers the nature of this reveal and the fact that Tobi was shown to be none other than Obito himself, it’s easy to understand why so many emotions would be involved, but for Tobito theorist haters in particular, I present to you this video – compliments of Amatarasu – which should convey your feelings quite soundly.

For those of you who were Tobito supporters – like myself – this was probably one of the single most exciting chapters you would have read, but before we get too far ahead of ourselves, let’s take a deeper look.

To start, if I were to put it quite blatantly, I would say that this latest chapter was really nothing more than one massive flashback, but what really sets it apart from other similar chapters and makes it unique is that it is the first chapter that Kishi has ever given us that is completely wordless – save for one line from Kakashi right at the end. Instead of the typical dialogue that is used liberally to translate what’s going on, the chapter uses visuals alone to convey its message  and to me, it did this quite effectively.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but some are worth a lifetime…

The first opening scene was one I particularly enjoyed, because it gave us a glimpse as to what the academy days might have been like for the previous generation who now act as the mentors for the likes of Naruto and his peers. Seeing the miniature versions of Guy, Kakashi, Genma, Kurenai, Anko and Asuma – among others – was a bit of a treat in itself, but it also served as a foundation on which to place Obito as a character.

No longer is Obito simply an entity which only existed as a member of team Minato, because we are now able to place him as a part of a much bigger picture. He was also just a boy who had many peers, acquaintances, rivals, friends and fellow ninja who would eventually serve at his side. He was an integral part of a greater whole and it is with that foundation that we can explore what role he would eventually play in shaping the future.

In a cycle that transcends the ages, those who were once learners would eventually become teachers. Those who were once soldiers would eventually become leaders.

We’re also given many clues about what kind of person Obito was. For the most part, his early incarnation seems to match Naruto’s personality in many ways – as both as a clumsy goofball who was often on the receiving end regarding the consequences of his reckless actions, and as a confident showoff who really just wanted to impress those around him.

Because of this, I am sure he was also seen by his peers in a similar light as well – at first as nothing more than a nuisance, but then later – as time went by – for the caring and strong-willed person he really was.

Naruto Ninja rule no 1: Never suck on small round objects. Not only does it interfere with ninja battles in a potentially fatal manner, but it’s also a signal to “talent” scouts like Orochimaru who may use such a skill for other, far more nefarious purposes…

Another thing that seemed to be a very strong focal point in this flashback was the slowly-budding relationship between Obito and Rin. It seems pretty clear from the off set that Obito has a crush on Rin; one that the latter seems oblivious to. Although Rin treats Obito as a friend and companion for the most part, it’s clear that his feelings for her are much stronger than that, even though she doesn’t seem to see their relationship in the same light.

This creates a form of tension that seems to grow as Kakashi – the one Rin is truly interested in – becomes an increasingly greater focus for her admiration.

Have you ever loved somebody who will never look your way?

This scene where you see Obito looking at Rin as if she was out of his reach seemed very symbolic to me for two reasons. The first was the eye patch on Obito’s left eye, which was the same eye that he gave to Kakashi and the same eye he would be missing later on in the story. This ties in with the second reason, which was the fact that this is the only time we really see Obito without his mask or headband, which gives us a good look at his face and his features as a whole.

The Obito we see in this scene, with the dampened expression and deep scowl, very much resembles how the “Obito” we saw at the end of the chapter looked, missing eye and all, with the only real difference being the existence of scars on the left side of his face and the fact that the Obito at the end had a darker expression.

A face once forlorn is now filled with a cold and ruthless gaze.

Whether Kishi is trying to marry Obito’s feelings for Rin with the reasons behind his current actions since her death is unclear, but one thing is certain, she clearly played some role in the events that lead up to Obito’s downfall. Whether his actions are based solely on her or whether there is a deeper connection remains to be seen, but I’m sure we’ll have our answers soon.

Aside from that, you could say that for the most part, we were treated to a visual journey of Obito’s life from the time he entered the ninja academy, to the moment of his “death” when he gave Kakashi his left eye. I personally enjoyed the chapter for its unique style and change of pace, but I am well aware of the fact that many would have dislike it for the very same reason I enjoyed it. In saying that, I must also say that despite this picturesque scene, things were far from “picture perfect” and there were a few small mistakes that may have been caused by some oversight from Kishi, mistakes that were pointed out by members on the blog.

One of the more blatant ones – as identified by Salamiyo – was where we had Obito standing with the stone faces of the Kage, most notably Minato’s face, carved on the mountain in the background, which is odd because this took place in a timeline before Minato had become Hokage.

Obito not only behaves like Naruto, but aside from the whisker marks and his hair and eye colours, he also looks very similar to Naruto as well.

Aside from all that this chapter also gave us quite a few other little snippets of hidden information for those who were paying attention. Although most are probably not that important in terms of the direct plot at hand, it’s still interesting to take note of. For example, if you look at the composition of the team battles in the “chunin exam” part of the flashback, you’ll notice that Gai, Ebisu and Genma were on a team together, which seems like quite a strange collection of oddballs. Heaven only knows how Gai would have fit with those two, but I suppose it wouldn’t have been the oddest team we’ve seen.

It also seems that Anko and Inoichi were on a team with someone who, oddly enough, looks something like Kabuto (I wonder if Orochimaru was their jounin sensei), while Hayate Gekko can be seen on a team with Ibiki and someone who looks like an Akamichi, named Tokara.

The Narutoverse – the only place where parents actually encourage their children to play with sharp weapons and reward them for it.

In the end though, we have to see this chapter for what it is. It was the moment many of us had been waiting for basically since Tobi was first revealed in part two. How much of a success it was in that regard really depends on whether you were a Tobito supported or not, because as I’ve seen from comments, some people loved it and some hated it.

Many of you are still arguing about whether it really is Obito or if Tobi is just using Obito’s body and that it might be someone like Izuna instead, but to me, the last page made quite a bold deceleration that cannot easily be ignored.

Right at the end, in the black text, it clearly states “It’s finally revealed. His name is Obito!” To me, this isn’t a declaration Kishi would make unless this was, in fact, Obito and not just some imposter using his body. It would seem a bit strange if, come next chapter, he suddenly went against that declaration as if to say “Nah, I was just pulling your leg.”

Of course, with all things said and done, many anti-Tobito theorists would still argue that there might be a twist to this tale despite this and to be fair, I have to say that it may very well be a possibility. It just feels somewhat unlikely to me though, although I may be proven wrong. I do, however, find the idea of one of Naruto’s greatest villains coming from the same generation that raised its greatest hero quite an intriguing one.

Well, that’s all from me this week. Here are last week’s Bubbliton Contest winners.

3rd) Ashesreignighted

Tobi: Nya nya nya nya, you can’t hit me! ( in sing song voice)
Caption: He’s going to regret painting that target on his mask.

2nd The Incredible Marksman

Tobi: My, what big balls you have.
Caption: The better to smack YOUR FACE WI— wait… errrr….Can we…can we start over?

The Incredible Marksman: That awkward moment when you realize your mask has a bulls-eye on it. <__<

It seems The Incredible Marksman lived up to his name last week with two winning entries. Congratulations.

As for this week’s bubbliton, I’ll have you know that it was very difficult to find a suitable bubble in a chapter where they were pretty much nonexistent. But there was something….

*Insert caption here.*

I hope this one isn’t too difficult, but there wasn’t much else to use.

See you all in the comments. ^ ^

~ by Tenrai Senshi on September 3, 2012.

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  1. FIRST!!!

  2. Obito being Tobi, As I said was predictable, there was no Surprise there but what I wonder is, why does half of Tobi’s face look like a young man and the other half old… could be that it was crushed but the way I saw it, his entire body had been crushed in the collapse

    EPIC Chapter, look forward to this weeks… Hopefully someone will die in this war arc… Doubt it though…

  3. I love tis blog cause instead of complaining a about how much Kishi “Trolled” us, you took the chapter for what it was, a flashback to see how the once students and soldiers of yesteryear, now are the teachers, leaders, and generals of today. I , like you, knew Obito was Tobi, so when I found put it was mainly anticlimatic, nevertheless this chapter was great. I also appreciate how you caught the significane of the scene when Rin was watching Kakashi fight Gai, and Obito (looking through the eye that he would give to Kakashi) had such pain in them, then looking at Obito’s face now, it’s the same look of pain, but this time mixed with hate. Lastly, I think Rin’s death has something to do with why Obito is this way, cause I see no other reason and in two instances (ch. 595,597) Obito says Kakashi opened his mouth to easily, thats why he’s lived a life of regret; then he says that Kakashi is all words but no action. These instances must be related to Rin and maybe Kakashi couldn’t save or protect Rin like he promised Obito he would

  4. Good breakdown, though I hope there is more to this story than Obito was sad, started collecting the eyes of his bretheren, and decided to take over the world.

    The video up top isn’t working, btw.

  5. mangastream translated the last page differently, “It finally surfaced, the name Obito!!!” . it wasn’t quite a declaration of Identity. I usually prefer mangstreams ability to deal with subtle differences and their translation usually can deal with the more difficult ideas. I’m still holding out until 600 then more than likely how he deals with the chapter will leave probably force one side or the other to truly claim victory. Whereas Obito fans are excited and the non- Obito fans are disappointed or just frustrated. We really don’t know anything… I’m just waiting for a little more proof. The flashback in this chapter from Obito’s perspective definitely makes it harder to deny that Obito is Tobi . I say hard but then again we still have the “I gave him the Rinnegan” and “I’ve waited a long time for this” and the fact that he’s has some personal relationship with Madara. Who was probably dead before he was born.

  6. @Mantis

    Thanks for letting me know, I’ll fix the link.

  7. @Mantis

    There we go, it’s fixed.


    A different translation may end up steering things in a different direction, so with that in mind, I’ll keep my mind open for any twists that come along. Lol. still, it would seem odd to have all this build-up showing Obito only for it to not be Obito. That would be like a waste of a chapter. O_o


    Thanks for all the positive feedback and welcome to WRA if you haven’t commented before. ^ ^

  8. So, this is pretty weird. There has always been a yin yang relationship between some of the squad mates in the ninja world. Naruto and Sasuke are the main example. But it seems like when one person dies, the other one sort of goes against their nature. For example… Kakashi seemed to be very affected by the death of Obito. Kakashi was Sasuke in this case, and instead of being a might is right sort of person, he became more of a loving his fellow man person. Oh shit! I just realized there is one more person I would love to see under the mask – Kakashi! Maybe while they are making reveals – we can see Kakashi too?

    Anyway, what happened to Obito changed Kakashi forever, and that’s the underlying dramatic tension. If Obito is alive (which clearly, he is right here in front of him) then his feelings have been somewhat of a lie the whole time. Basically, because they were not around each other to level off what is in each other’s ‘nature’ – the heavy handed Kakashi mellowed out, and Obito went all crazy on us. Notice that when Yahiko and Nagato were basically equal partners, that they were a largely influencing peace. I believe there are many teams (a lot of the time with a girl to back them up) like Orochimaru and Jiraya that seem to be a force for good until they are separated.

    This explains the tension of the entire series in my book. Right now we are dealing with yet another team where their influence was strong because of one another, and then later on bad things happen if they are separated. It is as if there is a destiny that doesn’t quite come into fruition every time this happens. And we should be looking closely at if Naruto and Sasuke rise above this pattern, or be a victim of it – changing nothing. I believe what will happen, is that Naruto and Sasuke will be a team again, maybe even with Sakura on the side. Naruto’s stubbornness to get his friend back will break the mold.

    But for now, Obito is simply another character that needs to be redeemed. I think that what shows through here is that Naruto is going to act very similar to Obito if Sasuke is killed. Although, I’m not sure that at this point Obito can be redeemed if he was responsible for the Uchiha massacre.

  9. My reaction to this Breakdown @___@

    Start at 1:02

  10. That Hitler Reaction was Classic…

    I understand, I liked this Chapter because it gave Obito more a reason to become a villain and it made him seem like Naruto copy… I still believe however there is more then one Tobi though the current one is Obito. Its sort of annoying thinking that Pein used to take orders from someone like him, and how the hell did he improve so much to go from being the weakest in a squad to being able to subdue the Kyuubi and be able to take on Minato? Its MADNESS!!!

  11. Meh. There’s a twist in there somewhere. I think Obito’s body was the prototype for what Orochimaru wanted Sasuke for.

    Bubblition / Bubble:

    Naruto: Dafuq happened to you?

    Caption: No wonder he wears a mask

  12. @pein no it’s Uchihax’s fully matured Sharinghax logic. Don’t question the logic or your brain will explode unless you’re a Uchiha.

  13. ALot of people are saying that Tobi has a double personallity and that Izuna is in their but what id ont get is Oro used the same body transfer technique before and he had all the control over the body so if izuna did use the same technique as Oro then why does he have a double personanlity….

    Also we do not know what kind of training obito went threw in those years after his ” death” lets not forget that naruto practicly master sage mode in a couple of weeks and he controlled the nine tails in a couple of days i understand this is because of his shadow clone jutsu but maybe mandara or zetsu found some type of training that works extremely well for and uchiha to develop their eyes faster we can not rule out everything since it is not set in stone lets not forget that after the time skip sasuke was able to beat Oro, itachi, fight the 5 kages and kill danzou

  14. bubbilation: I… I… still don’t know who that is…
    caption: Remember folks, Naruto didn’t even know who Obito was

  15. Great one Ten, really well done.

    I for one will agree with Ashes, Mangastream always gave us better details in there translation, and to comment on the final statement “We have a name, Obito”, I’d like you to check back to the Naruto vs Pain battle right before naruto throws the FRS at the 6 paths, the title was, ” A new jutsu, Waves of rage”. That was nothing more then a build up of suspense and the next chapter we got to see the waves were nothing more then the Flying Rassen Shuriken.

    This might also be the case here, I for one am 98% convinced it’s Obito from now on but I’m waiting on his story and what happened after the rock slide. And that, unlike Kabuto’s back story, better be well made by kishi, seeing it’s such an important part of the story.


    Obito: What ? Did I miss a spot?
    Naruto: Ahh, no, it looks fine, just fine.

    Caption: Only Gillette gives you the perfect shave you deserve

  16. @ Pein hahahaha loved the reaction for getting first 😀

  17. @Tenrai what about the Sasuke build up that led to the disappointing white zetsu kill? we were anticipating a rampaging Sasuke dashing into battle carving into the Konoha 11 (after he left the cave). instead three white zetsu which were pretty much interrogated and burned alive.

  18. Kakashi: “That’s….”

    Naruto: “Prince Zuko??!!”

    Caption: ” off panel ” Kakashi facepalms himself at Naruto’s Last Airbender reference

  19. for those who don’t watch Airbender Zuko has a burn that looks very similar to the “bad” side of Obito’s face.

  20. To be Obito or to not be Obito…that is the question. But not really. Weather you’re a supporter or rival of the Tobito, there are plotholes we all want..and need…filled. I just hope that, either way, it is explained well and the manga can keep being the manga, and not some southern inbred offbreed that becomes a second roe v wade issue..

  21. @Ashes

    “@Tenrai what about the Sasuke build up that led to the disappointing white zetsu kill?”

    That’s not quite the same situation as Tobi’s reveal. Sasuke showing off his power won’t change the entire direction of the plot and turn the Narutoverse upside down. Tobi’s reveal, however, will potentially do just that. This last chapter clearly focussed on Obito’s life to a practically intimate degree. Then at the end we see someone who looks like Obito, has the same power as Obito, has the scars that Obito would have had and who talks to Kakashi in a personal manner as if he’s Obito. Then at the end of the chapter it says “the mystery is revealed,” so with all of those things adding up, can we really now still say that its not Obito? As of right now, to me it would be odd to suddenly say its not Obito and it’s just someone using his body. Why use a crushed body of a half-dead Uchiha when you could find a much healthier body to use if you were going to posses someone? X____x

    In the end I’m not saying that Tobi being someone else is impossible, I just feel that with the way things have goen it’s unlikely.

  22. true but a dead body doesn’t stir suspicions as easily as someone who goes missing, also a body without a soul makes transfer convenient. He doesn’t have to kidnap and kill someone when he can just repair a body found on the battle field.

    I’m going to try not to debate the Identity thing and be patient for the “explanation”. I’m just anxious for the chapter, finally some answers.

  23. Bubbliton:

    Naruto: Damn, Baron’s gonna be mad when he sees this…
    Caption: It’s too late for that Naruto…

    Bubbliton 2:

    Naruto: Woah, those lines look awfully familiar.
    Caption: Now we know who Itachi’s makeup artist sensei was…

  24. Bubblition:

    Naruto: no wonder he wore a mask over that saggy ball wrinkly skin face
    Caption: Kakashi realises the horror of the prospect of Obito coming on to him with his sweaty scrotum face if Kakashi reveals Rins face behind his own half mask and Obito is aroused.

  25. Bubblition:

    Naruto: Brace yourselves…
    Caption: The sob stories are coming!

  26. Bubblition:

    Naruto: Oh… my… god….
    Caption: That was when they realized… Tenrai was going to eat them all….

  27. Bubble: It’s true, still can’t believe it though.
    Caption: Yes, Naruto. All Uchiha are Emo.

  28. Naruto: his face….
    Caption: “Facial deformity, how to create the ultimate stink eye” by Tobito Uchiha

  29. hey guys yall notice in the picture of Obito looking at the monuments, the 4th hokage’s face is up there? EIther I missed something but I believe the 4th hokage was made hokage after Obito’s death if I am not mistaken. ALSO, Tobi had a bandana on… what happened to that?

  30. I re-read 599 and not sure if the monument is the 4th hokage’s face or just Obito showing Rin an imaginary picture of himself when he is older and became hokage. If you look at (Minato), (monument), and (without his goggles) it looks very similar.

    Excellent breakdown Tenrai on a non verbal chapter.

    Naruto: Don’t tell me I FTG too far
    Caption: Naruto meet Twilight

  31. lmao at tenrais bubblition about baron was pretty funny i wanted to participate but tenrais is way better than anyone i could come up with at this momment lol

  32. @Greyfox

    I mentioned that visual discrepancy in my breakdown and it was mentioned by Salamiyo and Kisu beforehand, so yeah, I guess others did notice. Lol.

    As for Tobi’s bandana, that was what was keeping his mask over his face so far as I know, so when the mask broke, the back part of the bandana came off with it.

  33. Its’ out!!!

  34. Yes, Yes a thousand times yes!!!! Naruto’s true test has arrived!! Finally! I knew it. Madara and who-ever the fuck it is are going to fight Naruto and Kakash and Mighty Guy!!!! Naruto better destroy

  35. Bloody Fuc*ing hell, he went after the whole world because Rin died. That was the biggest slap on the face since Tiny. Anyway, I really don’t care anymore about Tobi, let’s get the action going and have the best match of the Narutoverse unveil before our eyes.

    I can’t wait for the next 2 months, there gonna be over 9000 with Patrick Swayze showing Chuck Norris dance moves while Captain Planet makes a beatbox.

    Madara and Tobi vs The Strongest 4 man cell.

  36. Well, it’s definitely confirmed that it’s Obito, even Madara called him by that name, so we can finally put these “Kishi is trolling Obito fans” and “he’s posessed” discussions to rest. Besides that this chapter was epic!!! And the ending… Even more epic. Things are about to get hectic.


    I think Obito was mentioning Rin’s death as the reason he never told Kakashi he was alive, not as the reason he’s going for the moon eye plan. He said that he didn’t care about blaming reality for what happened so I doubt Rin’s death is his only motive. I think he’s just at the point where he wants to just end everything.

  37. “I think Obito was mentioning Rin’s death as the reason he never told Kakashi he was alive, not as the reason he’s going for the moon eye plan.”

    This is correct. We still need to hear about his real motivations.

  38. My reaction to these last two chapters. Especially, the last page.

    Bubblition: I heard of cutting but this ridiculous.
    Caption: Face cutting for the hardcore emo.

  39. :)) LMAO Kanton

  40. So now we have two Uchiha/Rinnegan/Sharinhax wielders vs two of the strongest Jinchuuriki and 2 Kage level jounin sensei. This battle may end up changing a few landmarks on them global maps…

    I am slightly disappointed that the Kage never managed to keep their promise to Naruto, but seeing Naruto and company fighting Madara and Obito at the same time should be epic enough to make up for that. Unless, of course, the Kage come along and join the fight as well, in which case, those map makers are gonna be cursing for ages. Lol.

  41. I think we’ll see that 8th gate. Gai should reach the 4th’s level of speed, fast enough to avoid being absorbed.

  42. I wonder if Sasuke and Orochimaru will join this epic of epics fight?

    I mean, who knows more then those 2 Uchihas ( Tobi and Madara) about the shadowy business of the ninja world, they themselves caused most of the baddest stuff that happened.

    And if Sasuke dose manage to reach them I’m looking forward to seeing his expression when he sees Naruto’s full Kyuubi form.
    As far as the balance is concerned, I think Madara and Tobi are 30-40% in advantage over the others, unless Naruto pulls out the other Bijuu’s gift.

  43. Wait! Aren’t madara and sasuke able to supress the kyuubi with ease?

  44. Don’t forget, Sasuke has to show up as well! So add that level of destruction to the mix 🙂

  45. Great breakdown. Hitler reaction was epic. I think madara clone is here. One fighting the kages, one to capture the nine tails and one maybe to bring sasuke to the dark side or team uchiha. Or maybe Sasuke might comes to help defeat madara once he is the true destiny of uchiha, power and destruction. Like what darlek khan did in Dr who, manipulated time and space to cause the genocide of his own race.

  46. Nice intro to the blog tand00riexpr3ss1, welcome. I for one hope Sasuke doesn’t show up like a troll when thing appear bleak to the others and becomes a savior of sorts.

    One thing I want very badly is for Sasuke to kill Tobi and thus wash the dirt he brought upon the Uchiha and also avenge his clan.
    And for Naruto to destroy Madara and prove himself a true Uzumaki and Senjuu to everyone but mostly to Madara, that Hashirama wasn’t the only man to be able to bring his haxed ass down.

  47. @Eugen

    To me, it would be more appropriate if Sasuke fought Madara rather than Obito, because Madara is the one Uchiha who created the situation that eventually led to his clan’s downfall.

    Obito, on the other hand, was always someone Naruto was meant to defeat. In fact, the whole reason Minato sealed Kurama into him was precisely for that very purpose. It would be a bit stupid if Minato died for that cause only for Sasuke to show up and defeat Obito in Naruto’s place. I actually think it would be cool if Sasuke and Naruto went for a temporary ceasefire and teamed up to defeat Tobi and Madara. That would be an epic two vs two battle. Then after that, they could go back to killing each other. @___@

  48. @eugen it was 30-40% percent when Obitobi by himself. Now it’s 99.999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999*a billion more nines*%. Remember Madara has no weakness and has all of the game breakers (Ems, Rinnegan and Mokuton) also his an undead regenerative zombie.
    @tenrai unfortunately Madara an Uchiha and Uchiha (with a fully matured sharingan) don’t lose outside a flashback.

  49. @Kantonkage

    “unfortunately Madara an Uchiha and Uchiha (with a fully matured sharingan) don’t lose outside a flashback.”

    Yes they do, but only ever to other Uchiha. This is why Sasuke is perfect for taking on Madara. Lol. @___@

  50. Excellent breakdown, Tenrai!

    Now – how many people will be ready for the next surprise in the chapter, where the Reaper Death Seal will be used to seal both Madara and Obito away for good? C’mon, you have to know that is coming as it appears to be the only way that Madara at least can be stopped (unless he knows the counter to that jutsu as well… *sigh*).

  51. What the F$%k, What the actual F%$K!!!

    So Kishi spends Chapter 600!!! On that… Flashbacks and Flashbacks with a cool ending @__@ WHY, *Facepalm*

    Someone needs to remind Kishi this isn’t the anime <__<

    If this was any other chapter between 1 – 99 I would say it was average with a cliffhanger but this was Chapter 600 I thought Kishi would give us something awesome but instead we got nothing or a close to nothing as possible… Madara know Obito and I must say the few "new" lines Kishi allowed in this chapter made me think he will develop into a nice antagonist even more so with his knowledge of Madara…

    And where the hell are the Kage's did we miss them getting their @$$'s handed to them for a reason, is this all just result of Kakashi's rampage @__@

    *to be continued*

  52. This was ridiculous all we got is Obito your Obito aren’t you? I don’t know how many times Kishi had characters say his name, Obito explicitly and then showed us a flashback that was mostly a repeat of what every fan should already know. We got not one morsel of information. Even the fact that Madara knew Obito? Tobi and Madara were implied back when Kabuto summoned Madara. It is so absolutely ridiculous. I’m with Pein. This was the most worthless chapter we’ve gotten. No one scrap of new information. I’m with Pein absolutely terrible. It’s bad enough that her ruins a good Uchiha’s name but then he gives us no justification or explanation as to why Obito had any reason. At least give us a fight. I can put up with a few action sequences but c’mon a flashback repeat of what we already know?

  53. he ruins*

  54. Bubblition:

    Entry 1

    Kakashi: “That’s….”

    Naruto: “Prince Zuko??!!”

    Caption: ” off panel ” Kakashi facepalms himself at Naruto’s Last Airbender reference

    Entry 2

    Naruto: “His face……”

    Caption: “Facial deformity, how to create the ultimate stink eye” by Tobito Uchiha

  55. @Ashes and Pein

    I agree the flashbacks were really unnecessary and basically a waste of panels, but I did enjoy the second half of the chapter, which felt more epic to me. It’s nice to see Obito finally using a jutsu other than Kamui and Madara’s arrival was a big set-up for what might be epicness to come.

    One thing that does concern me, however, is an overabundance of battle scenes. As much as I like the idea of epic battles, I’m worried that it gets drawn out too much to the point of being lethargic. This might be a good time for Kishi to give us a break in the form of a backstory on how Obito survived and how Madara was involved in it.

  56. @Tenrai I’m not sure that in their position, it would be a good time for the Obito to start monologuing since right now he’s attempting to get Naruto. Action scenes are more expected. Yes the last 2 pages were awesome and good setup but c’mon this chapter 600. Besides it sure is taking the Konoha 11 time to get to where Naruto’s at….. they’ve been running towards Naruto more chapters than it took Itachi to get to Kabuto’s cave

  57. I knew Madara had to have something to do with Obito being alive and being the powerful shinobi he’s become

  58. The reasons I was happy to see this chapter:
    1. Finally move on from that Obito mess. I’m glad we don’t have to discuss or think about it.
    2. Madara showed up! This is what I wanted from Naruto. I wanted to see him take out the real bad guy of the whole series.

    I for one, don’t want Sauske to come, but you know Kishi can’t bare the site of not having Sauske in all the cool matches. I want Sauske to show up in the last minute and witness Naruto’s final attacks that destroy Madara. Remember @Tenrai, Minato believed that masked man was Madara not Obito. He thought Naruto would need Kurama for that purpose and to save the world.

    I think Tobi’s fight is now with Kakashi. They have more of a connection than Naruto and Tobi. Kakashi feels like this is his only way to forgive himself for what happened in the past and move on. I think once he defeats Tobi, his mask will come off in the process. I believe the mask is meant to come off at this moment, metaphorically achknowldging everything for kakashi, basically becoming enlightend.

    Madara is Naruto’s fight. Madara is the embodiment of Hatred. Kurama had a reason to hate things, but Madara pushed it to another level with his god complex. I think this is Naruto’s ultimate goal. This would prove his message that he can overcome any obstacle.

    Than again, Kishi can just as well put Sauske in and have Naruto and Sauske work together to bring down Madara for their own reasons. Naruto’s is the more universal of the two; as Sauske seeks to rid the filth of the Uchiha name. And if he finds out that Madara took Izuna’s eyes and did all the other evil stuff, than I think Sauske is going to come at him with everything he’s got. I just hope he doesn’t show up in the last minute. He better show up with both sides are in the middle of everything.

    Well, here’s the current situation:

    Kakashi is basically out of chakra
    Gai seems more invegurated than ever. This is the most powerful I think I’ve seen Gai. He’s focused, he’s moving with precision, he’s trying to find ways to think ciritically for open spots, he hasn’t opened all his gates and he doesn’t looked as tired as Kakashi.
    Bee I think is still trapped with those chakra rods, and I think they are still capable enough to handle a fight for I think another day or two if they had to
    Naruto seems to be getting stronger as the fight goes on. What I mean by that is that he is able to hold on to Kurama mode for a lot longer every time he goes into it. This bolds will since Kurama is said to have endless amounts of chakra. A great counter to Madara for right now.

    I just want to see how destructive this battle can be before Sauske and Oro show up. I think Oro is going to join the fight when he see’s what’s happening and when he finds out about Jirayias death when Naruto uses speech-no-jutso :p lol

  59. @ wiseman honestly I’m so confused as to wha Kishi wants to do but I’m assuming that Orochimaru is taking Sasuke to meet someone other than Tobi or Madara. So I doubt they will show up to fight. Kishi seems intent on keeping Sasuke and Naruto away from each other

  60. @Ashes. I think you’re right. I hope to all that is holy that we don’t get to see what Sauske is doing right now. Because it looked to me that He and Oro were walking to their destination. So walking would take them a long time to get there. Which would be more than enough time to show the Naruto fight.

    I also think that one of the Kage is going to come in and help out because Kakashi is basically at his limits. I think it should be Tsundade, so she can give her chakra to Kakashi and have him be back at 100%. She’s the only one that can go to and from places using the Flying Thunder God technique.

  61. Kishi better not troll Madara’s powers anymore. I don’t care how powerful Madara is, he has never faced anyone as fast as Minato and Naruto is just as fast as him without the seals. Naruto would catch him off guard and blow through his chest.

  62. Also, Gai has battled against Kakashi’s sharingan for a long time. Gai may have an advantage against Obito after all.

  63. The last 2 chapters have been very dissapointing. And this was after a one week hiatus. Naruto looks set to rock n’ roll, but after he was owned by the raikage, I don’t see how he will compete without Kishi pulling shit out his arse. I took the Rin mention as “the” reason for what he became. I still can’t get passed the whole “Obito” battle with the 4rth. That Obito would have been in his teens, a mega juiced Sasuke was able to stand toe 2 toe with the Kages himself, so it is possible, but he was a genius who was taught by Orochimaru. The whole timetable seems too aout of whack to be believed, but I guess it goes without saying that this manga at times (or at many times) doesn’t make sense.

  64. @Gavin I doubt with the strain Kamui puts on Kakashi that Kakashi ever used it in contest with Guy, that would be like Guy using Afternoon tiger against Kakashi… both of these techniques if somehow there was a mistake or error in deflecting,dodging or displacing would be deadly The stronger the technique the more likely the technique was practiced solo. Naruto doesn’t say hey let’s toss wind Shurikens at Kakashi during training or even during his training with the frog. So in some ways he maybe prepared for Obito’s Sharingan but in other ways I doubt Kakashi produces the fire or can “phase/ghost mode” so I doubt that Guy has the advantage. I think he just has a general idea about what Kamui is( but never fought against it) and he seems to lose to Kakashi enough to say Kakashi always had a slight edge. so no I mean he might be moderately prepared to fight a Sharigan user ( being that Kakashi is like the only Sharingan user in the whole village) but still the only way Gai would beat Tobi is with Speed and if he could coordinate with Naruto’s clone in the other dimension, so Obito/Tobi doesn’t phase out when he attacks.

    @ everyone else
    Beating Obito is going to be a task and Madara showing up…The fallout from the battle will leave a post apocalpytic world with the amount of power Madara and Naruto has, collateral damage alone will leave the world a desert.

  65. @ashesreignited: You are basically saying exactly what I’m thinking. “so no I mean he might be moderately prepared to fight a Sharigan user” is basically what I meant. I didn’t mean he had ‘the’ advantage. I meant that he had ‘an’ advantage. I think fighting against Kakashi would have given him more experience against sharingan than the average ninja. So I agree with everything you just said.

  66. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  67. To be honest the spoiler (or fake spoiler) that was posted a few weeks ago would have made it a better story than what its showing so far butill still keep my hopes up kishi has not dissapointed me yet…But that Izuna spoiler(fake spoiler) did peek my interest and had me looking forward to the upcoming chapters.

    Im curious to see how you will handle the next breakdown because their is really not much to go on in ths chapter

  68. @Allthingstaken…

    Naruto was never owned by the Raikage. In fact, he was never trying to fight the Raikage in the first place, he was just trying to get past him. However, he proved in his battle with the Third Raikage, who was said to be the strongest of all Raikage, that had it come down to a fight, he would have been capable of holding his own and most likely defeating A.

    Also, this was all before he partnered with Kurama, which in itself has made him vastly stronger now.

    As for Obito’s “how’s” and “why’s,” we’ll just have to wait and see how Kishi explains it before we can say whether it makes sense or not. A lot of people are complaining based on their own assumptions, but all that’s going to do is create a lot of unnecessary bitterness that may end up proving fruitless in the end. Sure, it may not make sense now, but that’s because we don’t know anything yet. It’s hard to make sense of something when we have very few details with which to try and understand it.

    I just wish people would be more patient and let Kishi first tell his story. Then, if afterwards it still doesn’t make sense, everyone can create hell for all I care and maybe I’ll join them. Until then though, I’m not going to get worked up over something that has yet to transpire.


    I’m sure I’ll think of something, but it is true that this latest chapter didn’t really give us any new details to work with.

    Still, this is the 600th chapter, a landmark very few manga series have ever managed to reach, so maybe we’ll do something special. ;P

  69. my comment about collateral damage needed something to indicate my playful joking I forgot a 😀 or 🙂

  70. @Tenrai, I’m tired of anything relating to Obito and his reason(s). I think it’s done and over with. I just want to get back to the fighting. I get that it’s been 2 or 3 weeks of non-stop Obito love, but now that it’s done, I don’t want t here and explanation. Madara has entered the fray and now we are going to get an all out battle I’ve been wanting for a while. Obito is the past, where he belongs.

  71. @wiseman he’s already done that according to a recent interview Kishi declares that “All people, even the strongest ones, have weaknesses, however, Madara does not.” you can’t troll any further than that.

    @Nikeairforce glad to no someone agree with me

    Apparently goes evil because Rin died. THAT’S IT!!! Seriously makes me regret everytime I’ve complained about Pein and Sasuke’s reasons for turning evil.

  72. @ Kanton – Lol, next someone will stub their toe and turn out evil, and that pain would fester and lead them to becoming evil… 20 odd years in the future @___@

  73. I envisage Kurama coming to the forefront personally in the battle with Madara.. They share a deep dark history together and Kurama will feel like he has a score to settle with “the most sinister eyes” he has seen. Afterall this whole war is about trying to capture the bijuu to create the most diabolical mass of destruction, the juubi.

    Kurama will fight with all his might unleashing as much power as Naruto can channel through (which is quite a lot xD) to realise new potential of further development of techniques and fusions (if he wasn’t powered up enough lol).

    Kurama will take a stand alongside his bijuu buddies who have burrowed some of themselves in Naruto combining to not only defeat Madara and save the world from immediate threat, but also help push Naruto closer along the path to being the new sage of the 6 paths.

    Oh and this blog is awesome!

  74. @Wiseman

    Would you still feel the same way if Tobi was revealed to be, for examplen Izuna? Or do you only feel the way you do specifically because it’s Obito?


    He never said Rin was his reason for turning evil nor do I think that would be the sole motive. Kakashi just asked why if he was alive all this time he never said anything and Obito answered “because you let Rin die.” But then he went on to say that he wouldn’t waste his time blaming reality on what happened, so that in itself suggests that Rin’s death is not the single definitive reason behind his Moon Eye plan. At least, that’s how I read it.

    I’m not so sure why everyone’s jumping to conclusions before we’ve heard the full story.

  75. @pein but chances are there will be no Uchiha left. Oh, wait Shisui’s mysterious unheard of kid or Kagami mysterious unheard of grandkid.

  76. I thought everyone was clear that Obito wasn’t doing this because of Rin, and that we still had to find out his motivations.

  77. @ Kanton – That’s right, Only Uchiha can be main villains <__<

    Pein tried but ended up killing himself, and I am sure Orochimaru will end up being some bastard step child of an Uchiha @___@

  78. @Pein

    Well, technically speaking, all the main Uchiha villains alive right now are half Senju as well. Except for Sasuke that is. Lol.

    Wait… I hope I haven’t jynxed something here…

  79. I used to hate the idea of obito being tobi but im am definitely warming up to the idea. Firstly, i think kishi knew that tobi would be obito because look at the pre-part II of the manga…a whole story about obito. It really makes the whole story come full circle. Although the death of rin doesn’t give him enough reason to become tobi i dont think…however add madara to the equation…madara finds obito being crushed, without hope, etc. Just look at what tobi did to sasuke and it will make sense. Also madara could have trained tobi and that could explain his crazy leap in skills..imagine the strongest ninja in history teaching you, you’d have to be strong. Anywho we all have to realize that minato did end up winning that battle anyways.

  80. @Pein ” I am sure Orochimaru will end up being some bastard step child of an Uchiha @___@” this comment of yours is hilarious. We will probably find out that this is like the book
    Dune, that somehow Naruto is related through the Uchiha’s because of the genetic program started Tobimara in order to produce the perfect savior, aka the second Sage of the Six Paths 😀

  81. Tobimara started*

  82. ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    @kanton, if Madara hadnt shown up, I would have lost all faith, like, really, when I saw the panel of “you let Rin die”, I almost stopped reading the chapter 😦 I dont know what kept me reading, I wanna think its WRA as a whole, which is like a good warm family for me (even though im a newb).
    @ashes, pein s commetn was awesome, but adding a refrence to DUne made your UBER AWESOME! If, for example, Tobi (I refuse to call him Obito) its not the Kwisatz Haderach, then he is a frigging ghola made by Madara! XD

  83. My god people. It’s almost as if you want to hate the story.

    Obito never told Kakashi that he was still alive because Kakashi ‘let Rin die’. It was personal, and it was a reason for Obito to hate Kakashi. It has nothing to do with the Moon Eye Plan. It has very little to do with him having sinister motives, or being ‘evil’. It’s like people are purposefully being dense.

    I know one motivation for him without even looking back at the manga. Obito wants to be whole again. We don’t know exactly what it means yet, sure. But that’s what I’m saying. We still don’t know most of his motivations. I’m sure it will take a few chapters to explain it, just like Pein. And I’m sure we won’t get his true motivations until he is beaten. And now that we have Madara on the scene, we probably won’t get all of our answers until he’s gone or beaten too. And that doesn’t even say anything about if Kishi is going to throw in a plot twist (like maybe Madara is going to win, or Sasuke is going to return).

    So again, how is it that people are freaking out about this still? How is it that people think Rin’s death is the motivation behind everything Obito has done so far?

  84. @Gavin. Because people are pissed. They were so against it being Obito, and so sure because of this and that. Now they have lost face, and without rational reasoning and explanation, its kinda a cop out. It was the same reaction when we heard Peins backstory, everyone got pissed cause they assumed it was the puppy that motivated him. Were all obviously impatient and want Tobito to be justified before we can accept him as the main villian. Kishi sure takes his time.

  85. @Ten, I felt that way regardless. It was a lot of fun coming up with the Tobi identities but he himself said this last chapter, that it doesn’t matter anymore and it’s over with. I feel sad my choice wasn’t picked, but know we have a face to go with Tobi now and Madara just entered the ring. I really want to see the fight now. I think It’s going to be a flashback of how Rin died next chapter or I hope it is. Rin had to have died the most gruesome death possible for Tobi to be resurrected and exact revenge on the whole world

  86. @Gavin none of us said that Rin was the motivation, just that Rin as motivation is a lousy motivation which is truly fun to poke at. The toe stubbing comment I really doubt was saying that Kishi actually is aiming at that for why Obito became Tobi. Obviously it’s got to be bigger than that because then Tobi would’ve just exacted revenge on Kakashi, also Tobi kinda said he doesn’t even care about the world. He dismissed the whole issue between him and Kakashi even if he did rub Kakashi’s face in it a little bit. Kishi hasn’t revealed the motivation. I think Pein and Katonkage are mostly joking around. I don’t think anyone except Baron ( and we haven’t heard from him yet) would even borderline hate the story.

  87. Could have been worse…. Ten-ten could have been Obito’s motivation…

  88. @Arpotu if Ten Ten was motivation I think I would’ve joined Baron in launching missiles at Kishi

  89. How the hell did Obito gave his Rinnegan to Nagato? Something is missing there.. Madara seem to know about Obito. For Obito to be able to control the Kyuubi that time.. isn’t it Gai and Kakashi was playing rock and scissor that time Obito controlled the Kyuubi to attack Konoha. It’s kind of confusing but interesting as well..

    Anybody had the same thought about that?

  90. Obito truly died in that cave whether his soul has been replace or metaphorically speaking like Darth Vader, I won’t ever call the Uchiha with the deformed face anything more than Tobi.

    (Luke: Ben! Why didn’t you tell me? You told me that Darth Vader betrayed and murdered my father.
    Obi-Wan: Your father… was seduced by the Dark Side of the Force. He ceased to be Anakin Skywalker and “became” Darth Vader. When that happened, the good man who was your father was destroyed. So what I told you was true… from a certain point of view.)

  91. “Oh I don’t know about “THAT” part where Minato saying that Madara was long dead. It seems like Tobi knew about Madara “not’ dead or something?

    Does Orochimaru and Kabuto intended to revived Madara in order to achieve something other than Moon Eyes Plan? I think Orochimaru is planning something big on bringing Madara back in the scene.

  92. The hair is longer here.. Is Madara still alive here?

  93. So that time Madara is really the one who wants to achieve the Moon eye’s plan. What of Tobi saying about the Moon Eye’s Plan too? I think there is a connection between the two. sorry for the consecutive posts.. 😀

  94. @Pisbolman

    I don’t think Obito gave Nagato the Rinnegan. If anyone did, I think it was Madara. You must remember that for a long time, Obito was playing the part of Madara so it’s likely many of the things he said he did (speaking of himself as Madara at the time) were actually things Madara did.

    There is even a possibility that those moments where we saw the masked Tobi with long hair, it may have even been the real Madara in some cases, after all, when you’re wearing a mask that acts as an identity, who is behind it can change so long as the mask itself remains the same. Pein has this theory about how Tobi has always been two people acting as one person and it is a possibility.


    Regarding Obito’s motives, there’s a good chance that when Madara found him (I’m assuming he did), he told Obito about the history of the world and how wars would always exist and people would always die. Perhaps Madara planted the idea in Obito’s mind that the moon eye plan was best for everyone by using Rin’s death as a catalyst to brainwash him.

    The other idea I had was that, as some have suggested before, that Obito is pulling a Lelouch style rebellion – that he is only playing the part of a villain and that he isn’t truly evil at all. Perhaps everything he is doing now is for the sake of peace, but not necessarily peace through the moon eye plan. I mean, when you think about it, since taking action and declaring war, what has Obito really done? He’s united the five nations and caused them to rely on and trust each other. Even the old rivalries between the Kage were quickly dissolved away and old hatreds and past sins have begun to slowly but surely be absolved. Why declare war openly at a Kage summit and practically gaurantee that your enemies would unite against you? Why not attack them individually and crush them one at a time? Why tell them intimate details of your world domination plan when secrecy would probably be safer? Why use the name Madara to get the whole world to focus its gaze on you unless, perhaps, your intention was to unite them from the start by giving them somewhere else to focus their hatred? Of course, it might just be due to overconfidence, but there is a chance there is more to Obito’s actions than he’s allowing everyone, including Madara, to believe.

    Just a thought.

  95. What are they going to show next week? Predictions? I think Kakashi is going to collapse and while he is knocked out, he has a dream/memory of how Rin died. I think she didn’t die by any other person’s hand, I think she died of an incurable disease. And than he’s going to wake up by being healed by Tsunade who was teleported there using the FTG technique and revived him and than went back to the other kage or HQ with FTG tech again. This gives him a second lease to use the Kamui again. I don’t think Tobi is going down any time soon though

  96. This would of made more sense 😛

  97. @ Wiseman – I been expecting Kakashi to pass out for a while now, I won’t try predict what happens but I will say what I hope will happen.

    We find out how Madara pwned the Kage’s… Also is no one else curious as to how Madara got all the way there without anyone noticing? It seems like he Hulk jumped. Once that is complete, Naruto will say something about something and someone FINALLY Die, plus all the Ninja running towards Naruto like 20 Chapters ago will FINALLY ARRIVE…

    (That’s what I want to see)

    What will probably happen.. Kakashi will Faint, we will have 7 pages of flashbacks that explain very little, then in the end Madara and Tobi will do something sort of cool and then it will say to be continued

  98. @Tenrai

    Hmmn.. That may have explained Kisame’s reaction when he saw Madara’s face when he took off his mask. Might be the real Madara not Tobi. So the real question now is how Madara died and what happened to the Mizukage he’s been controlling wth his sharingan..

  99. I still can’t understand why Tobito would attack Konoha with Kyuubi, just to lose it. I mean if his motive isn’t to attack Konoha, but create a new world, why not keep the Kyuubi and get the other tailed beasts?

  100. @tenrai So basically we are supposed accept his Intentioned extremism as a good thing like Itachi and Danzo. Not happening that’s the last thing I need. Then, let me guess Obito is going to sacrifice himself and take out Madara thus saving the world because an Uchiha deserves the spotlight.

  101. first off the Third was pretty old when Tobi and Minato fought, if you realize that the 3rd was a young kid who studied under the Second then we can assume that Madara was dead before Obito was born. Unless he has some weird longevity or some time altering deal, so Tobi that fought Minato couldn’t have been Madara. Well with so little that we know even my reasoned argument here is iffy because we don’t know anything. A good theory involves half mystery not 80% mystery. Just too much that Kishi still hasn’t revealed. It took us two reveal chapters just to make sure it’s Obito and we don’t know how Madar just showed up and left the Kage fight.

  102. @Kanton

    I never said you had to accept anything, least of all a theory that remains only that, a theory. It’s also a very unlikely theory at that, with all things considered.

    I was giving an example of what Obito’s motives could have been, just to show that Kishi really could spin things any way he likes.

  103. Bubblation:
    Bubble. Wh…whats with those stares?
    Caption. The look of a best friends threesome gone wrong, you’ll know it when you see it

  104. @tenrai yeah you’re right . For all we know Juubi could be what happens when you mixed Barney, the teletubbies, Wargreymon, Jigglypuff, Cell, Kyuubey, Nichiya, Grand Fisher, Mr. hankey, a banana and Zoidberg. Just saying.

  105. @Kanton

    Yes, and we as readers could carry on pointlessly complaining about things that have yet to occur until we explode with rage over our own hypothetical explanations that may or may not come to be true, or we could just wait until Kishi explains things himself and hold our emo-rage back until then. Just saying.

  106. Bubble Contest:

    Naruto: So YOLO was a Lie?!?
    Caption: Who needs YOLO when you can be OBITO

  107. Bubblition:

    Naruto: I still don’t believe it.
    Caption: Tobito or not Tobito, that is still the question.

  108. Bubblition:

    Naruto: “Whoa!”

    Caption: Naruto lives in a world world where villians like Kisame and Orochimaru and this impresses/surprise him?

  109. Bubblition ( edited) entry 3

    Naruto: “Whoa!”

    Caption: He’s met Kisame and Orochimaru and this impresses/surprises him?

  110. It’s out, enjoy Madara kicking ass.

  111. m-hm… parts of “the plan” being revealed XD

  112. And… prediction of caption: “The Splits… you’re doing it wrong”

  113. I was just about to publish my breakdown and then the new chapter decided to come out early. T___T

    Oh well, I guess I’ll have to convert it into a double and post it later this week. Time to read!

  114. I… don’t think Tsunade’s gonna make it. She’s kinda has a bit of a mortal wound going there… O___O

    Anyway, that chapter felt a bit shot, but also epic. I think things are gonna get crazy now, but at least we’ve seen that Madara did apparently save Obito somehow and is probably responsible for what he eventually became. It looks like our explanation is coming soon so hopefully we’ll finally be let out of the dark here.

    I wonder how Naruto and Bee will handle Madara. I still think Naruto should be the one to fight Obito, because he was given Kurama for that purpose, but I don’t mind seeing a battle between three epic powerhouses in either case. Now I’m eager to read the next chapter. @___@

  115. Yeah, Ten, About Tsunade’s wound, I actually was in a bit of a state of shock when I saw that she was split down the middle by a falling tree.

    Who would of thought Tsunade was able to scare off Madara and then meet her end by Mother Nature’s hands. :))

  116. @eugen you can’t scare off UCHIHA Madara because he is an UCHIHA and UCHIHA don’t lose ever unless it’s to another UCHIHA. Yes, Minato and Hashirama managed to do the impossible and “defeat” the UCHIHA. However, they technically lost in the long run. Since Minato sacrificed himself right after and somehow UCHIHA Madara got hold of Hashirama’s cells. Yes, I do hate all Uchiha (except Sasuke *Gasp*).

  117. I don’t know if anyone noticed but do we know where the real Naruto is? Madara said that the Naruto in this chapter was a clone and then proved it by blasting the clone away at the end. The only place I can think of is in the space and time dimension but wasn’t that a clone too?

  118. @ Sage, I was thinking the exact same thing. Either that, or Naruto wasn’t there for a long time and the one fighting was a clone the whole time. Anyway, I hope Naruto will unleash the bijuu’s gift and go SO6P on Madara.
    Sadly, I think Bee will be a bit over classed here. I know he’s a very capable dude but Madara is like the son of a whore godess who got raped by Chuck Norris, Goku, Captain Planet, Godzilla & Tite Kubo.

  119. @Eugen more like a turd that clogged up the toilet.
    I know what’s going to happen. The toilet-clogging turd knows as UCHIHA “No weakness” Madara will instantly find Naruto and successfully capture him. The End!!!

  120. @Sage, I’m pretty sure that the real naruto is the one next to bee, and the clone that got blown away was the one that went into tobi’s dimension. You can see a naruto in front and behind kakashi in one of the earlier pages.

  121. every time they show madara’s awesomeness i think how godly Hashirama Senju must have been O.o

  122. @Tenrai

    I just finally watched your video from up top. Fucking.amazingly.hilarious. Great job. I think it does sum it up nicely. “I should just make a new account.” hahahahaha.


    Well, this opens the setup for Naruto becoming Hokage after this battle is over. Tsunade will give her huge…tracts of land…to save the other Kages, and then pay the ultimate price, leaving Kohona without a Hokage.

    Oh, and that panel with the Kages bodies and caption “They’re not doing so well.” Epic.

  123. @Tenrai
    According to, Katsuyu specifically said it will put her body together again so it doesn’t appear to be a mortal wound for her.

  124. @ tiger – NOOOO! Oh hell no! Tsunade needs to die!

  125. Well now we know that Nagato screwed up Obito’s goal of resurrecting Madara and Madara somehow sent Obito back to the world of the living in order to bring him back. Okay so with that little bit of info. what else have we learned? the confirmed fan attack that you see in the video game OVA where Madara fights Hashirama. So… beyond that what have we learned? Tsunade is still alive but damaged? Everybody is running toward where Naruto is… Sasuke is off on a sidequest to see “them” with Orochimaru the creepy and coolest villian alive. and Yet we still know very little, like how did Obito get back? Also I think Madara better lose this fight to Naruto but the Likelihood is that Sasuke is going to be the one to be Madara. that’s why he learned about Izanami from Itachi. the only way to beat a zombie who can’t be killed and can’t be sealed is put him in a loop.

  126. @ashesreignited: I had to read the chapter again to see what you meant. So I guess, taking Madara literally could mean that Obito was sent back to the world of the living. However, I think there has to be two takes on this at this point. The second one being, that Madara was alive – but old. He recovered Obito’s body and kept him alive.

    Does that beg the question of why he’s alive? Yes, but that will probably be answered later.

  127. I don’t know he looks old in the panel but Mangastream calls it the crevasse between life and death, kinda like where Kakashi was talking with his father ? but let’s say he’s not being literal. That means Madara died of old age and made a plan with Obito to resurrect him sometime after Nagato awoke the Rinnegan. Madara gave Nagato the Rinnegan ( that’s what Tobi meant when he was playing as Madara and said he gave Nagato the Rinnegan). Though it confuses me as to why he wanted to come back and initiate the Moon’s Eye Plan. The Moon’s eye plan must of been Madara’s plan all along not Obito’s which means that the question is what is Obito’s motivation for helping Madara instead of just resurrecting Rin?

  128. also I think that’s why Tobi/Obito was trying to develop the Rinnegan in Sasuke, in order to gain a way to resurrect Madara. Still I’m confused about Obito’s part in all this . I understand that it was Madara’s plan and so all the motivation behind the plan makes sense, I’m just wondering why Obito went along with it.

  129. @ashes because the Turd known as UCHIHA Madara possessed/brainwashed Obito. I think.

  130. @backwards25 Thanks for pointing it out. It was a little confusing keeping track of where everyone’s standing in this battle since its in an enormous wasteland of occasional flying rocks.

  131. That person looked older than the 3rd Hokage. I guess it was the elder Madara. I think he was hiding out near the rock village. I don’t understand this really. Why was he able to live longer than the 1st Hokage if he had this regenerative power. That seems very far reaching.

    Atleast the Madara vs Naruto fight is going to happen. Thank god. I think Kakashi and Gai are very overmatched against Madara but they seem to manage Tobi well. I still would have liked to see the 2 jinchuruki split up though. I would have liked to see Gai and Naruto fight against Madara while Kakashi and Bee took on Tobi. It would have been split very drastically. The Intelligence and the Brutes. Bee and Kakshi seem weak right now, so they might be hinderances. So both of them together would prove difficult. And with them fighting someone else, the plan of attack would fall vary drastically for Naruto and Gai.

    I think a Gai and Bee vs Tobi and Madara vs Naruto and Kakashi would have been better but I think for plot’s sake Kishi didn’t do it because to characters like Gai and Bee together are asking to have one of them die or get captured. I also think Kakashi is the best suited to fight against Tobi because of all the similarities. I also think Naruto’s speed is much more adepted to take on Tobi. But I feel like a power player needs to be up against Madara. I feel if Gai and Bee were to fight Madara they’d give him some good shots but in the scheme of Naruto, one of them would be incapacitated. I think that Gai and Bee can hold their own while Kakashi and Naruto can beat the lesser of the 2 evils in Tobi.

    When they defeat Tobi they can than go after Madara together.

    Gai seems much more of a physical fighter, so he’d be able to handle a bunch of the physical jutsu Madara is fond of. He can also release gates too, as a last resort. A fully powered Killer Bee is also the best option to fight against Madara at the moment because he can hold his Bijuu mode for a longer time and is more proficient since he has been in it the longest and trained, and fought in that mode longer than Naruto, so he can sustain a fight of epic proportions for a long time. I would also like to see Bee and Gai get the spot light, and what better way than getting a chance to fight Madara and show what they got.

    I also think my prediciton about Tsunade going to the other battlefield when she’s healed is going to happen to. She is going to have the other Kage’s healed and than heal herself and than go to the other battlefield and give Kakashi the rest of her strength to use his Kamui more.

    I just don’t like the whole battle scenario so far. Kakashi is to his limits, and Gai can’t really harm Tobi, and we still don’t know the full extent of his power either. He still has the rinnegan for crying out loud. I think Naruto and Kakashi would even the odds and make the fight much bareable for Kakashi.

    I just want to see what happens next. They are going to a flashback next week. I guess going through the whole process, since Madara said himself, what have you been doing this whole time. I do now want Sauske in this fight. This is Naruto’s. He has to destroy the root of all evil in Madara. He has to stop this, not Sauske. This manga is called Naruto, “Naruto, with the help of Sauske” I want to see light win for once, without the help of some dark force. This time Kurama is light and good

  132. wiseman- the 1st hokage died because the regenerative power shortens your lifespan.
    And i think i’m safe in saying Tsunade ain’t goin anywhere anytime soon..her body is split in half sooooo….

  133. @dish that hasn’t been proven about the shortening lifespan thing though it definitely would explain the 1st Hokages early death.

  134. @ Ashes – it has been stated many times, Cells can only regenerate so many times… Thus using techniques like 4 Tails and Tsunade’s healing jutsu shortens a persons life, that is why Tsunade looks the Oldest of all the Sanin when she runs out of chakra that makes her look young…

  135. @ Ashes – I think Madara meant it as a figure of speech but I also thought maybe it was the other dimension. Madara aged in the picture… If he was dead he wouldn’t of aged and its almost fact by now that Madara survived the fight with Hashirama and gained the Rinnegan from it…

  136. How is Naruto still standing!!! Seriously, he was finished like 5 chapters ago and now he has more energy then anyone, and going to take on Madara! Who gave the 5 Kage’s the Beatings of their lives, I think this battle needs to have some sort of conclusion, but the way I see it is if, Naruto win I call hax if Madara wins I call hax, I hope the others arrive, and we see a Joint shinobi force taking on Madara, Sasuke Orochimaru included in it. Maybe not kill him outright but get him to retreat with Obito or something.

  137. @Tiger

    Tsunade could probably survive if she concentrated all her chakra into healing herself, after all, her jutsu is meant to be able to regenerate entire limbs and organs, but I don’t think she’ll do that. I think Tsunade will use her remaining power to heal the other kage and give up her life in the process. She may even give them enough energy to allow them to go and help support Naruto against Madara. Either way, I have this feeling that this may very well be Tsunade’s final moments. It’s sad and even a bit shocking with how it happened, but in war, not everything is expected.


    I wouldn’t call it hax if either Naruto or Madara won this battle. Naruto’s chakra can be explained by the fact that Kurama stores up chakra for him and then gives it to him when he can. Even though Naruto has been fighting all this time, Kurama has only borrowed him power intermittantly, so Kurama has had time to recover inbetween even though Naruto may have not.

    As for Madara, Edo Tensei seems to grant him endless stamina, so I doubt he’ll ever tire now in his undead form. I suppose you could call that hax, sure, but he is basically the utlimate power as far as villains go so I guess its to be expected. It doesn’t help that Kabuto made a big stuff-up and unleashed a true monster on the world and gave him the power he had in his prime along with immortality and endless chakra.

    This is why children shouldn’t play with forbidden power beyond their limited understanding.


    That’s actually a good explenation as to why Hashirama may have died young. His life span may have very well been shortened significantly by overuse of his healing jutsu. I’d say that’s the best theory I’ve heard so far in regard to his eventual death.

  138. @Pein I’m guessing your right since we don’t see him with the rinnegan in the picture he died shortly after gaining it), and I forgot about the whole cell regen thing stated by Tsunade

  139. @ Hashiramas healing technique – I don’t know if Hashirama used that regeneration technique lightly. I think he conserved that jutsu knowing what would happens if he used it. Tsunade knew went to use it in her battles, which was basically a last resort. This jutsu couldn’t have been just a Hashirama kekei genkai. It could have been around that clan for years before Hashirama took over.

    @ Pein – If Naruto wins, I do think it would be hax, but I wouldn’t want any other person beating Madara up than Naruto. I do not like the fact that an Uchiha also beat another Uchiha. I think the Bijuu form can be held for an ulimited time considering that the 8 and 9 tails have basically endless amount of chakra. And also Naruto is learning to sustain this form as long as he’s in it. I relate it to how a Dragon Ball Z fight, how a Saiyan continues to fight, they get stronger as it goes a long. I think that’s the route Kishi is taking with this form holding of Naruto.

  140. @Tenrai Senshi: I think maybe you were talking about ‘dish11’? I was farther up there reinforcing the idea of Madara possibly just living a long time and recovering Obito’s body.

  141. I dont think obito will overpower kakashi and gai so severely now, i might be the only crazy thinking this but obitos best defence is off now, his mask and its already showing, he opened himself up mentally now that his mask is off, theres no more wall splitting his and kakashis relationship so some speech-no-jutsu from kakashi and gai might distract him and open gaps.

    As for bee, well so far im really dissapointed, he is litterally just a big lump falling around, compared to how kurama went to town on pein im starting to question whether it truly is better to have control over bijuu or just to let them do what they do best….. i would have liked to see bee rather with his hachibi cloak all over the place using his 8 sword style technique and throw in some samehada to spice things and chakra levels up

    Naruto is pretty badass at the moment but i cant see him taking madara down really, too bad he doesnt know any ultimate uzumaki sealing techs, that would have been epic.

    But one thing is for sure the kages are not done yet, they are on their way to naruto again, but i have a bad feeling about this whole war and where its leading to, i think along with the kage, the konoha 11 will arrive also and also sasuke and co too all at once and then shits gonna get real….. everybody is just gonna attack everybody until someone like madara scream with a megafone: “I SAID CALM THE F*@K DOWN!!!! damn! im sick you people! geez lets all just go back to our places and regroup so we can take a deep breath and settle this like gentleman
    obito: but, but what about the infini…..
    SHUT UP! we are gonna have a long talk back at the cave about this mess you created, geez i ask you 1 thing! 1 thing!!”

  142. Of course it was Obito. It was obvious but that doesn’t make me less happy now that its been confirmed! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  143. Holy Kages it’s Super!

  144. Who doesn’t see a Dearth Vader scene coming on. Instead of Anakin we get Obito who is about to be assimilated by Zetsu. Madera plays the emperor and there you have it.

    I think the last chapter made it very clear that Obito can not do susanoo or ameterasu. Also, Obito’s arm heals which cues Madera into asking if there is a secret plan. Perhaps Madera thinks that Zetsu is running the show? Does Madera know about the 8 and 9 tail energy in the Gezo? Maybe not…

  145. @ pein thanks for reminding me about the super healing thin

  146. As far as “Obito” vs Kakashi and Gai is concerned, I don’t think it will be neccessarily any easier than before his mask was smashed. Before his face was shown, he only used one technique. After the removal he has shown he can actually use his katon style. I imagine there will be a lot more to contend with than just that. I laughed when I saw the panel with the kages, it almost doesn’t seem realistic that, even Madara himself, should be able to do something like this. That alone makes it personally really dificult to believe Naruto will be able to hold his ground against him. Even with Uncle Bee fighting alongside, let alone win. I have a feeling Orochimaru knew something about Madara being alive, possibly even helping him sustain and maybe even helped with Obito’s recovery. Orochimaru is too great for something of this magnitude to have gone past him. And really, where’s Wando? How did Madara know that was a Bunshin? He’s eyes are something else, no doubt

  147. There is a Super among us @__@

    @ Tenrai – “I wouldn’t call it hax if either Naruto or Madara won this battle. Naruto’s chakra can be explained by the fact that Kurama stores up chakra for him and then gives it to him when he can…..”

    That sounds to me like someone explaining a Hax @___@ I mean seriously Naruto’s been fighting for how many hours straight now against Kage or higher Opposition, I mean even Sasuke struggled in the 5 Kage summit and he was just fighting on one front while Naruto was fighting on 15 odd @___@, I call this unlimited supply of chakra just over board… Madara is more understandable but if Madara wins then it will make him unbeatable, that is why I hope Naruto doesn’t do it alone it will compensate slightly…

  148. @ Wiseman – In saying so you saying that you place Naruto stronger then all 5 Kage’s which makes him WAYYYY too over powered.

  149. @pein I’m pretty sure Sasuke is going to beat Madara or at least adminster the finishing blow by trapping him in Izanami. Either tha or he acknowledges Naruto is on par with Hashirama and evaporates but I dooubt that’ll happen ( I’m not saying Naruto is on par with Hashirama but only that if Madara thought Naruto fought well enough that somehow that would make Madara’s life complete) So the most likely scenario is somehow Sasuke defeats Madara. That’s right a Uchiha can only beat a Uchiha…( Ashes grimaces) grrr face Kishimoto

  150. @ Kakashi/Gai vs Obito – Wasn’t Kakashi about to die like 3 Chapters ago?

  151. @ Ashes – I hope more for a team effort, showing that the unity of the Shinobi world is more powerful then the abilities of one nation or shinobi…. Then they all sing along a camp fire <__<

    I don't know if Madara will evaporate but if he does i call "LAME!" and if Sasuke defeats him I will facepalm but I guess Kishi has been forshadowing it with Itachi, maybe it will be a team effort and Sasuke will just end the battle… then we will have two characters stuck in Inzanami and Sasuke will loose an eye @___X

  152. @Gavin

    Oh whoops. Yes I meant Dish, not sure how I got that wrong. Lol.


    You could call it hax, depending on how you view it, but the way I see it, Naruto is the hero of this story and therefor should be strong enough to fit that role. It would be a bit lame to me if he just got his butt kicked by every single villain in the story just because the author is afraid to make him strong enough to at least match them to some degree.

    We are now apparently reaching the climax of the story, so it’s also a time where Naruto really needs to shine as a hero. If he cannot defeat the villains of this story, who else would you suggest fills that role? Would you prefer it if an army of cannon fodder shinobi came and saved him and thus made Naruto an essentially useless hero who cannot fight his own battles? Also remember that Naruto is not fighting alone. Technically it’s a two on one battle if you count Bee so if they both win together, I don’t see why that would be a bad thing.

  153. @ Tenrai – I understand that Naruto is the hero but making him almost ‘god’ like in power is a bit too far. Even Goku needed others help in defeating Boo, Vegeta, Raditz etc. Lelouch had a powerful ability but he still had weaknesses etc.

    Most Hero’s need some help in defeating an enemy, and not just like one or two but a lot of help it keeps them within reason even if over powered. Same way the Spirit Bomb used Human energy etc

  154. @ Tenrai – also if Naruto just walked onto the battlefield I would accept it but he been fighting for almost a day now, so I expect him to be a little worn out @___@ and he is fight Madara Uchiha

  155. @Pein

    That’s why Naruto has Bee, Eight and Kurama. @___@

  156. @ Tenrai I think what Pein is pointing out is that a group effort of the Ninjas is symbolically saying one man can’t go against the united good, that one overpowered individual can be beaten by unity , friendship, understanding… whatever, not by a single individual. I think he’s right because the Kages might show up to help and the Konoha 11 are on their way. I would say that in a weird way this is an expression of “democracy” in a pseudo feudalistic society. Naruto as Hokage leads by his persistence, his faithfulness and even though he’s powerful, it’s not what makes him a good Hokage. Madara is trying to rule the world by use of power. The difference between a leader and a despot. The contrast is between the Man who wants everyone to agree with him and the Man who wants to repair the severed bonds between people. Madara is a symbol of peace through power, Naruto is a symbol of peace through “People understanding one another”.

  157. @ashes Can you not use the word peace to describe the boring UCHIHA Madara in any shape or form?
    @pein what about Freeza? Is it so wrong to have a god like power to combat an UCHIHA like the boring Madara? Then again it would probably come out a bit like Ichigo vs Aizen only it would probably be poorly executed.

  158. Kantonkage, I’m saying his messed up brain aims at “peace” at least his twisted definition of it. I’m not saying it’s peace, it’s more like numbness or at least the “matrix”. it seems asian characters(particularly chinese and japanese) are always struggling with what their ancestors considered an acceptable way to gain peace, to unite by war. Is it justified? Kishimoto takes it farther and with depth.

  159. @ Kanton – Yes but first he got PWNED by freeza, it was only Krillin dying that unlocked Super Saiyan mode… So yeah, while Naruto has just unlocked a Super mode must he now also unlock a new super mode to be ‘god’ like, my biggest grip is Naruto’s been fighting for almost an entire day. In DBZ Freeza was actually fighting most of the day and Goku came later only, but here we have Naruto splitting his energy in 15 so each part became 1/15th of his full power!! Then he fought all the other Bijuu besides him and Bee, then could only use his ability for 5 minutes or so and its lasting longer then Namak did in the Anime @___@

  160. @ashes Again this is not Danzo. The dull UCHIHA Madara never wanted peace just dominance.

  161. Not sure if it’s been said already and don’t care. I have a feeling that Tsunade is going to sacrifice herself by using up the last of her chakra to heal the other kages. This, of course, will enable them to finish what they started and stop Madara.

    I’m starting to think that whatever it is Sasuke is about to discover, it’s going to have something to do with forcing Madara’s soul out and possibly even sealing it. The only currently known method of stopping Madara now is the Shiki Fujin (Reaper Death Seal).

    Naruto will most likely shine as the hero who proves his statement of becoming a Hokage more powerful than the ones before him. And a part of him doing that is his reliance on his friends for key parts of the battle to pave the way for his final confrontation with Obito (or Madara).

    I’m actually starting to wonder if Naruto vs Sasuke is still going to happen at this point. With all the buildup, seeing Sasuke start to question his resolve as well as Orochimaru’s revival is starting to hint at an unexpected outcome for him.

  162. I, personally, hate were we are with the story right now, and i pray kishi will make a convincing explanation for how Obito managed to grow so much in a year in order to be at such a level to take on Minato and control Kurama and also get past the anbu guard Hiruzen assembled for Naruto’s birth.

    That was a feat to big for a kid, even one with the sharingan. Naruto went away with Jiraya for 3 years and managed to learn only how to perfect the kagebunshin and the rassengan and a bit of defense against mid level genjutsu. It’s true, Sasuke, managed a bit more under Orochimaru’s tutelage, but this two based there training on power alone and not spiritual training and world understanding like the J-Man and Naruto had.

    But that being as it was, Sasuke at 16-17 after his training wouldn’t have been anyway near the level Obito was when he was at 14 up against Minato.

    So pleas kishi, find a great way to bullshit your way out of this because if you don’t manage this I think you’ll ruin the story for a lot more people then me alone.

    As for the Naruto vs madara fight, I for one think that this will make naruto into a immortal. This will be a testament of sheer individual power and not a collective effort as many would like. Naruto WILL surpass everyone in this fight, present or fallen shinobi, and he will do it in a manner that will make Madara kneel before him and admit that Hashirama and himself have finally been surpassed.

    Respect will be given to Naruto here, and it won’t be because Naruto will try to take all the glory, like the time Itachi had to scold him, this will be only because no one else can rise to the same level as he and Madara are now.

    if Sasuke manages to get stronger then Madara, I for one don’t care, because that’s a normal evolution and I do hope that’s gonna happen so the finale between the two team mates can be even more epic then this one.
    I only wish Kishi fixes this backstory, so far he hasn’t let me down, I hope he won’t start now.

  163. @ Eugen Sasuke is going to finish Madara off because the only way to defeat an immortal zombie who isn’t easily sealed is to put him in an Izanami loop . so it’s most likely that Naruto and everybody will stall him and Tobi for a bit until Sasuke gets back from where ever. See Sasuke has to defeat Madara orat least do the final blow because of the whole village and clan thing . Itachi kind of left Sasuke with the idea that the Uchiha name needs to be “cleared” and Madara is essentially the idiot that has given the Uchiha’s a bad name. I mean Madara essentially is where all the issues for Itachi, Obito and Sasuke stem from, they were created because of his ambition for the world. So in some ways Sasuke needs to finish off Madara who is dishonoring the Uchiha name. back around chapter 589 when Itachi revealed the death of his parents and best friend, his words about being for both village and clan seems to resound with sasuke.

  164. On a separate note, please don’t tell me we’re entering a series of fillers for the next several weeks. The night can only go on for so long and we’re supposed to be locked in this story arc as it was presented in the manga. I can understand a little bit here and there, but it would be aggravating for them to try to make an entire season of fillers out of this.

  165. @Eugen: If Obito was learning from Madara, shouldn’t that count for something?

    Naruto, at first, seemed to have slower growth than Sasuke. Naruto had been slower for a long time until he learned how to exploit the clones to learn new abilities. He no longer had to be a genius. With an extreme amount of stamina, he was able to become more experienced. Naruto has shown some genius moves before, and has outsmarted some opponents – but his strong point was always his cloning exploit.

    This explains why he didn’t learn as much as Sasuke would have in his place. Sasuke was already a genius. And he had plenty of motivation throughout his life. Naruto became a competitor with Sasuke because they evened each other out. Sasuke became slower because Naruto was able to distract him from his ultimate goal of killing Itachi. I believe Sasuke was actually becoming friends with Naruto, and it messed with his ‘hatred’. Hatred was pretty much all of his motivation – so when he finally cut himself off from Naruto, Sasuke developed much faster. Naruto, at that time, developed faster because he wanted Sasuke (and everyone else) to acknowledge him.

    To me, during the supposed ‘one year’ that Madara had with Obito – a lot could have been learned. Obito would just have to have lots of motivation. We honestly don’t know quite what that motivation is yet. But! With Madara as teacher, lots of things may be possible.

    I think it explains Naruto’s development in the three years. I’m not saying he didn’t learn a lot. I’m saying that at the time, we knew that Jiraya had a hard time teaching Naruto things. It was only after they learned how to exploit a bunch of clones that his hard work really came through for him, in a way that rivaled the genius ninjas. After that, he had some truly epic teachers, like the frog guy – which is an exception case. Though, he still used clones for that I think. Just not as many.

    Still, Naruto comes up with the occasional surprise. People don’t expect it because it’s Naruto. With Sasuke, you can expect genius and you can expect fast developments.

    Although, at this point in the story Naruto and Sasuke are getting to the point where they are the most powerful ninja around. We’ll see what Madara comes up with though, can’t count him out yet.

  166. @ Gavin, i know exactly what your saying bro. Indeed Sasuke and Naruto had there own style of learning from there teachers, and without a doubt Madara must have been the ultimate Uchiha master , so teaching Obito must have been a really fast and efficient job. That, along with the possible motivation Madara had for him, made him grow at a very fast pace. maybe Madara killed off Rin and then blamed it on Kakashi in order fot the hate to set into Obito.

    But the only thing I’m still not at peace with, is the age, 14 years, one year training and that with the time it took Obito to heal and regenerate the lost right limb. That is too little time to become a powerhouse like he was. But I guess Kishi will clear the air next week.

  167. @Eugen: That is a prediction I can get behind. I totally think Madara could have killed Rin.

    Also, I agree with your second paragraph. 100%

  168. Hey Tenrai are we waiting until wednesday for the double chapter breakdown?

  169. @Eugen

    Itachi killed his entire clan at the age of 13. Haku was considered so strong that, as Zabuza put it, “even the most skilled Jounin fell before him” and that was when he was around 14. Kakashi himself told Naruto in part 1 that there were children as young as Naruto (who was 12 at the time), who were as strong as Kakashi. Then you have Nagato who went from someone who couldn’t even throw a Kunai, to being a ninja powerhouse who had learned every single mainstream jutsu in existence through all five elements by the age of 13.

    In the end here, I don’t see age as the issue, because we already have plenty of evidence to suggest that in this world, even children can be exceptionally deadly. Obito being that strong by the age of 14 really is not all that far fetched. The only real question is how he got that strong over the time he did, as you’ve suggested, which I reckon can be explained by the notion of him being trained by Madara, not to mention possible genetic enhancements following Hashirama cell implants (get it? inPLANTS!?!?! XD… okay so it wasn’t that funny. <_<). One other thing we need to consider is that Obito actually wasn't that weak to begin with. Just before his death, Obito was fighting on Kakashi's level who was a jounin at the time, so I don't think the gap was as big as people assume it was. Couple that with his awakening of the MS (and Kamui), and it's not to hard to imagine how his power might have grown just form the addition of that jutsu alone.

    In the end, all you can really do is wait to hear the whole story and what happened between the time he was found and the time he fought Minato. In the end though, he was still soundly beaten by Minato even after all that, so I would say that to consider him as being on Minato's level at the time of his attack on Konoha would be giving him too much praise. Obito's a lot stronger now than he was back then, I reckon.


    The double breakdown will be out in a few hours. Sorry for the wait but time has been a bit tight lately.

  170. @Everyone

    Btw, Pein and I were thinking of other cool ideas for new posts to add to the blog. Aside from the “Awesome new manga” post, we also thought of an interview post where, now and then, we interview members of the blog and put it up as a post for those who want to see. That way, everyone can get to know their fellow readers more while having a bit of fun in the process.

    Let me know if any of you are interested in this or if you’d like to be interviewed. @__@

  171. interview section would be cool. definitely think we’d all benefit from getting to know each other a little bit

  172. @Tenrai

    Sounds like a good idea. Sure would like to represent mia. Lol


    Isn’t Susanoo vulnerable from the bottom?

  173. Well I would do an interview.

  174. I mean you can interview me.

  175. thats a good idea im down to get interview

  176. What I don’t get is, why did Tobi think Nagato’s eyes were his in the first place? Was Nagato already a pawn in Madara’s game? How could Tobi have started the organization if Nagato was older than him?

    Nagato was jirayias pupil before he taught Minato. The fact that this is true is because he based the book “Naruto” on Nagato and had Minato (a grown up already) read it. giving the inspiration for his son to be named Naruto. Minato was already Hokage at this time. Now was Minato Hokage before, during or after the 3rd Great Ninja War? I think he became Hokage after the 3rd Great Ninja War. He was not even 30, he was something like 22 when he died ( And he didn’t become Jirayias student until he was 10 years old. And he became a Jonin leader teacher at around 17. So for about 6 years he was Jirayias Student. And than for another 4 years he was Kakashi’s and Obitos sensei. That’s about 10 years known that Nagato had the rinnegan already before Obito was even remotely connected to Nagato. And even before than, Nagato had been trained by Jirayia for like a good enough time to learn the basical elemental jutsu.

    10 years prior to Minato becoming Jirayias student, Nagato already had the eyes. Than comes Madara, how did he find out about Nagato. Madara is the only one who would have been able to convert Nagato to the dark side, but How could Nagato not recognize Madara from Tobi, I’m sure he would have been around them long enough to distinguish their chakras with his rinnegan. And why would he take orders from a person who he would have known since they were in cahuttes with Madara too.

    Madara could have been in the Village in the rain where Nagato was from, when he left. But I don’t get is, if he was there, how could he have made it to the battlefield where Obito was, at his old age? I think something about pushing yourself close to death might have something to do with opening the MS and that could be how Madara found him; in the other dimension (the place between this world and the other).

    Another thing that struck me was the fact that Kakashi referenced the time of the Bloody Mist exams, and that they happened long ago when Zabuza was going through the Academy. Zabuza is 26, and graduated age 9. That is about 15 years before the story. How did Tobi become hokage if Minato wasn’t even his teacher at the time. He was even recognized by Kisame as the true Mizukage who manipulated Yagura into doing the Bloody Mist exams. (when he takes off his mask for Kisame to trust him).

  177. I meant Mizukage, not hokage, in the last chapter

  178. @ Wiseman The likelihood is that Madara gave Tobi permission to use the Rinnegan to resurrect him( Madara) who would come back and be able to gain his own Rinnegan. Madara was probably the one that had Nagato genetically altered so he would display the Rinnegan and then Obito would be able to harvest the Rinnegan from Nagatoin order to resurrect Madara.

  179. Nagato in*

  180. Also he was still playing the part of Madara when he said “I gave him the Rinnegan” to Konan. At least that’s the way I feel but I would rather wait for the rest of the backstory in the next chapter.

  181. if madara gave his rinnegan to nagato whose eyes was he using when he met obito ?

  182. I realize when dealing with Uchiha, sensible logic is impossible, remember the Snake Escape, the cancellation of Edo Tensei and Itachi’s apparently below average Chakra reserves and so on.
    Good idea with the interview thing

  183. @ Sunil I don’t think Madara gave him his eyes, he infused him with senju and Uchiha DNA which allowed him to awaken the Rinnegan

  184. Uzumaki +Senju + Uchiha = Sage of Six Paths?

  185. It seems a few of you are interested in the interviews. While I can’t do them all at once, I’ll start working through it.

    I usually use Yahoo messenger to communicate with other authors so that might be the best way to do interviews as well. If any of you wants to add me, just add me through my email, If you do add me though, please tell me who you are on the blog in your request message, because I usually ignore requests unless I know who it is.

    Alternatively, we can use the desserted wra chat to do the interviews on. Lol.

  186. The main thing here is that Madara was wearing the mask prior to Obito’s uprising and after he died he left his identity and plans to him.

    So I guess the Mizukage part and the Nagato thing are all the original Madara’s doing and after that he needed to find someone to continue his work because he could no longer sustain his life. So he need a right hand man to do the job for him and to make sure this person will now go astray or betray him while he was dead.

    So Obito was the perfect candidate, a sort of Anakin Skywalker, if you will, troubled and filled with guilt and full of feelings of revenge after all he entrusted to Kakashi was lost and so was his hope for the world.

    In Aoba’s attempt to read Kisame’s mind we clearly see “The Mizukage” was more bulky and robust like Madara’s body was in contrast to Obito’s skinny body. So that must have been Madara all along. The thing I wonder most is when did they switch places between them and ultimately when did Madara die.

    Fact is, like Wise pointed out, the time lines don’t fit for Obito except from the 4th Hokage fight to the present day. Anything prior to that must have been Madara himself.

    Also as a closing argument, Why would Itachi, of all people, refer to Obito as Madara (“a shell of his former self”, metaphorically speaking it makes sense). But Itachi should have told Sasuke it wasn’t really Madara who aided him in killing off the clan, but Obito instead.

  187. @Eugen

    “Also as a closing argument, Why would Itachi, of all people, refer to Obito as Madara (“a shell of his former self”, metaphorically speaking it makes sense). But Itachi should have told Sasuke it wasn’t really Madara who aided him in killing off the clan, but Obito instead.”

    A very possible answer is that, like everyone else, Itachi was also fooled by Tobi’s ploy into believing that he was Madara. It’s not impossible seeing as how even Minato believed that Tobi might have been Madara at one point, although he also seemed to have his doubts.

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