Naruto Chapter 598 Breakdown: One last time…

For as long as Tobi has existed as a character, so to has the mystery around his identity. For many years, Naruto readers around the world have contemplated, theorized and debated on the nature of his existence and, consequently, the day when his true identity would finally be revealed has long been anticipated. It now seems as if that time has finally arrived and unless Kishi decides to troll us in a very big way, I presume we’ll learn Tobi’s identity in the next chapter. Whether he ends up being Obito – as the manga seems to be pointing towards – or if he ends up being someone else is still up for debate and is really anyone’s guess, but one things for certain, soon the debates will be coming to a definitive conclusion.

It’s with this in mind that I’d like to carry over the poll from the previous breakdown regarding who you feel Tobi is, so that those who have yet to vote can still have a chance to place their final bets. The scores are also being carried over, so all of you can take a look and get an idea of how your fellow readers feel about this subject matter. This is well and truly the last chance we’ll get to discuss this subject before the truth is finally revealed…

Their battle draws to its climax. Though, I’m not sure if they’re fighting for the world, or to see who has the longest bandana…

Leaving Tobi’s identity aside for a second, I have to say that as far as battles go, this chapter really hit the ground running. In particular, it was probably the most adrenaline-packed chapter so far when it comes to the battle between team good-guys vs Tobi – although it was more of a Naruto vs Tobi battle with Kakashi acting more as support while Gai adopted the role of a psychological therapist.

Despite that, I have to say that it was awesome to see how Naruto and Kakashi managed to work perfectly in harmony with one another, being capable of using advanced combination attacks without so much as a single word uttered between them. It really just goes to show the difference between a team built on trust, loyalty and understanding compared to one built purely for the sake of mutual gain.

And so the battle between Naruto and Tobi devolves into a match of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Guess which one Naruto chose…

One thing I did notice when reading comments, however, was that this battle seemed to confuse a few people with regards to what actually happened and how, so with that in mind, I decided to give a little rundown for everyone to clear things up, especially for those who may still feel a bit unsure of what transpired. I apologize in advanced for this monologue to those who don’t really need it, but please bear with me.

To start off with, Naruto creates a shadow clone of himself, with the real Naruto running off to the left to begin creating a bijuu bomb while the shadow clone charged forward to attack Tobi.

Seeing the attack coming his way, Tobi tries to counter before the Naruto clone can land a hit on him with his rasengan.

As a result, Tobi launches one of his chakra spear rather than simply trying to let Naruto pass through him, knowing full well that doing the latter might allow Kakashi to use Kamui to cause the rasengan to hit him either way. As a result, the chakra spear passes through the Naruto clone and he subsequently disappears.

Tobi, you really should be using Orochimaru’s “play toys” to attack people with…

Tobi believes that his attack caused Naruto’s clone to disperse, as clones usually do when hit directly, but in reality, Kakashi managed to absorb Naruto’s clone just before Tobi’s attack landed, sending into the other dimension where it waited for the right moment to strike.

Taking this as his cue, the real Naruto then launched his Bijuu Bomb, knowing that the attack was overwhelming enough to force Tobi to hide his body in the other dimension using Kamui. Tobi did as was expected and once his entire body had phased out, the Naruto clone who had been waiting in the other dimension was able to complete his attack. Tobi wasn’t able to avoid it because returning to the real world would put him smack-bam in the middle of a bijuu Bomb.

Face-rasengan. For those moments when a normal face-palm just isn’t enough…

In the end, the attack was successful as a result of Naruto being in two places at once. It also makes more sense to let a clone be absorbed into the other dimension rather than the real Naruto, because it’s safer and the real Naruto may not have been able to get back to the real world if things were done the other way around.

Where things will go from here though is another matter entirely, seeing as how I am not sure if Naruto’s clone will disperse now or if it will try to force Tobi back into the real world again to face the music. Either way, I don’t think Tobi will retreat, because that would mean allowing his enemies to get to Gedo Moza. He’ll be forced to defend it until the Juubi is fully revived which means, in all likelihood, we’ll get to see his face and maybe even see a conclusion to this battle to some degree or another.

Now that that’s out of the way, the only thing really left to discuss about the chapter, is, once again, clues about Tobi’s identity.

One thing is clear in this chapter, and that is the fact that Kakashi has most likely – for the first time – considered the possibility that Tobi may be Obito, which is something that even Gai seems to have caught onto. The fact that Kakashi is even considering that possibility is highly suggestive in and of itself because it brings into question a few details regarding Obito’s apparent death.

The first question that comes into mind is, why does Kakashi have doubts? Is it because he is uncertain about whether Obito actually died? If he’s uncertain, is it because he never actually saw Obito’s body and thus, never had definitive proof that he really was dead?

To me, this is a particularly interesting subject matter, because when we think back about how the shinobi system works in Naruto, we know that Kekkei Genkai are particularly coveted and likewise protected by the nations that house them. To this end, systems were implemented to ensure that the secrets of a village, clan or nation were never exposed, some of which include the likes of the Hyuuga’s Bird-cage seal – which would protect their eyes from being exploited – and the Hunter Nins whose duty it was to find and destroy the bodies of those who may have fled their villages to prevent their secrets from falling into enemy hands. Going by this typical shinobi standard, one would assume that ideally, Konoha would have wanted to recover Obito’s body to ensure that his eye – which contained the highly coveted Sharingan – didn’t fall into enemy hands where it could be studied or used against them.

If this was the case though and if Tobi’s body was indeed recovered, then surely Kakashi would have seen it. Likewise, I’m sure they would have checked to see if Obito’s eye was intact as well and not missing. However, contrary to this, we know one thing for certain, and that is that Tobi is definitely using Obito’s eye.

As we can see in the screen above, I think its relatively safe to say that there can no longer be any doubt that Tobi is definitely using Obito’s eye, seeing as how his Mangekyo Sharingan looks identical to Kakashi’s and we all know that each Mangekyo Sharingan is unique in appearance relative to whoever it belongs. Not even blood brothers like Sasuke and Itachi – or Izuna and Madara – have been shown to have the same MS eyes as far as appearances go. Keeping this in mind, I don’t think it would have been possible for Kakashi to have seen Obito’s intact body, because if he did, then surely he would have seen that his eye was missing. If this is indeed the case, then was Obito’s body not recovered? These are the possibilities I feel might explain this phenomenon.

1: Obito’s body was never recovered because it couldn’t be found. This is because he is still alive and is in fact Tobi.

2: Hunter nins found the body and performed their duty by destroying it on the spot as opposed to trying to recover it. Perhaps in this process, one of the hunter nins decided to take Obito’s eyes or was ordered to do so by someone in Konoha. No-one else would have known better because as far as they are concerned, Obito’s body was destroyed under normal procedures to ensure that the sharingan’s secrets were not exploited.

3: It’s possible that Konoha simply abandoned the notion of trying to recover Obito’s body, citing that it was likely obliterated in the landslide and thus could not be of any use to the enemy. Or perhaps by the time they got there, they found that Obito’s body was already missing. This leads to the possibility of Obito either still being alive, or that his dead body was left for someone else to exploit and take his eye.

Aside from those theories, another thing that seems to be highly suggestive is that when speaking to Kakashi, Tobi mentions that he wasn’t afraid of some “borrowed power” and that he’d show Kakashi the true power of Kamui, once again suggesting that this eye does, in fact, belong to Tobi and was not simply found or recovered from the body of a dead Uchiha. This could be something that is attributed to translation nuances, of course, but in the end, many possibilities are still open to us.

Who is the man behind the mask? The mystery that is Tobi will soon be revealed!

In the end, I suppose most of you are probably tired of these theories about Tobi’s identity by now so I’m sorry if that part of the breakdown may have bored you. I just felt they were important points worth covering and – considering what happened in this chapter – this may be my last chance to cover them. Hopefully all will be revealed in the next chapter so we can put all these discussions and debates to rest at last.

That’s all from me this week. Here are last week’s Bubbliton Contest winners.

2nd) Kevinphoenix

Bubble: You’re doing it wrong.
Caption: That’s not how you give head.

Gavin: Kakashi spells it out for Naruto.

I found Gavin’s simple yet effective entry strangely funny, so he gets the top commendation this week!

Here is this week’s Bubbliton.

*Insert possible caption here.*

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  3. FIRST!!!

  4. Great breakdown! I think Kishi is realllyyy squeezing all the life out of this mystery that is Tobi, and deliberately pointing towards the obvious. Which is exactly why I think its not Obito. Think of the timeline, how do you go from boy to playing with little boys in just a few short years? Even orochimaru took some time to develop his…fetish..;-/

  5. Tobi: F*beep
    Caption: Pwnage to the tenth degree

  6. Bubbliton

    Naruto: Say hello to my little friend!
    Caption: That awkward moment when you realize this is exactly what happened to the last villan…and the one before that…and that…and that.

  7. I still don’t believe its Obito… that movie suggest Tobi can fuse with people, which would explain the split personalities… maybe it is his body but that definitely isn’t Obito’s heart and soul…

  8. Bubblition

    Tobi: ALRIGHT MAN! Just chill i’ll take off my mask! :/

    Caption: Shit just got real

  9. Tobi: I can haz rasenburger?
    Caption: Yes. Yes, you can haz rasenburger..

  10. Bubbliton.

    Bubble: Wait! This isn’t what I had in mind when I signed up for dodgeball!

    Caption: It could be worse Tobi. After all, you wouldn’t want to know what Orochimaru’s idea of “dodgeball” is…

  11. Bubbliton

    Tobi: Nya nya nya nya, you can’t hit me! ( in sing song voice)

    *He’s going to regret painting that target on his mask*

  12. @Tenrai “If you can dodge a wrench you can dodge a ball”

  13. Great breakdown!


    Tobi: Well…f**k.

    Caption: The moment you realize there’s nothing you can do to prevent the impending shitstorm

  14. Bubbliton:

    Tobi: “where the hell did you come from?!”

    Caption: Tobi forgot that Naruto is a ninja?

  15. BUBBLE

    Tobi: Ah damn….

    Caption: That awkward moment when you realize your mask has a bulls-eye on it. <__<

  16. A most excellent breakdown, if I do say so myself. I for one do believe Tobi is obito now.

  17. Hey marksman your bubbliton is an improvement on mine. I hope you win.

  18. I found this comment on the mangaspoiler website, i just wonder how true this is??

    *POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

    “kishi is interview:

    While visiting Japan for business,me(Victor Sleever) and Mike Birnton, from Viz Media, decided to spare some of our time and go to Comic Market 78, the biggest manga festival in Japan, something that happens only twice a year. The festival lasts for 3 days, from 23 august to 25 august.

    After some time wandering around the Tokyo Big Sight convention center, we met Masashi Kishimoto, me and Mike are big fans of Naruto, so it was a really pleasant surprise to be able to talk with him.
    He didn’t have much time to talk because he was holding a conference in about 30 minutes since we met, we asked if he could reveal some of the things he will talk about at the conference, and surprisingly he said yes.

    Mike asked all the questions while I wrote them.
    Q:So, what exactly is the conference about?
    A:After the identity of Tobi was revealed by one of my assistants, I realized that the next few chapters will leave the fans confused. I had to clear up some misunderstandings, thus, Comic Market was the best place to do it.

    Q:Then the rumors are true? Is Toby really Izuna? I thought he died in battle after Madara took his eyes, is that a lie?
    A:Well, the truth about his survival is much different, I can’t tell you how he survived, you will have to read the next chapters to find out, but yes, Izuna is Tobi.

    Q:How come he has eyes now? I thought he was blind.
    A:He will reveal that together with his identity, let’s just say that the Uchiha clan is much larger than you know.

    Q:In an earlier interview you talked about Madara not having any weaknesses, what about Tobi? Is he going to be killed by Naruto after his identity is revealed?
    A:Not really, after the way he survived is revealed and what he tries to truly achieve, everyone will change, the truth will hurt a lot of them, it will actually change the history that they know.

    Q:What do you mean by that? How will it hurt them?
    A:The truth is dark and bloody. Madara is related to why Tobi was supposed to die, you could say that what he wants is revenge, but his brother isn’t the only who wanted to kill Tobi, one of the Hokage played a big part in the attempt on his life.

    Q:What else?What is going to happen in this fight?
    A:You know, Tobi always had this forbidden technique prepared, I wanted him to use it only after his identity is revealed. If you thought that Kabuto’s technique for reincarnating people is dangerous, you should see what Tobi prepared.

    Q:Why did Izuna hide his identity?
    A:Because some of the Akatsuki already know what Madara did to Izuna, they know because someone told them, and they wouldn’t be willing to help Izuna. I’m afraid I can’t answer any more of your questions, but I’m hoping you will be patient, in the next weeks everything will be revealed.

    A short interview that revealed a huge amount of spoilers, what is the truth behind Izuna’s past? I guess we are going to find out in the next chapters.

    This interview has been copy/pasted from the forums of Because of it’s content(the spoilers), the access to that topic has been restricted until 19 September. I took it from there in order to spread the word!”

    If this is true i will be dissapointed really, Izuna for me is a real “cop-out” if you will

  19. I wish you hadn’t posted spoilers

  20. dude… I wanted to have my reveal tomorrow man! I mean I would’ve been happy if you posted this like 3days ago but now I wanted to just see it in the chapter :I

  21. @Bakakage

    I added a spoiler alert to your post, but in future, please keep in mind that some readers don’t want to know what’s going to happen next.

    Anyway, the actual interview seems a bit contrived to me, like Kishi is giving away way too many details that an author shouldn’t so carelessly give away. It may be real but it just seems a bit odd to me so I have a hard time believing its genuine. I’ll wait and see what happens when the reveal in the manga comes along.

  22. Great breakdown tenrai….i agree with ashes marksman was pretty funny

    @anyone I thought the naruto movie was suppose to come out tonight?

  23. BUBBLE

    Tobi: My, what big balls you have.

    Caption: The better to smack YOUR FACE WI— wait… errrr….Can we…can we start over?

  24. If it’s Izuna…. seems like a bit of a bland deal. how the heck has he been around for so long? Also I mean it explains his hatred for uchiha who didn’t support Madara but how does he know so much about the fox? I mean obviously Madara knew stuff about the fox but how did he know about the timing for Kushina’s birth. It’s a solid theory but not a very exciting option in my opinion. I would rather choose between Obito from another dimension, Hashirama’s son or Kagami. They are a bit more exciting. I wanted a character with roots in Konoha that was connected to everything and wasn’t just a vengeful brother who returned from the grave. It would be nice to see a vengful Senju villian at the head of this thing instead ( that’s why I was all for Hashirama’s Son) of one more hatred driven uchiha, unless this generational curse of the Older Brother is something Kishi has to make good on. I think Tenrai pointed out that hatred may fuel Susanoo which is an interesting idea. Still if it’s Izuna, he must be related to Obito to Implant the EMS or is it a thing where Hashirama cells make up for the difference?

  25. @Ashes


    I agree with you. Although I’ve felt Izuna was definitely one of the most plausible theories, it never felt like one of the most exciting ones by any means. However, in saying that, if we assume that interview is true, then some of the details do sound quite deep and interesting, details that will apparently hurt a lot of people and rewrite what they know about history.

    I’ll wait and see what happens and give Kishi the chance to tell his story. If this is all true, Kishi may write it in a way that makes it more interesting than I would have previously assumed and in that case, I’ll reserve judgement for later.

    In saying all that, I still question the validity of that interview because it doesn’t seem like Kishi to speak so liberally about his plot and to reveal such major spoilers. It seems fishy to me…

  26. Sorry! i completely forgot to post the spoiler alert. *falls to knees ready to be eaten*

    I think its fake anyway, it all seems off really

  27. Aarghh!! I can’t keep still!! Just… just a few more hours… It’s taking every last bit of my willpower just to keep myself from tearing my hair out. I just hope Kishi doesn’t shift the story to some other scene. And no, I will pretend that I did not see that “spoiler” from above. It’s a lie!!! It’s a lie!! Tobitoooo!!!

  28. “ALERT – Kishi has fallen ill this week, Naruto will be on Haitus till next week”

  29. Pein are you kidding me?

  30. I still think Tobi is Obito. Whether I’m right or wrong, I’ll stick to it until the end… T___T

    *Eats everyone else who is a non-believer.*

  31. @ Ashes – Nah just wanted to see peoples reactions 😛

    Spoilers should be out about now. But I am staying clear for now 😛

  32. I wonder why the heck does Tobi doesn’t use his Rinnegan. Like that of the real Madara who can use it up to the highest level. How do Tobi use his Rinnegan except from using it with the Gedo Mazo. Does he has the same ability that the real Madara has? I’m pertaining about the rinnegan.


    I don’t know where to put spoiler so I’ll just put it in here. Is this one LEGIT?

  34. this is killing me…… coooommeeee on manga!! im routing that he is obito! place your bets ladies and gentleman!

  35. OMFG!!!! I.. I… I…. I think I can die now…

  36. Everybody was right! There still might be a catch though. Remember how Kabuchimaru said to to Tobi “Nice choice for a vessel”?

  37. And how in the world is his face still ok? He did get hit with the Rasengan point blank right?

  38. Its out! its out!

  39. It’s out!!!

  40. Ah, Imagination beat me to it. X___X

    Oh well, time to read!!!!

  41. Man its not confirmed until next week dammit… THAT IS NOT OBITO! Maybe his body… but definitely not Obito… this happens alot of times in tv show series and manga when a mystery is “revealed” and you think you have the answer because it leaves you off on a cliff hanger, then next week just shit on you “This is your friend’s body, but not his soul” or some shit like that.. I perfer Izuna because i’m interested in rewriting history and more background on the history of Konoha… *Not Obito* Just a way to troll you obito fanboys -__-

  42. sidenote… that dude ugly as hell lmao PUT THAT MASK BACK ON BOY!

  43. I know there are a lot, and I mean a LOT, of people who are gonna rage at the fact that Tobi is Obito but Kishi has yet to explain everything to us. Is it possible to hold off on the bitching until the end of the explanation? If, after everything people still aren’t satisfied, then let the bitching commence. I’m eagerly awaiting the answers to the “How’s” and the “Why’s” that’s been plaguing my mind for nearly 3 years.

  44. AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

    *takes deep breath*

    AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! IT’S OBITO!!!! My commitment has finally paid off! All the debates, all the theories, it’s all finally coming to a conclusion! T____T

    *Eats everyone!*

  45. Gai’s beautiful scarf FTEW 😉

  46. *pats Tenrai on the head*

    There, there… Go ahead, scream, cry, laugh until you are satisfied.. Wonderful feeling, isn’t it? I haven’t stopped smiling ever since I read the title myself.

    You know what, scratch what I said earlier. Come on, bring on the biching! It’s really amusing, almost beautiful to read the “Kishi, you troll!” , “Kishi, you bastard!” comments.

  47. Kishi is a ingenious troll. Tobi’s identity is definitely a two-parter. He’s making all the Obito fans excited with this reveal but Tobi is a much deeper character than what we get at face value. There’s a fast ball coming. Why else would kishi not save this reveal for a milestone like chapter 600? It would be interesting to see a corrupted Obito in there but with Izuna as the dominate personality. Tobi was a character that had a lighter and darker personality.

  48. @Sage & Grey

    At the end of the chapter it said in big black writing “His name is Obito!” So no, I don’t think that he is someone else. As far as I can see, from here on out it’s about explaining the how and why, not the who.

    In all honesty, I still don’t see why even now people are still completely convinced that Tobi being Obito is impossible, even with the end of the chapter announcing that it’s him. I also don’t see why Kishi would waste an entire chapter building up to it being Obito, just to say “haha, fooled you!” in the next one. Now you’re saying Kishi’s gonna troll us Obito fans, but what if you guys are really just trolling yourselves now?

  49. YESSS TOBITO FTEW!!! whoop! im so glad that after all these years im finally right with something! hahaha damn he got some face damage….

  50. Well, this manga has now officialy gone to shit. Too bad.

    But I suppose a manga can’t stay entertaining forever.

    R.I.P. Naruto

    Anyone got a suggestion for a manga that doesn’t contain massive plotholes, ridiculously OP villains without any reasonable background and support characters that are basically filler?

  51. @tredbaron1 Don’t be so hard on yourself. You still don’t know what is going to happen next.
    -The main bone of contention seems to be that how could Obito be the masked guy the day Naruto was born.People keep forgetting he would have been the same age Naruto and Sasuke are now. So the question becomes: Why not?
    -Second theory: Obito is being used as a vessel by Uchiha Izuna.

  52. This is a cop-out. Kishi’s explanations are going to be way out there… So basically waited for nothing. And a whole chapter about nothing. This could have been said a few chapters ago. Kakashi thinking “… no it can’t be… Are you Obito!!” Tobi “yes”. BAM! there you go, now we can get on with the fight and see the Juubi. And actually got more shit done. There goes Kishi changing the story as he see’s fit with out an explanation. Tobi’s points have dropped off significantly. This last chapter honestly didn’t make me feel anything for the villain. I have no idea what it was suppose to invoke in me. Maybe it’s the other back stories that were much better that got me. I don’t think I’ll be back for a while, im going to be searching for new manga and read it. and keep reading One Piece. I know it’s Kishi’s choice as main author for whatever happens and Im sure his explanation is going to be good (complex) I just don’t like how he made these latest events turn out

  53. Hey guys, only wanna say: look at page 7, theres already minatos head carved in stone, but hes not even hokage yet at that time 🙂

  54. @redbaron I perfectly agree with you. That’s why Fairy Tail is my current favorite. Follow by Beelzebub, Gintama and Kenichi for the most part no sign of any Villain Sues within 30kms.

  55. @Baron

    Don’t you think you could at least give Kishi a chance before you bomb him out? If you still hate it after he’s explained things then sure, I completely understand if you’d want to quit the manga, but I think you may be acting somewhat prematurely.


    I think there’s gonna be a lot of hate flowing around now. Some people will love how things turned out, others will loath it. It all depends on who you wanted Tobi to be I suppose.

    I still think we should give Kishi a chance to tell his story though before we go into a rage frenzy.

  56. Even though at the end it said “His name is Obito!”. It just seems suspicious. On the same page Kakashi said “You are…. Obito….?”.
    It might seem stubborn but not everything in the world or in this manga is always what it seems at face value. That’s one of the major themes of this manga. Thats why we have fleshed out character flashbacks. It looks like Obito, it talks like Obito then its probably Obito. But Naruto acts like an idiot, sometimes sounds like an idiot but he’s no idiot. He’s a lot more and surprises us with clever tactics. If Tobi states that he is 100% just Obito then i’ll accept it as it’s being explained.
    Its just weird. The Obito hints were being dropped way too hard in the past few chapters. In the beginning of this chapter (599), it subtlety stated “that boy used to have a dream”. That seems like a statement you say about a dead guy. Because clearly Tobi’s “dream” is putting the world under infinite tsukuyomi. I don’t want to feed an angry debate, I’m just voicing healthy skepticism. .

  57. Im still fifty fifty on this im waiting on kishis explanation….i wish this chapter had more dialoge though

  58. @Ultimate

    I understand your way of thinking and who knows, maybe there is some sort of twist to the tail. We’ll have to see where Kishi takes it from here.

    In all honesty though, I don’t think debates are going to really help now either way. We’ve kinda reached a fork in the road and now it’s up to the author to tell us which way we’re going.

  59. Izuna possessing Obito’s body would be unusual but not unknown, Fullmetal Alchemist did the same, it would be a way to live longer and avoid inevitable death, steal a nice young body. Though I wonder if Izuna got Obito’s body and said ” I gotta go through puberty again?!”

  60. @salamiyo lol kishi trolling it dont stop and it wont stop

  61. At long last, here we are. Tobi is Obito. Or at the most, if one could say, that is diffidently Obito’s body.

    You can see the scars on the left side of his face that was crushed slightly by the bolder. At first, I am sure every thought it was merely old age.

    In any case… I am sure we are going to be seeing a few old faces coming on to rant now. <___<

  62. Well, it’s definitely Obito’s body. That much was established when he pulled out his mangekyou. My doubt rests in whether or not it’s Obito’s soul in there. If Orochimaru can take over other people’s bodies, why can’t anyone else.

    Don’t discount Tobi’s ramblings about being complete, and the fact that he said he’s been waiting a long time for this when he took over the kyuubi. Something’s not right about the timeline.

    Let’s wait until next week before we spiral into the Third Great Human War.

  63. huge fan of the panel with all the current jounins as kids. not a huge fan of how drawn out this chapter was, but hey i can understand Kishi wants to wait til 600 to really get into it

  64. So how did he get out from under that rock? My bet is the space time sharingan saved his hiney, but scrambled his brain. He gave up because he thought he’d never make time with Rin. What an idiot.

  65. “Don’t you think you could at least give Kishi a chance before you bomb him out? If you still hate it after he’s explained things then sure, I completely understand if you’d want to quit the manga, but I think you may be acting somewhat prematurely.”

    I could, but I’ve already fueled my B52 and set coordinates for Okayama.

    Seriously though, I think we’ve given Kishi plenty of chances to explain his plotholes. First there was Naruto’s lack of progress in his 3 year hiatus with Jiraiya. People didn’t understand how that didn’t produce any kind of progress. Especially after Kakashi then taught Naruto the Rasen Shuriken within days. Kishi’s explanation, Jiraiya tried to teach Naruto how to control the Kyuubi… We all sighed and moved on.
    Then we were introduced to Sasuke’s ass pulling. A megaton bomb explosion with a 10 mile blast radius you say? A giant snake hidden in his ass says Sasuke. Does it matter that Sasuke was all out of chakra and summoning something as big as Manda would be impossible in his state? Off course not, he’s an Uchiha. They don’t obey to the laws of physics, or the manga for that matter… A fact made abundantly clear several times later be several other Uchiha as well. But we took it up the tailpipe and such jutsu are now known as plot-no-jutsu’s.
    And then the biggest plothole of all. Remember Hashirama? The man who died in war, was revived by Orochimaru and then lost to an elderly? Powerful? Sure, but he still died before he grew old and weary.
    Then comes Madara, a ninja so haxed and powerful he defies all logic and reason and managed to cheat death, twice. How on earth did Madara lose to Hashirama with such amazing power. Well, apparantly Hashirama was even more haxed and powerful and even wounding Hashirama was near impossible…. But he died… How does someone who can’t even get hurt, die?
    And there are plenty of other, smaller plotholes which have some explanation but not a lot. But that doesn’t matter, it’s all things combined that make me shake my head.
    I understand it’s near impossible to keep a manga going for so long while constantly keeping past events or future plans in mind but some things are just too big to ignore.

    Off course Kishi could still ‘save’ the manga though. And I surely hopes he does. As long as Kishi’s explanation isn’t limited to “he lost Rin, that made him really sad, then angry, then sad again, then he blamed the world.” I’ll probably keep reading on. I just wish he tried to introduce a bit of originality with Tobi. Unfortunately here we are with yet another Uchiha villain. I suppose it’s only a matter of time before they join forces and form the ‘we are Uchiha and we hate the world’ group.

  66. @baron you forgot defeat the world for they possess the Sharingan. And we all know the perfect Sharingan NEVER loses to the not Sharingan.
    “give Kishi a chance,” they say. Tell that to the “man with no weakness” Madara and feels sorry for me because I’m so sympathetic Marty Sue.” named Itachi. The revived Kage, all of them got thrown under the bus in favor of an Uchiha!

    He got NO CHANCE!! *plays electric guitar a bit* NO CHANCE IN HELL!!!

  67. Supposedly the regeneration of cells makes you age faster and thus die quicker, which is likely how Hashirama died. The fact that he was undead when he fought Sarutobi means he likely didn’t have his life-giving chakra when he fought him, or at least not as much of it.

    Also, Hashirama probably healed himself so much during his battle with Madara, and the only reason Madara was defeated was due to the fact that Hashirama had more endurance than Madara did, considering his healing and naturally large chakra reserves.

    The major plot hole I want fixed is how the Sharingan is at first stated to be a mutation of the Byakugan. My theory on this is that Sage of the Six Paths married someone who had the Byakugan, and the “eyes got passed on” to the older son, and then that’s why it’s been considered a mutation.

    Although it could always just end up that Kakashi just THOUGHT it was a mutation because that’s what everyone had been led to believe, considering they obviously have few, if any, history texts.

  68. Obito graduated the Academy at 9. Kakashi graduated at 5 and became a Chunin at 6. They cannot both be taking the exam at the same time since Obito would still be an Academy Student. Hell, they shouldn’t even be on the same team.

    Plotholes, plotholes everywhere!

  69. So much awesome comments! Next chapter is gonna be better, I bet 20 dollars everyone is gonna be satisfied with 600.
    Who´s in?
    Pay through paypal! XD

  70. I got what I wanted from the chapter, got to know the face underneath the mask, but the chapter as a whole was non-stellar. I would go as far as to say it was a waste of a waiting a week. Just like some people are saying, I too don’t think it is Obito, but rather someone controlling him. I really hadn’t given a second thought to the incongruencies of the manga, but as the Baron pointed out; THEIR NUMBERS RUN HIGH.

  71. This latest chapter is so full of plotholes I’m beginning to think Kishi just divided by zero and went crazy with power.

  72. ya much as Tobito (I don’t even know what to call him anymore haha) uses his MS ability, shouldn’t that eye be pretty close to going blind by now? The more i think about it the more madara comes into play in my mind. like how the hell if obito did indeed survive did he become such a powerful ninja? gosh i really dont wanna hop on the plothole wagon..but i mean at this point i cant deny it’s there. the way i see it, i see either madara helped obito, or somehow a ninja like, idk…izuna for arguments sake, did some kind of body transfer like Oro used to.

  73. Actually I think the whole Izuna possessing Obito’s body seems highly probable and explains everything solidly.

  74. maybe this is the point. This story is meant for teens, not grown men who can analyze the crap out of this story. Maybe it’s meant to have plot holes because its for kids who just want to see action and continuation of the story. They don’t want to see a complex story with drama and great characters as long as it involves a cool action and awesome flashbacks. He’s basically writing for the fans and not for him. In the beginning it started out as an expression of himself, than came the fans that kept supporting him. Than he started keeping characters and reintroducing them for the fan’s sake. That’s what happens when stories become too long; they become a shell of their formers self’s. I can understand what he did, but I can not accept those revelations he created. He should be selfish and actually put out what he wants. I bet his initial intention was to kill of Kakashi in the Pain arc, but the Shonen exec’s so it as a loss of money and told him to keep Kakashi alive.

  75. when I say grown men I mean 20 somethings. Im 21 and I’ve been reading this manga since I was a 15/16 year old. And I was into the same thing without caring about the depth of the manga, until I came on to here that is. Maybe it’s the collective consciousness that drove us to think much more critically about this medium as oppose to just reading our selves. Very weird conundrum. Did we become more critical of Naruto as we got older, or is it because of this constant thing we got going on in this site that has made us more critical of it? hmm all in all very fun group of people we got here. This is the most likely reason I’ll keep reading it until the end is because of you guys constant subjects of topic. Lets see where these next chapters take us.

  76. I was looking back at azuna and something I noticed was that his and obitos sharinga are look really similar….their is a lot of plotholes in the manga like the age thing that was stated earlier…But thats something that can be explain since guy held back his students 2 years before entering the chunnim exam the same could have happen to kakashi they probably waited for his class to finish the academy in order to have him take the exam

  77. Anyone else remember the plot hole somewhere near the beginning how Naruto had failed the same class a few times, and thus got held back from being a ninja or something?


    Minato’s face is on the mountain even though he hadn’t been made Hokage until after Kakashi Gaiden. Likely just an art error.

  79. @Baron

    I understand all your points and I do hope Kishi explains all of this well, just like you do, otherwise I may end up on the same bandwagon as you. Lol. I’m just waiting to see what he does next, but I do honestly hope he introduces a lot more depth with Obito as a villain than he has with the likes of Madara, Kabuto and, dare I say it, Sasuke.

    However, as for all past plotholes, I cannot deny the existance of many of them, so if your feelings stem from a long line of disappointments based on that, then that’s another matter and I understand. I hope Kishi reignites your enjoyment for reading Naruto somehow.

  80. In defense of the manga NOT going sour:

    There should be awesome new developments in Naruto such as a new villain crew and maybe even time travel, yes you heard correct, time travel. First let me explain the villains. If you think about it, Zetsu probably kept tabs on all the Uchiha who died, grabbing their eyes and, perhaps, even their identities, in hopes of getting something powerful. I don’t think we’ve seen Zetsu’s most powerful form yet. Maybe when Obito gets defeated, the Zetsu in his body will reunite with the Zetsu that is pinned down in front of the Daimyos’ secret hideout? Hopefully we should see something well above 9000 if that happens. Another interesting possibility is the reunion of Zetsu and Madera, but considering Zetsu’s betrayal who knows what will happen?

    The second thing which I mentioned is time travel. I believe Sasuke may very well be on his way to what is the real truth of everything by time traveling. I could be wrong, but it also explains a lot of things.

    1) Its the best way to find out the truth.
    2) It explains why Suigetsu believes the jutsu scroll could end the war. I can’t think of a more powerful ability than time traveling!
    3) Imagine Naruto going back in time as well somehow and having to depend on the names of the Bijuu to perform some Pokemon action.
    4) I could be totally wrong, but I cant see a better way to reinvigorate the manga.

    @Tenrai: I finally found proof that Kakashi developed his Mangekyo Sharingan during the time skip!!!

  81. @Visionary

    “@Tenrai: I finally found proof that Kakashi developed his Mangekyo Sharingan during the time skip!!!”

    That isn’t entirely accurate. You found proof that he developed Kamui during the timeskip, not that he awakened his MS during the timeskip.

    Remember that even after awakening one’s MS, they don’t just immediately awaken all the jutsu associated with it. Sasuke, for example, only awakened Amatarasu after using his MS for a while in battle and it took even longer to fully develop Susanoo. In the end, Kakashi may have awakened his MS ages ago, but simply never learned how to use it properly until more recently.

  82. Yay! It’s nice to know that I almost got it. I’ll just have to keep trying. So I’ll try yet again.

    Bubble: Oh balls!
    Can’t think of a suitable caption to go along with this. Not sure if a caption is necessary or not.

  83. @Tenrai:

    “The Mangekyō Sharingan is a dōjutsu that, with continuous usage, burdens the user with the loss of their eyesight. Since this is the source of Kamui, using it in rapid succession puts Kakashi’s body at risk as well. As his Sharingan was transplanted, usage of this technique poses an even greater risk to Kakashi.”

    “The Mangekyō Sharingan (万華鏡写輪眼; Literally meaning “Kaleidoscope Copy Wheel Eye”) is an advanced form of the Sharingan that has only been activated by a handful of Uchiha. It was also awakened by Kakashi Hatake — a non-Uchiha — through unknown means.”


  84. @Visionary

    I’m not sure I understand the purpose of your response or what it has to do with when Kakashi awakened his MS. I already know what the MS is and what it does, but what we were discussing included neither of these points.

  85. What if Tobi activated his MS and somehow it awakened Kakashi.

  86. Bubble Contest

    Tobi/Obito/Madara/No-one (take your pick): “Naruto, for the last time, I don’t want to eat your imaginary spiral cake, I’m on a diet”

    Caption: Can’t we all just get along? Have your cake and eat it!

  87. Bubble Contest

    Tobi/Obito/Madara/No-one (again take your pick): “Naruto, is this the legendary, unknowable, referred to but never explained, ‘that jutsu?’ ”
    Caption: Brainwashing – after seeing this move a thousand times, we begin to believe it’s “that jutsu”.

  88. Lol kantonkage nice insight!
    To all fans upset with Tobi being Obito, I have the best medicine ever, I promise; just dont let the title of the video fool you and give it a chance, 5 minuets would suffice!

    When was the last time you cried of joy? <—– Click me*
    *Mandatory use of headphones and 32:56 minutes of your time.

  89. @kanton

    I was thinking the same thing because Kakashi didn’t awaken his MS as the same as all the other Uchiha, that got MS. Did he copy it from Itaichi, trained to obtain it because he did know of it when he saw Itaichi’s or what. Same for Obito, and for such a young age, since someone was using Kamui against the 4th. Unless his reconstructed body from Zetsu and Madara, i would guess helped him chakra wise like Sasuke’s and the curse mark did. Cause the hatred maybe for the lost of half himself, failed Minato coming like two minutes to save him like he did for Kakshi and Rin, Kakashi’s failed promise on behave of Obito to save Rin, and from all that with a twisted hate and view for the Village from perhaps Madara, like Tobi did with Sasuke, he could of obtained MS and fuel to the fire. Is how they obtained MS is Kakashi witnessing Obito’ death, a lost of a best friend and Obito by Rin’s death.

  90. Bubble Contest

    “Sh@! I’m not Frieza, Cell, or Buu!
    Caption: Doesn’t matter what manga, you still gonna get a super saiyin blue blast to the face.

  91. Frankly, after 1 or 2 tries, I’ve tried to stay away from the ‘who is Tobi’ debate? Ok, it might be Obito, but it’s not definite. If Kamui is MS, then Tobi should be blind cos he uses the tech more times and harder than Choji can stuff himself at the local All-You-Can-Eat Bento shop. Perhaps, a plot hole – I will not explore. I’ll wait for Kishi. He’s got the answers. If it is him, how did Minato not recognise anything about his former student? (Although it would explain how he could see right through everything Minato did – ok, this theory is a maybe simply for the reason that Obito wasn’t the brightest of students, even though he was an Uchiha). Two pointers in favour of him being Obito, hmmm, he know’s intimate things about Kakashi (vows, promises, life of regret etc) and the fact that he knows that Gai doesn’t remember faces, lol – probably from when they were kids. That said, there would be too many inconsistencies if it turns out that in he is in fact Obito.

  92. Bubbilation: trololololo
    caption: This is what is going to happen if Kishi keeps trolling…

  93. @Darkgeenie

    Have you read the latest chapter?

  94. Is it me or is Obito’s past like Naruto with the rivalry with a teammate and love for the other and thats the twist with Obito becoming evil to some degree when you look at it, cause his justice is not the same as others for peace. Naruto had to fight the dark thats in everyone with the battle for Kurama’s power and Tobi stated how it would effect him if Naruto failed like Obito probally felt with his life mission, from the panals we got with becoming stronger then his rival, get the girl of his dreams, and become Hokage, which would want an infinite due over with the Moon’s eye plan. The newest movie seems more likely now of a little of a tie-in.

  95. @Tenrai
    Yeah, I read the chapter, possibly within minutes of release….even so, it seems a bit convenient, too easy for it to be Obito considering the mystery of the man Tobi. Forgive me for being sceptical.

  96. Tobito is almost as good as Naruto at speech-no-jitsu. I want to hear the story from Tobito’s lips, which I’m sure we’ll be getting soon.

  97. Tobi has so many masks that he’s like one of those russian toys, you open it up and there’s another person inside . I mean we believe he was an Akutsuki being told around by Pain but no Tobi claims he started Akutsuki, later he claims he’s madara, then when Madara is resurrected he says he’s no one when asked who he is, he plays coy about what’s behind the mask and then we see what’s behind the mask after two weeks of being slapped with Obito’s clues. If one can guess a reveal it’s not much of a reveal. So either it’s anti climatic or the soul inhabiting Obito’s body is not Obito. so essentially Kishi set us up only to rattle us once we think the identity is so obvious. I think the reason Tobi has worn the mask is because someone would maybe have investigated Obito’s death or too much interest in a dead guy which would’ve revealed who Tobi truly was. Investigating Obito’s death would lead to answers about who he is.

    How in the heck did Itachi know where Tobi was? (chapter 590 page 11) Wouldn’t the Uchiha or the villages want to know a bit about some mysterious Uchiha? Seriously how did Itachi find Tobi if Tobi wasn’t trying to be found? Does someone else know about Tobi? gosh I just have so many questions. We have to wait another week and I doubt it will be enough to stem our appetite for answers very long. I bet a meager amount of answers.

  98. @ashes Itachi is an Uchiha. Don’t ask how.
    Bubble: Damn it, I knew I shouldn’t have dodge that punch from last caption.
    Caption: Apparently he’s going to successfully punch your face.

    Bubble: I will not die, I will NEVER DIE!!
    Caption: FALCON PU… Oh, wait there only one bubble.

  99. @ashes I asked myself that a long time ago I wonder if itachi knows the truth abput tobi

  100. Bubble: Oh. F*ck
    Caption: The moment when an Uchiha realises that Uchihax won’t work.

  101. this is hilarious…. Teuchi was originally supposed to be a main villain for Kishimoto’s manga about ramen?

  102. I knew it was an bad week to take a vacation, but to come back to this, it’s a bit over the top. Kishi, not taking us through loops and not giving us a taboo story about a puppy called Tiny, and just throwing it on the table like that was a bigger surprise then I could have imagined.

    “Who would have thought” Obito is actually Tobi, or at the very least he’s using his body. The main theory, the most obvious, the perfect piece, the most taboo, the wrong timelines. It’s actually come to to this.
    I know Kishi will bring No 600 with at least 2 extra pages in witch I would like to know almost everything there is to know about Obito’s ascension to the dark side.

    The main thing I learned from this latest chapter was the fact that Obito was a really great shinobi, who trained really hard, almost like Itachi or Sasuke ( with efficience ), but had bad luck every time the situation he needed to prove himself came.

    That doesn’t excuse the fact that this kid at only 14 years and chunin level towards jounin (judging by the fact that Kakashi was at this level and so must have the group been, seeing as the dudes in a team are almost at the same level) and managed to infiltrate the barrier where Naruto’s birth was, managed to steal Kushina and set loose the Fox while keeping it under control and also perfect a MS jutsu to the point where Minato had to go all out in order to stop him.
    Please Kishimoto, on behalf of all your faithful readers, give us a great story or I might just visit Japan sooner then I thought.

    PS, Tobi actually looks cool to me scared like that. He’s gt a really badass look to him.

    Sorry for double posting on the main page, please delete that comment seeing as I reposted here.

  103. Once this series is over, I would like it if Kishi spent his time directing some personal OVA;s of all the battles he’s mentioned. It would be awesome to see all the battles from a canoical point of view. The Oro vs Jirayi fight, Madara vs The 1st. The older and younger son’s of the Sage. The previous kage battles

  104. Bubble: No, not the rasenagain! You’ll hurt my rinagain!
    Caption: Again with the rasenagain? He’ll stop it with sharinagain.

  105. Cmon it was the chapter everyone was waiting for, we need comments from old schoolers, stop lurking and come forward u sneaky fellas! XD

  106. Hey, I’ve been reading these blogs since IRA… keep up the good work.
    Also, I’d ike to say that Obito is being controlled by Madara’s brother too (as many of you believe also)… BUT! In consideration of all the plot-no-jutsu, and Uchiha hax, I think that kishi will dissapoint and create some sort of sob story for why Obito became evil…

  107. Saamon Legoski, Tanwir Ahmed, darkgeenie, 2cool2live, lackofimagination.

    So far this is the first time I’m seeing you guys comment on the blog and I would like to express my welcomes to all of you and to encourage you to take part in all of the breakdowns with your opinions and debate on witch side you believe is more right.

    Also remember to keep clear of Tenrai, he tends to have a strange craving for people, I’m not saying it’s a African thing :))


    And Ten, i hope you’re right even after next week’s chapter, with the Obito theory, you really fought hard for your point of view and after all this time it finally came true.

    it might be for 7 days or for the rest of time, but at least you were spot on, like a lot of other people. I can see Jeramiah laughing his ass off right now.

    I hope you’re reading this Jerry, you started all of this and passed it on to us, cheers dude.

  108. Many of you are thinking that this isn’t just Obito. Sure it is confirmed that it is his body. Here is something to go on top of it all. This is the first time that we have been shown what could really happen when an Orochimaru/Sasuke situation actually goes through. So basically: Obito might be possessed in the same way Sasuke would have been if Orochimaru had been successful. That would show that there isn’t only one person trying to possess new bodies. And it would also shed a little bit more light on the kind of person Orochimaru is.

  109. I have to say that the attack in this manga by Kakashi and Naruto in order to get on Tobi was pretty awesome. 😀 I wish we had talked about this awesomeness more

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