Fairy Tail 295 Breakdown! Holy Justice is really painful.

Welcome to this week’s breakdown, Fairy Tail fans!

Whoever manages to name every character in this picture gets a cookie. 🙂

Another extra-long chapter with color pages?! You’re awesome, Mashima.

And what a chapter it was. After activating Dragon Force, Sting  gets really cocky and tells Rogue to stay out of the fight because he’ll be enough to handle both Natsu and Gajeel. He then punches Natsu right in the face and  proceeds to overwhelm both him and Gajeel, dodging every counterattack. In a shocking display of power, he uses the White Dragon’s Holy Breath to destroy the arena.

Natsu and Gajeel are helpless against Sting’s power.

I love how Sting is able to easily crush his opponents while using Dragon Force. After watching Natsu and Gajeel pwning him and Rogue in last week’s chapter, I couldn’t wait to see Sabertooth turn the tables on them. I didn’t expect Sting to take them both on by himself, but I liked it anyway. He showed us his true power and it was awesome: he wasn’t even damaged by a point-blank Iron Dragon’s Roar!!

Anyway, this chapter also gives us a glimpse of Sting’s past and the promise he made with Lector.

How it all began…

While he’s beating the crap out of Natsu and Gajeel, Sting remembers why he wants to beat the Salamander so badly. When he was young, other kids would bully Lector and call him a liar because he said that Sting killed a dragon. Wanting to show the world that his friend wasn’t a liar, Sting promised that one day he would defeat Natsu, the closest thing to a dragon that he knew of.
Wow, I expected something much more angsty and depressing. That promise really fueled Sting for all these years? Well, I guess since he was a kid he really took it seriously and once he made it into Sabertooth, the evil master Jiemma used this promise to manipulate him and make him the mean guy he is now.

Moving on, after defeating Natsu and Gajeel, Sting thinks he has finally fulfilled that promise. Rogue says that the era of the Old Generation Dragon Slayers is over and the referee is about to declare Sabertooth as the winner, but Fairy Tail suddenly gets up, commenting on how their beating made them figure out Sting’s habits and now they will continue to fight.

I hope they’ll beat you up for your cockiness, Natsu.

Then Natsu does the stupidest thing ever: he pushes his battle partner on a cart and sends him away, overconfidently declaring that he can defeat Sting and Rogue on his own.

Well, Natsu, I don’t know how you’ll defeat two Third Generation Dragon Slayers using Dragon Force, considering that only one beat up both you and Gajeel. How did you get up after that in the first place? Mashima better explain… or else. 😈

Anyway, I hope Natsu won’t defeat Sting and Rogue and even if  he does, he better not use Nakama power or I’ll be really disappointed.

That brings us to the end of the breakdown. See you next week!!

The new Fairy Tail movie is out!! Time to look for a subbed version. @___@

-最強 Dragon


~ by 最強 Dragon on August 19, 2012.

8 Responses to “Fairy Tail 295 Breakdown! Holy Justice is really painful.”

  1. Time to watch the Fairy Tail movie now. 😀

  2. Natsu needs to win unlike everybody else. Sabertooth needs to be taken down a peg or two.

  3. Are you dont know how Natsu defeat two Third Generation Dragon Slayers using Dragon Force? :O Here the answer: Lightning Flame Dragon Mode! xDD If Natsu use this Power then he is unbeatable….with this Power he punched the guildmaster of sabertooth xDD Sry 4 my bad english…I´m german xD

  4. Hey Micha, and welcome to WRA. @____@

  5. Ultimately I think the reason that sting’s dragon force isn’t all that is because it’s not fueled by the same thing dragon slayer magic is normally fueled by: Emotion.

    Natus get’s Powered up the more “fired up” he gets and when that hits a certain level Dragon Force activates. Now I’m not sure what eating Etherion or the Golden flame had to do with helping Natsu enter Dragon Force mode but one thing is fairly obvious. Even though these two things powered him up he was obviously motivated by emotion to use them.

    Sting and Rogue activate theirs with a deus ex machina that has nothing to do with the very thing that fuels their Dragon Slayer magic, and while their dragon force mode boosts their power in a similar way to Natsu’s I don’t feel that it boosts it to the same level as Natsu’s Dragon force.

    Either way I think this chapter puts to rest any theories that the guild was threatening their Exceed partners.

    On a side note: What happens when Natsu combines Lightning Flame Dragon mode and Dragon Force Mode?

  6. @michael it doesny completely put it to rest but it makes it lest likely….im thinking his power will quadrupal??

  7. @Michael

    I reckon Natsu will end up saying something along the lines of “how could someone who doesn’t care about their Nakama possibly defeat me?”

    In the end, Fairy Tail mages have always attributed their strength to their bonds with the friends and family in their guild. It was those bonds that allowed Erza to defeat Akuma and that saved FT from Acknologia and as we’ve seen from how Sabertooth works, it is something that they, as a guild, are sorely lacking. I wouldn’t be surprised if Sting and Rogue’s lack of power is attributed to this very particular point.

  8. Well the latest chapter was both satisfying on some levels as well as disappointing on others. While I feel that Sting and Rogue really did need to be put in their place, I also feel that it would have been ever so much more satisfying if it had been just a bit more difficult for Natsu to win.

    Also Tenrai, Natsu didn’t say it (this chapter) though Mavis said something to the same effect it in proxy.

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