Fairy Tail 292-294 Breakdown!! The most one-sided fight ever.

Welcome to this week’s Fairy Tail breakdown, WRA! After many weeks of absence, I’m back! I missed three chapters in total, so, without further ado, let the breakdown start!

This team is EPIC, but what about Mirajane?

Chapter 292 was a good chapter. Fairy Tail declares that they will make Sabertooth pay and they are informed that they have to fuse Fairy Tail A and B together to make the number of teams even for the last days’ battles.
The new team is awesome, even though Mirajane is deprived of the spotlight once again, so we can’t see the full potential of her new Satan Soul, unfortunately. The match-ups are also really predictable: Laxus vs Orga, Gray vs Rufus, Natsu vs Sting, Gajeel vs Rogue and last but not least, Erza vs Minerva.

That brings us to this week’s chapter, Battle of the Dragon Slayers! Sting and Rogue finally get to show us their magic, but will it be enough to defeat Natsu and Gajeel after their training?

Apparently not, because the entirety of the chapter is about them getting pwned. 😛

This pretty much sums up the whole fight.

Unexpectedly, Sting and Rogue aren’t even close to Natsu and Gajeel’s level. I thought they would have been on par with each other, but it looks like they really aren’t. Even when they activate their Drives, they only manage to overwhelm their opponents for a short while, probably because they were surprised by the power boost.

The most interesting part of the fight, imo, was the Third Generation Dragon Slayers’ magic. Even though I don’t like Sting, I have to say that his magic is really cool. He uses the White Dragon’s power, the power of justice! I hope someone will explain how that’s different from light magic. O__o
Rogue’s magic is also really fascinating. He can literally turn into shadow and become intangible. It is far from unbeatable, though, since Gajeel hit him anyway.

Moving on, after getting a beating from Natsu, Sting uses his most powerful attack in his Drive form, but it fails to even damage the Salamander. Makarov and Yajima conclude that the difference in power is just too great.

Their power level… IT’S OVER 9000!!!!

Don’t tell me you didn’t expect that joke… It was set up perfectly. X___X

I don’t like how easily Natsu and Gajeel defeated their opponents. They’re in the top five of the strongest Guild in Fiore! They should have put up much more of a fight, even without their Drives. If the other mages in their team are as “strong” as they are, then Fairy Tail won’t have the least bit of trouble winning.

Surprisingly, though, Sting and Rogue still have a trump card… Dragon Force.

This battle has just begun.

Mavis’s reaction is really interesting. Has she met a Dragon Slayer before? Is it Zeref? If you want to know more about that, I found an awesome theory on the Fairy Tail wiki! Click here.

Well, that’s it for me!! See you all next week.

By the way, I didn’t mention chapter 293 because I’m trying to erase Ichiya’s face from my memory… *shudders*

~ by 最強 Dragon on August 16, 2012.

11 Responses to “Fairy Tail 292-294 Breakdown!! The most one-sided fight ever.”

  1. First 🙂 ill read the breakdown when im out of work

  2. I see team Fairy Tale winning without going Dragon Force. Not because Sabertooths dragon slayers are weaker than them, but because their regular form is as strong as they are (i hope that makes sense)

  3. Awesome what happen in chapter 293 oh wait Jenny and Hibiki are dating that’s it. Everything else is blank. Do you guys watch the anime?

  4. I’m strictly on the manga diet. I don’t like reading subtitles, it makes me eyes hurt of a while

  5. I want to see how they handle Dragon Force. Would they even get a chance to? That’d be a bummer if this fight got inteurrpted ala Naruto (sasuke vs Garra fight in the chunning exams)

  6. @kanton: I watch the anime and I gotta say that this filler arc is awesome! Zentopia… Reborn Oraciòn Sèis… @___@

    @thelaughingwiseman: I hope Natsu and Gajeel will go Dragon Force because if they are as strong as DF Sting and Rogue in their regular forms, then they are way too overpowered. DF doubles or triples your magical power, so if Natsu and Gajeel can defeat their opponents without transforming, that means they are two or three times stronger than Sting and Rogue!! Too much hax.

  7. Yeah, I guess I was right with the Dragon Ball Z thing. It turns out once they go Dragon Force their regular selfs can with stand that type of beating. It’s a shame. I really wanted a good fihgt, like a technical knockout to both sides with out Natsu and Gajeel going Dragon Force. To say they can stop Dragon Force opponents but at a high cost. It’s a real let down because of all the time the chapter took and how lame it turned out. Natsu handling 2 Dragon Force people?! Really?! Just call him Gohan and be done with it

  8. @wiseman as soon as sting said he will fight them 2 vs1 I knew that this would happen,you know how pridefull people of fairy tail are speacialy natsu… And I dont think it is that bad bexause this arc is to show how strong they are after their power boost the next arc should be the one were they have trouble

  9. Yeah, it seems that way. It was basically a showing off of strength, but there were some kinks along the road. Maybe it was showing the Dragon Slayers growth (Natsu, Gaijeel and Wendy)

  10. Yeah and not just the dragon slayers but everyone in fairy tail Oda is doing it in One piece also

  11. Lucy didn’t seem like she was really focused that one match, but I guess she grew in power since she was given the last celestial being in her first battle

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