Naruto Chapter 595 and 596 – Kunai is “Super Effective” <__< *Pein0Avenue faints from shock*

Awe WRA, Pein here again filling in for Tenrai on these battle heavy few chapters… But before I begin that, it seems there are more developments in the Naruto Movie, Road to Ninja and I must say when I saw this trailer my head nearly exploded from awesomeness. I truly believe this will be one of the best Naruto movie of all! With Kishi putting in his own input it seems to have played on a few good cords and I can’t wait till we get to see the final product!


After seeing this my head went mad! There are other previews out there showing an Alternative Naruto which seemed to have a Sharingan and black hair, and it seems Naruto and this Menma battle in a Kyuubi vs Kyuubi fight of epic proportion… @___@ I hope this movie comes out quickly πŸ˜‰

*End Spoilers*

Though I enjoyed the chapters, it also feels like nothing really happened. There where clues to “Tobi” identity and even some developments around Gedo Moza. Illustrated in the color pages we see that Gedo Moza is made of wood and the “Branches” on his back seem to extend as the Tailed Beasts Chakra fuse and combine within. It makes you wonder if this is how Gedo Moza reacts how will a living Jinchuriki hold so much power within them?

I said in the previous breakdown that I am more interested in Gedo Moza than Tobi and that is still true, to me Tobi is a faceless man who has a powerful ability but that is where it ends, Gedo Moza seems to be something more it is made of Wood so it could have been created via “Wood Style” jutsu… The same jutsu Yamato used to suppress Naruto’s Kyuubi mode and would have now used that same ability to suppress the other tailed beast. Yet once they joined inside and all the eyes of Gedo Moza opened it begins to transform. Why and how? This is what I want to know @___@

To me that will explain a lot more of the lore surrounding Naruto universe then finding out who one character truly is. Though this breakdown wouldn’t be complete without talking about our friend “Tobi”

It seems currently that Kishi is pointing us further and further down the path of Tobi = Obito, especially with this ‘new’ development regarding his jutsu… (Least we know he wasn’t lying earlier when he told Kakashi that ‘that kind of jutsu’ doesn’t affect him)
It made me think of the Sharingan hax that has developed and the techniques that surround them. We know that certain ‘eyes’ have special abilities.

Here is my thinking, is the Sharingan’s abilities chosen by ‘Blood’ or the individual eye itself? Now there is arguments for both possibilities in Naruto itself.

Blood Argument:

1. When a Senju gains the Sharingan it awakens to a Rinnegan, so technically speaking the blood inside of the person depends a lot more than the eye itself.

2. we know that Sasuke and Itachi do not share the same eyes but share the same abilities, while Kakashi/Madara has not shown the ability to use, Amaterasu and Tsukuyomi.

3. To gain EMS one would need to use a brother or siblings Sharingan, and a brother would have the closest blood relation of all so that could be yet another clue as to why the abilities seem ‘Special’ even in individual humans…

Now those who argue against it would maybe state users like Danzou, he could use Shishui ability without having his DNA in his body but on this page we see that Danzou’s had also used Shishui right arm, this could of been to help use this ability?

Β  Now if you beginning to wonder, ‘how exactly could this be important at all’, Let me explain πŸ˜‰

Kishi is currently leading us down a path, pushing us where he wants us to be, he is revealing this ‘Jutsu’ used in both Chapter 595 and as we see it everyone (Well Tenrai mostly) jump up and see that this is almost conclusive evidence that Tobi is in fact Obito. (Which if I were L from Death Note I would say there was a 5 % chance it is Obito behind the mask…) but what if, Blood is more important than the eye itself? What if this points to Tobi being a none Uchiha?

The same way awakening the Sharingan in a Senju or Uzumaki can lead to a Rinnegan maybe only none Uchiha blood creates this space-time alternate dimension jutsu… If that is the case Kishi would have lead us blindly till now and when Tobi is revealed we would be shocked even more. It may be a good play on his part though some would complain the outcome if not Obito, or someone else suspected, it would be ‘Plotkai’ but would it truly be? Kishi could still be handing us clues more subtly and we are just too focused on a single jutsu or other hints that we miss it completely… I really hope when Tobi is revealed no one can say ‘I told you so’ but still, his identity, make sense to the fans of the series.

Well that is my 2 cents on the matter, I still hold out that Kishi is doing everything to surprise us. When it came to Madara being in the final coffin, Kishi first made us believe that Tobi was Madara (even making Minato look foolish πŸ˜› ) before the reveal if he continued hinting at it we would not have been as revved up when he was summoned… I wonder whatΒ  is happening in that battle… Hopefully someone has died by now (though I doubt it @___@)

In my previous breakdown over 43% believed Tobi to be Obito, now if so many think its him when he is revealed will we be going… “OMG can’t believe it” or “Ah see thought so”? I believe Kishi is aiming for the first who is with me!

Well then moving on to the rest of the chapters, I must say the rest was just an adrenaline pumping couple of seconds which, I cannot wait to be fleshed out in the anime, the speed and pace of the battle showing Tobi’s bad@$$ness first hand with Gai, Naruto and Kakashi struggling to land a decent hit on him. I also like that it is Gai/Naruto/Kakashi in a team (with Bee doing support in the background mostly) the three of them are the perfect counter for Tobi’s ability and the Rinnegan (which seems under utilized in this battle) since Gai is using Taijutsu Tobi cannot simple absorb the ninjutsu attack Naruto is throwing at him keeping him on his toes…

Naruto disappointed me a little, with his speed he should be able to at least match Tobi but he seemed more worried about landing one mega hit then one well placed one like his father had done. He seemed slow in the chapter and maybe it comes down to the drain he has been suffering in the many battles he has now taken part in. Someone said it would be cool if Naruto created clones hiding them amongst the rubble like he did against Pain, though it is Kakashi who shines in these chapters…

*Hears Kakashi Fanboys etc having panic attacks*

The irony is in all this, Kakashi finally does something important and epic AND KISHI shows us how it happens, yet everyone is more interested in Tobi then worrying about Kakashi’s strategy in all this. πŸ˜€ He truly is one of the most unlucky characters alive, if it where Sasuke that found Tobi’s weakness out, Fanboys would be screaming at how his intellect is now equal to Itachi while haters would say he probably pulled the strategy out of his @$$.. <__< but Kakashi, he gets ignored X___X

The Kunai the most useless Ninja weapon of all time…

The second most shocking thing in this chapter was that a Kunai was actually effective for something… It was almost as shocking as learning Bee like large chested middle age women, Kakashi doing something effective (without fainting a second later or dying) or that Tenten killed a Zetsu (I know it happened a long time ago but it’s still something that haunts me @___@ )

Well to be fair it seems that Tobi can be hit since when Kakashi send him an object to the box world, then Tobi is in that same location and that is how they are able to attack and if Tobi doesn’t go ‘invisible’ then he will be hit and if he goes to the other dimension he will be hit with Kakashi’s jutsu, putting him in an awkward position… Though I wouldn’t count him out yet, he still has the Rinnegan plus Gedo Moza seems to be getting closer to bursting and finally this strategy would need Kakashi to use Kyuumi again and that Should wipe out all his Chakra…

The rest of the chapter was mostly flashbacks (to the previous chapter @__@ ) I have a feeling Kishi is trying to fill up as much as he can leading up to the 600 chapter which is now only 4 chapters away. Though with Tobi finally taking a punch and leaving Gedo Moza in the open, I have a faint hope that on the 600 he will reveal his identity *Holding thumbs at least ;)*

The chapter finishes with Kakashi’s trash talking Tobi as a “One hit wonder”

My prediction for next chapter

*Naruto shakes Kakashi awake while Kakashi is screaming*

Kakashi: “Its only one jutsu! I did it! I did something important”

Naruto: “Kakashi-sensei, You fainted! You been laying here during the battle… Tobi’s over there…”

*Naruto points far away, Kakashi realizes this is when he first used Kyuumi and Tobi stopped it*


To the bubblition contest <__<

The winner is…

Kantonkage: And now you know.

Now I just hope he doesn’t get first for then the world may implode @___@

This week Caption Contest is…

*Insert caption*

Gai’s face just cracks me up ^___^

That is all from me!

I been thinking WRA needs more debates *watches as the fires of ‘Tobi’s Identity wars’ surround WRA* maybe after we find out Tobi’s identity… *backs away slowly*

Pein out ^:_:^

~ by pein0avenue on August 8, 2012.

28 Responses to “Naruto Chapter 595 and 596 – Kunai is “Super Effective” <__< *Pein0Avenue faints from shock*”

  1. Implosion imminent.

  2. Btw Itachi isn’t smart he’s the dumbest person in the manga behind Kiba

  3. Second. And I feel like we are just bein hung to dry on this whole “learned a bunch of new names” and supposedly getting more power from the other tailed beasts thing. Kakashi rampaged again?

  4. Great breakdown pein I was so into it my lunch beeak finish 2 minuted ago and im still not back to work anyways I want to say this real quick if your blood thing does come out true I been thiinking lately that tobi could be obitos dad…anyways thanks for something to think abour the days been such a drag

  5. Hahaha four is …. Yondaime XD
    Now to read the breakdown!

  6. Bubblition:

    Gai: I just broke my own arm!

    Caption: Finally, a move Tobi didn’t see coming.

  7. I was just thinking….

    I know I usually go on about Tobi being Obito and despite everything, I’ll stick to my guns for the most part until the end, for better or for worse, but there was one other theory of who Tobi might be that just popped into my mind that I thought might be interesting.

    Notice how the Sage’s youngest son has similar hair to Tobi? Just throwing it out there, even though it’s highly unlikely. Lol. @___@

    P.S. thanks for covering for me again Pein.

  8. @pein78 next time you get your hands on such information “Kishi ❀ Uchiha, stupidly Invincible Madara." Can you link it here? The mystery is finally revealed give or take a couple weeks.

  9. Nothing this week?


  11. Make your suggestions for upcoming Naruto games
    go here ->

  12. bubble: ninja art: armpit fart!
    caption: gai makes smells “pass” right through tobi

    still think tobi is izuna uchiha, maybe he stole obitos eye or obito is his direct descendent

  13. @ten. There is no way tenten did anything usefull check your facts man! πŸ˜‰
    Also kakashi isn’t getting fan boy swamped because we all expect him to figure out the winning strategy because he’s that awesome! This is nothing new to us… Also I think that Kuni from tenten was actually from someone else

  14. No chapter this week :/ sn this war was missing someone I really wanted to see how strong yahiko was…..he must have been really strong in order to be the leader of akatski

  15. What if Madera’s true bitterness came form dissention in the ranks? This would mean a high ranking and respected Uchiha stood against him for the sake of creating peace with the Senju. By creating peace and Madera defecting, that Uchiha would probably be promoted to the highest ranking of the Uchiha due to popular sentiment(Police Captain). Perhaps being Captain of the Uchiha police force was passed down to Sasuke’s parents. Which, if you think about it, is actually most likely. So, I guess, if Madera wanted the least bit of revenge it would be primarily towards Sasuke’s family. So what if he had a kind heart and spared all the other Uchihas by replacing them with zetsu clones. So right now there would be a little village hidden in the forest with a bunch of Uchihas? I know that this is probably very unlikely…but what if… lol.

  16. 18 people are completely nuts! Or are too clever for me XD

  17. New chapter is out guys

  18. There, even more evidence to support my cause. So Kakashi’s and Tobi’s jutsu are the same and now it’s clear they’re using the same eye. It’s not some mysterious shared space time jutsu that all Uchiha can use and going by how Tobi still talked to Kakashi so personally, my bet is that he is Obito.

    Also, judging by how the white skin on Tobi’s arm pealed away to reveal colored skin underneath, it shows that even what we have seen of his face may be due to white Zetsu cell reconstruction, which may explain the lines.

    There’s still a chance it isn’t Obito of course, but with each chapter that passes, the evidence seems to point in favor that he is just a bit more.

  19. Yeah Tobi wants to be in the infinite tsukuyomi to have Kakashi as friends and Rin back alive no death and war, mostly i think Rin back alive, like how the new movie has Naruto’s fonded reality realized through the testing of tsukuyomi. I think i stated the Kakashi of the Sharigan was going to be used as Obito once believeing in heroes.

  20. Hold on a moment. This Obito direction is a red herring if I’ve ever seen one. Obito simply wasn’t old enough when Tobi was initiating his plans. Shisui on the other hand would have a lot of knowledge on the Uchiha clan and Kakashi. Furthermore he had no problem using powerful genjutsu to control people. Kotoamatsukami and the Moon’s Eye are nearly identical powers. Only different in scale. Itachi said that Shisui taught him that a true shinobi is “nameless” and “protects peace from within its shadow.” Is it just coincidence that Tobi describes himself as “nobody?” Furthermore Kabuto could not find Shisui’s body but he could find Madara’s.

  21. @Sam

    Wait. So first you say Obito wasn’t old enough to be Tobi, only to then say that Tobi is Shisui instead? Need I remind you that Shisui was probably around ten years younger than what Obito would be now if he were alive? If Obito wasn’t old enough to be Tobi, then how can Shisui, who was even younger, be a logical choice going by your reasoning?

    That’s not a very good argument, because it is self-contradictory.

  22. @tenrai Shisui’s age was never revealed.
    @sam it was a plot device so Kishi could personally add a villain-sue

  23. @Kanton

    Considering he and Itachi were best friends and that they look like they were a similar age, I’d guess Shisui was the same age as Itachi if anything else.

    Even if he was older, I don’t think it would be by that much because it’s hard to imagine a 13-year-old being best friends with someone who was, for example, 30 years of age or older.

    There are also other things that don’t match, such as Shisui having different hair (at the time of the Uchiha massacre, Tobi had long hair), no indication of white Zetsu cells and that Tobi was already using “Kamui” when he had his fight with Minato, suggesting he was either Obito, or already had Obito’s eye if we go by that theory. I can’t presume Shisui would take out an eye, use Obito’s eye, and then take that one out to put his own eye back in again. I also don’t see why Shisui as Tobi would have given both his eyes away, only to try and get them back again afterwards, especially considering how powerful they were.

  24. I for one don’t consider Obito to be capable of taking Minato on at the age of 14 and have control of the kyuubi. To me that’s the only argument I’ll ever use.

    But when Tobi made that comment about heroes making foolish promises at graves it kind of hit home. Why would Tobi make a comment like that. That means he can only be someone who was a good friend to Kakashi and knew Obito. That’s why I think it might also be Rin herself, seeing as she vanished without a clue and she knew were Obito’s body was.

    But again, I think Obito and even Rin (the same age) are too young to be in the posture of a former Mizukage, even if that mizukage might have been only a term used by Kisame to describe Tobi because he was actually the one pulling all the strings instead of the real mizukage.

    And also be so strong to cause all that mayhem 16 years ago. One would have to get a lot of power in a really short time span to be able to fight Minato, take control of the Kyuubi, take control of the Mizukage Yagura (who I remind you was a jinchuriki who could fully control his bijuu and thus genjutsu would have been a difficult thing to use against him seeing as his beast could bring him out of the hypnosis)

    And on top of that Tobi said he spurred Yahiko to create Akatsuki in time when Obito wouldn’t have been born or just barely a infant.

    Because when Nagato, Yahiko and Konoan were fighting Hanzou they must have only been the same age or younger Naruto’s generation is now (16 – 17 years old) So judging by the fact that Jiraiya took on Minato after leaving the trio at the ages of 10-12, it means that Obito at the time of Yahiko’s death would have been 5-6 years old.

    That’s about everything you need to know if you want to consider Tobi to be Obito. Either he’s full of crap and a lot of what he says is a lie or there’s more then one Tobi i.e. Tobi must have really been Madara in the past but that’s the real question, when did Madara die and Obito take over the rouse.

  25. @Eugen

    If Itachi was strong enough to acquire the MS and wipe out his own clan at the age of 13, why can’t Obito be that strong at an older age?

    Also, you’re forgetting how power-ups work in manga. Naruto went from being the dead-last of his class to being an above Kage-level shinobi in the span of just three years. Nagato went from being a normal villager who had no knowledge of the Shinobi ways to being able to kill Chunin level shinobi in a mere moment just from awakening his Rinnegan. Sasuke went from just having the normal Sharingan to having the EMS in just a few chapters.

    Tenten went from from being useless to killing a white Zetsu. Need I say more? O___o

    Also, I already debated about Tobi creating Akatsuki and giving Nagato his eyes, etc. The fact is that at the time Tobi said those things, he was acting the part of Madara, so it may be the case that it was Madara who formed Akatsuki and who gave Nagato the Rinnegan, not Tobi and that Tobi was merely using that information to help make his pseudo-identity believable.

  26. @ Ten, all I agree with is your last paragraph, I also think Tobi is using Madara’s last years as a tale of his own but other then that it would just ruin the story for me anyway what ever happens I trust Kishi will pull it off epically. He never once failed me and the dude knows how to turn the public to his side.

  27. Also what I’m most eager to see is Naruto’s full bijuu cloak against Tobis space time ninjutsu. This will be a true test of power and speed and if Naruto will land a hit he will finally be considered faster then Minato.

    Even if he exceeded that speed in his brawl with the Raikage, Naruto can’t use the FTG in order to benefit from that speed constantly so he uses his own upgraded speed by the kyuubi cloak and sage mode.

    I for one would love to see Naruto learn FTG no matter how strong he gets being his father’s trademark jutsu, I mean the INO SHika Cho cand use there parents jutsus so can Shino and Neji and Kiba. All are using there parents jutsus more then anything of there own.

    The only shinobi that uses jutsus learned from someone else is Sakura and Konohamaru who uses Naruto’s techniques,

    I actually am glad Kono is able to learn from Naruto and that Naruto is so selfless in teaching him this hard techniques like the shadow clone and rassengan: the funny thing is Konohamaru doesn’t even know he learned S rank jutsus and can profit from them a shit load.

    If he has enough chakra to sustain a training session with clones like Naruto did, he could even add his own nature affinity to the rassengan.

  28. @eugen,,,,, could you imagin a fire rasengan especially paired with a futon rasengan. We already know two nature types can make a synergistic tech. Also there’s awesome rAsengan bonusness, in the same way futon made it epic, futon+fire (kaiton?) would just be rediculous

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