Naruto Chapter 594 Breakdown: The mystery of all mysteries!

Awe all, It’s Pein0Avenue here filling in for Tenrai with the Naruto manga breakdown. I believe he will be covering the “One Shot” from this week’s chapter, which seems quite exciting if you take into account where the War Arc is now and definitely got my mouth-watering for the movie to come! Just wish I understood Japanese, then I wouldn’t have to wait as long. 😛

If you have yet to read the One Shot please click here.

But let’s get to this weeks chapter. I posted the Video at the beginning as it seems quite inspirational. The speech is by Charli Chaplin in the movie “The Dictator.” While reading this week chapter we gained a better understanding of Tobi’s goals, even if ‘who’ he actually is just seems more confusing than ever and sparked some debates in our comments section, etc.

The chapter finally returns to Naruto’s group. Naruto doesn’t seem as worse for ware here as I thought, so it seems he has regained his chakra very quickly, and with no evidence of Sage Mode being used, I wonder if it’s due to his Uzumaki blood or the Kyuubi’s generating power? If you compare here to here.

It also seems Gedo Moza is the container of the Ten Tail’s Jinchuriki, which to me is even more interesting than Tobi at the moment. It was said that the Sage of the Six Paths sealed the 10 Tail’s body inside the Moon, so if Gedo Moza is the container could it be that it only houses the chakra and not the beast itself… Leading one to think where exactly Gedo Moza came from. Nagato was seemingly the first to summon it when angered, so my question is, what if Gedo Moza is sort of the Sage’s Susanoo only being brought fourth by the strength of both sons and activation of the Rinnegan? If this is the case, I am very curious to know why it was created and if maybe the Sage of the Six Paths meant for the Tailed Beasts to be reformed into a single being and living in his heir. @__@

There is so much we still need to uncover in the manga and the topic on most people’s lips after this particular chapter is, who exactly is Tobi? The Mystery Man that has gone from, “Tobi is a good boy” to “Madara” and since then the predictions have come and gone but I believe the 3 that remain most likely of all are Obito Uchiha, Kagami Uchiha and Shisui Uchiha.

So far the common denominator that most agree on is that Tobi is Uchiha of birth, although I myself would like to see maybe someone outside the blood-lusting Uchiha name. We already have Sasuke as our main antagonist plus Madara waiting around, so besides Orochimaru, all of our main villains are composed mostly of Uchiha, this same clan that only had 3 members alive when part one began (if Tobi is a Uchiha of course).

And for all the excitement of returning to Naruto in the arc, we end up debating mostly about Uchiha, good vs evil etc etc… kinda ironic if you ask me…

My opinion on Tobi is split. I think Kishi is purposefully placing Kakashi and Gai there, and so whether Tobi is Obito or not, he evidently knows the two and pretty well at that. Now this can be attributed to a few things.

1. Tobi is in fact Obito and grew up with Kakashi and co. This would give us a mouth-watering flashback too being able to see Obito grow up and change from the boy who made Kakashi who he is today to the man who wishes to remove all free will to bring peace to the world of conflict.

2. Kishi could be trolling us as Kakashi and Gai are already powerful and famous ninja and that could be how Tobi knows of their past. He seems pretty clued up on most things involving the Hidden Leaf. He could also have used Zetsu to follow and record all the battles especially Kisame vs Gai would help with the “Not good with faces” bit… Though it seems Kishi slipped up and revealed who Tobi really is and his true intention…

If you still want it to be a surprise do not click this link! This link.

Tobi is a Good Boy ^__^

I thought it was quite cool to see the Kyuubi (Kurama) swap with Naruto – I can’t seem to call him by his real name because to me he is Kyuubi, just like Nagato will always be Pein to me. Anyway, it allows Kishi to give a lot of information quickly as Kurama can speak directly to everyone and Naruto doesn’t have to relay the message across for him. Also, the change in appearance with the slights in the eyes, etc, reminds me of when Naruto fought Haku, but more tame… @__@

The way Kurama describes the 10 Tails (Why didn’t he get a name too?) if you look at each individual Bijuu and think how some where Water, Lava, Wind etc, it makes more sense once they had been united that this beast did not only have the Chakra of all 9 but also the elemental ability of each. Though this version of the 10 Tails will be a lot weaker than the original with the 8 and 9 Tail’s still having most of their power if not all of it…

Though this brings us to what really spoke to me in this chapter, Tobi’s true goal… an Infinite Tsukyomi that will remove all evil, hate, pain, suffering, love, laughter and everything else that defines individuality. A world where there is no greed and no compassion, where all people will live in a peaceful sleep without suffering. Tobi doesn’t want to be the hero that unites the world or the chosen prophet. All he wants is to remove the cycles and create a world where everyone and everything is united.

Now taking away the part that all good is removed too, I see Tobi differently now. It is not praise he wants. He doesn’t want people to look up to him, respect him or see him as a hero. All he wants is to end all suffering and all pain and he believes this can be achieved by sacrificing all desires and everything that brings evil.

There are some awesome quotes that go something like this:

“There is neither happiness nor misery in this world, there is only a comparison of one state to another, nothing more. He who has felt the deepest grief is best able to experience true happiness. You must have felt how it is to die before you can appreciate the enjoyment of life.”

I am not 100% sure where that quote came from but I believe this is where Tobi would like to bring the world, where there is no suffering but by having no suffering their will also be no joy. His objective is flawed but it is still a solution he believes can save the entire Shinobi world and the innocent people caught in the crossfire. Even I thought about it, if you look at the world we live in and think of how much suffering there is, wouldn’t it just be better if all lived in peace rather than some live in happiness while others suffer?

Now as a disclaimer I would like to note that, I usually never agree with Naruto… Dattebayo really didn’t fly with me, his “I am a hard worker” seemed to be thrown out the window when we found out he was a Uzumaki and had a strong bloodline son of the 4th Hokage etc. He just always seems to be too positive, his answer to Nagato about the cycle of hatred was “I will figure something out”, which lead to Nagato killing himself. X___X

But after reading this chapter I realized why Naruto seems to change so many people and even if he doesn’t have the answers, he has something else and that’s hope.

He has hope that life will get better, that despite being placed in this position the world currently resides, in it can still get better and for the first time I truly understood Naruto and his character (or maybe just a little more). Wanting peace in the world by just removing all the bad cannot be the answer, because we as people in the world must believe and hope it will get better and most importantly put our money where our mouths are. Naruto has a dream that isn’t to make the world perfect but just to make the world better. He doesn’t say he will be the greatest Hokage of all time but he will be the one that “beats out” all the previous ones, etc ,which although seemed a bit preachy, is something I can respect and admire in Naruto…

*I think Tenrai will be having a heart attack about now. 😛 *

And that is how we end this week’s chapter. It seem like after all these “Death Note” style chapters with Orochimaru and his Sasuke going through plot twists and counter plot twist – with some flashbacks – we will finally have some good old fashioned battles with Naruto and Tobi throwing it down. 😉

When was the last full battle by the way? Itachi Kabuto doesn’t count… and Madara is still on going so… @__@ I can’t remember! Though I have a feeling Kishi will jump again. He cannot complete this battle and then return to Madara vs the Kage, as it would seem like a anti climax of sorts unless he just skips the entire battle. For all those thinking “He could never do that it’s too important,” well just think about… Kakashi’s rampage <___<

This weeks bubblition winner is!!

I will give an honorable mention to kevinphoenix, for most entries on a single comment 😛 Keep it up and soon you will be the winner. The pedomon caption had me sniggering though. So keep working at it and for this week at least you also know the format for entries, etc. 😉

I am not really gonna bother with 2nd and 3rd to be honest all of them where just too close so but the winner is….

*Drum roll please.*

ashesreignited: Itachi isn’t the only one who with an Emasculation jutsu. Tobi lookout!

I thought that one basically described the entire mini arc between Kabuto, Sasuke and Itachi we had going, so it won in my books.

This week Bubblition Panel is.

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Pein 0ut ^:_:^

Good Bye Ashes ^___^

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  2. Second.

  3. PeinAVenue, Well done.

  4. You know what i would love to happen is Tobi s not a uchiha. Can’t we have a misunderstood villain who isn’t from the uchiha clan but from the senju clan? Wouldn’t it be great if Tobi was a descendant of the First Hokage? It will prob explain why he had to steal all those eyes to complete his plan.

  5. Wow. It’s been a while since a pein breakdown.


    Naruto: Yeah, Ino totally wants me

    Kurama: Cool story bro

    Caption: Moral of the story, don’t lie to your bijuu

  6. Wow! i won! it’s been a while since i moved up from 3rd. 😀 .
    Great Breakdown Pein. Some deep thinking going on there.

    I still was kind of hoping that Tobi would be Hashirama’s son.

  7. izuna uchiha should also be a contender for tobi….and just becaue we heard he died on the battlefield doesnt make it true.

  8. Bubblition;

    Kurama: Allright, let’s start planning. Who knows shorthand?

    Naruto: I do.

    Caption: I doubt he knows what shorthand means. >__>

    The finger pointing by Kurama immediately make me think of Fantastic Mr. Fox.

  9. Thanks all for the goodbyes Nike, Eugen, Ten, Kantonkage, Pein0Avenue, Pein 71227. This is my last comment! 😦 Tobi is really old man Teuchi the Ramen guy! 😀 Darn I gave away the secret ending j/k but seriously wouldn’t that be awesome?

  10. @ashes OK… That would just be weird and it would make Tobi the world’s stupidest Big Bad outside a gag series. *salutes* Later, dude don’t forget to drop by.

  11. @ ashesreignited, Cheers bro, I hope we see you @ from time to time. Also, I myself would love for Tobi to be Hashirama and Mito’s son or Hiruzen’s and Mikoto’s other son, Konohamaru’s dad.

  12. Also Pain great job on the break down 😉

  13. @ Ashes – We hope to see you around, feel free to pop in if you feel the need… We will probably still be here debating who exactly tobi is by then or “that jutsu” or “that person” etc etc… You know Naruto stuff 😉

  14. it’s out.

  15. Hmm, not the battle I was hoping for but I guess Tobi got a little bit better at switching between states then when he went head to head with Minato.

    I’m sure Naruto will find a smart way to hit him, and also the Bijuu rassengan was a great treat especially since we only saw Naruto in full bijuu mode using the bijuu dama. So this was a good confirmation of him achieving the jutsu.

    Also Kakashi might have figured out that Tobi’s right eyes is Obito’s and that it can cancel the Kamui, the same way Sasuke can cast the Amaterasu with one eye and stop the flames with the other.

    Now the ever lasting question remains, is Tobi, Obito or dose he only have his right eye?

  16. Awesome action filled chapter i thought. The Obito theory is looking even more likely now.

  17. Also something very important to point out in case you guys didn’t notice,
    Look at Gedo Mazo on the first color page, he’s wooden extremities that were chopped are forming points like the tails of the bijuus.

    So my theory and also others as well, from long ago, ls coming true gedo Mazo must have been summoned from the moon when Nagato went haywire, that’s why Konan was so scared at that point, so Gedo Mazo is actually the Juubi’s body without the chakra and that’s why it looks so dried out.


    *Eats Ashes so he cannot leave.* X_____X

  19. @ Chapter – That was like speed on crack drinking a red bull… I am still trying to piece together everything @___@

    Tobi seems to be taking another step towards being Obito though, Overall an epic week for the shounen manga’s my heart still racing from the final pages of Bleach and this battle in Naruto seems to be hitting epic proportions

  20. @Eugen

    Gedo Moza may have also simply been created using Mokuton. As we know already, those who have Mokuton are also noticeably able to control Bijuu chakra – just as the first had many under his control before the forming of Konoha – and so what better way is there to create a prison for Bijuu, if not to use the one power which is well known for being able to suppress and control their chakra? This would explain how the Gedo Moza is able keep the Bijuu imprisoned and why they are chained to it and forced to follow the will of its controller.

    For all we know, Madara may have created Gedo Moza once he acquired control over Mokuton and since then, it has been passed down from Nagato, to Tobi or anyone else who can control it using the Rinnegan. It may have even been created long before that, perhaps even by the Sage of the Six Paths himself as an original way to combat the Juubi.

  21. Bubbliton entry:

    Kurama: Yes, that’s right Naruto. If you keep looking all the way down over there, you’ll see the flying pig, I assure you. You just have to focus…

    Caption: Epic surprise. Kurama’s getting ready for one…

  22. Ten, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see, I hope Kishi ties these things up nicely, he always seems to come through epic and has never let us down.

    Pein, Bleach was awesome my friend, and Kempachi was beyond 9000, I think the Quincys peed a little when they saw him with that psychotic grin on his face :)). The dude is the greatest anime character since Mr. Satan :))

  23. @Ash, Alright. Hope we will be seeing you from time-to-time. You’ll be missed Dattebayo!

  24. @ Eugene, Spike Spiegle might have something to say about that. Than again, he might not even care who anyone thinks is the best anime character

  25. I don’t like how they’re fixated on taking that mask off. Naruto could have made a few copies and made it look like kakashi and Gai were attacking, instead it was Naruto Clones and they should have attacked the Gedo Mazo. I don’t like how they all acted rashly and basically went flying in and improvised. They even realized that in the end of their attack, that this dude Tobi came with a plan, and they should have too.

    It’s also interesting to notice how fast Tobi noticed Kakashi using Kumai. Does he know when it’s activated instantly? I thought Kakashi was the only one who can see time/space rip with his own eye, or can everyone else see it? I think Kakashi should have gone smaller first and warp one of Gedo Mszo’s eye

  26. @ Wise, :)) :)) lol almost forgot about Spike, thumbs up.

    As for Tobi’s awareness, I think he’s got eyes somewhere using the shared Rinnegan vision and that’s how he’s able to see all incoming attacks, that’s my guess.
    Or maybe he’s a sage too and can sense incoming danger, Kishi is known to give a ass pull jutsu to the new main villain.

    I think Naruto will use the pain strategy against Tobi and will change his clones into rocks and what not in order to catch Tobi by surprise.

    I for one would like to see the sage-kyuubi mode in action here and go full speed and full power + the wide range of attacks that are pumped to the max.
    The thing is, Naruto in that mode is way faster then he showed so why isn’t he using that FTG speed at his advantage, plus the perfect use of clones would simplify Naruto’s work greatly.

  27. @_@ well well well…. Not a bad chapter.
    Gai is super cool when he is serious.

    Tobi and Kakashi’s jutsu are very similar perhaps Tobi(Obito) space-Time jutsu is kamui probably he mastered it since he is an uchiha and not only is he able to warp other things, but himself also, which kakashi on the other hand can only warp(teleport) other things into another dimension.

    Naruto is really fast, i say Amaterasu is almost useless against him. Too bad for you sasuke.

  28. I actually think Tobi’s jutsu is the exact opposite of kakashi’s kanji, while Kakashi can warp what he looks at, Tobi can only draw in what he touches.

    Just like my example from earlier, Sasuke can spew Amaterasu with his right eye and extinguish the flames with the left.

    If tobi would have had both eyes, kakashi’s left sharing an there would be no need for him to try and make contact with his target, he would just cast the kamui from a distance and simplify the job entirely. He would also probably have better control over the eyes seeing as he can use his right eye At such a high level.

  29. “I hope Kishi ties these things up nicely”

    I hope so too. Please Kishi, not another kid who lost a few loved ones and decided to blame the world. PLEASE!!!!

    “As for Tobi’s awareness, I think he’s got eyes somewhere using the shared Rinnegan vision and that’s how he’s able to see all incoming attacks, that’s my guess.
    Or maybe he’s a sage too and can sense incoming danger, Kishi is known to give a ass pull jutsu to the new main villain.”

    I think we can just attribute Tobi cancelling Kamui to the fact that he’s (most likely) a full blood Uchiha. If an Uchiha doesn’t want you using an attack you won’t be able to or it will have very little effect. And if you’re too persistent or stubborn they’ll just think of a jutsu that negates or works around your jutsu. Whatever the case may be, if you don’t have plot-no-jutsu, you’re gonna loose.

    “The thing is, Naruto in that mode is way faster then he showed so why isn’t he using that FTG speed at his advantage”

    Perhaps he is and Tobi is perfectly capable of seeing his movements because of the Sharingan and Rinnegan. Although Naruto is still nowhere near FTG fast.

  30. @redbaron you forgot tortured by his “loving” brother shoving their deaths in his face for almost a week.
    Naruto isn’t FTG fast since its not instantaneous.

  31. quite the action packed chapter. i’m gonna have to read that back through a few times to fully understand what all went on. tobi is ridiculously hard to land a hit on.

    @eugen- kenpachi is by far my favorite bleach character haha..and he’s the perfect opponent for these quincy since he doesn’t have a bankai

  32. Now that was a really good chapter. Really looking forward to the next one, that too after a long time . Things finally getting interesting 😀

  33. I think what Eugene and Pein have the right idea and adds another fact to the Tobi and Obitio being one theory. Which begs the question, why hasn’t Tobi taken Kakashi’s eye? He has all the opportunity and skill to do it. Is it that he can’t bring himself to do it?

  34. @ katon Naruto is as fast as teleportation. the Raikage said only Minato was able to dodge his attack that was intended to kill. So that means Naruto’s speed is as fast as the FTG technique teleportation, but for how far of a distance is yet to be seen, but in the context of a limited battlefield space, he is as fast as the FTG technique

  35. wiseman- even if tobi took kakashi’s eye, he wouldn’t want to use it. he’s got the rinnengan in the other after all

  36. Than, what was the point of having all those other Uchiha eyes in the background that one time he was examining Itachi’s body (was it Itachi’s body?)

  37. I mean he could take it just to take it I suppose, but the uchiha eye wall really hasn’t been explained yet. Never have too much of a good thing? or a hax thing in this case i guess?

  38. I also think Kakashi is going to show his face here, like that little cartoon Peinovenue showed, if it’s the Obito theory that comes to fruishion. I think a major event like say Naruto or Gai is about to be crushed by rocks and Kakashi pushes them out of the way and he gets smashed, revealing atleast half of his face without the mask. That would be like full circle status. I only think Kakashi is going to show his face when he actually dies or towards the end of the serious, but this battle would seem like to perfect time’ only if Tobi is in fact Obito

  39. Wow , that is a long breakdown, Ill have to read it another day, Im going to ConBravo tomorrow and I need to rest!
    Anyway, I wanted to say that I agree with ashes (who will be missed),, its Teuchi all right, XDDD

  40. @wiseman I would laugh if that happen. Gai would turn that boulder into dust with youthful awesomeness. If it was Obito why would need to disguise his voice or hide his face in his encounter with Minato. I would think he would be able to defeat Minato with a convenient mask removal. Then again, Tobi didn’t abduct Naruto despite having at 15 years but waits till now.

  41. @ everyone. What ever the outcome of this fight will be I hope i’ts gonna be at least as entertaining as the Kage vs Madara fight, who I bet is gonna pup up like a Troll just as the A Team get the upper hand on Tobi.

    Kishi likes to make a 180 turn just when you think things are getting on a predictable track.

    Also Naruto should learn some new techniques right about now or at least use the jutsus he killed all those white Zetsus, seeing as there short to mid range justus, with that he could land a hit on Tobi using all those chakra arms and maybe activate the zetsu goo in his body and partially turn his body into a tree.

    What do you guys think will happen next.

  42. Am not surprised both of them wearing mask, what the hell are they hiding??
    I hope the copy ninja survives through this i can’t bear Losing kakashi after Itachi.

  43. Lemme give it a shot.
    kurama:when i Look at you child, you remind me of my old-friend Ugg Lee.
    Naruto: Naniiiii? ttebayo!!!!!
    Caption: Beauty(ugly) & the Beast.

  44. @Katon: It goes hand in hand with my theory; Madara found Obito, like Obito must have opened up his Mangekeyo Sharingan that allows him to teleport somewhere, in a dimension only Madara new about (that squares dimension Tobi took Sauske to). Because didn’t Itachi say that the person had to be near death in order to awaken it and the best friend had to be involved? Once Madara found him, he conditioned Obito to think like him, and took on his persona. Madara used the white zetsu to repair him, I think with the help of Orochimaru, because everyone knows Oro has every single finger in every single plot hole in this story… wait what? lol

    This is why Tobi talked like someone else and only heard about Minato. And I think when he saw the coffin of Madara, he realized he wasn’t him and started growing even more mad by pronouncing himself “nobody”

  45. sup guys! Again I doubt it is Obito… if you hear in the anime that was the voice of a grown ass man! Also, the way he responds to Konan (way older than Kakashi) and Kakashi and team 7 themselves he calls all of them *children*… bear in mind he called KONAN a CHILD, emphasizing he was older than her. Tobi could’ve taken Obito’s eye though which is probably what Kakashi is thinking. Itachi used Shisui’s eye’s power and Kakashi is using Obito’s eye power so why not Tobi? Maybe the other eye was the most powerful which is why Tobi is able to dematerialize making him “ghost”… It could be Obito though because Kishimoto said “I’m going to have to talk about Kakashi’s past” but he still said “MAYBE” so talking more about Kakashi’s past isn’t important which means that Tobi isn’t Obito.

  46. @ Obito being Tobi – I think too many people are now starting to think its Obito, and maybe that is what Kishi would want that people all look in one direction so we looking for hints that he may be Obito and not looking at the bigger picture and when he is finally revealed everyone will be so shocked but the evidence was still there etc etc. I to be honest am starting to feel maybe its better if Tobi wasn’t Obito, I am sooo tired of this Uchiha are the real villains of all… I mean Pein was an Uzumaki and he was developed into a good villain, We have a powerful Uchiha and an up and coming one to boot I don’t need another miss understood one as well….

    but lets see…. In the mean time, who do you all think is more powerful? Madara or Tobi – one different Madara is not edo so he can’t just regenerate but has all his abilities as he is now @___@

  47. @ Pein, There’s no question in my mind that Madara would destroy Tobi.

    How can you touch Madara when he can use all the most powerful doujutus, the complete susanoo, mokuton on the highest level, including clones, and he can summon fuckin’ meteors.
    No doubt in my mind he’s capable of Izanaghi also and probably Izanami as well. And lets not forget the endless chakra he’d still have thanks to Hashirama’s chakra.

    End result Madara= Epic win
    Tobi=Spare parts.and space time ninjutsu that can only be used on contact.

  48. @ Eugen – Your forgetting, Tobi has Gedo Moza and 6 of the 9 Jinchuriki that he can use @___@

  49. @pein actually seven, still somehow Madara would pull something convenient out of his ass at the last moment and likewise Tobi would do the same ending in a stalemate.
    I also agree with your statement concerning Uchiha plot importance especially when they pretty much pull EVERYTHING out their ass and can get away with the DUMBEST mistakes ever. Compared to the better member of Akatsuki. Though Pein’s backstory was questionable to say the least.

  50. @ Kanton – True he only has 7 Bijuu not the Jinchuriki’s anymore forgot about that… Its a battle with who can hax the most @___@

  51. @Eugen all of the reasons Madara can win is the exact reason Tobi can win… Using Izanagi does not affect Tobi at all, I don’t see how Izanami would work on Tobi or maybe it would… but putting the forbidden techniques (Izanagi and Izanam) which i STILL DO NOT understand Izanami to the fulest extent, it sounds stupid… but I guess it is for the story, as far as *5 clones* able to use mokuton, and complete susanoo, we still haven’t seen everything Tobi has to offer besides Gedo Mazo and the bijuu… as you can see in the last picture it seemed like his power was still a “mystery” seeing how Kishimoto purposely blackened out his eyes in the last picture stating “He hasn’t even begun to use his real power” so i’m completely sure Tobi could slaughter Madara… Madara’s role in all of this is a support character, one that either Naruto is going to lay to rest by “the will of fire” talking to Madara getting rid of his long enduring hatred, or Tobi killing him off to prove his power.

    and AGAIN, since ppl seem to ignore my claims that Tobi’s voice was too deep and manly at the time of the kyuubi attack to be that of a 14yr old boy’s voice… unless puberty hit him hard as hell

  52. @ grey – anime can’t really be said to be hard facts either… maybe he has a Bane mask under his mask @___@ Mask serption, or a Vadar thing going on 😉

    I think Tobi would take the battle though, Madara can be hit though it will be better, Tobi has space time and Izanagi regardless and both Sharingan and Rinnegan on at the same time

  53. Hmmm…Tobi being the main villain in the End thats…..

    @Grey, “Dadara’s role in all this is a support character” i don’t think so. Madara is more like the ultimate villain in all this, (put sasuke aside, he might end up been baqtised by Naruto.) if you ask me, Tobi is just a supporting character, either ways you might end up right.
    But if Tobi turned out to be Obito and your right then this is going to be very very Lame.

    But Madara got a very important Role here, he probably is going to say “why don’t you all sit down and listen to the tale i’m about to tell” he is the oldest in the battle-field, he holds most of the answers we seek.

    Madara is a coward! He shoulda stayed in his time and fought to the end, instead of hiding and waiting for his Nightmare’s to vanish, so he can achieve his goals. Now he is here fighting the simpler-young kages which he definitely enjoys, showing-off his techniques while the 5 kages open their mouths wide in shock and surprise. Lets see him do that in-front of Hashirama!!!
    Lastly, for f**k sake, he keeps talking about Hashirama, was he inlove with him and proposed to Hashirama but Hashirama declined??? XD..and its happening again Naruto accidentally kissing Sasuke in Part 1, its Fate just as Tobi said. O_o

  54. @ Grey, I also stated Obito would be 14 years the time he fought Minato and Tobi must have been a lot older then 14.

    @ Debate, I think the jinchuriki will not be allowed in this fight seeing as they were brought back by Kabuto and not Tobi.
    Tobi only had the bijuus and Gedo mazo at his disposal.

    And how can you make this a match when all we know about Tobi is that he can use the teleportation jutsu and now the rinnegan witch he hasn’t shown in action.

    On the other side of the board is Madara who can use:

    – Katon at Godlike levels
    – EMS
    – EMS Susanoo who shields him from everything and has a fast offensive stike
    – Full Susanoo witch looks like it would crush Gedo mazo under his balls
    – Mokuton (Forest, Poison Gas, hidden Clones who can’t be detected and only Madara found out about them during his fight with Hashirama)
    – Rinnegan (Everything Nagato had, plus the experience and speed Madara has)
    – Almost indestructible body due to Hashirama’s cells that regenerate at a very fast rate.

    Please tell me Tobi can fight Madara when he crapped his pants at the sight of his body when Kabuto first summoned him.
    Tobi knew even then he stood no chance, that’s why he backed off.

    I’m sure you all knew this so the debate is void.
    What we should make a debate about is Kabuto vs Tobi with kabuto’s Edo Tensei only as a last resort and not using Madara, although I’m sure Edo Itachi by himself would find a way to kill Tobi.

  55. Yeah, it’s really embarassing how haxed Madara is. And I hope to God Kishi doesn’t have him fight Sauske, that would get on my nerves the most. Why does Sauske get the better characters to fight? Naruto’s most notable battle (post time-skip) is Pain, while Sauske fought Itachi, Danzou and Orochimaru

  56. I really want to see Naruto take on all 3 guys, in an ascending type order. First he defeats Tobi, than Madara enters, and Sauske see’s this and actually for once witnesses and acknowledges Naruto’s awesomeness. Than the final battle starts with Sauske saying “we are on the same level” I don’t want to see Sauske fight anyone until he get’s to Naruto. He has no one else to fight. He’s already stated he was to destroy Konoha even more after Itachi’s last message. He should just wait in line and take a number. I want the rest of the War Arc to just be about Naruto (you know, the title of the manga, main protagonist!) and not focus on any one else. That would just be awesome, Naruto fighting, agonizing, exhausted, fueled by Kurama.

  57. Bubbilation

    Naruto: Remember the routine?
    Kurama: It’s step: two-three-four, round-house prairie, full auto with a McTwist…

    caption: The ultimate dog show tag-team

  58. @eugen who said that Madara was indestructible everytime he was hit, he had to be rejuvenated by Edo Tensei. Any crossover debates anyone such as Kenpachi, Gildartz, Mihawk, Touma or Aizen vs the overhaxed prick.

  59. Goku would easily beat him down, now questions asked. His chi, which always cloaks him acts as a deterent to Genjuts from the eys but I don’t know about sound. He has the FTG technique teleportation thing down too. He is ubber strong.

  60. @Eugen I wouldnt say Tobi was afraid of Madara per say, because he began to laugh after finding out Kabuto really brought him out. Kabuto was blackmailing Tobi in telling his “secret” proving that Tobi wasn’t Madara… again, Tobi LAUGHED at the fact Madara was back alive… He doesn’t even have concern anymore about Madara…

    @Pein(Numbers…) why would the story be stupid? Madara could show a HUGE amount of hatred if he battles Naruto seeing the “Hashirama” inside of him having flashbacks until the bitter end… sounds cool to me :I

  61. @wiseman however at the end Goku would give him a senzu bean at the end, making it pointless.

  62. Bubbliation
    Kurama”i got it two word chuck norris”
    Naruto “of course tobi is in for it now”
    Caption poor tobi is about to get a visit from thee texas ranger

  63. @Grey, you read me wrong. I said “if Tobi were Obito and you turn out to be right(Tobi being the main Antagonist)” then that would be Lame to me. I wouldn’t want a kid to start kicking erry’one’s Ass, i prefer madara he is a grown old-man if he were to defeat the kages i’ll have no grudge on him but if Tobi were Obito and was in Madara’s place and he defeats the kage’s how would that be?

    @_@ if Tobi is truly an Uchiha, he got the MS then why in the world isn’t he using Susano’o, Amaterasu or Tsukiyomi??? he is only using one Extra+ jutsu that was granted to him by his Ms.

  64. Like I said, I highly doubt Tobi to be Obito because that wouldn’t impact the story much… now a senjuu? We have one villain Uchiha, had one villain Uzumaki, now for the Senju O_o… then again idk what the hell Zetsu is LMAO… Zetsu and Tobi are rather “close”… Apparently Tobi has Uchiha and Senju blood in him… if that was the case then how the hell could all those Uchiha perform Izanagi so much they had to create Izanami? Kishimoto fucked up his story on that part yo… I thought the requirement to perform Izanagi was to be both Uchiha and Senju, and Tobi gave the hint “I am senju and Uchiha” I guess that was the only reason why Kishimoto had Tobi say that to give us the hint he has Senju and Uchiha DNA…

  65. @pein7 I would be find with Tobi being obito since obito would be kakashis age a kakashi was almost appointed hokage

    As for your other question tobi is definatly a uchiha because if he wasnt then the ms sharingan would eat up his chakra and aa why he doesnt use susanoo ifyou have a move thats working and only one person “stoped it” so far why stop using it?

  66. @ simply, Tobi doesn’t have Mangekyo, all he has is the normal Sharingan and the Rinnegan in the other eye. As for the chakra I doubt that’s a problem seeing as he uses the rich Senjuu chakra from the zetsu like flower to help him sustain the eyes just like Danzou did but to a lesser extent.

    @ Grey, I sorry in advance for my lazyness but I don’t remember the exact chapter when Kabuto summoned Madara, but Tobi, and I quote said : “You mad man how did you get that” with a very scared expression on his, mmmmm… eye.

    The only reason he laughed was because he was so surprised at the level Kabuto had risen and he didn’t expect nobody to challenge him like that.

    As for seeing Madara he himself stated that fighting against Kabuto would weaken his war capabilities and as I stated before I would bet anything that Kabuto by himself or Edo Itachi could find a way to take down Tobi.

    Edo Madara on the other hand, even if not a Edo zombie, would kill Tobi with no problems.

    The facts are as clear as daylight and no matter how much you think Tobi is capable, unless I see him in full Kishi ass pull mode against Naruto, Bee, Kakashi and Gai, he will stand no chance against a experienced powerhouse like Uchiha Madara, who right now is turning his back on the 5 kages for boredom and is going to capture the Kyuubi.

    How badass can you be to do that, and above that remember this dude took out Muu and a young 3rd Tsuchikage in his youth when he didn’t even have the rinnegan or Hashirama’s cells.

    The only thing that bugs me is that we had that stupid fight with the 3 first hokages at the start of the story and we all know that opponents get stronger and stronger as time passes by in a manga, that to me brought shame to Hashirama, Tobirama and Hirzen’s true powers with I think were shown at 5% at best compared to what they could actually do in there prime.

    So as long as Tobi isn’t showing more I compare him to a little bit above kakashi at best, and his only skill is the ghost space time ninjutsu witch is not even a testament of power more a assassin move.
    But I will give the dude props for standing strong against this awesome 4 man team: The best 2 jinchuriki and 2 kage level shinobi.

  67. @Eugen I thought he had the ms when he went to the kages meeting but I could be mistaken also it was never stated in the manga that Tobi did not have Ms

  68. @Antony, that’s true but neither were stated if had or not achieved the MS that’s what puzzles me the most about Tobi, a real Uchiha would use MS like crazy, just look at Itachi, Sasuke, Madara and even kakashi who ascended to that level even if he’s not a uchiha.

    But if you look at danzou on the other hand, he had the sharingans for so long yet he didn’t achieve the MS, that’s what makes me doubt Tobi is even Uchiha and only one of the stronger clans in the Leaf, like Senjuu, Uzumaki or Sarutobi.

    I for one hope Kishi will make good of this opportunity and give us a great ending to tale of Tobi.

  69. First I would like to point out more evidence that Obito is not Tobi… when Kabuto first used Edo Tensei, Tobi knew RIGHT AWAY what the jutsu was… Edo Tensei was never used in Obito’s time, only Orochimaru used it and it was in a closed private space agains the 3rd…

    @Eugen He was in shock that Kabuto found DNA on Madara AND figured out Tobi wasn’t really Madara… he didn’t call him a madman and he was not scared… He laughed yeah that Kabuto had grown stronger than he thought but he said “If I fight you now i will ONLY weaken myself” He didn’t say he would be killed IF you keep reading the remainder of that scene… Kabuto’s “Ace” wasn’t deadly, it was convincing… More like convincing that Kabuto has Madara’s power at his fingertips on TOBI’s side of the war that convinced him he was worthy enough… He wasn’t at all scared… He was only worried that it would get out that Tobi really wasn’t Madara and it would take more effort on his part as just being Tobi to get something done… As you could see as said before, That final picture of Tobi was done for a reason not to look cool or just a random ending picture, but a picture without his eyes showing to signify we are just beginning to see Tobi’s power, and that little glimpse of power alone is enough to overwhelm the 4man team of 2jin and 2kage level jonnin… Do not underestimate the power that is Tobi that even Minato had a fear of the future with… it would appear as though Tobi and Madara both share Senjuu blood by using the Zetsu… Madara with Hashirama’s power and Tobi with his regenerating capabilities… i

  70. NaruHina hint!!! As i was skimming old chapters I came across the one when Naruto saved Hinata… everyone questioned if that was the real Naruto and Hinata said “that is Naruto just look at his eyes you can tell” then naruto comes back on the next page after having a spirit connection with her after she thought she was no good and he told her not to worry she said she wasn’t and he said “it is all in your eyes” that is something when both can read eachother by looking into eachothers eyes without much contact and conversation to even develop a bond like that. Naruto even protected her without knowing her in their youth. She helped him cheat, he fought for HER against Neji, growing stronger just to beat him. She was willing to die for him, he snapped at her “death”. Even Kakashi’s “death” and Jiraiya’s “death” even the destruction of the leaf, and attacking “tsunade” and killing that “frog” and ALL those innocent people was not enough to make him experience true hatred like he did when Pein “killed” Hinata. When he came back to his senses, I believe the first thing he did was make sure Hinata was still alive… tell me that isn’t love :I

  71. @Eugen

    Have you noticed how whenever Tobi uses his space time jutsu, we never actually see what his sharingan looks like? For all we know, he could be using the MS at the time and we’re just not seeing it. If Tobi was Obito or another character we might now, it would also make perfect sense why Kishi isn’t showing us what his eye looks like when he uses MS, because each MS is unique in appearance and seeing it would immediately help us identify who he is, or at the very least, who he is not.

    For example, if Tobi were to be Obito or Izuna, we would know what his MS should look like seeing as how we’ve seen Obito’s MS through Kakahsi and we’ve seen Izuna’s in a flashback. Likewise, if Tobi was a Madara clone, his MS would also look like Madara’s, most likely. If his MS didn’t look like any of them, then we’d immediately rule them out and thus, some of the surprise and mystery behind who he might be would be lost. It’s for this reason that I believe that Tobi does in fact have the MS, but that we’re just not being shown it when he uses it.

  72. @Greyfox

    “First I would like to point out more evidence that Obito is not Tobi… when Kabuto first used Edo Tensei, Tobi knew RIGHT AWAY what the jutsu was… Edo Tensei was never used in Obito’s time, only Orochimaru used it and it was in a closed private space agains the 3rd… ”

    Er, you do realise that Orochimaru was in Akatsuki right? This means he was in the organization that Tobi was running from behind the scenes and thus, under Tobi’s watchful eye. Tobi could be the tooth fairy and he’d still probably know what Edo Tensei is, as I am sure he knew about all of his subordinates and their abilities. Also, there is a known history about Edo Tensei and that it was developed by Tobirama. I wouldn’t be surprised if most hidden villages had info on it to some degree or another thus, for someone like Tobi who had a vast intelligence network – so advanced that Akatsuki members even knew the jutsu, strengths and weaknesses of each Jinchuuriki they were hunting and how to infiltrate the defenses of the villages they were contained in – there would have been no problem learning about a jutsu that everyone else seemed quite acutely aware of by the start of the fourth shinobi war.

    I’m afraid that among many other reasons you could argue as to why Tobi may not be Obito, this isn’t a good one. There are just too many ways Tobi could have easily learned of Edo Tensei for that to possibly use it as an alibi.

  73. @ Ten, That may be a great way for kishi to preserve the mystery about Tobi’s eye, but one thing I’m almost 100% sure of is that his sharingan is Obito’s.
    There’s just too much it has in common with Kakashi’s eye. The question is, did he stole it from obito’s corps or did Madara repair Obito with Zetsu and somehow F’ed his brain up.

  74. I still can’t get it in my head, that child being Tobi. Anywhere you go they would say “Tobi is an Old man” how in the world is he Obito? And from the look of him doesn’t seem like a prodigy to me.
    I think Tobi has the Ms that space-time jutsu doesn’t seem like an ordinary Sharingan Ability.

  75. Yea that has to be Obito’s eye tobi has for stating and cancelling when Kakashi tries to use his ms by saying it wont work on me and sensing it with mazou. I dont know, i know it seemed like Tobi felt it when Kakashi was going to use it like Tobi himself knows when that eye gets activated and i was thinking maybe cause Kakashi is slow with it but no like stopping a speeding nail and that lightning kuni but it could be part of Tobi which why he never or cant use sasunno needing to awaken both eyes for it. If that how the hell did they both awaken ms did Kakashi copy when he fought Itaich or something?

  76. @Tenrai
    That is actually good evidence because yeah you can KNOW about the jutsu but no one has ever SEEN the jutsu… The only 2(3) capable is Tobirama, Orochimaru (and Kabuto) so Tobi not ever “seeing” the jutsu wouldnt be able to know what it was RIGHT AWAY but it looked like he SEEN the jutsu before… I doubt Orochimaru used Edo Tensei besides the time against the 3rd hokage because there would have been word out that there was a person able to use the jutsu.. since Tobi started Akatsuki then I am sure he would be older than Nagato or Nagato’s age if we want to be more modern and Nagato is at least 10-12 years older than Kakashi. Madara didn’t start the Akatsuki because Konan and Pein were following his orders under “madara” but Konan thought Tobi wasn’t the one who started Akatsuki who she thought Tobi was Madara… Time and age itself disproves Obito, now there could be some linkage to Obito’s eye like many say but not Obito himself…

  77. @ Grey, if you look at the old Edo kage fight vs Gaara and the tsuchikage, Gaara’s dad stated Orochimaru knew how to use Edo Tensei when everyone thought it was Tobirama.

    The jutsu, it seems, was actually legendary seeing as Gari, the shinobi from the hidden stone with the explosive jutsu knew about the technique as well. As for how much Orochimaru used it, we can’t be sure seeing as we’ve only seen him using it once against Sarutobi and after that it became impossible for him to use it anymore because of the loss of his arms to the Shinigami God.

    As to more recent interests of mine, I wonder if Orochimaru gained all of Kabuto’s newly found powers and knowledge to aid him in achieving his perfect Sannin mode as well as the uzumaki regeneration skills and the Hozuki water body tech as well.

    Orochimaru is by far one of the greatest minds in this story, he may not be a great warrior like Madara or a great Shinobi like Jirayia and Minato but he sure sends cold shivers down my spine when he gives that pedophile gaze of his.
    And let’s face it he’s really cool like that, no matter what anyone thinks of him.

  78. @eugen Madara, great warrior? Pfft, the only thing he’s shown is asspulling to the MAX!! Now for great Shinobi isn’t that the same thing? To say he’s not on there level is kind of stretching it. OroPedo fought 4 tailed Naruto to a stalemate and he wasn’t 100%. Also, it’s just Shinigami. The God part makes it redundant.
    Bubblition: Hey Kurama who does Tobi look like?
    Give me a minute *snaps fingers* I forgot.
    Caption: Damn you Kishi!

  79. I come up with the most ridiculous theory yet. What if Tobi is actually Naruto or Sasuke from the future!?!

  80. @Eugen

    I have to agree on Kanton with this one. You talk about Orochimaru as if he isn’t on the level of Jiraiya or Minato, etc, but need I remind you that out of all the people that were considered to succeed Hiruzan as the next Hokage, Orochimaru was the first?

    Then let’s not forget how, as Kanton said, he fought Naruto in his four tailed state and treated it like some sort of game for his amusement. In fact, the only reason he couldn’t continue for long was because he was approaching the time he had to switch bodies, so he was actually becoming significantly weakened. I’ll also remind you that when Orochimaru fled Konoha, Jiraiya fought with him to try and stop and lost, so I wouldn’t say he isn’t on Jiraiya’s level as far as Shinobi prowess is concerned.

    Even Sasuke admitted that the only reason he was able to beat Orochimaru was because of how weakened he was and as suggested by Suigetsu, it would have been a very different story if Oro was in his prime at the time.


    I believe someone already suggested the theory that Tobi was Naruto from the future, but in all honesty, for me, time travel no jutsu would be the biggest, most ridiculous ass-pull of them all. If Tobi were really capable of that, then why doesn’t he just travel back in time and kidnap Naruto when he was younger again, or fix some of his mistakes or some of the other events that happened, such as Nagato’s betrayal, etc? Unless it was a one-shot jutsu that cannot be re-used of course, but even then, Kishi would have to do a LOT of explaining.

    Also, it wouldn’t be easy to explain his looks or his jutsu seeing as how they neither resemble Naruto’s or Sasuke’s (save for the spikey hair which is like the black version of Naruto’s, but even then, the colour is wrong).


    Aside from what Eugen mentioned, there’s also this…

    As you can see, even the Anbu observing Hiruzen’s battle with Orochimaru seem to be acutely aware of what Edo Tensei is, even though this was probably their first time witnessing it in action. When one considers how renowned it is and that it is well known for bringing the dead back to life, all Tobi would have needed to guess that Kabuto was using Edo Tensei was to see a bunch of his previous Akatsuki colleagues coming back to life. I don’t think it would take a genius to figure it out from there.

  81. You guys misunderstood my description of Orochimaru, I wasn’t talking about power I was talking about the type of person Orochimaru is.

    I know full well Orochimaru can stand on par with any shinobi in this story and somehow he might find a way to win against all odds. He is, ultimately, a shinobi who dedicated his life to find the meaning of ninjutsu and eternal life.

    @ Kanton, right you are about the Shinigami 😉 my mistake.

    Also Orochimaru might be stronger then ever now yet I feel Sasuke might actually be a greater powerhouse then we think. Orochimaru could have been a great match for Sasuke after collecting his chakra from Kabuto, who got that strong 75% due to Orochimaru’s chakra.

    Maybe Orochimaru knows just how capable Sasuke really is, and I hope he becomes even stronger, so we’ll have a awesome fight between him and Naruto,

    I still regret Naruto not fighting Madara but I hope his fight with Sasuke is just as good or even better then this one should have been..

  82. Orochimaru is really a great shinobi but he doesn’t use his brain. I’ll say he is the strongest among the sannins…Jiraiya is kinda-like the opposite of orochimaru…
    Gamabunta – mando
    Toad sage mode – snake sage mode
    Naruto no Jutsu – Sasuke no Jutsu.

  83. I believe jiraya now is stringer than orochimaru because when tryed to take itachis eyes he was easily defeated but itachi even with kisame in his team did not want to fight jiraya knowing they will not beat him easily….also this has been bothering me for ever does naruto have a kekkai genkai? Since his eyes look different sometimes.

  84. @simplyanthony losing to Itachi means nothing, considering no one beat Itachi. Naruto probably doesn’t (I hope he doesn’t have one), His eyes change because Kurama’s chakra and Sage Mode.
    Bubblition: Kurama, you’ve seen Tobi before. Who is he exactly?
    Kurama: He’s ************.
    Caption : And now you know.

  85. @kantonkage

    You should win the bubblition this week ^_^

  86. @Tenrai
    Yeah, he knew what it was after realizing what the jutsu done, but Tobi knew it at first sight, as if he seen it before. That is like me telling you the name of a car and all the features in the car, but you wouldn’t know the car if it drove past you unless you see the features I have described, but in Tobi’s case, he already SEEN the car before not just heard about it which is why he was able to identify the jutsu RIGHT AWAY.

  87. Re-posted.

    What is Tobi’s mask made of? Granite? Hatred? Crystallized Uchiha tears?

    The other question is, what stopped Kakashi’s Kamui from working on the statue?

    On the side note. Do you agree that Kakashi+Guy isn’t equal to the Fourth’s ability against Tobi? Neglecting naruto from the three. They’ve been having a hard time hitting Tobi when in fact they have some infos about Tobi regarding his teleportation whereas Minato didn’t know about his power by the time they met and fought.

  88. @Kanton I have to disagree on that one in naruto verse you measure the persons power by what who they beat and who they lose to itachi choose not to fight jiraya even with kisame were they were clearly had the advantage in the fight….yeah ik those eyes but I swear naruto has like 3 different eye style lol but I really hope he does ever since we fisrt heard about it I wanted him to have one….your bublition was funny I LOL out loud @___@ at the fist one

  89. @Pisbolman

    I don’t agree with that assesment because the battle with Tobi now is being fought under very different circumstances than what Minato fought under 16 years ago.

    1: Tobi didn’t have the Rinnegan back when he fought Minato.

    2: Tobi didn’t have that ridiculous fan which seems to be as strong as hell when he fought Minato.

    3: When Minato fought Tobi, he wasn’t fighting on a battlefield where half the landscape was floating in the air because of the Juubi’s Saiyan-esque power-up/revival. Half of the trouble Naruto, Gai and Kakashi are having right now is maneuvering around a chaotic environment whereas Tobi can simply move through it. It’s also because of this that their attacks are delayed.

    4: It’s been 16 years since Tobi fought Minato. That means Tobi has had 16 years to learn from his mistakes in that fight and to get stronger. Did you assume Tobi would simply remain the same strength after 16 years? Especially when we see other character like Naruto grow so much in only 3?

  90. @Grey

    Tobi was able to recognize Edo Tensei by looking at the details.

    Notice, when Kabuto first summons the coffins, we only see an exclamation mark from Tobi, which implies shock or surprise. After the Coffins open, then says “Edo Tensei,” because by then he’s aware of what jutsu is being used. It would be hard not to realise it then when, as I said before, you consider how renowned the jutsu is and the fact that Orochimaru – who I’ll once again remind you was in Akatsuki – was the one who first used it aside from Tobirama (and Kabuto is Orochimaru’s deciple).

    So, you see a few coffins rise from the ground and in those coffins are a bunch of previously dead Akatsuki now coming back to life. The person who is performing this jutsu is an apprentice to someone who was renowned for his use of Edo Tensei, a jutsu that brings dead people back to life and this person was also once part of Akatsuki and thus well known to you. How many more clues do you need? Lol. Also, you’re making the mistake of assuming that the battle against the Third was the first time that Orochimaru used Edo Tensei. For all we know he’s used it before and thus Tobi has seen it. It’s a bit of a contradiction to assume that Tobi has only seen Tobirama use Edo Tensei and not Orochimaru when we have no solid evidence in either case. To then build an entire theory around an assumption like that seems a bit much.

  91. @simplyantony however it should be noted that somebody had escort Sasuke and if he defeated Jiraiya. Sasuke would probably be still laying in that destroyed hotel. That’s my theory.

  92. @kantonkage so your basicly saying that the whole reason itachi choose not to fight jiraiya was so he could get sasuke to a hospital or else he would have fought and defeted him?

  93. @simplyantony pretty much, yea. That and Gai was en route to their position. Since Gai was the ONLY one that Itachi was weary of.

  94. @Simplyantony

    When we consider that Itachi’s ultimate goal was to protect Konoha, the last thing he’d want to do is capture Naruto and give Akatsuki the means to threaten it. It’s quite obvious that Itachi had no intention of capturing Naruto at all and pretty much found any excuse he could to avoid doing so. His retreating from Jiraiya probably had as much to do with him not wanting to capture Naruto as it had to do with Sasuke as well.

    When Itachi tried to lure Jiraiya away, I think he knew that Jiraiya would figure out that it was just a ploy and that he would come to Naruto’s rescue. If he really wanted to get Jiraiya out of the way, it would have made much more sense to send Kisame to distract him or use something far more effective than a simple trick like he did. In the same breath, when he entered Konoha earlier on, he probably knew that he would have been noticed, or rather, he made sure that Kakashi an company noticed him. I mean, do you think that if Itachi was really trying to get into Konoha undetected, that he would be found out so easily? It seems like he wanted to get caught, firstly to send a message to Danzou that he was still keeping an eye on his brother and secondly to make everyone aware that Akatasuki was a threat and that Naruto should be under protection.

    In the end, it’s hard to tell how Jiraiya would have actually fared against Itachi. I think he would have done well and I also think Jiraiya is more prepared to fight genjutsu than Orochimaru was, especially if he’s in sage mode and he has Fukusaku and Shima to break him out of it. The only one he’d really have to worry about is Tsukyomi. Also, because Jiraiya has access to sound genjutsu through his summons, he also has a better chance to get through Itachi’s defenses than Orochimaru did, seeing as how we know Susanoo does not stop sound wavelengths.

    In the end, I wouldn’t say whether Jiraiya is stronger than Orochimaru or not, but I do think he’s more suited to certain kinds of battles than Orochimaru is. But with ninja, we often see a rock, paper scissors scenario, so you can’t judge overall strength from individual fights.

  95. If this latest chapter doesn’t lean to Tobi being Obito even more, then I don’t know what does. <___<

    It looks like sticking to my guns on this one might pay off after all. Lol.

  96. It doesn’t Tenrai, It only proves what I’ve been saying for a long time and what we’ve all known. The sharingan he has is Obito’s 100%, the person might not be Obito but the eye is his for sure.

    I’m not saying he’s not Obito but the only 100% fact is that his eye is Obito’s. And the fucked up thing is that Kakashi’s there so in theory every attack Kakashi absorbs should hit Tobi if he’s materialized so he’ll have to switch really fast from one state to another in order to deflect the hits and to counter as well.

    The only thing I see to Tobi’s advantage now is he let the sharingan on the back seat and started fighting with the rinnegan in order to create an opening.

  97. @Eugen

    I said “might pay off” and I said it’s leaning to Obito. In neither case did I say it was 100 percent certain. Lol.

    All I’m saying is that for everyone who thinks Tobi being Obito is impossible, to me it’s looking like the most possible theory right now. I’m sticking with it to the end, regardless of the outcome. @___@

  98. I for one hope he’s someone older but I wouldn’t mind if he were Obito. Maybe Tobi is Rin for all we know. We’ve seen the Naruto movies and 99% of the time the boy in the movie is a chick. And let’s face it look at Sasuke, the only female uchiha to use the sharingan.

  99. “And let’s face it look at Sasuke, the only female uchiha to use the sharingan.”

    Just wanna say, I so so love this comment!! It’s funny ‘coz it’s true.

  100. @Eugen

    Lol. Ahsan would hug you for that. XD

  101. Bubble:

    Kurama: So, if Sasuke’s a girl, technically that kiss you two had wasn’t gay, right.

    Naruto: That’s what I’ve been telling everyone but no one believed me..

    Caption: Manga Ka’s are freaky like that.

  102. Thx for the inspiration for the bubble contest, it’s only my second bubble post ever.


    It’s out!

    Naruto has been moving at a Dragonball z pace lately

  104. ahhh wtf kishi every wednesday i wake up excited for naruto and he just slaps me in the face with 16 pages of nothing…im tired of this bullshit fight being dragged out nothing happens, the action is almost indiscernable and the story is not even moved along, no new jutsu just jumping around…who the fuck is tobi just show us already, its obvious that his eye is obito’s so if the next chapter ends with that obvious revelation (which it probably will) ill be pissed the only way he could fuck up more is if he switches back to the madara fight and stall more there. STOP STALLING KISHI GODDAMN IT

  105. @mordi1104
    Well Kubo is too ill to have a chapter this week so someone had to make up for the lack of trolling =P

    Also this chapter was jam packed full of stuff, it just wasn’t the stuff you really wanted to see. We now know that where ever stuff goes when Kakashi Kamui’s it that Tobi’s ghost no jutsu also crosses into, he just doesn’t cross into it completely while he’s fighting.

  106. hmmmm i’m thinking that maybe when tobi goes ghost he can’t be hit by attacks in this dimension but can be by the other. so if kakashi throws the attack at him when he’s in the other dimension they can land blows

  107. @dricedt that makes a lot of sense actually i was wondering what the big deal was when kakashi found out that the jutsu tobi used was just one…i thought it was common sense..

    @ michael this chapter was not jam packed it was basically last weeks chapter just attacks to try and hit tobi literally no useful dialogue, i just blow through these in like 2 minutes

  108. “It only proves what I’ve been saying for a long time and what we’ve all known. The sharingan he has is Obito’s 100%, the person might not be Obito but the eye is his for sure.”

    I disagree. Just because Tobi’s jutsu uses the same dimension as Kamui doesn’t mean it’s Obito’s eye. Madara, Itachi and Sasuke can all use Susano’o but they don’t share the same eyes. It’s certainly not unlikely that when an Uchiha unlocks a space time jutsu that jutsu makes use of one single dimension.

    Also, but this is something entirely off topic, why is Tobi still able to use his Mangekyo Sharingan. Assuming his power is a mangekyo power of course.
    He’s been using his space time jutsu for more than 16 years now and still hasn’t lost his eyesight?!? Itachi went blind in the space of 3 years but he barely used his eyes, Sasuke spammed his eyepower and lost his eyesight in just a year. Now we’ve seen Tobi spam his jutsu every opportunity he gets and he still has no trouble whatsoever… The only way that’s possible is if he has an EMS.

    There’s just so much that doesn’t add up. Especially when trying to fit Obito in the picture of Tobi.

  109. I agree with @Eugen.

    Tobi’s eye is without a doubt Obito’s supposedly “crushed” eye.

    Reason #1: Both Kakashi and Tobi use space/time from their sharingan. This jutsu type could be common among Uchiha but it’s too much of a coincidence that these two eyes do similar things.
    (The difference between Kakashi’s eye is probably because Tobi is an Uchiha so the power of Obito’s eye for Tobi can be used to a far greater skill level than a non-uchiha.)

    Reason #2: In chapter 487, Tobi told Kakashi not to bother using kamui because it wouldn’t work on him.

    Reason #3: Tobi stopped Kakashi’s kamui from ripping off the head of the ten tails. Even Kakashi said that his Kamui has never been stopped before. Sasuke can put out his own amaterasu with his eyes. Sharingan eyes seem to have the ability to stop and turn off its respective special eye techniques.

    Reason #4: During chapter 596 we discover that the kunai and rasengan hit Tobi after he used his space/time sharingan. Whenever Kakashi sends anything away using Kamui and Tobi uses his Sharingan to become intangible, he comes into contact with things that Kakashi teleported away. This is because they must share the same time and space jutsu. Which means the eye that both of them possess must have originally belonged to one person, Obito Uchiha. Just looking at Kakashi’s face at the end plus his side thoughts throughout chapter 596, it seems like a mixture of being angry and disturbed with coming into contact with the eye that pairs with his.

    Reason #5: It seems Kishi gave us a clue about this already. Back in chapter 276 Kakashi used Kamui to rip off and send Deidara’s right arm to another dimension. Then in chapter 281 Tobi FINDS Deidara’s right arm. There’s no way Deidara’s arm could appear back in the same dimension unless somebody brought it back. Tobi must have randomly gone intangible at some point during the battle between Kakashi and Deidara which caused the arm to probably fall on him after it was sent to the other dimension.

    The reason Kakashi said that Tobi only has one jutsu was because he realized that Tobi is using an advance version of HIS KAMUI. This could mean that if Kakashi is as smart we know, maybe he can figure out how to stop Tobi from phasing in and out long enough for Naruto to get one good punch at that mask and see who “No one” really is.

  110. I thought this chapter had plenty of excitement and dynamic. Let’s remember that Tobi is one of the biggest villains in Naruto right now. If the battle ended too quickly, it would be pretty lame.

    I think it just feels long because we had the Uchiha vs Kabuto fight inbetween and that was hectic long, but it’s only been two chapters of Naruto and co vs Tobi since then, so it really isn’t that much.

  111. ,@tenrai I agree with u to a point for intance right now it looks like kakashi is the only one capable of countering tobis technique

    @kanton I admit what your saying does make alot of sence but I still thing itachi did not want to fight jiraiya plus if kakashi could beat guy why cant itachi?

    This chapter was great I hope after this arc is over their is another time skipwhen naruto is hokage and we see kakashi using that jutsu that tobi is using!!! I really looing forward to naruto!!!!

  112. @redbaron then how would you explain Shisui’s Kotoamatsukami
    @ultimatesage Kakashi cut his arm off because after he emerged from his hiding place he stated that he going to look for his arm before it rot.

  113. @ ultimatesage, I agree with you on all the points you made.

    As for the fight I think it’s as easy as Tobi not using the technique, if he dose Kakashi will continue to throw attacks in that dimension and out of 5 there’s bound to be at least 1 that lands.

  114. im savoring all these chapters honestly, i would also like to move the story along and stuff but sometimes you have to savour epic battles like these, because if it was short it would have lost its epicness and translated into a crappy anime episode and then hulk saad 😦

    But anyway, lol imagine tobi uses space time to pop into the shops right at the moment kakashi absorbs the bullet nail from pain hahahahaha!! tobi wil be like *whistle* ah what a nice day to buy some pet food for all my tailed beasts they wil be so ha…. aahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

    Also i think it would be A++++ Epic if kakashi takes the other eye after this battle and after a timeskip or so display new epic powers of combined kamui eyes with some special version of a kamui susan’o mmmmmm 🙂

  115. but then ofcourse to balance out the rivalry between him and gai sensei gai should find a way to use all 8gates without dying ofcourse

  116. Chapter was good, but it seemed like nothing really happened in it. Last chapter was fast pace but a lot of action this chapter there was basically 1 attack with Gai, Naruto and Kakashi…

    And no Bleach this week T__T

  117. =)) I ca’t believe Kubo, that Troll, just when Kembachi was about to lay those guys to rest Kubo decided he have an indigestion and went off on a cruise to the France riviera.

    :)) That guy is just epic, when he tries to make the manga good he fails, but when he tries to close the series he’s awesome over 9000 and then he comes up with this crap. :)) I’m so mad at the dude it’s more funny then sadness and anger lol.

  118. hehe dammit ive been so hyped up over bleach when i saw kenpachi, i just knew he will own these idiots, although sadly he will probably get owned now by that king guy, hate the damn quincies aaaarrrrgggghhhhh

  119. @BAKA, i don’t think there is going to be any Time-skip, kishi said the series is “heading to its climax” 1 and a half year max.

  120. If Naruto ends, I wonder what Kishi will do next. Will he start a new story in the same universe, or will he go a completely different route altogether with a completely new series?

    Though part of me doesn’t want to ever see Naruto die, another part of me also wants to see what other ideas Kishi has as well.

  121. @mordi1104
    This chapter was too full of stuff, just because it had little dialog doesn’t mean it didn’t have as much as last weeks chapter.

    Apparently you were hyped up for bleach as you posted about it in the naruto thread rather than the bleach one =P

    @Tenrai Senshi
    Kishi has expressed a desire to tell Minato’s story, whether that would involve a manga as long or involved as Naruto has been is another question all together.

  122. “then how would you explain Shisui’s Kotoamatsukami”

    What do you mean. Kotoamatsukami is a genjutsu, like Itachi’s Tsukuyomi or Madara’s/Tobi’s genjutsu they used to control Kurama. Again, all very powerful genjutsu related to the sharingan without being from the same person making it perfectly possible for sharingan related space time jutsu to share the same dimension.

  123. Well Well Well
    Looks like Tobi & Madara have a connection – kishi
    Even though its said a powerful Shinobi has a weak point Madara doesn’t – kishi

  124. What I want to know is why Kakashi didn’t want to send in the Bijuu Dama instead of having Naruto use a rasenshuriken. He could have Bee or Naruto do it.

    This team is by far the most complete team I have seen; 2 almost fully formed bijuus (Naruto and Bee) a kage level shiniobi with a crap load of jutsu and limitless amount of intelligence (Kakashi) and Guy, who is just a bruiser and very fast with his approach. I think he would have been able to destroy one of the meteors by himself and Naruto could have gotten the other one, in the fight against Madara. I think they would have been able to handle Madara better than these five Kage

  125. @ Wise, I also think this team-up is the best one yet, they can technically take out any shinobi out there if there at full chakra.

  126. If they’re*

  127. @wise, True. But what you are saying here is Tobi is tougher(stronger perhaps) than Madara.
    If they are really that perfect team beat Tobi already and go Deal with the real Game Madara.

  128. I didn’t say Tobi is better than Madara. I’m saying they have a much better chance of defeating Madara. This means that the 5 Kage aren’t suited to fight him, or don’t have the raw power to defeat him that the other team has in spades compared to the 5 kage. Tobi is just making it tough on the 4-man team because of his space-time jutsu and the fact that he has a statue filled with the power of 7 bijuu’s and some 8 and 9 tailed chakra. I’m seeing a light at the end of the tunnel though for Tobi, since Kakashi has found the flaw in his space-time jutsu Tobis is so fond of.

  129. @pein also, I said the team of Kakashi, Guy, Bee, and Naruto is the most complete, not the most powerful. They might be the most complete but I didn’t say they would beat Tobi; I’m inferring that they are the most suited to take on Tobi and his giant monster statue

  130. @Wiseman & Pein

    I think you guys are forgetting that before fighting Tobi, Naruto, Bee, Kakashi and Gai had to take on six Jinchuuriki/Bijuu. So, you have to factor that in when you consider that Tobi came into this fight fresh and unfatigued while Naruto and company already had a grueling battle to deal with beforehand. This was never a four on one battle. In fact, it was always more like a four on 7 battle up until now so I’d say our heros have done very we all things considered.

    Of course, that’s not even concidering that Naruto, Kakashi and Gai have already been fighting in the war beforehand so this isn’t even their first battle of the day.

    As for comparing Tobi to Madara, that’s an unfair comparison right now for one reason. Madara is immortal and Tobi isn’t. Therefor, Madara can afford to take a few mortal blows (and has already) while Tobi has to fight very carefully to avoid getting hit. How can we accurately compare the two when both are fighting under conmpletely different parameters?

    But if you guys want, we could always have a Madara vs Tobi debate, both without Edo Tensei immortality. 😛

  131. If its with out immortality and the first cell that mandara has then I do feel like tobi stands a good chance of beating him however kishi mandara and tobi have known each other a long mandara should know how to counter tobis space time jutsu

  132. @pein every shinobi does have a weak point, with madara it’s not his skill or power but his personality. He’s so arrogant, prideful and spite full, that if you push him emotionally in the right direction you’ll cause him to not think things through and mess up. This will probably lead to his sealing. We’ve already seen him loose his cool a couple of times in the fight, but the kages landed mortal blows instead of sealing tech

  133. @Drice

    I don’t recall seeing Madara losing his cool once to be honest.

    So far as I can see, Madara is a very cold, methodical person when it comes to battle. He knows what he wants from a fight and he knows how to get it and even when he does get angry at the mention of Senju, he gets angry in a very calm way comparatively speaking. You need to remember that for a good part of his fight against the Kage, he was just experimenting to test his own power, so I doubt he was taking the fight seriously. He only truly got serious when he was forced to call out his Susanoo’s final form.

    So, in saying all that, I don’t think he’s the type of combatant you can take advantage of emotionally, nor is he the type who would do something without thinking. You won’t be able to work him up or push him over the edge, because he always seems to be in full control of his emotions. In saying that though, I’d say his biggest weakness is just that, because he’s almost too cold and too calculating to the point where he thinks he has everything worked out. He feels so confident in his own abilities that it almost seems like he feels no sene of danger and because of that, his doom may come in the way he underestimates his opponents. He feels that if he isn’t fighting Hashirama, it means it isn’t a real fight and because of that lack of commitment and manner of looking down on others, he may end up being taken by surprise.

  134. True.

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