Fairy Tail 291 Breakdown. Sabertooth must suffer!!!

*reads chapter*

*sees last page*

WHAT?!?!?!? Lucy got beat up AGAIN?!

*breaks the computer in rage*


*tries to suppress homicidal urges* It’s Summer!!! πŸ˜€ *eye twitches*

Welcome to this week’s breakdown, Fairy Tail fans!!

This week’s chapter was good. The competition was fun and fast-paced until only Lucy and Minerva remained and it took a sinister turn. I didn’t expect it at all from the first half of the chapter, though, because it looked like a normal competition.

Risley’s “Don’t look down on something” has become old… It’s the only thing she says!!

The fourth day’s competition portion is called Naval Battle. It’s a pretty simple trial which has an uncanny resemblance to a Mario Party minigame where you had to punch your opponents out of a floating orb of water. I guess Mashima played it. o_O

Anyway, it was actually quite interesting. Minerva makes her debut and Lucy comes back to make up for her loss in the first day. Quatro Cerberus shows us how pitiful they are by getting eliminated right away, courtesy of Jenny from Blue Pegasus.

We also got see how strong Juvia is now. She’s on par with Acquarius and she eliminated Chelia, Risley and Jenny all at once, showing us her awesome power over water. Unfortunately, she got pushed out by Minerva right after that, leaving only Lucy and Minerva in the water.

Things are heating up…

Minerva attacks immediately, wanting to have fun with Lucy for a while. Her magic is really strange, being hot even in the water and heavy as lead. She also used it to steal Lucy’s keys, leaving her defenseless, so it can teleport things too. I have no idea what it could be, but I know Mashima will blow us away when he reveals what it does.

Getting back to the “battle”, Minerva is toying with Lucy, throwing her around like a rag doll. After four minutes, she decides to push her out of the water, but the Celestial Spirit mage defiantly says that she can take the beating and she won’t give up because she doesn’t want to betray Elfman, Erza and Wendy’s feelings.

Minerva halts her assault and just as everyone starts thinking that the trial is over… she becomes a sadistic psychopath.

Er… Uhm… What a pretty face you have there, young lady. X_____X

So Minerva shows us her true colors and tortures Lucy, not even letting her leave the orb of water. Fairy Tail is outraged, but Sabertooth grins with sadistic pleasure.

It’s interesting to notice that Arcadios is the one who yells for Minerva to stop because she was going to kill Lucy. It seems that even though he already has Yukino as a sacrifice, he also wants Lucy and he won’t let her die until the fated day.

That brings us to the end of the chapter. The referee stops the fight while Minerva holds Lucy’s mangled body out of the water. She is going to pay for this!!

Sting is going to get punched in the face soon. πŸ‘Ώ

So it looks like Sabertooth has been established as the villain of the arc, now that Raven Tail has been disqualified. I’m not so happy with this, because until this chapter Orga, Rufus and Sting didn’t look like bad people, but only like stuck-up jerks. Also, when Yukino was forced to strip and remove her Guild Mark, they were shown to be appalled by their leader’s cruelty, so why did they grin when Minerva tortured Lucy?

Anyway, one thing is for sure: someone from Fairy Tail is going to beat them up and teach them a lesson. Who do you think it will be?

I think Natsu will fight Sting because of last chapter’s foreshadowing, but I really want Erza to fight Minerva because they are both extremely strong and it would probably be a way more interesting fight than Natsu vs Sting, in my opinion.
Minerva is the one who hurt Lucy, so if Sting was defeated by Natsu, Sabertooth’s pride would be hurt, but she would get away with it. Plus, we all want to see Erza’s power after unlocking Second Origin. Pandemonium was only a taste and we want more!

Well, that’s it for me! See you next week!!

Mavis is awesome.

ζœ€εΌ· Dragon


~ by ζœ€εΌ· Dragon on July 17, 2012.

19 Responses to “Fairy Tail 291 Breakdown. Sabertooth must suffer!!!”

  1. The breakdown is out!!

  2. Death to SABERTOOTH!!!

  3. Good breakdown dragon
    I want to see minerva get what she deserves but i also want to see sting vs natsu their for next round should be a tag team battle natsu and erza vs minerva and sting and then sabertooth cheats and it turns into and all out war in which as stated by katonkage should result in death to sabertooth(speacially minerva and her father)

  4. *Gets mob together to take down Sabertooth.*

    I’m glad to see others share my sentiments. I really, REALLY hope Erza ends up battling Minerva. I can just imagine Erza’s “You’re gonna die” face when she gets into the arena with the one who hurt a member of Fairy Tail to such a severe degree.

    And to be honest, Erza is the best at those faces besides perhaps Natsu, but he’s reserved for taking out Sting, so yeah.

    If they have a tag team, all the better… <_<

    Thanks for the breakdown Dragon.

  5. Gildartz Clive vs Minerva
    Because let’s face it both Minerva and Sabertooth deserve to be shown just how pathetic they are compared to a real mage.

  6. Nice Breakdown Dragon!

    Few things you missed, the blatent Fan Service in this challenge lol πŸ˜›

    I was sort of annoyed with Lucy in this chapter, Aquarius dissing her like that and the fact that she barely used her combo summons or anything allowing her opponent to attack her first it was annoying though. Sabertooth seem like the pointless sadistic villains sort of like Raven Tails replacements which also got to me, it would of made more sense and added to the story if the women said at the end “This is for attacking us Fairy Tail,” or something aimed at Natsu’s outburst etc… but from here it just seems annoying that Hiro doesn’t give these characters depth

  7. @tenrai im starting to agree with the Erza/Natsu vs Those two losers

  8. Great chapter! The new Fairy Tail team is cool, but it would have been way better with Mirajane instead of Natsu and Juvia instead of Gray. I wanted to see The Demon fight!!! 😦

    Anyway, I expected the chapter to come out earlier so I could do the breakdown, but since it’s so late I can’t. I’m going on vacation for two weeks starting tomorrow and I’m leaving really early in the morning. Sorry guys. See you in two weeks!

  9. πŸ™‚ I was right but the tag team should b dragon slayer vs dragon slayer it would b more epic

  10. To predictions in a row im on a roll πŸ™‚ next I predict ill be in the cover of a sports magazine and have millions off dollars @___@ lol..

  11. http://eatmanga.com/Manga-Scan/Fairy-Tail/Fairy-Tail-294/page-1 It’s out and it’s EPIC!!!

  12. Epic indeed =]

    Sabertooth has been pushed to their very limits and Natsu has yet to go Lightning/Fire mode on their arse.

    I get the feeling though in the next chapter things will be different, at least until Natsu and Gajeel get pushed into dragon force mode.

  13. @michael I have to agree with you their but I have a fealing that natsu and gajeel wont reach that mode until the zeref fight….does anyone know natsu and stings relationship because I missed it

  14. Also I think the headmaster has sting and rouge threatened with killing their cats because sting said he can not lose for lector so im guessing jf they do his headmaster will kill the cats

  15. very great first part of the fight. But I think Gajeel and Natsu are going to have a tough time but I don’t think they need to go Dragon Force mode because I think their powers are sustained like how in Dragon Ball Z Goku was able to be powered up to SS3 without going SS3. They understand Dragon Force very will since Natsu has already been in it twice. I think it’s the power amplifier sabertooth has that allows them to go into that mode. I think the lightning mode Natsu can control would be the trick to stop the laser beam guy. The shadow dragon guy, since his partner is a laser beam guy and basically his opposite; since Natsu and Gajeel wont be able to shine a light on his shadow to counter him, might as well create something to capture him. Maybe make him breakdown emotionally and than in their he would be susceptible to weak dragon metal magic that can capture him. I think his weakness are his hands because Gajeel was able to catch his hands.

  16. @simplyantony
    I think they will have to surpass Dragon Force mode for the fight with Zeref, though I don’t think Zeref will make a showing here at the GMGs. I do think that Acknologica will show up though and Sting and Rouge will have a chance at seeing just how pathetic they are compared to Acknologica.

    Also I don’t think sting’s Exceed partner has been threatened, only Rouges.

    I agree with much of this statement, the part I don’t agree with however is that Rouges weakness is his hands. I think their weakness is their arrogance. They think that just because they are more powerful means they can’t lose, but Fairy Tail has proven time and time again that even when faced with a far superior foe they can still win.

  17. @Michael: Also, why did Natsu and Gajeel seem surprised that these guys were able to reach Dragon Force no problem? DIdn’t Natsu fight the poison dragon slayer who was able to go dragon force with his own will too? It would have been really badass if Gajeel and Natsu stood their with a stern face as they saw their opponents go Dragon Force, I would have gotten chills, instead I was left going “ok, what’s the big deal?” What was your take when those to guys were seen going Dragon Force at the end of the chapter

  18. @wiseman he was surprised then, as well as the time Laxus activated his.
    @Micheal Sabertooth, superior? That chapter showed me otherwise.

  19. @Kantonkage
    I never said Sabertooth’s dragon slayers were superior, all I said was the next chapter Natsu and Gajeel will probably not have near the advantage they had this chapter. Every great battle has points where both sides take advantage as they trade blows. My guess is that Sting and Rouge will push Natsu and Gajeel to their limits and at least one of them will go Dragon force, maybe we’ll see Gajeel’s dragon force for the first time. Either way I don’t see this battle being a curb stomp for either side.

    The poison dragon slayer didn’t go dragon force, because he isn’t a real dragon slayer. He may have had a similar kind of power up but I imagine second generation dragon slayers can’t really hold a candle to First generation ones when it comes to comparing their dragon forces.

    That being said for a genuine dragon slayer accessing the Dragon Force is probably something they can’t do so easily. I equate it to super saiyan mode. Neither Natsu or Gajeel have hit that point in their development where they can easily activate it and the Sabertooth dragon slayers can only do so because they have Dragon Lacryma implanted in them.

    Even so power isn’t everything as I have said before. In all honesty I see this battle finishing as a tie, with both team’s dragon slayers being shown as equally as powerful in combat as the others. I predict that the time limit will run out before anything conclusive can happen.

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