Naruto Chapter 592 Breakdown: Sorry, I am out of my mind at the moment. Please try again later.

There comes a time in every manga where the story reaches a climax of sorts, where many of the existing loose ends are tied up by the author and things begin to settle into a recognizable, clear structure. Mysteries are revealed, plot holes are filled and intertwining details are meticulously connected, giving us readers a more thorough understanding of just what the hell has been going on.

In Naruto’s latest chapter… this was NOT one of these moments.

There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man’s fears and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area which we call the Twilight Zone.

The above caption pretty much explains how I felt while I was reading the latest Naruto chapter, because it was quite literally surreal to me in many ways. Kishi really pulled a fast one on all of us here, because by throwing a few, small details into the mix, he has opened up a vast network of possibilities that his story can now explore. In fact the possibilities are so vast, it has become somewhat difficult to fathom or even theorize what details might surface next.

One would think that these new details would give us a more intricate understanding of the forces not only behind this current war, but also all the events throughout Naruto’s history leading up to it, but rather than giving us such answers, these details only serve to surface even more questions. This latest chapter left my mind reeling in a puddle of goop, such was its profound nature.

It almost seems like some sort of strange, ironic twist that the chapter itself starts off with a series of questions, as if to reflect on its own puzzling nature and the position it effectively places its audience in…

The real question is, what the hell has Kishi been smoking?

To start off with, I have to admit that this is probably the deepest Sasuke’s character has come across as in quite some time. By questioning the nature of the world, he shows signs of the fact that he is also questioning his own nature and perhaps even his own goals. It’s a far cry from the one-dimensional, revenge-obsessed individual we’ve gotten to know over the past few years and – to be completely honest – it is a welcomed dynamic to his character that I hope we see more of from here on out.

But for a man looking for answers and with no clear way to find them, it seems like the hand of fate seemingly intervenes in his predicament as a possible solution falls – quite literally – nearly straight into his lap.

Don’t tell me this is the start to one of those bad knock-knock jokes…

Now this is where the chapter really throws the first proverbial curve ball at us. Suigetsu and Juugo reveal that although Edo Tensei has been released, Edo Madara is still around. Sasuke seems to be somewhat surprised by this revelation, although it seems he manages to put two and two together to figure out that Tobi wasn’t the real Madara after all and that the real Madara is now, in fact, an Edo Tensei summon.

What I found more intriguing however, was what he said after that, along with the imagery that married with his words.

“He” must be a distant relative of “That Jutsu” … <_<

Here’s the definitive focal point that could give us a few clues as to who Tobi might actually be. When Sasuke learns about Edo Madara, the first thing that he thinks of is Itachi’s words to him with regards to his mission to protect the leaf, along with a vision of Uchiha Shisui.

Now, we know that Itachi used genjutsu on Sasuke to show him his past and how he went about the destruction of the Uchiha clan. This also means that Sasuke saw Itachi’s last meeting with Shisui, where the latter entrusted him with his left eye. After recalling this vision, Sasuke then says “I see, so he’s still around.” Now, my question is, who else could he be referring to if not Uchiha Shisui?

To put it plainly, the “he” Sasuke is referring to may be none other than Uchiha Shisui and the “so he’s still around” part means that he is still alive. Now the question is, if Sasuke came to this conclusion when learning of Edo Madara, does that mean that he suspects that Tobi, who he now knows is not the real Madara, is actually Shisui instead? Or is Sasuke perhaps referring to someone else altogether?

*Mind explodes.*

The question I posed above brings us to another detail that this chapter touched on – that being the revelation that Orochimaru is still alive.

To me, this was the biggest “blow me away” moment of the chapter. Orochimaru’s survival was not something I expected and may also serve to be an interesting twist that could quickly change the tone and direction this story adopts as a whole. It may also be the case that Orochimaru is the person Sasuke was originally referring to when he said “he’s still around,” although if that’s the case, I’m not sure why the first thing he thought of was Shisui and Itachi. Perhaps it was because Sasuke feels that Orochimaru is the only one who can tell him about the true nature of the events that lead to the destruction of the Uchiha, an event that directly involved Shisui and Itachi who both fought to preserve the Uchiha name.

Of course the one that “knows everything” could be Shisui as well, because other than Itachi, Shisui would have been the one other individual who was most closely tied to the Uchiha’s fate, especially when you consider his dealings with both Danzou and Itachi as a whole. In the end though, all these revelations do is leave us with many questions and no real answers beyond one’s own surmises, which leaves many new threads to follow and no clear destination in sight.

Despite everything that has now been revealed to us, we actually learned very little in this chapter. We still don’t know what mysterious information the scroll Suigetsu found contains or how it is related to Sasuke’s desire to search for Orochimaru, but we can guess that it’s related to the Uchiha as a whole. Much like “that jutsu” and the secret of Tobi’s identity, Kishi has managed to introduce another nameless entity into his story, one that I hope is elaborated on soon.

One thing I can say though, is that this mystery sparks a new, profound interest in Naruto for me that has been missing for these last few chapters. Kishi has, for the first time in a while, left me desperately craving the next chapter’s release, and that makes this chapter an overwhelming success in my opinion. Of course, there was more to this chapter than a few mysteries.

Or you could all sit down and have some tea. You look like you could all use a good cup of tea…

Moving back to the battle between the five Kage and Madara, you could say that this brief overview was comparably insignificant when measured up to the rest of this chapter. However, I wanted to touch on it mostly because of what happened in the above page.

To see the Tsuchikage think back on his promise to Naruto and his words following that, gave me renewed faith that the five Kage would eventually end up defeating Madara.

As for the battle between Naruto and his allies vs Tobi, it seems even Gedo Mazo isn’t enough to go up against two fully-fledged Jinchuuriki fighting alongside another two renowned shinobi.

Troll no jutsu – Naruto has mastered it.

I actually found it quite funny how Naruto taunted Tobi about being tired and told him to take off his mask to prove otherwise. This strategy, although unruly, has a two-fold psychological effect. Firstly, should Tobi chooses not to reveal himself, Naruto would be given free reign to gloat more, which would serve as a moral boost to both himself and his companions. Secondly, if Tobi was, in fact, growing tired, then Naruto’s words would slowly break down his own moral and cause him to slowly lose confidence in light of Naruto’s own seemingly overwhelming self-confidence.

To me, it feels like this is most certainly the case, because, before long, Tobi decides to pull out all the stops and finally summon the Juubi. This is a very rash and seemingly desperate move on Tobi’s part, seeing as how he has yet to acquire the full power of Gyuuki and Kurama, which means he’ll have to settle for an incomplete Juubi using the power of the Kin-Gin brothers and one of the Hachibi’s tentacles as substitutes. It suggests that he truly is being pushed into a corner, if he’s gone so far as to obscure his own plans in favor of winning this battle.

In any case, I’m not sure if anyone else noticed this, but when Gedo Mazo opens it’s mouth, there appears to be some sort of “eye” looking out of it.

I spy with my little eye… something beginning with an OMGWTH!

I’m not sure what that is, but it looks like an eye to me. If anyone else has any ideas, feel free to share them.

In any case, that’s it from me this week. My mind is all but burnt out now and I cannot think of anything else to say. All that’s left for me to mention that I couldn’t say anywhere else in the breakdown was that I wanted to make everyone aware of the fact that Sasuke’s cursed mark has NOT come back, despite some of you suggesting otherwise in comments on the last breakdown.

The cursed mark that was shown in the chapter was actually Anko’s.

As you can see, Sasuke is looking over towards an unconscious Anko, whom Juugo is currently carrying. You can tell because of the marks on her as well as the fact that you can see a fishnet top under her coat – something Sasuke doesn’t wear. The fact that their collars are also vastly different is a clue as well.

For those who are wondering how Orochimaru survived, one could even suggest that he left some of his essence inside Anko’s cursed mark, but once again, that’s just a theory until proven.

In any case, all my ramblings aside, here is this week’s screen for the Bubbliton Contest.

*Insert possible caption here.*

See you all in the comments!


~ by Tenrai Senshi on July 9, 2012.

46 Responses to “Naruto Chapter 592 Breakdown: Sorry, I am out of my mind at the moment. Please try again later.”

  1. First.

  2. 2

  3. 3rd!!

  4. Four is death!!!! Now die Madara!!!

  5. That’s not an eye, that is the gourd in which Kin- and Ginkaku are sealed.

  6. Nice breakdown! This truly was a good chapter.


    Bubble: SURPRISE!
    Caption: You know what comes next, Sasuke.

  7. does anybody else think it’s convenient that Juugo and Suigetsu just seemingly starting knocking holes into the sides of mountains and just happened to come across Sasuke? unless Juugo somehow used his talk to the animals power, but still I don’t know how the heck they were able to track him down so easily. Even the readers don’t know exactly in terms of geography exactly where they are…..

    @chapter I couldn’t believe that Kishi is bringing Orochimaru back. Wow!

    @ Tenrai It’s amazing how Kishi blew wide open the story. Great breakdown The only thing I disagree on is that Shisui is Tobi. I don’t think there’s enough evidence.

    I’m grateful for the influx of new questions which in some ways alter the whole landscape for the answers to the old questions. The old Tired theories maybe getting a kick in the pants because of this …

  8. Mind exploded

  9. i don’t think shisui is tobi. If you recall itachi flashback he first goes to shisui, gets his eye then off to hidden leaf council, talking danzo and finally meeting tobi.
    If it was my friend under a mask who a few moments ago gave me his eye, i would ask what are you doing? and not talk to him so coldly and almost threaten him. They were friends and trusted each other. And why the mask? If itachi knows where you are hiding the most likely he knows your identity (the eyes see all)
    It doesn’t fit in.

  10. I never said Tobi was definitely Shisui. I just said there was a chance, but in all honesty the timelines still don’t match up so it’s a slim chance at best.

    In saying that though, Shisui may still be alive even if he is not Tobi.

  11. @ Ashes – I don’t think its a huge leap to be honest, Juugo’s ability was explained to act similar to sage mode absorbing energy around himself also he was able to tell that Madara was revived and still around pretty quick after it happened while Sasuke been standing still for quite sometime it seems…

    @ Orochimaru’s return – He is the one that knows everything I think, since he was the one who worked on Danzou and created Yamato etc, he had all the cell’s of the first etc etc. He had played a much larger roll I believe then we first thought he could be the real shadow of a snake… maybe he will do a Voldermort and have Hacrux’s lol

    @ Shuishi being Tobi, this is a theory I had ventured a couple of chapters ago, I believe he is the current body of Tobi while Madara was the previous Tobi. Reasons I think Kishi could pull this, we don’t know if Tobi is using his own eyes… It could even be that Tobi’s body belongs to one person while his mind to another, Orochimaru’s jutsu would be vital here and when Orochimaru claimed another body he would keep some of that persons personality at first this would explain Tobi’s initial behaviour too and why Orochimaru would know all…. @___@

    So yeah my head hurts 😛

    @ Tanwir – I don’t believe the two Tobi’s are the same… Why would kishi change so much from the one to the other? I think its clear he wants Tobi to be like the identity of V for Vendetta, this make you think of the identity “I want to be no one” so that is who Tobi truly is, he is the mask in the end like Pain was Nagato but hidden behind the face and name… That is what I believe anyways….


    The pedophile is back and he’s awesome.

  14. I have to admit Orochimaru’s calm and cool were really great to behold and now Kabuto lost Orochimaru’s powers and also Anko lost her curse mark too.
    I wonder if Sasuke wants to meet up with his parents and if so, why would he want to do that.
    On the other hand they might sought out the sons of the sage seeing as they started it all and try and get answers from them.

    Anyway this has been a great chapter in my mind and even if we didn’t get any action this time, to me, this was a great come back for Orochimaru.

  15. This chapter was great, but once again, it leaves more questions than anything. I swear at this rate Kishi could keep his story going for another few years with no problems, because he still has so many paths to explore.

    But, how am I supposed to write breakdowns at this rate? It’s all so confusing and there’s so many theories spinning through my head I don’t even know how I’m gonna figure out what to say. T_____T


  16. Can I get a shoutout for my theory last breakdown about Oro being revived through her curse mark?? Shit just got real in Narutoverse. Things have been off since Oro was last disposed of. I feel like Kishi has a chance to get things back on the right track! *explodes with tenrai*

  17. Nice breakdown tenrai and a good 2 chapters sasuke is realy showing that he wants to be 100% clear and is wiling to risk it with oro who wants his body and could tale it given the oportunity it also took me juugos loyalty to sasuke cause he and kimimaru have the same will even after all that hapened and i knew anko woud play a mayor roll in the manga involving oro but never this if shes Alive still after 2 days of geting chakra sucked out and a resurection from within her then shes free from the curses seal talk about pull ass jutsu i want somting done about yamato as well. But nuff ranting cant wait to see were oro is taking sasuke and what about the juubi is it coming ? And the reenforcement? So Many questions so Little scans

  18. This chapter opened a great new path in my mind, and that is the continuation of the story after the war arc. Sasuke and Orochimaru might bring about a new evil in the world and we’ll get a new time skip where Naruto is already Kage and trying to stop this new foe.

    Fact is Sasuke’s path will take him, most likely, to the Uchiha tablet location and there he might find a tomb or something containing DNA from either the Sage or his sons.

    I for one am enjoying this new course Kishi is laying in front for us and I hope Naruto will be @ for a long time.

    We all hope, even now, DBZ will somehow continue it’s story and DBGT will be magically erased and the story will continue from where DBZ left off.

  19. Whoa! I can’t believe Kishi needed to revive Oro to try and salvage this confusing wreck known as Naruto. At the most, he can now start splitting the Manga into 2 names Naruto/Sauske, that way I know who he is going to center the chapter around that certain week, so I don’t have to read it when whom ever is the protagonist that week. Oro should have stayed dead. I don’t like how everyone can seemingly escape death now. Itachi using a Hax, Madara just saying he can do it, did it, Oro coming out of a neck (Ankos neck really, so does that make him a chick now?) and Tsunade and Tsichukage being incredibly endowed with edo-tensi like chakra reserves.

    Is Tobi going to revive the Juubi now? Without the 9 and 8 tails?

    Again Kishi throughs out that “someone who knows everything” thing at our faces.

    Since Kishi is making the impossible, possible now; I’d like to see Naruto vs Madara and Tobi. I do not care if it makes sense or doesn’t anymore. I want to see that battle. And Naurto go super kurama 3 on their asses. I just want to see this confusion amount to something (Cue mindless self-indulgence phase O.o)

  20. I hope “the man… that knows everything…” Sauske is referring to is Morgan Freeman, that would be a great plot twist

  21. @ Wiseman
    “Is Tobi going to revive the Juubi now? Without the 9 and 8 tails?”

    Tobi has a tentacle from the Hachibi from when Bee suckered Sasuke and the Kin Gin where the kyuubi substitute because they both ate a part of the fox’s stomach and thus got magically infused with Kyuubi chakra enough to go into 6 tail mode.

    I have to admit that the Kin Gin were a really convenient plot twist for Tobi and like he said the Juubi will get to full power anyway, even is the bijuu are not all sealed into Gedo Mazo.

    So my question is: If the Juubi could reach it’s top power with only fractions of each bijuu’s chakra, why the fuck go to all the trouble of capturing all the jinchuriki instead of cutting a limb and sealing that thus cutting down the time of the revival.

    Also another strange fact will be the existence of the Hachibi, Kurama and the Juubi, all at once: How can you have a monster that contains all the bijuu living at the same time with two parts of it’s whole separated??

    In any case I for one am grateful the story will continue, no matter how the plot twists from now on.

  22. @Eugene, also! The Jinchuruki and Bijuu gave Naruto some of their chakra as well. It’s basically going to be the battle of incomplete Jubii vs incomplete Jinchuruki. I think this is how Naruto is going to die. He is going to find a way to absorb the rest of the Juubi before Madara can, thus allowing him the power to actually fight both Tobi and Madara! My theory I came up with it! lol

    Naruto is going to get the power of all the Bijuu, making it a completely different entity from the Juubi. Basically turning it from a chaos form of chakra to order and with it, gets the power he needs to defeat Madara and Tobi! Bam-wizzle. I like coming up with theories

  23. After his long battles, he is going to become weakend by having to hold all the power of the combined bijuu. His last act is separating them once again,

  24. @ Eugen – Yeah would be epic if DBZ came back with something better then GT to finish it off, maybe with the Jr. and the rest of the Z Fighters in other realm

  25. @Wiseman and Eugen

    For all we know, the Bijuu gave Naruto most of, if not all of their chakra. Tobi may be in for a surprised when he summons his incomplete Juubi only to see it’s not as strong as he thought it might be. Lol.

    In saying that though, even if Tobi’s incomplete Juubi retains its power, it will still be incomplete, which means it will be flawed. Having all that power may seem good but if that power is unstable because of those flaws, it may end up exposing a fatal weakness, or in a more extreme case, end up backfiring.

    No-one wants to take a poorly built gun into a battle. Even if it has the firepower, if something goes wrong, it could spell doom for its user.

  26. Isn’t it obvious…

    Sasuke and crew are going to see Kishi to find out what the heck he’s smokin, and if they can have some =P.

    But seriously they’re probably going to see either the Rikkudo senin, or to use edo tensai to resurrect one or both of the original sons of the Rikkudo

    As for Jyuubi’s reincarnation, what happens really depends on just who Tobi is. We’ve established that he’s not Madara but that still leaves a lot of options open. My current theory is that whoever Tobi is, he’s somehow tied to the Rikkudo Sennin.

  27. Whatever happened to the white zetsus that were supposed to be following kabuto?

  28. @ visionary, I don’t know but I think both black and white zetsu will most likely make a comeback seeing as there end came so swift and without any true information about what Black zetsu really is, and if he was made from Hashirama’s cells then who created him?

  29. Apparently Aizen and Madara switched manga.
    Bubble: Dynamic Surprise!! Times two!!
    Caption: When an ordinary surprise is not enough. You go DYNAMIC!!!!

    Caption: Aww, what’d you do that for?!

  31. Bubbliton
    Juugo: Hulk Smash!!!
    Caption: Team Taka… installing windows in mountainsides since 1940

  32. Bubbalation: Put the lotion in the basket! Rub the lotion on it’s skin or else it gets the hose again!

  33. Ahem Ahem….
    @SIR Eugen, Orochimaru never died..he was sealed by Itachi..remembER!
    @Tenrai San
    did you notice that after Itachi’s departure Orochimaru resurfaced in the Living world??? LoL WHAT THE HELL!!!!

    ITACHI is a Hero he stopped the Edo Tensei who is going to acknowledge that! Will the begotten Brother lay the story on how Itachi saved their Asses???
    HUMPH!!! Anyways i’m glad the Nasty Sannin is back! Kinda missed him.

  34. @pein78 Not me simply because they were half-assed threats and “biggest threat” Madara is still there.

  35. pein781227, I never said Orochimaru died, even still managing to escape a fate like being sealed by the sword of totsuka is a rare feat.

    While I know a part of Orochimaru will forever be locked in that infinite genjutsu it’s apparent that as long as there are people out there who’ve been bitten by Orochimaru and had the curse seal infused into them, the little pedophile will forever be alive and prone for a comeback.

    A bit like Voldemort’s holcrux’s, funny how the bad guy always has more exit strategies.

  36. Am kinda new here and I admire all you debating against one another…i have been reading your comments since last year unable to comment how annoying! Am just so happy to be here

    @TENrai SENpai
    i read your fanfics (NAruto the broken soul or what ….) for months thinking it was manga i was so freaking confused damn! But here I am today am so glad…i hope i blend in and also welcomed.
    @_Eugen, Pein0avenue and Others.

  37. Are you guys just manga-centric comic book fans, or do you guys occasionally read up on stories and biographies of other characters (i.e. marvel or D.C.) if you guys are I found this really cool think in Super Powered Beat down Batman vs. Wolverine

  38. I see the connections between Voldemort (Harry Potter series) and Orochimaru. Basically using Anko as a horrocrux, I wonder where else he put himself in? lol

    Eugene – I don’t think the sword of Totsuka is a genjutsu. It is a sealing method that basically traps a person in the collective unconscious of all beings. The collective unconscious. His body is consumed by it’s representation of white goo. His mind was taken out of Sauske’s body.

  39. @thelaughingwise man
    You sure are a wise man

  40. @pein78 welcome to WRA!!!

  41. @ pein781227, welcome to wra and se all hope you post as often as you can because as you see this colectiv of ours îs getting bigger and bigger and we need you guys to set tenrai on The right path and help him stop eating people and maybe spit out jeramiah, su

  42. Supertreck, kisu, totalitarian, erosannin, reflex, peny, prowl, and all The others that i will find missing since tenrai’s eating dissorder.


  43. Arigatou Gozaimasu Eugen kun

  44. @Pein

    Welcome to the blog. It’s always good to have a new face, so I’m glad you could join us.

  45. @pein78 Welcome to the WRA!!

  46. Thank you all.

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