Bleach Chapter 499 – Hollow Darkness my old Friend

Hey Wra, Sorry for the lack of Bleach Breakdowns to be honest I had a bit of a Time vs Motivation crisis going on, and it seemed neither would ever actually win… Though I thought I need to at least cover this chapter so next week when the 500th Chapter is released can do the whole Fire works balooza… Though this Chapter also seems to cover what happened in the past 3-4 neatly wrapped up in a repetitive bundle. So instead of doing a quadruple Breakdown of all the chapters covering each one lightly I decided to rather take this chapter and do a complete breakdown.

There is a huge buzz this week on the Jump manga’s, though I think over all Bleach has slowed down its pace drastically almost with Kubo plying a hand break before his half way to a thousand chapter, this could also be because he wishes to create a build up and bring together over a month of information through one source so that next week we not all scratching our heads trying to remember the smallest of details.

Art work for the previous chapters missed had been awesome, the revealing of the few captains Bankai’s got my heart racing but this “war” has had too little Ebb and Flow, its been too one-sided which seems to have stunted it slightly. I find myself feeling excited, “Finally they will strike back… Now the true battle begins” but as soon as this happens the Quincy stop it gaining the upper hand almost instantly.

2nd, 6th, 7th, and 10th divisions Bankai’s stolen

At Least the Bankai’s stolen had been of Captain’s that had shown their’s over the course of the series, though I would have liked to see Toshiro’s improvement in this regard, they had said it matured in the time gap but I am truly glad that Kubo didn’t troll us by having the “new bankais” absorbed so quickly. This places the Soul Society in a bit of a predicament they are seemingly powerless against the enemy, this annoyed me, the Quincy should be a strong enough enemy that Bankai though being difficult to deal with shouldn’t stop them. Uryu was able to defeat the 12th Division Captain’s Bankai while he was injured but this ‘Stealing’ seems to have made it seem like the Quincy need to use tricks to be on par with the Captains.

Though hope is not all lost, with the Captain Commanders Shikai being one of the most powerful, and many other Captain’s that had never need Bankai when even fighting the likes of Starkk plus the Visord’s/Visord Captains that can use Hollowfication to boost their speed and strength. This even before the thought of allowing Aizen, Ichigo or even Kenpachi into the mix… So yeah while the “doom and gloom” of these chapter may seem a bit overwhelming there is definitely a light at the end of the tunnel and it’s not an oncoming train πŸ˜›

Captain’s still remain…

In the previous chapter, we returned to Ichigo’s battle where it seems Urahara has been compiling all his data on the Quincy their strengths weaknesses etc. I like that the Quincy are still a balanced force not just over powered as they have been appearing to be and Ichigo has shown that he could in fact be the trump card in this entire war. Until he was trapped <__<

What it comes down to with the Quincy in battle must choose, Attack or Defense, their Blut technique while powerful cannot harden their skin and enhance strength at the same time so when Ichigo has his Bankai activated he gain’s speed and strength making it almost impossible for the Quincy to land a hit on him strong enough to hurt him without making themselves vulnerable to a counter attack.

Though again we find ourselves at the end of the chapter wondering, ‘How can this keep happening’ Ichigo is sealed within the gate way of Hueco Mundo and Soul Society. Removing all hope that had been built up. Though Chad and Orohime has been badly injured as well, if Orohime has been immobilized her healing will be lost as well.

Sorry if the breakdowns a little short… @__@ but I think it’s mostly covered the recent events πŸ˜›



~ by pein0avenue on July 5, 2012.

4 Responses to “Bleach Chapter 499 – Hollow Darkness my old Friend”

  1. Fiiiiiiirst!
    Great breakdown pein!

  2. Great one Pain, I’m really happy things getting so interesting in Bleach and that Kubo finally decided to go out with a bang.

  3. A short but sweet breakdown. Thanks Pein.

    In all honesty though, I understand the time vs motivation endeavor all too well, so I appreciate you taking the time to do these breakdowns even though time and motivation can be so short these days. I hope everyone else also understands and appreciates that effort on your part.

    As for Bleach itself, I’m somewhat on the fence about this new arc. Some chapters have been a bit convoluted, but others have really shone. I’d say all-in-all, Bleach is in the upward trend, so I’ll continue to see how it goes from here.

  4. I wonder who’s blade that is in the last page?

    Am guessing either a member of Zero Squad, or Grimjow.

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