Naruto Chapter 591 Breakdown: The art of being hax.

So, the new Naruto chapter came out it’s usual time last week. The air was filled with a gentle, warm breeze, the birds sang merrily and Narutards everywhere rushed to get their weekly fix. However, as pages were turned and details were revealed, there was undoubtedly a fair share of gasps (or facepalms) throughout the world as a single, undeniable fact became far too apparent to us all.

And that is…


If you’re wondering what I am blabbing on about, the answer is simple – Uchiha Madara managed to overcome Edo Tensei.

Now, for many of us, this comes as no surprise really. In fact, for some time now I believed that even if Itachi did manage to get Kabuto to release Edo Tensei, Madara would have probably still found a way to avoid his fate. I based this belief on two premises. The first was that Madara had the Rinnegan and the power of both the Senju and Uchiha – which also means there was a strong possibility that he could use the Izanagi to prevent his own death – and the second was that Madara is basically a god among shinobi and thus, it seemed unnatural that he would be undone so easily without having some way to preserve his own life.

While I was somewhat off target about the Izanagi, the fact remains that – for better or for worse – Madara somehow managed to pull an extra life out of his nether-regions with “asspull no jutsu,” a talent of the Uchiha’s that would leave any proctologist gasping in amazement. Of course, one big clue that this was coming was the fact that Madara hasn’t had any flashbacks yet and usually prominent characters have at least one flashback before they die.

But, before I get too carried away, let’s take a step back and focus on some other characters for a moment here, after all, they do exist.

Err… okay…

Dan is a character who always interested me in the past. As someone who was aspiring to become Hokage, I had no doubt that he must have been pretty strong if he was working towards that kind of goal. After all, you can’t become Hokage if you’re weak (Tsunade haters’ comments aside).

The proof in the pudding came with the revelation as to how Dan’s “Spiritualization Jutsu” works, in that it allows the user to take on the form of a living spirit in order to secretly approach and then assassinate a desired target. In theory, it would be a devastating jutsu that would probably be near impossible to counter by any normal means (although for Uchiha, anything can be countered), and as such, goes a long way in establishing Dan’s potential threat level had he ever been given a chance to use it.

My only gripe with this revelation is that we never actually got to see this spiritualization jutsu in action during the shinobi war, which is a shame because it leaves Dan’s character as a whole sorely neglected. We did, however, get to see him use it for another purpose, which was to rescue Tsunade from impending doom at the hands of Madara.

That’s what Pein0avenue would have done. <_<

Now, some of you may have been a bit irritated by the fact that Tsunade was saved by Dan and miraculously given some free chakra at the same time, but I didn’t really mind it that much. I may have left out the “free chakra” part personally if I was the author of this story, but alas, I am not.

What I did enjoy, however, was the reversed roles between Dan and Tsunade, where as before Dan was the one aspiring to be Hokage while Tsunade supported his dreams, now Tsunade has lived out that dream while Dan – for a moment – has acted as a pillar of support for her.

Troll tactics 101: Hit and run…

I personally felt that, all-in-all, this was a nice reunion between two former lovers, if a little brief. I do believe it could have been expanded on even more and I wouldn’t have minded a bit of insight into Dan’s life from the past, but I suppose we can’t all get what we want.

Of course, one person does get everything he wants and that individual is none other than Uchiha Madara himself. As an Uchiha, he has an inherent ability to defy reality and live through things that no normal person should live through – in this case, the release of Edo Tensei.

If only the Uchiha’s sense of humor were as hax as they are…

As I’ve mentioned in comments before, I am personally glad that Madara didn’t disappear along with Edo Tensei’s release, mostly because it would be a very lame ending to the battle between him and the five Kage if he were simply to vanish with no effort on their part. The last thing we need in this manga, is for one Uchiha’s hax to defeat another, and I personally want the Kage to live up to their promise to Naruto and handle this situation themselves.

For that to happen, they will need to defeat Madara with their own strength rather than being saved by someone else. Most of you may not agree with me on this one, but I suppose a poll will make for a good indication as to how the rest of you feel on this matter.

Whether you like it or not, for a little while longer he’s here to stay. Now, let’s have a staring contest with his picture and see who wins. @___@

Anyway, that’s all from me this week. I know it was a bit of a short breakdown compared to my last one, but there wasn’t as much for me to say this time.

Here are your Bubbliton Contest winners.

3rd) Nikeairforce03

Itachi: Remember when Orochimaru got this close to you?
He didn´t even have to yell surprise
Caption: Haunting children dreams since 18/09/2000

2nd) Pein0avenue

Bubble 1: When you die, will revenge, pain, battle, honor, hate even matter?
bubble 2: Or will you hold onto the little Love that you have, and the friends that will miss you…
Caption: That’s how Itachi should of done it. :P

Kantonkage: Unbeknownst to Itachi, that was the same expression Orochimaru gave him before his very special “training.”

Well done to all those who placed. Although Pein0avenues entry was more serious, I still felt it was a good entry, so I gave it a place as well.

There won’t be any screen this week, because I couldn’t find one that was appropriate.

Anyway, see you in the comments. ^ ^


~ by Tenrai Senshi on July 3, 2012.

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  1. Death to Madara!!!

  2. I feel sorry for mandara since he is immortal now the only way he can get defeated is by getting trap so he will be bored forever -___-

  3. I have a crush with the third! Third position in bubble and in comments! XD

  4. @Ten, ya i agree i think it’s good that he stays. Though i’d love to get back to naruto, i’ve invested so much time into this fight that i want it finished the right way. I actually don’t mind madara being o.p hax as much or any of the uchiha now..cause when i think about it…did they have the ENTIRE world come together to destroy their clan? No. But guess who did…..the Uzumaki 😀 the eddy clan was SOOOO hax that EVERYBODY had to come stop them….so imagine what thats like. OOOO u wanna do susuno today?….SEAL…nah madara maybe some other time…o and i sealed ur eye jutsu as well…trolololol get mad! and that little bit of knoledge fills my heart with glee because i personally think naruto will learn sealing jutsu the most haxed jutsu of them all, after all it’s what stopped the Jubi when nothing else could. Not susono, not izanami/izganzi, amatsu or however it’s spelled lol, only sealing it away.

  5. I have a feeling that Madara won’t be around for much longer regardless. If you think about it, the answer is simple. Already we pretty much saw him up the ante to his highest fighting potential, including his complete Susano’o. We obviously don’t need to see every facet of the Rinnegan, since Nagato already did that.

    And also, the story needs to shift back to Naruto regardless. So if I were to wager a guess as to how this plays out, only one thing can happen, either directly or after being sealed:

    Tsunade will make the ultimate sacrifice to stop Madara forever by using the Shiki Fujin (Sealing Jutsu: Reaper Death Seal) to seal away his soul, along with her own, and thus bringing an end to Madara for good. This will, of course, set up for Naruto taking the seat of Hokage after the war (and his eventual final battle with Sasuke) is over.

    If you think about it, it’s the only method left to stopping Madara. He sure as hell isn’t going to find any peace and move on on his own. And Itachi is already done, so the Sword of Totsuka is out of the question. So that only leaves the Shiki Fujin.

    I can bet ya that this will be the inevitable outcome for Madara. I bet ya! 😉

  6. @Tenrai I love your positive outlook on this series, my tendency is to be overly critical. your breakdowns are a hilarious commentary of the series. sometimes it’s more fun reading your posts than the chapters… 🙂 Props on predicting Madara staying. I wasn’t quite as certain as you were. I thought Kishi was going to troll us when Madara’s Susanoo started to dissipate.

    I’m glad your bubble made second place, If it was my decision I would’ve voted for yours 🙂


    that would be quite the way to go out. It would almost be Konoha tradition of Hokage death, the 4th died from it, the 3rd died from it and then Tsunade….. three successive Hokage’s reigns ended through using the Dead Demon Sealing Technique to defeat their opponents to protect the village…. it’s almost like a Hokage curse. I wonder how the Second and the First died? hopefully they explain that… Well can’t be dead demon seal for the First Hokage or Madara would’ve never come back. Maybe the 2nd Hokage used it to defeat Tobi and like Orochimaru was only partially taken by the Dead Demon Seal. That would explain the whole desire to “restore himself” meh What I just wrote about the 2nd Hokage I don’t really believe but it would be interesting.

  7. @ashes the demon seal was created by the fourth hokage and the 2nd hokage died in the war i belive he got ambush thats when he told sarutobi he was going to be hokage

  8. I know it would be MagnaAngemon coming out of nowhere and opens the gate of destiny.

  9. @Ashes

    I have to be possitive about the series, because if I wasn’t, there wouldn’t be a point to writing these breakdowns or keeping this blog going. In a way, you could say being possitive is a choice. It doesn’t mean always accepting the bad, but it does mean getting over it and moving forward again. In the end, all I can say is that a certain amount of passion is required to do this kind of work. Just ask any author on this blog and they’ll tell you the same. If there is no passion, things go south very quickly and writing begins to feel like a curse.

    In any case, I do share some of yours and everyone else’s critique, however, if my breakdowns begin to adopt an overly negative tone, then reading them will become a negative experience, so I try to avoid that and make light of what are otherwise annoying situations. Lol.

  10. @ Ashes – Thanks lol. Seconds not bad 🙂

    @ Tenrai Positivity – Lol, I think its good though to have some critics and some that are positive… Makes the discussions more entertaining, I am highly critical of Naruto since I hold it up to a higher standard then for example Bleach which I know will have its Bleachy moments 😛 Though I think its good to be balanced to see the good with the bad. As a story whole Naruto is very well written I believe only this arc seemed to blunder that and the Sasuke Marathon of the Kage summit seem to be the lowest points for me in the manga where the Chunin Exams, Sasuke Retrival Arc and Invasion of Pein arcs to me where its highest moments. I am just worried Kishi has grown too afraid or too attached to his characters to allow them to be hurt or killed off when in the end War is in a sense just meaningless deaths also hearing that “40 000” shinobi died in day one and not one of them being known ninja it just felt like Kishi had given them plot armor and given an almost blind loss to the people that had died… The quote like Stalin, “One mans death is a tragedy, the death of a million is a statistic.” that is how I feel about this war arc we have no emotional attachment to the dead and everyone says, they want it to be that when someone dies it will have meaning but in the end War is War no matter how you paint it. People will die and not all will have a significant meaning besides the way it effects and changes the people around them.

    Think about how shocked everyone would be, it would cause controversy and talk about the manga, about the war etc. While now we mostly debate how Madara is haxing and the Kages etc somehow surviving death. In the earlier arcs the one guy from the cloud said still, ‘in war there is no time to mourn the deaths…” though at the moment the ninja being killed just seem “meh”.


    Though I think I have become the prophet of doom and gloom here but i just believe it is what has hurt this war arc, in One Piece they took a risk killing off Ace and that was a defining moment in the story while in Bleach and Naruto so far, all characters have been given a plot armor which makes it feel like the true message here isn’t that war is a senseless act that is fought by two equally opposing forces both good in their own way. The message seems, War is a way to unit people that once hated each other, to bring about understanding and friendships and that although there is a consequences they do not apply to everyone and that one side can be completely right vs one of undead and drones.


    So yeah <__< that is my critique of the arc 😛 and the chapter seemed to have a little bit of all that in it 😛

  11. @Pein

    I’m all about being critical and all, but what I mean is, I can’t let my posts become overbearing. My posts don’t just represent me, after all, they represent the blog as a whole.

    Also, no-one wants to read a post that just sounds like nothing but a long rant, because it puts people off. If people wanted to listen to others do nothing but complain all day, they’d join a blog about governments and political power. Lol. Of course, I’m not saying a writer can’t complain, but if they do, they should try to do it in a way that is either funny to the readers and lightens things up, or in a way that isn’t too overbearing and focuses more on an in-depth analysis to fuel discussion (that way it seems less like a rant and more like a thoughtful analysis). Everyone wants to speak their mind and say whatever they feel like, but a writer has to think about their audience and ensure that their work isn’t only just self-gratifying.

    In the end, a post has to be either funny, or it has to be interesting and deep enough to make for a good read. If it’s neither of those and only ends up being seen as a flame post, then the writer is doing it wrong. At least, that’s how I see it. Of course, I also fail at that sometimes, so I’m not saying my posts are always funny or always interesting. Lol.

    The comments section is another story, because that’s where the discussions happen and where people can talk about what’s on their mind, good or bad.

  12. Thank you for the breakdown, though not really loving these last couple of chapters. Honestly, reading through all this Uchiha crap, it’s like trying to sit still while somebody keeps rubbing two pieces of styropor together! Enough already!

    Major One Piece Spoiler Alert!!! Easy with those spoilers. I stll remember how Kisu spoiled that very major detail for me a few years back…

  13. @ Orange – Sorry if I did spoil anything, just thought by now *SPOILERS* Ace’s death *SPOILERS END* would be well known but I will do better to not allow spoilers in my ideas.

  14. P.S. You know the worlds coming to an end when Kantonkage gets first in the bubbliton AND in the comments. O_o

  15. @ Tenrai – Lol thanks for the edit, didn’t think of that… Plus whats more Surprising that Kanton hasn’t boasted about it yet 😛

    I agree, though and your Breakdowns are a much better read then the chapters sometimes because and puts things more in perspective.

  16. Thousand pound company has posted the best fan made film for Naruto I’ve ever seen. A fight between Naruto and Lee. Fans have been waiting for the second half for like 6 months but they posted both parts together last night at midnight check it out

  17. whoops sry about that second post

  18. A mighty good breakdown Tenrai, if I do say so myself. I am starting to wonder just how far This Madara hax is going to go.

    It would appear the uchiha are immune and can’t be trapped in any Jutsu. First Itachi breaks it, and now Madara. Its like Kishi is trying to tell us something. <___<

  19. @Wiseman the fact that NO ONE with a fully matured Sharingan has lost a fight except to another Sharingan wielder (almost since Kakashi did die but technically the Rinnegan can mutate from the Sharingan).
    @Pein and Tenrai, Madara survived thanks to some fourth wall breaking energy drain Uchihax. Hence my lack of excitement and bragging.

  20. Chapter 592 is out!

  21. This was a great chapter and I really enjoyed the speed and the iformation given in this week’s issue

  22. *Reads new chapter.*


    *Brain splodes.*

    Gurgle, gurgle, gurgle….

  23. Well… kinda hurt my eyes eye-rolling at the first few pages but all in all a good chapter for me. Though I’m not really sure how I feel about the return of that serpentine pedophile, this is the first time in weeks that I’m anticipating next week’s chapter.. “.. the man who knows everything” Was he talking about Orochimaru or someone else entirely? It kinda seemed vague to me.

  24. @ Orange, I was thinking either Orochimaru or Madara, cause if anyone should know something about anything it should be the one that started it all.
    Also wtf is on the scroll ?? After reading the scroll Sasuke planed to talk to Oro and then glanced at Anko’s curse mark, hinting he would try to resurrect the pedophile from Anko herself by means of Edo tensei who he just learned a great deal about.

    I guess we’ll see what happens.

  25. Also Ten I think you have a virus or something because your avatar is different. That picture was a testament of IRA days.

  26. @Eugen & Orange

    I’ll say one thing, as Orange said, this is the first time in a while that a Naruto chapter has left me gasping for more. I can’t wait until next week’s chapter. Lol.

    To me, this new twist could be the turning point that will put Naruto back on track again. There are so many possibilities that can be explored now that my brain is actually hurting just from thinking about them. It was actually the vagueness of the chapter, yet the presence of a few key details, that made it so exciting. @__@

    I’ll leave the rest for my breakdown although I can say my next breakdown will probably be the most difficult one to write in some time.

  27. Something tells me Hashirama is coming back.. 😀 😀 😀 And whatever on that scroll is sure it has got to do with Hashirama. 😀 I knew Orochimaru is not gonna be taken out just like that.. Now what? The question now is where is Orochimaru all along this war and what the heck is he doing just hiding or maybe he has a plan about this war too. What now of Kabuto? Is he defeated already? What about the title of the chapter got to do with the chapter after all? What third power is the chapter talking about?

  28. Is Tobi talking about the Juubi?! :O Regarding the reviving thing? 😀

  29. @pisbol, yes, he’s talking about the juubi, I thought that was a bit obvious.
    The real question is, what is sasuke going to do?

    And talk about Rampage, Kakashi beat the shit out of Gedo Mazo, enough to make Gedo mazo run to the Juubi for help. I guess no matter how haxed Madara is, he’ll never be on par with a prodigy like Kakashi

    I guess Naruto, Bee and Gai were there but they didn’t do much :))=))

  30. HOLEEEEEEYYYYY CWAPP!! what an awesome chapter!! sasuke chenged completely, its as if hes half human again, he started questioning meaning and purpose and who he really is, also you can see its really getting to him because i think he felt sorry for kabuto, why else would he say to suigetsu “just leave him alone” as if he went through enough already, my mind simply exploded.

    Im really excited about oro’s return because well, everything felt kind of bleh to me ever since hes gone, i think its because secretly hes everyones ultimate villain because well, hes the first real one we knew since the olden days and he has always kept us entertained and shrouded in mystery.

    Also i would like to say i told yall so! i always knew gedo mazo was just an incomplete juubi!

    As for kakashi, yes well what can i say kakahax combined with his left eye uchihax results in ultimate power!!! all bow kakashi! lol

  31. It’s funny just how much we’ve learned in this past months about the shinobi in naruto and we even have a black list of people not to include in a debate once the war is over.

    ( Naruto, Madara, Tobi, Kabuto, Itachi, Sasuke, Healthy Nagato, Muu, 3rd Raikage, 2nd Mizukage, Hashirama, Tobirama, Minato, Bee and Kakashi)

    This 15 shinobi shouldn’t be mentioned in a debate EVER unless it’s a tag team between themselves witch I would gladly pay Kishi 4 months of my salary to draw in a 10-15 chapter special.

    @ bakakage, i noticed Sasuke’s calm also and it’s a bit strange because he’s been like that ever since he took out the last of the white zetsus and now he’s even more detached seeing as he finally knows the true story of what happened the night his clan was slaughtered.

    For me the most rewarding part of that whole flashback was the final words Itachi had with his mom and dad, who I thought he killed in cold blood in order to get the dead done as fast a possible and get the hell out of there, but instead I saw a Itachi face to face with a impossible decision and yet his parents gave him a final loving farewell.
    That to me was one of the saddest things I’ve seen in this manga along with Naruto’s reunion with his parents and the J-Man’s death.

    As a final note I would like to see by the end of this war at least 3 or 5 shinobi from the Konoha Rookies that make a level worthy of Gai and Kakashi at least:
    I know Neji will probably progress well and also Chouji seems to have some girly wings now that make him less useless and if I had to choose from the rest I would vote for Lee, Sai and Sakura (the only reason I would like to see her getting stronger is the fact that both Sasuke and Naruto achieved a level beyond Kage and they were schooled by Tsunades teammates, the same Tsunade who was Sakura’s master for so long, so I would like to see all Team 7 members on a closer level then the astronomical difference that’s happening now). Also Hinata ftw because, why the F#@K not.

  32. Eugen you forgot one of the saddest moments in naruto…. TIIIIIINNNNYYYYYY!!!!! 😥

    But seriously though some moments in the manga that didnt really appear so sad was super sad in the anime, my girlfriend actually cried after konans flashback when medera (chinese madara ripp-off) made origami out of her and what also found quite sad recently was the flashbacks of zabuza and haku where he lies next to him/her/it? ah man naruto can get depro at times

  33. Does anyone agree with my Sharinhax theory?
    @eugen you forgot Gai, Kisame and A. I second your theory.

  34. @Bakakage


    Lol. I remember that was a running joke for quite a while. I’m surprised it slipped my mind.


    What is your sharinhax theory? Are you refering to Madara’s survival?

  35. I’ll repost it. The fact is that NO ONE with a fully matured Sharingan has lost a fight except to another Sharingan wielder (almost since Kakashi did die but technically the Rinnegan can mutate from the Sharingan).

  36. =)) Tiiinnnnnnnyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, dude I forgot about that :))).

    @ Kanton, honestly as of late A has lost a lot of ground in my eyes and it seems that he’s speed, amazing as it is, is his only true skill. Bee on the other hand has speed, power (More then A) and plus he has the jutsus that come with owning a huge Bull-octopus monster in your belly,

    Overall A to me is a bit weaker then the others I mentioned but Gai and Kisame are without a doubt in my top 20 Naruto Shinobi list.

  37. @Kantonkage

    I don’t fully agree with that claim, after all, we know instances where users of a fully formed Sharingan have lost a battle.

    The biggest example of this fact is Uchiha Madara, seeing as how he lost his battle against Hashirama. Madara had the EMS and perfect Susanoo at the time so the fact that he still lost despite those circumstances is already significant.

    As for Kakashi, you may discount his battle with Pein, but what about his battle against Kakuzu? He may not have lost that outright, but towards the end of the battle, he was at a dissadvantage. He also lost in his first battle against Zabuza, technically speaking.

    Lastly, I’ll use the example of Sasuke vs Bee. Let’s face it, Bee was litterally throwing him around like a rag doll in that battle. Sasuke was given not one, but TWO mortal blows, both which would have technically counted as losses if he didn’t have a team to heal and protect him. If it was one-on-one, he would have won for sure.

    In any case, this also depends on what your definition of a fully matured Sharingan is. Is it three tomoe? The MS, or the EMS?

  38. @Kantonkage

    I forgot to mention one example. Minato also defeated Tobi during his first attack against Konoha.

  39. @tenrai While yes you are right. However, Tobi technically won since Minato still died. Sasuke had the crap beat out of him but thanks to Plot no Jutsu, he gained the upper hand. I’m not going by “What if” scenarios Aka Kishi logic.

  40. @Kantonkage: Minito defeating Tobi is not a “what if” scenario. Tobi was defeated and had to retreat. End of fight. He no longer had control of the nine tails either. Now just because Minito died when he sealed the fox in Naruto along with himself and his wife doesn’t mean he lost the battle, because the battle was already over.

    That would be like me saying I won a fight, because I retreated after my opponent got the upper hand and then, while I was away, he suddenly died of cancer. Does that mean I won because I am still alive?

    @ Bakakage: I wouldn’t exactly include Kakashi in this sharinganhax scenario simply because of his low chakra pools. Even if he did somehow have EMS he would probably die from exhaustion after merely activating it. <___<

  41. Oro will be back! Enough for me, hope enough for many!
    @Debate, Sasuke would have also lost to Danzo if it werent for his haxor, right?

  42. @marksman not exactly Minato died sacrifice himself in order to defeat Kurama that Tobi unleashed on Konoha.

  43. @ wra: a couple things….what do you think Tobi means by a piece gives you the same power? Also i think that sasuke is going to fight madara, i really think he is turning good now and is going to protect the clan and the village by stopping madara, a person that wants to destroy both. Lastly, i think the “human” that knows everything is the S06P and that ori figured out where his body was. If you could edo him back, you would rule the world. He knows EVERYTHING there is to know about jutsu.

  44. one thing i dont understand…how is it that tobi has the silver/gold brothers? Shouldnt they have been released like the rest of the edo tensi that were sealed? and the kubi chakra with them?

  45. @Drice

    Tobi stole the sealing pot that had trapped the Gin-Kin brothers and then sealed the Kyuubi chakra they contained into Gedo Mazo. It doesn’t matter if Edo tensei dissipated them anymore because Tobi didn’t need them – he just needed the chakra they contained.


    Technically speaking, Tobi didn’t kill Minato. It was actually Kurama that caused Minato’s death in the end so that wasn’t Tobi’s victory. If we’re talking about the one-on-one battle between Minato and Tobi here, then Minato was victorious, seeing as how he forced Tobi to retreat and abandon his plans against Konoha.

    You can’t say that a fully fledged Sharingan user has never lost a battle, and then exclude examples where they’ve actually lost by trying to mention things like Kurama, who after being freed from Tobi was acting independantly thereafter. I also think you’re forgetting that Minato didn’t have to choose to kill himself to seal Kurama away. He could have let Kushina do it and die and then he would have been fine. His death wasn’t caused through losing a battle. It was simply a choice he made to protect Konoha in the long term, rather than just thinking about the short term.

    Going by that, you could actually say he defeated Tobi on two fronts. Firstly, on the night of his attack on Konoha, and secondly, by ensuring his defeat by Naruto in the future.

  46. @tenrai Ok I’m going back to my original theory and that Is every Uchiha with a fully matured Sharingan has never lost a fight that was shown. Also every “genius” tends to be just as dumb as something VERY stupid.

  47. With regards to Orochimaru, I believe Sasuke is referring to when he captured Oro in his mind, right after he sliced up Oro’s white snake body. I’d be willing to bet that Sasuke has had him trapped there since then.

  48. @arpotu
    I believe Itachi removed Oro from Sasuke during their fight. It was mentioned that was part of his objective during the fight. Remember, the curse seal disappeared. In the last chapter, after Sasuke said that, it zoomed on Karins curse seal. Maybe some of Oros chakra and therefore himself is still sealed in her? Just a theory


    Am I missing something or did Madara lose to the first? That’s about as mature as a sharingan gets. Are we counting Uchiha vs Uchiha in this theory? Because I bet a couple “lost” when Itachi and Tobi massacred the clan. ;P

  49. @mantis we haven’t been shown the fight between Madara and Hashirama. Also Uchiha vs Uchiha doesn’t count.

  50. Thank you for proving me wrong. I can sleep peacefully but unfortunately the results outside the flashbacks mostly due their opponent sudden stupidity (Naruto) or a new power up conveniently out of nowhere.
    Itachi vs Kakashi = Kakashi loses to the newly MS Jutsu the Tsukuyomi
    Jiraiya/Naruto/Sasuke vs Itachi and Kisame = Amaterasu escape
    Naruto vs Sasuke = Naruto stupidly goes for Sasuke’s headband
    Round 2= Naruto does nothing and all of a sudden Sasuke can go into Naruto’s mind and suppress Kurama’s chakra.
    Sasuke vs Deidara = snake escape
    Sasuke vs Itachi final round = the whole thing was Itachi’s plan
    Tobi vs Team 7 and 8 = his convenient intangibility tech.
    Killer B vs Team Hawk = Sasuke gets saved by Jugo and Karin’s healing abilities
    The fourth Raikage vs Sasuke = saved by Gaara
    Sasuke vs Mei = Sasuke gets saved by Zetsu
    Sasuke vs Onoki = Sasuke gets saved by Tobi.
    Sasuke vs Sakura = Sakura forgets her super strength.
    Naruto/killer B/ Itachi = Itachi instantly figures out how to stop Chibaku Tensei and defeats Nagato
    Itachi/ Sasuke vs Kabuto = Izanami
    EVERYTHING that the Edo-Tensei Madara does.

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