Fairy Tail 288 Breakdown! Wendy vs Chelia!!

Welcome to this week’s Fairy Tail breakdown, WRA!!

An epic battle begins…

So, it’s finally time for Wendy to show us what she’s capable of! Up till now, she has only used two offensive spells, so it’ll be interesting to see if she can live up to the strength of her fellow Dragon Slayers Natsu and Gajeel.

Unfortunately, though, her opponent’s magic counters hers perfectly. As Wendy uses Wind Dragon’s Talons, Chelia uses Wind God’s Boreas, revealing that she’s a God Slayer, just like Zancrow from Grimoire Heart, except she uses black wind instead of black fire.

Strangely enough, it appears that Chelia can’t eat Wendy’s wind like Zancrow did with Natsu’s flames, but that doesn’t matter because Dragon Slayer Magic doesn’t have much effect on God Slayers. In fact, when Sky Dragon’s Roar and Sky God’s Bellow clash, they both cancel each other out, but Chelia is still standing, while Wendy is on the ground, almost defeated.

Galick Gun vs Kamehameha… ?

I’m not sure how I feel about Chelia being a God Slayer. I would have liked it way more if she hadn’t fought against Wendy, because their magic is almost identical and the fight is too one-sided. Also, as everyone who has been reading my posts for a while knows, I really want Wendy to win!

Moving on, after being attacked by Chelia once again, Wendy finally lets go of her hesitation and decides to fight for her comrades. She eats the air, recovering her health and prepares to defeat her opponent using her strongest spell, one of the secret Sky Magics left to Porlyusica by Grandine, the Sky Dragon.

My drill pierces the heavens!

I hope someone catches that reference. 😉

The crowd is amazed by the power of the spell and Fairy Tail rejoices, thinking that they’ve won. Right before the referee declares that the match has ended, Chelia stands up, completely healed. To Wendy’s horror, she realizes that her strongest magic was useless.

Even though it looks like the match has already been decided, seeing how Chelia is at full power while Wendy is struggling to stay on her feet, I think the Sky Dragon Slayer will be able to win this. The next chapter’s title is “Tiny Fist”, so I think Wendy will defeat Chelia… with a punch. Lol.

It will probably be way more complicated than that, but the battle will end with Wendy’s victory. What do you think?

Either way, I’ll still be happy. I am really impressed by her display of power. Natsu was thrown around like a rag doll by the Fire Dragon Slayer, while Wendy is putting up a good fight!! Her ultimate technique is ultra-powerful and it would have probably been able to defeat most of the mages in the other teams, but unfortunately she had to use it on a Sky God Slayer. Why do you hate Wendy, Mashima, WHY?! -__-

In the meantime, Jellal has returned to the stadium to find the source of the evil magic. He thinks that Chelia might be connected to Zeref and if that’s true, Wendy is in serious danger.

Wendy’s in danger AGAIN?

I have to say that I’m really tired of this “Wendy is in danger” thing. It happened in the Tenrou Arc with Doranbolt (when he was thought to be evil) and it even happened in this arc with Obra! Just because she’s a little girl, it doesn’t mean that she can’t fight! She proved it in this battle, showing everyone just how strong she is. I hope there will be a plot twist and Chelia won’t be evil.

Well, that brings us to the end of the breakdown. See you next week!

Am I the only one who was freaked out by the announcer? He was so into the fight that it was creepy. O___O

最強 Dragon

~ by 最強 Dragon on June 29, 2012.

15 Responses to “Fairy Tail 288 Breakdown! Wendy vs Chelia!!”

  1. No you weren’t dragon. He was very creepy.

  2. It’s out! Sorry for the wait.

  3. God slayer magic now?

    If dragons create and train dragon slayers who or what the heck makes and trains god slayers?

    This seems to me like an arse pull from Mashima here. Does there really have to be a more powerfull knock off of Dragon slayers? Why couldn’t she just have been a really powerful wind mage or a mimic mage or something actually original.

    Not to say I didn’t enjoy the chapter I just feel Mashima is getting lazy here.

  4. @Michael

    God slayer magic was already introduced in the Tenrou Island arc, so it isn’t really new. And, I wouldn’t immediately presume Mashima is getting lazy because I have a feeling there’s more to god slayer magic than we have learned just yet.

    I believe it is a form of black magic intricately connected to Zeref and Zeref was such a powerful black mage, that he could have quite easily been revered as a god. If Zeref is the source of this black magic and he is considered a god by many, then the source of term “god slayer magic” is understandable.

  5. @Tenrai
    I remember the first one, I just assumed he was some kind of 2nd generation fire dragon slayer with an augmented fire dragon lacryma or something. But for there to be a whole new level of Dragon slayer-esque mages that are even more powerfull….

    It still seems a bit lazy to me but I’ll hold my judgement at least until we see if Mashima is gonna have metal and lightning god slayers as well. If they start popping up like dragon slayers have of recent I am going to need an explanation for this otherwise I will inevitably label them as plot hax mages.

    I will say this though, at least he didn’t make their match one sided or anything.

  6. @michael Most likely it would be Orga as the lightning God Slayer.

  7. On chapter 290:
    Interesting new chapter…

    The ending especially leaves many questions.

  8. All I can say after the last chapter is…

    Sabertooth must die! -__________________-

    *Teams up with Kantonkage to destroy Sabertooth.*

  9. Really though it’s not the whole guild Tenrai, it’s the leader and a select few that really need to be taught some humility.

  10. @Micheal don’t worry we won’t lay a finger on Rogue. DEATH TO SABERTOOTH!!!!!

  11. Really most of them could probably be salvaged if you could get them out from under the influence of the current master of Sabertooth and his psychotic daughter.

    Just look at the first time Raven Tail went up against Fairy tail and how many of their mages Turned into good people after leaving Raven Tail, the same could apply to a lot of the Sabertooth mages as well.

    Who knows how many Sabertooth mages we’ll see in other guilds after Sabertooth in it’s current form is demolished. I really expect to see at least one of the two dragon slayers join Fairy Tail though, the only question is how will that happen.

  12. Correction…

    That was Phantom Lord rather than raven tail…
    But my point still stands that it’s the guild’s leadership that’s the problem rather than the entire guild. Chop off the head and it’s daughter and who knows what path Sabertooth will follow after that.

  13. @Michael

    First we will destroy them. Then we’ll resurrect them all and rehabilitate them. <_<

  14. @Tenrai
    Well Obviously they need to be humbled =P
    But I don’t think Fairy Tail is going to kill anyone as it’s just not their style. Now then breaking their arms and pounding their faces in with their own fists isn’t out of the picture, nor is snapping their spines and making them sniff their own butts =P

    Killing though I don’t think is going to happen.

  15. @Michael

    I never said anything about Fairy Tail destroying them. That luxury is reserved for Kanton and I. @__@

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