Naruto Chapter 590 Breakdown: Goodbye Uchiha Itachi…

In both the real world and in the world of manga, there are two types of heroes that exist.

The first is a hero who stands in the light – one who’s exploits and efforts become known to all and whose name is remembered for many years long after their deaths. These heroes – through their actions and ideals – become beacons of hope and inspiration for others and stand tall as pillars of strength or as role models that others can rely on for encouragement.

Naruto, a hero of light…

The second type of hero is one who lurks in the shadows – a hero who acts behind the scenes to help others, but who is never recognized for his/her efforts. Unlike the hero that stands in the light, this hero will never be remembered for their actions. On the contrary, they may be remembered as something they never really were to begin with.

It is because of this that the hero who lurks in the shadows can commit acts no normal hero would be forgiven for and, to this extend, such a hero may even adapt a role that acts as a guise to their true nature for the sake of protecting the image of an ideal hero.

Itachi, a hero of the shadows…

Both of these heroes are equally important, because they both fulfill a role the other cannot. Unlike the hero of shadows, a hero of light can inspire others and give them hope. They represent an ideal and give those around them the strength to fight on in a world of hardships and in doing so, act as a beacon of light. This would not be possible if the hero of light’s hands were stained with blood and marred with morally questionable actions. On the flip side, the hero of shadows is seen by no-one and so can act in a manner that is necessary for the good of all, even if those actions fall into the realm of moral obscurity.

In the Narutoverse, both such heroes exist as well and where Naruto might be considered a hero of light – upholding ideals that are considered just and true – Itachi would be considered a hero of the shadows, whose actions – while never remembered for their true nature – were always committed for the greater good of others regardless of the questionable circumstances or manner in which they were committed.

To that end, as it stands now, we’ve arrived to what could be considered the final “conclusion” to Itachi’s life as a whole. With the release of Edo Tensei currently underway, Itachi has once again taken it upon himself to say his final goodbyes to Sasuke, only this time, rather than hiding his feelings under a guise of deception, he has instead chosen  to reveal the true nature of his life to his younger brother, his life as a shadow in the world of shinobi.

What he did the night before leaving you… I’m not sure we really want to know. O_o

Although this flashback revealed some details we were already well aware of beforehand, they were shown in a way that refreshed the context in which those details existed and, as such, made things a bit clearer for us to comprehend. For one thing, we’ve learned that Hiruzen Sarutobi was, in fact, strongly against the idea of massacring the Uchiha and that he yearned to console the grievances between them and Konoha. As Hokage, he stood his ground quite sternly despite whatever views his peers might have had in opposition to him.

While before I assumed that things eventually went awry with the negotiations between Hiruzen and the Uchiha, we learn instead that the negotiations may have been sabotaged to begin with – by none other than Danzou, no less.

Despite Hiruzen’s wishes to deal with the Uchiha in a peaceful manner, Danzou approaches Itachi after the meeting and takes it upon himself to inform the young Uchiha that things are not quite as simple as they might appear. He explains to Itachi that should it come down to it, Hiruzen would protect Konoha above anything else, even if it meant fighting the Uchiha, and, should a war break out between the Uchiha and Konoha, the Uchiha would most certainly be destroyed. Beyond that, it is also made clear that other countries would take advantage of such a time of weakness and attack Konoha in the confusion.

But in all honesty, these are just moot points compared to the final nail that Danzou drove into the coffin, which was the mention of Sasuke’s fate in all this. Danzou made it clear that should war break out, all the Uchiha would die, including Sasuke, but if Itachi destroyed the Uchiha first instead, he could spare his brothers life.

One can only question whether there were really only two choices available, or if there was another path that could have been chosen.

In the end, by becoming a sacrifice to garner the hatred of Konoha upon himself, Itachi would be able to spare his brother’s life – along with the sanctity of the Uchiha name – from the wrath of destruction. In this manner, he fulfilled his role as a hero of the shadows, by committing an act that no hero of light could commit. Whether you agree with his methods or not is another matter altogether, but the fact remains that Itachi made a choice based on his own perception and according to that perception, the Uchiha were dead either way. The only factor left to consider for him was how they died and how much collateral damage he could prevent from being caused.

In retrospect, Danzou himself could also be considered a hero of the shadows as well, because, much like Itachi, he acted in the interests of what he felt was worth protecting. As dark a character as he may seem, I personally feel as if I am beginning to understand him more than I did before. Even if his methods were questionable, there is no doubt in my mind now that Danzou, like Itachi, truly had the best interests of Konoha at heart. In saying that, though, noble intentions do not always yield noble actions and even though Danzou’s intentions may have been good, I still can’t agree with his methods.

Another point I felt a strong connection to was Itachi’s last words with his parents before their deaths. I was surprised when Fugaku acknowledged his son despite his treachery and that he recognized that Itachi’s path was chosen out of love for his brother and his clan and not out of spite or malice.

No matter how their paths may diverge, a parent’s love for their child never goes astray.

Fugaku recognized that Itachi, in his own way, was doing what he felt was right and so respected him for it. This for me was a truly gut-wrenching – and yet also strangely heartwarming – scene and one of the highlights of the chapter as a whole. I think this also ties into Itachi’s last words to Sasuke as well because, in a similar manner to what Fugaku did for him, he is also gave Sasuke his blessings saying that he will love him no matter what path he chooses.

I think that Itachi is proud of Sasuke for choosing his own path – one that he feels is right – regardless of whether it is actually correct or not. In saying that though, I also think Itachi believes that Naruto will be able to stop Sasuke as well, which is why he has enough faith to leave the future in the hands of the next generation.

“No matter what you decide or what you do from now on… I will love you forever.” These last words are Itachi’s final gift to Sasuke. A promise of salvation hidden within a strong declaration.

Speaking of light and dark, in a sense, you could say that the relationship between Naruto and Itachi is something like the relationship between light and shadow. The stronger a light shines, the darker the shadow cast behind it becomes and conversely, the stronger the shadow is, the brighter the light appears. In essence, a shadow cannot exist without a source of light to fuel its strength and, in a similar respect, Itachi’s strength comes from knowing that as a shadow that lurks in the darkness, there is a light he can rely on to carry his will through to the end.


In some respects, for those of you who ever watched Code Geass, Itachi’s role could be compared to that of Lelouch, in that both acted as sacrifices to draw hatred to themselves, to create peace for everyone else. They both also paved the way for another “savior” to lead the world to salvation. In this case, for Itachi, that savior is Naruto. By taking on the burden of staining his own hands with blood, Itachi has left Naruto’s hands free of those stains.

In that respect, Itachi has laid the foundations for Naruto to lead the world into the future, aware that it is necessary for Naruto to remain in the light so that others may follow him. Itachi is content with dying as traitor because to him, the ends more than justify the means and so there is nothing to left for him to regret.


These eyes have seen much. Through death and destruction, greed and lies. Through bitter smiles and fallen tears, they have seen all the darkness of the world, all the depravity and injustices therein. Yet, they have also seen the truth. They have seen light and they have seen hope… and so their bearer can move on in peace, content knowing that his will still yet lives on.

And so… with that in mind, we say goodbye to the unsung hero – to the shadow that worked behind the scenes to create peace for all. We say goodbye to a brother and a son, to a mentor for others and yet also a student to life and even death itself.

We say our final goodbye to Uchiha Itachi and send him off with our last respects.


We all have to let go of someone we love some day. Saying goodbye is hard, but to honor them, we must live on.

Well, that’s it from me for now. I’m sorry the breakdown is a bit late, but I had to make sure everything I said was clear. It was quite difficult to write in the end, but hopefully, I got everything across well enough.

Here are the places for the last Bubbliton contest.

4th) The Incredible Marksman

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Caption: Its as I thought. Apparently, this expression doesn’t have to rhyme in this particular situation. That being said, it may still be a good idea to RUN!!!!!!

3rd) Ashesreignighted

Madara’s Susanoo: I know it’s difficult to not to look up my kilt. My sword is not the only thing that swings and levels mountains.
Caption: Susanoo fashion statement: I’m compensating for something, guess what.

2nd) The Incredible Marksman

Bubble 1: So….
Bubble 2: Whatcha duuwiin?
Caption: That awkward moment when you realize that the moment is to awkward to actually be a moment.

And the winner is…

Simplyantony: When two Bubbles aren’t enough, use the Uchiha Hax no Jutsu. Warning only real Bad@$$ Uchiha can use it. Side effects can included, and are not limited to, going blind or dying.

Well done to Simplyantony, who I believe came up with a creative idea for a bubbliton entry. Well done to everyone else who placed as well.

As for this week’s contest, going with Itachi’s last goodbye, it was only natural that I used this image bellow.

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I hope you guys have fun with it.

See you in the comments. ^ ^

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  1. *Dynamic Entry* Claims First in the Name of Pein0Avenue….

    *Then begins to read*

  2. Yeah First. Great Breakdown, Itachi was a legend but his love for his brother was legendary (and think very few people like saucegay let alone love him).

    Bubbliton Contest
    Itachi: Look into my eyes, look into my eyes, the eyes, the eyes, not around the eyes, don’t look around the eyes, look into my eyes.

    [click] You’re under…….

    Caption: Uchiha and their eyes…..

  3. 3rd

  4. Fourth!

    Looks like Itachi is a Whitney Houston fan… “I Will Always Love You.”

  5. Nice Breakdown Tenrai, Though I find it odd that Fugaku was so understanding to let his son kill him and the Uchiha he prided so much but wouldn’t negotiate properly… He doesn’t seem that unreasonable? and what exactly was the elders and higher ups in Konoha not willing to give in the negotiations?

    Why would they want to rebel, oh yeah political power… 2 choices here I guess, give them a seat on the council and some political power… or kill them so our old @$$es can remain in the Throne… WTF. Wost case allow the Uchiha to detach themselves from Konoha and form a small individual Village that would work as equals to Konoha and not as subordinates.

    Does this really justify the killing of the “unknowing children?” I mean seriously, Danzou plucks out the eye of the Uchiha who could stop the revolution and then keeps it as his own and no one is like yeah maybe don’t trust this guy… It just seems hurried and stupid to me, Kishi is trying to justify more and more these actions but he never shows an actual negotiation, just lies and shadows…

    I always saw Sasuke as this mad man who was a fool for wanting to kill all of Konoha for revenge but now I get it, the leaders of Konoha said even the “unknowing children” where taken from their beds and slaughtered, and because of it the entire Clan was destroyed guilty or not. So Sasuke’s revenge just seem to be an equal measure against them.

    Also the Shuishi part seems to confirm that Tobi could be Shuishi himself, it seems ever more obvious and like Tenrai said the “Shadow” Hero may just be Tobi himself, so far his actions have united the Shinobi world a lot more the any other person in the story so far, drawing even similar parallels with Lelouch… Though this “Tobi” is not the one that helped Itachi or spent his time with Mizukage’s, that Tobi was in my opinion Madara himself and when he died Shuishi took his place promising to revive him once Nagato had perfected the Revival Jutsu, giving Tobi his eyes at his death which he then gave to Nagato…

  6. @Pein

    Indeed, whether you agree with genocide or not is a different matter completely to whether you understand its purpose.

    I personally agree with you in that I felt there was another way to end this without violence. A third path, so to speak (as I suggested in the breakdown). However, I don’ think Danzou wanted to take any risks. He wanted an outcome he could predict and control and the destruction of the Uchiha was such an outcome. Negotiations may have worked, but to Danzou, “maybe” probably wasn’t good enough.

    Then again, when you think about it, Danzou’s way of thinking wasn’t too different from Pein’s. Pein believed that the only true path to peace was through sacrifice. He was going to build a weapon that would end the lives of thousands in an instant, to create fear that would lead to peace. He justified his own actions on the premise that sacrifices were an inevitable necessity for certain goals to be achieved. I myself will never feel like genocide is something that can be justified for me personally, but some people will find justification in it for themselves and act on it if they feel their path is just.

    P.S. Now that you’ve mentioned Shisui’s eye, I’ve considered that there’s even a possibility that during this talk with Itachi, Danzou used Shisui’s genjutsu on him to make him unknowingly agree to his plan.

  7. @ Tenrai – True Pein’s objective and Danzou’s thinking have parallel sort of ideologies and their method of thinking seems similar. What annoys me is more the way Kishi has brandished this killing with the “heart warming moment” just before Itachi slices and kills Mother and Father, then he will go on to kill the rest of the Clan children and all. This to be honest is more what I enjoy about manga compared to the “Haxes” “Powerful Jutsu” etc, the moral core that rotates around peoples actions is more interesting and seeing how characters deal with these issues etc

    I guess the bigger question here is how will Sasuke react to the news his brother gave him. To me personally I would be a lot more set on my revenge now, I think just the words… “even the unknowing children” and the way Danzou and the other old man acted would push me further to my goals, or the opposite seeing that Itachi was in fact in control of his actions etc and realize that Itachi should too be the source of his anger and hate it could be eliminated now though this I doubt since Itachi now seems like a proud son of the father for seeking a separate destiny to the one planned out for him.


    The 4 Tails Jinchuriki name is Son Goku and the Host is named Roshi…

    <____> Just saw it now @__@

  9. @Pein

    I still think Sasuke will be set on revenge, even more so now, as you suggested. Also, he’s kinda been given permission as well when you think about it, because Itachi told him he will love him no matter what path he chooses.

    Sasuke will choose his path knowing his brother will still love him, which gives him even more reason to take revenge. I also wouldn’t blame him for feeling that way either. My only gripe with Sasuke is that rather than focusing his revenge on the ones who truly deserve it (the elders in the council), he wants to make ALL of Konoha suffer, even those who had no clue about the truth of the Uchiha massacre. Sasuke will also destroy the “unknowing children,” only, he will do it for the sake of revenge, not for peace.

    Still, he did promise to redirect his hatred and focus the brunt of it on Naruto. I think he’s also wants to see how Naruto handles it.

  10. @Tenrai

    First….awesome breakdown. I know this sentence is short but I don’t know if I convey how the philisophical nature of this post about “the road to hell is paved with good intentions” i.e Danzo and the willing outcast/ object of hate Itachi. I enjoyed it alot. I agree with alot of what you said….

    however I do say..

    Loving someone is not giving permission or even agreement, I mean Itachi is still hoping that Naruto changes Sasuke, so obviously he’s against Sasuke’s revenge and showed some of that by pissing Sasuke off by his mercy with Kabuto. Naruto proves that loving someone doesn’t mean approving of what they do or allowing it to happen. Naruto is a faithful friend to Sasuke even when Sasuke intends on destroying Konoha but Naruto isn’t going to sit by and let it happen.

    @ Pein and Tenrai
    Fugaku knew he couldn’t defeat Itachi. He knew he would die by his son’s hand but he chose how he would die. Would he die spewing hate? or would he say how he loved his son and was proud of his accomplishments?

    @ Pein Shisui has no reason to hide his face from Itachi. I mean why is Tobi wearing a mask when Itachi goes to visit him if he’s Shisui? No Itachi was telling the truth when he said he killed his best friend. His best friend may have allowed it like Fugaku.

  11. A very well written and touching breakdown, if I do say so myself. I like your take on the hero’s of light, and the hero’s of darkness. Itachi played his role well, came back and filled in a few gaps, pulled out sharinghax no Jutsu, and left just as kindly as he did the first time.

    He is indeed a character that will truly be missed.

  12. Bubblition

    Itachi 1: Don’t be an idiot, bro.

    Itachi 2: Go back to Sakura and jump on that.

    Caption: Trust me. When she blossoms, her breasts will be of legendary preportions.

  13. i won 🙂 @tenrai great breakdown i always felt that danzo was the backbone of the leaf in his own way he always did what he felt was better for the village and did not look to better himself well until the end at least when he wanted to be commander of the shinobi alliance. You also made a great point when you stated that the bigger the light the bigger the shadow i feel that naruto is who he is and admire by the whole village because his shadow (itachi) was so overwhelming. Itachi and the nine tails left the leaf in need of a hero and thats were naruto came in.

  14. Great breakdown Tenrai! I didn´t enjoy the spoiler territory (cause I didnt undertsand it) but, hey , thats an opinion!
    @Tanwir Ahmed loooool, my try, read with
    Two brothers in the dark…
    Itachi: Remember when Orochimaru got this close to you?
    He didn´t even have to yell surprise
    Caption: Haunting children dreams since 18/09/2000

  15. read with = read like whispering. ;p

  16. I will not compete in the bubbliton I find this moment too moving to make fun of.

  17. *light up fireworks, fires streamers and bring out the cheesecake* YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! Itachi is gone hopefully for good.

  18. @ Nike – You need to watch Code Geass then 😉

    @ Ashes – As I said the “Tobi” that helped Itachi and the Tobi that we see today are not the same person in my opinion… There is definitely more to Shuishi then meets the eye now…

    Also you seem to sort of contradict yourself, Itachi could of gone spewing hate or telling Sasuke how he is making this massive mistake but he rather left Sasuke as a loving brother.

    But to me it still doesn’t make sense what Fugaku did, even if Itachi was this “god” that couldn’t loose… Why not protect your family? and if saving one family member was enough to die happily why not just end the revolt to save many lives? Its stupid, the Uchiha where proud and now they happy with a death by a traitor? Bah <_< does not compute 😛

    @ Simple – Danzou was the Devil of the Leaf 😛 but its funny how ever evil act Konoha ever commited seems to be because of him lol… Makes our Kage's look good in comparison…

    Bubble 1: When you die, will revenge, pain, battle, honor, hate even matter.
    bubble 2: Or will you hold onto the little Love that you have, and the friends that will miss you…
    Caption: That's how Itachi should of done it 😛

  19. @ my bubble entry. I agree with Ashes to a degree so my bubble is serious not funny <__<

  20. @Ashes

    “Loving someone is not giving permission or even agreement, I mean Itachi is still hoping that Naruto changes Sasuke, so obviously he’s against Sasuke’s revenge and showed some of that by pissing Sasuke off by his mercy with Kabuto. Naruto proves that loving someone doesn’t mean approving of what they do or allowing it to happen. Naruto is a faithful friend to Sasuke even when Sasuke intends on destroying Konoha but Naruto isn’t going to sit by and let it happen. ”

    I agree with this above statement. Loving someone no matter what they do, doesn’t mean you approve of what they do, it just means you’ll love them even if they make mistakes. As Fugaku said, even though his way of thinking was different from Itachi, he was still proud of him. It didn’t mean he approved of Itachi’s actions, but he was still proud that Itachi followed his heart rather than just following others for the sake of following.

    It basically brings out the subject of “Unconditional Love.”


    I knew not everyone would understand the Code Geass reference, which is why I tried to keep it as brief as possible. Lol.

    However, I do recommend that you watch Code Geass. It is an awesome anime. @___@


    Oh great, Madara does indeed manage to bypass the release of Edo Tensei and cancels the summoning contract in order to stick around…forever. Seems he’ll have to be stopped the hard way.

  22. Chapter is out now:
    Into the reading now…

  23. it’s out.

  24. eh…and another week goes by…with no anticipation for next week.

  25. Well I’ve got to say that Madara is truly the father of Trolling. He made those poor saps believe they had him, for so many times and then he hits them with another out of the universe jutsu. If it were me I would have called Pedobear by now.

    Madara trolling so far:

    1. Being Madara
    2. Spamming the RInnegan
    3. Dropping 2 meteors from the sky
    4. Showing off Hashirama’s plastic surgery
    5. Creating a Forest full of poison flowers the size of the Konoha
    6. Using Mokuton Clones (5 aginst every kage) with full susano’o each.
    7. Getting pissed off at Tsuchikage and spamming Gedo Mazo’s daddy, the Susano’o boss and crushing the kages dreams for ever.
    8. And now when the flicker of light was finally in there grasp and victory was near the Troll Daddy says “Bitch Pleas” to Kabuto and decides he’s gonna stick around with a immortal body and infinite chakra.

    To me Aizen just became a little child who stumbled upon a empty gun.

    Kishi for the win.

  26. I’m actually glad Madara didn’t just disappear. I never wanted the Kage to get an easy, free win. I want them to defeat Madara with their own power and prove that they deserve the title of Kage they were given.

    Sure, some people may say they are tired of Uchihax and all, but that’s all the more reason I want Madara to lose properly and not just through some cheap victory. If he just disappeared, it would mean that nothing was able to overcome his hax and that it took a complete plot kai to finish him off and that wouldn’t be satisfying for me.

    I want the kage to prove that real strength can overcome artificial power-ups stolen from others. Madara has everything going for him. Immortality, infinite chakra, Hashirama’s cells, the Rinnegan, the EMS and Susanoo. If the Kage can still defeat him despite that, it would definitely be something else.

  27. Ten, I honestly don’t know what else can they pull out of there nether regions but unless Tsunade magically becomes a full out Senjuu and start spamming mokuton and Dan’s jutsu everywhere I doubt this guys can pull it of.

  28. Also guys, check out Mangastream’s site, the translation is way better then manga reader’s.

  29. @Eugen

    They’re the five Kage, which means they must have something. If Minato was able to learn a technique like the reaper death seal, surely a similar technique could stop Madara.

    Wouldn’t it be interesting if Tsunade and Jiraiya had learned the Reaper Death Seal from Minato and Tsunade ended up using it as a last resort against Madara?

    Of course, that’s unlikely, but my point remains. These are the five Kage of each of their respective nations. The so-called strongest ninja of their villages. They must have something they can do to stop Madara. Who knows, maybe Yamato will pop out of the ground like a tree with Hashirama’s power and start taking Madara one-on-one. Lol!

  30. @ Pein

    I think what Fugaku did was ultimately “asian”. There is a strange kind of fatalism mixed with Confucianism( filial piety which is contradictory in both chinese and Japanese culture). My point is that Fugaku’s choice was very asian and I think we as Americans being westerners just automatically consider it strange. in a similar vein, losing in battle the shame of defeat in earlier Japanese culture meant that if you lived you had to commit seppuku or hara kiri ( the Last Samurai… I don’t know how accurate it is) . Ultimately to us westerners that would be seem to be just a willingness to give up, instead of moving forward and learning from one’s mistakes. I mean this sense of fatalism is expressed in their most basic and often used expression which is translated “well it can’t be helped”.

    There is a great deal here that I think means alot and may require a Japanese person to explain. Especially this complicated moment where Fugaku is aware of his son trying to kill him and instead of fighting back, he instead leaves an impression on his son Itachi. I mean in some ways Fugaku’s “going quietly” leaves Itachi even more conflicted and tortured over the decision. I mean Fugaku says that his son is going to endure tpain for alot longer than he is. Maybe in some ways this was meant as a moment to sway Itachi with their deaths that what he’s doing was wrong and maybe get Itachi to switch sides. I know it sounds strange but I actually have no difficulty with this scene or it’s logic because it’s the mind of eastern thinking.

  31. @Pein all Fugaku knew was that Itachi was sent to kill him, not that Itachi was sent to kill the whole clan.

  32. @ chapter 591 Wow so Madara didn’t leave the field….. hahahaha! Crazy haxed uchiha… welll maybe the Kage’s will defeat him

  33. @Tenrai i’m with you on that whole thing. C’mon Yamato!

  34. Bubbliton Entry.

    Itachi: So Sasuke, can you guess where my other hand is going?

    Caption: Of course, it’s doing an annual Uchiha inventory check. O_o

  35. i wonder if Tobi is a previous Edo Tensei……. scratch that I just realized that he wouldn’t have needed to use Izanagi against Konan if that was the case.

  36. madara’s gonna release himself from edo tensei -_-

  37. @Dish

    Thank you for clearing that up for us. Lol. O__O

  38. i think madara is doing pretty well considering how little hax he has, its unfair the kages gang up on him with so many hax and he has none to retaliate with. o_O

  39. Seems the only course of action left is someone using Shiki Fujin to rip Madara’s soul from his body. Either that or, unlikely as it may be, Madara’s soul leaving his body of his own accord. Looks like someone is going to make the ultimate sacrifice, and I have a feeling it’s gonna be Tsunade.

  40. figured somebody needed to

  41. @ Ashes – Yeah maybe, I am from Africa though 😛 we more in the middle then East and West but our culture is far more Western then Eastern lol… I have spent time in China but not in Japan where I know that to them Honor means everything so I know what you are trying to say and the Uchiha have always been depicted as more “Japanese” then the rest of the Naruto-universe well Uchiha and Hyuuga I would say…

    but I would of thought Fugaku would of said something like, “I see this is the choice you have made, it will be a pain that will haunt you forever.” and then remained silent or even something like, “You are my son, and I wish you didn’t have to carry this hardship alone, but I would rather die with my pride then bend a knee to those who oppress my family.” Something that had a bit of defiance and remain noble lol.

    @ Everyone saying that Madara is Haxed – He is Haxed but we currently have 5 Kage’s without limitless energy and mortal bodies vs this “Ultimate Fighter of Hax” and not even a single limb has been lost! I mean Madara has been blown to bits a few times and if you wanna say, “It’s 5 vs 1” Madara had 5 clones fighting one Kage earlier and they still haven’t been hurt, Tsunade has the help of Ghost Dan… How the hell did this guy die? I mean he could travel large distances and become ethral immortal basically and faster then Minato as we have seen… Somehow he saves her and still gives her chakra so she can hax her healing jutsu more… I thought that couldn’t always work since she constantly replaces cell makes her life shorter etc… I mean now she replacing organs and healing Oonik who been battling since the Old Kage’s where still looking like a threat, Plus Gaara…

    Madara is haxed true enough but these Kage’s have the Plotarmour Hax that make his Haxes useless!

    Dammit, I think gonna go watch some “My Little Pony – Rainbow Adventures” might be a little more manly then this 😛

  42. As someone pointed out:

    “Oro really was an idiot. He should’ve had Kabuto kill him, revive him and then broken out of ET. There ya go. Immortality and limitless chakra. It takes like a minute. ”

    Now, why didn’t Tobirama break out of it since he was the one that invented the technique? Kishi isn’t covering up his tracks while wanking his Uchihas.

  43. @Pein The kages are suppose to be the strongest ninjas in narutoverse but the mandara fight has been completly onesided eventhought he is immortal they still havent trapped him even after killing him a couple of times. The way mandara is now nobody in narutoverse can stand next to him. The whole shinoby army can come and its not going to be enough. Im curious to see how kishi gets out of this.

    I have one question how did mandara know the seal to release edo tensei? If the second Hokage was the one that came up with it and if edo tensei is released then mandaras body should not be immortal right? well now that i think about it that is to questions lol

  44. this chapter was pretty boring except when tsunade almost died…thank god kishi realized we all wanted to see dan’s jutsu and doesnt really disappoint, just wish we could”ve seen it in more practical situations..

    everything in the chapter was pretty predictable and pretty straightforward…at this point kishi has our mouths watering to finally learn tobi’s identity… the only thing that bothered me is the way madara cancelled the edo tensei release was pretty cheap.. like a nagato, deux ex machina kinda thing…kishi is definittely rushing this war along now…just woulda been sick if it was an actual war and not a 2-3 day battle.

  45. @Pein dude this battle would be a cop out if he dissolves and if he didn’t dissolve and kills off all the Kages then it’s a massacre like Kabuto only with blood. It’s not exciting to see one completely superior defeating a weaker, but it’s exciting only when two people are roughly the same strength, and we are supporting the slightly weaker of the two. So Madara’s hax and the Kage hax makes them even, so it makes for a good battle. At least this is more exciting than Kabuto vs Uchihas. Also at least there is some plausible reason for the hax. I can’t believe your so down on this chapter. This was way cooler, action packed and surprising, and Madara didn’t even have to use Izanagi to stick around. I’m curious how Kishi is going to get himself out of this dilemma. It’s almost like he enjoys making it difficult to find a satisfying “solution” to all the tension and questions he presents.

  46. Madara is an atrocious plot device. He isn’t a character. Kishi is destroying his characters’ credibility to just to make another Uchiha shine. Kishi needs to go into rehab and get over his Uchihaddiction. I mean, just look at his desk:

  47. @ Kisu 😛 is all I have to say because I have neither the energy nor the time to give a balanced and reasoned reply.

  48. that’s “:-P”

  49. I think Madara is going to be the key person to identify Tobi. No one alive would know Tobi if he removed his mask or it was ripped off and we needed Edo Tensei released to advance the story. The Edo Tensei was merely a tool to make the war interesting. How interesting would a war be with a bunch of zetsu fighting? Not interesting at all so we needed renowned characters to keep it pumping like the “One piece” war was fought by renowned characters not worthless marines. Also, the Edo Tensei was a tool to bring Madara back from the dead so he can be a tool to identify Tobi. Kishimoto is doing everything for a reason even though sometimes it may seem over the top but it will off make sense in the end…

    BUT from the fact above, my emotional response is wtf? If he could’ve done that all this time, first why not do it then? Second why was he “worried” about killing Tsunade before “disappearing”. Madara’s final words in the caption should’ve been “Tell the summoner, NEVER BRING AN UCHIHA BACK TO THE LIVING! WE WILL HAX THE SHIT OUT OF YOU!” because… that is just what happened -___- First Itachi breaking out, now Madara, coincidence that they are both Uchiha? Let alone the fact that Rinnegan and Sharingan are basically “The same eyes” since you can evolve the sharingan into the rinnegan. What happened to being “the next six paths”…

    *My prediction* is that Naruto is going to fight against Sasuke. The fight isn’t going to end, it is going to be interrupted by either Tobi or Madara (Most likely Tobi). Something is going to happen to Sasuke(death) and Sasuke is going to have his revalation and realize his corrupt behavior and give Naruto his eyes. Naruto’s blood being “special” as an Uzumaki, he will activate the rinnegan.

    ALSO another predicition, Tobi is going to get rid of Madara himself. Madara even though he is a haxed character, he is just a support character to put fear in the hearts of both us and the characters. Madara’s powers were shown for the purpose of being “awe inspiring”. He flatten a mountain and brought down a meteor. Tobi is going to defeat this power with his own thus becoming a even greater threat that ONLY the SO6P can stop. What would be the purpose of having “great” power, that can easily defeat anyone. Who was on the So6P level? The Juubi.

    My solid theory is that Naruto is going to obtain the rinnegan through Sasuke’s sacrifice. It is a must, it must happen because Sasuke’s actions already cannot be forgiven just because he was “mad”…He has no future anymore.

  50. why do you want naruto to get the rinnegan…i think that’d be lazy and stupid…naruto has his own awesome jutsu to show why would kishi just give him the rinnegan

  51. @Grey i hope that doesnt happen i rather naruto not unlock the rinnegan at all.I think the rinnegan is played out i hope kishi comes up with something else. What i rather happen is naruto and sasukes fight get stops and they fight against mandara and tobi then continue the fight.

  52. Well, I liked it as much as I like Kisus first comment, XD
    I knew about Madara, XD
    @Bloodnose, I answer you today , :p
    Couldn´t come up with one for that, i compete just once in a while, ;p

  53. @CODE GEASS, Im not into anime (nor manga) that much, but, outta my love for you guys, I will give it a go! XD

  54. @Nike you should code Geass in my opinion is one of the best mangas ever its almost as good as naruto one piece bleach and fairy tail plus its finish so you dont have to eait in anticipation anymore

  55. *animes

    @kisu the word is plot virus.
    @greyfox Sasuke unforgivable, more like criminally insane thanks to Itachi “awesome Tsukyomi”, if anyone who shouldn’t be forgiven it should be Itachi for being Patrick Star stupid. Naruto having the Rinnegan, it’s simple read a fanfiction. Naruto doesn’t need the Rinnegan it’s bad enough that dojutsu (except the Byakugan) rule this manga.

  57. @ Ashes – All I am trying to say is that for all the people pipping, that Madara is so haxed, Each one of the Kage’s are more Haxed then him… Each Kage took on 5 Madara’s at once so far none have been badly hurt besides Tsunade… but none have even lost use of an arm or just been hurt truly badly… Sasuke did more damage with his incomplete Sasunno back in the day. What annoys me is that very fact. Not that Madara saved himself from the Edo release cause lets face it besides him No one else really had been posing a threat to Shinobi Alliance anymore…

    Fact of the matter are this battle isn’t exciting or evenly matched its just Overly Powerful Hax Jutsu after Jutsu vs Kage’s who has the plot armor level Aizen. The results are meh, I believe most people predicted that Madara wouldn’t fade away when Itachi first started undoing Edo Tensei like 3 chapters or so ago. Also since then the Kage’s besides Tsunade just now have never really been threatened as evident they all still breathing, plus somehow the only “punches” to land have been as Tsunade activates her heal forever jutsu and now when Dan somehow arrives in a mirco second to move her out of the path, Plotkai I tell you… PlotKAI

  58. @Kisu

    “Now, why didn’t Tobirama break out of it since he was the one that invented the technique? Kishi isn’t covering up his tracks while wanking his Uchihas.”

    To answer, you need to remember that Orochimaru used those tags to surpress Hashirama’s and Tobirama’s will and take away their ability to choose their own actions. If Tobirama could have chosen to release his contract at any time, then that means he would have had enough free will to simply choose not to fight in the first place, which obviously wasn’t the case.

    The only reason Madara was able to release edo tensei now, was because – as was shown with Dan – an edo tensei summon is given control of their own bodies again just as they begin to be released from Edo Tensei. So, Madara used that short space of time just as his soul was leaving, to begin severing his contract. Why else do you think he didn’t do it sooner and only waited until now?

    As for Orochimaru and that immortality plan, that would require Orochinmaru to trust that Kabuto wouldn’t betray him and just leave him for dead. Although Orochimaru trusted Kabuto with many things, I don’t think he would have trusted him THAT much.

  59. “To answer, you need to remember that Orochimaru used those tags to surpress Hashirama’s and Tobirama’s will and take away their ability to choose their own actions.”

    As you can see there, he was moving of his own free will there, as evidenced by him turning around to look at Orochimaru. They don’t become true puppets until he puts the Kunais in them.

    Man I’m disillusioned with this series. Have you all been enjoying it? I haven’t been around much, sadly.

  60. @Tenrai it’s a sharinhax, you know like the Great Snake Escape or the fact that no Uchiha with a fully matured Sharingan has EVER lost a fight. Usually because they either sharinhaxed their opponent into doing something stupid or the rules of the series (except summon Kurama from his Sealing)

  61. @Kisu

    I don’t think Hashirama and Tobirama were fully able to control their bodies yet when Oro first summoned them, otherwise they would have simply jumped away before he put his tags in them and fought him off. At least, that’s the only logical explanation I can think of.

    As for your question as to whether we’ve been enjoying Naruto, to be honest, it’s been a hit and miss affair lately. There have been moments I really enjoyed (like Naruto’s and Bee’s battle with Tobi) and moments where I felt like facepalming (Itachi vs Kabuto). Of course, this war to me has been filled with a few more lows than highs, but the few highs there were kept me faithful that this series would find its feet again.

    If Bleach can recover from a terrible war arc, I’m sure Naruto can as well. I just personally feel that war arcs are often the bane of a series, because they are too complex and there’s too much happening at once for an author to keep proper control of their own plot and so they start cutting corners.

  62. @Kantonkage

    I am well aware of Sharinhax, thank you. Lol.

    If this were just an argument about the Uchiha being far too hax, I’d agree with both you and Kisu on all fronts. It’s part of the reason why I’m glad Madara didn’t just dissappear. The worst way for this battle to end in my opinion, is for Madara’s Sharinhax to be defeated by another Sharinhax. I will never be satisfied with that kind of outcome because all it means is that the only way to defeat an Uchiha is with another Uchiha.

    I would be much more satisfied if the Kage defeat Madara themselves without needing a sharinhax to save them.

  63. @ pein

    in general I agree with alot of what your saying. I think we could all complain that Kishi has avoided secondary characters being maimed or killed. That he creates a war and then no one is the worse for wear. Even Sasuke got in a hit on the Raikage( who lost his arm). As a writer being a “god” to his characters, he seems like an overly protective and intervening father. He constantly avoiding the possible consequences too miraculously. He keeps Sasuke from ever doing anything but killing “bad guys”. The Shinobi alliance is rather ragged looking but none of the generals has died. Sasuke should’ve killed at least one of the 11 and we should see Gai sacrifice his life using the gates attack.

    The favortism that Kishi shows towards the Uchiha has been there from the beginning because essentially Sasuke( not the Naruto character but another Sasuke who inspired the whole Naruto series) So yeah I understand all the complaints.

    As for plotkai. The Kage’s fight isn’t incredibly important to the ending unlike the Aizen fight was to Bleach. So the reason I don’t like to compare the two is because whether Naruto has a satisfying ending has little to do with the Kage’s battle ( unlike Bleach where the buildup to Aizen and Ichigo showdown was going on for like what 3 seasons, the kage fight has none of that) . Whether Sasuke and Naruto figure out who Tobi is and defeat him, whether Sasuke come back from the dark side….. these are more satsifying than whether the Kages defeat or don’t defeat Madara.

    Dan’s resurrection was hard to swallow because of how long it’s been since we’ve seen Dan. Again Kishi avoiding the consequences of the battle. An unnecessary conversation between romantic lovers which we aren’t really invested in…

    Still the usual complaints aside ( which seems every week someone is complaining about the Uchiha or Kishi’s contrived avoidance of important consequences) this chapter was way better than Kabuto and is way less sluggish or boring. ( not that it would take much to be better than Itachi vs Kabuto). Still I will say this chapter was an improvement, expected but not boring.

    I still have an optimistic outlook and enjoyed the fact that Madara stuck around and as Tenrai put it… “wasn’t defeated by another Uchiha.” I like the fact that we get to see Sasuke kind of unsure of what to do with Kabuto in the cave.

  64. It really isn’t fan fiction to see Naruto possessing the rinnegan. If you look at the facts, Nagato was an uzumaki who had the rinnegan. God knows how he got it. Madara has the rinnegan but for some odd reason he knows of Nagato who was an Uzumaki. There is a reason why they highlight Nagato being an uzumaki, to Madara recognizing Nagato, to Madara evolving the eternal Sharingan to the rinnegan stating he obtained it soon before his death. There is a connection between the sharingan and the Uzumaki blood. Nothing but a prediction from small detail. There is a reason why Madara isn’t gone, we just have to keep on reading… And although I am not to keen on Naruto obtaining the rinnegan, I just feel it may just be necessary to the story. Only two people possessed the rinnegan in the story besides the So6P… We do not know how Madara got it, Tobi just stole it from Nagato so how is it haxed out? I could see if someone had an arm full of rinnegan though or everyone wearing it as a cool accessory, but Madara having it will play a key role. We didn’t know the sharingan evolved to the rinnegan, but we do know the Uzumaki blood plays an important role. If it were to happen suddenly against Sasuke and naruto we would be like “wtf?” It has to be explained BEFORE it happens so that it wouldn’t have to really be explained in detail WHEN it happens or it would kill the dramatic scene…

  65. @ Ashes – Lol, yeah I think I complain every week bout these things

    but the issues I have with this stories have been stated enough though. In the end a writer finds it hard to kill of characters they created but in resent weeks I have been reading the “A Song of Fire and Ice Series” better known for the TV adaptation Game of Thrones. In it characters die in realistic sort of circumstances and sometimes “death” can be one of the greatest plot movers and it keeps characters that seem to have reached the edge of their development from becoming stale, like Jiraiya vs Pein would of had far less impact if Jiraiya decided to run? Now we have a war and everyweek I feel less and less invested in the arc there is no “fear” factor for my favorite characters or any characters the no names that where killed really feel like nothings. Even the Rescue Sasuke Arc had its scarce moments of fear and that brings excitement…

    lol Technically I compared each Kage to Plot Armour Aizen not the battle itself, thing is Bleaches biggest mistake in the War Arc was the lack of deaths of “good” people and Kishi has literally stepped into that again…

  66. @Pein

    If I had to pick out which characters would have the most meaningful and impact in deaths in this war, they would be…

    1: Hinata. To me, this would have the deepest impact for Naruto as a character, especially after her love confession to him some time back. It would have an even deeper impact if Sasuke was the one to kill Hinata, because that would create even more emotional strife for Naruto and his choice between forgiveness and peace, and justice. Because of Hinata’s growing closeness to Naruto, it would also be the one death that would bring the horror of war and the reality of losing loved ones to bear for him. None of the other rookies dying would have as deep an impact, unless it was Sakura, though I don’t think she will die.

    2: The Tsuchikage. He’s the oldest of the Kage and right now, he seems to be the only one Kage out of the five who is inspiring the rest and keeping them glued together right now. His death would be impactful for two reasons. The first is that as the oldest Kage, he, in a sense, represents the old way of shinobi and how the world used to be. His death would be symbolic in the sense that the old shinobi way is dying and a new way of the shinobi is being born. HIs death would also be a form of repentance, his way of making up for what he was before and paving the way for future generations by taking responsibility for the sins of the past.

    3: Tsunade: As the last living Sannin her death would have an impact if she, like Jiraiya, gave her life fighting for what she believed in and for the future of her people. As Hokage, the only meaningful death is one where you are protecting your people by laying your own life on the line. I don’t think this death would have as much impact as the ones I mentioned above, but it would still have one.

    4: Kakashi. For Kakashi, my idea was built on the premise that Tobi was Obito and that Obito ended up killing Kakashi in the end. It would have a deep impact because a former teammate would now be committing the ultimate evil – in a sense – by killing the friend he once threw his life away to save. It also relates back to the relationship between Nagato and Jiraiya and how a former student ended up killing their sensei. This situation, however, relies on the premise that Tobi is Obito, so while it is meaningful in theory, it may never be possible.

    5: Gai. Gai is only someone I thought of because I imagined this cool scene where he saves Lee by opening all 8 gates and dying in the process. It would be an awesome scene because we get to see the fury and power unleashed when all 8 celestial gates are opened, and it would be a touching scene for Lee to watch his sensei lay his life on the line.

    Other than those five, I can’t really think of any deaths that would have any impact on me in any way. Sure you could kill Tenten, or Chouji, or Kiba, etc, but then I’d just go “meh” and move on. They would be pointless deaths because there would be no impact to them. There’s no build-up for them as characters, so I would feel no sense of loss.

  67. @ Tenrai – I agree with all of the above, especially Tsunade 😛 but also Bee may have been an important member to go. I think it just depends how it is written. If Neji died protecting Hinata that sacrifice may help Hinata develop or any member of Ino-Shika-Chou, and dealing with that loss after the “War Arc” would be important (though for INO-SHIKA-CHO) it may seem like a replay of Asuma’s death. A death of a Kage (outside of Konoha.) could of been used to disrupt the balance of power between nations etc etc.

    In the end any death of a character that is “known” even if not fully emotionally invested in could have a ripple effect on the other characters, i.e. Asuma dying gave Chouji and them premise to mature, Jiraiya dying (probably the most meaningful in my opinion) gave Naruto the opportunity to forgive and realize pain understanding Sasuke more, then Itachi’s death changing Sasuke gaining his purpose etc etc. The death of the “known” good characters could effect the story more then just a meaningful death…

  68. @Tenrai

    Your right about the fact that those would be the only ones to make an impact on the series.

    Maybe the Tsuchikage will die in the upcoming battle? Him and the Raikage have “replacements” people who will step up into the role. It would be interesting if Gaara’s generation ended up becoming Kages at the end of the series. Kage’s at the end: Naruto the Leaf, Darui the Cloud, Kitsuchi the Earth, Gaara the Sand, and Mei the Mist. Actually the Mizukage and Gaara surviving would be an odd plot twist. Still 3 out of 5 Kage’s would be enough


    I think Kishi will maintain balance among the nations for the sake of achieving the peace that he wants Naruto to bring about….

    anyways… If Kishi ruins the series by letting his characters go much longer without some serious consequences than I’m going to be pissed.

    The only reason I haven’t been complaining too loudly about the fight with the Akatsuki Edo Tensei is that even with their zombie bodies they didn’t have the advantage of surprise on their side. In some ways the villages were more prepared and understood the Edo Tensei weaknesses and not the other way around. However while no death may have occured ( unless Ten Ten was crazy enough to take on an Akatsuki by herself) I think loss of limb or lifelong scar for some of the major characters was necessary.

    Only Madara was a surprise.

  69. Killing off Hinata would be a BAD thing! Simply it’s been done already minus the death. Also, it would be saying that Hinata exist simply to be the catalyst for Naruto’s rage. I would drop this manga if that happened.
    @ashes only Kiba would be dumb enough to do that

  70. @Katonkage

    Yeah another example of Kishi dodging consequences. Now Kakashi’s resurrection and Edo Tensei have taken the sting out of death. Kishi’s world is borderline Wile Coyote territory( I have nothing against those kind of cartoons but Naruto is trying to be grittier and deals with heavier topics like forgiveness, war, peace and friendship). comic book heroes have the same problem…. somehow they die and they always comeback. A good example is the death of Superman…. So what I’m saying is that the impact of death is blunted. No I’m all for Hinata dying if it’s done well. I don’t need her to die but if it made an impact and was important to the story I think as a character she would be the one would shake Naruto. It would definitely force Naruto to decide between resolve and forgiveness or he would go ballistic either way it would be more exciting than Naruto not making a hard choice because Kishi has stolen it from Naruto by “saving” his favorite characters once again.

  71. Bubblition: Why are looking at me like that Sasuke?
    Do you think I going activate Tsukyomi again? 
    Caption: Unbeknownst to Itachi, that was the same expression Orochimaru gave him before his very special “training”

  72. @death as this point I’ve lost interest. Since the only one left is the asspull wonder Madara.
    I wonder why no one mention Sakura or possibly Iruka.

  73. @Kantonkage, i dont think thats actually acurate…remember tobi was fully confident in being able to take down EVERYBODY without kabuto. He added the biju as a bonus but i don’t think that was his main power…i think he’s been distracted by naruto but hasn’t put his real plan into swing because he was going to let kabuto expend his resources first. Then fall back to his original plan. Remember as well that he never intended to use the jinchu’s and turn them into full biju because he didnt anticipate kabuto bringing them back to life. AND after EVERYTHING naruto has done so far and bee and kakashi and guy he dosnt seemed fazed at all…he still seems pretty cool, he dosnt look like a man that has truly lost yet…so i wouldnt count madara as being the last real thing left before tobi is defeated.

  74. now for what i really wanted to post on here…i was thinking …u know we never talk about the REAL hero of this manga…and thats Mizuki…if you think about it…if it were not for him…Naruto would have never learned the technique that would have boosted his progress a billion fold…lets face it naruto has NOOOO talent….but after being alive for the equivalent of prob a couple hundred years…he’s advanced to this level. Even his maturity has been affected by the shadow clone…so thank you Mizuki…from whichever cell your rotting in right now…thanks for saving the ninja world!

  75. @drice

    I wouldn’t say Naruto has no talent. Rather, I’d say that in the past, he had no-one teaching him properly. You must remember that Naruto grew up with no parents, so there was no-one to instill that discipline and maturity into him. As a result, he just behaved in a very childish and brash manner. It was also his desire to garner attention that lead him to becoming the clown of the class, as it were.

    But after he joined team 7 and acquired a sensei, you see a noticeable improvement to his skill from the start. He went from someone who couldn’t even make a bunshin to a ninja who could use his chakra better, walk on water and create rasengans all thanks to having the right teachers to nurture him. He even mostly caught up to Sasuke’s level by the end of part one and when you think about it, going from being the dead last of your class, to catching up to a genius Uchiha in just a few months is remarkable progress.

    You make it sound as if he relies only on his clones to make learning possible, but in reality, Naruto learned how to use Sage Mode and the Rasengan without using 1000 clones to increase the rate at which he gained experience. Sage mode is a technique that not even his sensei could master after years and the Rasengan took Minato 3 years to create while Naruto mastered it in a week (albeit with his own twist). I think that in itself proves that Naruto has more talent than you’re letting on.

  76. Honestly I love this series too much to dislike anything kishi sama drops.
    Whats with the “he must die, she must die shh*t” when i saw jiraiya sinking tears just start dropping outta my eyes…nontheless talking about Neji,Gai and others making mere stupid sacrifices for others to grow there’s always another way.

    i dunno if you don’t like Tsunade or Kakashi and the rest that you writting down there Fates.
    Nagato revived the people he killed in konoha including KAKASHI y’all would say the agenda there was to bring the copy ninja back…
    So Neji needs to die for Hinata to grow and mature?
    The Tsuchikage needs to die cause he is too old and has nothing to live for??
    Tsunade must die for Naruto to become Hokage ? (well kakashi still lives, its not the elders would just say “konohamaru kun you are the next fire Shadow”

    i Just love this series too much to see any flaws…i dunno if y’all have seen better series thats why you are making these sick complaints…am just saying the utmost Truth No OfFENCE TO anyone no disrespect, we are all Niisan’s aren’t we?


  77. @Pein78

    this is war and avoiding the death of one’s characters is not very believable and ultimately overprotective of any artist. jirayia’s death ( and Kakashis) impacts both the reader and Naruto. It was some of the powerful moments. The same with the 3rd Hokage. As an author there are moments when they need to sacrifice their characters, Those who are unwilling to kill characters would be like George Lucas not letting Obi Wan Kenobi die so to spur Luke Skywalker on to being a Jedi Knight. Or Stan Lee saving Uncle Ben If Peter Parker’s Uncle doesn’t die, Peter remains a self-absorbed, moonlighting as a wrestler, beating up bullies without restraint. ( I can list dozens from some of the most well known and Popular movies)

    Kishi bordelines on being overprotective and a kind of favoritism. Avoiding consequences of actions too miraculously, he uses kid’s gloves with his characters. They get roughed up a bit but they aren’t permanently hurt or dead for long. I don’t necessarily think Hinata needs to die but if someone were to die Tenrai’s list would be the best for the author to pick from. At this moment the death of hundred nameless characters cheats both the tradegy/mourning aspect of the war by making it an impersonal mass of nameless Shinobi that died. In some ways the story Kishi is writing turns a blind eye to death and it’s impact. People died!!! and we feel nothing because Kishi won’t let death touch someone with a name, some character that fans have become enamored with, some person we’ve invested in. I say this is where Horror movies go wrong, they give us a character we aren’t invested in and then kill them off. We know they’re there just to be fodder but if we get really invested in a character and then they die, we are moved. (especially when it’s done nobly and self-sacrificing or even tradegically) Kishi is very adept at making us invested in even the worst villians ( even Kabuto “:P”) or sometimes even secondary characters that get too much spotlight ( like Ten Ten or Kiba?).

    I don’t find the Tchuikage too old to die. My reason for why I think he could/should die is that…. I think it’s his final change of heart, he finally understands what Naruto and Gaara are trying to say. He has become a passionate leader and despite the fact that the Hokage’s might win. As powerful as Madara is, if all the Kage’s dodged death it would seem unrealistic. I would say Madara focused on the Tchuikage and his passion and wants to squash that permanently, both to dishearten the Kages but also to eliminate probably one of the most powerful of the Kages.

    Does Tsunade have to die for Naruto to take over.?… maybe… However both the 3rd and the 4th Hokage were around at the same time, whether the 3rd officially retired or what we don’t know. Tsunade dying would definitely be a decisive way for the author to tell us that Naruto is going to be Hokage by the end of the manga. Any other explanation would be a bit more complicated. How do two Hokages exist at the same time? ( not saying it couldn’t happen)

    We complain because there were moments when this manga could move from a B- to an A+ ( I’ll probably get debate on this!) . Many times Kishi has cheated us of an epicness that isn’t just entertainment but an intense “aliveness”. Is this an Awesome Manga? Yes , do we love the moments like Itachi saying goodbye to Sasuke, Yes. Are we glad that Madara stayed( well I think everyone except Katonkage)? Yes. Were our minds blown by the last chapter? absolutely! We are fans but we criticise it because we love it.

  78. @Ash

    okay Freeloader, you have reignited me! Fine i dig you. You guys here have experienced much that somethings are just expendable…, so kIba is expendable, kishi you can waste him!!! (plus the Dog its not like he is an uchiha dog) Tsunade, Old man Onoki expendables…. anyways who am I to argue with BRAINIACS? *sighs*


    Believe me am not Arrogant.

  79. Nah I don’t think that you are arrogant. Actually we were just discussing our natural tendency to be overly critical sometimes( well at least me).

    My post may came off as an explosion…. my attitude was a bit defensive.I apologize this “braniac” needs to learn a bit less knee jerk reactions…

  80. I apologize for my very quickly written defensive post

  81. Sumimasen deshita (すみませんでした)

  82. @Ash

    No need to apologize Brainiac… Lets just look forward to the next chapter, where are all the other Uchiha’s (members) or as you people say uchahax?

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