Fairy Tail 286-287 Breakdown!! Lightning Hax makes Happy Families.

Welcome to this week’s double breakdown, Fairy Tail fans!!

Millianna and her stupid dominatrix magic… I couldn’t do last week’s breakdown because she tied me up and locked me in her dungeon. X___X

We meet again, WRA. I’m sorry for skipping last week’s breakdown, but I was really busy. Anyhow, let’s get this breakdown started!

Fairy Tail 286 starts with Millianna easily defeating Semas, and after that Rufus pwns Eve, as expected. So, that brings us to the next fight: Raven Tail vs Fairy Tail. Without even giving him time to finish talking, Alexei attacks Laxus and he is unable to fight back.

The crowd is shocked. Laxus fangirls everywhere are going insane with rage and are getting ready to kill Mashima. Fortunately for him, Alexei reveals that this is all an illusion and entices Laxus to tell him where Lumen Histoire is.
When the Lightning Dragon takes off his cloak so he can beat him up, Alexei takes off his mask, revealing that he’s Iwan, his father (cue Star Wars jokes). He then summons Flare, Obra, Nullpuding and Kurohebi and tells Laxus that if he doesn’t tell him where Lumen Histoire is, he’ll have to fight all of them.

Laxus, as the badass we know and love, tells him that he’ll defeat anyone who stands in Fairy Tail’s way.

Awesomeness incarnate.

Moving on to chapter 287, Iwan reveals that Raven Tail members all use magic that Fairy Tail members are weak against and that they will release the magic that they’ve been storing up for seven years. Laxus surprises them by saying that Makarov already knows everything about them: the location of their guild, the number of members, their movements in these seven years… and he didn’t do anything about them because he still trusted his son. Iwan gets really angry and attacks him with an ancient power…

The power of papercuts.

Taste the power of papercuts!!

I can’t be the only one who started laughing when I saw Iwan’s magic. He created a tornado of shikigami and he only managed to give Laxus a papercut on his nose! I thought his magic would have been deceptively deadly. If each shikigami cut you, then a thousand of them would kill you, especially because you wouldn’t even think about defending yourself from paper dolls. Unfortunately, it turned out to be an extremely weak magic. So much for Guild Master of a Dark Guild, huh?!?

Anyway, Iwan orders Obra to use his magic-erasing power, but Laxus escapes from the paper tornado and knocks him out with a single punch. He then proceeds to pwn Nullpuding, Flare and Kurohebi and finally he sets his sights on his father who pleads for mercy, saying that they are family. Laxus ignores him and Falcon Punches him, proudly stating that Fairy Tail is his true family.

Puny God. (I hope someone catches the reference)

The illusion dissolves and everyone sees that Alexei is really Iwan and that Laxus singlehandedly defeated Raven Tail.

On that note, I think that Mashima really nerfed Raven Tail in this chapter. Laxus had to fight four S-Class Dark Mages!  He shouldn’t have been able to defeat all of them so easily and he should have lost against Iwan.
Even though it probably isn’t true, I hope that Raven Tail lost on purpose. They were too hyped up to lose so easily, especially considering that they had unfinished business with Fairy Tail that Laxus resolved a bit too quickly. Also, if they didn’t lose on purpose, they are really weak. They’re supposed to be RT’s elite! Or maybe Laxus is too strong… 😛

What do you think?

Anyhow, Raven Tail is disqualified. Iwan, Flare, Nullpuding and Kurohebi are arrested, while Obra manages to escape, revealing that he’s really the black imp and the tall man we know is just a shell. Before being brought away, Iwan cryptically says that Lumen Histoire is Fairy Tail’s darkness and one day he will learn the truth about it… DA DA DUNNNN.

Moving on, the Grand Magic Games continue straight on to the last match of the day, Chelia vs Wendy!!

The battle of the lolis…

YES!! YES!!! Finally, Wendy is going to fight! She even has a battle suit now! It looks like a very interesting fight, too. It’s been hinted that Chelia is really strong and that her magic is something special. Even Mavis commented on it!

The chapter ends with Zeref starting to reveal himself. He better not interrupt Wendy’s fight or I’ll destroy him.

Zeref has started moving… What’s he planning?

This is an interesting turn of events, but I still hope that the Grand Magic Games won’t be interrupted. I want this tournament arc to end, unlike the S-Class Exam. Still, with Raven Tail disqualified, the Games are kind of unbalanced, so Zeref might be Mashima’s way to avoid that. In any case, we’ll have to wait and see.

That brings us to the end of the breakdown. I hope you enjoyed the ride!

See you next week!!

~ by 最強 Dragon on June 20, 2012.

4 Responses to “Fairy Tail 286-287 Breakdown!! Lightning Hax makes Happy Families.”

  1. It’s out!

  2. The scoreboard is stupid Laxus and Erza should have gotten over 9000, for their fights.

  3. Nice Breakdown Dragon, must say Fairy Tail is now one of my fav manga’s really enjoying this arc, I think Raven Tail wheren’t that stupid, they definitely wanted to loose here, dont you find it ironic that as they leave basically Zeref arrives? I think that they wanted to plant doubt in Luxus head but mostly they wanted to get away from the arena for the arrival of the darkness.

  4. I must admit that I am really disappointed with Raven Tail. Where is the kick assness that i have been waiting for!? Complete.Utter.Failures.. They should go crawl into a dark dark cave and stay there until they figure out how to take a punch! ANYWAY Wendy’s battle is turning out to be more fun to watch than Raven Tail. Chelia is super duper awesome 😀
    But to the biggest point.. it has been two weeks and no Sting .. maybe all the epicness was too much for his little heart… Withdrawals 😥

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