Naruto Chapter 588 – 589 Double Breakdown: Perfection is overrated.

Greetings everyone.

Firstly, I’d like to apologize for the lack of a breakdown from last week. I was having issues with my internet connection and by the time I got things sorted, the week had become so busy that I simply didn’t have time to write anymore. I try to avoid writing double breakdowns as much as possible, but I suppose life doesn’t always want to go along with my plans.

In any case, let’s get on with the show.

Oh… I’m sure he’ll try…

Starting with chapter 588, we are, thankfully, only subjected to an entirety of three pages depicting some banter between Itachi and Sasuke. Sasuke – being as emo as he is – simply cannot accept Itachi’s ideals of protecting Konoha as his own and makes it clear that he is still just as hateful and vengeful as ever.

Now, I’m not sure how the rest of you feel about that revelation, but personally, I am pleased that Sasuke didn’t simply turn over a new leaf after a brief talk with his brother. Kishi has been building up for the battle between Sasuke and Naruto for so long now, that it would be a shame if he suddenly destroyed that build-up over a brief pep-talk.

What I do find more intriguing though, is Itachi’s response to Sasuke’s claims, where he states – quite certifiably – that stopping Edo Tensei is the least he can do to keep from slighting what he left in Naruto’s hands. What he’s basically saying, in not so many words, is that he’s interfering with Sasuke as little as possible now so that he doesn’t royally stuff things up again like he did before. I can’t say I blame Itachi for that decision considering how things have turned out with Sasuke so far but I also feel that, once again, more weight is being thrown on Naruto’s shoulders and I am personally wondering just how long he’s going to hold out under all that pressure.

After that brief exchange is over and done with, the rest of the chapter reverted back into the territory of the battle between the five Kage and Madara.

Ask me later…

The battle between the five Kage and Madara itself was far better than the showdown between Itachi and Kabuto for me personally, mostly because it had a feeling of desperation and excitement about it that I felt the latter was sorely lacking.

I’m not sure why, but whenever someone battles against Itachi, I have this reserved notion at the back of my mind that Itachi is going to win regardless of what happens, so there’s no feeling of suspense or excitement thereof. The outcome simply feels too obvious to be concerned about. On the flip side, Madara is so powerful in and of himself, that I can’t help but wonder if the five Kage will actually be able to beat him after all, and that makes every move they make against him feel desperate, inspired and meaningful, as if every effort is made with the hope of turning the tide, or perhaps even as a final show of rebellion before an inevitable end.

For a moment, it even looked like there was a glimmer of hope when Kage unleashed an impressive, all-out combination attack that seemed to give them a temporary edge. Unfortunately, their hopes were dashed when Madara showed us that – as is the case with all Uchiha – he still had a trick or two hidden up his ass.

Madara takes Uchiha ass-pulling to a whole new level…

And so that brings us into chapter 589, where the true “final form” of Susanoo is finally revealed… again. This revelation in itself would have been enough to either get you more excited for the upcoming battle, or have you resigned to bashing your head repeatedly against the nearest wall. I recommend refraining from the latter option, to help prevent possible brain damage.

Now, I know not everyone feels the same way as me, but I personally enjoyed this latest chapter. It just had ‘epic’ written all over it in so many ways – from the scope of the battle, to the feeling of finality about it – and although one could argue that Madara has simply become too powerful for his own good, I felt it was quite admirable that despite facing such a monstrosity of raw destructive power, the five Kage still hadn’t given up hope, mostly thanks to some inspirational words from Oonoki.

Another thing I noticed about Susanoo’s complete form itself is that much like Naruto’s full Kyuubi mode, the user floats within the “head” area of the avatar of chakra they now control. One could say that Naruto’s Kyuubi chakra avatar behaves in a similar manner to Madara’s Susanoo and it makes me wonder if both powers are rooted in similar foundations.

Madara decided to practice his sushi-making skills on a larger scale…

What I mean by “similar foundations” is that perhaps Susanoo itself is a living entity that exists separately from its user, much in the way Kurama is a being who is separate from Naruto (even though they share the same host body).

Going by that, I had a few theories about Susanoo that I have mentioned before, but I’ll bring them up again in light of this latest chapter. The first theory was that Susanoo was the incarnation of the spirit of the Sage of the Six Path’s oldest son. The idea was that the Sage’s oldest son’s hatred against his younger brother was so great, that it almost took on a form of and life its own that was passed down through the Uchiha and that it would subsequently manifest in a physical form in any Uchiha who feel that same hatred. You could say it’s the physical manifestation of the curse of hatred that Tobi mentioned consumed the Uchiha.

One could say that Madara’s hatred against Hashirama is based on that curse of hatred between the Uchiha and the Senju and that it would have been a perfect catalyst for Susanoo’s awakening. Similarly, Sasuke’s hatred against Konoha, which he is now directing towards Naruto, might serve as a similar catalyst for the awakening of his own, perfect Susanoo.

Is Naruto’s fox avatar comparable to Madara’s Susanoo?

The other theory was that Susanoo was a being created from a collection of negative energy or residue left behind after the Sage of the Six Paths split the Juubi’s chakra into nine parts to create the Bijuu. Perhaps Susanoo is all that remains of the Juubi’s original power and, as such, is comparable to the power of the nine Bijuu themselves.

This theory also led to the question that if Naruto once again reunited the 9 Bijuu within himself to give birth to a new being – as the Sage predicted – would that spirit take on a similar form to Susanoo?

I could imagine Sasuke and Naruto in their final battle, both fighting with these giant humanoid avatars, one of darkness and one of light, clashing against each other to determine  he fate of the world. However, those are just theories, so there’s no telling what might actually happen in the end. I do admit though that the first theory is more plausible than the second one.

There is one other thing I would like to mention about this latest chapter though, and that is how superb the artwork was. It’s the best art I’ve seen from Kishi in a while actually and all the characters, environments and explosions (of course) were very clean, detailed and well illustrated.

This following page in particular impressed me a lot (You can click on the image to open it in a larger format). The amount of detail is simply astonishing.

The force is strong with this one…

Coming to the end of these two chapters, these battles and this breakdown, We finally get to the point where Itachi begins to release Edo Tensei. I have to say, I’m quite revealed it’s all going to be over soon and I really just want to get back to the battle with Naruto and Bee against Tobi.

However, the last page of the chapter did give us some clues as to how things have been going in the other battles since our eyes have been averted from them. For one thing, Naruto himself definitely looks a bit worse for wear. He’s got a bit of blood coming from his forehead and mouth and it makes me wonder how much longer he and Bee will last against Gedo Mazo, especially if Naruto can no longer call on Kurama’s aid.

Another interesting thing the last page revealed was how, at the end, Itachi began to walk towards Sasuke with his hand held up in a manner reminiscent of those last few moments before he died where he touched Sasuke’s forehead.

It makes me wonder whether this is just a goodbye gesture – a final moment of reckoning and acknowledgement between brothers – or whether there is some greater purpose behind it.

What do you guys think?

In the end, with all the Edo Tensei summons now dissolving into beams of light, the only one we don’t see disappearing is Madara, which may be an ominous sign of things to come. It will be interesting to see how things pan out from here, but for now, this is where I close off.

I hope you all enjoyed the breakdown. Here are the winners of the last bubbliton contest.

3rd) Ashesreignighted

Itachi: (Right Bubble): …. X or O, IZNG = -X, If -X then O……. Sasuke! Pay attention!
Sasuke: (Left Bubble): Zzzzzzz …. but it’s too complicated….
Caption: How Tobi won the war.

2nd) Tanwir Ahmed

Itachi: As you can see how your sperm tries to get to the egg is a very complex journey, filled with many adversities.
Sasuke: I am not impotent brother!
Caption: Revival of Uchiha…a near impossible task

Dish11: Uhhh… <_<

Well done to Dish11 and to the others who made places. To be honest, these were very creative entries and I’m glad some of you managed to make something funny out of quite a difficult screen.

Here is this week’s bubbliton screen.

*Insert possible caption here.*

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  2. Nidaime!

    Great Breakdown Tenrai!! I really like the Susano’o theories. I had never thought that it could be the embodiment of the Sage’s Elder Son’s hatred. 🙂

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    nice breakdown

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  5. @breakdown
    I said months ago that I would be pissed if Madara got off with some sort of “haha I’m much to powerful because of (insert uchia hax) undoing edo does nothing to me MUAHAHA”
    Now how that relates to your breakdown is, I can just totally see some sort of “when I’m in the full version Susanoo I’m disconnected with this plain because this is the uchia legacy of hate…. or the oldest sons will of hate or… idk ummm UCHIA HAX FOREVA’ BITCHES”
    If he doesnt disapear it will better at least give us an idea of what Susanoo really is, and i really hope its something cool or revealing about the so6p or the lineage of the sons or really anything that gives more depth instead of just… “if the uchia ninja hates you really really hard he can make a superman cloak!”

  6. @Tenrai the Susanoo theory is interesting. good job on the breakdown, especially for a double chapter deal.

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    Bubble Contest Entry
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  16. @Michael

    Team A will win for one simple reason. Kabuto will just release Edo Tensei. <_<

  17. @tenrai
    thats wrong, madara is too hax for that, team A wins because itachi has already planted the seed of victory in madara at an earlier point that totally makes sense because itachi has already planned out every battle he will ever fight in and has some specific uchia hax to determine the fate of everyone in the world until he gets what he wants. 😉

    proposal- 3 way fight
    team A:
    ten ten

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    lol 2 weak teams and a single strong person…. <_<

    but seriously, team asuma vs team guy

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    Does that include the jounin captains?

  19. @tenrai
    The battle assumes that Kabuto wasn’t the one to edo summon Madara obviously….

  20. I really like the battle Crume proposed. I think it’s Itachis to lose. The team needs to find a way for itachi to strike Madara with the Sword of Dreams. He just needs one strike and it’s over.

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    @coolbeans victor of joke fight is Hinata and Karin due to their insane endurance to survive.
    Team Asuma vs Team Gai it’s hard to see who would win this handicap match (due to Tenten being defeated offscreen again.)

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    my vote in that fight if captains are included team guy, otherwise team guy… tenten is defeated off screen as per usual.

    ok an actual fun battle… this is a kage+1 duel (because there is only five) sooooo
    hokage, kazegage, tsukage (tsunade, garrah, oonoki,)
    raikage, mizukage, kakashi (A, Mei Terumī, umm i think his name is kakashax or something 😉 )
    this seems like a good mix and i think kekashi is the best kage level non kage/no uber hax fill in

  25. if you have a better mix for that fight im not set on who should be with who but that seems like it would be experience/defense vs power and speed. to me it seemed like a good way to split them. unless you guys see a more even match up i vote for debating that one.

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    @battle, to elaborate further, Team A wins cause it has Sasuke on it, and in this manga, I can almost bet a finger that if someone dies, its not gonna be him. So Madarhax is toast.

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  34. Great breakdown Tenrai

    How about original Team Kakashi vs Team Sarutobi

    Bubble 1
    Susanoo:You called me out for this trash

    Bubble 2
    Mandara:Silence you fool

    Uchiha hax no jutsu a 3rd and 4th bubble appears
    Susanoo: what

    Caption:when two Bubbles arent enought use the uchiha hax no jutsu warning only real Bad@$$ uchihas can use it side effects can included and not limited to going blind or dying

  35. If we’re going for group battles, another interesting one could be Akatsuki (all the original member minus Tobi) vs the Jinchuuriki (all nine of them).

    Everyone’s at their prime. No illnesses, no blindness, no struggles for power with Bijuu, or missing arms, etc.

    Of course, the only problem with that debate is we haven’t seen all of the Jinchuuriki’s full potential, although in this latest battle with Tobi, we did see varying degrees of their power and abilities.

  36. @Ten, I don’t know how, but all of Akatsuki beat the crap out of the 7/9 tailed beast. But they took them by surprise though. This is a battle where everyone is together. It would be interesting. I think The respective Beast would fight against the Akatsuki members that defected from those respected villages. Itachi and Nagato would be pretty tough covers but I don’t think he would be affective against the Jinchuuriki in beast mode though. I think it’d be an epic battle with Bijuu Dama’s flying around everywhere. I really think a Bijuu Dama can break Susano’o and I also think that Garaa’s sand can defend against Amerterasu, like he did against Sauske’s. The 5 tailed Jinchuuriki can make smoke to counter the vision of the Rinnegan and Sharingan. Too… much… to… right…head…overloading!

  37. @Wiseman

    Yes, it’s a different story when it’s a tean vs a team, as opposed to one-on-one battles.

    Also, Akatsuki members were given targets that they were naturally suited to battling. Deidara’s long range style was suitable against Gaara, Kisame’s chakra absorbing abilities made him strong against targets with massive chakra reserves and Hidan could essentially turn his opponent’s own power against them.

    But, in a group battle, those benefits become obscured a bit and teamwork becomes more of a focus than individual power. We have to consider interesting combination attacks or how individual combatants covering for each other’s weaknesses.

    I’d say both sides look pretty even in many respects, so it would be a tough battle. @____@

  38. Bubblition : Foolish Non-Uchihax, you cannot defeat me and my hax
    Rejoice for I’ve decided to send you to the Netherealm
    Caption: Why does this remind me of Paris Hilton and South Park?

  39. “Harashima Senju vs all other Kages” would also make for an interesting battle IMHO.

  40. I meant
    “Harashima Senju vs All other Hokages”
    I get the feeling we didn’t see what he could really do when Hiruzen Sarutobi fought him and his brother in edo form.

  41. Nah, I want to see the 1st Hokage vs. the 3rd. Sarutobi was way old when he fought both of them too. And he was considered the greatest of all hokages. I think that would be a battle for the ages!

  42. @Wiseman

    Well, Hiruzen was being compared to his predecessors. I don’t believe Minato was part of that comparison.

    I would actually like to know how Minato would have compared to Hashirama. Minato himself was a genius of his time and despite his young age relative to being Hokage, he was very powerful. Even before he became Hokage, he was so feared on the battlefield during the Third Great Shinobi war, that enemy forces were ordered to retreat on sight of him.

    Let’s also not forget that it was Minato who taught Hiruzen the Reaper Death Seal. I think that in itself says a lot.


    I reckon Hashirama would lose. Even now, in the fight against Madara, the five Kage were able to hit him with their last attack in chapter 588 to the point where half his body was blown away. If it weren’t for the fact that we was an Edo Tensei summon, that would have spelled the end of the battle for him right there.

    When you consider that Madara is immortal and has Hashirama’s power as well as the Rinnegan, I think it makes it plainly clear that the five Kage would at least be able to defeat a normal, non-edo Hashirama quite convincinly if they fought together.

  43. Caption*
    Madara: You know what they say… Big Tits need a big dick!
    Caption – Madara is breaking the asian sterotype

  44. If Hiruzen and Hashirama fought, both in their prime, Hiruzen would win, no doubt. If Hiruzen was the greatest of all Hokage and kage of his time(God of Shinobi) then he would also be greater than Madara before this hax trend. I want to see the legacy of the 3rd hokage actually… BUT as far as Minato Namikaze, His speed alone would be enough to defeat anyone if you ask me. He defeated TOBI, and lets not underestimate that little devil (Ninja storm generations he is a haxed out character, basically impossible to beat if you’re playing the right person). Once he has the chance to place that seal on Hashirama, the battle is done, because it will stick to him, also if he were to throw around his special kunai, then it is definitely over. Minato is faster than the Raikage bascially defeated him as well. Generations are supposed to become stronger than the previous so it isn’t quite surprising to see that. Hiruzen afterall was trained by the 1st AND 2nd hokage, both legends and made marks on history in their own way.

  45. @Greyfox
    Keep in mind that in Hiruzen’s time Harashima was the old man that was nowhere near his prime. Just because Harashima was beneath Hiruzen at that time doesn’t mean that Hiruzen was more powerful than Harashima in his prime.

    We have nothing to gauge exactly what Hiruzen was capable at his prime but plenty to show what Harashima could have done. So in my opinion Harashima vs Tobirama/Hiruzen/Minato/Tsunade could still be a rather interesting fight.

    Keep in mind that even though the 5 kage have gotten in a few good hits, Madara has had them on the ropes most of the time. This tells me that if nothing else Harashima would give his fellow Hokage a run for their money one way or another.

  46. @Michael

    He may give them a run for their money, but unless he is immortal like Madara is, I still think he would lose in the end. If the five Kage were able to inflict a typically fatal wound on Madara, who has the power of Hashirama, his EMS and the Rinnegan, then just Hashirama on his own with no immortality should be fair game.

    Although, admittedly, Hashirama was able to regenerate his own wounds without hand seals, so even then, I think he would take quite a bit of punishment before finally dying.

  47. @tenrai
    dont forget that hashirama was able to control all nine bijuu by himself (its stated that he captured them all like pokemon and later dolled them out for political purposes or something), a feat that it took all of akatski to complete. and he defeted madara while he controlled the most powerful of all, kurama. he also crippled madaras power, the same guy who is now beating the 5 kage pretty soundly and appears as if he was toying with them the whole time. and finally madara specifically says the if he was there the maps would need to be redrawn even further, just before destroying a mountain, which suggests that he had massively powerful tech’s that were huge in scale… the five kages vs him are toast. it would be a good fight for sure, but the history says he was like an ultimate trump card.

    naruto has been held out of most of these debates (and for good reason he is a beast) but how would he stack up againts one or more of the kages? lets say its an all out fight to not just a tournament thing, idk the kages turned evil or whatever so naruto is actually fighting them all out.

  48. @Coolbeans I think naruto can beat all the kages if it is a one on one fight the one that would give naruto the most trouble to defeat is the mizukage cause she has that lava spit( no wonder shes nlt married -___-)

  49. Remember that after one of the kage were blown away, Madara entire left side was blown away and had to regenerate. He actually had to regenerate a few times. One being when he sent that meteor down… Naruto against all of them? Naruto’s wide destructive power isn’t as strong as his close destructive power. Raikage would make the fight unfair due to his high speeds. Even though Naruto can dodge him one on one, I don’t think he would be able to handle all five kages just because of Raikage’s speed but if Raikage was excluded then yeah maybe. Then again, He has sage mode(perfected) and the kyuubi, so yeah maybe he could though O_o

  50. @greyfox/simply
    the raikage isnt faster than naruto in gold cloak mode. but that is a valid point, i dont think he can take all 5 kage, but i would bet he can take 2 or possibly 3 but it would have to be the right kages. one on one naruto takes all five and i think in order from easiest to hardest it goes, hokage, kazekage, tsukage, mizukage and hardest is the raikage. but in a two on one fight garrah goes straight to the top for support kage. one on one naruto already won way before his power ups, but coupled with another kage level fighter garrah become a HUGE player with his defensive skills that are mildly offensive as well (that statement made only vs other kages not the standard nin). in a two on one i actually think he stacks up best against tsunade and old man tsukage. i still think he can take at least 3 kage if it was a no holds barred contest but even i have to admit that that is a tall order. the best supporting evidence is pain owning all of konaha including sending tsunade into a coma and naruto handling him pre kurama power up. although that is arguable on many fronts i admit, but he also boot stomped all over this war so far, so i think in a single fight where hes not on litterally EVERY BATTLEFIELD he would be at least a match for 3 kage.

  51. no manga this week?

  52. @Coolbeans i agree with the hokage being the easiest but i think the kasekage and tsukage should switch places i forgot about the clones it makes me wonder what would have happen if naruto would have been at full strengh while fighting tobi we still do not know narutos full strengh

  53. @simply, thats fair enough and i agree that they could be switched. i really only put garrah at the second easiest because naruto already beat him, but in actual fighting power he is pretty bad ass. the hokage and the tsukage together would lose to naruto in either sage or cloak form. if he could pull off some sort of switch between the two and/or had sage clones prepared like in the pain fight i think you could add the mizukage to their team and he could still win.

  54. ok so this song has been a touch overplayed, but wow, amazing naruto/sauske amv compilation that i ran across and has a pretty low low view count so it should be new to some of you

  55. The chapter is out!

  56. What a chapter,must admit it touched me…

  57. You know, this last chapter happens to be the first time that I noticed Itachi’s new cloak-robe thingy has a hood.

  58. @simply & beans – *tsuchikage

  59. It’s funny, because that chapter did exactly what I DIDN’T want it to do. If focused almost solely on Sasuke and Itachi.

    However, despite that, it did so in a way I actually ended up enjoying. Seeing the true nature by which Itachi accepted his mission to destroy the Uchiha – something that Danzou seems to have coaxed almost exclusively – was definitely interesting. It was a good flashback and a good way to send Itachi off again.

    It looks like Madara may disappear as well in the end, although he still isn’t entirely gone yet so for all we know, he may still pull something from up his sleeves (although that’s looking less likely now).

    All that’s left to focus on this war really, is the battle with Tobi.

  60. In any case, seeing the memory Itachi showed him, Sasuke should be satisfied with killing Danzou and probably that old hag from the council. But other people shouldn’t be brought into this fight anymore and Naruto should be the only one Sasuke faces against.

    Also I’m eager to see Naruto, Kakashi, Gai and Bee face Tobi and to see what Gedo Mazo can really do.

  61. wow itachi can even hax up a farewell speach! ok it wasnt actually hax but that was about the best way they could have finished that part of the story. all in all great second death scene for itachi.

  62. @Tenrai as Sheldon says “i told you thusly”. I’ve been saying for chapters that the only good Itachi flashback is this one. Finally a chapter that did something right with Itachi and Sasuke. I’m kinda glad Itachi was able to show Sasuke and us what happened. And now we know Tobi had a need for revenge against the Uchiha for some reason. Hmmm…..

  63. Kagami is looking like a real contender for Tobi’s identity

  64. Whoa, Kagami Uchiha, he has very similar hair to Tobi. Why would he be the one behind the mask?

    He’s old enough to know and associate with Danzo, he was during the time of the great Shinobi war but I think Hashirama had died prior to those events. That means the Madara Hashirama fight would have happened a few years ago maybe. That would make him a teen 12-16 ish. I don’t know what Madara would have seen in him to time up with him. Maybe he admired Madara and Madara was able to manipulate him to the point where he was just a tool to be used by Madara; hypnotically suggesting Kagami be and act like Madara. It wouldn’t be beyond the realm of possibility having the sharingan and a sharingan technique to make someone believe they are someone else. This isn’t the first instances in which new techniques were discovered about the sharingan.

  65. going on the Kagami being Tobi. Maybe that is what Kishi is doing to us too. He is getting us used to seeing a new sharingan technique almost every week to the point where if he were to introduce a new one, that has the ability to hypnotize people into what the user wants them to be, that we’d be used to it by now and say “oh, wow again? ok” and keep going with the story line. I think if it does happen that way, it is an inside joke with Kishi and his staff, having us be tricked like that making him feel a little like an Uchiha

  66. But the question arises. Why Kagami? What is his motive for wanting revenge on the Uchiha? Was he just manipulated into hating the Uchiha who forced Madara out and he did not agree?

  67. I want it to go the the Tobi vs Naruto fight already. I seriously don’t know why they showed Naruto for only one or two panels. It was a wast of space. If they are going to show Naruto, it better be the whole freakin’ chapter! or bust. He is the title character for crying out loud. At least give him new lines too, damn it. He said the same thing 2 weeks ago. At least new information, like “damn, I wish I could have washed my clothes before I started battling, I stink!” something new

  68. @wiseman

    (My prediction) We are going to more or less jump into the Naruto fight in a couple more weeks. Even if Madara is defeated, with what I would say the fight nearly being half over and Madara pulling out his ultimate jutsu. Two things are going to happen, Madara is going to disappear or he’s going to stick around and get defeated. Either way as soon as Madara is defeated/vanishes… I’m pretty sure the Naruto fight will be center stage after that. Believe me it will be sooner than you think. Kishi is tying up loose ends in both those ( Kabuto vs Uchihas and Kages vs Madara) fights. I just don’t see Kishi dragging out the Kage fight like with Kabuto. Unless of course somehow Yamato absorbs some powers from Hashirama’s “cells statue” and lends the Kage’s a hand. Either way the epicness of the fight with the Kage’s won’t be boring because we will be rooting for the underdog . My point being… Naruto will be back, the konoha 11 might show up, Sasuke is right around the corner ( he fights Naruto to gain Rinnegan and to gain Tobi’s loyalty in order to fight him. defeats Naruto. The Fox is taken from Naruto?!!) Still I’m pretty sure Naruto is around the corner very soon.

  69. I thought this was one of the most epic chapters. Essentially Sasuke may not change his hate for Konoha but now he has a reason to hate Tobi as well.

  70. @ashes 2nd post
    wow good point, could you imagine a temporary naru.sausu team up to defeat tobi “once and for all”, before resuming normal hostilities??? i dont see that happening but could you imagine the epicness that it could be?

  71. I also think tobi might be kagami..why?
    1.Kagami should be d same age with sarutobi and danzo(this explains the wrinkles on tobi’s eyes)
    2.Kagami might have improved on tobirama’s space time jutsu(since he’s a part of team tobirama,he must have witnessed the jutsu)
    3.Kagami is an uchiha who is as old as sarutobi therefore,he must be knowledgeable about konoha’s history and the uchiha’s secrets(just like tobi)
    4.Kagami shares the same hairstyle with tobi
    5.Kagami and the akmichi shinobi,are the only shinobis in team tobirama that we don’t know their whereabouts…just my 2 cents!

  72. *sniff… This manga could be very much entitled – “ITACHI”.

  73. The question now is how in the hell did Danzo stole Shishui’s eye? Did they fight? And Danzo just poked out Shishui eye and who retreated from the fight? Did Danzo had those sharingan before fighting Shishui or after they fight?

  74. And what of Kabuto left with Sasuke? Does Kabuto can activate again the Edo Tensei? It was just cancelled right? meaning it can be activated again?

  75. @pisbolman,I think shisui was a member of root,..maybe danzo placed a seal on him,which activated as he wanted to use kotoamtsukami.OR maybe danzo assualted shishui with other strong members from root.

  76. Yea he can activate it..but he will need new bodies to prepare for another edo tensei jutsu

  77. I mean for a well known strong Uchiha? His eyes just got gauged by whatever means Danzo did?

  78. I have been wondering the same..well,its kishi’s story..let’s just go with what he says right?..

  79. Kabuto probably will be stuck in Izanami while Sasuke and Naruto defeat Tobi. essentially Izanami won’t evaporate just because Itachi does. Sasuke will probably leave him in the cave or kill him. Either way Edo Tensei isn’t going to be revived and Kabuto is no longer a threat in the war.

  80. did anyone notices that kakashi and guy told naruto not to turn around i wonder what he was looking at could their be someone behind them or is it just his narutoness that made him turn around?

    and did mandara have any children? if can tobi be his son? just something that came to mind

  81. @ Simply, the one that said “don’t turn @” was Naruto and it was directed to Tobi because he was looking at the beams of light and realized Kabuto failed in his attempt. You can deduct that by the following line Naruto gave him, witch was “don’t turn around, your opponent is me!”. Basically “if you blink I’m gonna go all 4th Hokage on your ass”.


  82. I have to say that the kages sure were a bit of a let down in the sense that they only had a couple of moves and jutsus they used over and over in the fight with Madara. Even if Madara was haxed beyond anything we’ve seen so far in the Narutoverse, examples were given till now that any opponent can be overcome if you fight long enough: Naruto vs Neji, Naruto vs Gaara, Naruto vs Nagato, Sasuke vs Deidara, Edo Itachi vs Edo Nagato (who was actually awesome and I bet he would have done better if he had his own mind and of course had the urge to kill Bee and Naruto).

    So why did the best shinobi in the world only used so little and did even less. Kakashi and Gai could have just as well substitute any Kage in that fight even Darui.
    To me this was a epic fail test the kage undertook and they only proved Madara right in the sense that no one can match him but Hashirama and in the present time only Nauto and Kabuto could have had a chance at his life.
    Also Edo Itachi would have been way up there but in this case I’m only talking about the living shinobi.

  83. @eugen I agree with everything except the last two fights. Since all the fight that had MS possessing Uchiha/Shippudden Sasuke in a fight. The victor was ALWAYS the Uchiha without fail.
    Anyone interested in the new Naruto movie yet. No one has mentioned since I posted the first link.

  84. @ Kanton, I only saw a little bit of the plot and was interested in it because it’s about Kushina and Minato surviving the attack when Naruto was born and also kishi is the one who wrote and directed it they way he wanted.

    So I am waiting for it with great interest but I know not to make a priority of naruto movies seeing as they come out the next year in April, so no use getting worked over about it knowing that I’ll get to see it only after 10 months or so.

    Also I’m also interested as to what Kabuto will do after he snaps out of his journey to self discovery. The dude will either get really worked up and start some really creepy shit even Orochimaru didn’t have in mind or he’ll try to take up Konoha’s side and kill every root and underground village killing force out there on his own. Fact is he’s one complicated dude with a really F’ed up mind and I for one don’t really know what he’ll learn from his test and what path he’ll choose.

  85. @eugen i reread it and your right i can see tobi turn around also

  86. @eugen you do have a point. It’s just the fact that everybody having their personalities except Naruto and unfortunately Sakura. Sasuke not being the asexual emo we’ve grown to hate, A stupid Shikamaru, Gai not embracing his youth or a flat chested Tsunade etc.
    Bubblition: Pathetic, you fools are not match for my Hax. Prepared to be squished like ants.
    Caption: At least he found a form he’s comfortable with. Did you know that the Mangekyou Sharinghax converts the sex drive and a unhealthy dose of overcompensation.

  87. Since things are so quiet here I propose a debate:

    Witch 3 shinobi can take down Edo Madara, anyone can be included, dead or alive, but let’s try some combinations without Naruto. Also mind you we won’t be debating the shinobis as Edo beacuse that would ruin the fun, only the shinobis in there prime and we can base our arguments from what we’ve seen them do in the war.

    My top 3 pick would be:
    Itachi Uchiha (Mid, Close, Far range, also very smart)
    Minato Namikaze (Super speed and smarts)
    Kabuto ( Every cool blood line limit we know of except doujutsu)

    Also I think, Muu+3rd Raikage & Tobirama could do the job also.

  88. you know eugen something hit me when you said “except doujustsu”

    I wonder of kabuto would just overload and explode if he transplanted Sharingan and go into sage mode? or would his eyes just be a weird mish mash of shapes and sizes haha! or even worse he wants to fight itachi, closes his eyes obviously wants to use amaterasu and black flames the crap out of his eyelids!!

  89. or even worse imagine what a mess narutos eyes will be if it was a combo of rinnegan/sharingan+kyuubi eyes+sagemode eyes

    And also i wonder if you transplanted a sharingan into a byakugan user if anything special would come from it, maybe those super veins will give the sharingan a boost lol

  90. @ Bakakage, I for one wouldn’t want to see Kabuto get more haxed then he already is. The dude is gross enough as it is. He brought the sound 5 out of his stomach and he keeps barfing himself out of himself ( if that makes any sense). As for the eyes I think the Rinnegan can’t be completed by any other doujutsu. But if you combine Kabuto’s snake sage eyes with Naruto’s sage ayes you get Naruto’s sage+kyuubi eyes. That something cool to see.

    As for the amaterasu, I would laugh my ass off if that would ever happen but how can he cast it if he can’t see where he’s aiming the flames.

    What I’m most interested is Naruto upgrading his sage techniques like the great jutsu kabuto used to manipulate his surroundings and the over the top sensing ability.

  91. @Eugen

    Although your team may seem solid from the offset, the question is how well their abilities would compliment each other or, even more importantly, how well they would work with one another. It looks like you just chose the three seemingly strongest shinobi you could think of and threw them together, but if you ask me, they don’t really compliment each other very well in terms of personality or fighting style.

    If I had to choose three ninja out of those who are still alive that could take down Edo Madara, it would be Gaara, Naruto and Shikamaru.

    Shikamaru for his strategic brilliance and exceptional forethought, Naruto for his speed and power, and Gaara for his solid defensive capabilities and sealing jutsu (because we know a sealing jutsu will be needed to finish Madara off).

    The way I see it, if Naruto uses his new Kyuubi chakra mode, he could have Shikamaru riding along with him to keep him out of harms way (like how Gai and Kakashi were riding with him a few chapters ago), all the while Shikamaru gives orders and plans each of their moves. Naruto’s speed should be enough to avoid Madara’s attacks and combined with Gaara’s defense, it should be difficult for Madara to land any counter attacks. Naruto could blow away Madara’s body if he manages to land a hit with his Bijuu bomb – which would be easy if Shikamaru manages to snag him with his shadow binding technique first – and after that, Gaara could seal him while he tries to recover (we know the more damaged an edo summon is, the easier it is to seal them).

    The other plus sides to this three man team is that…

    1) They are all already comrades who share a bond of friendship, trust and knowledge of each others abilities and limits, which would make it very easy for them to work and co-ordinate as a team.

    2) Naruto’s sensory abilities will make Madara’s Mokuton clones obsolete.

    3) Naruto’s chakra makes Mokuton go crazy, so I doubt Madara would be able to control it properly.

    4) Shikamaru is level headed and calm in battle, so he’ll make sure not a single move or ounce of chakra is wasted. Everything done will be to achieve a specific, calculated result, which is also a good counter for Naruto’s hot-headed nature.

  92. I agree with you Ten, but I was hoping for a trio without naruto seeing as he’s so overpowered as of late.

    I do agree with the teamwork and that it’s very important, but my first trio was comprised of Itachi, Minato (both shinobi of the Leaf) and also Kabuto who can be a good substitute for Naruto.

    The 4th has the speed and sealing jutsu the team needs, Itachi cand provide the defense and also a good intel via the Sharingan, and Kabuto cand pretty much survive any attack and regenerate from anything so he’s the way past Madaras defenses with the help of Minato’s speed.

    I for one would have wanted to see a team formed with shinobi from three different generations. The first one would be Tobirama, who I admire above all others for his ingenuity and power, the second would be Minato for obvious reasons and my 3rd would have been either Kakashi, Naruto, Kabuto or Gaara.

  93. @Eugen

    You speak of Naruto being overpowered, but then you choose Itachi, Kabuto and Minato on a team. I actually started laughing when I read that. Lol.

    Kabuto is probably the most hax ninja besides Madara alive right now. He has Edo Tensei, half of the blood limits that exist in the shinobi word, sage mode and the powers of the white snake. How is he exempt from being considered overpowered yet Naruto is not?

    Then we have Itachi… and…. well that’s all I need to say about him really, seeing as how the name speaks for itself. <_<

    Minato himself is a genius shinobi probably on Itachi's level.

    All three I would consider overpowered when compared with other shinobi, but then, if you're facing Madara, what other choice do you have but to choose a team of extremists?

  94. @Eugen

    If Tobi is Kagame, we may get to find out more about the second hokage through a flashback. I bet that’ll keep you excited :). Though his and actions( creating a proto-Edo Tensei) and his team which the leftovers are incidentally is the elders of Konoha. The only ones who seem to be decent out of that team was the 3rd Hokage. Danzo was messed up, Koharu and Homura have been troublesome from the start for Tsunade and the Village in general. I’m starting to wonder if the Second wasn’t the beneficial peace seeking person we all think he is. Still I want to see what kind of abilities he had. I think he’s partially eclipsed by his brother reputation and is standing in his brother’s shadow just a bit.

  95. So does tobi’s comments in this last chapter make any difference in Tobi theories out there. I mean Shisui was shown to give up his eyes and ends up willingly dying at Itachi’s hands. Seriously after a number of revelations, we know Tobi isn’t Shisui, Izuna, or Madara. ( unless of course someone has a convoluted theory as to what exactly Tobi is) However so far Tobi said he is a Uchiha with anger against both sides. The only thing I can think of is Kagame Uchiha or the Second’s son born from a Uchiha woman?

  96. @ ashesre, I think I can say it in the name of everyone here that the flashback your talking about (1st generation kages) is the most anticipated one and Kishi should probably make a 10-15 manga group dedicated only to this, like he did with kakashi’s past.

    As of late my attention is facing Obito once more, I don’t know why but I speculate a lot of things about who Tobi is and the fact is, out of two uchiha’s we’ve been given a preview in there past, only Tobi and kagami show up. kagami’s hair style isn’t really like Tobi’s so the last one is Obito.

    Anyway I hope Kishi will fill up this holes he left behind, unlike Kubo, who seems to be enjoying his trolling a hell of a lot.

    @ Ten, I know what your saying about Kabuto but Naruto is still the most haxed dude out there due to his bijuu and Kabuto will never truly achieve that.
    As for Itachi and Minato,they were talented from the start and got to the peak only due to there hard work and bloodlines.

  97. @eugen you mean bloodline*cough*asspulls*cough* and hard work.
    Vs Madara
    Team overkill: Hashirama, Itachi and Nagato.
    Team almost overkill: Minato, third Raikage and the second Mizukage
    Team Aho no Emo(dumb emos): Nagato, Itachi with Sasuke on the sidelines.
    San No Sennin (the three sages): Jiraiya, Naruto and Kabuto.
    Team generations: Hashirama/Hiruzen/Jiraiya, Hiruzen/Jiraiya/ Minato and Jiraiya/Minato/Naruto.
    The Uzumaki/Namikaze family Minato, Kushina and Naruto.

    New movie trailer and no, you are not seeing things.

  98. I have a three man team that i think could take down edo madara or anybody else….The Sage of the Six paths, The SO6P First Born and the SO6P Second Born son. U said any ninja dead or alive….they would wipe edo madara and EVERYBODY else off the map.

  99. O lol and i think it’s funny that i’m gone for awhile and when i come back almost everybody now shares my feeling towards the Uchiha. LOL i guess i’m just a man ahead of the curve!

  100. @Eugen

    “@ Ten, I know what your saying about Kabuto but Naruto is still the most haxed dude out there due to his bijuu and Kabuto will never truly achieve that.
    As for Itachi and Minato,they were talented from the start and got to the peak only due to there hard work and bloodlines.”

    Naruto only got to where he was because of his hard work. Unlike Itachi, Kabuto and Minato, Naruto isn’t considered a genius shinobi. He was the dead last ninja in his grade at the academy, after all. But after years of hard work, he conquered his worst jutsu, he concquered his weaknesses, and he even conquered Kurama – so to speak – and claimed his place as a true jinchuuriki. It wasn’t just all handed to him, he had to work hard for it.

    I consider a ninja “hax” when they are given everything for nothing. For example, Kabuto injecting himself with bloodlimits doesn’t require hard work or effort, it is simply haxing one’s self through an injection. Naruto, on the other hand, I don’t consider hax because all his power-ups were natural and par on course with the progression of the story. They were also gradual and took time to achieve. There was a build-up to each progression he made and nothing appeared out of the blue.

    In any case, you mentioned Naruto having Bijuu chakra and all, but Naruto can still only remain in his ultimate form for five minutes. To me, that’s a pretty steep drawback. Tell me, what similar drawbacks do you see the likes of Kabuto dealing with? He seems to have endless stamina and he has yet to run out of chakra. Even his sage mode is still active, despite Naruto’s sage mode only lasting a maximum of five minutes at a time as well.

    Then there’s Edo Tensei… Let’s not forget that Kabuto can summon any past ninja he likes to help him in the battle.

    As for Itachi, he pulls jutsu like the sword of totsuka and the Izanami out his netherregions. If that isn’t hax or overpowered, I don’t know what is. I mean, Itachi did just defeat Kabuto, the most hax person alive right now, and he did it using a jutsu that came out of nowhere – one that is on par with the Izanami.

    Minato is the only one on your team I do not consider hax, because despite his strength, he most likely worked hard for his jutsu, as you said. I still think Minato could be considered overpowered when compared with other shinobi, but in all honesty, I don’t mind that.

    I just think that it’s unfair to not include some characters into a debate because you feel they are too strong, only to then include other equally strong or even stronger ninja.

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