Bleach Chapter 495 – Counter Strike

I begin this week with what I think we need to get excited for a “War/Battle Heavy Arc” to be honest, I find that these times the battles seem so dispersed and so lightly cover that 19 or fewer pages always seem “meh” as Light has stated, but if you read my previous breakdown, I did state that with these chapters one should go back to and read in a “One Shot” sort of way all the chapters at once.

I like to think of chapters like these as the “trailers” for things to come, as Bleach Anime was canceled till this arc is over we wont get AMV’s made but I thought the following video will get my point across, and that is also step 2 in enjoying these chapters a little more, find some good music to read it with…

Now that I have tried make the reading of Bleach Chapters more enjoyable let me get to the Chapter itself.

We start of with Rose giving us an update of the Death’s so far in the attack, Kanton was one of the first to point out this war would be boring if it was so completely one-sided though I find it makes more sense this way.

Firstly all the Shinigami genuinely believed that the attack would originate from the gates, all the Quincy have truly done is surprise Soul Society with a quick attack we also know that most Shinigami with the exception of Kira where pretty low ranked and had only seated positions it was clear from the Rescue Rukia Arc that the power gap between Captain and even the Lieutenants are large.

Now one of my problems with the chapter is the name changed <___<

I also usually dislike Guitarists for this very stereo type. I grew up playing drums and constantly sat at school as guitar players brought their acoustics in, and would sing the most awful ‘home made’ songs that would make Sasuke cry of emo-ness… and it would be about running out of milk or something X__X So suffice to say Rose has never been my favorite character, I don’t know which musical/Shakespeare play Kubo was watching when he thought of him but none the less here he is and replacing one of my favorite Captains.

In previous battles he seemed to have a light way of speaking but in this chapter he begins serious and his opening little talk with ‘Weird Al’ seems to set the very serious tone of the chapter… Though I nickname this chapter Stop/Startย  ๐Ÿ˜›

Now I know Rose is getting ready but I found this portion extremely boring, guitar this and that and some guy he would be inspired by etc, it was only the finale that got me excited for the battle to come…

Though as you begin think awesome this is gonna be a cool battle Kubo realizes there can be only one “Bad@$$” to finish this chapter and promptly reminds us of the entire war going on at the moment. I feel torn here though, I find it when stories stretch so far many aspects can be left in the cracks in the previous war it was Byakuya/Kenpachi vs Yammy. I fear that either Kubo will be forced to rush through the battles like in the Fullbring arc or he will simple skip those without the “fan fav’s” in them. This is sad since I would like to see most of the Captains Bankai especially the ones that we haven’t seen but also the ones that have matured like Toshiro and Renji.

Another interesting fact is it seems the Quincy are Ranked or Numbered with letters, similar to the Arrancar, I would assume closer to A the more powerful or maybe it is the closer to Z but either way I think I will try refer to them by their Letter cause some of these names just scare me… Like U – Nanananajakoop what the hell is that? I mean next Kubo just gonna name someone Lalahashtag@%@ or something… If I where to guess I would say the most powerful would lead to A since the demon-ed woman thingy from hell seems to be F and if she is one of the weakest this war will be over soon <_<

Her arrows seem to kill Shinigami with a single hit and even tortures them as it inflicts damage. I look forward to seeing her vs Byakuya since both have their weapons levitate around them allowing for quick defense and offense.

I like this random Shinigami to be honest. This is the punishment the deserters should get (if you squeamish don’t click the link…)

This leads to our first epic entrance, Renji!

If you look carefully to the background (gasp there is a background and it is relevant ๐Ÿ˜› ) it seems Renji is fighting where he fought Byakuya in the Soul Society Arc. The Pillars seem the same, this would be pretty sentimental if this is the last battle Renji wins or fights. The way it ended before with Renji defeated almost easily by his Captain. *ahhh the good old days*

There seems to be something about the Quincy that allow them to block Zanpakto with even their hands though it is too early to speculate too much more than that.

If the previous chapter was Stage one “Surprise Attack” then this chapter war Stage two “Counter”

Kubo has given us a few battle prospects and though we don’t know much about the Quincy if the battle between Ichigo and the other Captain is something to go by it will be a decent war.

Light’s asked in the previous breakdown which Battle we most looking forward to

To be honest I am torn, what I like about Suifone is the way her battle is presented it seems like she is using stealth to sneak up on her opponent like an assassin so I think that would be exciting for a short time. The others we may finally see their Bankai’s so also wanna see those and Bear man we haven’t seen since the Tosen Episodes.

And a bad@$$ way to end the Chapter. Though knowing our fav troll next week we will be checking up on Ichigo again… I can almost guarantee it ๐Ÿ˜›

To all those that haven’t had an epileptic fit or closed the window after seeing that short AMV.Thanks for reading my breakdown and see ya in the comment section below ๐Ÿ˜‰

Pein ^:_:^

~ by pein0avenue on June 8, 2012.

8 Responses to “Bleach Chapter 495 – Counter Strike”

  1. Lol nice breakdown Pein,Amv’s are always fun to watch . I didn’t even noticed Renji’s backround because well bleach’s backround is almost always bleach.

  2. Is Kubo actually killing of a main character, or is our plucky lieutenant going to pull through?

    Either way this war arc seems to me to be more interesting than the last one where we knew how it would end (I.E. Ichigo vs Aizen)

    Great breakdown too =]

  3. Great breakdown pein i hope we can see shunsui kyรตraku’s bankai his always been my favorite captain/character

    What i dislike is how ichigo is having a hard time with his battle i was hoping for him to make quick work of him and end up fighting someone stronger

  4. |Well it is his first real fight against a Quincy.

  5. What about the one he fought at the start of the arc Ivan i think his name was but he was really weak though

  6. @ simple – I don’t think this guy is supposed to be a push over, Ichigo’s opponent survived Ayon who in the previous war basically F%$ked shit up for soul society lol, and now he has that monsters strength and can absorb more energy since the whole world around him is Reitsu, remember how powerful Ishida was in Soul Society and that was a long way back already. lol

  7. Well, this chapter didnt really bring my hopes up, but Ill like to see how this develops.
    Always thankfull though, kudos to pein!

  8. Thanks Nike

    We need Kenpachi to step up no Bankai to steal lol ๐Ÿ˜‰

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