Fairy Tail 285 Breakdown. MPA, Magical Power Awesomeness.

Welcome to this week’s Fairy Tail breakdown, WRA!

Now, what better way to start a breakdown than with Mashima’s fanservice?

Cana really showed us her ASSets in this week’s chapter.

Fairy Tail 285 was a great chapter. Not as epic as Erza’s rampage, but still awesome. I’m really happy Cana got to show off her true potential, even though it was only for two pages.

As I said in last week’s breakdown, after Fairy Tail A gained ten points by completely destroying Pandemonium, I expected every other team to get 0 points, since they didn’t do anything. This chapter revealed that the Grand Magic Games organizers have a plan B to establish a ranking order if someone breaks the Games like Erza did and it’s the Magic Power Finder.

So it’s like a magical punching bag?

Even though the concept is quite simple, it’s interesting to see how strong everyone is. The MPF judges raw power, though, so who would win in a fight is a completely different matter because you would also have to take into account your opponent’s resilience, just like Bacchus vs Elfman.

Anyhow, we get to see a glimpse of Millianna’s magic and she’s surprisingly strong, considering that raw power isn’t her specialty, as stated by her teammates. Novally and Hibiki, on the other hand, are rather weak, but that’s probably because their magic doesn’t focus on strength.

I was really looking forward to seeing Obra’s magical power, but he held back on purpose because Lahar from the Magic Council was there. His guildmates did say a few interesting things, though.

So shady… What can Obra really do?

Obra is very powerful, considering how he nullified Lucy’s Uranometria, but I think that his magic didn’t do much damage to the MPF because it focuses on reducing magical power, so it doesn’t have amazing destructive force like, for example, Jura’s. Also, Alexei and Nullpuding said that his magic can’t be used in front of people and he has to be forced to get serious, so maybe he has a Forbidden Magic that is exceptionally cruel or causes extreme pain to his opponents. Not exactly family-friendly, huh?

Anyway, another thing that I noticed was the black creature that appeared from under his cloak. Before this chapter, I thought it was a familiar, but, seeing where it came from and how Obra’s body looks rather mechanical, I’m starting to think that the one controlling his body is that imp, the real Obra, and the tall person is just a puppet.

Moving on, Orga is up next and gets a score ten times Millianna’s, making Laxus smile. I thought this was foreshadowing a fight between them, but the title of next week’s chapter proved me wrong because it looks like Laxus is going to fight Alexei from Raven Tail.

Even though he impressed Laxus, Orga is still beaten by Jura, who is confirmed to be at least as strong as Gildarts.
Speaking of Gildarts, it’s his daughter Cana’s turn and we find out that Mavis gave her Fairy Glitter again so she could win the competition, especially because now she has learned how to use its devastating power correctly.

Total Annihilation.

Her attack maxes out the MPF, making it explode and shocking everyone. As the crowd cheers, Cana yells that Fairy Tail is unstoppable and it really looks like they are because they completely dominated the competition portion of the games.

Unfortunately, though, it looks like things are going to change. Raven Tail managed to obtain the matchups for the battle portion of the day and they are planning something evil and mysterious.

All according to keikaku.

I hope someone caught the reference. 😛

It appears that Raven Tail has a hidden agenda. Could they be trying to control the dark mass of magic that appears every year during the Grand Magic Games? Or is it something even worse? We’ll find out soon enough, hopefully.

Well, that brings us to the end of this breakdown. See you next week!

The 9999 also reminded me about the Limit Break from Final Fantasy. I hope I’m not the only one! 😉

最強 Dragon

~ by 最強 Dragon on June 4, 2012.

4 Responses to “Fairy Tail 285 Breakdown. MPA, Magical Power Awesomeness.”

  1. It’s out!!

  2. cool breakdown. Thought Cana was going to lose she was drunk XD.As for Raven Tail I don’t see them too threating.The punching bag thing reminded me of dragon ball Z they had one to see each ones power.

  3. I get the feeling Laxus is going to show daddy exactly just how pathetic his Raven Tail guild is next chapter =P

  4. Wow… I was right but I didn’t realize just how right I was going to be =P

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