Naruto Chapter 587 Breakdown: It seems we are destined to talk about destiny.

Greetings one and all.

So, it looks like we’ve finally come to a head with regards to this battle between Itachi and Kabuto, with the activation of the Izanami now complete and Kabuto trapped in what could be called a “washing machine of thoughts and dreams.”

To be honest, this chapter was a bit better than the last few we’ve been treated to – and it also felt quite long as well, as far as Naruto chapters go – but even despite that, I still can’t shake the feeling that I just want things to start moving forward again so we can get back to the real story. Even despite that, I have quite a deep breakdown for this latest chapter. You could say it’s to make up for last week’s less than inspiring review, so hopefully you’ll all enjoy it.

If you see this face, it means it’s already over for you…

To start off, with how the Izanami was explained, it seems that it is, in fact, a foil of sorts for the Izanagi. The basic premise – in case someone didn’t understand it – is that the Izanai gives you the power to change your destiny, while the Izanami was created as a counter for it, to trap people in an endless cycle until they’ve accepted their true destiny rather than running away from it all the time by changing things as they please.

It’s an interesting concept and one that stands out quite significantly from the usual focal points we’ve seen in Naruto.

So basically, Kabuto has to become the only thing he doesn’t know how to be. Himself.

To explain my earlier statement, “fate” and “destiny” have always been tricky subjects in the context of Naruto’s story, partly because Naruto himself as a character has a nindo (Ninja Way) where he believes in forging his own path and following his dreams.

In part one of this story, we see Naruto’s will clash with Neji’s, the latter of whom used to believe that everyone’s lives are already predetermined by an inescapable destiny that they cannot deviate from. This was partly because of Neji’s father’s inability to escape his own fate as he was sacrificed in order to protect the main family branch of the Hyuuga clan.

During that clash, Naruto instilled an ideal where he believed that one does, in fact, have the power over their own destiny.

Do we accept our lives as fate, or do we break free from those invisible chains?

Lately, however, that ideal has been thrown into obscurity by the introduction of the Izanami and the Izanagi, two abilities which suggest that each person only has one true destiny and that to alter that destiny is both unnatural and forbidden (as hinted to by the fact that the act of changing one’s destiny causes an individual to lose their eyesight).

If the Izanami was designed to force its victim to accept their true fate, or, as Itachi put it, to accept who they are, does that mean that Neji was right and that everything that happens is really tied to each person’s own, unchangeable destiny?

Even Naruto’s title as the supposed “Destined Child” suggests that this may the case, but I have another thought on the matter, somewhat inspired by Genma’s words to Neji after he lost his fight.

A clever bird wouldn’t have been caught in the first place. <_<

Genma speaks of one having the ability to free themselves from their cages, which is essentially a reference to how everyone dreams of being able to follow their own path in life. Naruto is what I’d call the ideal example to compare this reference to because, in a way, you could say he is also desperately following that dream even to this day, where he’s trying to save Sasuke from an inevitable fate even knowing that everything, even the ninja system itself, is working against that goal of his.

Naruto also believes in changing that system altogether – which you could say is much like using the Izanagi to change reality itself – but, unlike with the Izanagi, Naruto is working towards that goal using his own strength. He’s forging his own path rather than running away from it by using a cheap trick to make everything the way he wants it.

In the end, going by this ideal, I came to a conclusion about destiny as it is in Naruto. I believe that everyone is ultimately “destined to choose their own path” and forge it within accordance to who they are and what they believe in. Some of you might throw the question out there “but what about Naruto being the destined child? How do you explain that?” Well, my answer is simple. Even the prophecy about the Destined Child is a prophecy that doesn’t simply depict only a single path or outcome. Rather, the prophecy itself depicts a choice.

Choices are like seven-tiered chocolate cakes. They’re easy to fantasize about, but difficult to make.

The Destined child will bring about a revolution and will either save the world, or destroy it. It isn’t just one outcome, but rather it depicts multiple outcomes, which in itself implies a choice. Even Jiraiya’s part in the prophecy involved a choice as well.

To put it simply, you could say that the prophecy itself foretells an event that will come to pass, but how that event ultimately plays out will be determined by the choices made by those of whom the event directly involves. This in itself implies that destiny isn’t just about following a preordained path, but rather, it’s about how you react to what the world throws at you. It’s about accepting the reality of life rather than trying to live in a dream – about taking the hand you’ve been dealt and deciding for yourself how you’re going to play the game and move forward from there.

Will you stick with your guts and follow your beliefs, or will you fold your hand and give up?

I feel that is the choice Kabuto is being presented with right now as well. He’s the caged bird that dreams to fly freely in the sky. The only question is, will he accept who he has become and open the cage to free himself, or will he continue to live in a prison-like dream? Will he move forward with his own strength, or will he try to scrape by with the strength he has stolen from others, following a dream that can never be?

I am sure there are quite a few loops Kabuto wouldn’t want to escape.

Ultimately though, Kabuto isn’t the only individual who has a choice to make here. As Itachi has his pep-talk with Sasuke, I get the impression that he’s also trying to show Sasuke that he also has a choice to make as well. Sasuke, much like Kabuto, also has to accept what he has now become.

One could ultimately compare Kabuto’s obsession with Orochimaru to Sasuke’s obsession with Itachi. In a way, both Orochimaru and Itachi represent the ideal forms of perfection and identity that both Kabuto and Sasuke respectively want to achieve. The way Sasuke described Itachi as “perfect” forms a basis for this shared delusion and it also means that everything that Itachi is saying now – about accepting one’s self rather than trying to be someone else – applies just as much to Sasuke as it does to Kabuto.

The only question is, how will Sasuke interpret Itachi’s words?

No, you’re not perfect. You’ve just got a perfect ass-pull no jutsu.

The way I see it, Sasuke could take it two ways. He may either see Itachi’s words in a positive light and try to change for the better, or he might apply it in a negative way and continue down his dark path.

Itachi’s talk about accepting yourself may be taken the wrong way with Sasuke, in that he may see it as his brother’s way of telling him to accept his self-appointed role as an avenger. To Sasuke, that may be his way of accepting his own destiny, even if it means going against the rest of world. In saying that, though, it may change the way Sasuke perceives that role and make it less about hatred and bitterness and more about some sense of divinely appointed justice that Sasuke feels he has been given the duty of carrying out.

Of course, those are just theories. There’s no real telling where Sasuke will go from here or how he’ll react once all this is over. Only time can tell with regards to that particular detail.

Of course, that also throws into question where Kabuto will land after all this is done with as well.

Even Kabuto has a home and family to return to.

It seems, despite the years that have passed, Kabuto’s “brother” is still waiting for his return from his mission, a mission that Kabuto had abandoned years before. Once again, this brings back the humanity of Kabuto’s plight and brings into question just what Kabuto’s fate will be in the end.

Will he die now at Itachi’s hands, or will he live to see his family again?

In any case, that’s about as much as I can think about for this chapter. I hope you all enjoyed this longer, deeper breakdown (relatively speaking). Here is the winner of last week’s bubbliton contest.

3rd) Coolbeans

Kabuto: Dont look at me like that just because the snake wont get up any more!
Itachi: It’s ok buddy we can try again tomorrow night.
Caption: The first draft of “men of a certain age” was much different then what CBS aired.

2nd) Dish11

Sasuke: what’s that thing hanging down?
Itachi: A hang down…
Caption: One day Sasuke… one day.

Nikeairforce03: Next up, Nyan cat…

Well done to all the entries. It was a good contest last week.

And here is this week’s screen. It’s quite difficult, but I hope you all have some great imaginations.

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  1. FIRST!!!

  2. For those of you who thought the last breakdown was too short, I present this weeks novel. 😛

    At least, that’s how it felt when I was writing it anyway. Lol. <_<

  3. Nice Breakdown Ten,
    This mini arc within an arc has really annoyed me, I just wish War Arc needs to move forward now and seriously Itachi needs to die, why? Cause fuck him that’s why! Itachi was one of my favorite characters, now he is the most annoying Preachy @$$ hole.

    Kishi introducing this “jutsu” thing, like Itachi is some “god” who can tell people what destiny they should choose, If Kabuto wants to dress in drag and do the hoola it should be his choice not Itachi’s that he must accept himself… @__@

    Destiny is a balls up to me, we have a Toad that can tell 2 futures meaning that in the end their is a future of Good and Evil essentially, and even though their seems to be a choice in the end there is only 2 choices (unless Tobi is actually Naruto from the future who became evil and overcome by darkness) then somehow I think that would make this destiny…

    Finally Sasuke, I truly dislike him, more and more with ever moment he sits and stares at his movie star super over powered brother, if this arc somehow bring him to his senses and forces him to battle Tobi before Naruto does (kinda like a true strength measure of Tobi) that would make all this worthwhile in my opinion…

    Bubblition Contest Entry:
    Bubble 1: This is Kishi new plot model for Naruto, all the X’s are story points where Itachi doesn’t get screen time, as you can see we have now nullified that with “Hax jutsu’s”
    Bubble 2: So like destiny we have a choice, Either Itachi gets a new jutsu or he gets a long speech… Enjoy ^_^
    Caption: Gotta love the freedom of Choice <__<

  4. I didn’t even make the top 3 😦 sad.


    your breakdown here is the the most inspired yet. You dealt with a very difficult to understand chapter with deft handling. thumbs up!

    Also clever pun on the voting deal: ” Sasuke turns over a new leaf” har har har

    I think there isn’t really much to discuss about next chapter. I think Sasuke and the possible reactions to Itachi have been discussed ever since we read about Itachi and Sasuke vs Kabuto. as of right now 66% chance that Sasuke becomes a good guy after Itachi evaporates or in his fight with Naruto.

    well Sasuke has to use Izanami sometime (why would Itachi explain it as an Izanagi foil unless Sasuke will use it against the only Sharingan user left? Unless Sasuke fights Madara but that doesn’t make sense), I feel Sasuke versus Tobi is going to be a big part of the final battle. This kinda reminds me of the anime s-CRY-ed, the two main characters are on opposite sides until the very end where they fight the main villain.

  5. Destiny vs Freewill…the philosophers are still arguing about that one, I have no trouble with the tension and paradox between them.

  6. @Ashes

    Thanks. I appreciate it.


    I see the toad sage as a weather forecaster of sorts. A weather forcaster can tell you it’s going to rain, but that doesn’t mean it’s destiny or fate. It just means it’s a forecast.

    What happens when it does rain is another story. Some people will take shelter, others will sing in it, etc, so even though the forecast is the same for everyone, the results for each individual will be different according to their choices.

    Naruto still has choices to make, even if he is the child of destiny. It’s not just about choosing to save or destroy the world, because that choice is in everyone’s hands, even Tobi’s. Rather, it’s about what kind of world you leave behind for the next generation as well and that goes a lot deeper than a black and white, good or evil decision. And, knowing Naruto, he’ll turn things on their heads anyway. Lol.

  7. @ Tenrai – Yes I udertand the analogy of the two, however, I can predict the weather for tomorrow accurately, and even predict the seasons overall weather to some degree correctly but this is a fact on a human calculation, if Pain hadn’t changed or had accidentally killed Naruto with the moon jutsu or what ever, this was a seperate human calculation if Hinata hadn’t intervened or Sasuke hadn’t stopped Haku in the first arc, all these “Whims” seems to have layed a road map for this destiny and for the forcast to have been correct either Nagato or Naruto would have to be alive to preform the revolution which in a sense brings us to 2 paths, and even then these paths have been apparently alters before the prediction itself by the acts of Tobi and the 4th Hokage…

    In the end Naruto is preaching to idea’s one is that you have a set destiny and the other is that you free from it, Itachi is saying that you must be a certain way that is your destiny when actually he is forcing Kabuto to change or forever be the same forcing him back onto a Destiny he may not want, its like Kabuto’s path was always set in stone but if it was this Jutsu wouldn’t be needed to alter it would it? If this is who Kabuto was meant to be why must it be forced and he is given a single option, or like he says “choice” if I had a gun to your head and told you to give up eating Cheesecake or die, I am making it unfair its Forced bt we calling it destiny…

  8. @Pein

    The thing is, just because Itachi says something, it doesn’t automatically make it correct. The same way it doesn’t make it correct just because Naruto believes in something. At the end of the day, these are different characters with different ideals. It’s called, individuality.

    So, on your end, you have to decide what ideals you most agree with and which ones you don’t, just like the characters themselves have to choose to either follow what they feel is an inescapable destiny, or forge their own path based on what they believe.

    In any case, the jutsu is meant to make the victim accept themselves. That could be read any number of ways and it could even be something as simple as being happy with the path you’ve chosen. You are, however, right in saying that it is a forced choice of sorts in this case, but you can blame Itachi for that one. 😛

    Then again, life is pretty much like that isn’t it? You have to earn money or die. Eat or die. Drink water or die, etc. There are a lot of cases in life where we don’t have the freedom of choice, where we are pretty much forced to do a certain thing or act a certain way for the sake of our own well being. You could say that Itachi is merely forcing reality onto Kabuto. Lol.

  9. Bubbliton:

    Bubble/s: Alright class, looking at the illustration each of you have been given, I want you all to solve for X.

    Caption: And you thought trigonometry was bad.

  10. Itachi: …. X or O, IZNG = -X, If -X then O……. Sasuke! Pay attention!
    Sasuke: Zzzzzzz …. but it’s too complicated….

    Caption: how Tobi won the war 🙂

  11. Read like manga

    Itachi ( Right Bubble): …. X or O, IZNG = -X, If -X then O……. Sasuke! Pay attention!

    Sasuke (Left Bubble): Zzzzzzz …. but it’s too complicated….

    Caption: how Tobi won the war

  12. Am I the 3rd? I hate his old guts, XD.
    DId I win the bubble contest, XD Yay!
    Is that a lengthy breakdown, Yummy, thx Tenrai!
    @bubbles, lol, but ahses´s, great! (and I love your double [or tripel, …] posts, XD)

  13. @Nike
    I am glad you won. I was hoping to lose to you but I didn’t bet on being taken out by Katonkage and Coolbeans ( even though they are both cool in there own right.I’m still cooler 😉 j/k)

    Thanks for the compliment!

    I’m sry for the double and triple posts, I’m just a perfectionist and I have trouble nailing down my idea the first time. I only want one bubbliton entry but I’m constantly revising it.

  14. Bubbleeeeeeeeeee

    Itachi: This is why you’re going to attack Konoha? I don’t understand, explain this to me..
    Sasuke: It’s self-explanitory.

    Caption: uhhh… <_<

  15. Bubble1: first you turn it this way…
    Bubble2: No wait, I mean turn it *this* way…

    Caption: Puzzle Rings – Gateways to Madness

  16. Spoilers have been uploaded.

  17. Hi everyone!! nice and long breakdown Tenrai.
    what do you think about this: if you use izanagi you lose your sight in one eye and also the same happens when use the Inami, soooo my point is: The Uchiha Clan should´ve been very huge, if not tell me how they make a counter for a technik that make you go blind, how can a sinobi stay alive with only one eye??… and you lose your sight only to teach a lesson… that doesn´t make any sense in sinobi world. the Uchiha clan use izanagi that much that they can afford powerful ninnjas to counter it and go blind in one eye to teach a lesson??.
    Nice troll Kishi!!
    @Nike want to see what you have for bubblition this week
    @everyone: sorry bout my english.. 😉

  18. Its out!

  19. Finally, the pace is picking up again. I’m really glad that we went back to the five Kage vs Madara, because he’s a much more interesting villain than Kabuto. Lol.

    And it looks like Madara’s final form of Susanoo has come out to play. The only question is, will the kage manage to put a stop to it or will Itachi have to bail them out?

    All-in-all, a great chapter.

  20. @ bloodnose, welcome to WRA, If you’ve posted before sorry for the late welcoming since i haven’t been around in some time myself.

    And as for Izanagi and Izanami, you’re absolutely right, Why would so many shinobi risk there eyes for a clansmen if not a relative or best friend.

    Also the Izanagi users were really reckless using up there eyes like that. The only rational motive I can think of, and this is a very slim opinion, was if a Uchiha had EMS and somehow manage not to lose his sight after casting the kinjutsus.

    Sadly only Madara and Sasuke can put that theory to the grave and I’m looking forward to see if either of them cast the jutsus. Sasuke already knowing how to cast both from Danzou and Itachi.


    As for the latest chapter, it was a very needed breath of fresh air after all that unneeded info in Kabuto’s past.
    Madara yet again managed to break the souls of all 5 Kages with what looked like the Grand Daddy of Gedo Mazo under the full control of the most vicious and deadly shinobi known to the Narutoverse.

    :)) I bet the kages are really pissed off at Tsunade for sending Naruto away just about now. How stupid were they:))
    Especially now when Naruto is the embodiment of almost all the bijuu and in a sense the closest thing to the perfect complete jinchuriki.

    I think a Bijuu Dama like the one he used to counter the one the other 5-6 bijuu fused to use against him, Bee, Kakashi and Gay would have sent Edo Madara to the land of farting rainbows and Mr. Satan rap concerts.

  21. I want to see the 5 kages beat Madara but seeing as they are just about near death pretty sure Itachi is going to bail them out.

  22. @Eugen and bloodnose the risk is not all that bad since the person that lost their eyesight can always get another sharingan insert in the from a dead uchiha or one that they defeated.

  23. @lights i agree i thought the kages had him for a while and them mandara still had susanoos perfect form -__- this reminds me of DBZ when they were fighting Frieza

  24. Bubbliton

    itachi: As you can see how your sperm tries to get to the egg is a very complex journey, filled with many adversities.
    Sasuke: I am not impotent brother!

    Caption: Revival of Uchiha…a near impossible task

  25. I wonder if Kabuto has an anti-genjitsu trap set up for the Uchiha, kinda like how Itachi activated Naruto’s crow… Kabuto plans pretty well in advance, so I wouldn’t be surprised…

  26. BEFORE i start – I just want you to know, i skipped everyone’s comments just to get this out of my head before i lose it, THEN i will go back up and read the comments… but yeah, as far as Destiny goes… I believe Neji was indeed absolutely right… the only thing he was wrong with was “judging” ones destiny, rather than letting it lay out. That is the key, EVERYONE has a destiny to fulfill, but we as human and in our nature, we judge others and determine their destiny, BUT that isn’t their destiny. If everyone knew Naruto’s father was the 4th they wouldn’t be saying he destiny would be something so low but rather something a bit more up there and high expectations. We don’t know anyone’s destiny, you can’t change something that you don’t know… Now to “change” destiny, is to actually see your future and then come back and change your future from happening… that would be to “change” your destiny, but destiny is unchangeable, even in the sense of visiting your future as I said before I believe if you went into the future or the past, in your past, your future already visited your past and altered it before you could, so your life becomes a loop but i don’t believe in a past timezone and a future timezone, just the present, but i believe there would be opportunity to revisit the past like a movie, but not interact with it nor be able to see the future… thats my take on Destiny, that Destiny is the final outcome, but the way one perceives your destiny can be changed. DESTINY ITSELF CANNOT BE CHANGED!!! Naruto was destined to win that battle against Neji, he was destined for something great already… He was destined because he was determined to win…

    “Your fate is to die at my hands” “No my fate is to win.” Which one is the right destiny? The final outcome was destiny.

  27. ***Caption***

    Itachi – Okay, See this is why the patriots lost the superbowl, Tom Brady took a loop o the outside and got sacked for a lost multiple times even though in this HUGE circle here, there were a few wide open

    Sasuke – Dude wtf? That game was like 4 months ago get over it!


  28. @ simplyantony – What I wonder is… If this was a pressing issue for the Uchiha, firstly how did the clan last they would of had to keep killing each other to gain eyes and ems? meaning a huge civil war and Inzagi you need Senju Blood? So yeah. Kishi tossed more plot out the window 😛

  29. I wasn’t a fan of this chapter. Can’t Kishi go one month without hazing the Uchiha!? That is the perferct susano-o now! Now it’s going to be able to run and jump and I bet sing too. Give me a break already. And that Susano-o seems to be made out of wood. I bet Madara is going to say, yes the Senju and Uchiha blood mixed can only perfect this feat.

    I also thought Inzangi could only be performed if you had Senju and Uchiha blood too.

  30. *haxing

  31. …and banjo …it plays the banjo… favorite song? “O Susano-o”…

  32. -.- This chapter was meh. Oh look UCHIHA Madara is owning everybody simply because he is an Uchiha. I want Orochimaru and the regular Akatsuki (except Itachi) back!!!

  33. well, to be honest, most of what we’ve learned about Itachi has been hearsay up until now. It’s kind of nice to see him in action.

  34. I still think it’s up in the air whether Sasuke’s ever really gonna go back to the dark side. If he does it will be temporary and with a little bit of doubt or hesistation about his goals. Izanami’s appearance implies Sasuke is going defeat Tobi. I doubt Sasuke would be happy with an Izanami win if he’s pissed enough with Tobi. The only scenario possible is Sasuke discovers the truth and fights Tobi.

  35. @Pein0avenue i agree and your right i feel like itachi made it seem like a single person was constantly using izanagi to change their daily lifes but the most a normal person (excluding danzo) could use izanagi is two unless they get new eyes. Now that i think about it not every uchiha unlocked the MS so their is a possibility that the only way you can know about izanagi is by reading that stone monument in their village with the MS i could be wrong thought just and idea that came to mind i apoligised for my spelling just got out of work and it is 1 in the morning were i am at so i cannot think straight i would answer you in the morning but i might lose my train of thought so this way is better that way i can clarify anything if you do not understand what i am trying to say

  36. @simply, pein: that was my hole point, one technik that counter izanagi can´t be an eye looser (for so many reasons) unless you have EMS, only Madara, and Sasuke have it as far as we know.
    @WRA soooo if Uchiha clan made a counter to Izanagi because it was wrong to “always” change your destiny. How many of them were using it and how many times? you are only capable of using it one unless you are killing other Uchiha for taking there eyes….. there is no sense in that!

  37. @Eugen, thanks! I like this blog. As for the EMS theory is the only posible way that i could think off.
    we keep been trolled again an again lol

  38. Hey guys im going to put out a few ideas there that might make this hax to the max make sense. First izganzi…a jutsu that allows the caster to make WHATEVER scenario they want…and thats the key…if you were cleaver you would change an event you didnt like…and weave the loss of sight into the jutsu. For example if somebody died that i didnt want dead, i’d cast izganzi on myself and the dead person, after all look what danzo did, he was able to bring himself back to life multiple times with the jutsu, so bringing back a dead eye would be no feat, and if you can do that, you can cast the jutsu multiple times thus getting op. You just have to be smart in how you weave the jutsu

    Many uchiha could have obtained ms without having to kill eachother, sasuke found a way, and if he did i’m sure that a clan that was around for decades or centuries would figure it out as well

    Getting EMS would be easy, you dont have to kill somebody and take their eyes, just swap eyes and if your compatible you get ems, if not put ur eyes back in and try again with another person, it’s really that easy to be an uchiha hax

  39. @dricedt lol that´s easy! i think that´s the way the do it in the sinobi world hahaha. My question is: it is that easy to obtain the Izanagi? not to mention the EMS.

  40. @ Blood – I am not sure EMS will separate the loss of eye sight, maybe they will loose the EMS or MS ability and not go blind? But if their is no draw back this Jutsu will Hax the Hax Jutsu 😛

    @ drict – False – Sasuke gained EMS from killing his Brother who he realized was the closest person to him 😛

    <__< If swapping Eyes was possible why didn't Madara with his brother?

  41. @pein lol hahaha totally agree

  42. @blood I actually think that yes, it was actually THAT easy to obtain izanagi and spam it, and that was the problem. Everybody and their brother lololol…..was able to use it and only by casting izanami, a jutsu that you can avoid loosing ur eyesight can you cause the other person to realize the wrongs they have done

    @Pein I always thought sasuke obtained ms prior to fighting itachi and got EMS by getting itachi’s eyes?? >.>? Thats why he made that deal about itachi’s eyes and sat in the cave for a year and a half. And its never sat well with me that madara’s brother “died” from switching eyes, i think madara was actually crazy enough to kill his brother, i dont trust him, he’s a liar. However, when we look to obito, he gave his shariggan to kakashi and was still alive, though briefly after it. I don’t see why trading ur eyes in would kill you

  43. @ Driced – Sasuke had Itachi’s “Black Flames” implanted in his eyes but only gained his own MS after he learn’t about Itachi and was crying over the sea, when he opened his eyes then he had his own MS and gained EMS by implanting Itachi’s eyes.

    Also Inzuna (Madara’s Brother) died in Battle blinded, so couldn’t of been Madara himself… So trading wouldn’t kill you but I think one gains

  44. @dricedt if you could use izanagi to get back the sight you loss wouldnt you need and eye as compensation? So it will just be a reacurring facter like azanami thats probably why uchihas created azanami maybe some people were constantly doing it so unless they came to accept that their sight was gone they kept reusing the jutsu?? Or maybe not hopefully kishi clarifies that part cause what you said does make sence

  45. @Drice

    Actually, the prerequisite for ataining the EMS is not to just implant another Uchiha’s eyes. First you need to attain the MS which can only be done by killing your closest friend. If every Uchiha did that it would have been a very small, if not near extinct clan.

    After that, you can only gain it by implanting your brother’s eyes specifically, so I assume that only those who are as closely related by blood as brothers are able to trade eyes. You can’t just trade eyes with any Uchiha. That is why Madara and Sasuke were some of the few Uchiha able to attain the EMS.

    So no, it isn’t that easy to get the EMS as you make it sound. Also, I think the eyes you take also need to have attained a certain amount of power first. I’m not 100 percent sure but I reckon that would be the case.

  46. Uchiha clan IS almost extinct there is only 1 survivor!

  47. @Nike you forgot to add, he is also Asexual.

  48. @ Nike – Yes this is true but that is not because they killed each other to gain MS it was cause Itachi killed them all in one night with the help of Tobi lol…

  49. I can’t wait until next weeks anime episode it might show kakashis rampage 🙂

  50. man no matter how you slice it, whether Izanami or Izanagi is complicated and makes sense, or It doesn’t make sense and it’s a plot kai …. , Right now the only thing I care about is the next chapter. I just want to know if Sasuke is going to fight Itachi, and if the Kage’s win by default. I mean I can speculate but I’m just not interested in this whole Kabuto, Sasuke and Itachi battle anymore. I want Edo Tensei ended, the Kage fight concluded and get to watch Sasuke versus Naruto, which then leads to answers from Tobi. Which the only thing that has kept me this long is to see if Naruto saves Sasuke, Naruto vs Sasuke, and who the heck Tobi is and the final fight between Sasuke and Tobi ( with Naruto mostly likely being involved but hasn’t been confirmed.) Izanami just shows that Sasuke gets in the final blow, or at least just the threat of Izanami keeps Tobi from using Izanagi. Either way doesn’t matter.

  51. @ Ashes – “Plotkai” *whips tear of pride from eye* You just refered to a Bleach “Hax” etc to this war, So again I am not the only one 😛

    To be honest the worst thing to happen to this war arc has been Itachi… His little sob stories and belief in Naruto (who could be dead now for all he knows) I think he is now my least fav character, I think I like Tsunade and Tenten above him… and I think Kishi destroyed Sasuke’s character… He wastes all this time where he supposedly develops Sasuke but at the end its like “I am not changing” so it was a waste, I wouldn’t be suprised if as Kabuto ends the jutsu Sasuke doesn’t just burn him in amats sigh…. I think Madara will be unsealed before then though it would be awesome if he used Inzanagi to survive being unsealed lol

  52. @Pein

    Actually I think Kishimoto needed to showcase Izanami ( so we weren’t completely uninformed later when Sasuke uses it). There aren’t exactly too many Uchiha’s left to show Sasuke how to use Izanami. So Itachi was a good pick ( since it will surprise Tobi later to find out Sasuke has a jutsu all along to counter Izanagi) . The problem was Kishi wrote himself into a corner. Itachi and Sasuke were too much for Kabuto. Kabuto didn’t really get to show any resistance. Izanami and Izanagi hasn’t been explained very clearly, which frustrates fans, we sat through an unnecessary flashback which tried to get us to like Kabuto when he’s a villian. ( also Kishi didn’t have enough time to make us feel sympathetic for Kabuto). He needed to break up the Uchiha vs Kabuto fight by cutting back to the Kages or Naruto. Most of these were plot issues that he ran into half way into the series.Sasuke needed to be distracted from killing the “rookies”, oh look Zetsus. there is alot here that needed a deeper examination.

    I actually like Itachi as a character. I could like Sasuke as character ( angst and all, I’m a fence sitter when it comes to Sasuke) if Kishimoto had developed him correctly. I applaud Kishimoto’s intentions behind alot of these things but the frustration is that he doesn’t ever completely pull them off.

    I don’t think Itachi talking to Sasuke is going to be a waste of time. Itachi was never meant to convert Sasuke only sow seeds of doubt. no one changes overnight. People say Itachi is cynical for saying that he can’t change Sasuke and he doesn’t have any attachments but he just doesn’t have the time the Genjustu is forcing him to end the Edo Tensei . Sasuke has a choice here, denial of death or it’s acceptance, to let Itachi go. Itachi has put Sasuke in a position where to keep him alive Sasuke has to hate him for trying to leave him. So Itachi is destroying Sasuke’s fanboy love and if Sasuke keeps Itachi around, Itachi is going to Inhibit sasuke’s ambitions to kill Konoha. Essentially Sasuke is being forced to choose to be at constant war in the cave with Itachi ( in Edo Tensei form, how would he beat Itachi?) or allow for acceptance of his “death”, Death to his fanboy status, allowing Itachi to be imperfect in his mind.

    So I really don’t think he will fight Itachi and even though it won’t convert him it will leave him shaken a bit.

  53. @pein I agree and it got worse when Nidaine Mizukage and Sandaime Raikage. Here where I disagree Madara’s revival just suck the life out of this arc. Simply for being an overused, overpowered Uchiha.
    @ashes basically your saying Itachi is repeating himself without unnecessarily mind raping his into insanity.

  54. @katonkage
    I’m not quite sure what you mean. You had a word missing… did you mean “basically your saying Itachi is repeating himself without unnecessarily mind raping his brother into insanity.” ? Are you saying that he’s manipulating him all over again? Well in this case protecting Konoha was Itachi’s reasoning for killing the clan and right now Protect Konoha the Shisui Genjutsu is still affecting Itachi. So Itachi is genuinely following a direction without trying to manipulate Sasuke. It’s just that Sasuke’s choices are real limited. he can try to stop him which means the two end up at war with each other… He can hate Itachi for leaving him, or he can let him go and accept that Itachi wasn’t perfect. He only really has 3 choices. two of those seem counterproductive but then again Sasuke isn’t really thinking rationally.

  55. Just to warn everyone, my internet is being anal today, so I don’t think my breakdown will be out it’s usual time. I may even need to make it a double.

    Sorry guys and girls.

  56. boo XD just kidding , take as long as you need.

  57. Spoilers Are Out

  58. It’s out! >>>>

  59. Was that Fuckin’ EPIC or what !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Explodes and takes everyone out in the blast and also manages to weak up Chuck Norris and stop kakashi’s Rampage.

  60. what a crappy chapter, so apparently madara was strong and itachi dispells ET, that surely whets our appetite for next week’s chapter. oh wait, there is none.

  61. I thought it was a fairly good chapter. I like how Kabuto lied to Tobi about which seals are needed to end the edo tensei, guess it wouldn’t have mattered though since Tobi would just used his sharingan like Itachi to get the real seals

  62. what’s itachi trying to do at the end of the chapter….edo tensei was released way too quick….and sasuke is still bad which is good but executed crappily…”my brother who i loved came back to life, but im gonna ignore him and do what i want” kinda unbelievable..

  63. @ Eugen – Not sure if I would go that far 😛

    @ zzattack – lol, Aren’t you looking forward to seeing Itachi try poke Sasuke’s head and more panels of Sasuke’s face from slightly different angles… I mean that is writing genius right there 😛

    @ Chapter – ITACHI IS GONNA GO!! Man Finally after all that…

    3 things though
    We have now basically finished a WAR ARC. and not a single “known character was killed off?” I think Game of Thrones there is a character killed every episode 😛 Even the current Bleach war has had more casualties…

    Oonik, was dying 30 Chapters ago? and still fighting… Tsunade used a large portion of her chakra reserve on the Teleport and now has had the seal activated for a long battle against Madara and at one stage 5 to 1 Madara’s yet they ‘Okay’

    Lastly why in the world is Sasuke Spitting on his Brother Legacy and calling it love? and I said this before, why is it that Itachi isn’t forced to Stop Sasuke he is under a genjutsu that forces the person to “protect” konoha and Itachi is letting Sasuke live? WTF

    Kishi is creating too many plot holes…

  64. @pein: I can only hope Sasuke’s stupidity has to do with Dark Zetzu…

    Think, though, about Shaman King (old ref, but hey – i’m old) – the plot development was fun and creative, but as they got closer to episode 64 (finale), they just rushed everything. Naruto has had a much longer run than Shaman King, but I suspect Kishi is also rushing to the end here.

  65. So basically this whole thing didn’t do anything to change Sauske’s perception. After all he witnessed. It is true, even with all the things the Shairngan can see, it still can’t comprehend anything. It just mimicks and or creates things without any understanding at all. What a bunch of egotistical people the Uchiha are; “our eyes see through all!” That’s a load of crap. Sauske is the embodiment of the Uchiha as a whole. He thinks he knows all and of what he knows he can come up with his own ideas of what’s right and wrong and would kill or “hate” anything that doesn’t agree with him.

    Chapter was good because of one thing… This stupid Uchiha arc ended. Kabuto was dupped by Kishi into thinking he was going to be a badass villian. Again Kishi uses an Uchiha to ruin the mood.

    Now I have to have this bitter taste in my mouth (haha pretty funny) for 2 weeks?

    Kishi should have taken his time with this war arc. He should now that it’s his story and should have given more insight to 2nd and 3rd tier characters. It’s a war for crisis sake. And when is anyone of significance going to die? All the main villains had become so haxed that no one can beat them (i.e. Neji, Kakashi, Raikage). Atleast dragon ball z had like 5 potentially equal fighters to combat the evil in the universe. I do get that the main series is called Naruto… I don’t know. I just would have liked to have more time like atleast a months worth of war. Look how much chapters 2 days took?! A month would have been very great with battles all over the place and Naruto actually learning new moves and everything on his path to Tobi and Sauske. Hell I would have preferred him taking on the resurrected Madara to prove he was on his and Hashiramas level and wouldn’t that battle been awesome if he fought with a fully harnessed Bijuu. What about him versus Kabuto also! Way more interesting than Itachi spamming the Sharingan button…

    sorry for the rant, see you guys in 2 weeks

  66. what I meant by main villains and then putting Neji, Kakashi and Raikage in parenthesis is that those guys (and the likes) wouldn’t even put up a fight against the main villains. Not to confuse that those guys are the main villains, although that would be an awesome plot twist that I’d surely love to see. that is all

  67. @ Pein

    sunade didn’t use a large portion, she just used her healing jutsu for a short time so it wouldn’t burn through her chakra. She specifically said a portion of her chakra, not a large portion when she was teleported.

    Itachi doesn’t believe Sasuke is a threat( he believes Naruto is going to take care of it) and the genjutsu tells the person to protect Konoha not define what is a threat to be protected against. The Genjustu requires the perspective of the one it’s cast on. If something isn’t considered a threat in the mind of the person under the Shisui Eye crow Genjustu then it doesn’t compel him to do anything. So if it was cast on someone who was being lied to or manipulated, he might be compelled to do something “for the defense of Konoh” that was the opposite of helping. Essentially a delusional, deceived or ignorant man wouldn’t necessarily confront the actual threat, only the perceived threat.

    I agree the war has been nearly bloodless from our point of view and so the threat seems insubstantial. which is ridiculous and Sasuke should’ve got into a fight with the rookie 11 instead of Zetsus

  68. At least the Edo’s are gone and this “war” arc can finish so we can get back to the story.I hope Sasuke dies that would make up for the lack of good guys death toll.

  69. @peins link… Lol Tite likes Orochimaru, what a surprise, XD

    @chapter, it was pretty good, I think Madara has something up his sleeve because, in the last panel we see 24? beams of light:
    Is that accurate? I mean, there are not “single” beams, so, either Itachi and Madara are out of sight, Kishi is lazy, or their “recall” is taking further than expected…

  70. Forgot to ask how many summons are there in “battle”? Some dissipated so, of the almost 40, how many where there left to be cast away?

  71. I counted 34 beams, it should be all the Edo that didn’t have their soul released so that’s about right.

  72. well except for a couple dissipations , most were sealed. so only a very small handful. i mean Sai had sealed almost all the swordsman. sasori dissipated, Deidara was caught. I’m pretty sure chiyo and Dan maybe were the only one’s left besides Madara.

  73. so 34 leftover but 3/4ths of them sealed

  74. so i guess we did miss a good deal of the fight between naruto and tobi. Does anybody else think that tobi and madara will have a chat? Iono i have this feeling that madara isn’t gone and tobi might leave the battle to see what the fuck is up, along the way running into the real madara who will want to know what the fuck tobi is doing. Gedo maza and that op hax over the fucking max susanoo are kinda hard to hide XD

  75. @ dricedt, Those two running into one another would be epic, with Naruto in full bijuu mode on there back. A true battle of monsters.
    Also who thinks Sasuke will attain that Max out level of Susano’o by the time his fight with Naruto will be over?? I for one would love Sasuke to ascend to that level so his fight with Naruto will be like the one he didn’t have with edo madara.

  76. honestly i’m not sure how i feel about this last chapter. i was really hoping kishi wouldn’t let the kage get out of their battle with no casualties on top of the fact that they didnt even defeat madara first, it just kinda felt like a copout. but…i suppose at this point he made madara so damn strong that it was ultimately the only direction he could go.

  77. this chapter was bland, no surprises. sucks that we have to wait another week to find out about Madara (whether he “dissipates’) and Kabuto (whether he dies).

  78. I honestly enjoyed this latest chapter. It had that “epic” feel about it that these last few have been lacking considerably.

    One other thing I’d like to point out is how good the artwork in this chapter was. In my opinion, it was the best artwork I’ve seen in Naruto for quite some time and I can tell Kishi went all out as far as details are concerned.


    Oddly enough, the only person we don’t see being dissipated from Edo Tensei’s release is Madara. Maybe that’s some sort of ominous sign suggesting that he may find a way to keep himself from being dispelled. If it’s an Uchiha, then we all know they have their ways of cheating death, even if it’s their second one…

  79. Madara is way over powered, it would be such a let down if he lives because no one is in good shape to fight him or even strong enough to fight him.

  80. I expect this:

    1) Madara resists the Edo Tensei dispel, but wants a “more complete” body
    2) Itachi touches Sasuke’s forehead and dissipates.
    3) Naruto and Madara go toe-to-toe, and Madara leaves, defeated.
    4) Sasuke teams up with Madara to restore his body and resurrect the Uchiha clan, and also so he can find that ever-elusive “truth”.
    5) Kabuto “finds his way” out of Izanami and either goes rogue or joins Konoha as a new Orochimaru-ish kinda guy. Either that, or the new Uchiha twins keep him as a pet.

  81. 34 beans means all 34 summons left are being casted away, but why aren´t there beams alone to represent Itachi and Madara, who are alone in the battlefield?

  82. @nike because they are emo and emos don’t light up.

  83. I agree with Tenrai imi do not think this chapter was that bad compared to the others is their a better way for kishi to go into a break of course but you have to eat dinner before you get any dessert lol

  84. Where is everyone getting this “protect Konoha” genjutsu from? Itachi just wants peace and to NOT want peace now would go against his character… I never saw any mention of him being under a genjutsu to protect Konoha, so why did I just see someone fully explain this jutsu out as if it is real? YES i went ahead and googled it X_X lmao i was confused like “wtf?”… but Kabuto did mention he did something special with Madara, i mean why mention his full susano’o and just disappear? Sasuke completed his full susano’o guys, there are different variations of Susano’o… The only thing i see is Susano’o sprouting legs with Sasuke… But yeeaaahh, Naruto isn’t even ninja anymore, its effing wizards and warlocks lmao… just add a dragon in and call it King Arthur dammit… it would be epic if Tobi did talk with Madara or some shit… i’m still waiting for Naruto to bust that mask like he said he was… at least they could’ve showed a panel of Tobi kneeling beside his broken mask, then the final panel they show his face as he says “So The Edo Tensei is broken…” or some shit, that would have AT LEAST fueled me for 2weeks… i don’t give a eff about this brotherly love anymore because Sasuke is already enshrouded in darkness

  85. @grey: Itachi originally set up Naruto’s Crow jitsu with Shisui’s eye to cast the “Protect Konoha” on Sasuke if Naruto and Sasuke fought. When Naruto and Sasuke (with Pein) the crow was brought out by Itachi, he used Sharingan at it, and was hit by his own “Protect Konoha” jitsu.

    The special thing Kabuto did with Madara[‘s Edo Tensei body], is infuse him with the 1st Hokage’s cells so Madara could use wood jitsu (and get some other skill I don’t quite remember)

  86. er, I meant Naruto and Itachi (with Pein), not Naruto and Sasuke (with Pein). My bad.

  87. @tenrai and simplyanthony I would agree with you but it’s just that my sheer hatred for Madara and Itachi is causing me to disagree with you.

  88. @katonkage 😀 hahaha ^^^

    @Tenrai You’ll have to explain why you liked this chapter so much, it felt like this chapter didn’t really give us anything significant nothing unexpected but believable, a couple of unanswered questions are so old they are growing stale and slightly moldy.

  89. I still stand by my theory that Madara’s Edo Tensei was performed by Muu rather than Kabuto, therefore making the act of forcing Kabuto to release the jutsu moot where Madara is concerned.

  90. @katonkage it’s all good i dislike mandara with a passion he is to overpowered its hard to believe the first hokage beat him when the third hokage did not have this hard of a time when he fought the first and 2nd hokage

  91. @ Simple – lol, I agree with you, how exactly did Konoha ever loose a war? or even struggle so much when they had the Uchihax clan with Madara and the Senju… I am surprised there was this much competition in the other lands… but I think the reason Madara is overly powerful is the fact that he has the Uchiha and Senju bloodlines in him now with Hashirama helping enhance his strength…

  92. @Pein

    I don’t recall any mention of Konoha ever losing a war. It’s considered the strongest of the five great nations for a reason, after all and part of that strength comes from the great clans that merged together when the village was created.

    It wasn’t just Senju and Uchiha. Konoha also has the Aburame, the Akamichi, the Inuzuka, the Hyuuga, the Yamanaka, the Nara (clan of geniuses ftw) and they were aligned with the Uzumaki as well. I would say no single great nation could defeat Konoha on its own, which is why the sand, knowing this fact, aligned themselves with the sound to achieve that end. Even then, they surrendered immediately once they knew that the sound was no real ally of theirs.

    Konoha would have been supremely dominant if it wasn’t for the fact that Hashirama decided to divide the Bijuu he had control of between the five great nations to try and create some form of balance in power. Their power has also come down significantly since the Uchiha and Uzumaki were wiped out, so although I still think they are probably the strongest to a degree, they are more balanced with the other nations now than they were before.

    Anyway, as for the great ninja wars, I don’t think Madara was involved in them. I think he left Konoha before he could really take part, although that doesn’t mean he didn’t misbehave while he was still there…


    I’ll explain my thoughts in the breakdown. I wouldn’t want to give away too many of my thoughts here where they could be put there after all. Lol.

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