Fairy Tail 284 Breakdown!! The Epicness of Erza Scarlet.

Hey guys! It’s been a long time since I’ve written a breakdown for Fairy Tail and I’m really sorry. I’ve been really busy with life but summer’s almost here, so I’ll resume writing breakdowns regularly now!

It’s Ultear’s fault that I couldn’t do the breakdown! She kept on using Arc of Time on my computer… X__X

The chapters I missed have really been great, but so was this week’s chapter. It looks like the third day of the Grand Magic Games is going to be EPIC.

It starts on a calm note. We see Yukino in the city, overhearing two men talking about Sabertooth being attacked by someone. She thinks it was Natsu, but she doesn’t know he challenged Jiemma and blew up a part of the guild right before being stopped by Minerva, the strongest woman in Sabertooth who is going to participate in the Games. Judging by how she blocked Natsu’s attack effortlessly, she must be extremely strong. I can’t wait to see her fight.

Anyway, the third day’s guest judge is Lahar from the Magic Council and Doranbolt has come with him to see how Fairy Tail is doing. Because of their presence, Jellal decides to retire from the GMG for the day and let Cana take his place.

It’s funny to see Millianna so happy after her psycho-killer face a few chapters ago. X__X

I’m happy Cana is going to fight in the Games. We have never really seen her full potential, not even during the Tenrou Arc, so I hope she’ll get to show off her magic this time. If she trained hard during the three months before the Grand Magic Games, then I’m sure she’s S-Class level. Considering how Hiro is letting the non-main characters be awesome (just think about Elfman and Kagura), Cana should have an epic battle too.

Moving on, Matt (the pumpkin man) gives us an extremely lengthy and mostly useless explanation of the rules of the competition, which actually looks really cool.
After seeing the power of the participants, I thought Pandemonium would have taken at least one more chapter, but I was proved wrong. Erza draws the #1 straw and reminds us why she’s one of the most badass characters in the manga.

Determination is the key to victory.

Ah, Erza… it’s been a long time since you showed off your awesomeness.

Taking on all 100 monsters at once, even the S-Class demon which is said to be stronger than a Wizard Saint, is not an easy feat. I thought she would have lost, making Fairy Tail fall behind once again, but she’s just too strong.
Some people even said that she’s overpowered and her power-up was too great, but I disagree. Many arcs ago, during the war between Fairy Tail and Phantom Lord, it was said that Erza is Wizard Saint level. Also, even though the last serious one-on-one fight she had was against Azuma, she had been weakened by the Tenrou tree’s uprooting, so that wasn’t her full power. After the power-up, I think it’s normal for her to be really strong.

What do you think? Is she overpowered?

Either way, if we really want to see how strong she is, we will have to wait until she gets to fight another powerful mage.

That brings us to the end of the chapter. After defeating all 100 monsters, Erza raises her sword in victory.

This is too EPIC to put into words.

Thanks to the Scarlet Knight, Fairy Tail has just got 10 points and everyone else didn’t gain any. This means Fairy Tail A is second, 14 points behind Raven Tail.

I hope that there will be a plot twist or something that will make Fairy Tail fall behind because if they keep this up, they will win effortlessly. They could lose some points if Erza is called to fight next chapter because, since she is severely wounded, she would lose. But Fairy Tail can send in a reserve member to take her place, just like Blue Pegasus did with Ichiya, so that won’t happen. Fortunately, Mashima isn’t such a troll. 😛

Well, that’s it for me! Next week there will probably be a breather chapter because this week’s Fairy Tail was just too epic. See you next time!

Vegeta, what does the scouter say about her power-level??

It’s… OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*splodes from too much awesomeness*

最強 Dragon


~ by 最強 Dragon on May 28, 2012.

16 Responses to “Fairy Tail 284 Breakdown!! The Epicness of Erza Scarlet.”

  1. It’s out!!

  2. YAY! First!

    All I can say is that this is exactly the kind of chapter that makes you WANT to write a breakdown. It was just epic in every way.

    What I loved most about it was how they drew it up with this detailed explanation of how the game works and then we hear everyone talking about how to carefully plan to keep one’s endurance up enough to win and then at the end of all that analytical scheming, Erza just goes and turns everything on it’s head by saying that she’d take on all 100 at once. Lol.

    I actually saw that coming before it did and I was so happy when I saw Erza say it. I was like “hell yeah!!!!!”

    Thanks for the breakdown Dragon. I hope more people discuss this chapter and see that Fairy Tail is becoming a truly awesome manga worth following.

    *Splodes from overdose of awesomeness.*

  3. Nice breakdown Dragon, Erza is too powerful she just took down 100 monsters inclueding a S ranked.It looks like no one can beat her.

  4. *shoots all who says that Erza is overpowered with Napalm* Seriously, OVERPOWERED!!! Well at least she isn’t an asspulling Uchiha (Sasuke, Itachi and Madara). *mows down the voters who said Erza was a Mary-Sue with a flaming chainsaw)

  5. @Katonkage hahaha :D. I’ve only read a few chapters of Fairy Tale and I always thought Erza was epic

  6. 5th – I guess

    Nice Breakdown Dragon, It is funny the entire chapter was explaining this “game” it took all of what 3 pages for all that explaining to be meaningless lol, all that “strategy” they spoke of etc was pointless… It was epic though and even if it seems that Erza is over powered I think she just pushed herself to the extreme this time lol, Some of those dragons and monsters remind me of the old Blue Eye’s white Dragons, art seems too similar.

    Fairy Tail has really been one of the best manga’s out, this weeks manga of the week for me lol.

  7. To say Erza is overpowered, you’d first need to be able to accurately compare her to all the other mages she is competing against. For all we know, Jura could have also walked into that castle and defeated all 100 monsters as well, but because Erza went first, we can’t really tell.

    In any case, to me, it wasn’t even about strength in the first place. In fact, I think Erza knew that the task of defeating 100 monsters should have been impossible for her to begin with – but, she also knew that if she wanted to reignite Fairy Tails confidence and show the rest of the world just how strong they are, she had no other choice but to succeed.

    It wasn’t a question of “could she?” It was simply a case of “There is no other choice but to be victorious.” Failure wasn’t an option she was even willing to consider and so, I’d say it was more about strength of will than actual strength. Erza’s passion for her guild and for her family is what pulled her through what should have been an impossible endeavor and to me, it’s that iron will that makes me love her as a character.

    Erza for the win! Haters will be eaten.

  8. Great breakdown Dragon!!

    To be completely honest I’m just a little disappointed. I was kinda expecting someone to say they would take on all 100, but that didn’t bother me so much. It was the fact that Ezra won. Dont get me wrong, Erza is one of the strongest in the guild but did that seven year time skip really mean anything? I just thought that the monsters would be stronger. Oh well. Hopefully the battle portion of the third day will be better for me.

    I completely forgot about second origin, the spell used by ultear. Do you think it makes that much of a difference in strength, where the time skip is nullified?

  9. @Dragon
    The rules as they were presented for this game are that that the fighter gets one point for every monster defeated so long as they are not defeated in the same round.

    Erza fought and defeated 100 Monsters which according to the rules means she has scored 100 points not 10 as you stated in the awesome breakdown above.

    This puts Fairy tail team A in 1st place with 104 (around 80-90ish points ahead of Raven Tail) points rather than 14.

  10. @ Crume – Yes in terms of the mini contest, they would recieve 1 point per defeated monster so if Fairy Tail in the min league came first with 100 we not sure if those points translate to the over all board directly?

  11. Great breakdown dragon as much as i hate to say it fairytail has had the best chapters for a couple of weeks now Erza is just to strong for words and she deserves to be that powerfull i agree with what Tenrai said if she would have been overpower i feel like she would have came out with less wounds

    @Michael Crume the point system was only relevant to the game itself and the participant so the person with the most points will at the end only get 10 points since that is what first place its only a measure of determining the winner however i could be wrong

  12. @IANRH

    Those points were to determine the winner of the round, but winning the round itself still only gets you 10 points on the board.

    Obviously they would then see who gets 9 points, 8 points, etc, according to who defeated the second most monsters down to the least, but because Erza was the only one to defeat any monsters at all, the rest of them would logically get 0 points. This would help Fairy Tail team 8 catch up, because it’s as if Erza scored 19 potential points all in all when you work it out.

  13. @Tenrai + Simplyantony
    It was not stated anywhere in the manga that the points would not be directly translated to the over all point scores of the teams, if I missed this anywhere then please correct me. Remember they never imagined that one person could ever defeat so many and had counted on people taking on small groups and therefore spreading the points out amongst the teams.

    Also keep in mind that up till now they have always defined each games score system. Games with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places and so on have always been defined right from the start, before the game started. Such was not the case here.

  14. @IANRH

    “It was not stated anywhere in the manga that the points would not be directly translated to the over all point scores of the teams”

    Actually, it was, in not so many words. The point system for the entire tournament was explained right at the beginning before the first rounds even started. You can read about it from this page…


    As you can see, each day is separated into a preliminary event and a battle. According to a teams rank in the preliminary events, they will get a certain amount of points relative to what place they came in the event, which you can see in the bottom left panel. First place is 10 points, second place is 8 points, etc, and so it goes.

    This was also proven to be the case, as after the first preliminary event, the scores for each team was as follows.


    As you can see, even though technically speaking, Gray had negative points for that round while Juvia got 0 points, on the score board, they were ranked according to their overall position and not according to the points they earned in the actual event itself, so Juvia got 1 points (even though she had a score of 0) while Gray got 0 points (even though he had a negative score). If you compare this score board above to the one from the first link I gave, you’ll notice the scores for each position are identical to how it was explained according to rankings in the first link I gave you.

    As for the battle events themselves, you get 10 points if you win, 0 points if you lose and 5 points to each team if there’s a draw, as seen here…


    So, you can get a maximum of 20 points in a day if you win both the preliminary event and your individual battle. Because Erza won her preliminary event, she would get 10 points added to her teams total score. However, because no-one else scored any points at all, there would essentially be no second, third or fourth place, etc, so all the other teams will probably get 0 points for that round.

    If Erza really did get 100 points, it would be stupid because then you might as well end the tournament, because it would be practically impossible for any other team to catch up to that kind of score.

  15. So what your saying is that Erza Broke the grand magic games? =P
    Though honestly it would be rather GMG breaking I think Erza damn well performed 100 points worth of work there in that challenge, and it’s a crime that they will only grant ten points for it.

  16. @IANRH

    Well, she may not have gotten 100 points, but she did get her full 10 and she deprived all the other teams of points as well, which will go a long way to helping Fairy Tail Team A catch up.

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