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Izanami was set up from when Itachi was first stabbed with the sword.
Izanami also causes loss of eyesight.
Itachi explains why he used Izanami, how it’s used, and also talks about Izanagi. Izanami is used in opposition to Izanagi.
In order to escape from Izanami you must accept the kind of person you have become and not run away from it. Izanami was a jutsu used to guide yourself to accept your destiny on your own.
Itachi used it as an act of kindness to Kabuto.
“All Kabuto wanted was to see who he was, to approve of who he was.”

Elsewhere on a battlefield, Urushi is talking to his friends saying he hopes Kabuto comes back soon.
Itachi: “I’m now going to stop Edo Tensei.”

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