Bleach Chapter 490 – 492 – War Happens Because Both Sides Are Just!

What determines “Power”?

Is it your ability to use your inner strength to push through any situation? Is it your ability to use your surroundings to its full potential? Is it how you deal with events from your past and how those events change you? or is it your ability to sacrifice and sacrifice others to attain a goal?

If you wondering exactly “What the hell has Pein been smoking?” Remember this is Bleach and each of those questions relate to a race in the Universe of Bleach, First Shinigami using their own power, Second Quincy using the energy absorbed around them, 3rd being Fullbringer which change due to encounters with Hollows and 4th Hollow’s which consumer other Hollows to become Arrancar and eventually break their masks to gain more power… With the Quincy Finally showing a little more back bone in recent chapters I been looking deeper into each race’s strengths and weakness’ but I have 3 Chapters to cover so my mindless rantings will end here for now 😉

We ended chapter 489 with the Vandenreich ready to enter Soul Society as Ichigo or the “special weapon potential” is in Hueco Mundo. Though at the beginning of Chapter 490 they bring us back to Ichigo vs the Captain. This battle reveals a lot about the Quincy as they are now and an even deeper understanding of their ability and their history.

Thanks to Kisu commenting on an old breakdown some new light has been shed on the matter.

Kubo explains that each arc has a subt character focus, initial Arc would probably be Ichigo, Soul Society Rukia, Arrancar Inoue, Fullbring Chad and in the final arc I have a feeling Ishida will be brought to the forefront more than before. This is hinted more and more as the Captain battling Ichigo seems to hold Ishida in high esteem. Going as far to say that it would be “Impossible” for his arrows to be more powerful than Ishida… and coming from someone as ‘cocky’ as this guy it may be saying something…

Kirge (The Captain) releases his “Quincy Letzt Stil”, the same technique that got Ishida to completely dominate Mayuri Kurotsuchi back in the Soul Society Arc. It is funny how Kubo makes the Quincy seem more like Angels, Kirge new form pushes that theme even further as his wings and halo both seem to be made of pure “light” Reitsu… Even he himself refers to this form as Quincy Vollstandig which means “Complete Holy Form”

We given a quick glance to where exactly Urahara has been busy the past couple of chapters (rescuing Donchaka don’t ya know) 😛 Least Kubo gave us that so we not left completely blind to where one of the most powerful Shinigami are hiding…

We end Chapter 490 with what seems to be the arrival of the Quincy in Soul Society though Chapters 491 and 492 show nothing of this development <_<

The new form of Krige seems to be comparable to Ishida’s from Soul Society, his speed and strength increase dramatically with him easily able to get around Ichigo. He omits no Reitsu which is interesting since he would be difficult to trace in this form, it could explain how Soul Society is so easily infiltrated. Urahara again serves as our “Bleachepedia” he knows literally everything about anything that was ever something 😛

As I began explaining above this ability gives the user almost unlimited power but we have only seen it being used for a relatively short period and once that period is up it acts as a double edge sword cutting of the ability of the Quincy, even if the ability can come back it is still a great cost in a real battle. Though Krige states that the ability that Ichigo knows of and the “vollstadig” he is displaying now are as different as “Heaven is to Earth”

He also mentions Sougen Ishida (I think I will have to refer to Uryu by his first name from now on as Ishida may end up being a common name like Uchiha… similar…) After this point Krige basically becomes the typical Bleach Egotistical and Cocky beyond belief. @___@

Some of the names of these attacks just seem difficult to get out, unless you German which would then be cool…

A couple of Chapters ago, I noted that the “Tresbeistia” should have created Ayon, who was an absolute “Beast” in the Fake Kankuro Town Arc and my wish came true coming to Ichigo’s rescue Ayon appears O_o

Out of the 3 Chapters I must say 492 was my favorite, it seemed the shortest as it was mostly battle pages but there was a few “gold” moments that made me think.

When we do finally move to the Soul Society, we brought back to the weird “filler” Shinigami introduced at the start of the Arc, I like them they seem to be Kubo’s way of explaining the “new” Soul Society and a “new” generation’s perspective to the old history of Soul Society. They in a sense are like us with only little knowledge of past events and Kubo uses them to push the story further and give a general background early on in the Arc.

Division 13, 6th Seat – Hidetomo, not sure if it was just me but when I first saw him I was like – KILL IT WITH FIRE, HE IS WEARING GLASSES HE MUST BE A VILLAIN!

Though the theory is completely baseless, I still have my suspicions <_<….>_>

Though his introduction brought about my favorite part of the Chapter,

Why exactly do Soul Society and the Quincy wage war?

He explains that before Soul Society, Shinigami were called “Balancers” as we know a Zanpakto purifies the Hollow or Lost Soul in the Earth Relm (and Hueco Mundo I assume) this Soul is then returned to Soul Society and if I read it correctly will then be returned to Earth over a passage of time, this would be interesting as Hidetomo seems to suggest it acts as a Cycle that needs to be balanced and kept in a constant flow…

Where Quincy destroy that Balance and in effect “Kill the soul” completely and this causes a great imbalance. Now I have questions as to how this could work, would this mean the Quincy want to destroy the world in Search of Revenge? Cutting of their nose to spite their face would be an apt parallel to run between the two… I don’t believe that it can be so simple there must be a counter measure that the Quincy could use that threaten’s this “King” we hear of, that Aizen desperately wished to stop and only few have been able to see.

My wild conspiracy senses are tingling here, though my favorite part of this was that not even Hidetomo could say either side where in the wrong cause that is war opposing idea’s clashing. I think Kubo may be pulling a master stroke just by that if you compare this “War Arc” to the previous (or even the current Naruto War) you will see the writers created sides of Good and Evil… but not all War is fought by Good vs Evil some are just People fighting People, Good vs Good and Evil vs Evil. The deep route of it all is that Conflict exists it can be seen even here on WRA when we debate, no side is Good or Bad it’s about beliefs and I am glad Kubo hasn’t “labeled” the sides from the get go and will allow us (though on the Shinigami side) to be open to a twist later on and see the suffering for what it is. Not justice, not peace but WAR!!

The rest of the Chapter is basically Krige getting the snot beaten out of him almost to the point where I feel sorry for him, but right at the death. I personally thought “Oh well, F#$k that was kinda anti climatic” his head buried in the ground but the strange eyed Hells Angel came back and proved that “Quincy Don’t Play”

Peace out peeps. See ya next week where I will focus on 1 Chapter again ^:_:^

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7 Responses to “Bleach Chapter 490 – 492 – War Happens Because Both Sides Are Just!”

  1. Interesting breakdown

  2. 2nd division captain, Suì-Fēng! Yessssss.
    Thanks for the breakdown Pein, it gets me to keep reading Bleach!

  3. I’m really digging Buckbeard (my nickname for the Quincy Leader) as a villain. “Luders Friegen, are you a prophet?” lol

    What’s troubling is if Kirge is only a Captain of one of the hunting armies, just how strong is the Stern Ritter? I’m expecting Royal Guard action this arc.

    Anyhoo, should I post Bleach novel info here?

  4. @ Kisu – Yeah always feel free to post things about Bleach here lol

    I definitely agree with you about Buckbeard, esp in this chapter “Soul Society, he can’t get us he will have to come from the gates”

    Up in the air like a baws Buckbeard “Well that makes sense” but Fuck Logic, *BOOM*

  5. In the colored pic of Kirge he looks like Marilyn Manson XD

  6. I enjoyed this breakdown because it was very informative for me, who still lacks a complete understanding of Bleach.

    I also agree with you on your point that not all wars are about good vs evil. Sometimes, there is simply no right or wrong in war, or rather, to be more accurate, I’d say MOST of the time that is certainly the case. The way I see war, it is always fought for gain on both sides, which means neither can say they are fighting for a completely pure cause.

    Even with Naruto’s war, I’d say neither side is technically “evil.” Both sides are fighting for the same goal and the only real difference between the two sides is how they believe that goal should be achieved. Tobi believes in creating peace through suppression and control, while the shinobi alliance believes in peace won through freedom and camaraderie. While the shinobi alliances ideals may seem more pure at face value, in the eyes of someone like Tobi, it may seem too idealistic and unachievable, thus he feels he has good reason to believe his actions are more likely to succeed and are thus, more justified.

    In the end, though, I’d say that rather than only considering the ideals or goals each side is fighting for, we should also consider the manner in which their actions reflect those ideals. It’s one thing to say you are fighting for a just cause, but it’s another matter entirely when you commit unjust actions to achieve those ends. Things like genocide, unnecessary bloodshed, indiscriminate and unjustified violence etc, are things I don’t find acceptable regardless of cause and to be honest, we still don’t know what this war is being fought for either, so it’s hard for me to comment on either side’s stance yet.

    We know that Soul Society will fight to defend itself from this new threat, but that’s all we really know so far. We don’t know why the Quincies themselves are fighting this war or what their cause is, so until I understand that part fully, I feel no sense of understanding or support for them and their actions thus far, just appear to be senseless.

  7. Kira nooo.

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