Naruto Chapter 586 Breakdown: I see what you did there…

Hello everyone.

Just to warn you, at the time of writing this very sentence, I’ve predicted that this breakdown would be pretty short as far as my write-ups usually go. Even this sentence itself is a shallow and completely inconspicuous attempt of mine to flesh out this breakdown and make it appear longer than it is – a fact, mind you, that you are completely unaware of.

Why will this breakdown be short? Well, I think it would be best to let Captain Obvious answer that question in my stead.

Thank you… I guess…

There you have it folks, straight from the captain’s mouth himself.

And truthfully, what else could really be said? I mean, all this chapter really did was repeat the same turn of events over and over again in a manner not too dissimilar from one of those moments when you’re watching a DVD that was one too many scratches on it stutter on the same scene for a good few minutes until you’ve given it a good sledgehammering.

I thought of what I could say to bring out a bit more depth and meaning out of it, but in truth, this chapter has about as much meaning as a fart in the middle of a sewer – and believe me, this is coming from someone who can extract meaning out of the image of a rock. However, in saying that, I suppose if I were to sum this chapter up in a few words, I’d say it was mostly about Itachi trolling Kabuto in a way only an Uchiha can.

Sorry Kabuto, but when you have an Uchiha as your opponent, no amount of hax will save you from their Uchiha Ass-pull no Jutsu.

If I were to be completely honest, I’d say the chapter started off well and that the battle was actually quite good up to a point. Kabuto’s more emotionally heightened state also added a bit more dynamic to his actions as he relentlessly attacked Itachi, but after those first few initial pages were over and the Izanami took center stage, my interest levels dropped about as fast as a rock on a neutron star.

I mean, I do understand the point of trying to visually depict what the Izanami does – which is to apparently trap someone in some strange sort deja vu type of reality – but that doesn’t in any way make it an interesting read on its own. It needed that something extra to give it a little bit more oomph, something I am afraid it was sorely lacking.

I’m trying to do this all day, but I don’t have much to work with. <_<

So, I guess going by that sentiment, all that’s left to do in the wake of this narrative desolation, is to try to guess what exactly the Izanami does based on what we’ve seen in this chapter.

Personally though, I believe that Itachi’s words give us the biggest clue so far.

Going by what Itachi said above and considering the deja vu like trap Kabuto is currently stuck in, I personally believe that the Izanami is a jutsu that traps the victim in a realty of their own making.

What does this mean, you ask? Well, it means that Kabuto chose his reality through his own actions and that it is a reality he is now bound to relive endlessly through Itachi’s jutsu. Itachi merely chose the moment to activate the trap, but it was a trap that Kabuto essentially created for himself. In a way, this rings true to Itachi’s words as depicted above.

On the one hand, Kabuto’s destiny is still in Itachi’s hands, because it was Itachi who confined him to reliving the same moments over again. On the other hand, it was Kabuto himself who chose decided on that destiny through his actions, actions he is now being forced to relive endlessly.

I’m not sure if there’s a safe answer to that question…

For those of you who don’t have a brain hemorrhage by now – and believe me, I almost got one simply from trying to explain what I just did – I guess the bottom line is that Kabuto has been trolled.

Of course, another other possibility is that Itachi was simply trying to hint at the fact that Kabuto still has a choice to make here. He could either choose to end Edo Tensei to free himself from Itachi’s jutsu, or he could be stubborn and remain trapped forever. This also rings true to Itachi’s words because it means that he has, essentially, forced Kabuto’s hand and resigned him to choosing between two outcomes or two “destinies” as it were.

Does anyone else have any ideas as to what it might be?

I guess that’s all I really have in me for this chapter. So, here are the results for last week’s Bubbliton Contest:

4th) Dish11

Bubble: This is what happens when everybody from Tenrai’s stomach over the years joins forces…
Caption: Our Powers Combined…

3rd) Ashesreignited

Bubble: And here’s the Jewel of my collection!
Caption: Why can’t he collect something normal like beetles?

2nd) Kantonkage

Bubblition: What do you think of my beautiful children?
Caption: M-Preg, it got worse.

And the winner is….

Coolbeans: Seems legit.

Well done to Coolbeans and to all the other entries.

Here is this week’s screen.

*Insert possible caption here.*

See you all in the comments. ^ ^


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  1. So, no-one’s even gonna shout first or something? O_o

  2. the breakdown is too short 😉

  3. AAAAHHHHHH First Has been Stolen from me…


  4. Im confused, so Ill say im the Sandaime! Now, to read the breakdown!

  5. Bubblition:
    Background: Itachis Izanami Rickrolled Kabuto, hes now in a “coma induced state” humming…
    Kabuto: Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna run around, and desert you!
    Itachi: Poor little fella… Here , here, let me help you.
    Caption: Next up, Nyan cat…

  6. wow i won bublation? thats a first, i always thought tenrai was just tryin to hold me down…. pfffft why the man always gota hold a brotha’ down! 😉 jk ten ten nice break down. i mean it was a bit short but cant you stretch five individual panels repeated 4 times with slightly different wording of the same sentence last longer?

  7. bubblation:
    kabuto: Dont look at me like that just because the snake wont get up any more!

    itachi: It’s ok buddy we can try again tomorrow night

    Caption: The first draft of “men of a certain age” was much different then what CBS aired.

  8. Four is death maybe
    Itachi: There there, Kabuto is a good boy, a very beary good boy aren’t you Kabuto
    Kabuto: Fool, I’m not a bear there’s no way you can… Yes, Kabuto is a good boy, a very beary good boy.
    Caption: Asspulling taken to the next level.

  9. @kantonkage…. what ever you do don’t google “asspulling taken to the next level” o-0

  10. Itachi: Feeling a bit ‘limp”, Kabuto? That’s the forbidden Uchiha emasculation jutsu called “Cold Eyes”

    Caption: Uchiha’s don’t just fight to win. They’re Asspulling abilities make them too hax for that.

  11. Bubbliton
    Itachi: (First bubble)Feeling a bit ‘limp”, Kabuto?
    (Second Bubble)That’s the forbidden Uchiha emasculation jutsu called “Cold Eyes”

    Caption: Uchiha’s don’t just fight to win. They’re Asspulling abilities make them too hax for that.

  12. @ash because the best win is a eunuch win.
    kabuto: i dont know what happened
    itachi:… its ok, your just a little guy. dont worry some people are still into that
    caption: i bet all the phalic stones around make him “daddy didnt hug me no jutsu” level depressed.

  13. bubbleation
    itachi: you have 3 minutes to be turgid or im on the next blimp to the east coast
    kabuto: ………….
    caption:just google the word

  14. @Tenrai so basicly you are saying Izanami is kinda like inception? But instead of someone building whats around you, you build it yourelf and they choose your course of action

    Sasuke: what’s that thing hanging down?
    Itachi: a hang down…
    Caption: One day day

  16. @ coolbeans


    I was just trying to say that the Uchiha’s don’t just beat a man completely but they twist the knife a little, kick a man when he’s down by taking away his manhood…. physically in my bubbliton entry but figuratively when Itachi humiliated Kabuto by putting him into a loop.

    turgid? (impressive vocabulary!) However, I doubt Itachi with his large vocabulary( he seems well educated, persuasive and philosophical) would ever say turgid when a simpler word would be enough. you don’t say fecal matter when you mean shit. Turgid sounds a bit clumsy and out of character for Itachi. Turgid sounds like something a character with a very technical science background , like engineering or biology (or has aspberger”s) would say to refer to man’s “expansive generosity” as Turgid. Kabuto fits in that category. I think “Swell up” would be enough for Itachi You could reverse the roles and have Kabuto say Turgid to Itachi. Itachi may never use the word but he probably knows what it means. Which eliminates the “………” response

    Now I’m done using large words which hold at arms length what should be said easily, whew I kind of hope for a middle ground when reading posts about Naruto.

  17. @Tenrai

    I think if Kabuto stops trying to kill genjutsu Itachi (changes his intentions) that might stop the loop. I don’t really have anything to support it but it’s possible because then how will he end Edo Tensei if he can’t move he hands into position, when his mind is caught in the genjustu. so in his mind he might imagine he ended Edo Tensei but it doesn’t look like his body is responding. Unless that is the only action( ending Edo Tensei) Itachi allowed for to break the genjutsu. I don’t know. hopefully next chapter gets here and explains it

  18. Entry Revised (spelling purposes, sry for the repeat)

    Itachi: Feeling a bit.. ‘limp’, Kabuto? That’s the forbidden Uchiha emasculation jutsu called “Cold Eyes”

    Caption: Uchihas don’t just fight to win. Their asspull abilities make them too hax for that.

  19. @Simplyantony

    Yeah, that’s a close comparison, only, you create your reality and then the Izanami traps you in that reality you’ve created.

    All the actions Kabuto is being forced to repeat are essentially actions he himself chose to take in the first place. In that sense, he decided his destiny and now Itachi is forcing him to live with it, making it unchangeable.

    At least, that’s the theory. For all I know, I could be way off the mark. You can never tell with these forbidden jutsu.

  20. @ash
    lol ilets just say i had a few and was trolling out of bordom, i didnt knock your comment i was just trying to be funny and give props on a funny entry. i’ll totally call my bad if you thought something different.

  21. ok so there have been a few theories on the exit strategy for izanami and they’re all pretty similar. i think everybody here is thinking some kind of variation of “cool itachi has put the winning move and has put kabuto in a position to cancel edo tensai” (and add or subtract specifics or details as necessary). my question is if we assume that this will end in kabuto ending edo then what happens in the kage fight? will we just cut to it before this fight is concluded or do you guys think there will be some “ohhh madara’s will is stronger than the jutsu because hey f*** it uchia hax what up”

  22. @coolbeans

    the Eunuch comment was awesomely funny and I appreciate the props :).( I seem terrible at responding when I think something is funny. I just go straight into debate mode. 😦 ) honestly no biggie here, I didn’t feel like you were trolling.

    As for the Madara thing if the Kage’s don’t defeat Madara ( possibly with the help of Yamato?) I’m going to be extremely angry (especially with how bad the Uchiha/Kabuto battle was) . If the Kage battle ends because of Edo Tensei ending then I’ll be disappointed, if Madara somehow dodges Evaporating after the Edo Tensei ends then I call hax.

  23. @ash,
    agreed, the kage fight was big and i think had fans excited i dont see why they would do a cop-out ending to it, but i think kabuto is in a situation where he will be forced to end edo. that being said i think this fight (which lets be honest, is ok,) but its no 5 kages vs ulimate hax-chia. when i read those chapters i was excited and on edge till the next one, but with this fight it feels more like something you have to sit through to make the other good stories better. i would give anything for it to switch back to the kages or dare i say THE MAIN CHARACTER OF THE SERIES because that fight is awesome!!!! this part is just like a one piece (or really fill in any anime) fight where you have to watch 4 different fights spanning 20 episodes just to get back to the luffy fight you were really excited for. warning to all im not saying the other fights arnt good or dont totally contribute to the content, but i wont back down on, dude sometimes going 3 months without seeing the main character can lower interest of the reader/viewer.

    also ash, ya misunderstanding, wasnt sure by the response if i offended you and i just wanted to make sure it was all good, because we both come here a lot as discussion contributors and it turns out reading text misses a lot of cues so it can get muddled up in translation. so as the great poet will smith once said “it’s all good in the hood”

  24. Do you guys think that Kabuto would be defeated that easy? I would be disappointed if that would be it.. He didn’t give a good fight i think.. just more talking and flashback.. I’d be happy if Kabuto break the Izanami… I think Kabuto has more up from his sleeve.. I hope so..

  25. @coolbeans i was think about that the other day and what i came up with is that hopefully the kage fight will be over before kabuto diactivates or finishes (i dont know what word to use-_-) and we will see a rewind of the whole fight well that is what im hoping for and if that happens then kishi should just go head and show kakashis rampage ( i will not let this go i am fixated in watching this rampage!!!!)

  26. @pisbolman
    I think this is a fight to set kabuto’s benchmark, the level of power we are suppose to view him having. I don’t think this move is what defeats him I think this is the move that solves the edo tensai hax. If that’s the case then he still has a sauske show down to establish where he is in the pecking order but this is not his final show down. Also it shouldn’t be a long drawn out affair (unless we get something to bring the awesome level up) because I’m losing the excitement after the flash back no jutsu!

  27. @simply
    thats totally what im for too, i would love to see the rampage im dying to see the rampage i would be on pins and needles waiting for it to later show up in the anime…. but the kabuto fight is emo flash back no jutsu and just doesnt have that “it factor” or however you would term it.

  28. I think I’m just ready to see how Kabuto’s defeated and if Itachi is going to have his conversation with Itachi…. when the heck was Izanami cast… I would be okay with answers to that but you are definitely right about being away from the main character for too long

  29. Sasuke* yup Itachi is so above everyone that his only equal is… himself lol

  30. @coolbeans I dont think we’ll get to see naruto for a LONG time. prob sometime in the summer if not fall. We still have to sit through itachi telling sasuke why he should stop bitching. Then we have to rap up the other fights and have the kages come together and prob some talk/filler chapters. We can’t get back to naruto yet because when that happens we’ll figure out who tobi is and kishi dosnt want that yet. It makes me sad but we have to still sit and wait i think. The last chapter was a joke, litterly flashback nujutsu to the max-hax! we got to go in a flash back 4-5 times and saw the same crap we just read!

  31. @dricedt
    valid point and like i said side battles do contribute (im powering through 600 one piece episodes rights now) but if you agree, admit that side battles lower your temporary interest even though it makes the series better. i know it has to be done but a good story at least gives you a few flashes of the hero. your right in saying the nartuo epic parts should be at the end, but everybody here knows flash backing and uchia trolling is only good if a character your emotionally invested in shows up (for me naruto kakashi guy and lee are the “big four”) sauske lost that right. i like him but the emotional investment has left over the years… and lets face it itachi is just a representation of what suske should or will be, he is ultimate uchia hax to be surpassed by the younger generation.

  32. I’m hoping that even if Kabuto is defeated, that Madara will still pull a fast one on us and use the Izanagi to prevent his own disappearance, sacrificing one of his eyes in the process.

    He can still battle with one eye and at least then we could still see a conclusion to the Kage vs Madara battle. I want the Kage to win on their own because they made a promise to Naruto that they would handle things with Madara. The fact that they are also doing it to erase the hatred of the past that they themselves contributed to, to make way for a new generation of peace also holds a significant amount of importance and meaning.

    In my opinion, if the Kage don’t get to finish their battle on their own, I will be sorely disappointed because it means they didn’t get a chance to fulfill their promise.

  33. I uploaded some spoilers.

  34. The chapter is out.

  35. @Coolbeans i understand were you are coming from but i feel like the Kabuto fight is really important but what i feel messsed it up was the flashbacks when we first seen that itachi and sasuske were going to go stop kabuto so they can undo edo tensei i wanted to see the way they would go about it (SN kabuto is still one of the most blah naruto characters their is but he has a major part in this war thought ) and i agree with what you and @dricedt are saying it has be a long time since we last so the main character.
    @Tenrai Yeah that could happen also but would that work since mandara is using someone elses body so after edo tensei is undone then wouldnt his body just dissenerate

    So azanami is not the way to undo edo tensei?

  36. *dissinerate

  37. @ the Chapter – That was a… I actually don’t know how feel about this chapter… Kabuto grew more to me in this chapter with a few pages saved for him then in all those flashbacks. I enjoyed the chapter but if I rank manga’s of the week I still find Fairy Tail as better, haven’t read Bleach yet so will see…

  38. so I was right in my first guess at “when Izanami was cast” prediction! 😀

    I like how they explained how Izanami works essentially as a complementary thing to Izanagi.

    I was wrong about how Kabuto could end Izanami, but the idea that Kabuto has to acknowledge his true self and not say his plagiarism justu is “himself”
    is pretty cool. So… Sasuke will use Izanami on Tobi? or Naruto?

  39. I’ve been saying it from the beginning Kabuto is going to survive.

  40. If anyone gets Izanami, Tobi should. Even an artificial weasel is a weasel.

  41. @arpotu
    I’m confused….. are you saying sasuke should trap Tobi in Izanami? or are you saying that Tobi should be able to use Izanami?

  42. It’s about 4 pm pacific time and Mangastream hasn’t put out the Naruto translation. I like Mangateers and Mangapanda isn’t bad but in this case Mangastreams translation wouldn’t feel as stilted in terms of translation

  43. @ashesreignited izanami would have no effect on naruto. He already accepted himself at the falls of truth. Lucky for us Sasuke dosnt know that, so hopefully he’ll waste on of his eyes on naruto trying to use it, then he wont be able to cast izanagi because he’ll lose both and without his eyes he’s terrible.

  44. @drice

    So far Sasuke’s salvation looks possible and Izanami is the only way to stop Tobi from using Izanagi. Tobi seems to be alot like Kagame Uchiha ( whose name literally means “mirror”) even if he isn’t Kagame, Tobi seems to take on other people’s identities. So Izanami seems to be the only way to truly beat Tobi. Tobi doesn’t accept himself. I feel that the whole point of showing us Izanami in this chapter is to foreshadow that Sasuke can use it against Tobi. I don’t think Sasuke is going to use Izanami against Naruto.

  45. @everyone Mangastream posted Naruto at around 6:30 pm pacific time (my time, it’s about 7pm my time when I posted the comment). It’s a better translation. Makes it easier to understand Itachi. Just thought everyone should know. 🙂

  46. @ashes: Tobi should be trapped by Izanami. I would love to see him lose his cool when he learns he has been trapped.

  47. Sana, sana, colita de rana.

  48. My thoughts on this chapter are the same as Hitler’s:

  49. Thanks Kisuzachi… summons Galactus, lololololololololololololol lmao rofl…

  50. I didn’t care for much of that but I couldn’t help but laugh at the last two or three comments at the end… Itachi teleports and then hits Tobi with a Dragon fist or summons Galactus. that last part was hilarious.. I felt the rest was drawn out.

  51. @kizu and he speaks the truth!!!!!!!
    Bubbilition:As a belieber I shall now convert you as well. You too can exprience boyfriend making you wet. It won’t be long now that my Ketsuringan (ass wheel eye) has been activated
    Kabuto: No, I will never betray Micheal Jackson for that overrated dumbass. NEVER!!!!
    Caption: Now that Itachi is trying to convert Kabuto to Belibism! Will Kabuto succumb to such a horrible fate!!! Stay tuned for next week episode “Micheal Jackson vs Justin Beiber”!!

  52. does anybody else realize that itachi must posses senju blood in him. If izanami is like izganzi in consequence than one can assume it probably has the same requirements to cast it

  53. the other thing…this is the first time we’ve seen the outside in months and we know it’s 9pm…so does that mean that naruto has finished his fight by this point…or something dramatic has happened. Last we checked the sun was still out…and tobi/naruto didnt look like they were going to take a tea break and continue later….if we missed anything between those too….ima get a flight to japan…

  54. @ Kisu – Hahahaha, and the women consoling saying “Naruto has Book no Jutsu”

    @ Drice – I think this will just be a plot whole since Kishi just destroyed the theory of Izanagi needing a mix of blood saying that Uchiha had used it before… and it seems like they used it often to create this entire history out of it. *sigh*

  55. Pffft.

    Galactus is nowhere near as hax as an Uchiha. He just consumes planets whole, but Uchiha’s can change reality for heaven’s sake. Galactus will just slow Itachi down. <_<

    But in all seriousness, I actually felt the latest chapter was pretty decent, all hax aside. It was better than the last few at the very least. In saying that, I will be glad to move on from this mini-arc inside an arc and onto the main event again. I'm just really tired of seeing how hax Uchiha are, so I'd like to move onto another character now who doesn't have "Uchiha" in their name.


    Looks like you called this one right about when Itachi used the Izanami. Although, that also means that this entire battle passed Itachi being stabbed never actually happened in reality. In other words, all those times Sasuke got pushed around never actually happened either, so I guess we can't say he performed poorly. He just didn't perform at all. Lol.

    At least I was right about the Izanami being a foil for the Izanagi. It makes me feel a bit better that I at least guessed one thing correctly, seeing as how my theory on how the Izanami worked is also a fail. X___X

  56. @Tenrai but it all really did happen. Itachi explained it, izanami makes a starting point, in this case when itachi got stabbed then allows time to continue on recording everything that happens, then however it happens, there is a stopping point and things are repeated. Sasuke did perform poorly but in his defense…YES I”M COMING TO SASUKE”S DEFENSE…ugh….he was prob more interested in watching his brother, the whole thing would be a bit shocking to a person so they wont think as well. Theres no way sasuke is as weak as this fight has made him seem, he’s prob better than itachi now…just wait for the EMS

  57. @dricedt and @ Tenrai

    let’s say Izanami was cast when Itachi got stabbed. how large the circumference of the loop ( which we would say length of time if we were talking about time as a straight line) is determined by how long it takes Itachi to get Kabuto to repeat an attack so he can blend the first ceiling stab with the second. So technically he initiated Izanami way back but he didn’t actually trap Kabuto in a Genjustu loop until the second time he got stabbed. So everything that happened up to the second stabbing was real in order to be a template for the genjustu loop? You see in the last chapter that Kabuto’s horn is missing….. that happened after Itachi started Izanami( when he got stabbed). So Itachi must’ve welded together the two similar event A and A’ at the second ceiling stabbing and began the genjutsu…? boy that’s confusing as all get out. so I think Drice maybe right.

  58. Sasuke is also still wet from getting drenched in a panel of chapter 587 so I think the events we saw actually happened up until the second stabbing.

  59. @Drice & Ashes

    I can see logic in that kind of idea, where the Izanami basically records what really happened, and then rewinds and plays it back again. It just seems odd that some of the events that did happen in the battle are not being repeated, like the part where Kabuto used the powers of the sound 5, etc. If those were also inside the loop that Itachi created, then why weren’t they repeated like the rest of the loop was?

    Those little details make it a bit hard to understand what is real, or what even happened really.

  60. Apparently Kishi forgot about the Senju part of the Izanagi.

  61. I am not a fan of how this battle turned out (or didn’t turn out… wait, what? lol). Another hax eye technique that can easily defeat the eye technique that is unbeatable… cool beans Kishi. The only part I liked was Kishi’s consistency with the stories main them of loneliness, how similar Kabuto is to Itachi, but this time, instead of how different they turned out, its how similar they became (whoa another crazy twist, how ever do you manage Kishi) I really didn’t like how Sauske was written in this little arc. He was basically just in the way as Itachi tried to battle Kabuto. Itachi should have maid Sauske useful and have him fight Kabuto while he was preparing Inza.. give-me-a-break-another-hax-eye-technique. Yes that means Sauske would’ve gotten beat up even to death, I couldn’t care less for Sauske.

    I’d just really like to see Sauske die infront of Naruto as he fails in his attempt to “Destroy Konoha” and have Naruto just say, sorry bro I tried and then moves on to saving the world. He’s just another villain now, and a sucky one at that. He doesn’t even feel evil, he actually has a motive for destroying something, really villains don’t have motives, they just like to blow shit up. It’s like Kishi is saying that Sauske isn’t evil and that he is going to turn to the good side. If so, he is wasting crazy amounts of panel showing how bad sauske is. It is going to be a real shame seeing edo-Madara disappearing without seeing his awesomeness (another Kakashi rampage coming right up! le Itachi-making-Kabuto-stop-edo tensei).

    Sauske is lame… that is all

  62. @ Tenrai

    i believe that Izanami only records when the two combatants are “touching” each others, so there are a series of moments where Itachi and Kabuto are “touching”. like when he says “Izanami!” and has Sasuke’s Sword. the rest of it is made up because obviously Kabuto won’t make the same choice twice, using a different variety attacks, so Genjustu Itachi and Sasuke respond in a specific way to force kabuto to choose to repeat certain moments through his actions which leads to another loop. Kabuto has free will but Itachi is essentially forcing him into only a couple of decisions for attacking. A good Example to explain this is the following order of events: Ceiling Stab, Horn lost, random fighting between Genjustu Sasuke and Itachi, “Izanami!” Itachi with Sword, more random fighting, Itachi gets Kabuto to stab him on ceiling, repeat. i think the “Izanami!” Itachi with Sword is just kind of like the half way point in the whole loop deal. I think the whole idea is that each loop is not exactly same except for the 3 main anchor points… “Izanami!” Itachi with Sword, Kabuto stabs Itachi, Kabuto loses Horn.

  63. I bring that up because mangateers translates it in page 1 of chapter 587 “entraps opponent due to physical sensations you share with him” which probably is why we see only those moments repeated, moments that Kabuto is sharing the moment…. man just trying to explain this without making Kabuto and Itachi sound homo is hard! 😀

  64. @Ashes

    But then why did it specifically record their Suiton and Kaiton clash, something it seems to repeat over and over along with the sword stab and the horn ka-chop? They weren’t touching each other then, they were just using a fire style and water style jutsu at long ranges against each other.

    If that was recorded, why not the part where Itachi was trapped in a genjutsu, or where he was impaled by the cave walls? I understand what you’re trying to get to with regards to anchor points, but if the Izanami records a period of time and then causes it to loop, then shouldn’t it record everything that happened in that space of time and not just a few things?

    Is this one of those cases where we are witnessing a plot kai? Although, I would say the Izanami itself is a plot kai of note. Lol.

  65. @wiseman

    About Madara… if they end the Kage fight because of Edo Tensei being stopped I may consider giving up the series. I would be seriously mad if Madara just evaporates and the Kage’s win by default.

  66. @tenrai i think the anchor points are the only unalterable things in the time loop everything else is open to creativity if you like. just because there was a once repeat water fight between Kabuto and Itachi doesn’t mean it was recorded. It just means that genjustu Itachi didn’t create a new skill for himself like exploding earth jutsu or something. also it only records the stuff they share. Itachi felt the cave puncture him but Kabuto wasn’t in close proximity. Izanami seems to require close proximity and a shared moment…. I know it’s hard to get. I found this chapter frustrating but I noticed small details. All of the loops have the consistently the Three Anchor points but not the water fight. The water fight is just a response not a repeated recording, this is part of the creativity part of the jutsu. i’m saying the loop is a blank slate except for the anchor points and essentially the genjustu has to force him to pass through the anchor points in order to get all the way through the loop. that’s the way I see it.

  67. @ tenrai

    plot kai? what’s a plot kai? should i look it up?

  68. @wiseman and ashes Apparently, I’m the only one who wants Madara to pointlessly vanish, like the Kage who really didn’t do anything.

  69. @Tenrai The point of the jutsu is to teach the person a lesson not replay what happened over and over, that jutsu is like itachi’s tsyokomi or however you spell it. If it was just to play a simple loop then it wouldn’t be that hax. Its to connect the two points in time over and over again BUT it allows for an infinite variation because the person needs to learn a lesson, only when they’ve exhausted EVERY possibility can they face the truth. That counts for every possibility that the fake itachi and kabuto and sasuke could use. If it was a simple loop kabuto could just say ya but if i could do this then it would be over…thus he’d learn nothing…he needs to use every combo he has against every combo they have and when that happens he’ll understand that he can NEVER change his fate, and then the jutsu will complete it’s function.

  70. i feel that it should have been a more thought out war. Instead of this one that just seems rushed. I think Kishi got messed up with the meanings of fast-paced and rushing through the scenes. I liked how he was focusing on the different theater’s of the war but the matches ended really quick. The other Ninja wars lasted at least a few months, this is happening in like 2 days!

    And I would have liked to see Sauske just fighting on the villains side killing people from the Joint Shinobi Force and maybe even killing some main characters (Neji, Tenten, and other’s of that calibur, hell even actually kill Sakura and really piss off Naruto). Truly making him evil (and to me a more enjoyable villain). Instead of being a person who’s all bark “Ima destroy Konoha, just not now… Is that Itachi…” and no bite

    Seriously, I want to see Naruto very aggressive in his fight with Sasuke. I want to see the super-active-number-one-unpredictable-knuckle-headed ninja; not some sage who feels that a more serious approach to defeating sauske is what it takes. And I think the death of Saukra can unleash that Naruto (fully realized potential of unpredictablity and wits that make even the real Madara look like lame-o compared to him). I think that is what Kishi meant when he had Naruto say “The next time we meet, we both are gonna die” I think he was metaphorically referring to Sauske killing Sakura and officially ending their bond and any sort of connection they both had, thus killing “them” (not as individuals but as a couple; no homo). Naruto and Sauske would officially have nothing standing between them.

    I don’t know, I’m just taking shots in the dark because I haven’t been commenting on this blog for a while and I’ve been thinking about different things that can happen in the Manga. Make it interesting as I wait for the Tobi vs. Naruto match. Which I think will not disappoint

  71. @Katonkage I would like to see an underdog like the Kage’s come out on top without some cheap win…. the only win I can think that was like that would be Lord of the Rings where Aragorn is out at the black gate with his posse of Men from Gondor and Rohan and they are outnumbered like 10 to 1 and Frodo throws the Ring in the Volcano. Here the Kages are the underdog but they also out number him which puts Madara at an advantage but makes a roughly even fight with the Kage’s numbers. I want a Rocky ending in that the Kages actually beat Madara despite Madara being hax. That’s I think my biggest complaint with the Itachi vs Kabuto fight is that Kabuto didn’t put up much of a fight and how could he? against Itachi with his Izanami and Sasuke with his EMS. First off I don’t care about Tsunade but this battle would justify her existence as a shinobi and as hokage, in the Pain fight she showed she had a huge chakra store but we’ve never seen here fight

    @ wiseman I think your going to be disappointed with the way the series is progressing. Kishi seems to want to save Sasuke and even have him use Izanami on Tobi. That’s the reason for the big long explanation here in this chapter is so he can use it later. Alot of Sasuke fans are in denial about this. Sasuke is probably going to be the one to defeat Tobi. Unless Itachi’s evaporation sets Sasuke off, I doubt that we are going to see the full fledge hate we once did from Sasuke. Right now he may pull an Itachi and pretend to hate Naruto and Naruto they have their fight and Sasuke fakes Naruto’s death and then with Tobi convinced of Sasuke’s loyalty and that Naruto is dead Sasuke is going to turn around and defeat Tobi. At least that what I think. You’ll get to see an epic fight between Tobi and Sasuke. Or maybe with Tobi thinking Naruto dead, Tobi vs Sasuke and Naruto. Still I really doubt that Sasuke is going back to killing Konoha after this. Kishi kind of stated this as the theme of Naruto when he talks about ending the cycle of hate. Kishi seems intent on saving Sasuke. For all his seeming “evilness” the only people he killed were Itachi, Deidara, Danzo and some Zetsus( which fans thought was a let down). Mostly bad people it’s as if Kishi kept Sasuke from actually killing anyone good. Sasuke hurt Naruto,Yamato, the Raikage and stabbed Karin( but now it seems like part of a plan?) got his butt handed to him by Bee. Kabuto is going to survive because of Itachi’s intervention. I just don’t see Sasuke’s darkside coming back. You look at Sasuke’s appearance in the series and Kishi has kept Sasuke from going on a rampage. He kept him in the cave for a long time, he distracted him with Itachi and everytime he went up against a good guy he ended up hurt or exhausted from the fight. Kishi’s track record seems to show a lack of development towards a cold blooded killer( maybe in intent only)

  72. @wiseman Naruto has stated clearly that a man who can’t save his friend can’t be Hokage

  73. @Wiseman

    what I’m trying to say is that Naruto is consistently written by Kishi to be devoted to Sasuke. Naruto has shown a kind of faithfulness and hope for Sasuke’s return. it’s so stubborn I doubt Naruto is going to change his mind and Kishi doesn’t seem to want to change Naruto’s mind.

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