One Piece 667 Spoiler Pics & Summaries

Below you will find the latest spoiler pics and summaries for One Piece chapter 667.

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Quick spoiler/update
Strawhat and Law might tag-team
Law mentions that he wants to take down one of the Yonkou’s

Cover: Kamabaka Kingdom- The same-as-ever Okama King- confirming that Mugiwara boy made it out to sea
After seeing Brownbeard’s appearance and hearing what Chopper has to say, Luffy heads out to retrieve [Nami]. Franky is going with him, and demands some Rumble Balls from Chopper. Chopper says he won’t be able to control the effects, but hands some over anyway. Chopper starts to explain how to use them but Franky uses some immediately and begins rampaging. Luffy doesn’t realize, tells Franky “Let’s go,” and Franky starts to attack Luffy.
Caesar says that all he wants is Franky’s beam- he doesn’t need anything else. Because of the Marines’ attack, it seems like he’s once again setting up for a gas explosion attack.
Nami argues with the Cool Brothers. She says they’ll be sorry when Luffy shows up [this is cut off, but easy enough to guess].
We get the Cool Brothers’ introduction, but we can’t see their faces, and they’re complaining about the cold (because they’re naked…).

Luffy and Franky follow the footprints off the edge of a cliff.
At the bottom there’s an icicle pincushion [I’m picturing a bunch of stalagmites sticking up]. It’s shattered to pieces by Armed Gatling. Even when targeted by bullets, Luffy can, thanks to his training, repel them all. [not sure about this one…]

Even now, we’ve got Luffy vs. Rampaging Franky
Taking advantage of the group’s split-up, the Cool Brothers drop an iceberg on the duo, but Franky throws it back. Scotch repels it.
Luffy is annoyed by the persistence of Franky’s rampage and hits him with an Elephant Gun.
During this time, Nami is carried off again by Lock, and Law appears.
Scotch is cleaved in two (!?) by an attack called Counter Shock. His glasses are broken, and he falls.

Law: “On this island lies a key to stirring up the New World. There are two ways to survive in the New World. Either take protection from one of the Yonkou, or challenge them. It doesn’t look like you’re willing to put yourself under anyone’s control, eh?”

Luffy: “That’s right! I like being the captain!”
Law: “So form an alliance with me! The two of us combined might just be able to do it!”
Luffy: “Alliance?”
Law: “I’ve got a plan to take down a Yonkou.”
Luffy: “!!?”

Raw scans:

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  1. if this forum is mainly about the big 3… how is it that the biggest of the 3 has no comments even with such an awesome chapter like this?

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