Naruto Chapter 585 Breakdown: If you’re emo and you know it…

So what do you get when you have three emo people in the same room? You get a “my life is more depressing than yours” contest, of course. At least, that’s is the impression this latest battle between the two Uchiha brothers – Sasuke and Itachi – and Yakushi Kabuto has left me with.

I mean, lets face it, what is this fight really about at the end of the day? It’s about three people who have lived hard lives and who are now using the events of their lives as catalysts for their words and actions as they clash against one another.

On the one hand, you have Itachi who one could say is driven by guilt over the mistakes he made in life which he is now trying to make up for in death. Then you have Sasuke, the self-proclaimed avenger who seeks to destroy Konoha in a way only he apparently can (as he made clear to Kabuto), followed lastly by snake boy himself who is so unsure of his own identity, he somehow feels he has a right to steel everyone else’s, his obsession with being an Uchiha notwithstanding.

If you spend to much time living in the sadness of your past, you’ll never be able to live in happiness in the present.

With these three strong wills meeting face-to-face, I get the sense that they are almost being compared to each other in a way, or to be more specific, they are comparing themselves to one another directly. Although this notion is more prominent with Kabuto and Sasuke – both of whom have this mindset that their pain is so severe, no-one else could possibly “understand” it – even Itachi is contributing to this sense of self-empowerment in the way he lectures Kabuto about the fact that he could never become Orochimaru and that he is doomed to fail because of his obsession.

Statements like “My destruction of Konoha is my own” and “a genius who has everything cannot possibly understand” start to come up and I just feel like banging my head against a desk at the sheer scope of how self-absorbed these people are.

In fact, Kabuto himself is so self-absorbed, that he’s inadvertently absorbed other people as well.

That awkward moment in a manga when you realize most of the villains are pedophiles…

In the end though, I suppose we have to consider the context in which those words are spoken and those actions are taken. In all honesty, I do understand that Kabuto’s childhood was a nightmare and I get that. I also understand that Sasuke has his reasons for being hateful and Itachi has his reasons for lecturing people about not making the same mistakes he did. It’s just, when I take a step back and think about how these characters are acting out their feelings, I just can’t approve everything they have done in the name of their own self-appointed sense of justice.

As far as I am concerned, forcing suffering onto others because of your own suffering is not justice. Taking the lives of others because you felt you were never given a fair chance at life yourself isn’t justice either.

But, I suppose that’s just my view on things. In light of all this, I am be curious to know who – out of these three characters – you all believe has truly suffered the most.

Moving past the subject of emoness, I suppose, overall, this chapter was quite decent. The battle was flashy and entertaining enough and there was quite a bit of depth as well for those who took the time to find it.

One thing I’m sure many people might be unhappy about is how overpowered Kabuto seems to be right now, or rather, how “hax” he is as we say it here. As if it weren’t enough that he already had powers attained from the likes of Suigetsu, Juugo and Karin, Kabuto has also now shown us that he can use the abilities of the Sound Five as well, in addition to the powers of the white snake he acquired through implanting Orochimaru’s cells.

At first, I was also frustrated by this revelation but after thinking on it for a bit, I did see some form of symbolism to it. At the end of the day, Kabuto is just someone who has no identity of his own and who has lived his entire life always being “someone else.” Since he was a child, all he has ever known is how to become someone he isn’t and how to mimic behavior that was never truly his own. What we are seeing now is really just an extension of that, in that Kabuto is mimicking others – even down to using their powers and abilities – because he still doesn’t understand how to be himself. He has essentially stolen their identities to fill a void in himself with Orochimaru at the forefront of whose likeness Kabuto wants most to assume.

As long as Kabuto’s other snake doesn’t come out to play, we’re all good.

In the end though, with Itachi’s words to Kabuto about how folly his attempts to try and become Orochimaru are, we are given another glimpse of Kabuto we’ve yet to have seen before. We see tears falling down from his eyes – a reaction to Itachi’s apparentl lack of understanding regarding Kabuto’s feelings – and I think that in itself holds a lot of meaning.

To me, tears are an outward sign of inner turmoil and conflict; a sign that one has the ability to feel and understand varying degrees of emotions – whether they be anger, sadness or frustration – and be affected deeply by them. Shedding tears is also an act only humans are known to be capable of and, therefore, serve as a symbol that is closely tied to our humanity. For someone who has now taken on the form of what could be described as a grotesque monster, seeing Kabuto cry serves as a sign to remind us readers that he is, in fact, still very much human.

It may not seem like much, but it does add at least some psychological dynamic to a battle I’ve felt has been lacking severely in that dimension. Will it suddenly help us relate more to Kabuto as a character? For most readers, probably not, but at least Kishi is trying.

Just when we though the battle was about to end, Kabuto had to go and chop Itachi in half. How inconvenient. <_<

Well that’s it from me this week. I’ve been about as deep as I can be for the time-being and heaven knows these last few chapters have made it a bit more difficult for me.

Anyway, for those who want it, here’s a bubbliton contest for this week.

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See you all in the comments! ^ ^


~ by Tenrai Senshi on May 14, 2012.

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  1. Great breakdown Tenrai!

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  3. It’s so quiet. I guess people are too busy waiting for Diablo 3. O_o

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  8. Best breakdowns on the web. Thanks

  9. Nice breakdown… ^.^ b

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  13. @Tenrai I have to agree with ASAP. This weeks breakdown I felt was especially inspired since you got so many layers. The three vying for position as one who suffered the most( I had it worse than you), Kabuto’s identity issues and how they are intertwined.

    I have to say I think I can forgive Kishi for giving Kabuto predictable abilities because his predictability comes from his unwillingness to be himself. I still think we didn’t need the flashback to explain Kabuto’s identity crisis just the above jutsu “plagarism” should’ve been enough. Still I don’t care one way or three about Kabuto. I do wish that Izanami had already been cast.

    lastly don’t hit your head against the table too hard out of frustration at their self-absorbedness, we like your breakdowns and a dented forehead just makes you look lumpy. 😀

  14. Does anyone wonder why Kabuto was able to “revive” Itachi but not keep the Uchiha DNA? I’m confused as to why Kabuto wants Sasuke, if he already has Itachi’s blood. Unless of course he needs a much much larger sample of blood. Does Kabuto want Sasuke’s eyes? Orochimaru wanted to possess Sasuke and now Kabuto wants Sasuke? hmmm….

  15. @Ashes

    It seems Kabuto wants to take over Sasuke’s body using the same technique Orochimaru tried. Remember, to use the Sharingan at it’s most effective, you need to be a pure-blooded Uchiha. Implanting the Sharingan or making use of Uchiha DNA may be beneficial to a degree, but we’ve already seen that using the Sharingan is nowhere near as efficient for a non-Uchiha as it is for an pure-blooded Uchiha (as we’ve seen with Kakashi).

    So, it stands to reason that taking over the body of a pure-blooded Uchiha makes more sense than trying to artificially implant parts that won’t be as efficient otherwise. Kabuto believes that the eyes of the Uchiha are able to see the world differently from everyone else, to see the secret behind ninjutsu and maybe somehow reveal his identity as well. As far as I can tell, the Sharingan is the prize he yearns for the most.

  16. I don’t know about you guys but I was half expected Pein’s head to pop out of the ground stating that his pain is greater than yours. Can’t sympathize with Itachi because he is an idiot. Funny thing is I find Sasuke to be the most sympathetic.

  17. Great breakdown.


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  18. Nice Breakdown Tenrai

    There should be another option on the poll… <_<
    "Who cares?" and end it there 😛

    So wait the redeeming factor was that the "emo" competition was won by Kabuto Crying while Cutting "himself" Itachi (since he wants to be Itachi eventually).

    But seriously, this is the most Over powered Haxed Ninja of all time…
    Kabuto has Edo Tensei which means, he has an immortal army. Which includes "Madara" with Wood Style Jutsu… <__< plus how many more do they have his own body absorbing Kekkei Genkai (which should actually include Sharingan since they took samples of Sasuke but guess he absorbed the "hax" Kekkei Genkai of the Uchiha)

  19. @Pein

    Despite all that Kabuto has, he’ll still probably lose anyway, because, let’s face it, he’s up against two Uchiha and one thing that can beat any hax, is ass-pull no jutsu. <_<

  20. @all+tenrai’s last comment
    oh please dont tell me this kekegenkai shenanagins is going to lead to him getting “defeted” but “someone more evil” popping out of the body the same way sauske shut down orochimaru. i dont think kishi would do that but after the last few months of issues im not positive it wont go all crazy at some point in the story line. the precedence is there and since shippuden has started kishi seems to be a fan of the re-boot of character dynamics (at least in this way, not overall themes)

  21. It’s obvious that Konohamaru is the ultimate villain here. He will be the one to pop out of Kabuto’s belly at the last second, brandishing two rasenshurikens, each one – literally – with the names of Sasuke and Itachi etched on them. After all, he wants revenge for the death of the 3rd Hokage, his Grandpa!!

  22. 26th? XD
    Great breakdown, thx Tenrai! Im so looking forward to next chapter (and breakdown XD). Ill try to thinkof a bubblition tonigh!
    P.S: Add me if you play League of Legends in NA, im level 12 and a big n00b but id be lovely to play with feloow WRAs, user: GrandeGlande …

  23. The spoiler is already out if you interested guys:

  24. @Afisharingan

    I’ve already posted spoilers in our spoiler section on the blog.

  25. I do apologize,i wasnt aware about spoiler section.

  26. it’s out,

  27. So the chapter revealed activated Izanami!
    Last panel of the chapter is simply priceless.

  28. Wow, Itachi was definitely trolling in that chapter the way only an Uchiha can. Lol.

    I’d still like to know more about what is actually happening though. I can guess, but for some reason, I feel my guesses wouldn’t quite hit it right on the mark.

  29. Epic Itachi is epic!

  30. It’s official, Itachi is the best Uchia even as a creepy zomb-Itachi. Sorry Sausgay you are still a loser when compared to Zomb-Itachi.

  31. Side note did anyone else for the first handful of panels think that maybe it was loading wrong or was posted out of order or something? It definitely to me a second to figure out what was happening.

  32. @Coolbeans

    Hmmm… I can understand how Sasuke may have looked a bit meek compared to Itachi in this chapter, but I wouldn’t let your eyes fool you if I were you. @___@

    The main reason Itachi was able to outperform Sasuke was because he was immortal. Kabuto hit him with two attacks that would have typically ended the battle immediately under normal circumstances (One where he got chopped in half, the other where his arm was cut off), but because of Edo Tensei, Itachi was able to survive them.

    Sasuke gets knocked down by one Suiton jutsu, so it makes him look bad compared to Itachi, but when you actually look at it properly, Itachi got hit more times than Sasuke and with more fatal attacks. If Sasuke was also immortal, the picture might have looked very different here.

  33. bubbleation:
    Bubble: See I have a creepy monster sealed in me too!!!
    Caption: Kuramas looking better and better ain’t he?

  34. Bubble: Sauskes childhood rape fear no jutsu!!!
    Caption: It was only a matter of time until Kishi went all tentacle on us…

  35. @ Tenrai, while that may be the case, Itachi may have just been taking advantage of his immortality. Do you really think Itachi would have fought as recklessly and been hit by those attacks if he knew he weren’t immortal?

  36. @ Tenrai Itachi didn’t get hit at all…. remember Kabuto’s horn wasn’t actually cut off it was part of the Izanami illusion loop, everything after that was illusion. So I would have to say that him being a zombie has little to do with him winning the battle. that’s the reason we see that Sasuke hasn’t really done much in this fight.

  37. Also guys keep in mind Sasuke and Itachi are on a “No kill” policy. If Sasuke was given the opportunity to kill Kabuto I think he might have meen able to get a hit in with a full Susanoo Amaterasu shuriken attack, even with kabuto’s sensory ability.

    All in all this was a OK chapter and I’m glad the ending to this battle is near either way it’ll go.

  38. Wow! my mind exploded…. I was wondering how putting Kabuto in a time loop would get Kabuto to Stop Edo Tensei and then it occured to me that The only way for Kabuto to get out of the loop is to end Edo Tensei in order to cause Itachi to “evaporate”. Itachi essentially forced his hand, either live eternally stuck in a genjustu or end the Edo Tensei which would probably end when Itachi “Evaporated” Also Kabuto’s stubborness/unyielding attitude gives Itachi time to chat with Sasuke. I bet we see next chapter Itachi having his talk with his little brother while Kabuto is internally going through a couple hundred lops before Kabuto finally decides to end Edo Tensei. Kishimoto what a cool way of getting out of a tight corner. Except for the flashback which wasn’t all it was cracked up to be the last two chapters weren’t too bad. I love how Kabuto says “I’m getting tired of this battle”, I bet the fans are like “you’re not the only one”

  39. @ Chapter – *sigh* Well another week disappointment… First we see basically the same battle sequence over and over, thrilling, then by the time Kabuto realizes what’s going on we put right back at the beginning of this battle (or at least at a certain point) SO ALL THAT WAS MORE A WASTE OF TIME! I mean this is Trolling on the Level of Kubo’s Aizen…. <_< and there was a war going on, Kishi could end this battle now and war…. (I would be extremely happy if that happened) but I think there is too many loose ends at the moment. Kage's vs Madara… Dan(ny Phantom) and his mystery Ghost Mode… etc etc. Plus Itachi giving Sasuke a Speech apon a Speech with Flashbacks propably…. OH LAWD the Flashbacks O_O

    @ Ashes – That would be Nice but even with Edo Tensei released they could be resummoned and we have the Hax of Kaborochikimmijuugsuigetkarikonukotyuyaandtherestofthesound…

  40. @Marks

    Unfortunately, Sasuke doesn’t have any immortality to take advantage of, so it’s hard to compare the two based on that alone.


    If the loop already started that long ago, then how did all those parts with Tayuya, Kimimaru, etc take place? I don’t think the Izanami actually started yet back then, otherwise Kabuto would have been forced to repeat his actions like he did in this chapter, yet his actions at that time were completely different.

    So, yes, Itachi has been hit a few times if we go by that. Yes, I’m sure he was taking advantage of his immortality, but to compare two combatants, we need to compare them under identical circumstances to decide who is better. One being immortal and one not, is not a fair comparison.

  41. @Tenrai

    Look at the panel on 585 page 13 Itachi says “I’ll start Izanami now” that’s when he cast Izanami. If you look at the last picture of this chapter Kabuto’s standing on the cave floor. any other time Itachi tried to cast Izanami was the first time was the attack with the sword but that can’t be it because then the whole Kimimaro thing and the Sasuke/Itachi genjustu on each other would’ve been an Illusion. If we say that it was cast just after chopping Itachi in half then it doesn’t explain how Kabuto’s on the ground without Orochimaru sticking out. See what I mean?

    I feel he got Kabuto with Izanami there in chapter 585 page 13 but just in case I’m wrong, the other possibility is that at the very least Itachi recorded everything from where both of them( Itachi and Kabuto) are on the ceiling to where he said “Izanagi”.

    Kabuto maybe caught in a genjustu but his actions are always different in the genjutsu because Itachi can’t control how Kabuto decides to attack or what strategies to use. The Genjutsu Itachi attacks in a repetitive way which causes Kabuto to react with a small variety of responses which forces Kabuto back into the loop. even the “loops” are not exactly the same.

  42. @ Tenrai I don’t think Itachi took any hits he would normally take in a regular fight.

  43. If Izanami happened at 568 page 3 when both of them were on the ceiling then it wouldn’t make sense why they are in the last panel on the cave floor.

  44. boy Izanami not Izanagi sry for the flub

  45. so I might’ve been wrong about it being that far back but I don’t see any hits that Itachi too that would’ve been Edo Tensei required to survive.

  46. @Pein

    I disagree with you the battle is over because it means Kabuto will be forced to end Edo Tensei which was the whole point of not killing Kabuto. Sasuke is still in the cave and I doubt Kabuto will mount a defense if Sasuke decided to kill him after Edo Tensei was ended. I

    This chapter is not as bad as the flashback. never compare it to Aizen, Aizen was so bad that it should be forbidden to be spoken of else a curse fall upon you. I won’t say it’s that bad but Kishimoto should’ve made short work of Kabuto. Instant Izanami upon entering the cave, Kabuto ends Edo Tensei, Sasuke doesn’t get to talk to Itachi, and kills Kabuto. That would’ve been a bit better.

    However it just proves my point that I believe ( whether I want it to happen or not) that Kabuto will survive. Why? Why Kishimoto Why?!

  47. Man, I hope Kabuto doesnt die, he´s the most badass character and the one I like most! I just wanna see how Sasuke manages not getting captured by him, maybe Itachi tells him to run away or makes his way to escape through Izanami.
    Itachi got struck thrice because he had nothing to lose, but remember Kabuto targeted him, not Sasugay, who , IMO, wouldnt have had a chance if it werent because hes the second main protagonist.

  48. -_- I can’t really get interested in this fight. Only Itachi being a Black hole since no one is supposed to be badass whenever he is around. I just want this fight to end.

  49. Bubblition:

    Bubble: “Can you believe she said “it´s still not large enough”?!…”

    Caption: Uff, that could make me an Emo maniac too :/

  50. @ Ashes – Yeah its over cause the Uchihax was involved in it, oh and I cannot compare this to Aizen? What has happened Itachi has the ability to get someone in a constant loop of Genjutsu with Inzami, he can control perception of Time with Tsukyomi, he is in fact at this moment immortal, He has the sword that seals people with a single strike… <__>

    Then you have Kabuto who is the most haxed character maybe of all, cause lets not forget in a fair battle if Kabuto has his Edo Summons availabe Itachi is one of them… <_< show me anyone powerful enough to stop him then? <_<…. If Kabuto was smart he would of tried resummoning some of his Edo Tensei's to this battle that would of kept Itachi away from him and even if Itachi got him into the Inzami thing his Edo Summon would continue to fight…

    This battle was Doomed from the moment it began it was 2 Uchihax's vs Ultimate "No One/Everyone" Hax.

  51. @Pein
    first off by the time the Uchiha’s showed up only Madara was still on the field, all the rest were captured/sealed. Second of all even if they had wanted to get there it would take a while. remember how long it took Itachi? 3rd Kabuto never really had complete control of the zombies and I doubt he really had much control over Madara. It’s hard to manipulate a zombie when your fighting to save yourself from the Uchihas.

    However I do agree that it doesn’t makes sense that Kabuto would leave himself unprotected but then again I guess he’s become arrogant. I would’ve thought that the Uchiha’s would’ve fought a couple of the Edo Tensei like Konan and Jirayia. Still…..

  52. @Ashes

    The other reason I don’t believe Izanami was used that far back is because his eyes didn’t change. In this chapter, his left eye went blank, which was probably where the “forbidden” part of the technique comes in whereby he lost his eyesight in that eye. It only did that in this chapter though, which suggests Izanami was only properly activated just now.

    Of course, I could be wrong as well. Chances are, more will be explained in the next chapter where Itachi may reveal what actually happened in more depth.

  53. @Tenrai

    Tobi’s eye was fine until AFTER he cast Izanagi. it wasn’t “damaged” WHEN he cast Izanagi. What I’m saying is that the panel that shows Itachi’s eye go blank is showing that Izanami had already been cast not that it was being cast. You can’t suffer the cost of the justu until after you cast it. I think my point is that when you see Itachi’s blank left eye is when it repeats their momentary confrontation on the ceiling. So the loop had already been playing before Kabuto saw Itachi’s blank eye. All it did was make Kabuto recognize that he had already been trapped not that he was being trapped. From the Reader’s standpoint we have a hard time picking it out. Still I could be wrong

    Also I take back the comment about Itachi making it through without use of Edo Tensei body. Remember he got pinned by the cave spikes when he protected Sasuke.

  54. @Ashes

    Tobi was using the Izanagi, not the Izanami, so we can’t expect that they’ll have exactly the same effect, and even then, Tobi’s left eye went dark shortly after using it, not three chapters after using it.

    You also need to remember that the Izanagi lasts for around 2 minutes before the technique is complete and only then does the sharingan eye lose its light. We saw this in Danzou’s battle with Sasuke, if you’ll recall.

    You’re comparing two different techniques here that behave in different ways, so you’re not going to get an accurate answer through that kind of comparison. As I said before, it seems like we’ll just have to wait until the next chapter for Itachi to explain what exactly transpired. You could very well be right that Izanagi was used ages ago, but I could also be right that it was only used in the last chapter. It’s hard to tell at the moment.

  55. @ashes and tenrai,
    dont worry guys im sure the anime will flesh out exactly when it goes down. and chin up you only have to wait for like a year or so to find out 😉

  56. on that note, even if it ends right now this fight alone with flashbacks included will only take 4-5 weeks (episodes) so thats not bad 😉

  57. @Coolbeans

    These are the kinds of debates we live for. I’m glad I’m able to have a heated discussion, because it’s boring when the blog is quiet because there is nothing interesting to discuss.

    Although, I am hoping Itachi will gives us more details in the next chapter, rather than leaving us to wait for the anime to flesh it out more.

  58. I was more confused than kabuto when I first read that chapter

    WELL guys… I believe the jutsu was already complete… Kabuto didn’t see the blank eye because he severed his eyesight and he is under the genjutsu, he just realized he was under the genjutsu when he realized his horn kept coming back and getting cut off and everything kept happening over and over again. He is a genius so he found out he was under the genjutsu. The jutsu was already complete its just the effects of the genjutsu that was happening to Kabuto as you saw in the panel Itachi had his hand on Kabuto’s forehead saying “That is Izanami” meaning it already happened

  60. @Greyfox

    If the Izanami was already active before hand, then why didn’t Sasuke notice that Itachi’s eye was blank?

    Not only that, but if Izanami caused Kabuto to repeat the same actions over and over, and was already activated beforehand, then how was Kabuto able to trap Sasuke and Itachi in a genjutsu? Why was it necessary for Itachi and Sasuke to use genjutsu on one another to free themselves if the Izanami had already trapped Kabuto beforehand because surely that would have made such an action unnecessary.

    I don’t know, that just doesn’t make sense to me. If Kabuto was already trapped in the Izanami a few chapters ago, then all that stuff with the sound five, Tayuya’s genjutsu, etc, shouldn’t have happened, should it, because Kabuto would have been forced to repeat the same actions he did in this chapter.

    To me, another possibility we haven’t considered is that maybe the Izanami was activated at an earlier point in the battle, but maybe it takes a few minutes for the effects to start. Almost like a delayed reaction, of sorts.

  61. @ten/greyfox
    i also think its possible that it was activated earlier but Itachi controlls it he doesnt have to make kabuto repeat anything. the genjutsu was easy for both of them to break (they are uchias) the only time events repeted is when itachi was struck. not that it matters because he is immortal, but thats also the only time danzo time skip no jutsued out of sauskes grasp. if it is a combo package jutsu then dont forget that thats part of the combo it also explains why things played out as they have. Nothing happened with izanami because itachi didnt need to use the important parts of it. his will runs the jutsu and kabutos fate is tied to it. just because he has it active doesnt mean that he flexing his musclues with it. in the same way that kabuto can reanimate someone but doesnt have to take their mind away, its not a one dementional object there are multiple points of reference.

  62. Perhaps you have to strike the caster to become the target of Izanami. IE, the moment Kabuto sliced Itachi in two, he became the target. Itachi told Sasuke to get away from him (probably some type of temporal bubble is formed), because anyone nearby would be caught in the jitsu, then he finished it up (eye goes dark), sealing the bubble.

    So, in a way, this is kind of like the death god jitsu. The two, Itachi and Kabuto, trapped in eternal struggle. Only way out for Kabuto is to cancel Edo Tensei.

  63. @arpotu
    That’s a good way of looking at it. Its not quite my original line of thinking but now that you’ve mentioned it its a great way of wording something that I only abstractly pictured.

    funny side note there is a naruto reference burried in a comedy site i frequent, if you dont know i promise this is at least kind of funny, the reference isn’t particularly well hidden in context of posting it here but some of you may still get a chuckle out of it.

  64. I must say the anime is making this war arc enjoyable what seems like weeks of wasted time in Manga is easily compressed with some cool filler, though I was hoping Sai would actually kill his brother in a more Nagato Yukiho way….

  65. @ pein,
    wow that had at least one cut from nearly every anime that “made it big” there were a few in there i havent watched for years, sweet vid!

  66. Don’t sweat it he probably activated it when Kabuto turned around. The good news nobody important was killed by Madara. I hope.
    @coolbeans not quite. For there was nothing from the index series, Gintama, Madoka Magica, Blue Exorcist, Freezing, Code Geass, FMA, Reborn, Gundam and others I don’t feel like mentioning.

  67. @ kanto
    there was a gundam wing if i saw right. but your right those are some good ones.

  68. @ Kanton – Full Metal is in there, if you refering to Hitman Reborn it is aswell, Code Gease I couldn’t see and Blue Exorcist is a relitively “new” arrival to the “made it big” franchise… and Gundam… I don’t know much about the others though Madoka Magica, Freezing I don’t really follow…

  69. @Kantonkage

    Yay! We have another person who reads Blue Exorcist! (I hope you read the manga, rather than just watching the anime which doesn’t follow the manga properly).

    It’s an awesome manga. @___@

  70. Great Breakdown i hope the anime actually shows kakashis rampage

  71. Kakashi’s rampage cannot be seen by human eyes. It’s *that* epic.

  72. Sigh A man can only hope

  73. @Tenrai
    I think the time inside the Genjutsu illusion is more rapid than outside the body, so what took a moment for Itachi’s eye to change felt like alot longer to Kabuto. I mean people caught in a genjutsu notice the disparity in time between what happened in their own mind and what happened outside the genjutsu. It’s kind of like day dreaming, you can rapidly imagine scenarios faster than they would happen in real life. So outside the genjutsu from Sasuke and Itachi’s standpoint the consequences were suffered( the blank eye) a couple of moments after Izanami was cast but within the genjutsu from Kabuto’s perspective it was longer. I know we should wait for the chapter but there’s my argument. 😀

  74. @arpotu 😀 Kakashi’s rampage is too awesome for human eyes ha!

  75. I think we all actually saw Kakashi’s Rampage… it was too awesome for my mind to even realize <__< So like a trauma our minds blank it out and all the pages of the Manga where later "burn" for being too dangerous… 😛

  76. Now that I think about it… This whole manga series, ever since Kakashi started his rampage, has been the rampage. It’s his ultimate genjitsu, the “Kakashoon”, only available to people who have plucked their half-dead friends’ eyes from their sockets and replaced them with their own. That’s right, the rampage is still going on…

    So, the Kakashoon:

    1) Creates the illusion that Kabuto summoned Madara, and that he is fighting all the Kage.
    2) Creates the illusion that Naruto has talked to all the tailed beasts, and gathered their chakra (or controls them, or whatever happened there).
    3) Creates the illusion that Itachi would be able to break Edo Tensei and assist Sasuke.
    4) …and anything else that has happened since the rampage started.

    …makes too much sense…

  77. @arpotu
    lol…. just, lol!

  78. Now we just need Kakashi to wake up in a bed surrounded by his Auntie Em and other friends, and start saying, “and YOU were there, and YOU were there!”

    Maybe Kishi’s “Shippuuden” isn’t so much a whirlpool as a tornado??

    Now I’ve got me thinking.. and that’s rarely a good thing 😉

  79. Any of you ever thought about when Naruto said “We will both die” to Sasuke if they ever fight? Well he basically just put himself before everyone else then… he told Nagato he would bring peace to the hidden rain and nagato asked if he will ever changed and he said “no” then with other promises he made to people… even though Naruto doesn’t plan on dying ANYMORE, it was just stupid when I think about what he said previously :I

  80. Bubblition: What do you think of my beautiful children?
    Caption: M-Preg, it got worse.

  81. Bubblition: You kids wana see the cool toys in my bacement?
    caption: seems legit

  82. Bubblition: Who wants to kiss the head?
    Caption: Innuendo no jutsu.

  83. Bubbliation: Michael Jackson no jutsu
    Caption:Hide your kids

  84. grey, i think naruto’s telling the truth, but it will be temporary. I suspect their mutual deaths will cause some kind of So6P rebirth. So6P will resurrect them both before either:

    1) disappearing after imparting wisdom, or
    2) becoming both Naruto’s and Sasuke’s new sensei, making way for a whole new manga

  85. @Tenrai there wasn’t much material in this last chapter for a single chapter breakdown?

  86. @ashes this chapter was the following: Itachi cuts Kabuto’s horn, Itachi cuts Kabuto’s horn, Itachi cuts Kabuto’s horn, Itachi cuts Kabuto’s horn.

  87. @Katonkage I did read it ya know (dattebayo!)

  88. @ Katonkage I kind of expected he would wait another week. Still I want to see who wins the bubbliton

  89. Bubbliton Entry

    Kabuto: The real me wanted out!!

    Caption: Kabuto’s real self is an Alien with spiked hair?

  90. Bubbliton Entry

    Kabuto: The real me wanted out!!

    Caption: Kabuto’s real self look like Alien meets 80’s Rock Star

  91. @Ashes

    I am trying to write a breakdown, but it is difficult to discuss something so lacking in any form of discussable points.

  92. You know what’s wrong with this manga? Sharingans and Uchihas.

    Christachi: “It doesn’t matter if you’re an Uchiha”

    *Itachi then proceeds to beat Kabuto with an unforeshadowed technique only an Uchiha can use*


  93. @Kisu

    Lol. That’s pretty much the gist of it.

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