Naruto’s Top Ten of Everything: Top Ten Taijutsu Users.

Hello everyone!

I decided to start a new post for the extra’s section of WRA, which I hope will be enjoyed by everyone. It’s called “Naruto’s Top Ten of Everything” – as the title suggests – and each post in this series will deal with a different criteria, whereby we choose a top ten list based on the theme chosen for that week.

This week’s theme is “Taijutsu users.”

How will it work?

Below, we’ve given a list of what we believe are the top Taijutsu users in the Narutoverse, in no particular order, as well as a short description of each. The list will be followed by a poll right at the bottom and from there, our readers will be able to vote for their favorite Taijutsu user, whom they believe deserves the top spot. However, as with similar posts in the past, the poll itself will not be the soul factor when it comes to determining the order of the top ten Taijutsu users. Debates and comments are also welcome and will play a significant role in helping us establish our top ten list. Giving your own top ten list would help even further.

A week or so from now (give or take two weeks), there will be a follow-up post listing the top ten in the order you’ve chosen/debated for, after which everyone can mud-sling to their heart’s content.

P.S. Remember, we’re not just trying to find the top taijutsu user, rather, we’re trying to create a list for the “top ten”, so comments will go a long way in helping us determine that order.

So, what determines who made the list?

Obviously, there are a lot of characters in Naruto who can use Taijutsu, but there aren’t many who can use it as well as those we’ve listed below. We’ve also only listed characters who we’ve actually seen use Taijutsu substantially enough for us to accurately gauge their strength in that particular field, so although there are other characters who may have also theoretically been good enough to join this list, unless we’ve actually seen them use Taijutsu to a significant enough degree in battle, then you won’t see them here.

And so, here are our candidates for the top Taijutsu users.

Rock Lee: Konoha's youthful mini Green Beast.

With exceptional speed, strength and stamina, Lee has proven himself to be a very skilled Taijutsu user in every respect of the term. Having trained under the tutelage of his sensei, Gai, Lee uses heavy weights to help condition his body for the grueling taxation of his Iron Fist Taijutsu style, which relies on extremely powerful, bone-crushing strikes to debilitate his foes. If the weights come off, Lee can move faster than the typical eye can see and if he releases his inner 8 celestial gates to boost his power even more, he becomes a true monster on the battlefield. Lee’s true trump card, however, is alcohol, as he has proven to be a natural drunken brawler, using estranged and unpredictable movements and attacks while “under the influence.”

Juugo: The cursed one whose rage knows no bounds.

Having originally been imprisoned by Orochimaru thanks to the his inherent dark power and tendency to go on chaotic, rage-induced rampages, Juugo is a force to be reckoned with when he draws from the latent power sleeping beneath his otherwise calm and gentle demeanor. Using a form of Taijutsu enhanced by the strength of his first and second stage cursed seal, as well as thrust-enhanced blows and varying degrees of shape shifting, Juugo’s Taijutsu style is both potent and diverse, making him a dangerous foe to dance with toe-to-toe.

Akamichi Chouji: Feel the wrath of the butterfly! <_<

As with most Akamichi, Chouji is well versed in his clan’s multi-sized techniques, which allow him to control the size of either individual limbs, or the size of his entire body as a whole, giving him the ability to deliver punches or body slams of epic, landscape-leveling proportions. What he lacks in speed, he more than makes up for in raw power, which can be elevated even more if he uses his “calorie control” technique to push himself over the limit.

Senju Tsunade: The last of the legendary Sannin & Godaime Hokage.

As one of the legendary Sannin, Tsunade is no push-over when it comes to close-quarters combat. With Taijutsu enhanced by her chakra, Tsunade is granted near superhuman strength, allowing her to deliver punches and kicks that can turn boulders to dust, shatter mountains or leave the landscape brutally scarred. A single blow could mean doom for her opponents should they fail to get out of her way.

Hyuuga Neji: The genius of the Hyuuga clan.

Having adopted the Hyuuga clan’s signature Taijutsu style, the Gentle Fist, Neji is a fearsome opponent for any daring enough to face him in close quarters. Whether he’s deflecting attacks with precision and agility, or delivering pin-point blows to debilitate his foes and close their chakra pathways, Neji’s Gentle Fist, although lacking in raw power, perfectly balances offensive and defensive abilities in a combination that is as deadly as it is graceful.

Uzumaki Naruto: The hero of Konoha and a sage of Mount Myōboku

Having never been afraid to let his fists fly, Naruto’s taijutsu style has developed from a messy and reckless frenzy, to a refined and powerful form of combat. When Sage Mode is activated, Naruto is granted super human levels of strength, allowing him to lift or throw objects hundreds of times his own weight, while his “frog-fu” taijutsu style gifts him with the ability to deliver punches with an enhanced range of attack that extends even beyond the reach of his physical blows. Those who face him without caution, are doomed to fall to the sheer power of his attacks.

Maito Gai: Konoha's Beautiful Green Beast.

Much as it is the case with his student, Lee, Gai’s taijutsu style relies on powerful blows delivered at high speeds to crush his opponent’s defense or to obliterate them outright. Even without releasing any of his 8 Celestial gates, his punches and kicks pack enough power to break through walls, but when the gloves come off and Gai is forced into a corner, all hell is unleashed. Whether he’s arriving in style with his Dynamic Entry, pulverizing an unfortunate victim with his Morning Peacock attack, or blowing away the competition with his Afternoon Tiger, Gai leaves no doubt about the fact that he is a prime example as a master of Taijutsu.

Haruno Sakura: The hot-tempered mistress of mayhem.

As an apprentice to one of the legendary Sannin, Tsunade, Sakura has been trained to utilize her expert levels of chakra control in combination with her taijutsu techniques, allowing her to build up a large amount of chakra  in her fists, which can then be released all at once – precisely at the moment of impact during one of her attacks – for devastating results. Along with her near superhuman strength, Sakura has also been trained with the agility needed to avoid enemy counter-attacks, a trait necessary for the survival of any medical ninja on the battlefield.

A: The hot-blooded Raikage and leader of the Shinobi Alliance.

Using a taijutsu style that closely resembles a form of extreme wrestling, A is capable of overwhelming his opponents with powerful tackles, crushing blows or devastating body slams, all of which are enhanced by his blinding speed and brute strength. Those who are find themselves on the receiving end of his decapitating Lariat, or earth-shattering Liger Bomb have little chance of living to tell the tale.

Kimimaro: Greeting his foes with a dance of death.

Whether he is weaving between his opponents using the graceful but deadly Dance of the Willow, or defending from counter-attacks with his threatening Dance of the Larch, Kimimaro has proven to be a master of Taijutsu, using his agility to maneuver between enemy attacks like water flowing around a stone. Using the bones in his body to extend the reach and potency of his attacks, death can easily come from any direction with not even a moments notice.

Inuzuka Kiba: A dog's best friend. O_o

Utilizing the feral-like features of the Inuzuka clan, Kiba’s Taijutsu style resembles the behavior of a cornered beast more than it does that of a ninja, relying on ferocious, violent and seemingly chaotic attacks delivered in a form of near frenzy. Despite lacking the raw power that some other Taijutsu techniques rely on, Kiba’s attacks are both lightning fast, and inherently unpredictable and his Gatsuga (fang-over-fang) technique can shred any unprotected opponent to bits.

Now it’s your turn!

Well, there are your nominees, chosen according to the criteria established near the start of this post. All that’s left is for you to choose who you feel should be on top.

Remember, the poll will help give us an idea of your favorites, but comments, discussions and debates will go a long way in helping us establish a complete top ten list, so please get involved and have your say.

I hope everyone enjoys taking part. ^ ^


~ by Tenrai Senshi on May 2, 2012.

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  1. FIRST!!

  2. Well, it’s a bit late, bit here it is at last. ^ ^

  3. For me its was rock lee. Most other ninja use chakra to enhance their Taijustsu abilities, but for me Rock Lee is at their level but through blood, sweat and tears. His hard work and dedication is inspiring and i Love Drunken Master!

  4. @Tanwir

    Nice to see a new face, and welcome to WRA. At least, I don’t recall seeing you on here before. Lol. @___@

  5. To me it’s Maito Gai. His control over the 8 gates is unrivaled.

  6. I mean I want to say that Lee has surpassed Gai/Guy but in the end until they show Lee surviving opening all 8 gates I still say Gai is the best. All the rest have special powers to enhance their Taijustsu. Technically Tsunade’s wolverine powers and chakra enhanced punches just make her difficult to kill not especially good at Taijutsu (Sakura’s in the same boat). Also A’s lightning abilities enhances his reflexes, that doesn’t necessarily make his Taijustu skillful. I would say Kimimaro ( bones not withstanding) is third in terms of skill below Gai and Lee. Neji is skillful but he leans toward defense more than attack. He seems better off grounded to one spot. Choji is awesome but his attack power makes him burn calories, and I’ve never considered him very skillful, maybe slightly above average but when the average ninja is cannon fodder in this manga I wouldn’t consider Choji great. Juugo is powerful and crazy but I wouldn’t consider him skillful. He’s more like Narutoverse’s version of the Hulk. Rage management issues.

    So maybe in order of skill

  7. @tenrai Ha! Kiba so unimportant not only do you misspell his attack, you also put Kimmimaro twice on the poll and ashes forgets him in the list he/she provided. I personally believe Kimmimaro shouldn’t count since he uses his bones as a sword. Hmm would Sakon/Ukon double team and Jiroubou count. *performs a flaming dropkick on Tenrai* Durobu Kiiiku. You should ve ashamed the winner is obviously the juggernaut known as the Third Raikage.
    @ashes remember Taijutsu is hand to hand combat so it doesn’t matter how they punch/kick.

  8. @Katonkage Hand to Hand Combat means kicking, punching, grappling and throwing. ninjustu and weapons are out…. ( remember that’s why Lee became a Taijustu specialist because he can’t do ninjutsu) A (Raikage) , Tsunade, Naruto, Choji and so forth all use ninjustu to enhance their Taijustu. Only Lee and Gai are purely Taijustu fighters. I’m not saying the other’s don’t know Taijustu, I just think they rely on their Ninjustu enhancements and doesn’t require them to train in the same way. I mean if you have the ability to heal and superstrength, you aren’t going to be worried about “technique” as much. A nice way to say it, is that they are less concerned about Kata. So let’s say someone has a stoneskin kind of jutsu because they can take a hit and easily land a blow on the enemy up close, does that make them good at taijustu? I mean if an average ninja goes up against a guy with stone skin, unless he uses ninjutsu to enhance his taijustu it probably won’t get through.

    Again my point is that you can be like Tsunade and be skillful in controlling Ninjustu to enhance her strength but just because she beats her opponent on pure strength doesn’t mean she’s a good hand to hand fighter, just that her opponent may not withstand her strength.

    We see Sasuke fighting sage mode Naruto in an OVA…. So why isn’t Sasuke on the list.

  9. I think some people have a misconception about what Taijutsu actually is, so I’ll address your posts individually.


    All Taijutsu is enhanced by chakra or by some other means, there are no exceptions – and yes, that includes Lee’s Taijutsu as well. During the Chunin exams, when Lee blocked Sasuke’s and another examinee’s attacks when they both tried to go for each other, Sasuke commented on the strength of chakra in Lee’s arms. This does NOT suddenly mean it becomes Ninjutsu, it just means that the user is enhancing their strength with chakra. Ninjutsu itself, is an entirely different field altogether.

    People just tend to assume that if a technique uses chakra, it automatically means it is Ninjutsu, when that isn’t actually accurate at all. In the same breath people believe that because Lee can’t use Ninjutsu or Genjutsu, it means he doesn’t have chakra or can’t use it, when this most certainly isn’t the case as the manga has proven. In fact, using the 8 gates themselves means removing the limit in your mind to allow you to use your chakra pathways beyond your normal limit. So, just like Tsunade or Sakura, Lee’s attacks are, in fact enhanced by his chakra, just in a different way. The same goes for Gai as well.

    Going by that, when we consider things like the 8 gates, Sage Mode, Kimimaru’s bones, Tsunade’s chakra enhanced punches, etc. They are all forms of Taijutsu (not ninjutsu), as the term Taijutsu itself means “body techniques” where you are using your own physical body to attack your opponent or to perform the technique directly. Kimimaru’s bones count because they are part of his body, and not just external weapons like, say for example, Zabuza’s sword (although he can use his bones externally as well, I mentioned the dance of the willow and the dance of the larch, because both utilize his bones as extensions of his body rather than as external weapons and both are listed as Taijutsu as well).

    So, going by what I’ve just said, I’ll reiterate that all taijutsu is enhanced in some way, either by perception (byuakugan), chakra, or whatever else the user needs to get an edge. If it wasn’t, it would be an obsolete form of combat that would lack the power to compete with ninjutsu or genjutsu.

    Also, the reason Sasuke wasn’t included was because since part 2 of Naruto started, we’ve seen him only use his sword for close combat. Otherwise, he basically uses ninjutsu exclusively. I’m creating a seperate top ten list for weapon users like Sasuke, Kisame, Bee or Mifune, etc. Also, I don’t consider the OVA as source material, because the events that the OVA shows have yet to take place in the manga, and therefore, are not cannon yet. When Kishi finally does approach the battle between Naruto and Sasuke, it may be very different from what the OVA shows so I can’t make assumptions based on that.

  10. @Kantonkage

    I included Kiba because this is the only list he stands some hope of a chance on. Whether you actually choose him is up to you, but thanks for pointing out my mistake. I’ll fix it shortly.

    As for Saikon and Ukon, they are even weaker than Kiba. They had to go to cursed stage level 2 just to get an edge on Kiba in part 1 and Kiba’s stronger now, so Saikon and Ukon are pathetic and obsolete if you ask me.

    And lastly, the third Raikage’s finger attack was a form of Ninjutsu, like chidori, so it technically doesn’t classify as Tajutsu at all. I’m ashamed you didn’t know that. Remember, this post is based on who is the best Taijutsu user, so unless we actually see a character use some form of actual taijutsu techniques, then they obviously don’t qualify for this list.

    I was originally going to include both the Third Raikage and Kabuto on the list, but I also discovered that Kabuto’s chakra disection blades are ninjutsu as well as they require hand seals to use and therefore are not a taijutsu technique (they are even listed under ninjutsu). I did do my reasearch in the end, you see, so my list isn’t based on assumptions. I also already explained Kimimaro in my reply to Ashes above, so all-in-all, your comment to me was a fail. <_<

    *Reverse drop-kicks Kantonkage out the room.*

  11. @Tenrai I bow to your knowledge and give way to you in this ( in pseudo- Japanese bow of honor) but the question about the Raikage’s speed enhanced body because he’s using ninjustu to charge his body with electricity….. where does that fall in the debate? I can agree with the whole chakra doesn’t equal ninjutsu but the Raikage is specifically using Electric/Lightning Ninjutsu to enhance his body not just using chakra. I’m just curious.

  12. Well, that is part of what is debatable. We are comparing the top Taujutsu users in the end, so what you really need to look at is both the strength of the Raikage’s Taijutsu and the skill and technique with which he uses it.

    If you feel that his taijutsu is too dependent on his ninjutsu, then that obviously counts as points against him and you can argue that points if you feel it is relevant. If someone else disagrees, they can bring up points to defend him. That’s part of what makes the choice more dynamic and I am hoping it encourages debates.

    I don’t want to get too involved because I need to choose the top ten based on everyone else’s comments, so I’ll try to leave that up to you guys. The power is in your hands, after all. ^ ^

  13. 1. rock lee

    i picked purely on taijutsu not most powerful. Part of that being that im not including things like naruto’s Senjutsu or the Raikages lightning shield, however in my oppinion things like Tsunades monster (chakura assisted) punches and things of that nature have a more applicable effect on taijutsu skill rather than techs that like the lightning shield that just happen to be effective as taijutsu boosters but could easily be used in non-taijutsu way, ie. sauskes body shield is basically the same concept but applied in a totally non-hand-to-hand way.

  14. @ Cool beans

    1. Gai
    He has range and distant attacks in Taijutsu, something that not many do.
    2. Raikage
    His speed and power balance with his chakra armour put him above the like of Tsunade etc.
    3. Neji
    Gentle fist placed correctly on a fighter would mean the end of the battle, he could easily get through most defenses.
    4. Rock Lee
    His drunken fist makes him difficult to read.
    5. Kimmimaru
    Bones extend meaning he can attack and defend in seconds.
    6. Tsunade
    In pure Taijutsu she is only really strength
    7. Juugo
    Has great power but lacks speed
    8. Chouji
    Same problem.
    9. Kiba/Akamaru
    Fighting as a group they are pretty powerful.
    10. Sakura
    Strength no speed, useless 😛

  15. @ Pein again I think the Raikage’s use of Ninjustu to enhance his reflexes is my only point of contention.

  16. @Coolbeans

    While I understand your sentiment, I also feel it is somewhat flawed. Every Taijutsu user enhances their taijutsu in some way, whether it is through sage mode, releasing the 8 inner gates, cursed seals or chakra enhanced punches.

    In fact, in some cases, those enhancements form an integral part of their tajutsu style. For example, Lee cannot use the extreme lotus without releasing his inner gates, nor can Gai use the Morning Peacock or Afternoon Tiger unless he releases his celestial gates as well. Neji’s taijutsu is basically useless without his Byuakugan and Naruto’s frog fu is married with his Sage Mode like milk is married to cereal. O_o

    So, I do believe that in that sense, they should all be considered as pertinent factors when determining the best taijutsu users.

  17. Damnit Kishi for snuffing the third Raikage for Mary Suchihas.
    @tenrai Kimimaro yes you have a point but I still say no. Since I find it very confusing on the Jutsu classifications. The Bunshin for example is a ninjutsu despite having the classification of a genjutsu. Info on the Third Raikage is vague at best since he was snuffed out for not be a Suchiha.
    @ashes it’s called Nintaijutsu though why the Chakra Scapel or the Chidori aren’t there confuses me greatly.
    I’ll just not debate here because the fridge logic is too confusing for me.
    Oh, look an Index novel *picks up the novel while Tenrai flies out the room*
    Top ten out of the choices is:
    Still I firmly believe that The third Raikage is the best in Taijutsu.

  18. @Pein
    actually it’s been recently shown during the war that Neji and Hinata now possess some kind of long range chakra attack

  19. @Katonkage even if I let slide the Ninjutsu part of it, I still don’t understand how the Raikage even makes it into the top 3. Speed doesn’t equate to skill. ( my own list needs to be revised because I had trouble placing Sakura and Tsunade).

  20. so my Revised list

    Speed, long range and up close attack

    Naruto technically his Bijuu chakra enhances his body and his Taijustu which means his speed is faster than the Raikage, and his frog fu makes him strong.

    same as Gai shown to open 6 gates + drunken attack.

    New Long distance attack, impenetrable defense which almost forces any projectile based enemy to get closer, which is usually within his range.

    A the Fourth Raikage

    Extended Range and Enhanced Toughness because of bones

    Juugo super strong but his attacks are wild

    Choji super strong, giant size( increase body mass) but not very fast

    Tsunade strength

    Sakura Super strong meh

  21. @pein/tenrai, I absolutly agree with you that those factors help and in fact most of the time puts them above my top pick (lee). But i personally chose to only look at the taijutsu (or mild upgrades that are purely physical in nature, loosly defigned of course because this universe has sooo many interpritations of ability with ninjas) because in my head I dont think any one holds a candle to Lees sheer hand to hand skill (both with the gates and drunken fist) yes the raikage could stomp him into the ground but ninjutsu doesnt count in my book. I’m not disagreeing with your oppinions (because they are completly right.) But if a little imagination isnt used in interpretation of the questions im pretty sure i can make a case for like 90% of the upcomming lists that says naruto wins like all the time. (no one else has golden chakura arms that weild sprialing death missles with the ability to feel everything around and enough speed to literaly disapear infront of a sharingan user (kakashi) for future posts ill prolly still have some kind of personal filter for it, and i believe the spirt of the post encourages any one to do the same as long as they use a defencable possition and not a “well kiba is the best because bite me!” kind of thing) hmm this quick reply got pretty long pretty quick, weird how that happens when your away from the blog for a while right?

  22. Lol also, naruto can spam litterally all his tecks now, for far and away longer than anyother fighter. So you know, theres that to… so ya… imagination folks, go for the spirit of the question!

  23. lol funny side note, i just realized i think i called the authors own intent into question even when he said “i disagree”…. i think that means i get a doctorate in poly-sci *waits for some one to hand him a diploma…waits…waits… hangs head and walks off stage while looking over his shoulder for super*

  24. @Pein & Kantonkage

    Strange how Naruto didn’t appear on either of your lists, yet both Kiba and Sakura did. Do you both feel Naruto is inept at Taijutsu for some reason compared to those two?


    I understand what you’re going for and I respect that. As for the long comments, it happens quite naturally here, I assure you. Lol.

  25. @ten. to be honest no fight naruto has ever been a premier in has ever had taijusu without… well its never centered that, the only things have been bushins rasengans or “frog fu” specifically set appart from traditional taijutsu and i agree hes not top 3 at least…. so on that note i noticed the same thing sorry guys you left him out and some people more than once 😉

  26. @coolbeans pretty sure naruto won both chunin exam matches based on his taijutsu….plus frog kata against makes sense that naruto would be awesome at taijutsu

    its hard to make a list like this because there are ninja who are adept at taijutsu but dont use it alot such as itachi, kakashi etc.

  27. tehe any guesses why i prefer drunken fist?

  28. oops didnt finish first part: makes sense that naruto would be sick at taijutsu because of all the experience he gets from shadow clones

    sorry for double post

  29. @mordi see bushins. throwing a thousand punchs to land 1 (or digging a hole, because that should hounestly come up more) doesnt mean your skilled it means he spams the best… symantics to be sure but true none the less

  30. @mordi just for comic purposes, tiju kage bushin no post is the norm on the blog. thats why it works but reading above posts is needed… im a big offender of posting without rereading so this isnt a judgement thing 😉

  31. @Coolbeans

    Naruto used Taijutsu effectively against Deva path and Preta path in his battle against Pein. He also used it against Animal path’s rhino summon and threw it a kilometer into the air.

    He used taujutsu effectively later on against Omoi and Karui, both weapon users, and held both of them off at the same time while Sai and Sakura were effectively pwned. That was without Sage Mode, btw, and he showed a lot of skill and technique, not just spamming punches.

    Later on, you see Naruto using Taijutsu on Kurama, where you see him throw him like a rag doll. That’s gotta count for something. I haven’t seen anyone else throwing a giant nine-tailed fox around like it was a toy.

    I think these are good enough examples to give us an idea of Naruto’s taijutsu strength. It doesn’t matter if he uses Ninjutsu more or not, what matters is how effective his taijutsu at the end of the day and that is what you should be considering.

  32. @Mordi

    Actually, the reason Kakashi and Itachi didn’t make it to the list is because of what you mentioned. They very rarely use Taijutsu, if at all, in battle, so it’s hard to gauge their strength, even though, theoretically, they may be stronger than some of those I mentioned in my post.

    There are a few others who might theoretically be gods of Taijutsu, like Jiraiya, Madara, Hashirama, Itachi, Shisui, the Third Raikage, etc, but because we haven’t actually seen them use it, it remains only a theory and something we can’t fairly gauge against others.

  33. I think I need to put more effort into my top ten and explain the people that I neglected better…
    How I come to my predictions, since I feel that ninjutsu hurts the true level of this top ten, I put each combatant in a random area with no ninjutsu active or achieved, i.e. Gai doesn’t start with 8 Gates released, Raikage doesn’t have his armour active and so forth. This will allow us to see that if a fighter uses a ninjutsu we take into account the downside of such a jutsu and not allow them to begin a fight readily enhanced… i.e. Rock Lee doesn’t need to activate something to be a good fighter he just is.

    1. Gai
    To be fair with the above conditions Gai is only 0.001% better then the Raikage, I would judge them with both modes activated they are equal to me, Gai has range while Raikage has speed/power balance. So here I preform an “acid” test removing ninjutsu and putting the two against each other, Gai will win since his 8 gates release (or any before) do not require ninjutsu so that is why he is first.
    2. Raikage
    Raikage with his ninjutsu enhancements beats anyone below, (I believe) in pure fighting, Taijutsu to me is Hand to Hand combat, not someone elses had or ninjutsu tech, so though Raikage is enhanced he only really enhances his body with the chakra, this is the big difference between his jutsu and Chidori.
    3. Neji
    Someone said Neji has range (I believe it is Ashes?) those attack are chakra being pushed through an opponent and the ball he creates by spinning is Chakra being pushed from his hand and he has to create movement for the technique to work, though these are more like Chidori, Finger and that Kabuto’s attack so I don’t include them in my breakdown, when Neji fights like he did against Naruto in the Chunin exams it was more Hand to Hand and that is also why he is hear, a light touch can stop circulation of Chakra and even Tsunade’s jutsu doesn’t heal that network.
    4. Rock Lee
    Lee and Kimmi are the same as Gai and the Raikage to me, both really good but when I remove all other things I believe Lee is better at pure Taijutsu but again not by much. Lee has speed strength and if he gets drunk he is unpredictable and difficult to fight.
    5. Kimmimaru
    Though he uses his bones a lot like a weapon rather then Taijutsu based a large portion of his abilities are actually weapons based, begin able to simple ward of all Naruto’s shadow clones with ease. Now while I believe that chakra use is not part of Taijutsu (once it leave the persons body or hand and feet) Kimmimaru is his bone not his chakra that controls it and even Lee stated that Kimmi is a master of Taijutsu because he doesn’t waste a single move being able to attack and defend with ease.
    6. Tsunade
    She is super strong and probably her ability to destroy surrondings adds to that, though she is very reliant on both super strength chakra and healing, where Raikage only uses one to gain a similar effect plus he is faster this is the only reason she as a Kage is so low, its the reliance of both plus the amount of time it takes for her to gather chakra to a single point to me counts as pre battle preperations where the Raikage as a standard has his chakra.
    7. Juugo
    I wish I could put Juugo higher I like his jutsu and his strength is good but he is slow and unpredictable (which can work in his favour) but stil not good enough to make it any higher, also he absorbs chakra from his surrounding which is an advantage (seems to be able to do so while moving if he could learn a Senjutsu he would be a lot better)
    8. Chouji
    Butterfree mode does hax him slightly more then usual reducing his lack of speed and enhancing strength but to me its still something that must have a large cost overall so in a long battle (which fighters like Raikage and Tsunade) or with a well placed super speed and strength like Gai, Lee and Neji’s precition attacks put Chouji so low on the list.
    9. Kiba/Akamaru
    The have shown their speed as a team battling Sukon/Ukon in part one pretty effectively, he also outmatched Naruto in the chunin exams, we though haven’t seen enough of his growth to give him a good or bad rating, reason he is so high is he has speed and effectively every battle is 2 on one without the use of Ninjutsu. (Unlike Kage Bunshin)
    10. Sakura
    Sakura is Basically Tsunade Vista (windows not PS reference) should be better but all in the end all she is, is slower and more useless. All the hype and none of the good features. Though saying that she can destroy the world around her.

    Some people think I am unfair for not Including Naruto who I will admit with ninjutsu and senjutsu active would probably be 2nd or 3rd (if not first on my list) but let me explain why he isn’t.

    1st – under the premise that Naruto enters the battle without Sage Mode active. (since no one enters the battle with any ninjutsu active even Tsunade’s healing crystal and Gai’s 8 Gates) Naruto would need to stay still for 5min to gather enough energy to fight back… if he uses a shadow clone(s) to attack while one is protected and gathering, all the above fighters have the speed to attack him within 5min (in Naruto 5min can be an hour) Raikage will make light work moving through a few clone in a few punches, Tsunade and Sakura could effect the ground, even Kiba has shown the speed and strength to get through to a sitting Naruto. i.e his attack against Sukon and Ukon… Neji could see which Clone or if naruto himself is gathering chakra and target him (like in the Chunin Exams) So while and the Chakra cloak mode is to me like Chidori, Neji’s chakra attacks, etc it is then Chakra moving and not “hand to hand” his ability against Omoui and the other girl was really good and probably one of the most epic opening battles, but this wasn’t the most awesome Taijutsu I ever seen 😛

    pein0avenue said this on May 3, 2012 at 6:41 am

  34. @ Pein That’s well thought out and I hate you for your thoroughness ( not really I think my pride just can’t bend to admit my grudging admiration) … Still I say 😛 I also would say that this would be the only list where Naruto’s kicked off the list by Sakura(really!!?). The only other lists Naruto wouldn’t qualify for would be, most useless character, strongest female character, or the best uchiha. sadly Sasuke might be considered for two out of the three :). I kid, I kid.

  35. @ash….. well played!

  36. @Pein

    You say that Naruto’s fight with Omoi and Karui wasn’t that impressive, but you need to remember that Sakura was in that fight, and she got owned in one hit while Naruto was holding off both opponents at the same time by himself. Going by that, I’d say Sakura’s performance was even less impressive, so I am not sure how she trumps Naruto on your list.

    As for Kiba, Naruto beat him in part 1 just with Taijutsu, I’ll remind you. Naruto’s gotten a lot stronger now since then if you consider Sage Mode and his refined fighting style, while Kiba hasn’t actually shown us anything new whatsoever. So, I also don’t understand how Kiba trumps Naruto either, considering how Naruto has shown way more growth. Even if you disregard Sage Mode completely, it still doesn’t make any sense to me.

    Also, I do think you’re comparing hypothetical circumstances, and not actual taijutsu skill. We are looking for those who are the best at Taijutsu, which means we need to consider all their taijutsu techniques. We are not comparing who is best at transforming as that would fall under a completely different criteria altogether.

    That’s how I see it anyway. I know I said I would try not to get too involved in the debates, but, I just felt I had to say that. In the end, my vote still doesn’t count, so you guys could all put Ino at the top of the list and I would still go with it in the end.

  37. Oh how i love tournaments, this round is very interesting because if we are looking at just 1 aspect, it’s not like we are saying whose the strongest or the best of the bunch and that’s what i like most about it. Now I have to give my vote to Maito Gai (>_o).

    Based on the fact we are just looking at Taijutsu, because we haven’t seen nor do I think we will ever see the full extent of his abilities. We may have seen up to 7 gates but the eighth will kill him, + he still had his leg weights which i’m pretty sure must be heavier than Lee’s, and his speed went up tremendously by removing those so I think Gai at eight gates and no leg weights would be at flash speed, immeasurable strength and could kick the Moon to Uranus without actually touching it O.O

    Now to list the rest is difficult because most of them have their abilities heightened by their ninjutsu so this is where i have a hard time, Lee doesn’t use ninjutsu so I want to say him but then again, I think he would lose to most of them in fights but that’s just based on experience, Lee at Gai’s age would be another story but considering he had that crippling fight with Gaara that he did recover from, but I also think no one recovers fully from such a serious injury especially when there was the possibility he would never use Taijutsu again and with his hurdle of surpassing Neji still there so even though lee is a serious candidate for number 1, he his still not able to beat a kage, sannin, sage or prodigy.

    Neji would probably be my number 2 because even though he is still young and inexperienced, the Byakugan gives him a big taijutsu advantage and his blind spot is very small. I wouldn’t discount him from the list because he has a Doujutsu but that’s only because his is the Doujutsu that has a Taijutsu affinity, just like I think no one can do better Genjutsu than the Uchiha’s or have more Ninjutsu abilities than a Rinnegan user.(i know that’s pretty biased but Doujutsu’s are hax)

    So I don’t make this way too long i’ll rush the rest, Raikage would probably be my 3rd choice because he’s a beast, he fought a Mangekyo with little knowledge of it’s capabilities and only lost a hand and cracked Susasanoo. Tsunade’s Ability to heighten all of her abilities is a pretty hax move but still affects Tai in the greatest sense. Naruto is also hax with the 9-tails chakra and with-out it may have never made it out of the first arc let alone get to the point of learning sage mode but in sage mode is 2nd to none. Kimmimaro is also a major contender on Taijutsu ability alone but that’s because Kekkei Genkai and Doujutsu’s are hax. Juugo is great but he loses to much of himself when transforming and that which makes him more beast than man is what keeps it lower in the list but since it’s kinda like sage mode keeps him from the bottom. Chouji used to take steroids(kinda) now he doesn’t but still needs massive amounts of chakra but then again…mutha fucka’s got wings! @_@ . Kiba may have a partner and may only have 2-3 powerful attacks his will is very strong and in a fight you gotta have guts(reminds me of Luffy).

    Sorry Sakura, you may be one of the best medical ninjutsu users and in a team i’d prefer your strength over Shizune’s Superior med skills, your wavering convictions are what i perceive to hinder you in a fight, even though you pack one hell of a punch, it’s multiplied by your knowledge of how to use chakra and even Kabuto was more dangerous in a fight before he learned sage mode.(she gets her own little Paragraph because i don’t like putting people in last place, because last place is really a tie between Ichiraku and Udon)

  38. @Tenrai
    when did Naruto defeat Kiba with Taijutsu? all I remember is that during the Chuunin exams tournament bouts Naruto farted in Kiba’s face. That’s how he won. Kiba’s sense of smell was just too sensitive and knocked him off guard. Also Naruto had to create five clones just to pull off the Uzumaki Barrage. Sasuke did that by himself with the Lion Combo ( and he’s not even on the list). Naruto also used transformation jutsu to confuse Kiba. Kiba lost not because of good taijutsu but because of Naruto’s luck and ninjustu, not Taijutsu.

    @ Pein
    I think Tenrai has a point about the two on one fight. I also bring up the fact that he held his own against the Deva Path of Pain while waiting for a Sage Mode powerup from his clone. He lost his Sage Mode and he held him off. I think that counts for something. I wish I could point out others right now but it’s hard to remember every fight Naruto had….

  39. @Pein I do think that the Chakra Cloak counts as long as he isn’t using Branching Chakra hands. I mean his fight with Sasuke up until the point that Sasuke gained a better set of eyes to predict Naruto’s movement was all fighting based off of speed and hand to hand combat. Obviously with Sasuke’s eyes he was able to predict Naruto’s movements like he did with Bee but Naruto was holding his own without resorting to using the Chakra itself as a weapon.

  40. @Ashes

    Taijutsu = Body techniques. Technically speaking, a fart counts. >_>

    But in all seriousness, my point still remains. Naruto has grown since then and yet Kiba still uses the same techniques he did in the chunin exam arc and we’ve seen nothing new from him. So, how does one figure he beats Naruto based off of the information we are given? Unless, of course, one makes assumptions based on theory.

    I’m not saying I expect Naruto to be at the top of the list. I just think he at least deserves a spot. I’m not sure why people are overlooking his taijutsu skills in favor of hypothetical reasoning.

    P.S. Pein supported the Raikage’s use of lightning armor, a ninjutsu, to strengthen his Taijutsu so long as it was still just for Taijutsu he was using it. If we go by that, for argument’s sake, then Naruto using shadowclones to augment his taijutsu would also be acceptable, would it not? After all, even with clones, he still only ever used Taijutsu against Kiba seeing as how he never actually knew any offensive ninjutsu at the time.

  41. @Tenrai
    I agree that Naruto deserves a place in the list.( I was teasing Pein in the comment about Naruto getting kicked off the list).

    The Fart comment was hilarious. 😀

  42. @Coolbeans Thanks…. I thought my comment about Sasuke was hilarious but obviously Pein and Tenrai were preoccupied with debating one another or me that they didn’t comment. 🙂

  43. @ Tenrai –

    “You say that Naruto’s fight with Omoi and Karui wasn’t that impressive, but you need to remember that Sakura was in that fight, and she got owned in one hit while Naruto was holding off both opponents at the same time by himself.”

    Read the chapter from there till about this page.

    Naruto, looks cool but he technically pushes Sakura out the way at first and is equally Pwned when the Cloud his back, him, Sai and Sakura are all hit in the exchange 😛

    Also I am not comparing one battle sequence, I am comparing how well they would do one on one…

    This is the main reason Sakura is on the list though

    “As for Kiba, Naruto beat him in part 1 just with Taijutsu, I’ll remind you.”

    Again this could be technically true but like Ashes said Naruto used a mix of trickery/ninjutsu (transforming) and Taijutsu… While Kiba used more just Taijutsu and his heightened senses…. Also we say Kiba vs Sukon/Ukon… So again my point remains, I am thinking if the two where put in a ring (like in the Chunin Exams and where restricted to purely hand to hand/nintaijutsu) The shadow clones may also push Naruto onto my list but the problem there is they not durable and high speed or strength or resistence makes them weaker…

    I think Ino is the Best Taijutsu user @___@ if she body transfers she can be any fighter she wants to be… Kinda like Ditto is any pokemon 😛

  44. @ Ashes – I guess to a point you right, he did use mostly hand to hand in his Chakra cloak form giving him strength and speed… Though I meant more his new SSJ form not the Valley of End, I guess its a fine line but if its included that Naruto can go 3-4 Tails, my list will need to be revised…

    Naruto will be 4th on that list with Bee then Included to 3rd… making my top 4.

    1. Gai
    2. A
    3. Bee
    4. Naruto

    All others will then be pushed down respectively… pushing Kiba and Sakura completely off…

  45. @Pein

    “Naruto, looks cool but he technically pushes Sakura out the way at first and is equally Pwned when the Cloud his back, him, Sai and Sakura are all hit in the exchange ”

    That is incorrect. Naruto’s clone was hit, while the real Naruto was off rescuing Sakura after she got knocked away like a rag doll. If Naruto wasn’t trying to save her, he would have likely continued doing well in that battle on his own.

    “Again this could be technically true but like Ashes said Naruto used a mix of trickery/ninjutsu (transforming) and Taijutsu… While Kiba used more just Taijutsu and his heightened senses…”

    Trickery is also technique and forms a part of one’s skill. Also, you must remember that technically, Kiba is fighting as two against one using Akamaru and he’s also supplementing his abilities with pills, so you’ve also got to give others credit where it is due.

    As for Naruto’s shadow clones not being durable, while that was true in the past, it no longer is. I’m sure you would have noticed that Naruto’s clones in this war were able to take hits and not disappear. In fact, his clones were able to take on Kage on their own. Combine this with his taijutsu and Sage Mode and I see him being quite a force in that regard.

    “I think Ino is the Best Taijutsu user @___@ if she body transfers she can be any fighter she wants to be… Kinda like Ditto is any pokemon ”

    Lol. This was funny because it would have been a really interesting debate topic. Unfortunately, the problem with that is even if Ino takes over the body of someone who is good at Taijutsu, she won’t know how to use it because she wouldn’t have learned the skills necessary to use that body to its fullest potential.

    Still it would be cool if she could do that and actually turn it into a decent offensive power, kinda like how Sasori controls people as puppets.

  46. @ Tenrai
    Naruto’s clones are only more substantial according to the amount of chakra infused into that clone so technically you’re right. I also would say that clones made from the Fox’s Chakra are even more substantial (because it has some weird ability to “create” life or make things solid imagined by Izanagi but that’s entering into the reason why his fox chakra effects Mokuton and Zetsu Clones. All speculative and assumptions.)

    Clones don’t count because they are a ninjustu augmentation from outside his body. Using clones is like creating a table or chair in order to make yourself taller. Whereas internal Ninjustu augementation of the body techniques would be if your body could stretch unnaturally and make you taller.

    Tenrai is right about the Ino thing…. actually after I read your comment I was about to say the same thing. Ino doesn’t take on the skills of the person she takes over.

  47. @Tenrai
    creating a clone is like building a step stool to make you taller. Taijustu can only be augmented internallly not externally. Augmentation of the body would be if your body stretched like rubber in order to get taller.

    “As for Naruto’s shadow clones not being durable, while that was true in the past, it no longer is. I’m sure you would have noticed that Naruto’s clones in this war were able to take hits and not disappear. In fact, his clones were able to take on Kage on their own.” <<< I agree

    Shadow Clones get more durable the more chakra is infused in them but especially when they are made from the fox's chakra ( at least it seems to me). I have a theory which relates to the Fox's chakra and it's effect on Mokuton and the Zetsu's, which essentially says that it solidifies and makes things substantial that are created by imagination. I.e. Shadow clones become more resilient… but that's a theory and not really to be discussed here

    @Pein I think I can live with this.
    1. Gai
    2. A
    3. Naruto
    4. Neji
    5. Rock Lee
    6. Kimmimaru
    7. Tsunade
    8. Juugo
    9. Chouji
    10. Kiba/Akamaru

    Honestly I feel that it's hard to gauge because Naruto is technically faster than the Raikage.

    I'm going to let Tenrai defend the absence of Bee from the list.

  48. @ Pein
    I can live with this

    Rock Lee

    I leave you to debate Tenrai as to why Bee isn’t on the list

    @ Tenrai I agree Naruto’s Shadow clones are stronger than they used to be. However a Shadow clone is an external augmentation not internal body augmentation. it’s like creating a stool in order to make yourself taller. A rubberman who had the ability to stretch could make himself taller, that would be acceptable because it’s internal alteration. If Naruto was able to stretch like Luffy to make to enhance his Taijustu then that would be fine but Naruto literally has to create an aid,(whether that’s a copy of himself or not) i’m sry I just can’t justify clones creation as body aumentation. Even when a clone is just sitting there absorbing energy while he fights is another external augmentation. I just can’t accept clones as a Taijustu augmentation. I only include Kiba at the bottom at all because he doesn’t need Akamaru to fight but it’s his signature.

  49. @ ashes – Why only debate Tenrai 😛 and as far as I have seen on WRA Tenrai hasn’t objected to my list with Bee inclusion 😛

    The way I see is, Taijutsu is as much Speed and Power as it is Techniques mixed with it, punching and kicking etc, We seen how Bee Pwn’d Sasuke and Kisame (both would be dead one hit KO) if not for Taka and Salamander, so with that and knowing that Bee can go Chakra Cloak 4 or more, and still remain under his own control makes him more powerful then the people below him I believe. On my list of course 😉

    @ The Shadow Clones – its an interesting theory would like to see Tenrai’s reply to that 😛 <_< one may not know this but Naruto is his favorite as Pain is mine 😀

  50. @Ashes

    You say that, but Naruto doesn’t need clones to augment his taijutsu. He can attain Sage Mode without his clones and he can use his enhanced speed with his Kyuubi chakra without clones as well.

    I also don’t see how using clones in taijutsu techniques is different from the Raikage using lightning armor. Lightning armor in itself, is an external augmentation that enhances speed, endurance and power. Using a shadow clone means creating a real body and if that real body uses taijutsu, then it’s still just augmenting Naruto’s taijutsu, is it not? In any case, I only bought up the point because Pein justified the use of the Raikage’s lightning armor, which is also listed as ninjutsu, but he ignored Naruto’s use for shadow clones, which to me falls under unbalanced reasoning. It’s either you include them both, or you exclude them both in my opinion. If you and Pein both feel clones count, I can accept that, but then the same should apply to lightning armor or any other ninjutsu.


    While I understand that Bee’s Lariat is a decent taijutsu technique, unfortunately, it is only one taijutsu technique that we’ve hardly ever seen him use. One of the parameters for the list was that we had to at least have seen a combatant use taijutsu a decent amount in battle to accurately gauge their strength. I don’t really count three successful hits as an adequate display so while I do agree that Bee may theoretically be strong at taijutsu, how strong is difficult to determine with so little evidence and therefore, placing him fairly above or below anyone is difficult as well…

    It’s like I said before, there are many combatants who may theoretically be great at taijutsu, like Itachi, Jiraiya, Kakashi, Sasuke, etc… but I don’t want to have a list built on presumptions or stats. Rather, I want it to be built on evidence and debates. However, if others feel Bee deserves a spot as well then obviously their votes or comments will count towards putting him in the top ten.

  51. @Tenrai Look I think you misunderstood me. All I’m saying is that Naruto’s chakra cloak gets him on the list under Pein’s requirements. The raikage’s Ninjustu just does what Lee’s gate opening does for him. I’m also saying that clones aren’t a body augementation. Naruto’s clones are more like a summon than a Taijutsu Augmentation.

    so let me be clear…….. we need to allow Naruto because of his fight with Sasuke at Valley End because the Cloak does what the Raikage’s power does. However Naruto can’t be the top because he’s dependent too much on his clones to help him achieve Sage Mode in battle because he can’t maintain it without clones and he can’t automatically access Sage mode if taken by Surprise. Does Sage Mode give him a place? sure but as Pein pointed out the others can access their Augumentations alot quicker than Naruto can charge up his Sage Mode.

    I think Naruto has gotten alot better and I pointed out that Naruto fought off Pain while not in Sage Mode. So I feel he has improved in terms of Taijustu techniques. However his non-epic mode whether in Kyuubi Cloak mode or Sage Mode doesn’t put him on par with Lee. So Lee and Naruto fighting without enhancements, in terms of skill Lee would still win, even if Naruto held his own for a while. So Naruto is higher than Lee only because of the fact that the Kyuubi mode probably is faster than Lee’s 8 gates attack.

  52. correction: non-epic mode = without Sage Mode or Kyuubi mode

  53. @ Tenrai (part 1) – O_o I knew you would come up with a comeback for Ashes… <_<

    "You say that, but Naruto doesn’t need clones to augment his taijutsu. He can attain Sage Mode without his clones"

    I don't agree, who in their right mind would sit back and be like sure Naruto relax there still for a few seconds and gather Chakra. I doubt any true enemy would, thus Sage Mode is more a hinderance without Shadow Clones protecting him….

    "and he can use his enhanced speed with his Kyuubi chakra without clones as well."

    This I agree with, Naruto is strong in all forms of Kyuubi mode 1 – 6 and Full control this alone if Naruto doesn't use Chakra arm would make him a dangerous enemy in Taijutsu.

    "I also don’t see how using clones in taijutsu techniques is different from the Raikage using lightning armor."

    Of course not, its the same as me… Pein is still a "god" and was never beaten in a fair battle… @___@ people may argue but I still see it that way 😛 but kidding aside (this is what I believe Ashes is saying the difference is)

    I would say Raikage's armour is equal to Naruto going into Kyuubi modes… This would be fair as both are jutsu used to make the "original" body stronger, faster and more durable (similar to Sage Mode) removing one's ability to enhance their "original" body will make this debate pointless as Lee would win maybe Gai…

    Where I draw the line as stated above is when a fighter user "Chakra" outside of their bodies to fight, meaning "Chakra palms" neji would be null and Chakra Arms like Naruto uses too. So Naruto "creating" a shodow clone is no different then Sasori using a Puppet (which is seen as a weapon) Naruto could hypothetically use Kyuubi mode Shadow Clones to fight a battle he will not even personally incure any risk or actually with his "original" body lay a punch, thus he is not "fighting" he is useing a jutsu to fight for him… Similar to summons, because Naruto can summon the big toad doesn't enhance his fighting power since he is not fighting it is a summon and in this case it is a Clone of Naruto… Or else one could say Deidara's Clay Clones or Sasuke's Lightning clones could fight and once destroyed it would immobalize the fighter… a very fine line needs to be drawn here and I sort of agree with ashes (though just with kyuubi mode Naruto deserves his place) Fighting with Shadow Clones is like fighting with Puppets its not Taijutsu or even Nintaijutsu.. similar Naruto can be said to use Shadow Clones as weapons etc…

    So that is how I draw the line Jutsu to enhance the "original" boy counts as you still fight with that body. Jutsu that makes something else fight for you does not… Or I would be inclind to think Pain's 6 Paths can be seen as Taijutsu if they don't use ninjutsu to fight?

    PS: I only got involved cause you mentioned my name ^:_:^

  54. @ Tenrai (part 2) – Now to debate my own point 😀
    ” it is only one taijutsu technique that we’ve hardly ever seen him use.”

    Well I have seen Bee in a few Full Battles – Kisame, Sasuke, A, maybe Nagato, etc in these examples he has used his Taijutsu everytime… Kisame he broke open with Lairate, Sasuke same, HE over powered A without Tailed Beast mode, he subdued an entire island of Huge monsters and “Lee’s dad” (that weird bushy browed old man) Rakoon thingy, Nagato he knocked with his technique and was only stopped since Nagato absorbed his mode… Not allowing Bee to be here should exclude Naruto, as I have shown for Naruto to achieve Sage mode he needs to sit still and how many “Taijutsu techs” have we seen Naruto use? Taijutsu is Fighting thus its not just based on “jutsu” like Ninjutsu would, Lee is a good fighter even removing hidden lotus etc. So Bee has the Speed and anticipation to match Minato, the strength to detroy Sasuke, Kisame, (both S Rank) and over power A who has a full chakra armour with not even one tail released… and you saying he never uses this technique O_O I think Naruto may be in the same boat since “Sage Punch” is not actually an official jutsu 😛

    “If others feel Bee deserves a spot as well then obviously their votes or comments will count towards putting him in the top ten.”

    Nah probably just me, but I like to be heard 😀

  55. I’m not gonna go too deep into things. After all, my say doesn’t really count anyway, so I’ll just leave it there. Right now it just feels like the debate is between us three, but I was hoping others would get more involved instead. <_<

  56. Still a good debate non the less 😛 just needs volume…

  57. I don’t think that Bee should be on the list. Most of his battles involves the use of swords. He’s more of a kenjutsu user than a taijutsu user.

  58. A – 2nd (or 3rd, if we consider Sakura) strongest punches of this list and also the fastest one. I believe that’s all taht is needed for a taijutsu user.
    Gai – Also strong and fast, but not as much as A.
    Naruto – Always relied on his close range abilities. Whether he dared to fight Neji or part turned Gaara in the chuunin exam or Pain (especially with his Sage mode on) or stood face to face in the current arc with A or Itachi.
    Neji – His whole style is a taijutsu style and he became a Jonin with that and he’s a prodigy of his clan.
    Rock Lee – He’s like a 2nd Gai and the rival of Neji. Too bad, we don’t see more from him.
    Juugo – He rocks. That’s all. No really, he’s jsut fucking crazy, has huge chakra reserves and hits you quite hard.
    Choji – Well, he seemed pretty much to dominate the battlefield and would maybe deserve a better rank… but.. it just doesn’t feel right.
    Kiba – He has speed… but he is mostly just scratching you. That does hurt like hell, but other than that… .p
    Kimimaro – To me, he is more of a kenjutsu user insteat of a taijutsu user.
    Tsunade – Strongest punches, but very slow. I just don’t think of her as a fighting ninja.
    Sakura – See above.

  59. @tenrai FYI you forgot Hinata.

  60. @Kantonkage

    I didn’t forget. I just didn’t think she would make the top ten, so I didn’t include her.

  61. @tenrai, it seems that the only reason Kiba is here due to his fighting style (unique but has the effectiveness that rivals Tenten.)Though I sort of understand since all of Hinata was über and emo and hasn’t really been given a chance to show her effectives like the examples above (minus Kiba)

  62. @Kantonkage

    Yeah, basically the only time we ever got to see Hinata use taijutsu was against Neji. After that, nothing, while with Kiba we at least saw more with his chunin exam fight and in the sound four arc we got to see him do a few things in his battle against Saikon/Ukon. At the very least, we’ve seen more of Kiba than we have of Hinata, so even if she is stronger, there’s no basis to support that idea.

    I don’t count Hinata vs Pein because she only started her attack and was unable to actually land a hit, so we can’t really tell how effective it would have been.

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