Naruto Breakdown 584… Or perhaps I should say Kabuto’s breakdown 584? Ever feel like you are reading a filler? <____<

Greetings all! It’s Marksman here – The Incredible Marksman that is – and I will be filling in for one of our favorite author’s, Tenrai Senshi, bringing you the latest Naruto Breakdown.

He was unable to work on the breakdown due to some recent troubles, and asked me to fill his place.  He also mentioned something about not eating in hours. Hence, I decided to do this write up out of fear for my life, and being eaten. I think that’s a good enough reason, wouldn’t you agree? O_o

Alas, lets get things under way shall we?

Kabuto: What I want? Actually, I would rather you just go away. Yes, that's it. Please go away.

Once again we are taken back and we find ourselves trapped in flashback No Jutsu, only this one has a pedophile in it. <___<

Nonetheless, we learn a little more of Kabuto’s past, which is a bit traumatizing if you ask me. In the last chapter, the only person Kabuto considered to love and truly understand him, attacked him with the intent to kill, and, to add salt to the wound, didn’t even recognize him, her own son.

It turns out that the  higher ups in Kanoha decided to pull the plug so to speak, on the lives of two of the best spies they had, even after all the hard work they did for the sake of peace. Now that we have seen a little more into Kabuto’s past, I can sympathize with him a little more. I am also starting to see a few of the similarities between his life, and that of Itachi’s. Both of the S ranked ninja, did what they did for the sake of the village, Itachi sacrificing his clan, and Kabuto sacrifiing his relationship with his mother. All for peace.

And what do they get in return? Both are branded as traitors to be killed, and then of course, they  have no choice but to leave the village, but under different circumstances. Who could blame them?

Kabuto: . . . .

It would appear everyone has their own methods when it comes to learning who they truly are as a person. Itachi and Kisame believed that discovery would reveal itself at the moment of death. Even after death, Itachi is still learning more about himself. Others simply try to get stronger and protect their villages. But in this chapter, we learned exactly how Oru tried to discover himself. And that would be by asking questions and “Collecting Things.”

To each his own I suppose. We also learn that Kabuto wants more then anything to understand himself. And after the loss of his mother, it threw him off. And now, he has to start from scratch again. But more importantly, Kabuto wanted to know why his own Mother didnt recognize him.

This next image should spread some light on that.

The effects of long term brain washing will suffice. The village higher ups keep creating new low’s, so to speak, for the sake of peace. I have the say, my view on Kanoha as a whole has changed. Over the years, I can say with an honest heart that I no longer see the village as a honest, peaceful people with pure intentions. While my respect for the innocents who dwell within and live in ignorance may remain the same, The village of Kanoha is certainly just as dirty as the next.

In this case, Kabuto is the innocent and the village elder’s the villains. He was only doing what he was told to do, in order to protect his mother and the village. But I guess in most cases when it come to Naruto, you can’t win for loosing.

I never fully understood or agreed with the method to sacrifice ones life for the sake of a great many, especially without the victims consent. But this is exactly what the Higher ups in Kanoha do, and on more then one occasion at that.

Some people may agree with this method, and feel as though sometimes these sacrifices are necessary. But let me ask, what do you think?

A natural reaction. Who can blame the poor fellow?

Sympathizing with and seeing the talent in the young fellow he will later butt rape,  Oru finds a soft spot in the heart of this misguided warrior. He offers Kabuto a new start, elaborating on how root suppresses ones true self, and how he wanted to create an organization that did the exact opposite. He offered to fill the whole the village had created in Kabuto’s life.

To be his mentor, superior,  and his new parent.

In a way, he was offering Kabuto a new home.

Wait... Wait!!! I've seen this before somewhere. O____O

*tragic pedophile Music plays in background*  <____<

NOOOOOOOEEEEEES!!!! Don't do it Kabuto! Its a trap! A trap I say! X________x

Lol. And thus we have discovered the beginning partnership between the two Ninja. And now, with one of the best spies on his side, thus began the infiltration on Akutski. And the experiments on those with special bloodline limits, which of course, inevitable led to sasuke. <__<

With Oru’s resourses, and Kabuto’s spy Talents, the two prove to be a formidable team, as we have seen in the past. But now, after having seen a proper view into the young warriors past, its a shame he has to die. After all, we all know that after flash back No Jutsu ends, the victem dies. <___<

Its a shame though, because now I feel differently about him. I would actually rather have him live and turn to the light side of the force. But of course, such may not be the case.

What do you think?

In any case, we have reached the end of this breakdown. I hope you enjoyed it, as short as it may be. ^^

And by the way, here is this weeks caption and bubble contest winners.

3rd Place Goes to…


Bubble: I…never to see….kakashi’s rampage…

Caption: Neither did we mother, neither did we….

2nd Place goes to…


Bubble: It’s the end of the world and I finally have time to read all these books!

Caption:  *Crack* “No… No… It’s not fair!”

And last, but  certainly not least, the 1st place winner is….

eke2k6: Where’s the Terminator when you need him?

Many people wonder about this. I do every day. <___<

Lol. In any case..

Congradulations to eke2k6 for his great entry. ^^

They were all so good, and it was hard to choose a winner. And I never realized how hard it could be to do so. X____x

Anywho, see you all in the comments.


~ by The Incredible Marksman on May 2, 2012.

51 Responses to “Naruto Breakdown 584… Or perhaps I should say Kabuto’s breakdown 584? Ever feel like you are reading a filler? <____<”

  1. FIRST!!!! Muahahaha!!!

  2. so by default that makes me first? haha sweeeeeeeeet 🙂

    what’s the consensus about a chapter this week? does the one that came out saturday count as this weeks chapter?

  3. aweeeeee nevermind i just saw that marksman wrote this haha…my bad i’ll take second

  4. @Dish

    I think there’s a good chance that the chapter we got last week was just an early release of this week’s chapter, so, don’t get your hopes up too high for a release this week. I could be wrong though, but I’ll try to look into it.


    Thanks for covering for me. It helped me out a lot. ^ ^

    @Eveyone else.

    I finally managed to complete my other post I mentioned I was working on, thanks to Marks helping me by covering for the breakdown.

    Here it is!

  5. god i kind of feel bad for kabuto and his “mohter” both were trying to protect each other and the orphans just for one to die and the other one end it up being th evil person he is now

    and it makes me wonder did the orphans were forced to join root after the mother died.

  6. Nice Breakdown Marks, we should see more from you ^__^ (there still anime Naruto open 😉 )

    Chapters have really lost my interest, though what is interesting is all the different bloods that was placed into Kabuto, seem they condense the Kekkei Genkai (Blood Limit) into a single drop… O_o would be something if he awakens the Sharingan @___@

    Overall I just want this to end, Naruto has slipped blow Fairy Tail now on my list (current chapters only) I am more excited by that then reading the Naruto hoping that the whiny Kabuto just ends now… only problem is its a catch 22, I want Kabuto to die but I am sick of the Uchiha Hax too. I miss the days of the Chunin Exams where all the fighters where kinda even, and we had a few epic character with better motives…

    Konoha is the most evil Village ever! Pain was right, and to the ones who say aww but not everyone knows, which is fair but I still think that being willfully blind to something is different to actually being kept in the dark. Danzou/Elders for Villains of the Year?

    There is a quote I love from some anime…

    “Compared to the ‘righteous’ greed of the your leaders, the Villains of this world don’t seem too bad.”

  7. Dude did you all see Blood Prison yet? That Naruto movie was by far the best I have seen…

  8. @grey fox i agree, and to keep the epic ball rolling did you see the latest episode, garra’s speech kind of gave me chills there for a bit. this is a good week for naruto fans!

  9. @Coolbeans & greyfox

    It’s as good a week as it can be if you consider no chapter has been released. I’m gonna do a review on the movie soon. It will likely be replacing the manga breakdown if there’s no manga this week.

    I’m glad they got a Naruto movie so right, especially compared to the last one… which was terrible. I would definitely say Blood Prison takes the cake as the best Naruto movie, but, I’ll give my own explanation as to why I feel that way in the review. Lol.

  10. @tenrai, That is true, it sucks there was no chapter. However I was very satisfied with the episode even though nothing significant actually happened. I will admit that the only thing that brought up the awesomeness for me would be the speech but i think it was perfectly scripted and played out extremely well. as far as the movie goes it was pretty darn good, best so far.

  11. @everyone

    Hey does anyone realize that we spent so much time thinking about Kabuto and the Uchiha’s, theorizing about Izanami and how Edo Tensei is gonna be ended that we completely forgot about Anko…. I mean how is she going to play into this whole thing? I mean is she dead?

    the recent Episode reminded me that she’s still in the cave. Even if they kill Kabuto what do you think Sasuke will do with Anko?

  12. If Anko is dead is it possible to use her body to make an Edo Tensei?

  13. @Ashes

    If Anko is alive, I doubt Sasuke would be very interested in her. Remember, he seems to have made a promise to bear all his hatred against the leaf towards Naruto first, so his unwritten vow dictates that he won’t harm anyone else from Konoha until then. At most, he might try to get information out of her, but I also doubt that because she doesn’t have much worth knowing anymore.

    Another thing we should be wondering about is Yamato and whether or not he will be rescued by the alliance or not. Now that there are no more white Zetsu’s guarding Tobi’s base of operations (Sasuke pwned him before leaving), there’s nothing left to watch over Yamato who is currently stuck in a very questionable position along with the Hashirama clone thingy. Anko knows the location of the hideout, so if she comes around, I’m sure she’d lead a team there to rescue Yamato, or at the very least, inform others so that they can do so.

  14. @ Tenrai, what if Yamato is infused with so much of Hashirama’s chakra/DNA that he’ll weak up on bad ass mother, and take on Edo Madara by himself. I know it’s a bit much to expect out of a character so evasive and quite like Yamato, but seeing as he’s the only capable one to fuse Hashirama’s DNA with his own without much problems and controling his powers it would only be natural.

  15. @Eugen

    If that happened, it would actually be awesome. Lol! I always felt Yamato was a bit underdeveloped considering he had one of the most unique and potentially powerful blood limits.

    I wouldn’t want him to be strong enough to take on Madara by himself, but it would be nice if he did walk away from that situation with a nice power boost.

  16. @Eugen and Tenrai

    You just made me think of something else: what if Hashirama’s will managed to possess Yamato? Maybe the plant contained a bit of his soul and it fused with Yamato.
    That would be very interesting because Madara could fight against Hashirama himself, not just a clone (even though it is Yamato’s body) and it would give those two eternal rivals some closure and show us just how strong Hashirama really is.

  17. Here’s some fat to chew on… who says the sons of the So6P had the same mother? If they were not the same, would that imbue different powers in the respective lineage (senju mom vs uchiha mom)?

  18. @Eugen: hmm interesting theory… Yamato is root after all, so he’s probably got some good recon skills. He might be absorbing info/strength as we speak! Hey! Maybe Yamato will fight the lotus plant! Or should we leave that dubious task to Ten-ten?

  19. @arpotu haha Ten ten would get an insta kill from the lotus plant

    and on the anko rescuing yamato where did kabuto leave her anyway is it on the hideout or just dumped her in the forrest

  20. @Madararrancar

    Actually, you could see Anko lying next to Kabuto when Itachi and Sasuke arrived to meet him. I even had a Bubbliton contest with her in the picture.

    Of course, I can’t say what’s become of her now with all of Kabuto’s cave terraforming jutsu, so let’s hope she is still in one piece by the end of this battle – no puns or references to other well known manga intended. <_<

  21. @Tenrai
    everybody getting a bit excited to see Izanami, the fate of kabuto decided( dead, escaped, or “converted”), and what happens with Edo Tensei? and will Anko or Suigetsu and Juugo have some part to play?

  22. oops I meant @everybody sry Tenrai

  23. I have a good feeling about this week guys, i think were out of flashback no jutsu but i don’t think we’ll get to see naruto yet which i know bugs you all XD I have a feeling were gonna finish up this business here in the cave, go back to the kage and finish that up, then maybe some filler someplace else in the war THEN get to naruto. I have a feeling his fight is going to be the last to get wrapped up


    Not a bad turnout.


    Do you guys think its the end for Itachi or did he complete Izanami?

  26. Nike, I for one only hope something of importance happens already because it’s been 2 months since we had something of interest ( Madara Impaling Tsunade). And about Izanami, the look on Itachi’s face after stating Kabuto failed was the look one has on his face when he knows something is wrong and I think Itachi realized he missed Kabuto with Izanami so to speak.

    I’m not sure what will happen next but I do hope Sasuke will learn the answers he seeks from Itachi so he’ll have some closure for once.

  27. The chapter is out.

    More battling this time at least and not just pure flashbacks.

  28. Okay, so that was actually a good chapter in my books. Better than the last two by far. I found it quite clever how Sasuke and Itachi cast genjutsu on one another to cancel Kabuto’s genjutsu, it was a very smart move, although this chapter does prove that sound-based genjutsu does not fall into the same league as visual genjutsu and cannot be seen through by the sharingan (or other doujutsu) as visual genjutsu can be. I’m glad that was cleared up nicely for reference in future debates.

    I guess you can thank Tayuya for that little demonstration.

    Other than that, I actually think Kabuto came into himself a bit in this chapter with those last words he said at the end. For the first time, I felt like there was some sort of emotional connection to his character that wasn’t there before for me personally. It’s funny how a battle can sometimes bring that out more than an actual flashback loaded with details. Some feelings can only be conveyed through actions after all.

    But, I best not say too much more, otherwise I won’t have anything to put in my breakdown. Lol. All-in-all, it’s a win in my books.

  29. Check out mangastream’s version, it’s translation is a bit better as usual.

  30. At least now we know that sound-based genjutsu is the best type. Kabuto needs to die, simply because he is creepier than Orochimaru, Zetsu, Danzo and Kakuzu combined. If we’re lucky it will result with three getting of each other. I’m tired of this fight, never cared since I hate all three combatant.
    For those who can read and/or is too late to read Mangastream. Here’s the chapter

  31. @Kantonkage

    Well, I’m not sure if it’s safe to say that sound genjutsu is the ‘best’ type of genjutsu, after all, it’s just a different type of genjutsu and while it certainly has its strengths, I am sure it has its weaknesses as well. For example, if the enemy cannot hear it, or if they stop the sound from reaching their ears, they can render it inneffective, although I do admit people cannot block sounds from reaching their ears as easily as they can close their eyes. Most importantly, it is rated A-okay for use against Uchiha and other people with crazy eye techniques, so that in itself counts for a lot.

    It’s actually funny when you think about it, because genjutsu is all about fooling the senses to create illusions or paralysis, so technically, it should work on all five sense. Imagine a smell based genjutsu. Lol! Or imagine being able to cast genjutsu through taste, or touch. If you ask me, it makes for some interesting possibilities which could really expand on how genjutsu is cast and how creatively it can be used in battle.

    Despite all theories though, what I can say though is we still have yet to see a Genjutsu that has an effect that is as strong as Shisui’s, which can work on someone without them even knowing it. But, the funny thing about that genjutsu is that it isn’t visual or sound based, or related to any of the other five senses really. Danzou was able to use it without uncovering his right eye, so we know the victim doesn’t have to “see” it for it to work and we also haven’t seen any use of sound involved, etc, so how does it work then? Is it thought-based genjutsu, like, a psychic form of genjutsu? Or did Kishi just ignore the fact that eye contact was needed in Danzou’s case for the sake of plot progression?

  32. You know what I’ve learned after all these chapters about Kabutorochimarutobiramasenjuuchihaandwhateverelseiscreepingthroughthosevains?…

    I couldn’t care less about him and I hope he dies soon so we can get back on track with the story that actually matters. Seeing Madara go at it was fun. Seeing Kabuto pull one jutsu after another out of his ass isn’t.
    Kabuto says he wants to be an Uchiha. If he keeps this up he’ll become more annoying than any Uchiha has ever been.
    I expect Tobi to appear at any moment begging Kabuto to stop pulling more jutsu’s out of his ass because he’ll be cramping Tobi’s style if he continues.

    What’s next? Kabuto revealing he’s been secretly eating the tentacle Hachibi lost and turning into a level 2 eight tails?!

    He’s got the horns already…

  33. @redbaron he’ll bring out the Byakugan next since he touched/healed Hinata.
    @tenrai sound-based is the best simply because sharinhaxgan and Rinnegan users can get caught.

  34. @tenrai, i agree with the 5 senses thing but, just to be a devils advocate…… the sound five used sound genjutsu, and there has been a smell genjutsu used on j-man, it was when itachi and kisame tried to distract him with a women to get naruto pre time skip. also itachi specifically says his visual genjutsu doesnt have to come from his eyes when he traps naruto in the rescue garra arc. umm im forgetting a few examples but I’m not positive they come from cannon material.

  35. correction the j-man part was on the girl. not a smell genjutsu but it has happened (again I’m not positive that particular one was from cannon material) but there is cannon on sight, touch, and sound. taste has nothing. but i think there was some kind of “oh no its releasing spores, don’t breath it in or you’ll be under his power” in the cannon material, that seems to be a very strong, indirect genjutsu reference.

  36. @ still tenrai. last one i promise….just as a refresher the sound five used it on shika’ and he had to break his finger with the shadow possession. But the itachi thing was confirmed that the visual genjutsu does have to be seen, it just doesnt have to come from his eyes…. this president is why i agree with the fun of using it creatively. i mean a byakugan user should then be vulnerable at all time since the genjutsu is a disruption of chakura and they essentially throw out a chakura net all around them. the Inuzuka (kiba) clan should insta-fall under smell genjutsu from any where. I dont know of anyone with great hearing other than kakashi, but he has hax senses already because hes ment to be that all-around-awesomeness-look-up-to-character for naruto. side note though i dont think that this will be explored to in depth by kishi because if its taken the wrong way narutos sage mode becomes a huge liability, not because genjutsu effects natural energy but because his senses are through the roof. it would get real complicated if a genjutsu user (sauske) got sennin power ups. he would have to leave a lot of plausible attacks out. that as a fan i wish were just not brought into question instead of brought up and ignored when its convenient to the story.

  37. Fairly good chapter imo. If i had to make a prediction i would say that Itachi has already activated izanami and this battle is pretty much over. Could be wrong but Itachi used tsukuyomi on sasuke to counter the sound genjutsu, thus altering sasuke’s perception of time and letting him have the little talk he wanted. Maybe even telling Sasuke how to use izanami, because we all know that an Uchiha can master a jutsu like that with no training. Even if this wasn’t the case, Sasuke doesn’t appear to have taken any damage yet so he should be able to continue fighting for a while longer. Also is Kabuto’s sage mode indefinite? Even if he doesn’t need to stay still to collect natural energy because his belly snake can do it, surely he would use up his chakra sooner or later. And if he’s anything like Naruto he’ll be completely drained afterwards.

  38. @backwords, I like your train of thought and would like to mention on kabutos power… he’s the weilder of the jutsu… why hasnt itachi been released. he “broke free” but that was just his mind, its a reanimation jutsu can’t he just poof itachi out of the fight?

  39. @coolbeans Don’t hold me to this but I think that Edo Tensei is an all or nothing type jutsu in which if Kabuto tries to release one person from the jutsu then everyone else is too. If I can provide proof then I will post it. The only other reason for keeping Itachi around, if what I said is false, would be if Kabuto needs him for another purpose such as power, an experiment, or in the unlikely situation that he can get Itachi back onto his side, he can maybe turn the tide of this one-sided war.
    @backwards25 If Kabuto’s using chakra from nature and he doesn’t have to be still to obtain it, then wouldn’t he then have infinite chakra? I never understood how that part >_< If you could help explain that would be great.

  40. @ Kanton – We always knew Rinnegan users could get caught by Genjutsu but with Paths of Pain etc its negated since its dead bodies.

    @ Coolbeans – I think only Tsukyomi must be direct Eye contact, since Itachi normally just needed his Finger to trap Naruto… Then again it was Naruto, he can probably be Genjutsu’ed by a stone <__<

    @ backwards – Kabuto states that he has Juugo's ability which is to absorb chakra from all around himself continually… <__< this explains why Kabuto is not tired as of yet lol

  41. @Coolbeans

    Although Naruto’s senses are quite exceptional, I don’t think genjutsu will be a problem for him anymore now that he has a partnership with Kurama. Bee managed to escape Itachi’s genjutsu with relative ease thanks to the Hachibi’s help, so I expect Naruto would be able to escape similar attempts as well unless the genjutsu used on him is exceptional.


    While I do understand your annoyance with Kabuto as a character, I did see a form of symbolism in the way he keeps using the abilities of others, which is something I will adress in my breakdown in more detail. I’m not sure if I’ll be convincing enough to help people look past his hax and see it as something more, but hopefully I can add at least one other dimension to the topic to help give it a little bit more meaning and depth than it currently appears to have at face value.

  42. @ eg18 I’m not 100% sure on how natural energy works entirely but, in Naruto’s case at least, he seems to need to build up to a threshold of natural energy to turn into sage mode. Afterwards, he uses it completely up before trying to gather any more energy. Jiraiya on the other hand seemed to turn into his inferior sage mode instantly once he summoned both toads on his shoulders. I think it was also mentioned that one can absorb natural energy extremely fast but doing so risks them turning into a frog statue ( maybe a snake statue in Kabuto’s case). So if Kabuto can obtain natural energy while moving or just absorb it from around himself continually, it would follow that the only way he will leave sage mode is to use more chakra then he’s taking in.
    @pein Yeah that’s true haha, I guess I assumed that once in sage mode you didn’t continue absorbing chakra. But if that’s not the case for Kabuto it would make sense why he’s not tired.

  43. @Backwards

    Actually, the way Jiraiya absobs natural energy is no different from how Naruto absorbs it. In both cases, it requires them to remain completely motionless and at peace to allow natural energy to enter their bodies.

    However, Fukusaku explained that the one way to overcome the need to stay still was to have someone else gather natural energy for you. This is why Jiraiya summoned Fukusaku and Shima to go into sage mode. They would fulfill the role of keeping still and gathering natural energy, while Jiraiya used that natural to attain sage mode and battle. The reason Naruto could not do this was because Kurama did not allow Fukusaku to fuse his chakra with Naruto so Naruto could not use the same partnership Jiraiya did. This is why he was forced to use shadow clones to help him when he was in battle.

    In any case, the reason Jiraiya’s sage mode was imperfect, however, wasn’t because of how he drew in that natural energy. Rather, it was because he was not able to balance natural energy with his own chakra perfectly like Naruto was able to. This is why Jiraiya appeared more toad like with warts and such, while Naruto had perfect sage eyes.

  44. @Tenrai sorry I probably wasn’t too clear on what I intended to say haha. I was trying to point out that in Jiraiya’s case he doesn’t need to stay still for very long unlike Naruto. It appears as if Fukusaku and Shima only needed to stay still for a very short time to gather enough energy to turn Jiraiya into his sage mode ( practically instantly). Maybe this is due to there actually being 3 people absorbing it at the same time. But if Naruto’s sage mode is so much better than Jiraiya’s it shouldn’t take Naruto as long as it does to activate it? Naruto mentions around the 5 Kage summit that he should increase the time he can stay in sage mode but seems to have accepted how long it takes to enter sage mode, thus coming up with ways to get around staying still in the middle of a battle. I don’t know, it just doesn’t seem consistent between characters for me.

  45. @backwards

    Well, you need to remember that in Jiraiya’s case, he has two people gathering natural energy for him, so that alone probably makes the transformation easier.

    Also, I’m not sure if you noticed this, but before Jiraiya started his summoning ritual, he drew marks on his face with some strange sunbstance. Personally, I have a feeling he might have been applying the same toad oil that Fukusaku first trained Naruto with (the oil that helps him absorb natural energy faster without needing to be perfectly still) so that probably helped Jiraiya transform easier as well.

    Of course, when Fukusaku trained Naruto, he wanted Naruto to be able to absorb natural energy without relying on the toad oil so that he could balance natural energy with his chakra properly, which may be why his version of sage mode is more “perfect” and takes a bit more time to acquire.

  46. @tenrai, the oil doesnt work outside of the mountain, they say it instantly evaporates if its taken. however, it could easily be something similar.
    also as for the faster transformation the two toads are master toad sages and may have already been just chillin’ with some amount of natural energy just because “hey, that’s how the 6 inch tall toads roll yo'” so instead of plugging in just the solar panel they could be a capacitor too. that would explain the quick change.

  47. @Beans

    I see. Well, I do still find it strange that Jiraiya painted those markings on his face to prepare for going into sage mode, but, I suppose that will remain a mystery.

  48. @ten, it may just be a war paint kind of thing like kankaro. we saw in the rescue gara arc that its just paint on his face (when he gets owned by sasori). the fact that he uses it just before going sage could go either way, but if it was a natural energy catalysis that would be more interesting. i just wouldnt hold my breath for an explanation and chalk it up as a war paint of sorts.

  49. Kabuto is Sakon/Ukon’s cousin or has a similar Kekkai genkai.

  50. sigh…. I can’t believe it’s taken a month(our time) to defeat Kabuto.

  51. @ Tenrai and Eugen… I’m with you on the Yamato thing, that would be awesome….. You guys made a comment earlier about Yamato absorbing the Hashirama cultivated clone/cells. I think that would be pretty awesome if somehow Yamato showed up at the Kage battle just before Madara feels like he’s going to win. Enhanced Yamato (and The Kages?) versus Madara?


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