Fairy Tail 280 Breakdown. Kagura, the BAMF swordswoman.

Lately, Fairy Tail has been changing for the better. Before this arc, it was easy to guess the winner of a fight, but now we’re kept on our toes wondering what will happen, just like in this week’s awesome chapter.

An epic fight is about to unfold...

Two new characters are introduced: Yukino and Kagura. Even though they look different, they are actually quite similar, being very confident in their abilities and wanting to win for the sake of their Guild. Yukino’s confidence borders on recklessness and stupidity, though, because she asks Kagura to bet their lives on the match.

This made little sense to me because this is a normal fight between two mages who have just met and who don’t hate each other. Betting their lives is way too dramatic, unless Sabertooth and Mermaid Heel are rival guilds, but someone would have mentioned that by now if it were true. Well, I guess Sabertooth likes being flashy! @__@

Moving on, Yukino shows us that there’s a reason why she’s so confident. She’s a Celestial Spirit Mage and she has three powerful spirits that we’ve never seen before under her control.

Unfortunately for Yukino, Pisces' key disappeared the next day because Happy ate it. X__X

I’m not surprised that Yukino’s a Celestial Spirit Mage, even though I hoped she would have used a new and extremely powerful magic, but she just had to be a clone of Angel. I’m not disappointed (well, maybe a bit :P) because her magic is crucial to this arc’s plot: Arcadios needs to sacrifice a Celestial Spirit Mage for the Eclipse Plan and if there are two of them, maybe his plan will work without them dying, assuming that he only needs massive magical power and the death part isn’t necessary. Thanks to Yukino, Lucy might survive!

Moving on, the new Celestial Spirits look great. Pisces reminds me of the Yin-Yang concept in Taoism and it is probably a very powerful spirit, just that it looked weak because it fought against Kagura, a monster. The same goes for Libra and Opiuchus who were also defeated without managing to land a hit on their opponent.

After completely pwning the spirits without even drawing her sword, Kagura reaches Yukino and defeats her in a single blow.

So badass I can't even put it into words.

Right until the page before this one, I was expecting Yukino to win somehow because I couldn’t believe that Sabertooth would have lost. When Kagura came out of the battle unscathed, I was shocked. This is exactly what I meant by “unexpected”! I’m so happy Hiro decided to surprise us all by doing this.

Despite losing so badly, Yukino is still extremely strong. Sabertooth wouldn’t have let her join the Grand Magic Games team if she wasn’t. I think she would have put up a fight against her fellow Guildmates or against anyone but the crazy-powerful mages such as Laxus, Jura, Jellal, Kagura… I hope she’ll redeem herself later on.

The chapter ends as we find out that the last day of the GMG will be July 7…

That day... *gasp*

This was another unexpected revelation. July 7 is the day on which Lucy’s mom died and the dragons disappeared 14 years ago, in the year X777.
Since Layla Heartfilia was a Celestial Spirit Mage, that raises some questions.

Did she die because she was used in the Eclipse Plan?

Were the dragons sealed by the Dark Gate?

What has Zeref got to do with this?

We can only wait for the end of this arc to know the truth.

Anyway, that’s it for this week’s breakdown. Tell me what you think about my crazy theories in the comments!

Perverts. >__>

最強 Dragon

~ by 最強 Dragon on April 26, 2012.

16 Responses to “Fairy Tail 280 Breakdown. Kagura, the BAMF swordswoman.”

  1. I have to stop procrastinating and get this out earlier. <__<

  2. Kagura vs Mirajane vs Erza would be awesome.

  3. “Kagura X Mirajane X Erza would be awesome”.

  4. # Dragon – Nice Breakdown, lol You can always stop procrastinating later… That’s what I do…

    Chapter was good, seems like the Stellar Spirit Mage’s aren’t that unrare, in just about every arc we had a spirit mage or a stellar spirit on the loose (Leo and Capricorn) so should of guessed we would see one in this arc as well

    Battle was good, I would like to see the “real” Sabertooth, Sting and that other one up against Gajeel and Natsu… my Bet is the one will first face Gajeel and Gajeel will lose and then the next will face Natsu and Natsu will over come him even though he is “technically” the strongest Dragonslayer in Sabertooth… (Replace Gajeel with Luxus if needed)

    and nice catch on the dates dragon

  5. Sorry I am late with commenting.

    Anyway, I thought the latest chapter was great. Fairy Tail is definitely keeping up its winning streak right now and Hiiro is managing to introduce so many interesting new characters from all these new guilds we’re learning about.

    One thing I’ve always liked about Fairy Tail is that Hiiro also never forgets the character’s he creates and even minor characters reappear from time to time to show us how they’re coming along. So, with these new characters, you just know the world of Fairy Tail will become that much more interesting and rich with diversity for future chapters that much further down the line.

    Also, Dragon, that was good of you to notice the relation between the dates. There’s a good chance Lucy’s mom may have been a victim of a similar even in the past to what is happening now. Or maybe she gave up her life to create the gate that these bad guys are now trying to unlock. Also, it is a bit funny that the time skip was also 7 years. WIth all these “7’s” going around, it makes me wonder if the time skip itself hold more meaning than we originally thought…

  6. Wow….
    The leader of Sabertooth is really something isn’t he…
    Never thought Raven Tail would have a rival for worst mage’s guild ever but here we are.

  7. Who else thinks Natsu will either win in a 2-3 chapter throwdown or will be forced not to fight him because of the GMG.

    Either way I get the feeling that I am commenting at myself here so…

  8. @Michael

    I believe Natsu will give the Sabertooth master a nice show and maybe even imress him, but I also have a feeling the fight will be interupted before it even gets far.

    Actually, one possibility that seems more likely to me is that one of Sabertooth’s Dragon Slayers will challenge Natsu instead and it will be a brief battle between two Dragon Slayers.

  9. I can see the fight getting interrupted or even not starting at all, but I don’t see any one from Sabertooth intervening on behalf of their master.

    In fact I will go one further by saying the only reason they would intervene is if their master was losing. Not to save him but to save the reputation of the guild itself, as I have yet to see any of the exhibit even a little bit of comradery, a feat even Raven Tail has managed to achieve (if you can count cheating for your fellow guild member comradery that is)

  10. @ Michael The new chapter is out though 🙂

  11. Ninja used Chidori, the Chidori missed. Natsu used pimpslap it’s super effective.

  12. Erza is simply badass

  13. Let’s see here, I think that puts Fairy Tail team A solidly in the lead =P
    Sabertooth is going to have a hard time catching up to that, the danger here is that Erza may also have to battle in the battle round, and she doesn’t look like she’s up for much more battle.

  14. Erza just owned

  15. Fairy Tail this week was epic and that is an indisputable FACT. <_<

    There's nothing more to say further than that, other than the fact that Erza reminded me this chapter why she's my favorite FT character.

    Best chapter of the week.

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