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Below you will find the latest spoiler pics and summaries for One Piece chapter 665.

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Quelle: apforums, kaze1028扉絵はインペル新副署長マゼラン 第665話 “CANDY”ゾロ・サンジ・ブルックは、胴体部を探しにいつの間にか消えていた侍の捜索へ行った。
子供たちはいつも検査後に”キャンディ”を貰っていたといい、それを食べれば幸せな気分になる はずだとか。


「やりすぎかとは思ったが、あの2人組を行かせた・・・」「”雪山の殺し屋”」「”イエティC OOL BROTHERS”」

Quelle: apforums, CCC

Zoro, Sanji, and Brook search for the Samurai, who disappeared at some point in search of his torso.
All of a sudden, the particularly large kids are in a lot of pain.
Apparently all the kids were always given “candy” during the tests, and it’s suspected that that kept them feeling well.
Brownbeard criticizes the crew, saying “The kids are in pain because they haven’t received treatment today,”
but Chopper flips out and objects, holding a test tube in his hand (with some sort of test results).
He detects a very small amount of stimulant in the kids’ bodies.
On top of this, the giant kids seem to go crazy and start rampaging, so with no other option, Usopp uses his Sleep Star to put them down.
The giant kids were all normal size when initially brought to the island.
It seems as though the were turned giant size while on the island. Chopper suspects Master’s experiments are to blame.

Scene change: Zoro’s search party
Zoro, Brook, and Nami (really, Sanji) collapse on the snow. There are some giant footprints.

Scene change again: The Lab
Law and Caesar are talking
Law has brought Smoker’s heart as a gift, and says “What about Strawhat ya?”
“You might say I’ve overdone it, but I’ve sent those two.” “The Snow Mountain Hitmen- Yeti COOL BROTHERS”
Chapter ends with a shot of these two from behind. They seem to be twin giants, from the size of the footprints, and they’ve got guns strapped to their backs.

Raw images:…e187213009.jpg…a187213019.jpg…9187213029.jpg…3187213038.jpg…b187213050.jpg…e187213059.jpg

Chinese Raw:

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