Omar’s questionnaire!

Hi everyone, I know this is completely unrelated to Naruto, but if any of you could help me it would be absolutely awesome. I’m currently a senior at UPenn going on to Med School next year, and my last paper for college is for a class called cyberculture. I decided to do mine on something I call “anime identity” where I try to argue that the idea of a loner, secluded anime fan is outdated, and that instead it is a very rich, diverse community. If any of you are interested in participating for this paper, either comment here or e-mail me at

1. What does the word Otaku mean to you?
2. What draws you to anime?
3. What do you feel is the biggest misconception towards anime fans and anime in general?
4. (Only for Fanfiction authors) What do you gain from writing fanfiction and why do you do it?
5. (Only for Fansubbers) Why do you do fansubs?
6. Favorite anime quote and why?
7. What is your relationship to the people in communities such as this forum?
8. Age (Optional)?
9. Nationality (Optional)?

Thank you so much. Again


~ by Tenrai Senshi on April 24, 2012.

6 Responses to “Omar’s questionnaire!”

  1. @Omar

    Write a link to WRA on your paper. That should be all the proof you need. @___@

    To answer the rest of your questions though…

    1: I associate that word with all things anime and manga.

    2: Splosions. But seriously, I think it’s the way anime and manga are able to create a form of escapism into worlds that are rich with their own sense of style and identity. They can be outrageous, funny and even zany, but they can also be deep, dark and moving. With anime, you don’t have to always worry about what makes sense, rather, it’s just more about feeling than it is about thought. It’s about having a good time and having the freedom to just enjoy what you’re watching without limitations.

    3: There are two misconceptions I believe taint an outsider’s view of anime the most. 1, that it’s for people who haven’t quite learned how to grow up yet and who are still childish or immature, therefor anime cannot be taken seriously by respectful adults and 2, that people who watch anime fit into some sort of subclass of “nerds” or outcastes of normal society. Anyone can watch anime and enjoy it, whether they are serious, smart, crazy, outgoing or introverted. There’s an anime for every viewer, just like there’s a book for every reader.

    4. I do write fanfiction, so I can tell you why I do it. You could say it stemmed from this idea what I wanted to see what I could make out of one of the series I loved. How would I have done things differently? How would I have each character behave? What would I have changed from cannon? That curiosity is what drove my desire to write fanfictions and I have to say, it was fun as well. I also enjoyed the feedback I got and it developed my writing skills quite well over the time I did it.

    5. NA

    6. “Even if he dies in a ditch, a man should die falling forwards.” I got that recently reading Bakuman and I like it a lot because it’s basically a message to never give up. No matter how bad life gets, you should always keep moving forward no matter what so even if you’re dying in a ditch, you should die falling forwards.

    7. I see the people on WRA as friends and family. I enjoy talking to them, sharing ideas, debating, having fun or even having a deep and meaningful conversation now and then, no matter what it’s about really. We’ll leave out the part about me eating members and such. <_<

    8. I am in my twenties.

    9. South African

  2. Let me Help to

    1. Let me google that O_o

    2. Theme’s, I think that though anime can be light hearted and fun it also deals with some major issues in the world today that other show would shy away from, Death Note for example one of my favorites, is it acceptable to kill to make the world a better place etc… Also nastalgia, I grew up on DBZ and pokemon, and to a degree Naruto and Bleach and from then till now the theme’s have always been relevant…

    3. That its bound by age and that its wasteful violence and not very deep, I believe some of the deepest quotes and meaningful fiction I have ever seen was watching anime.

    4. It allows me to be creative to look at a another universe with its law and functions and create my own little peice within it. I guess its just the creation of the story that draws me to it.

    5. NA

    6. I have millions! (Hyperboly) but many, its difficult to say just one… but if I had to it would be this one.
    “I see… That is noble of you. That is justice indeed. However… My family… My friends… My village… They suffered the same fate as this village by you ninja of Konoha. How is it fair to allow only you people to preach about peace and justice?” Pein

    7. Depends from person to person, either I know they a good person to talk to or a good person to debate with, either way they all make my life a little better 🙂

    8. 24

    9. South African

  3. acen this weekend! we shall see who really is an otaku and who be playin

  4. I shall contribute as well:
    1: Anime & manga fans in general
    2: Mood/Genre shifting: For example some manga/anime can go from comedy to tearjerking and vice-versa without breaking the flow of the story.
    3: I think because it’s animated people think that it shouldn’t be taken seriously.
    4: Haven’t got around to it yet.
    5: Curse my inability to understand Japanese.
    6: Too many to count, one in particular would be: “The things I wanted to protect HASN’T CHANGED!!” Sakata Gintoki (Gintama)
    7: They are my Nakama!!
    8: I’m in my twenties.
    9: African American

  5. 1. (not really many answers there besides the defintion)
    2. Imagination and meaning draws me to anime. The anime I watch helps me escape from the reality shows they display on television such as Jersey Shore or any of those other dumbed down meaningless shows… even though I watch alot of them. It seems as if if someone balances their life with some form of anime show or manga, they are much more intelligent, understanding, and morally sound.
    3. The fact that people think that anime fans are always nerds or people without a life. When people find out that i LOVE anime, they are surprised? Why? Because I don’t look like a dork?
    4. I write fan-fiction to feed my imagination of what I wanted to happen as to what really happened just to satisfy my anger sometimes lol even though everything in the anime/manga happens for a reason, and life can’t always be what I want. I also write my own book and fan-fiction helps me gather ideas.
    5. N/A
    6. Of the many… “How far can your eyes see?” – Itachi Uchiha. Why? Because this story between Itachi and Sasuke is a story of deception and perception. Perception perceives reality in everyones life. Sasuke thought he knew everything about Itachi’s goals. He hated and detested Itachi, and thought that Itachi killed the clan for his own goals and fought to kill Sasuke and take his eyes, but in the end, Sasuke comes to find out, Itachi killed the clan to avoid a war because he was a man of peace. Itachi didn’t kill Sasuke because of the love he had for his little brother even till his death he was never going to kill Sasuke. He wanted someone that could put him out of his misery in an honorable way. He wanted Sasuke to go back to Konoha hailed a hero amongst the village to restore honor to the name Uchiha. He wanted Sasuke to gain power so that Itachi could use his full power and still die but that was not the case.
    7. This is the only forum that I know of that is as great as it is. All other forums SUCK compared to this one, I love the people and their opinions and I love the breakdowns and different point of views because it helps ME understand things alot better because if it wasn’t for this forum, I wouldn’t know too much deep knowledge on what is going on in the Manga because i miss some things while others miss things too but together we become a whole.
    8. I am 18yrs old
    9. I am an American citizen

  6. Guys, thank you so much for your help, I really appreciate your contributions. Sorry that I didn’t cite you guys, its mainly because I have no fucking clue how to site this website correctly lol, but please be assured that I read through all of your posts and they were very helpful!!!

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