Naruto Chapter 582 – 583 Double Breakdown: Kabuto’s Blood-stained past….

When it comes to Naruto, there is one nuance Kishi seems to have carried throughout this series, that he has never fail to adhere to, even to this very day. That is, of course, the manner in which he builds up the back stories of his characters through a series of flashbacks that present the first-laid foundations that made them who they are today.

This seems to be even more prominent with the villains Kishi has introduced in his story – from Deidara and Sasori, to Orochimaru and Nagato – each of whom have their own personal reasons for following their the causes they do, whether they are related to revenge, the pursuit of all knowledge, peace or even simply just to find the meaning of their own existence.

It’s also common that these moments of insight often precede a characters death – particularly in the case of villains – and so, we come to the latest entry in a long list of flashback victims…

Why do they always make villains look so cute and innocent as kids? O_O

Enter Yakushi Kabuto.

At least, that’s what I would have said under most normal circumstances, but the strange truth of this particular case is that we actually don’t know Kabuto’s real name and neither does he. In fact, Kabuto has no memories of his past leading up to the time he was found in the ruins of what was once probably a thriving village that fell victim to the destruction of war.

This created an interesting premise for the build-up of Kabuto’s character, because he is established as a being without any real sense of identity, who doesn’t understand who he is or where he came from. His only footholds in life are the memories he built up from the moment he first entered a war orphanage under the care of a kind-hearted woman – who found and cared for many other children facing similar destitute circumstances – known to him only as “Mother”.

I thought we learned from Nagato, that saving war survivors will only lead to bad things in the future...

Another interesting premise here was that this mother figure herself is also someone who is introduced into the story without any real tangible identity. The term “mother” itself is very vague, generic and abstract, and relates more to a role one would fill than to a person’s actual identity. It wasn’t something that really struck me as odd at first glance, but the meaning behind why Kishi introduced her that way became blatantly clear later on.

I suppose for Kabuto, who had no real understanding of his circumstances, “mother” was his first foothold in life – the first person he could latch onto and form some sort of cohesive bond with reality. She also presented him with a unique gift, which would also become something we’ve closely related Kabuto’s identity with, and that was, of course, his glasses.

I see what you did there...

All of this has the potential for some really deep and poignant character development and yet, for some strange reason, this visit into Kabuto’s past seems to have faltered somewhere along the way. I can’t quite put my finger on what exactly it is that made it stumble, but it just feels like this flashback was missing that something “special” even despite the uniqueness of Kabuto’s amnesia-induced circumstances. This, in turn, made it a somewhat bland read for many of us out there who failed to make the connection.

Perhaps it’s Kabuto’s own lack of identity that makes it difficult for us to relate to him in any meaningful way like we have with many other characters in the past, which in turn made it more difficult to become absorbed by his story.

Luckily, the flashback was saved by the presence of a few more enigmatic characters who arrived at the scene further down the line.

The prequel to Four Weddings and a funeral, has just begun...

And so Orochimaru enters the fray.

I must admit, this was the part I was really waiting for, to be honest. I’ve always wanted to see just how Orochimaru and Kabuto met and became involved with one another, although I never realize just how far back they went or just how young Kabuto was during their first introduction.

However, in saying that, this introduction was only temporary. Much like a snake waiting patiently for its prey, it seems that Orochimaru decided to bide his time before cashing in on a potentially remarkable investment. It’s part of what makes Orochimaru such an interesting character to me, because he was always so methodical in everything he did and he also had the charisma needed to enchant others and allure the subjects of his interests to his cause.

Of course, Orochimaru wasn’t the only character we know who decided to make a cameo appearance, although the second of them was more of a surprise.

Terms and conditions apply. Applicants must be younger than 13 years old. "Club Bad-ass" cannot be held accountable for any strange happenings involving young members who join its ranks, particularly males, therefore you are joining at your own risk, unless we don't give you any choice in the matter.

This is where we get another glimpse of the dark side of the shinobi world, in particular, the dark side of Konoha known as ROOT  as they try to employ the “mother” who’s name is now revealed to be Nonou. It’s also this point in the chapter that brings me back to what I said earlier about Nonou’s previously mysterious identity in that she too is someone who’s true nature is forever shifting to suit her needs, whatever they may be.

Whether it’s spying on an enemy village as “The Walking Maiden” or caring for children in an orphanage as “Mother”, Nonou has lived her life adapting herself to suit whatever role she was fulfilling at the time. We can’t even be sure if Nonou is her real name and so, just like Kabuto, her identity is somewhat of an enigma.

The walking Maiden? I would have preferred... The Nunny!

It’s this ability of Nonou’s to be whatever she needs to be, that serves as the reason behind Danzou’s interest in recruiting her for a long term espionage mission to Iwagakure, knowing that she is the best for the job. However, Nonou isn’t the only person he has his eyes set on, and Kabuto also becomes an almost unwilling victim of a system that demands sacrifice.

Now, I know raising children to be ninja has been a long-running theme in this manga, but for the most part, it has always been portrayed in a far lighter tone. Being a ninja seemed to be a dream many children aspired to follow through their own free will, much like Naruto himself, so the thought of them being forced into that harsh life against their will isn’t something that often came to mind. Yet here in this chapter, the cold, hard reality hits us like a ton of bricks.

I guess Orochimaru isn't the only ninja who had his eyes set on kiddies...

Children are forced into a life of grueling servitude against their will, seemingly by necessity, and although the cause sounds noble – the protection of the leaf at any cost – the methods behind that cause are questionable at best.

Kabuto – realizing that one of the children in his new home will be taken against their will to serve ROOT – decides to nominate himself as a candidate first, probably in an effort to save his peers from a potentially dangerous fate, and so begins his life as a shinobi, where his identity would become even more obscured than it was before.

Many of us spend our entire lives trying to be something we're not. In doing so, we often forget just who it is we really are...

I will admit this particular detail did shake me up a bit, being the kind of person who doesn’t handle those kinds of themes without some form of deep, inner rage welling up inside. Kisu would call me a tree-hugger for that, but I suppose it is was it is. In any case, it also brings up a few questions to mind that challenge the morally ambiguous mindset ROOT seems to have adopted.

In the end, this new path Kabuto has decided to walk, ultimately leads him to tragedy. In a world where your life is dedicated to becoming someone you aren’t, two people who have no identity unwittingly clash, not knowing whose life they are struggling to take away anymore than they seem to know whose life they are trying to protect. Lines become blurred, allegiances are distorted, and it becomes difficult to distinguish friend from foe. In this moment of blind panic, Kabuto deals a mortal blow to the person he once called “Mother.” It was already too late by the time he realized his mistake and yet, even despite his last vain efforts to gain Nonou’s recognition as she lay dying in front of him, she was unable to grasp who he was.

It makes me wonder if Nonou even knew what her mission was anymore, or whether she became so absorbed in her own lie, that she began to believe that she truly was a ninja of Iwagakure. Either way, her last question “who are you?” is a question I am sure resounded through Kabuto’s heart many times.

“Who am I?”

And that is when, his answer finally appeared.

Orochimaru. Making moves on young boys since forever. <_<

At least now, hopefully, we’ll get to the good parts where we actually see some history between Orochimaru and Kabuto and how their partnership blossomed. Heaven knows this flashback has been long enough, so at the very least, it should try hard to pay off in the end.

In any case, that’s all from me for now. Here’s the winner for last week’s Bubbliton Contest.

Kantonkage: What this fight really boils down too.

Well done Kantonkage. You deserve this win, because that was a really funny and strangely true entry. Even though I say that, you’d probably still shoot me with a rocket launcher anyway. <_<

Well, here’s this week’s Bubbliton.

*Insert possible caption here.*

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  1. FIRST!!!!!

  2. @tenrai wrong I was going to use a laser gun!!

  3. @Kantonkage

    I guess that gives me permition to tease you for coming second in the comments then. 😛

  4. Nice Breakdown Tenrai

    @ “Either way, her last question “who are you?” is a question I am sure resounded through Kabuto’s heart many times.”

    Wasn’t the fact that her glasses where broken that is why she didn’t recognize Kabuto?

    What I don’t understand is where is Konoha, did they really send an untrained Genin into these missions, I mean even ROOT has some sort of level in the Village, but in the Chunin Exams no one knew him he was just a random shinobi yet now we see he was actually long working for the Village anyways… @__@

    I must say these chapters have been very “self absorbed” the problems of Kabuto seem to be his problems (especially the first chapter) he just seems whiny to me, even if he has no memory at least he wasn’t starving or had to remember that his family was murdered right in front of him.. I do like that he sacrificed himself for his “bro and sis” at the orphanage and him being part of the different villages was also pretty cool. This also explained how Danzou and Orochimaru knew each other…

    So while this is a boring part of the manga (in my opinion) I like how Kishi is filling in some blanks that we needed to see…. and at least its not revealed that Kabuto is a Uzumaki or Uchiha or Senju or some haxed clan like that 😉

  5. @tenrai Ok, third place.

  6. @Kantonkage

    I think you mentioned how the author’s comments don’t count towards position.


    Her glasses were broken, but Kabuto then gave her his, as seen below…

    Even then, she still couldn’t recognize him, despite the fact that they were originally her glasses, and therefore she should have been able to see fine with them. Of course, her confusion or lack of sight may have also been caused by blood loss, so the glasses may not have been the only factor involved.

    As for your question “did they really send an untrained Genin into these missions” we don’t know what the time frame was between the moment Root employed Kabuto’s services, to the moment he started his first mission. We saw his age change somewhat between each of the frames where we see him visiting different villages as well, so it’s clear he was with Root for a number of years, during which he could have undergone only heaven knows how much training.

    I’m also guessing that’s where he learned his combat techniques from.

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  8. @Omar

    I decided to make a new post for your questionnaire, because I think it might be interesting for people to get involved. However, it may also be better to have people discussing or giving their answers on a separate post, so that it doesn’t interfere with the normal Naruto discussions.

    Everyone who wants to answer can go here:

  9. Great breakdown Tenrai. It went perfectly with the depressing manga I was reading a few minutes ago. T__T

  10. Bubble: It’s the end of the world and I finally have time to read all these books!

    Caption: *Crack* “No… No… It’s not fair!”

  11. Bubble: Did anyone get the number plate of that bus that just hit me?

    Caption: She never saw it coming…

  12. Bubblition: This is what happens when you try to kidnap Sasuke steal Itachi’s bitch.
    Caption: Poor sap didn’t read the label until it was too late.

  13. lol @ Tenrai’s bubble.

    Bubble: Why… didn’t you kill Justin Beiber when you had the chance? Why?
    Caption: Where’s the Terminator when you need him?

  14. I find it strange that Kabuto, a Genin level, (even with training in ROOT he was only Kakashi level when he fought in the Chunin Exams) was able to defeat the women with far more experience? How does that make sense…

  15. @Pein

    It isn’t that strange really. It’s said that Kabuto’s was at Kakashi’s level. Well, you need to remember that Kakashi was a Jounin by the age of twelve and considered a genius among shinobi as well.

    So, if Kabuto follows similar lines of development, he could have quite easily been Jounin level by the time he clashed with Nonou. He did look older than twelve in that scene and Nonou might not have been as much of a combat type like he was.

  16. @ Tenrai – I still doubt it, Kabuto still has a lot to go through before entering the leaf chunin exams, i.e Sasori spy and Orochimaru’s spy, he is possible 14 or so in the pictures, maybe depend on his beginning age in the stories… All I am saying is that there should be more of a battle between 2 jonin leveled ninja, its kinda like Asuma vs Kakashi and Kakashi win in a couple of seconds without even realizing the foe, why would the mother who seem to be known as legend (with that nick name) die so easily?

  17. @Pein

    She’s an espionage legend, not a warrior legend. There’s a difference between being a great spy and being a great combatant. In fact, if a spy does his/her job well enough, they should never have to fight a day in their lives, so that in itself suggests that Nonou probably got less combat experience than most ninja beacuse she was the “best” at her job.

    In any case, it doesn’t matter how much time went between this point in the manga and the Chunin exams. Kabuto still could have been Jounin level already and that alone might have been enough to defeat Nonou.

    Also, Kishi probably shortened the fight, so that he wouldn’t have to make the flashback even longer than it already is. Unless… you want a longer flashback, that is. O_o

  18. @ Tenrai – As I see it, this was and to me is the only good enough reason to explain Kabuto’s actions till now… Killing his mother, while I believe that it could of been avoided, even if she only specialist in infiltration she would of still had a good knowledge of basic jutsu’s and I don’t understand how she was killed before either could recognise the other.. Kishi could of made it so Kabuto would have to kill his mother cause she would be like “who are you” and he would then be put in a position either me or her and kill her and killing who he was in the process…

  19. Nonou threw first!

  20. I found some interesting details that may give us clues about where Kabuto was found.

    The interesting part is that they mention he was “a child of the enemy who had survived the battle” and that he was bought back to Konoha. Apparently, it was the battle of “Bellflower Pass” which also might be the destroyed location we saw in Kabuto’s flashback when Nonou found him.

    Of course, if we go by the fact that Root recruited Kabuto, there’s a chance that all those prior details could have been fabricated by Root to make Kabuto’s arrival into the village seem less suspicious. He was working for Root, after all, so I am sure they would have wanted to keep his real origins and purpose a mystery to the rest of Konoha’s intelligence.

  21. @Tenrai couldnt root have destroyed kabutos village?

  22. @Antnasty

    Well, the battle seems to be well known, and normally when Root is involved in something, it goes completely unknown to anyone, even most of Konoha’s higher-ups. So, I have a feeling this was a typical skirmish between two opposing forces, which Konoha may have been involved in some way. In fact, I’d say the timeline seems to fit suitably, in that it probably took place towards the end of the Third Shinobi war.

  23. bubble: i…never to see….kakashi’s rampage……..
    caption: neither did we mother, neither did we….

  24. Okay I read way too many forums and I get a bit worked up about the fact that people think kabuto is going to be killed by Sasuke ( after ending Edo Tensei first) because there’s a flashback. I find the whole foregone conclusion a bit frustrating. I don’t even like Kabuto as a villian or a character… he’s boring in terms of abilities, and I feel Kishi showing us this flashback wasn’t necessary. Yet I still think he’s going to survive this somehow. I think he has plot protection jutsu. I just think all his abilities make him slippery.. Kabuto may not be a powerhouse in terms of attack power, but in terms of evasion and running away he is OP. I wouldn’t be sry if he died, but I get tired of people just assuming that… I think Kabuto is an exception… ( again Kishi’s consistent and strange character favortism).

  25. Great Breakdown Tenrai!

    I, too noticed something funny about the flashback. It is way too long of an explanation of why he’s so emo. It’s like he is rambling. I did notice a conflict with what he was initially saying and what he was complaining about. He was trying to find his real self was the opener, but it quickly translated into not having anything or anybody which was a fallacy as he was given a place to live, a pair of glasses, and nakama at the orphanage.

    Btw, please do NOT use mangareader as a resource as anybody in america will not be able to view it. Instead please use mangastream.TO
    Don’t forget the .to at the end of it! It has all the past chapters, is viewable, loads quick, and has the best scanlations.

    @kabuto opinions: I agree with ashesreignited that Kabuto is the sneaky villain that causes mischief. He’s the one that unleashed edo-Madera and I’m sure he will unleash something equally as devilish in the future, I hope.

  26. @Everyone try the carbon copy of mangareader
    @ashes he stole Kakuzu’s flashback being the only character to die on-panel/screen without it.

  27. do you guys know if there is naruto this week?

  28. @ Ashes – I am not sure but I believe that the Flashback conclusion is more just people picking up a pattern but I do think If Kabuto is left to live after this he will be too powerful… Even undoing Edo Tensei, would just mean he could kill just re summon all of them. So maybe it has to happen that Kabuto dies?

    @ Tenrai – I believe it was the sand that eliminated the Village and Sasori planted Kabuto there removing his memories like he does with most of his spys. Orochimaru will now help him unlock his past etc.

    @ dricedt – No its golden week in Japan

  29. @pein

    I really don’t have any really good arguments on hand right now…

    I would point to the OVA video that shows Kabuto and Tobi watching Naruto and Sasuke fight where Naruto loses ( but is alive, Sakura crying over him, and Kakashi standing nearby) and Sasuke evolves to the Rinnegan. i think the sound of the child in the background in just the birth of the Rinnegan….

  30. @ Pein

    I know the video is a matter of controversy and not many people are sure of the canon but it seems to make sense.

  31. @Visionary

    You can find those details I mentioned on Naruto chapter 66, page 5.


    While I don’t disagree with your notion that Kabuto could survive this battle, as Pein said, we’re simply looking at patterns from the past and how these situations have always turned out before.

    I actually wouldn’t mind if Kabuto survived this battle, because he’d essentially be the first person to survive against Uchiha hax. However, I have this feeling he won’t for some reason. I am not sure why, but I think Kishi may want to devote his attention purely to Tobi and Sasuke as the primary villains from here on out. Also, I feel that Kabuto is already somewhat spent as a character.

    If he survived, what more could he really contribute to the story? If he ran away only to gather up another Edo Tensei army, that would just be a repeat of what we’ve seen now and most people would be irritated by that. If he runs away only to hax himself even more to come back stronger, then once again, it would just be a repeat of what we’ve already seen. I just don’t see how Kabuto can add any more to this manga than he already has, unless Kishi makes some sort of big twist for his character, like, for example, Orochimaru’s cells take him over completely and he develops a split personality (that would be kinda cool).

    I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

  32. @Drice

    I believe it’s the golden week in Japan this week, so don’t expect any Jump releases.

  33. “Men…don’t make passes…at girls…who…wear…glasses.”

    Hi, guys! This is Ibiki, don’t be thrown my new wordpress identity–stupid machine won’t let me change it right now. ^.^

  34. There! That’s definitely better. Hi All! ^.^

  35. @ Ashes – OVA’s aren’t really something we can go by since they are not technically part of the manga, it may have been what people thought would happen… Kinda like the Sage Mode vs MS, when we know now Naruto has Kyuubi Flash Mode and Sasuke has EMS. Like Tenrai said if Kabuto is let to live he will have nothing more to give us and as it stands imagine Fighting Kabuto without a war going on… You will have to Fight all Akatsuki or a large portion of them, Madara, the Kages (the ones that got sealed not dissappeared etc) He would beat any person on a 1 on 1 basis… So unless he becomes the new villain and there is a new war focused only on him… @__@

  36. Hey Ibiki!!!!!!

    Nice to see you on the blog.

  37. @pein
    look i note the objections and your reasoning is sound from looking at the pattern of the past in the manga. It’s not a make or break thing for me. I just think that just because we don’t know why Kabuto would be plot protected by Kishi that we shouldn’t just automatically say he won’t be. In terms of evidence there is more against my theory than supports it. still I hold to what I say, I think he will survive.

    We just have too many unanswered things to just automatically pass off Kabuto for dead. People keep saying, well if he gets away he’ll raise another zombie army. We don’t know the preparations required, maybe he would have to return to Orochimaru’s hideout to get more blood to use.( Kabuto vs Suigetsu and Jugo?) We also don’t know what Izanami will do to him( turn him into an assassin/ support Sasuke against Tobi? which would lead to Kabuto’s death?). We just don’t know, we just have too many missing pieces to say if he’s going to die by Sasuke’s hand in the cave. All we have is a flashback and asking the question ” what more can he do or give?” is something only the author can answer. i really don’t know but if Kishi make us feel something and then turns him into an unwilling “good guy” or something like that with Izanami? Killing Kabuto will it endear him to Tobi when he has alot riding on the fight with the Kages”? I don’t know enough. Again the problem is we just don’t know. None of these are my theories, I just think creative possibiities are automatically thrown out.

    the Ova leaves me in doubt, not absolute denial but doubt. I didn’t really have any doubts about any of the characters that died by flashback. again I’m not gonna be sad if Kabuto dies or even surprised. That why i hope he wouldn’t die, I want to be surprised. So far nothing has been especially surprising. death by flashback is boring.

    so doubtmixed with some desire for surprise + the evidence of Kabuto’s slipperiness and Izanami’s mystery all make me want to say that Kabuto will survive.

  38. Not even a second contestant mention for my bubblition? 😦
    Well, lets move on, time to read!

  39. @Nike

    Sorry, the breakdown was already long as it is, so there are times when I only mention a “first place” so it doesn’t become overbearing.


    I am a people now? O___o

  40. Tenrai you and Pein aren’t the only one’s who have made that objection( just in this blog). So yeah you’re part of the people. …. Aren’t you the last remnant of some noble race, that was brought to the brink of extinction? 😀

  41. @ pein & Tenrai I’m not sure if zombie’s can even evaporate/crumble when they are sealed. If the spirit is sealed I doubt Kabuto could reresurrect the Akatsuki. I don’t know if I’m clear on how sealing a Edo tensei Zombie works…. still I’m wondering if sealing the Edo Tensei is like the sealing of the Dead demon justsu….. in that it seals the spirit…. like with the 1st and second hokage in the fight with Orochimaru. If the sealing is a sealing on the spirit it would be impossible for Kabuto to reresurrect any of the Edo Tensei that were defeat and captured before “closure” evaporation.

  42. What I’m saying is that ending the technique wouldn’t necessarily release the spirit’s from there bonds. They would still be sealed even when the technique ends.

  43. I seriously think Kabuto is going to die… as soon as his flashback is over. THEN AGAIN, even though Izanami is the offensive forbidden jutsu of Izanagi which is a defensive forbidden jutsu, think about Itachi’s nature. I don’t know if he wants to kill Kabuto, let alone, he needs to make him undo the seal, so maybe he will have a change of heart just as Nagato did before he died… idk… Kabuto won’t come out the same though whether on Itachi’s side or dead…

  44. Great breakdown
    Great point on somthing being missing
    Am I the only only one that has a problem with the contradiction in kabuto’s mEeting of oro? Kabuto was sasori’s spy befor oro released him from the genjutsu- that was supposed to be the time that oro “enlightened” kabuto

    Bubuliton: bubble: I can’t…. Belie its not butter!
    Caption: niether can we nonou, niether can we

  45. hey everyone i am back baby!

    i really havent minded these last few chapters with the kabuto chapters. think his character deserved a little backstory. he’s certainly important enough. having said that i still dont see how he survives this, after he’s forced to dispel edo tensei i imagine he’ll be disposed of.

  46. that should say “last few chapters with the kabuto *flashbacks* ”

    lil rusty i guess haha

  47. Hey dish, welcome back. ^ ^


    For those of you that don’t know, the raw for the movie, Naruto: Blood Prison, has just recently been released and the subbed version is being worked on as we speak. It should be up in the next few hours or so, so be on the lookout for that.

    As soon as it is out, I am hoping to get a review on it up as soon as possible. I’ve skimmed through the raw and I must say, it is definitely looking to be one of the best Naruto movies so far, if not, the best. Only time will tell though, once the sub is out.

    Also, I’m busy working on my new extra’s post. I was hoping to have it our by today, but I’ve only gotten about half way. Hopefully, I will be done by tomorrow or Sunday.

    This news report was bought to you by the people that bought you horoscope readings, fortune cookies, and anime filler episodes, all of which share about the same degree of usefulness. <_<

  48. Hi guys,if you interested spoilers out:

  49. Tenrai,just found movie:

  50. movie subbed ^_^

  51. @tenrai did not know that thanks about 2 watch it right now cqnt wait until the review

  52. Ova 9 is hilarious

  53. it’s Out.

  54. @tenrai don’t you mean the pointless 7 thousand recaps. That no one gives a damn about.

  55. Yayyyyy, the flash back is finally over. Glad to see that next week’s episode will be back to the action and hopefully by the end of it the fight will change to the kages or Naruto. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  56. Hm.. I think we’re gonna see one or two more issues of flashbacks. Need the “blood stabilization” and sage mode training flashbacks, then we’ll be done.

  57. @ Eugen I wouldn’t hold my breath

    @ everyone

    584 argh! a 3 chapter flashback? seriously?!!! This better be important in the next chapter….. or I’m gonna say we were trolled by a stall.. worst 3 chapters in the whole Naruto series. Man what next? Kishi is going to do 3 more chapters with Kabuto doing his Snake Sage training? unless that reveals something about the Rikudō Sennin ( Sage of the 6 paths), I find this ridiculous.

  58. Bubbliton
    Nonou: Did.. I… leave… the … oven… on?
    Caption: Mother’s orders came in the middle of baking cookies.

  59. Revised Bubbliton
    Nonou: Did… I… leave… the… oven… on?
    Caption: Mission orders interrupted mother’s baking day

  60. Hmmm…

    I think we simply have a case of dissinterest here when it comes to Kabuto as a character. While I won’t go as far as to say that I particularly enjoyed these last few chapters, I also wouldn’t go as far as to say that this development is excessive either.

    Minato and Kushina had three or four chapters dedicated to flashbacks showing how Naruto was born and how Minato battled Tobi. Heaven knows Sasuke has had more than his fair share showing his childhood with Itachi and how his clan was wiped out. No-one seamed to mind those (That I know of).

    So, I’d just say this boredom comes from a complete lack of interest in Kabuto’s character on our part. Out of all the villains, Kabuto has the most boring goals. Lol.

  61. @ashe i hated the whole flashback but i kinda like the last chapter it wasnt like the other 2 chapters

  62. @Tenrai i just seen that another naruto movie is coming out in july is that true? Btw that new movie was great i got that love for naruto again 🙂

  63. @ Tenrai
    You’re right about the disinterest in Kabuto. he needs a better motivation, and not so predictable of powers…. and an information revealing flashback.

    However except for the Uchiha boys hunting flashback( which wasn’t necessary but not awful) most flashbacks surrounding the other characters you mentioned were important to the story. First the parents flashback established Tobi as being a re occuring threat while answering how the Fox got loose and how Naruto was orphaned. So the flashback was more about the main villian( Tobi), the main catalyst( the Fox) and the main hero(Naruto). Sasuke’s flashbacks established a part of Itachi’s story before we even met Itachi. Even Itachi’s flashbacks are merely to clarify Sasuke’s story. Kabuto’s flashback isn’t doing anything more than telling us what we already know… If Kabuto’s flashback had revealed something about Tobi in the Akatuski I think there might be some forgiveness( at least from me) … or if Kabuto’s Snake sage training flashback had revealed a piece of info about the Sage of the Six Paths because remember he said he was the closest thing to the SoS6p. If it hinted at any of the other questions we have about Tobi, the Sage, Naruto, Sasuke’s lineage ( his mother was Senju?). Then the flashback might be worth it. You’re right I just don’t care…

    unless by some miracle Kabuto is from a village with some special ability he wasn’t aware of and hasn’t revealed. It would be crazy if Kabuto found out where he came from before he lost his memory

    @ Antnasty
    It’s not that I particularly hated these chapters other than I feel like they were inserted between us and the resolution of about 12 different things. Kabuto’s past (unless Kishimoto does something spectacular to make sitting through it all worth it) is like inserting a scene about Sakura’s friendship bracelet with Ino just before we find out who Tobi is…. Interesting but it’s just trivia information. may flesh out the character but completely unnecessary. We want to know about things like… hints about the Sage of the six paths, what izanami does, will ending Edo Tensei stop Madara in time. The important questions are piled so high

    Sry for the novel

  64. @ ashes – What might happen is Itachi will force the edo tensei to be destroyed or disappear, Kabuto will disappear but Jugo and Suigetsu will arrive with that scroll thing… Hopefully ending this pathetic war arc. <__<

    Since then it will be Tobi vs Zetsu fodder against the S.A

  65. @Pein that’s definitely an interesting possibility. I wish I could comment.. I just don’t know what the scroll does and why would Suigetsu go to the cave or how would he know to go to the cave… I think your idea definitely has merit. If you call the ending of Edo Tensei like you did the flashback, I’m going to start calling you “far seer” or “prophet” or “blind frog sage” 🙂

  66. @Ashe yeah i get what ur saying i thonk the fight should have continued and if kishi wanted to tell us about the kabutos pass he should have done a chpater 154.5 or something like some other mangas have been doing

  67. @everyone i was at another discussion and someone said this “Tobi is a “zetsu” that Madara created to carry on his eye of the moon plan before he died. If you actually read the manga and watch the anime it’s more than obvious.. but for those idiots that think he’s tobi, yamato, or some other impossible character.. I’ll explain.
    1. First of all Madara’s mangekyou is capable of seeing into the future, this is how he found out that Nagato would be able to get the rinnegan.
    2. Tobi knew this (Because Madara gave him knowledge of his plan) and gave nagato the rinnegan for him to “mature” it.
    3. Part of the plan was that Tobi had to make sure nagato was able to ressurect Madara later on, but nagato betrayed him by using the jutsu to help out the leaf, which ended up killing nagato.
    4. When tobi found out that nagato betrayed him, he said that nagato was supposed to use the jutsu “for his sake” (to revive madara)
    5. When kabuto ressurects madara using the edo tensei, the first thing madara said was “So it finally happened.. that little brat nagato managed to grow” in chapter 559 page 2. This indicates that everything above is true.
    Visitor 242614Today
    we both have the same idea. let me add #6 and #7on your list,
    6. It was already proven that the purpose of Madara’s final deathmatch with Hashirama was to collect DNA samples and he later on used it to manufacture white Zetsu clones… If you had watched/read “bridge of peace”(Tobi vs Konan) then you would recall that Madara’s body has been severely damaged due to the explosion. He even lost his arm. After retrieving the Rinnegan his arm was back like nothing happened. This could mean that Tobi is just an easy replaceable vessel/container. (rememeber, zetsu can shape-shift to any form he want just like when he cloned Kisame during the Kage summit, he can even change the flow of his chakra making him undetected like Tobi does)
    7. When Kabuto captured Yamato, Tobi looked so pissed off threatened by the fact that Kabuto knows how to suppress the wood style’s power through poison. If Tobi is just a vessel created from Zetsu which has a Senju DNA, then Tobi would be vulnerable against Kabuto’s poison serums.
    My intuitions tell me that Tobi is just Madara’s AVATAR.- someone who will represent him until his second coming is made(if ever project eye moon becomes a success). That’s the reason why when Edo Madara was summoned he thought that everything he has planned during his first life has already progressed. Kabuto’s Edo Tensei just made everything confusing.” let me know what you guys thing

  68. @Antnasty

    “If you actually read the manga and watch the anime it’s more than obvious.. but for those idiots that think he’s tobi, yamato, or some other impossible character.. I’ll explain.”

    Firstly, to respond to this line, referring to people who may not agree with your opinion as “idiots” is not a good way to start a post. All you are going to do is create tension because you come across as very condescending.

    But to answer some of your other points by the number order you presented them…

    1&2: Firstly, there’s nothing to prove that Madara can see into the future. Remember, anticipating the future is not the same as seeing the future. If Madara could see into the future, and if he created Tobi, then he should have foreseen Tobi’s betrayal or the fact that Tobi would have failed to revive him. Clearly that is not the case. Madara didn’t even manage to foresee that Kabuto would end up reviving him, which brings serious doubt to the idea that Madara could see into the future at all.

    3: From the sounds of things, Tobi never planned to resurrect Madara in the end in any case. Even Kabuto suggested to Madara that Tobi may be unwilling to co-operate with him anymore.

    4&5: It may have been the original plan for Tobi to revive Madara, but that doesn’t mean Tobi stuck to that plan. If he did, he would have had Nagato revive Madara well before sending him to go and attack Konoha.

    6: Tobi didn’t get his arm back because of the Rinnegan. He’s been shown replacing his arms before he even got the RInnegan. After he lost an arm to Minato, he got it back and after he lost another arm to Danzou’s subordinates, you saw him attaching a new one just before he went to rescue Sasuke from Naruto and Kakashi.

    7: It seemed more like Tobi was worried that Kabuto would sabotage his white Zetsi army. Of course, your hypothesis could be true as well, but it’s still only a theory until proven, just like all other theories.


    Once again, I would prefer it if you didn’t refer to others in this manner as I said earlier above. This blog is not here for people to call each other names or regard one another in a demeaning manner. Just because people may not agree with your theory, that doesn’t make them idiots or noobs. If your theory is later proven false by the turn of the story, then you will be the only one who looks bad after having said all of that, so it’s best to keep an open mind until then.

    In saying that, I do think your theory is quite interesting, with regards to Tobi being a Zetsu made by Madara to fulfill his goals. It is certainly plausible, however, I think some of your points are bearing close to simply being assumptions that cannot be proven just yet. Once again, I’d like to reiterate my suggestion that you should reevaluate how you present yourself to others.

  69. @Tenrai nun of that is mind i just thought it was interesting so i copy and paste 2 see what you guys though since i just started getting back on naruto i thought i.missed something

  70. @antnasty try to post with a warning like “this is a copy of a post that’s not mine” at the top of the page, so we know….

  71. @ashe ight i put that i was at another discussion and someone said that lol but my bad next time ill make it more clear :b my bad

  72. @Antnasty

    I see. I thought it was a comment based on that discussion, not copied directly from it word for word. It’s fine then, but as Ashes suggested, being more clear on that may help avoid confusion next time.

    All’s well that ends well.

  73. @Tenrai ok but naw i try my hardest to make sure i understand sonething be4 i put my opinion lol and since i havent been up to date with naruto i keep my mouth shut or my fingers tied 0.o but when i do ill finaly join the discussion instead of asking questions lol

  74. what’s the consensus about a chapter this week? does the one that came out saturday count as this weeks chapter?

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