Fairy Tail 279 Breakdown. Fanservice has reached a whole new level.

Another 28-page chapter, Mashima? With color spreads? You’re spoiling us! *___*

Well, lots of pages were just fanservice and no plot, but the ending was foreboding and epic. As pein0avenue said, Fairy Tail is getting better and better.

Don't worry people, we can use a Senzu Bean to heal him! Wait, wrong manga.

Fairy Tail 279 starts on a serious note. Elfman is in bed, all bandaged up (just like Goku after the Saiyan Saga).
Since he’s incapacitated, Wendy has to take his place, making me extremely happy. The Wind Dragon Slayer will finally get some spotlight!

Anyway, The Raijinshuu decide to stay with Elfman to protect him from Raven Tail, unaware that they don’t have anything to do with the kidnapping. Charle has figured that out, but everyone tells her to stop worrying. Great job, guys! A cat is smarter than you. -__-

Moving on to the best part of the chapter (hehe ;)), the battle between the two supermodels Mirajane and Jenny begins.

So the fanservice begins...

It turns out that Mira was supposed to fight Ichiya, but Chariot was too tough so now he’s unable to fight and Jenny had to take his place, setting up a battle of epic proportions.

… Or not. Thousands of people die from blood loss because the fight has just turned into a fanservice fest bikini contest. They change their swimsuits using Transformation Magic and the judges have to decide who’s sexier.

Jenny, like everyone who fought before them, makes a bet with Mira. The one who loses will have to pose nude in The Weekly Sorcerer!


Now, excuse me as I get some tissues to stop the blood. X__X

This fight in a nutshell.

Fortunately, I managed to survive because the chapter stopped the fanservice and became awesome. @__@

Mirajane, apparently unaware of what her foe is planning, accepts the wager and Jenny transforms into her battle form to win through sheer force, but Mira uses her new Take Over Satan Soul: Sitri and defeats her in a single blow.

When you see that face, you know that running is pointless because she WILL get you.

Mirajane’s new Satan Soul is epic. She looks way more demonic now and she’s extremely strong. Even Gajeel, Laxus and Jellal were afraid of her! Too bad we didn’t get to see the full extent of her power.

Speaking of demons, in the castle of Fiore something evil is happening.
Arcadios is talking to the Minister of Defense about Eclipse. He says that it is complete and that all they need is the Stellar Spirit Mage. As the old man trembles in fear, he says that a single girl’s life is a cheap price for changing the world.

It's the Stargate!

Now we know for sure that something bad is going to happen to Lucy, but I don’t think she’ll die. I’ve talked about this a lot in previous breakdowns, so I won’t bore you even more. 😛

Well, that concludes this week’s breakdown. See you next week!

No one is safe.

最強 Dragon


~ by 最強 Dragon on April 19, 2012.

10 Responses to “Fairy Tail 279 Breakdown. Fanservice has reached a whole new level.”

  1. It’s out!

  2. I wonder what would have happen if Bacchus won his fight

  3. @ Kanton – lol Get your head out the gutter 😛

    @ Dragon – Nice Breakdown 😉 I also believe that something bad may happen but Charlie’s visions sometimes aren’t what they seem,,, she see’s something and believes the worst… I think Lucy will be “reversed summoned to the cosmos again and be missing for a while then pop up later 😛

  4. Oh… Kantonkage is second here as well. <_<

    That makes it the Bleach and Fairy Tail Breakdowns. 😛

    As for the chapter, this was mostly fanservice, at the end of the day. That part of it didn't really blow me away to be honest and I was hoping for a more serious battle, but the end was still cool with the way Mira completely "blew away" her competition.

    Her most powerful form does look pretty cool, but it would be even cooler if we got to see more of what it could do.

    Anyway, I wonder what that mysterious door is. Maybe it leads to the "True world of magic" people keep talking about? I acttually have a feeling it may lead to the celestial realm where the celestial spirits reside. I mean, when you think about it, why else would they need a celestial spirit mage? Lucy does have almost all 12 main zodiac keys, so she's the closest thing their gonna get to a perfect celestial mage. X__X

    Anyone have any thoughts?

  5. *shoots Tenrai with Napalm* you do know that Dragon doesn’t count. I dont know about you guys but I wanted to know a little more about Mermaid Heel .

  6. @Ten

    I don’t think that will happen unless Zeref has a connection to the Celestial Spirits that we don’t know about. Or maybe he just needs a huge source of magic to fully awaken and the Celestial Realm is perfect for that.


    I really want to know about Mermaid Heel too, especially the cat girl who might be Millianna and the girl who looks like the leader of the team. We’ll probably find out more about them next week because the title is “Kagura vs Yukino” and I think we’ll see a mage from Mermaid Heel vs the girl from Sabertooth.

  7. http://mangastream.com/read/fairy_tail/55826770/1


  8. Next we need is a Kagura vs Erza match!!!

  9. Anyone think that Angel and Yukino might be related somehow.

  10. http://www.mangahere.com/manga/fairy_tail/v26/c280.5/

    data chapter

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