Bleach Chapter 488 and 489 – Blade, Arrow’s and Genocide…

Awe WRA and welcome to another Bleach Manga Breakdown, will begin the breakdown stating just how glad I am the Mangastream is back to publishing our favorite Manga, sure it’s not forever hosted but man the quality of their translations and even just the different fonts they use to describe tones etc makes the chapters seem so much better. I cannot fault mangahere and mangareader either they both amazing sites with a wide variety of manga on show, I just enjoy the attention to detail Mangastream gives ^:_:^

I will begin with the chapter 488, we begin with the “Tres Bestia” facing off against the Quincy Commander. Though we are quickly switched to Ichigo running towards the battlefield with a little friend on his back. Reminded me of the beginning of Arrancar Arc, almost wonder why Ichigo didn’t expect Nel to be there. She states that these three Fracion are not just mere push overs (Which was my first clue that they gonna get pawned later πŸ˜› ) though even remembering back to the War arc they had done a lot of damage. Which made me think, why didn’t they attempt to create another Ayon maybe they couldn’t risk loosing their other arms? >_>

They do make quick work of the lakies which can be expected by now but the Captain seems to more interested in finishing the job aptly cutting down his underling that attempt to escape… This makes me wonder… O_O where are all these Quincy coming from? I mean Uryu is a human and we see that some of these Quincy are created from Hollows like arrancar but they seem to killed quickly by their Captains and Superiors? Seems this entire force are only kept together by fear will we be seeing a “300 meme” situation later (no not the “this is sparta” <__< )

After offering the Tres Bestia a position, that evidently just opened up, in the army which is promptly declined… At this point I knew… This cannot end well @___@.

We then move to the Captain’s Meeting to deal with the new threat, with Mayuri revealing finally that these are in fact Quincy we dealing with and calling them a “rebel army” (I like that… I am gonna keep calling them that its easier to spell πŸ˜› and I am lazy <__<) I loved the scene above and my mouth watered thinking about seeing this moment in the anime but then I remembered… Bleach anime got canceled T__T , slowly growing back to old self and one of the best manga’s I personally read currently to be cut out in its prime was a sad reminder and whenever there is an epic moment I have to remind myself… I may never see this in anime form… T___T

Captain Commander looks seriously Pissed off @__@ demanding almost immediately for this “Rebel Armies” location which it seems for now will remain a mystery… but I like that the Commander then begins preparations for a defence sending most of the Captains away, man my mouth is already watering at the prospects… deeply hoping Kubo wont F this one up like before.

When we return to the “Tres Bestia” first thing I notice in the above image… They seem to all still have 2 arms remaining @__@ plot hole or just a small error in drawing well lets just ignore and move on πŸ˜‰

The Captain was more than enough for the three which make me think he is at least higher Shinigami Captain level… Ichigo arrives as ever in dramatic fashion and immediately revealing his location.

And so we move to the chapter from Mangastream πŸ˜€

Another reminder of Soul Society Arc… Seeing into the Lieutenant’s in together during the Captain’s meeting discussing usually seems to hidden in the Captain Commanders Chambers, its funny how this now like back then is to bring up conspiracy theories and give us just enough doubt to rethink our positions on this arc so far.

Well we all know someone named Kira has to be awesome right πŸ˜‰ but I really enjoyed watching the interactions at the beginning, Rukia, who would probably be the newest member of the 2nd in command group (since last time their was an invasion she was about to be killed @__@ ), nervous while Renji remain calm and cool. Kira was simple the one that looked further then the current crisis and tried to see that everything could be connected… Dun dun daaa…

He was able to deduce that theΒ incidents of the missing Rukongai was linked to the 12th Division and the lieutenant of that Division very koi saying that “Mayuri wouldn’t do anything wrong” now this coming from a person created by the Captain in question that believes that him cutting her and nearly killing her often is justified… May be the most diplomatic answer available and in truth-telling the other nothing to what actually happened O_o

It seems Fullbring wasn’t completely forgotten with a quick reference to our dearly departed Ginjou. The “rebel army” seem to want Ichigo as a “Special Weapon” now we always knew that Ichigo was special with the dad being a Shinigami and all but his increased interest by this new faction made me wonder… What if his mother was Quincy? There seems to be 5 races in the Bleach Universe, Shinigami (Father’s Side), Quincy (Mother’s side??), Human (He was born a Human), Hollow (Has an inner Hollow spirit) and Fullbring (Special Humans which he gained part of)…. This would make sense to me but I will return to this point at the end.

We again confirm that these are Quincy, this is where mangastreams translations really made a difference, though the tone is completely with the Captain questioning Ichigo’s lack of knowledge and then finally confirming they are truly Quincy… Though this Captain seems to unleash his Bow and Arrow by drawing his sword which could mean there is more to the Quincy then we have seen from Uryu. I also believe that Uryu knows that it is Quincy in the Soul Society and has turned to his father for answers (though this is just me guessing at the moment πŸ˜‰ )

We return to the Rebel Army’s Leader, after hearing of Ichigo’s appearance in Hueco Mundo he moves towards Soul Soceity with the continuing reference to this “Special Weapon” Ichigo… And like it was pointed out in the previous breakdown this strategy has been envoked already in the manga and while I agree we seen this before I believe it just makes sense in the end… I mean they just like 3 days early anyways πŸ˜›

The final 3 Pages of this Chapter pushed Bleach this week on the top of my Manga list. We first given details of the missing Rukongai and that it was the actions of the Soul Society that brought about the extermination of these souls… Even though it seems to be the Soul actions of the 12th Division we see that it was actually’s Captain Commanders lack of action that seems to have brought this appon the SS, firstly ignoring the threat of Uryu (which we always accepted) and 2nd and the final moment of this chapter, that 1000 years ago he allowed “a man” to live, it is linked that this man is none other than the leader of the Rebels… but we are not certain about this currently…

Now to my theory that Ichigo’s mother could have been a Quincy,

1. )Before we believed that the quincy where killed ruthlessly but now we see the Captain “allow” one to live…

2.) Kubo stated that Isshin back story would be developed more and this is the final arc involving Quincy so the two must in some way co relate….

3.) The captain of this group in Hueco Mundo, his Cross is release as a Blade could Ichigo ability to fire Reitsu be similar to the Quincy’s that use Blades to shoot their arrows?

4.) It would make Ichigo a perfect being with the dna or abilities of all the major races in Bleach giving his status as the “special weapon more meaning

Well that is all from me, hope gave you guys something to think of… Sorry if it’s a little long but there was a lot to cover X__X


Debate winner….

Not much of a debate but she did win hands down either way πŸ˜€ … No debate today but if you guys are bored maybe try out this game… <__<

~ by pein0avenue on April 19, 2012.

13 Responses to “Bleach Chapter 488 and 489 – Blade, Arrow’s and Genocide…”

  1. i never thought about ichigo’s mother being a quincy
    your theory sound awesome
    nice post
    keep up the good work

  2. Look at the bright side no fillers >_>

  3. Third?

    I guess that makes Kantonkage second. Muahahahaha! πŸ˜›

    Now to read…

  4. Yondaime!
    Thanks for the awesome breakdown Pein, lets hope Kubo maintains momentum!
    You forgot about Bounts(?) though … lololololol.

  5. Nice breakdown Pein.

    I have to say, things are really getting a lot more exciting in Bleach now and it’s picking up heaps and bounds above the last arc. I have a feeling this is how Bleach was meant to be and I hope Kubo keeps up the pace and the excitement.

    I’m still confused about a few details though, so I think I’m going to have to go back and… enlighten myself. <_<

    Thanks for the Breakdown! ^ ^

  6. @ Tenrai – I could enlighten you as the self proclaimed person who knows Bleach well ^:_:^

    Yeah I hope Kubo keeps it up and best of all, not so many blank panels its like… he listened to the voice of his few remaining true Bleach Fans πŸ˜€

  7. @Pein I did some catching up…. I’m confused maybe you can answer a couple of questions 1) did Ichigo lose his Fullbring when Ginjo died? 2) or Does this mean Ichigo now doesn’t leave his body when he becomes a shinigami?

  8. @ Ashes – Technically I believe Ichigo lost most of his Fullbring abilities when Ginjou absorbed it from him… but after regaining his abilities from the Shinigami we have seen he kept a small remnant of Fullbring (Change in his Bankai and Shinigami form)

    Ichigo now Fights in a “Soul” form, as you can see in this page

    His body is left behind when he transforms to his Shinigami form πŸ™‚

    That help clear things up?

  9. i can not understand for the best of me why there are no one piece breakdowns and bleach is still getting attention. This manga died along with tosen after he turned into a cricket.. it’s gone downhill since then

  10. Bleach is still good and it’s getting better you shouldn’t give up on it just because it went though afew rough arcs.

  11. @ amar WRA use to do one piece breakdowns and other mangas like soul eater but they can’t any more because they don’t have enough authors.

  12. i still read bleach, its just not consistent at all, so annoying… but i agree this arc is much better than previous ones

  13. @ Amar – Yeah the problem is we don’t have consistent authors to fill in for One Piece. Currently we have 3 Authors on WRA that write “consistently” Myself, Tenrai and Dragon. I haven’t read One Piece till the point it is now, neither has Tenrai and I am not sure about Dragon lol. Cool Beans has tried to ressurect the section but it is difficult at this time since he had to catch up on it first lol.

    I agree with the setiment of Bleach being in-consistent but with this being its final arc Kubo has brought back a lot, and in the past couple of weeks for me at least Bleach has been better then Naruto (if we go chapter for chapter) Also in ratings most manga sites rate Bleach above One Piece, in both Mangahere and Mangareader πŸ˜‰

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