Fairy Tail 278 Breakdown. As I Pray… Unlimited Scales Work.

Welcome to this week’s breakdown, Fairy Tail fans!

This page feels ominous...

This chapter was, putting it quite bluntly, EPIC. Fairy Tail won against a strong opponent without any nakama powerups and in a smart way, proving that strategy sometimes counts more than power.

We also got to see the beginning of the plot to awaken Zeref and Lucy is needed for it. …But I’ll talk more about that later. Let’s move on to the action-packed part of this chapter. Elfman VS Bacchus!

Bacchus is a rapist. X__X

Elfman was losing badly at the start of the fight, without even being able to lay a single finger on Bacchus who pwned him with his surprisingly unsurprising magic which concentrates energy into his palms. Even though it’s nothing special, he managed to master a special martial arts style that focuses on palm strikes, making it incredibly powerful.
The Intoxicated Falcon, true to his name, even added some improvements to it, turning it into the Drunken Hanging Chop Fist (that name is way too long!). Just like Rock Lee, when he drinks alcohol, he becomes even stronger, making Elfman’s victory an even bleaker possibility.

Despite being heavily damaged, Elfman says that if he wins, Quatro Cerberus will become Quatro Puppy for the rest of the Games. Bacchus takes the bait and decides to drink some sake to defeat Elfman who manages to activate a Take Over just in time.

This is so epic that I jumped in my chair the first time I saw it.

Elfman is a genius. He provoked Bacchus into attacking him with all he had so he could damage him with Lizardman’s scales. When he said that the victor would be the one that endured the pain, he reminded me of this.

I am the bone of my sword.
Steel is my body, and fire is my blood.
I have created over a thousand blades.
Unknown to death, nor known to life.
Have withstood pain to create many weapons.
Yet, those hands will never hold anything.

So, as I pray… Unlimited Scales Work.

I hope I’m not the only one who thought that… >__>

The epic battle of wills continues until Elfman collapses and Bacchus remains standing. As he’s proclaimed the winner, he falls down, giving Fairy Tail their first victory!

We... are... MEN!

I’m really happy Elfman won. You see, when he joined the Games in Wendy’s place, I wasn’t really ecstatic because I wanted to see the Sky Dragon Slayer fight, but after this awesome battle, I’m glad he fought Bacchus. This victory wasn’t stupid at all, unlike many others (I’m looking at you, Hades) and Elfman deserved to win. He truly has become the beacon of Fairy Tail’s rebirth, like the announcer said.

Moving on to the final part of the chapter, Natsu has saved Wendy, Porlyusica and Charle from their kidnappers, who have been tied up and put in jail. They said something peculiar before that, though. They were searching for the girl who was in the sickbay…

*foreboding music starts playing*


Is this the beginning of the end?

This last page felt incredibly ominous. Charle had a premonition about Lucy crying inside a collapsing Mercurius and the reason why she was there is probably because of the Eclipse Plan. Also, as I said before, the color spread with Lucy and all the happy moments she spent with her friends felt unsettling to me, as if it were a farewell, kind of like flashbacks in Naruto. I hope I’m wrong about this and she’ll live.

Well, enough of my rambling. This breakdown has come to an end. See you next week!

This movie looks AWESOME.

最強 Dragon


~ by 最強 Dragon on April 12, 2012.

7 Responses to “Fairy Tail 278 Breakdown. As I Pray… Unlimited Scales Work.”

  1. It’s out!!!

  2. First!

    I have to admit, I didn’t expect Elfman to win, but that’s why I liked that outcome. It was unpredictable and it kept me on my toes through that whole chapter. Now every battle I read through, I’ll be wondering who will win or lose, rather than just inherently expecting the outcome like I have up until now.

    Elfman was epic in this chapter, or at least, as epic as someone can be when they’re just being beaten up a lot. O_o

    Thanks for the breakdown Dragon!

  3. Four is death!!! For no reason whatsoever!!

  4. P.S. I caught a Fate: Stay Night reference there in the title. <_<

  5. Latest chapte of Fairy Tail rocks =P
    It is also Very Funny so go check it out =P

  6. Latest Chapter – Fan service with a little plot,

    Awesome Breakdown Dragon 😉 I think this was one of the top chapters so far this arc (previous not the newest O_o ) I was actually on the edge of my seat cause it was so close and I wasn’t sure what would happen, that is the best part about this manga now unlike before (and currently naruto) I feel excited reading never knowing if Mashish will disappoint us at the last minute with a loss or allow the hero’s to win… Slowly moving up on my top manga list Fairy Tail, though the Fan Service is a bit much… @__@

  7. @Pein
    I see what you mean, I still thought the end was funny though =P

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