Naruto Chapter 581 Breakdown: Happy Easter!!!

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Firstly, I’d like to apologize for my late breakdown. We had a long weekend holiday, as we always do for Easter, so I was preoccupied with other activities. besides that, before we start with the breakdown, I would also like to wish everyone a Happy Easter, for those who celebrate it. If you don’t, then here’s a cookie anyway. ^ ^

So… ahem… Happy belated Easter!

I am not responsible for anyone who dies from an overdose of cuteness. <_<

Yep, there’s my Happy Easter picture. There were other ones I could have chosen, but strangely, many of them involved Naruto and Sasuke in very… ‘precarious’ situations. What’s even more odd is that I think I remember saying something like that for Valentines as well, so it just goes to show you what’s on people’s minds nowadays.

In any case, I should desist from rambling and move onto the goods. The only problem is, I can’t really think of what to say for the last chapter, so I am trying to distract you all with my cunning diversionary tactics, which are completely undetectable. <_<

Well then, let’s begin, shall we?

Maybe collar popping just isn't working for you anymore Sasuke... <_<

Having reached this far in the manga, I think there are a few lessons many of us have learned by now which are pretty much a “rule of thumb” as far as this series is concerned.

One of those lessons is that you should never have a staring contest with an Uchiha. It just won’t end well no matter which way you ‘look’ at it. Another is that when snakes are involved in any given scene, yucky things will usually ensue (I think we can all vouch for that one). Lastly, but most certainly not least, is that every character has an deep meaningful history that drives their motives in life and with this latest chapter, that last rule has just been confirmed with the introduction of Kabuto’s first real flashback in the series so far.

Oh look, another character with an identity crisis who is looking for a meaning behind his existence.

I actually found it quite interesting that Kabuto compared himself to Itachi, of all people. I can understand the link he’s formed though, because in a sense, both were used by the higher-ups of the village to achieve certain goals, regardless of how detrimental those actions were to the individual performing them. Both also ended up becoming “traitors” in the eyes of their homeland and both left for their own goals.

Ironically, both of them also ended up in Akatsuki as well – albeit under different circumstances – and it makes me wonder if the two had ever met or spoken to one another or how they perceived each other in the past. One thing I can say for certain though, is that if Kabuto is having flashbacks now, then I hope for his sake that he has plot protection no jutsu, otherwise this could spell the beginning of the end for him. After all, we all know that flashbacks are often a prelude to a character’s demise.

Other than that particularly interesting point, this chapter was pretty much on par with what one might expect. It had some fighting, some talking, and an emo moment form Sasuke.

It isn't rape if you yell surprise...

I wasn’t particularly thrilled with this flashback, to be honest and I was somewhat grated by Sasuke’s words when he said “My crushing of the leaf is just mine”, which was just another case of him reverting back to his old psyche whereby he believes that no-one could possibly understand his feelings.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Sasuke is not the only person who has lost loved ones because of the shinobi system, nor is Itachi the first victim of that system as far as “sacrifices” go. There are plenty of others who have experienced similar circumstances and who have adopted a different outlook on life, so Sasuke’s whining does eat at me a bit in that respect. After all, would one not say that Kushina would have been resentful that her clan was destroyed, or that she was used by the Shinobi system as a host for Kurama? Or even that her son had to be used in a similar manner? Even Gaara, Bee and Naruto ended up as sacrifices for the good of their villages or have lost loved ones to that system, but they made more out of their lives, rather than just being victims forever.

What Sasuke still fails to realize to this day, is that in that same respect, Itachi too made the choice to be a sacrifice. He wasn’t forced into it and he could have easily just refused the mission given to him and fled Konoha, or even joined the Uchiha in their revolt, but he made a choice to pursue a path that would hopefully lead to peace instead. In fact, the best example I can compare this to is that of Hyuuga Hizashi’s.

Hizashi, much like Itachi, chose to be a sacrifice to protect what he loved.

Hizashi sacrificed himself to prevent a war between Konoha and Kumo and ended up losing his life for that goal. To him, even though he hated the Hyuuga clan, choosing death was its own form of freedom and choosing death to protect his village and his family, was a sacrifice he was gladly willing to make.

One could say that Neji was in the same position as Sasuke is, where he lost a loved one for the sake of Konoha – his father no less – just as Sasuke lost Itachi. Yet, despite their similarities, both have chosen very different paths despite those shared circumstances. One has chosen to uphold his father’s ideals and to choose his own destiny like his father did, while the other has chosen to forsake his brother’s ideals and turn against them.

All gripes aside, I suppose the last thing left worth mentioning from this chapter, was the introduction of Itachi super secret technique, the Izanami.

Just another day with the Uchiha.

Yep, that’s right. Once again, an Uchiha is pulling yet another secret technique of epic proportions out of their nether regions. I would try to act shocked, but truthfully, I’m not. For those of you who don’t know anything about the Japanese lore behind the Izanagi and Izanami, here’s a bit of simplified information for you that will hopefully make for an interesting light read.

I would comment more on the Izanami myself, but I think there have already been a lot of theories and debates on what the Izanami really entails as it is, so a subject like that is probably best left for the comment’s section, lest my breakdown become twice the length it already is.

In any case, that’s all from me this week. Here’s a nice new bubbliton contest for all of you to sink your teeth into.

*Insert possible caption here.*

The bubble can be used for Itachi or for Kabuto if you see fit. I know this is a tough one, but hopefully you guys will come up with something good.

See you all in the comments. ^ ^


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  1. FIRST!!!!

  2. I been getting more and more annoyed with Naruto the more time that goes past, yay new super all powerful jutsu to spam the crap out of everyone and some how Itachi knows this jutsu, Kishi seems to be running out of ideas and I hope they end this arc soon, its slowly killing Naruto for me. All these sob stories of Itachi and Kabuto and Sasuke… What ever happened to ninja with cool “fighting” jutsu not just a super uber over powered moves but when Chidori actually meant something, nature transformation was important, now its all about which kekkei genkai you can hax and how far you can take it..

    Edo Tensei means that one person now has the power of 30 odd #__#

  3. @Pein

    While I agree that it is annoying that all these super world-ending forbidden jutsu always seem to appear out of nowhere, especially when the Uchiha are involved, I don’t think that it makes other jutsu like Raikiri pointless.

    Remember, it’s all about balance at the end of the day, and these more powerful jutsu often tend to be balanced by greater risks to the user. I personally don’t believe a jutsu’s rank is only determined by its strength or how difficult it is to use, but also by how effective it is overall.

    Let’s take Raikiri for example. For the sake of an argument, one might say that Raikiri is not as strong as Amatarasu in terms of raw power, but you don’t lose your eyesight form using it and even despite its generally low risk of use compared to other similarly strong jutsu, it’s still powerful enough to destroy most defenses in a single blow. Overall, in my opinion, this makes Raikiri, just as effective, if not even more effective than Amatarasu in the long run, which is why it is an S-rank jutsu.

    As for jutsu like the Izanagi, which is a forbidden jutsu, we know that it causes the user to lose their eyesight through using it, so unless you have an endless supply of sharingan eyes, you’ll be completely blind after only using it twice which would essentially drop your battle capability to next to nothing. This makes it very impractical for use in any typcal battle situation, and so it should only be used as an extreme last resort.

    In this sense, I think that Kishi has actually done a good job of balancing most jutsu out – even the strongest of them – by raising the risks to be proportional to the gain. Even Edo Tensei is a jutsu that has a very high cost for using, after all, it requires living human sacrifices, so although the gain is great, so is the cost.

  4. @ Tenrai – I don’t know, what’s the downside of Kabuto’s Sage Mode, or Naruto’s new Super Saiyan mode (5min is only because of lack of practice), 100 Chapters ago maybe over the span of 1 month, Susano was an all powerful jutsu now its become second string to all these other weird an wonderful things… Edo Tensei cost one living human but there is no cost to the user (as we have yet to see) Only thing I can see as a hinderance is lack of control sometime but take Kabuto now he can defeat any opponent… He is currently fighting a war and 2 of the most haxed characters Kishi has ever created O_O

    I understand the risks but in any one on one battle the long term effects can be neglected, making characters like Kakashi and his Raikiri useless in the ultimate plot of this manga, and I just used that jutsu as an example but name any jutsu of the other rookie 11 that can compare to Sasuke’s, maybe Chouji’s butterfree mode but barely even that in my opinion.

    Its just becoming annoying, we ending every chapter now with a “new” super duper jutsu, when as it stands the people fighting should have powerful enough jutsu, Kishi should of revealed this Inzami or what ever through Madara, but Itachi why? he has Yata mirror and that sword thing he really didn’t need anymore hax…

  5. @Pein

    The downside of Sage Mode is the chance that you could turn to stone by trying to draw in natural energy. We’ve seen that many would-be sages in the past have died because of this risk, so if anything, Naruto’s and Kabuto’s ability to use it is a testiment to their skill more than a sign of a lack of risk.

    As for Naruto’s new transformation, we don’t know enough about it yet to be certain of whether or not it carries any risks or how severe those risks might me. We’ll need to wait and see. In any case, that ability also falls into a very different league, because it involves a partnership between a person and a bijuu.

    And lastly, one of Edo Tensei’s greatest weaknesses is the fact that there’s a chance your summons could turn on you, like we’ve seen now with Itachi. Having your own technique defeat you is a pretty big drawback if you ask me. Lol.

    Anyway, to further answer your point that other jutsu seem less useful, I’ll refer to the battle with the Kin-Gin brothers. Kingaku in his 6-tailed state was defeated by the most basic jutsu combination by Ino, Chouji and Shikamaru using techs they knew since they were genin, and when you consider how powerful 6-tails of Kurama’s power is (6-tailed Naruto gave Deva path hell) then I think that makes it pretty clear that even the most basic jutsu will never become obsolete if they are used well.

    In saying all that, I do still agree with your overall point. Sometimes it gets a bit much when these super jutsu keep popping up. I was under the impression that the Izanagi was the ultimate jutsu in the right hands, but now something that is apparently more powerful rears its head.

  6. Ok, let me see…
    If I count Pein as post number two, and rule out repetitions…
    Then I leave Tenrai out of the question, as he is the blog poster…
    And I learn mathematics right and have my brain function to recall what third is in Naruto verse, then…
    (Did I get it right?) XD

  7. OMG I got it wrong, even with my own rules! I ought to have said:
    *Nike facepalms and hides under a rock until next breakdown*

  8. Bubbletition;

    Itachi; “This is my sword, get your own!”

    Caption; Kabuto, stealing Uchiha children’s toys since 1999.

  9. Four is death

  10. @Nikeairforce hahaha It’s okay. don’t hide. we want you to stick around

  11. Bubbliton

    Itachi: “Orochimaru is dead. Let me help you cut the Cord!”

    Caption: Kabuto is strongly against belly buttons!

  12. I have to say there is kind of a little bit of irritation at how long it’s taking to get around to what feels like too much time has passed since the reveal of Madara. what we need is something along those lines, I just think the reason why Kishi is holding back is because, one single reveal will give away everything else by implication and ruin his surprises but I think we’ve been waiting so long, that some of us are getting a bit antsy… I mean Kabuto is a good example…. so we are getting to see Izanami which will probably be used later either by Sasuke or Tobi… I almost wish this stuff with Sasuke and Itachi vs Kabuto was something summed up later in the Naruto vs Sasuke fight and skipped right now… I don’t think this is that important to the story. I mean why do we need to know about Izanami or even Kabuto’s Sage mode? Unless Izanami is like some really big puzzle piece to all the questions we have I don’t understand why we need to know. I mean if Sasuke or Tobi is just going to use Izanami later then I wish he would leave it a surprise.. as a writer I feel like the author is making us wait unnecessarily. I don’t know how to put it in words but it feels like he’s allowing unimportant things to become too important. Power-ups and what not are cool but this show is about Naruto. I’m all for Sasuke being saved and the brotherly love shown here but it does seem like Kishi could’ve expressed that earlier on.

    Sry I just don’t think much debate and speculation on things like Izanagi, Madara and what not matter much anymore because we have more questions than anything else. I’m not saying people shouldn’t have a right to discuss them, I’m just saying that most of us fans are having a hard time finding evidence to support anything and so we end up going down the same paths. Hopefully Izanami reveal will give us something….?

    i want to know if katonkage is right about Mikoto…. I want some definitive answers… I want to know something important, something that’s gonna stand things on it’s head. I knew these last two chapters would feel tedious.

    sry for my rant.

  13. Bubblition/Bubble:

    Itachi: “You can’t have my anus!!!”

    Caption: Itachi’s too cool to be “probed”

  14. Ok!
    Itachi smells Kabuto´s breath…
    – Now I know how you got to Ryuchidou!^%!·
    Kabuto: Brewing Kabushu since series start.

  15. Brewing *Habushu

  16. @Nikeairforce03 I love the Bubblition entry

  17. I want to revise my Bubblition, my comment wasn’t accurate….

    Itachi: “Orochimaru is gone. Let me help you cut the Cord!”

    Caption: Kabuto is strongly against belly buttons!

  18. @ WRA – Who wants to bet we don’t even see Inzanagi (or whatever) next chapter? Who thinks we gonna get moved away and then brought back right at the end? O_o

  19. @ Tenrai – Even with the risks in training Sage mode, there is very little in the way of using it? Same way Sasuke’s body got damaged by Chidori when he was training to use it and his limit was 3 per battle. So I still feel these abilities have little downside but yeah its pointless arguing, Kishi has to keep making jutsu more and more powerful, as I recall with the Kin Gin Brothers Ino, Shika, Cho wheren’t alone there was Durai, and a few other shinobi as back up… Plus 6 Tail’s for him is not the same as a full powered Kyuubi at 6 tails, I don’t believe the power can be compared here…

  20. @pein0avenue sadly I you’re right.

  21. @Nike

    Rofl!!!! That was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. XD


    Sage Mode still has the disadvantages of taking time to activate in battle. You’ll notice that every time Naruto has gone into Sage Mode, he’s either had someone else distracting the enemy, or he was hiding somewhere while gathering natural energy, so it’s not like they made him suddenly able to transform instantly.

    But in the end, with the opponents Naruto has to face, it’s only natural that he’d need to grow stronger as well so you can’t always expect him to fall at every single hurdle he faces. But at least with Naruto we see that build up of strength gradually. We don’t just see him pull techniques out of nowhere, we see him first struggle and fail to develop those techniques and we see him work hard at perfecting them.

    It’s like with Sage Mode, even after his battle with Pain, Naruto still continued to work at perfecting Sage Mode, because he knew it still had weaknesses. With the Rasenshuriken, Naruto first used an incomplete version of it on Kakuzu and injured himself in the process and only many chapters later did he finally find a way to perfect the technique. Even the Bijuu bomb took many failed attempts before a successful one was finally achieved. I think that’s the difference between a character like Naruto, and… well… most Uchiha. Lol.

    On another note, Ino, Shika, Cho still beat a 6-tailed Kyuubi form, regardless of how you look at it. Darui didn’t do much of anything in that part of the battle and nor did anyone else, unless you count them ending up as cannon fodder as some form of assistance.

    And actually, I disagree that 6-tailed Kingagu was necessarily weaker than 6-tailed Naruto. Although Naruto might have had more raw strength, Kingaku managed to retain full control in his 6-tailed form because there was no Kurama to wrestle with for his free will. This means Kingaku had an advantage, in that he was able to fight on his own terms using his own wits, and not just losing control like a savage beast. Even despite that he was still brought down effectively by a Shadow mimic, a mind swap and a distraction. O_o

    All I’m saying is that it isn’t the strength of the technique that counts. What counts is who is using it. At the very least though, it would be better if all the characters saw a similar form of growth, so that there was more balance, rather than having some characters jump far ahead while others are left behind.

  22. @pein I meant to say I thought your prediction about the next chapter, the cut away to some other scene besides the Uchiha/Kabuto fight, was accurate.

  23. @ashe I agree, i think he is stalling or just putting in unimportant details. I’ve been reading some things for spoilers the 582 and it says this chapter is about kabuto’s sad past and explains his glasses….if it’s true…i think i’m going to take a break from naruto for awhile. I LOVE naruto…when it’s about him …because remember sasuke fans…the manga is called NARUTO it’s about NARUTO at the end of the day it dosnt matter about uchiha this or uchiha that, SO6P, Kuruma, Madara or whoever…it’s about NARUTO, i dont give a damn about kabuto’s glasses, i want to focus on the main character.

  24. @dricedt
    I’m not against the Sasuke getting screen time, because obviously Sasuke is a huge portion of why Naruto does what he does. However if we do get a full flashback on Kabuto without anything significant gained out of it I really consider that a waste. We don’t care about Kabuto. He’s not some poor abused child that had no choice because Orochimaru brainwashed him or something. We don’t need to understand everything about him. However we do need to know his motivation for becoming friends with Tobi… Still it seems that Kishi could explain his motives without giving us a huge flashback… I don’t know…

  25. @ dricedt – The manga is called, Naruto… Does this mean its only about Naruto, maybe its called Naruto because of Jiraiya’s book that would be used to change the world and was actually applied to Nagato 😛 so maybe the whole story is what Naruto is about 😛


    Spoilers out 🙂

  27. @pein…if thats what it’s about then i’ve wasted a good portion of my life on this manga…and alot of money

  28. @Drice

    Lol. You must really dislike the Uchiha. Don’t worry, we’re all waiting for the story to go back to Naruto. Even I’m eager to see what is happening on that end of the world.

    But hey, maybe Kabuto’s story will keep things interesting for us. At least it isn’t another Itachi/Sasuke flashback.

  29. It would be really funny if half way through Kabuto’s flashback Itachi used Izanami and defeated him, interrupting the flashback….. hahaha!

    I don’t mind flashbacks if they are used correctly. I mean a Tobi flashback or even a Madara flashback, or even a Itachi flashback would have more substance than a Kabuto flashback.

  30. @Ashes

    Actually, I think we’ve had enough Itachi flashbacks as it is. I’d be more interested in Kabuto’s past, because he has always been such a mysterious character whose motives were always uncertain to us.

    I’d like to know how he ended up leaving Konoha, how he ended up with Sasori and how Orochimaru finally won him over. But let’s not also forget that a major flashback means death may be coming soon for Kabuto… so it actually may be a good sign that this battle is drawing to a close. X__x

  31. @Ten, i guess it’s not really the uchiha as a whole because i liked Obito and before Itachi was brought back he was one of my favorite characters…tobi is pretty cool…i just dislike…sasuke immensely because i dont see any of his whining justified…NOTHING….and it’s been grinding on me since i first started naruto, he has EVERYTHING handed to him, the world on a silver platter and he never has anything positive. He dosnt joke, he dosnt smile he dosnt talk about anything else but vengence. He is a single dimensioned character and i’m tired of it being put in my face as important. There is no depth to sasuke and any depth to his clan is only added to puff up his feathers and make him look cooler when in reality it is just another tacky add on.

  32. @Drice

    Yeah, I also hit on that point in my breakdown where I mentioned Sasuke’s whining and the fact that there are lots of characters who went through similar situations to him, and yet who didn’t adopt his “stuff the world” attitude.

    I thought maybe Sasuke was starting to come right as a character, but after he said “my destruction of the leaf is just mine” he lost all points with me again. I can’t wait for the day he battles Naruto so he can get some sense beaten into him again.

  33. @ Drice – I agree, Itachi’s character took a massive nose dive since being revived, Kishi has deminished all these awesome moments we had, “sorry Sasuke there won’t be a next time” that line was so moving and awesome in a way, it put Itachi’s entire life into perspective… Sasori dying in his parents arms, deeply wanting that then being returned to be speeched back to death?

    Kishi has over played there, and its made all these characters seem tacy the ones we never knew are cool but the repetition of the same people just with new super secret awesome jutsu doesn’t help… The more I think about it although I wanted Itachi to Bitch slap the crap out of Sasuke I still think him never returning would of been better and if Kishi left him with his final moment as it was…

  34. @ Tenrai none of the Important moments of Itachi’s life has been shown, we don’t see from his perspective the orders he was given, the killing of Shisui. We haven’t seen any decent flashbacks, the moments chosen for flashbacks have been lacking.

    Kabuto in my opinion is like trivia or novelty information, it’s just not relevant to the story… I will cave and say there is a possibility that Izanami might be important but the defeat of Kabuto doesn’t require a rehash of his life before he became Orochimaru’s spy…. again unless it tells us why the heck he’s friends with Tobi and what he wants…. and I really don’t think Kabuto is going to die here.

  35. @ Ashes – but then what would we really get? We would just have Sasuke and Tobi’s story redrawn and with different captions. We know a lot about Itachi actually, and I think Kishi will fill in the rest when he reveals the “truth” if he ever does lol.

    Kabuto has become the 2nd major villain in this manga currently, so his intentions are important, when it comes to the manga we don’t know if he is using tobi or wishes to weaken tobi, plus he has always helped/hindered Naruto at specific points… I think kishi is building him up to either be a good villain or a bad good guy 😛

  36. @pain/ten ya i agree with you both. It seems like sasuke is still just a child holding on to the same childish “dreams”. He may call them different things now but he hasn’t changed in the scope of the manga, he still just wants to destroy that which he doesn’t understand. I had hoped he would turn around on his own without being poked and prodded to do so, or at least he would grow and shape is character beyond that first day where he told Kakashi he only wanted to bring about a death of a cretin man…his goals haven’t changed…even sai has changed his character and he’s got 1/100th the screen time sasuke has had. It’s the same reason i hate sakura, she hasn’t changed, she always interrupts things she doesn’t understand and downplays the story. Her character hasn’t changed much either from the fact of wanting to be with somebody. There is no growth, I LOVE naruto because of how much he has changed and adapted in the story, the whole save sasuke thing was starting to get on my nerves with him, but he added more to himself to balance that out. He formed a relationship with not just one tailed beast but ALMOSt all…he has formed respect with enemies and allies…he has become mature and started to grasp the situations of adult life while still being able to retain his youth like sense of humor. He is not worried about his fist original goal of hokage because he has grasped that there are bigger more important things in life. He has had to work for every power up, and has faced the worst hardships in the manga, he knows the taste of bitterness but has strived for something better. I can’t write stuff like this for sasuke or sakura because they havnt changed. Underneath it all, despite “claiming” to have learned under one sanian or another…they are still the same single minded characters.

  37. I find it Funny Sasuke is willing to wait for the battle to be over to hear the Truth from Itachi when winning this battle would mean Kabuto releasing Edo Tensei and Itachi being released? maybe Kabuto won’t be able to release Itachi even after the Jutsu is complete?

    2nd Plot whole sort of, Itachi is not under his free will, he is been put under a genjutsu that told him “protect the leaf” technically speaking once Sasuke sprouted “I will crush the leaf” auto pilot on Itachi should kick in and attack Sasuke, since now his primal instinct should be to protect the leaf and this also make his entire speech about him being Itachi of the leaf meaningless since he is technically “Brainwashed” Sasuke would of said it too if he ran into Naruto first?

    Just something to think about 😉

  38. @pein my guess is that itachi will put him into some kind of stasis and then explain w.e to sasuke while kabuto is tied up. However…i agree that itachi should have attacked sasuke when he said to destroy the leaf…..good catch…..i dont understand the last part about running into naruto???

  39. @ pein I think we’ve seen how Itachi’s behind the scene motivations shed light on Sasuke’s story, so could things about the leadership in charge of the orders and who was involved and maybe a few other things that the Author is unwilling to share… my point is that Itachi’s flashbacks do more than just illuminate Sasuke’s story but also might have a thread that may later intertwine with Tobi. Also we really don’t know the extent of the unrest of the Uchiha clan and what even iniatiated it. Unless all of that is under lock and key until we get around to Tobi and Madara. I mean it illuminates how the village got to where it is and setting us up to tie together the threads from Tobi’s story

  40. I have to admit though, i am glad for you guys and wra because i am able to vent here, but more importantly i read your opinions which give more clarity to my own and help me to see the manga from different angles. Without you guys naruto would be different to say the least

  41. @dricedt glad to have you 🙂

  42. @ Tenrai I never did get around to telling you I enjoyed your “diversionary tactics”. I love the humor you put into your post. 🙂 never stare down a uchiha, watch out he’s flinging poop? nope it’s a new jutsu called the Heavenly Spear…. pulled right out of his butt…. lol anyways. just so you know that your attempts at humor don’t go unnoticed or unappreciated…

  43. @Tenrai I agree with ashe i appreciate your jokes, i think that it makes the breakdowns

  44. @Drice

    That’s what the blog is for. For all of us to share our ideas and discuss them with one another, which gives all of us a deeper understanding while also allowing us to share our own thoughts and see what people think about them. We all benefit from these discussions and I think that is the appeal of WRA.

    P.S. on another note, when are you going to get yourself an awesome avatar? I noticed you’ve been using a default pic as your avatar for quite a long time now. @___@

  45. lol i never even noticed that, how do i get one?

  46. huza i believe to have added one!

  47. or not….>.>

  48. sorry for all the posts you can delete the above ones and this one

  49. Just hold your mouse over your avatar, and click “view complete profile”. It will take you to a new page where at the top, there’s an menu called “my account” and if you open that, there’s an option “Manage my Gravatars”.

    From there you select a new image to associate with that email address you used for your account, which will then update your profile image. Of course, you can upload your own images.

  50. thanks ten i got it! yay anivia!

  51. @ drice – What I mean is if Sasuke first ran into Naruto (if Itachi wasn’t brought back) he would automatically become loyal to Konoha again even against his will, this makes me believe that all Itachi’s loyalty for all we know could be fake…

  52. It’s out!

    Let’s hope it’s good. Time to read. @__@

  53. is there an alternate site for some reason I don’t do well with

  54. @Ashes

    You can also read it at mangahere if that makes it better for you. Here’s the link.


    That was actually better than I expected. Itachi didn’t just get away with an instant Izanami spam and Kabuto’s back story was better than I thought. A bit different from some of the other character’s we’ve seen.

    Itachi made the chapter though, with his talk about what it means to understand your own weaknesses and that you can only truly be strong, if you are able to accept yourself and recognize who you are as a person. I agree because you can’t overcome your own weaknesses if you aren’t even capable of recognizing them in the first place.

  55. @ Tenrai yes but that means we have to wait a whole chapter to find out about Izanami works ( which not knowing what it is, it might’ve been cast on Kabuto…. Izanami is an instant version of Talk no jutsu that Naruto has?)

  56. I have to say that the whole cave moving, now that was definitely unexpected and I enjoyed Itachi’s speech about needing others and knowing your limitations.

  57. After this latest chapter I’m felling a little down beacuse Kabuto managed to learn so much in his hermit training, while Naruto only got Frog Fu out of his short training with the toads.

    Not saying Frog Fu isn’t great, but it’s only one trick, compared to the arsenal Jiraiya had learned. Naruto hasn’t learned a new jutsu in a hell of a long time, all he knows basically is Kage bunshin, Rassengan, Kucyose and Sexy Jutsu other then that all he’s done is perfect or pump up his jutsus that he made into different versions. Even the Fuuton he learned so long ago was only used to complete the rassengan.

    On the other hand Sasuke made a hell of a lot of deviated jutsu with his lightning and fire styles + the Sharingan haxes.

    Also a good catch by Ashe, maybe Kabuto is under Izanami right now and Itachi is already leading him down a better path ( we all know what flashbacks mean), someone’s gonna bite the bullet soon and I think that guy will be Itachi after he converts Kabuto to the light side of the force.

    Kabuto’s back story really made me laugh seeing how cute the little guy was back in the day and what a ugly & grotesque son of a lizard he’s become :)).

    And what the hell’s the deal with the abdominal snake, that shit really creeps me out, I’m happy that it wasn’t coming out of his ass but even so, why the hell would you do that shit to yourself. Even Orochimaru had his limits in terms of looks and only brought the disgusting things out only when he needed them most (Sasuke, if you know what I mean).

  58. OMG!!!
    Izamami = Flashback no Jutsu!!

    The ultimate anti Akatuski jutsu as we all know it takes a flashback to undo their plot shield no jutsu.

    Kabuto is much more developed a character than I thought he would be, but then again I don’t think Kishi has had many main characters that haven’t been fairly well fleshed out.

  59. @ Chapter – 1stly Kabuto has some awesome Jutsu but hell we knew that…

    My Theory on Inzami, thingy, I think it changes a persons past as the user will it, so Itachi want’s to hear of Kabuto’s past to change the moment he was driven to the “dark side”


  60. @ Pain, that would be a really cool power but I think the one that gets caught in it remembers what the caster wishes upon him in a was, just like the dude from Bleach’s execution team that I have a hard time remembering his name… BTW Bleach is really becoming Interesting, check out the last chapter.

  61. @ Eugen – Yeah like Tsukashima or something like that, but he could just insert himself into someone else’s memory but not change it too his will… But yeah I am really enjoying Bleach now, in my manga listing if I go on current arc and chapters only I think its been better then Naruto for a while… Hopefully it continues and becomes a good rival to the top 3 again before it ends lol, I just wish we had this back in arrancar and decide arcs

  62. Ahh izanami what could your effect be…either way im pretty sure the So6p is gonna have been said to have known this technique and somehow used it in combination with izanagi to create things such as the tailed beasts. I feel like its just izanagi on another person which someone did say before…

    I always had a nagging suspicion that kabuto isn’t really that evil, just selfish but i have no doubt he will betray tobi at the end of this war; can’t say why yet tho whether its sasuke or just not wanting to be under the mugen tsukuyomi…

    How is sauske gonna come out of this fight? itachi will def convey some wisdom to sasuke via awesome one line sayings , a little more backstory on the massacre and what lead up to it…im really interested to see how tobi or madara were involved. anyways a sasuke vs naruto fight is inevitable..itachi keeps saying “i dont blame you” but come on sasuke is such a little bitch about it…i think sasuke will end up hating konoha a little less afterwards but still be upset about the situation and decides to quell it by fighting naruto. Props to kishi for really painting sasuke as such an easily influenced person…maybe this fight will give him a little bit of maturity

  63. See those glasses are special, they’re obviously Aizen’s glasses.

  64. What I don’t get about this battle though, is why Itachi keeps using his Susanoo to protect Sasuke, when Sasuke is more than capable of protecting himself with his own Susanoo. I mean, Sasuke has the frikkin EMS for heaven’s sake, which means he can use Susanoo without any eye problems, so why the hell isn’t he using it? >_<

    It just makes Sasuke seem so… inexperienced. He has all of Itachi's power in his eyes, which will never turn dark, and yet he still cannot do something as simple as protect himself from danger when he needs to.

  65. @tenrai Sasuke’s asspull is getting cancelled our by Kabuto’s asspulling. Without it Sasuke is as competent as Kiba is without Akamaru.

  66. “OMG!!!
    Izamami = Flashback no Jutsu!!

    The ultimate anti Akatuski jutsu as we all know it takes a flashback to undo their plot shield no jutsu. ”

    Hahaha, that was my first thought as well. 🙂

    Kabuto is history. He’s taken off his robe (exposed chest) and now we’ve seen his flashbacks. Looks like Izanami really does set someones destiny in stone. R.I.P. Kabuto.

    I did find it interesting to read Kabuto thinks he is closest to the Sage of the 6 Paths now. Clearly, he hasn’t met Naruto yet.

  67. “After this latest chapter I’m felling a little down beacuse Kabuto managed to learn so much in his hermit training, while Naruto only got Frog Fu out of his short training with the toads.

    Not saying Frog Fu isn’t great, but it’s only one trick, compared to the arsenal Jiraiya had learned.”

    Jiraiya’s frog jutsu’s were all enhanced jutsu he already knew or collaboration jutsu’s. If Naruto was able to fuse with the elder toads he would have been able to perform techniques above Jiraiya’s level (remember, Naruto is a true Sage). Hell, Naruto would have been able to spam the Rasenshuriken so he wouldn’t have needed any other technique.

  68. @baron & Micheal you would be right but Kabuto isn’t a member of Akatsuki.

  69. @tenrai

    maybe because itachi is basically an immortal now and has unlimited chakra compared to sasuke. Izanami can be used by itachi without the fear of getting blind, i hope i’m correct on this theory.

  70. I’m talking about why itachi keeps protecting his little brother with his susano when in fact sasuke is capable of using his own susano to protect himself and to fight against kabuto.

  71. @wild: I think kishi is demonstrating how Sasuke is only thinking in offensive terms, but Itachi sees more offense and defense.

  72. Narutos been dissappointing me:/ i think im taking a break from it until it gets interesting again :/ i havent been here in a while i was wondering if you guys started the One piece breakdown yet? OP quickly became my favorite manga

  73. @everyone

    Okay big question…. do you think that Kabuto has the possibility of escaping the “death following flashback” that usually happens to supporting characters?

    I have the rare feeling of “yes” after watching an ova vid… It seems to show Tobi and Kabuto watching the fight between Sasuke and Naruto.

    Even the video aside when Itachi ends Edo Tensei ( assuming that Izanami does something to cause that to happen) , when Itachi evaporates do you think Izanami will wear off at the same time? Which would leave Kabuto and Sasuke in an enclosed cave, and Sasuke may try to kill Kabuto. Since Kabuto’s defensive abilities make him slippery as the snake he imitates do you think it’s possible that he might slip away and meet up with Tobi instead of dying in the cave?

    Again I’m leaning towards yes…. I know it’s dependent on what Izanami does but I think it must manipulate Kabuto somehow in order to get him to undo Edo Tensei, so a strange kind of genjustu but we don’t know what.

  74. I’d be really upset if Kishi decides to kill Kabuto. Why build him up so much with a new sage mode to not escape from this certain-death situation. Why introduce a new, sinister, sage mode and not expand on it? This “war” is becoming a little too one-sided. I want to see main good guys battle their asses off and then lose, making me believe that this war is actually a might lose situation.

    I think my theory that Kabuto was an Uzumaki war orphan is going to be proven correct. Again the flashback shows the ambiguitiy that is his village. Kabuto might seem younger then Kakashi, but remember uzumaki take a much longer time to age than regular ninja… He might have been the same age as Kushina was but his aging because of uzumaki blood would make him look young.

    I don’t see the point in this battle. Sauske is going against his brother’s wishes. He and Kabuto has the same goal. I have no idea why he denies it. I just feel Kishi is spamming the crap out of the Sharingan. It wasn’t like that before. Once upon a time they were the off-shots of the Byukugan, now they’re are the apitome of power and fear.

    Those are my personal quib’s about the war. Maybe it’s me not wanting this manga to end here. I just see soo much promise with Kabuto. Maybe Kishi was alluding to this when Kabuto said that he is the closes to the sage then anyone ever was.

    O well, Go Shinobi Alliance! Mass Effect 3 rocked by the way!

  75. @antnasty

    Coolbeans did start a new OP section, but to be honest, he didn’t get much in the way of feedback. It’s easy enough for everyone to say they want something added to this blog, but if no-one shows any form of support when we open up a new breakdown section, it gives the author very little incentive to keep putting any effort into it.

    I’m not sure if Coolbeans still plans to continue the OP section, but if you want him to, and if others do, I suggest they start becoming more involved.

  76. yeah ur right i been to a couple different websites and it aint bad the discussions but i feel like is not as organised as it is here

  77. @tenrai – how should we get involved? I was interested in the OP section too. I was liking the 4 part summary he was doing to get people who haven’t read it, caught up. I haven’t been able to comment because Im always at school or doing my work for the school.

  78. unrelated to naruto…but dose anybody play LOL here?

  79. Hey, does anyone agree with my “Mikoto is a Senju and has something to do with Izanami”

  80. @katonkage I don’t know if I agree with it but I would love to know the answer to the question… if yes then that would lead into some interesting speculation. If no then maybe we could eliminate one more Tobi theory which would help us to know who he is…

    @ anybody else
    I’m just tired of questions… “Controversy” in fandom is created when you have some solid things to talk about, it’s like rumor, you create it by at least having some partial information… we’ve gotten no information added to our already incomplete knowledge, sometimes answers make more questions but at least they won’t be the same 12 question. The fandom becomes stale if all we have is the same 12 questions.. Except for the addition of Izanami we really don’t have a huge set of questions… Kabuto’s justu answered a question but didn’t lead anywhere really… Why pose a question aobut Kabuto’s jutsu being a surprised if it didn’t really catch Sasuke and Itachi off guard, I’m mean it should’ve been a sucker punch kind of jutsu. It should’ve landed a blow at least but Kabuto didn’t even get that, so what was so amazing about his jutsu that Kishi needed to hide it? Honestly if Kabuto had some really off the wall jutsu nobody had heard of or was vaguely mentioned, it probably would’ve been better than Snake Sage. More Exciting and second we don’t need the back story for every bad character.

  81. @Wiseman

    Just support the breakdowns when you can, so that the authors have an incentive to continue them. That’s all really. Even if it just means adding a comment to say thank you, or to give your own opinion on the chapter, even the smallest things can help.

    Another way you can become involved in the blog is to become an author yourself to contribute to WRA. There are still the odd few breakdown sections that need new authors, such as…

    – The Bleach Anime breakdown.
    – The One Piece Anime breakdown.
    – And the Fairy Tail Anime breakdown.

    It’s mostly anime breakdown sections actually, which makes me wonder if I should scrap those sections, or if people are interested enough to get them off their feet. If anyone wants to get involved and if they think they can write well enough to give it a shot, you guys are more than welcome to let me know.

    We also have an “Extra’s” section on WRA, where things like theory posts, contests or just general fun stuff goes, so even if someone doesn’t want to be a weekly breakdown author, they can still contribute to the extra’s section if they like with their own random posts. It’s a bit easier because there are no time constraints involved with the “extra’s” posts and you can do them on a whim whenever it suits you.

    Those are just some ways people can help make WRA a better place for everyone. But really, I think the most important thing is to just show your support for the authors who do put a lot of time and work into the blog, just to let them know that it was time well spent.

  82. @Kantonkage

    If Mikoto is a senju and that’s the reason why Itachi can use the Izanami, then that means there’s a good chance Sasuke could use it as well…

    Do you really want HIM to pull something else out of his nether regions as well? Or worse yet, imagine he just suddenly activates the Rinnegan out of the blue. X___x

  83. @tenrai I’m just coming up with a reason why. So I’m not surprised later.

  84. @ Tenrai ( here’s my defense of Katonkage’s theory) if Tobi is manipulating Sasuke to fight, only to advance his eyes, him being Senju would allow him to get the Rinnegan because obviously as Madara showed, you need not just a norrmal sharingan and senju dna but actually you need a EMS and Senju DNA. Tobi didn’t seem to advance his own eyes to even an MS and I wonder if he even can or I doubt he would’ve stole the Rinnegan from Nagato. It’s also why Tobi only transplanted one of nagato rinnegan eyes is because Tobi wants that weird resurrection power Nagato used on the Village. The Resurrection technique for Nagato’s pair of eyes was a one time thing. So it was wasted ( at least in Tobi’s mind) . he’s waiting to transplate Sasuke’s Rinnegan into the other eye. He wants to resurrect someone, madara or someone else… we don’t know but he seemed disappointed when he discovered Nagato had used the technique. My point is that if he stole a Rinnegan from Nagato why wouldn’t he steal the Rinnegan from Sasuke. why would he only try to steal the EMS when it maybe that he may be incapable of advancing it. Again the idea of Sasuke being a Senju isn’t out of the question… the route Sasuke was force to take to get the Rinnegan did required his Best Friends death or at least a near death experience. His Brother’s death, just to get the EMS. Remember Uchiha eyes can’t just be transplanted into other Uchiha to get EMS, they have to be familial DNA related.. So Tobi couldn’t get EMS if he tried because he’s Senju. He would need a transplant from someone who already had an MS ( who is Uchiha and has familial dna) to get an EMS…

  85. @Ashes

    I’m not against Kantonkage’s theory in that I do think it is definitely plausible. Rather, i just don’t WANT it to be true. I think Sasuke gets enough “out of the blue” power-ups as it is.

    Also, we still don’t know the nature of Tobi’s sharingan yet, so it’s hard to theorize whether or not he would even need to transplant Sasuke’s eyes when he already has his own sharingan that grants him a space-time jutsu, and the Rinnegan, which I doubt he would want to replace.

    I think Tobi’s plan for Sasuke may be something else entirely. Perhaps he needs a sacrifice for his moon-eye plan or perhaps he needs a stronger body to be the host of the Juubi and Sasuke makes the best candidate to him. Tobi may want to pull an Orochimaru on us (Taking over Sasuke’s body) so that he can be the new host for the Juubi. That may be the only reason he’s trying to make Sasuke’s eyes stronger.

  86. @Tenrai

    I don’t really think Sasuke’s power ups were out of the blue. Apart the random summon during the Danzo fight, he got his powers through the meticulous planning of others. Orochimaru anally transmitted some powers to sasuke so he could eventually take over his body. Then itachi systematically planned out how to give his eye powers over to sasuke during their fight. Every move was choreographed to accomplish that result. Even the EMS that sasuke has now was forseen by itachi. The chidori was a result of training with kakashi, which he then manipulated into his own style. His early speed was due to how he copied Lee’s movements. Maybe he didn’t earn them, but still…

  87. @Eke

    It doesn’t change the fact that most of Sasuke’s powers were received through no effort on his part and only through the efforts of others. He got the cursed seal from Orochimaru, then he stole Orochimaru’s white snake powers, then he got the MS from Itachi (Although that I don’t mind so much because that was something that has been built up on since part one) and then he took Itachi’s eyes to get the EMS. And let’s not forget how he summoned Manda at the end of his battle with Deidara when he didn’t even have enough chakra to keep his Sharingan active. <_<

    The hawk summoning contract came from only heaven knows where and to be honest, the only skill Sasuke really developed on his own was the Chidori and its counterparts. The rest was either given to him, or he took it from someone else, so the last thing we need for Sasuke now, is for him to suddenly awaken the Rinnegan out of the blue as well just to add to his long list of powers he "awakened with no effort".

  88. @Tenrai also don’t forget the Gokayuu. Everything else just popped up from his nether regions/insanely convenient. The standard MS tech, I’ll understand but fifteen minutes later he masters it, major BS!!! The good news is that he hasn’t mastered Tsukuyomi I think. At least Kabuto is on an equal level in terms of asspulling.

    Bubblition: Back foul demon!! Keep your diseased hands to yourself and pull your pants up.
    Caption: Itachi, I don’t think dead people can get STD. Besides what’s worse than being an emo anyways.

  89. @ Tenrai I actually find Itachi with Izanami more irritating than Sasuke with the Rinnegan which seems to be, a natural progression for Sasuke. is it unfair? sure but at least it’s a consistent unfairness.

  90. @pein

    you called the whole not get to see Izanami thing, kudos!

  91. @Katonkage I don’t think Kabuto’s Sage Jutsu was that much of an Ass Pull, if you calculate the time he might need to master sage jutsu, Naruto did it with only two clones, I’m guessing Kabuto has a bit more of fine tuned control with Chakra… So let’s just say Kabuto has been practicing the whole time starting not too long after Sasuke defeated Orochimaru… There were a number of months that went by, Naruto did his in a matter of weeks… and I would say that Naruto’s chakra control isn’t the greatest of his talents…. so two clones and one Naruto = a Kabuto in terms of training. so I really don’t see it as unexpected. Actually I would’ve loved something with a bit more surprise. I thought the cave moving on it’s own was cool and unexpected (though not well supported) vs Sage jutsu ( supported but too predictable). If his Sage jutsu had given him more than just an enhanced version of snake shedding that Orochimaru used then it would be cool. ( Snake Shedding + Suigetsu Water ability = Snake ability 2.0)

  92. @Ashes screw sage mode that’s not the problem. It’s everything else! Such as the DNA from the kage to the ashes of Deidara, I’m surprised he couldn’t get Jiraiya from the depths. Then his perfect replication of Team Taka genetics. I call BS!!

  93. @ashes Itachi is just as bad as Sasuke just the bank located within his nether regions is rather subtle. First thing his F’n MS in itself Tsukuyomi the 72 hr, three second, then his impregnable Susanoo. The only reason he died was because he so happen to be sick and conveniently plan his own death. Then he temporarily transferring his Amaterasu to Sasuke, (why that instead of the Totsuka sword I’ll never know) which only failed due Tobi Sueism being more powerful. The entire fight vs undead Nagato. And now, there’s Izanami.
    At this point I’ve finally realized who Kishi’s favorite character truly is: Itachi hence why Sasuke is getting all the screen time because of his twisted love for his brother.
    If Sasuke turns good, it won’t change the fact that Sasuke is Itachi’s Bitch!!


  95. @ Ashes – Yeah funny how Kishi’s beginning a Trolling habit with these sort of things… I am still waiting for Kakashi’s Rampage 😛 I look forward to the anime but over all I am disappointed in the way the manga has been going…

    @ Kanton – I agree with you Itachi statement

  96. @katonkage Kabuto is Orochimaru’s student and a high end medical ninja. The fact that Orochimaru spent years wandering around finding stuff to make himself live forever, constantly experimenting with genetics… It makes sense, that Kabuto has inherited Orochimaru’s cache of research and so forth.. I actually don’t find it that incredible. ( and I don’t even like Kabuto) Still.. I don’t care about Kabuto’s Team Taka’s abilities anyways… whether it was an Ass Pull or not I find it mildly boring in terms of powers, Snake Shedding 2.0 in my opinion is good for being evasive and getting away but not surprising.. You don’t care for Kabuto’s abilities because they seem to stretch believability, I think his powers are boring and wished Kabuto had at least one justu which was uniquely his and not orochimaru or snake sage jutsu related.

    As for Itachi, I won’t completely disagree with your point but I think you over exaggerate the degree of Itachi’s “out of the blue” jutsu is used. As i said to Tenrai it’s unfair but at least it’s consistently unfair.

  97. @pein sadly I wish I to could see Kakashi’s Rampage ( fight with the Edo Tensei Swordsmen right?) but in terms of importance in the story, it’s not that necessary and unless somehow fans pressure the anime into it I really doubt we’ll get to see it 😦

  98. Didnt Deidara lose an arm? DNA can com from there…
    @dricet I play lol! But I just begun… ill post my name here so you can add me k?

  99. honestly the smartest move would be to include kakashis rampage in the many times can u so perfectly match filler content with the actual plot ;this is a great opportunity. hopefully kishi/ anime team realize this. Also the anime should flesh out the sense of loss that none of us are feeling for the nameless ninja cuz we lost a shit ton of those guys in thisa war, it wud be cool if someone actually gave a damn

  100. @nike but Deidara found it later.
    @ashes you have a point about Kabuto lack of originality. Now for the Itachi, his BS is consistent. True, Itachi doesn’t have the power up located in his nether regions because we’re told beforehand.

  101. @Ashes and Kantonkage

    Let’s face it. The Uchiha clan as a whole are experts when it comes to being hax. You just have to look at Itachi, Sasuke, Tobi (if he’s an Uchiha) and Madara to know that much is true, or hear of legends like Shisui who had the ultimate genjutsu that was even able to nullify Edo Tensei.

    In some cases, I don’t mind it as much, like with Tobi, because he is the arch villain so we expect him to be strong. Also his whole persona about how he is “no-one” fits with the way he doesn’t care what he turns himself into as long as it gives him the power he needs to succeed. But in other cases, it does become somewhat annoying, like, for example, with Itachi.

    To me, Itachi is a character who has always been praised as a true genius of the Shinobi world and as an exceptional case even amongst the already prolific Uchiha. But lately, all these god-like powers he’s started gaining access to have begin to detract from the whole notion that Itachi is a real “genius.” To me, there’s a difference between being a genius shinobi and simply being hax and Itachi just feels like he’s hax. I remember the time in the manga where Itachi felt like a true genius, where he could win a battle against a powerful opponent just with a few kunai and a shadow clone and where his subtle yet effective use of genjutsu was his most dangerous asset and his reputation as a master tactition was the scarriest part about facing him.

    Now all you think about when you hear the name “Itachi” is “Susanoo,” the “Sword of Totsuka” and now, “the Izanami”. His entire reputation in battle has ultimately been reduced to the reputation of those three techniques, all of which I feel are overpowered and all of which I feel are somewhat unfair to go up against (although the Izamai is still a mystery, I think it’s certain it will be stronger than Susanoo or the sword of totsuka). It just makes it feel like the only reason Itachi is so feared, is because of those techniques and nothing more.

  102. P.S.

    It seems I am having problems with my internet today, so I won’t be able to do my breakdown at this rate (sending this message from my phone).

    Sorry guys!

  103. @ Tenrai – I honestly believe that Kishi bringing back characters like Nagato, Sasori and especially Itachi was his biggest mistake in this war… I mean he made Nagato seem like a little doll and Itachi as this super human power ranger O_o when Nagato was more a complete Sage of 6 Paths with the body and eyes to boot….

    There are many more examples of how these Edo Summons have been complete failures, only exceptions really where Zabuza and the 7 Swordsmen with Haku, Madara and maybe the Kage’s.

    And I know it was a nice selling point seeing all these old enemies and licking our lips waiting for a rematch or encounters, (me myself looking forward to Itachi bitch slapping Sasuke but all we got was a little game of Susano tag and that was all O_o

    Only good thing that has come out of this war so far is Madara finally being shown and Tobi not being him and Naruto and the Kyuubi coming together.

  104. @pein I could actually see Itachi bitch-slapping Sasuke and this is how the conversation would go:
    Itachi: “how dare you try to destroy Konoha. Haven’t I taught you anything?!”
    Sasuke: “How to hate.”
    Itachi: 0.0 “Why did you listen?”
    Sasuke: “You said it was the only way to kill you.”
    Itachi: 0.0 “I’m an idiot.”
    I: “O RLY!!!”

  105. @pein I could actually see Itachi bitch-slapping Sasuke and this is how the conversation would go:
    Itachi: “how dare you try to destroy Konoha. Haven’t I taught you anything?!”
    Sasuke: “How to hate.”
    Itachi: 0.0 “Why did you listen?”
    Sasuke: “You said it was the only way to kill you.”
    Itachi: 0.0 “I’m an idiot.”
    Me: “O RLY!!!”

  106. Everyone need to remember the fat, that we haven’t really ever seen all of Itachi’s full potential. So you can’t really say he is pulling Jutsu’s from his ass we the fact of the matter is, we haven’t seen him fight enough.

  107. @Tenrai

    I agree with what you’re saying about Itachi . Yes it makes Itachi look less of a genius and more like he has the Uchiha equivelant of Batman’s utility belt. He has lots of pockets with devices, usually a gadget conveniently on hand to solve a unique/rare problem. “Wow look at this rock!, oh yeah I have a lazer/torch to cut through it.” I said earlier that I was more irritated by Itachi’s Izanami than Sasuke’s power ups because in Sasuke’s case I feel that it’s a consistent unfairness and a natural progression for him.

    However…. since Kishi can’t rely on Sasuke’s abilities or aggressive attitude to stop Kabuto, Itachi has to do it. I’m guessing the author wants to show us Izanami so that we see Tobi or Madara use it later..

    I understand the reason why you call hax.

  108. @ Marks – Well even so, before Itachi was invinsible with just Susano and Tsukyomi… Now he has that plus jutsu’s of unimaginable paportion… also Inzagi you need both Senju and Uchiha blood, now its counter part for some reason only needs MS ??? Why, and when did Itachi train in this jutsu? <__< its asspull because one "unknown" secret jutsu is enough for one person, before Itachi had a limit, some battle 2 Tsukyomi's and a "Black Flames" now he shown to have enough of a reserve to proform a jutsu that changes someone destiny and why didn't he just use it any time before? Why only now, if he could of changed Sasuke that easily… I mean he did have a fail safe in Naruto regardless but why beat around the bush, why allow a crazy no name masked mad man just walk around and a dude hell bent on destroying the world if you are strong enough to defeat them regardless…. *arrrrggg my head hurts 😛 *

  109. @pein at least this time he’s a zombie and obviously didn’t care about anything except unintentionally screwing up Sasuke’s character and psyche.

  110. @ Tenrai

    what I find interesting is that we all the uchiha power-ups, if we ever get around to a Madara flashback that explains the whole fight between him and the 1st hokage, Kishi is gonna have to explain how in the heck he beat Madara… Kishi’s gonna have to make 1st hokage OP.

  111. @Ashes

    Well, we need to remember that when Madara fought Hashirama, he didn’t have the Rinnegan or Mokuton. He just had the EMS. Kishi has also been elevating Hashirama’s reputation and the details of his power in these past few chapters by mentioning how strong he actually was, so him beating Madara isn’t really far-fetched anymore. Remember that most of the jutsu Madara is currently thrashing the five Kage with, are Hashirama’s, like the Mokuton forests and clones. That coupled with Hashirama’s healing abilities, means he definitely was one tough cookie, and according to Kabuto, the strongest ninja to have ever lived, probably only second to the sage of the six paths himself. Remember that discussion we had about post-death power-ups? Yeah… this pretty much relates back to that.

    But, there is one other factor you need to take into account as well. During the battle against Madara, Hashirama was able to gain control of Kurama, after which Mito, his wife, sealed Kurama within herself. Madara would have been at a dissadvantage after that without his trump card and for all we know, Mito might have also used that power against him.

    I do hope we get to see the full story in detail, like how we got to see what happened when the fourth sealed Kurama, so hopefully those details will come out soon so out questions can be answered.

  112. Do you think this video shows that Madara has another Ocular jutsu? The Anime video from the Naruto video game?

  113. @ashes: I looked at the video, but didn’t see what you referred to. Do you have a timestamp?

  114. @ arpotu 3:15 just before Hashirama uses Mokuton’s “octopus” configuration and tosses a giant ninja star at Madara. Madara shows a clocklike spinning sharigan… and the way the video shows it there is some debate that it’s a higher form of move prediction that allows the user to see a couple minutes ahead, or actually “reverses” time

  115. you see him activate it at 3:06 to 3:08 and then Madara causes the Sharigan to spin in a clocklike manner at 3:14 through 3:16 then the star Hashirama threw at Madara went back to Harishirama like someone rewinding a tape. This is a clip from the Anime that was put into the official game. Obviously it doesn’t show Hashirama’s wood clones nor Madara’s Susanoo but I think this was just an edited or shortened version of the fight.

  116. @Tenrai: My sentiments exactly. Madera is just full of hate lol! Madera used Hashirama’s powers to save himself a bunch of times already. When he says all the negative comments I just laugh. Where would he be without all those powers?

    @ashes: If you are referring to the fan blade and the shuriken. It’s just a combination of his sharingan and the power of the fan blade. By seeing the trajectory of the shuriken, Madera can then swing the fan blade opportunely, releasing a wind attack that pushes the blades back at the opponent.

    I would like to point out that Kish proved that Hashirama was too much for Madera in that video. When I saw all the wood appendages throwing all the weapons at once and then Madera’s eyes wiggling back and forth trying to keep up with all the projectiles I suddenly realized that Madera was being outgunned!

  117. @visionary

    if you watch the vid you’ll see that the shuriken hit Madara’s fan ( which was used to block) and the Shuriken knocked him off his feet. After it hit his fan it flew off at a 45 degree angle, then when he caused his Sharingan to Spin “backward” and the Shuriken returned to the fan, Madara stood up and then the Shuriken returned to Mokuton branch that tossed the Shuriken.


    If this turns out to be confirmed looks like another dull week V_V

  119. yup, looks like this week is an entire flash back with kabuti wooo!!!
    here is the raw, cant get the english yet

  120. Its….. out!

  121. Best chapter ever.

  122. Oh Izanami will thou ever be revealed :/

  123. Looks like Orochimaru had his pedophilic sight set on Kabuto since he was a kid… *shivers*

  124. Kabuto’s childhood is the most boring flashback yet, I get that we need to find out more about him seeing he’s been in naruto since the chunin exams, but let’s face it we don’t know squat about a lot more interesting shinobi then Kabuto yet we get his little life story. All in all the chapter for me was another failed week because I want to see the action and the waiting seems like only prolonged torture. Other then that I liked the fact then Orochimaru was part of root and the other dude with the glasses must have been Torune’s father, and also glad to see Danzou was putting Shisui’s eye to good use in order to mind fu*k Nonou like he did the samurai dude to witch name I have a hard time remembering.

    Also yet again, bleach is way better then Naruto this week, who would have thought Kubo would go out with a bang like this :))

    PS mangastream’s translation is 10x better then mangareader. Free cheers for my neighboring country, Bulgaria, and the fact that they brought mangastream back.

  125. @ Eugen – *Eyes begins to water* I am not the only one that thinks Bleach has been better then Naruto @___@ I thought I was alone 😛 (Though I enjoyed Fairy Tail even more then Naruto so yeah :P, not the last chapter but all the ones before)

    Kabuto seems more and more like a whiny B*t*ch, though killing your mom is something that can fuck a kid up. It just seems annoying now… Him telling this story like “And then I was like so upset, my glasses got dirty and from that moment I knew my life was meaningless <__< come on, most Flash backs are awesome cause they show the story and its not normally some monolog of a villains time outs and sad moments… I wish there wasn't the little flashes between and less details in the flashbacks, get to the important stuff… Though How awesome was Oro and little Kabuto with all the different headbands O_o

    "Dear diary, I saw a chipmonk today… He asked me my name… I told him it was bob…. That lie will haunt me for the rest of my days @___@"

  126. @ Pein, I’m 100% sure this ongoing flashback is Itachis’ “Inception no jutsu” at work aka Izanami, trying to alter Kabuto’s path in life by trying to make him realize he was a good guy before Orochimaro came along and “did” things to him.

  127. WRA

    Remember folks, double issue of JUMP this week. No JUMP until end of April/early May. #Golden Week

    I don’t get what the double part was, oh well seems like two long weeks are coming.

  128. @Eugen

    I think the double issue means that Jump itself is twice as long this week or has twice as much content. It doesn’t necessarily mean that there are doubles of each of the manga chapters that the Magazine hosts.

  129. Hold on…. does this mean there is double Next week or another chapter this week ^___@

    That would be interesting, all the manga, Naruto, Bleach and OP all 40 pages @___@

    That would be cool

  130. @ Pein, as tenrai said, I wouldn’t hold my breath. we’ve been reading this manga for a lot of years now and the longest chapter manga related of naruto has been maybe 18 pages long, that’s 2 pages more then normal.

    So it’s probably gonna end where it is and with no compensation the 2nd week when it resumes.

  131. ugh! 😛 double troll we get a flasback no izanami and then we miss a week or two? sucks!

  132. that stick out tongue “smiley” didn’t work

  133. @ Eugen – I doubt it usually Kishi, Kubo leave us with massive Cliff Hangers before a week break therefore I think there will be something that seems to be epic waiting in 2 weeks and when the gap is over we will be trolled… I still remember when Kishi trolled us when Sasuke fought Danzou and just before the break Itachi appeared and after I think it was 3 weeks we found out it was only a genjutsu @__@ So I think that will happen again 😛

  134. Perhaps this flashback is part of Izanami. Like it’s some scene from Inception…???? x_x maybe Itachi is messing with Kabuto’s past?

  135. @ Visionary – I am sure I heard of this theory before too 🙂 could be

  136. @ WRA – I know its late but Happy Easter <___< I should get a slowpoke award for that one

  137. I want to send a Monty Python ” get on with it!” clip to Kishimoto.

  138. I know im kind of slow on this and im not sure if u guys discuss this already but kabuto said he is a dragon when he turns into sage mode since he master it so if naruto master sage mode what will he becone?

  139. Oh wow thanks Pein. I just noticed Eugen called it out first about the Inception thing. Hats off to Eugen. I do hope that we get another chapter, because if im stuck with this for two weeks…

    Btw, after watching the new shipuuden ep. I kinda got the impression that Itachi may have been Jiraiya’s informant. What do you guys think?

  140. @ visionary – Lol sorry if it seems I was trolling, just wanted to say you not the only one that Thinks that… In the previous breakdown I also said that maybe he can change a persons memories to make them good again etc. <__< Also Eugen not the only one that has mentioned it, I have seen that theory on many other manga sites etc. 😀

    Gotta still watch the episode though.

  141. Well, the week break actually gives me a chance to work on the new extra’s post idea that I’ve been wanting to try for a while now, which should keep us busy for the week break. At least, I hope it will, if people get involved enough.

    I’ll start on it as soon as I’ve done my breakdown. @____@

  142. You guys do realize is posting the chapters again right? I was shocked to see they were, maybe they got some kind of deal O_o… ANYWAYS it has been a while since I posted in WRA… all I have to say is, i’m really getting restless with the whole Kabuto vs Itachi/Sasuke fight… I mean I understand Izanami had to come into play, it isn’t really a pull out the ass jutsu either because Izanami, Izanagi, Susano’o, Amaterasu, and Tysukiyomo are all linked thanks to the post by #Senshi, good information! I see why Izamani is the “decider” because Izanami decided to break off the marriage, Izanagi tried to change Izanami’s fate by going to the underworld so Izanagi is the “changer”.

    MY THEORY *warning it may be bull*
    Danzou was able to change his fate in “death” just as Tobi was able to change his fate. In actuality in “destiny” as Neji says, Tobi was supposed to die at the hands of Konan but Izanagi “changed” his fate. Danzou was supposed to die multiple times at the hands of Sasuke but Danzou “changed” his fate (even though it didn’t matter…)

    Izanami able to “decide” fate, I don’t think it means to change one’s past like Tskushima(however his name is spelled…) but more as to tell how one is going to die.

    Izanagi = Ultimate Defense (change your fate from happening)/(save)
    Izanami = Ultimate Offense (Decide how one dies)/(kill)

  143. I just thought about it… Kabuto knows the secrets in the world… He knew Tobi wasn’t Madara, and he knew about Madara’s past… maybe hearing his story wouldn’t be such a bad thing seeing that you’re finding out the past of a character that knows almost all of the answers to your questions. Maybe we’ll find out Tobi’s identity, or how the Rinnegan eye activation actually worked (I doubt we’ll get to know all of this through Kabuto JUST WISHFUL THINKING TO KEEP ME READING HIS STUPID PAST…) because I honestly do not see Kabuto as much of a threat… Kishimoto tried by making him master Snake Sage or should I say Dragon sage o_@… Okay? He is still a dang on snake! He’s disgusting like Orochimaru and I never respected Orochimaru that much due to his gay life and his disgusting fighting… He even looked like a girl at his introduction -__-… Nothing was cool about Orochimaru, his voice is disturbing, the only thing I liked was his theme music, also how he anticipates everything that happens.

    @Sage Naruto
    Like #Senshi said, Sage mode is not a ninjutsu, so you can’t say its much of too much power, because if you think about it, Pein was STILL stronger than naruto in the end due to Naruto’s downside to his sage mode. Pein was a freaking GOD!

    Susano’o had a weakness and Danzou uncovered it. Susano’o never got less terrifying and effective like you say, its just not “new” to you anymore, you’re used to the jutsu. Last time I checked, the 5 kage was having a hard time with Susano’o.

    That is a close ranged jutsu. It is HIGHLY effective because that is an instant kill. Raikiri is the lightning element of chidori. Sasuke doesn’t know Raikiri.

    Yeah that technique is still powerful, he took out Deva Pein Path with one hit from the Rasengan.

    All of the jutsu that were mentioned before hasn’t gotten weaker, you just gotten used to the jutsus… *Example* in DBZ, Super Saiyan didn’t get weaker, the enemies became stronger. When you saw the debut of SS1, Goku did it for the first time, so he didn’t really know what he was doing which is why what happened, HAPPENED. When he ascended to SS2, he was familiar with SS1 already but still did a little bit more to get to SS2 then REALLY did alot for SS3… Nothing became weaker.

    back to Naruto…
    Naruto couldn’t go against Tobi with the Sage technique, because even though it was strong, he is fighting an unknown entity. Tobi, Madara, Pein are ABOVE sage technique. When Pein stated Jiraiya could’ve beaten him if he knew his identity… probably… Jiraiya didn’t just have strength he had a lot of skill, technique, and luck. Think about ti though, Nagato was now a cripple, but he still had techniques up his sleeve so I just think Kishimoto slid that in to make Jiraiya die “legendary” because it would be pitiful for someone “legendary” to die so gruesome. Stabbed by 5 blades then blown the fuck up??? LMAO, NOT legendary status there… Sage isn’t on the level of Pein’s godlike power. Madara’s power is haxed beyond reality and I don’t know what Tobi has up his sleeve but even though his thoughts are scattered, he still remains confident that naruto is still nothing even though he took out 7 tailed beast… Naruto had to gain that power ability, it wasn’t easy to acquire and we all knew he would have to bond with Kurama eventually so that wasn’t a pointless power-up. I have to admit if a character becomes too powerful the story becomes boring, we thought Naruto’s sage mode(perfected beyond Jiraiya) would be too powerful against Pein, but yet Kishimoto balanced that out. There is a reason why Naruto is getting this HUGE power gain, because Tobi’s power is far stronger than you imagine.

  144. Sasuke (perfect eyes) and naruto (perfect body) is going to have to come together to fight against the Juubi *cough* Tobi… :)))

    On a funny note…
    I just seen the episode where Iruka is saying “your weak ass isn’t going to become Hokage” well Iruka… it has been 6yrs? I think 6 years since you said that and i don’t see YOU GETTING STRONGER JUST SOME STUPID ELEMENTARY SCHOOL SIDLINE TEACHER! always crying!! always saying how proud you are, how about you go sacrifice your life for once!? Its a shame if you think about it that a 16/17 yr old is saving everyones ass… How would you feel, seeing a bunch of KIDS go to war? some fucking teenagers that everyone is scared of?(Sasuke and Naruto). THINK about it… Sasuke is 16/17 and is a huge threat. How the F***? a 17 yr old is protecting a village from a God. WTF? They hand 10yr olds dangerous weapons. Kunai? Shuriken? Put them to fight against eachother? If the police system i’m under knew about this… LOL just funny thoughts, i love the story as a whole, just wanted to drop a little bit of humor… sorry for 3 post @_@ I just didn’t want to make one LONG post…

  145. OH OH bubble contest!

    Itachi: Cock-block no jutsu
    Caption: You can’t have all the booty in the world Kabooty… even pirates can’t *wink*

  146. @ Fox – lol long theory but just a few things #___#

    Orochimaru was cool in my eyes because of how he could manipulate people… Kabuto, Kimmimaru, Sasuke etc…

    “Like #Senshi said, Sage mode is not a ninjutsu, so you can’t say its much of too much power, because if you think about it, Pein was STILL stronger than naruto in the end due to Naruto’s downside to his sage mode. Pein was a freaking GOD!”
    – That is not a fair assessment of Sage Mode since when we saw earlier Naruto defeated (with a bit of help from his mom) Kyuubi with Sage Mode where he could remain still and continually gather chakra (which is the point of the mode… While Pein as Awesome as he was struggled against a 6 Tails Kyuubi? Well Deva path, either way I think to compare you should look to Jiraiya’s Sage Mode not Naruto’s…

    “That is a close ranged jutsu. It is HIGHLY effective because that is an instant kill. Raikiri is the lightning element of chidori. Sasuke doesn’t know Raikiri.”
    – No Raikiri was the name Kakashi’s was called because it was said to have been used to cut a Lightning Bolt, though it is probably more effective the Chidori Sasuke has Karin too and that is far more powerful in my opinion…

    The way I see it is, Rinnegan = Sage Mode… It is how you use it that counts… The whole Zetsu argument 😛

  147. Bubbiltion: No, Sasuke’s my bitch get your own.
    Caption: What this fight really boils down too.

  148. @pein
    you have a point, but what do you think about my Izanagi/Izanami theory explanation? I would like some feedback on that since I put thought into it >_>.
    BUT Pein was already in a weakened state already and wasn’t trying to kill Naruto like he killed Jiraiya. It is harder to take someone alive than dead. he could’ve killed Naruto plenty of times, and he was going to secure the Kyuubi again by making Chibaku Tensei larger. Naruto regained concious before he could do so though. The rinnegan is stronger than sage mode, because you can bring down meteors, revive the dead,make your arms into a machine @_@, summon multiple creatures without a contract, take chakra… I don’t think you can equal a rinnegan and Sage mode. Sage mode IS STRONG, but the rinnegan is on a even HIGHER level. I could be wrong :/ but that is what I think.

  149. you know guys i’m not really bumbed out about the break cause there really just hasn’t been any content worthing talkinb about from Naruto the past month. If it was like when we thought itachi was coming back (the danzo fight) i would, and was right there with you guys. HOWEVER, i’m bumbed out about the break when it comes to bleech. For whatever reason, it is amazing right now! Now that the fullbring crap is done, it’s like were back to the actual story!

  150. worth talking*

  151. @ Grey, what if Kabuto’s Dragon Sage Mode will be equal to when Naruto will be able to remain in sage mode and gather natural energy while walking.

    That would mean unlimited chakra for naruto, and if you have chakra always stacking up you can pretty much power the F up all your jutsus and speed and reaction timing.

    I mean look and the Sage Rassengan, that’s a big ass ball, I don’t give a crap if Madara can drop Chuck Norris and Clint Eastwood from the Heavens, a unlimited Sage mode Rassengan will blow that jutsu away.

    Plus remember the sensing ability Naruto has in Sage Mode that he perfected from the time he fought Pain. He dodged the 3rd Raikage’s attack and killed him with it in a fraction of a second due to the reaction times he was granted due to Sage Mode.

    As for Izanagi/ Izanami, I think it could be a sort of yin/yang sort of jutsu like you said and oppose izanagi’s result. But I won’t go to much into it seeing as I can’t base any theories on Folklore stories because we all know Kishi will rape our minds with the end result like he always dose. That shrew devil.

  152. @greyfox lovely theory bout izanami XD

  153. @Greyfox

    Hey look! Greyfox has come back to the blog with a sneak peak preview at his latest novel! ^ ^

    Oh wait, it’s just a theory post. <_<

    I guess it's time to get reading. @___@

  154. @Kantonkage

    That was a very funny caption entry. Lol! XD

    Very good. Very good indeed….

  155. @visionary yeaa i definitely think itachi was jiraiyas informant. its weird that jiraiya showed up in the nick of time, but not if itachi himself told jiraiya he was going. Also, why would jiraiya let sasuke fight itachi, it was obvious that itachi was way stronger…it makes more sense that jiraiya knew itachi wouldnt kill sasuke…besides the fact that the akatsuki is such a small organization who else couldve been jiraiyas guy

  156. @kantonkage: ROFLMFAO!!!

    @wra: Did anyone notice how all the Uchiha’s have the same last name? Whats up with that? lol! Btw, doesn’t this whole scene with the Uchihas vs. Kabuto kinda suck? I mean its nice to take an occasional break from the main protagonist, but this is ridiculous. When Kish does his “create-more-plot-no-jutsu” we all lose. At least Beelzebub, Fairytail, and Bleach are coming through! This reminds me, are there any mangas you think are awesome? Please share because the next couple of weeks could be rough. -_-,

    Current titles I read: OP, Naruto, Bleach, History’s Greatest Disciple Kenichi, Toriko, Hajime no Ippo, and Beelzebub(quickly becoming one of my favorites).

  157. @visionary try Noblesse katekoya hitman: reborn its pretty decent helps you pass the time until naruto OP and bleach come out

    can any1 tell me why tobi has 2 be and uchiha and he cant be just some other ninja that stole somebodys eyes?

  158. @Antnasy

    There’s no reason he can’t be… but lets face it, statistics have suggested that only an Uchiha could be that hax while still being that emo. <_<


    Try the Breaker, Ao no Exorcist and Bakuman. All awesome. Actually, I was going to start a new monthly post about "new recommended manga" to give people a heads up on what cool series they can get into, that we can maybe even add to the blog some day if they become popular enough amongst our users. @___@

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