Fairy Tail 277 Breakdown. The death of a sock.

Even though it’s April Fools’, this week’s chapter was no joke!

…Lame puns FTW!!!


Did anyone actually think Toby would have won?

This battle was hilarious. The contrast between Kurohebi’s stoic demeanor and Toby’s overemotional personality really made me laugh. We also understand why Kurohebi’s so silent; his magic is Mimicry! Mimes don’t talk much, do they? 😉
Anyway, Kurohebi somehow managed to copy Max’s Sand Magic and he can use it very effectively. He knocks Toby down and they strike a strange deal: if Toby wins, Kurohebi will tell him his real name; if he loses, he’ll reveal his super secret.

Obviously, Kurohebi wins and Toby tells him that he lost one of his socks three months ago and he still hasn’t found it. Everyone facepalms as he finds out that he’s been wearing it as a necklace the whole time. Toby is overjoyed and says that Kurohebi is a good guy, but then he shows us just how cruel he is.

He tears Toby’s sock to shreds. (OH THE HORROR!)

Forget Zeref and Flare. This guy is a true villain.

He destroyed a sock. Not even the most rotten dark mage would do that! I’ve been traumatized by such a crime. I… I need a minute. 😛

Moving on to the next match, Bacchus is called to the ring to fight against… Erza Elfman! What a twist!
It turns out that the King wanted to see Bacchus fight Erza, but since he couldn’t remember her name and he said “the one that transforms”, Arcadias thought he meant Elfman.

Even though everyone thinks Fairy Tail can’t possibly win, Elfman decides to fight because they really need the points.
Bacchus teases him by saying that if he wins, Mirajane and Lisanna will be his for a night. Furious, Elfman tells him that he’ll crush him.

Bacchus, you will pay for trying to steal my Mira. 😈

Even though Bacchus is a monster, I think Elfman will win. He is a very powerful mage and he probably became even stronger after his training. Also, he’s determined to win because he wants to make Bacchus pay for what he said, so he won’t ever give up.

What do you think?

The chapter ends with Natsu waking up and noticing that there’s the scent of someone he doesn’t know in the room. Could Wendy, Charle and Porlyusica have been kidnapped?

Looks like the plot is thickening...

This is an interesting development. Wendy left with someone, but I don’t think she was kidnapped. It would be too… unsurprising. Mashima can do better than that. Maybe she agreed to go somewhere with this unknown person because he asked for her help. That would be interesting.

Well, that’s  it for me. See you next week with Fairy Tail 278’s 27 pages!

Laxus took April Fools’ too seriously. X_X


~ by 最強 Dragon on April 5, 2012.

6 Responses to “Fairy Tail 277 Breakdown. The death of a sock.”

  1. Sorry for the delay. It took way longer than I expected.

  2. @dragon But not too late

  3. Yeah, the sock thing was pretty extreme, but I loved Erza’s reaction to it. Lol.

    Anyway, the last chapter was alright, bordering on good, but I think we can all tell it was mostly setup chapter for the battle to come. As for who will win between Elfman and Bacchus, I’m afraid that Bacchus will most likely win, probably because Raven Claw will sabotage Fairy Tail in some way.

    Remember, just because Elfman isn’t fighting a Raven Claw mage, that doesn’t mean that it still isn’t in their interests to make him lose. They want to see Fairy Tail humiliated in front of the world, and it seems like they’ll go through any lengths to achieve that goal. It’s annoying, sure, but It’s also the most likely outcome I can think of.

    Anyway, thanks for the breakdown Dragon. @__@

  4. @Tenrai it’s Raven Tail not Claw.
    @dragon Surprisingly, you didn’t mention Flare being beat by her fellow Raven Tail (named after Sasuke’s trademark hairstyle,) members.

  5. @Kantonkage

    Whatever. A scumbag guild like that doesn’t deserve the effort it would take for me to remember their name properly. <_<

    And I thought Sasuke's hair was styled after a ducks backside? O_o

  6. @tenrai I’m actually mad that you addressed that as “claw”, since it sounds better than tail.
    http://mangastream.com/read/fairy_tail/64578484/1 the new chapter was awesome.

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