Bleach Chapter 486 and 487 – Dedication

Awe all. As we been going further and further into this arc the more it reminds me of the good old days of Bleach, the strange comic timing and trolling of Kubo, anti climaxes and so on. The beginning of this arc I was skeptical but as we go deeper and deeper I find myself excited to see what will be coming next.

After Nel falling randomly from the sky declaring to Ichigo that Hueco Mundo was under attack bring back the possibilities of a return of Grimmerjow and the likes, we have another old arrancar arriving to the scene in his typical comical fashion. Pesche, now while he is probably one of the most annoying characters ever invented by Kubo, its nice to know that there will be some comic relief, and lighter moments in this arc. The thing that made Bleach awesome was its balance between the 3 factors in an action manga… Action (of course), Humor and fan service… πŸ˜›

I mentioned in my previous chapter that Sasakibe was to me a wash of a character, I knew he must have been strong to be appointed to his position but we have never seen him in a battle or any back story on him. I think Kubo did well to give us a glimpse into the man he once was and Byakuya saying it to Renji fitted almost perfectly if we remember back a few arcs and the rivalry they once had. Sasakibe it seems was at the same level if not higher than the two longest-serving members of the Captains, (Besides Captain Commander himself). Though his loyalty kept him from ascending any higher.

Now there are a few mysteries surrounding his death, with his Bankai stolen by the new villains does this mean that they will gain that ability? I think Kubo may have opened up a can of worms with this arc, being able to remove a Bankai and the reason why Ichigo’s Bankai can’t be stolen may be interlinked…

We know from the beginning of decide a Bankai is also a spirit separate from the Shikai spirit, maybe this group can forcefully remove that spirit and thus absorb the power of that Bankai, Ichigo of course lost Tensa when he fused with him and thus his Bankai is formed from pure Shinigami power that was pushed into him by the Captains/Visords etc.

We return to Ichigo’s room to discover… shockingly… someone has been kidnapped @__@, I swear the moment I read this I could feel the face-palm of every Bleach fan alive. It could have been sufficient that Hueco Mundo was being attacked and Soul Society too but instead Kubo returns to his old worn out formula. (I know I was saying how much I enjoy the old feel of these Bleach chapters but this was a bit far even for me πŸ˜› )

Donchakalaka or what ever the big mask guy real name was being captured is kinda a mystery. I mean they where once Nel’s Fracions but I don’t really see his strength? Regardless he was captured and maybe if only to be used as a lure to bring Ichigo into the battle…

I find Ishida very interesting in these chapters, maybe because I have a feeling this entire arc will revolve around the once extinct Quincy. Him refusing to take part in the rescue is strange, Kubo’s makes it seem like there is something more to this. Could be his father forbidding him from getting involved in Shinigami afairs, Ishida once helped Pesche and fellow “weaker” arrancar so to now change doesn’t seem to fit… and Finally we have Urahara arriving with perfect timing to arrange the traveling to Hueco Mundo…

We see the “hunting squad” of Hueco Mundo at the end and the promise of Ichigo and Urahara attacking the enemy army in the next chapter…

*reads the next chapter*

Kubo, why keep trolling us T__T

I really liked the color spread we got in this chapter, the blue flames and “Aizens Castle” in ruins behind it.

What confuses me is that Nel is now terrified for falling from the sky when not too long previously she was the one falling into Ichigo’s arms while unimpressed Ichigo was unimpressed πŸ˜›

Kubo seems to begin his chapters light-hearted but then suddenly he turns a switch and the pace and tone of the chapter become serious, we see the many dead arrancar laying helpless on the floor. It’s mentioned that these where once Ichigo’s enemy and the pure fact that they where alive was enough cause to eliminate them as a Shinigami law.

But Kubo, even in the arrancar arc, began planting seeds that they are still alive in a sense with dreams and hopes, no longer mindless killing machine Hollow’s.

The Hunting Captain seems to be a pretty sadistic character as are many of them, they are the hunting squad since they searching for viable soldiers to take on the Soul Society, he begins by giving the terms of their capture and if they wanted to live they should surrender. The weak of course would surrender feeling that they could live while the strong would rather fight and maintain their honor, so the entire test is a ruse. Those who wish to surrender and have no pride are quickly killed while those who wish to fight are forcefully drafted into the ranks it seems.

Its been a while since Aizen’s name had been properly mentioned in the manga, his abilities being questioned because of the quality of his underlings. It seems the new enemy are not working with Aizen or even met him personally but more just heard of his exploits. Though we know that no Arrancar could match Aizen in strength so this “false” feeling of superiority may be put to question later with a return of Aizen to the ranks of Shinigami…

– What I hope to see in this arc –

– Grimmejow and Yammy, two powerful arrancar! I would like to see the rivalry between Ichigo and Grimmerjow begin again but them being forced into an alliance.

– Soul Society being force to release or turn to Aizen to help end this war.

– Zero Squad and Soul King (but that much later)

Well that is all for me this week, hope you enjoyed the breakdown and helped make you think a bit…



Which is the most powerful 3rd Espada?

Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck  vs Tier Harribel


~ by pein0avenue on April 5, 2012.

10 Responses to “Bleach Chapter 486 and 487 – Dedication”

  1. Can’t see the pics.

  2. Second! XD! Thanks Pein for an awesome breakdown!
    I also have some of the same feelings regarding the beginning of the series, but Kubo will have to work really hard to get me back to liking Bleach!

  3. Harribel wins due to powerscaling. The Espada back in Nel’s day were weaker than the present day ones. Nel’s best attack couldn’t even pierce Unreleased Nnoitra’s Hierro. Harribel takes this with mid-difficulty at best.

    So, I’ve always made an effort to be up-to-date on bleach. I have to say Bleach has been my favorite manga since Ginjou slashed Ichigo’s eyes in his fullbring training. Ginjou also became my favorite character. A shame the Shinigami showed up and ruined the Fullbring Arc though.

  4. I have to admit, I haven’t been keeping up with Bleach that well lately. Sorry Pein. T__T

  5. I can’t be sure, but Sasakibe may be the first “confirmed kill”, not just in this arc, but in all of bleach (excluding the bad guys of course) I’m not able to remember an active character, shinigami actually dying.
    I half expected some Monty python shtick with sasakibe’s burned ass getting up off his pyre and saying something like “it’s alright, I’m feeling much better now”
    I like the theory that these guys may be connected to the Quincy somehow… the Quincy use German terms for attack names, these new guys are Kubo’s fashion-concious nazis… coincidence? Doubtful. Unless Kubo trolls us again, and reveals these guys to be super-bounts or some other uber-filler characters returned fo’ revenge.

  6. @prawl they are the QUINAZIS!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Nel wins after hitting a well timed Cero Doble and stripping her opponent similar to a panty fighter series.

  8. @ Nike – Yeah Kubo will have to push to be back where he was in my eyes, but if you look at it chapter for chapter and arc, there has been a general climb in the quality of this manga… if you look mangahere Bleach is the highest rated manga now.

    @ Kisu – Long time no see, glad keeping up to date with the Bleach. πŸ˜€ Yeah I was sad that they killed Ginjou just like that. They can’t keep all the villains alive :P, hopefully this arc can get better and better.

    @ prawl – hahahaha I almost expected the same thing! He couldn’t really die πŸ˜› I will have to check but I believe it is the first true death in Bleach besides the villains. I will do a bit of research and put it in my next breakdown πŸ˜› but though these are Quincy they also part hollow arrancar in a way so maybe there’s more to it. πŸ˜›

  9. Bleach is back to it’s old level. I remember last war happened the exact same thing, ichigo is in hueco mundo. So the leaders go and invade soul society. what a bore…

  10. @ Fearvano – Bleach being at its old level can mean a few things @__@ but In my opinion Bleach has been awesome lately and pushing up the list of manga, (though I don’t read One Peice)

    Also I think most manga could use the same ideas but firstly… When Aizen went to SS he actually went to Kankuro Town not Soul Society πŸ˜› He wanted to absorb the souls of all the people in the area etc… And its a pretty good strategy if you ask me, Ichigo here is a wild card (the only shinigami that can’t loose his bankai it seems) so they using the opportunity to attack O_o

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