Naruto Chapter 581 Spoilers Pics & Summaries

Here you will find the latest spoiler pics and summaries for Naruto chapter 581.

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Here is the raw:

Quote: サスケはイタチに真実を聞きたいら�� �い。
カブトにそそのかされ挑発されるも�� �を貸すなと言うイタチ

うちはには相手の五感に関係なくは�� �る瞳術が有ると言うイタチ
サスケ『・・・イザナギ・・・?ダ�� �ゾウと戦った時それを使ってきた』� ��
イタチ『お前・・・よく生きてたな�� �

うちはにはイザナギに対をなすもう�� �つの禁術が有るらしい
イタチ『すでに仕込みは整った  �� �奴の運命を握る究極の瞳術・・・イ� ��ナミだ』
イザナギが運命を変える術なら イ�� �ナミは運命を決める術

イタチ『サスケ オレから離れるな�� �


Sasuke wants to hear the truth from Itachi.
Itachi tells Sasuke to listen without provoking Kabuto (?)

Itachi tells Sasuke that the Uchiha have an ocular jutsu that doesn’t have to do with affecting the opponent’s senses.
Sasuke: “…Izanagi…? Danzou used that when I fought him.”
Itachi: “…You’ve lived well.”

The Uchiha have another forbidden jutsu to act as a counterpart to Izanagi.
Itachi: “The preparations have already been made. The ultimate ocular jutsu that will seize his destiny… Izanami.”
Izanagi is a jutsu that changes one’s fate, while Izanami is a jutsu that determines one’s fate.
Itachi and Kabuto clash.

Itachi: “Sasuke… Stay close to me.”


~ by Tenrai Senshi on April 3, 2012.

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