Bleach 487 Spoiler Pic & Summaries

Below you will find the latest spoiler pics and summaries for Bleach chapter 487.

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Urahara: Everything is connected.

Urahara: It’s far past being a trivial matter.

Urahara: This…

Sado: …It seems they didn’t notice us.

Ichigo: For real? We made such a racket.

P: Lucky for us they’re a bunch of idiots.

Ichigo: Uoooh!? How can you talk when I’m covering your mouth!?

P: That’s not my mouth. It’s a protuberance.

Ichigo: A protuberance…

Sado: …What an awful sight…

Ichigo: You don’t have to look. (Note: He’s speaking towards Nel)

Orihime: …It seems there’s no one alive here.

??: …Who are you ladies?

??: Aaaah!!

Apacci: You badmouth Hallibel-sama but you don’t know who we are!?

Apacci: You petty underlings really don’t know anything, huh!!

??: Fine! You guys, tell us your names!!

Sung-Sun: “You guys”? Who are you talking to?

Mila Rose: Don’t get carried away, Apacci. Just kill them.


~ by Tenrai Senshi on April 3, 2012.

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